The Institutional Church Infrastructure Vs The Body Of Christ – Short Post!


Crumbling Church

The above image that you see is a representation of the institutional church infrastructure that has today set itself in place of the real church that Christ established before his death. I have noticed that many believers in Christ mistakenly believe that the institutional church infrastructure that we commonly see today is part of the body of Christ. Nothing could be further from the truth. The institutional church Infrastructure and the body of Christ are two completely different entities with nothing in common however, this infrastructure has latched itself onto the body, has disguised itself, is pretending to be part of the body and has kept believers(especially the Hebrews)in bondage and slavery for at least the last 500 years. You see most folks have simply adjusted and adapted to the pattern and the way things have been presented to them within this church beast infrastructure and very few people have questioned its validity. In fact the majority of institutional church members have become so attached to this infrastructure that they will rail against anybody who decides to think outside of the box and question its construction.

This fraudulent infrastructure is beginning to crumble as represented via the photo above, the Most High is beginning to bring down this man made construction of failure, however sadly many believers will continue to hold to this structure and in turn be destroyed along side its demise.The sad state of affairs today is that for most believers in Christ who are entrenched in the institutional church system, their salvation is founded upon the infrastructure and not upon Christ. Did you think that Paul stated that there shall be a great falling away of people from Christ in the last days for nothing? Watch this space when governments begin to physically come after churches and forcefully shut them down and right there you will witness with your own eyes first hand the great falling away for yourself. Most folks have become so attached to the institutional church and its props, many have no idea of what a personal one on one relationship with the Most High through Christ is all about outside of this infrastructure.

Allow me to quote Morpheus in conversation with Neo from the first Matrix film. Remember the scene where they are both walking through the streets shortly before Neo is distracted by the woman in the red dress. His quote reads:

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. THAT SYSTEM IS OUR ENEMY. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, MOST OF THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT READY TO BE UNPLUGGED. AND MANY OF THEM ARE SO INURED, SO HOPELESSLY DEPENDENT ON THE SYSTEM, THAT THEY WILL FIGHT TO PROTECT IT”.

This particular speech Morpheus gave Neo is so profound as we see the same pattern when it comes to this institutional church beast structure and its enslaved captives. Tell me that I am wrong. Those of us who have walked away from the institutional church beast system, do we not see those still within its clutches defend it rigorously and with great zeal and do we not see those very same people treat you like a leper and an outcast because you have seen the structure for the fraud that it is and you have decided to walk with the Most High outside of its confines? So, what is the institutional church infrastructure specifically? Here is a simple breakdown.


Tixhualactun (1)

The infrastructure first starts with the building and includes the patterning and programming that takes place within these buildings. Now, notice that I have stated “the patterning and programming”. I have no problem with singing to the Most High, giving praise, prayer etc as these things are all part of being a believer and they individually are backed up via scriptures. However, I take severe issue to the way that they are formatted within these monuments of failure called churches. This patterning/programme/formatting IS NOT PART OF THE BODY OF CHRIST, IT IS NOT PART OF THE GENUINE CHURCH THAT CHRIST ESTABLISHED nor has any of this formatting originated from the Most High.  Now most believers have simply assumed that this is the way to worship and connect with the Most high as this is all that they have seen for their entire lives and the majority have never been presented with an alternative or been encouraged to question these programmes and the formatting thereof.

Then you have the rest of the razzmatazz bread and circus tom foolery that normally accompanies the infrastructure, you know, the speaking in tongues out loud for all to see and for newcomers to think that folks have gone are mad even though Paul specifically instructed us to use tongues in private quarters unless there was an interpreter and an interpretation to hand(1 Corinthians 14), you know, the hooping and hollering, you know, the somewhat formatted universal speech that these pastors all seem to use when preaching, you know, the repetition of certain phrases such as “amen” and “praise God” to give the outsider the illusion that whoever is using these terms, phrases and slogans is super spiritual, you know, the dancing around shamelessly as if folks have just won the lottery, you know, the request from your pastor to repeat things to the person sitting next to you, you know, the passing of that all too familiar bucket during collection time, you know, the same sermons preached about giving to receive, you know, the altar call, you know, the infrastructure that makes you feel like an outcast if you don’t conform to its madness, on and on and on and on and on and on it goes, I’m sure that most of you get the drift of where this is going and can clearly picture in your minds what I am talking about.

This is the razzmatazz curriculum of the institutional church infrastructure and this is the programme of enslavement that most believers in Christ have been beholden to most of their lives and most followers of Christ believe that have to follow this same pattern put out there every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday for the rest of their lives. They honestly believe that this is what an individual walk with the Most High is supposed to be all about, repetitive programmes and a predictable day to day timetable. Again, all of the above has NOTHING to do either with the body of Christ nor the genuine church. Let us now examine the body of Christ and its composite.



The body of Christ aka the genuine church of Christ is simply a composition of the true worshippers of the Most High. The true body has NOTHING to do with fancy buildings, platforms, collecting money, hooping and hollering, using certain slogans, terms, phrases and words, repetition and the rest of the nonsense that you read above in describing the institutional church system infrastructure. It is completely on a different dynamic.

As I stated before, the majority of believers honestly think that the above institutional church infrastructure and the body came about at the same time and both originated from the same source. Not at all. The institutional church system infrastructure in its entirety is man made construction and this cannot be refuted as this system is not backed up by any scriptures. Anybody who cares to challenge this position is quite welcome to post his/her view on this matter however I expect to presented with some scriptures that justify and back up the formatting that these dens of iniquity are following today.

To date I have yet to be presented with any scriptures that support the folly and the Tom foolery curriculum that the majority of these churches have embraced. Each person will claim that their church is somehow different than the rest and is in pristine condition, however when put to the test, the flavours may vary from church to church however the poisonous beverage is still the same. Again, the floor is open to anyone who can prove the current formatting and programming of the institutional church via the scriptures. Now, I have attempted to already and have failed but maybe there has been something that I have missed that somebody else may pick up on.



The institutional church infrastructure is literally a beast which has taken many people hostage(a large portion of those being the Hebrews)and has kept them under bondage through the guise of progression, gimmicks, lies, deceptions, delusions and false promises. My appointment via the Most High in Christ is to do my part to tear down this infrastructure and free the oppressed. The worst thing is that most people within the structure do not believe that they are enslaved and under bondage. They truly believe that they are free, they believe that the pastor is appointed via the Most High, they truly believe that his teachings are handed down directly from heaven and most of all, they truly believe that this is what walking with the Most High is supposed to be all about.

Those who have attached themselves to this infrastructure are pre-warned that this infrastructure is coming down and that if they wish not to be a casualty amongst its gradual destruction, they are advised to begin to loosen their attachments to it as it will not last for that much longer. This is a complete mechanism of control which has been mastered by Satan himself and then passed down to man to set in place among the people and on that reason alone, it must and will be taken down. The worst thing about this is it is the same JewISH sect who enslaved the Hebrews 500 years ago who have installed this mechanism and thus placed the Hebrews under bondage yet again, only this time the bonds are spiritual ones.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless


18 thoughts on “The Institutional Church Infrastructure Vs The Body Of Christ – Short Post!

  1. Verbs, HalleluYah all day for His grace and mercy are greatly appreciated in these days. I’ll be hollering at ya soon. Take care brother,

    Your brother in the truth,


  2. You are still not showing how deep this rabbit hole goes, but being trained to take the bible literally with an emotional spirituallity directing us away from esoteric understanding of the power (the creator) who we animorphically believe has human attributes, screwing up the cosmological realities hidden in the myth-stories. We regard it all as flesh, brick & mortar, evolution. The Jewish writers had two scriptures, one for the common folk and one for the elite. The Roman priestcraft was fighting against those writers, which is how we got the new testament. Religious literature and twisted teaching is how this mess started. After all these years no one cares to search out the sources, the reasons, but all say halleluiah at the results, by blind unfeighned faith. Love which covers a multitude of sin is a misnommer, actually faith and believing is the cover. Faith and believing whipes out human history including the atrocities done in the name of Christianity especially to all people of color gloabally. By Christ we all forget, them and us. People are so gullible. Rome faught for 920 years against the Egyptians trying to give the created savior who became Jesus Christ a human living. This problem was solved with a picture. People saw the picture and said he must be human. Let me stop.


    • Arnold Johnson,

      You have to be very careful once you begin to venture down the metaphorical road. It is the Spirit that is to teach how a particular passage should be viewed. You have to be careful once you begin to open the doors to things that the Bible is not declaring itself as then everything is on the table and can potentially be “adjusted” or look upon in a different manner.

      I deliberately do not go in deep on topics as this way people are forced to conduct their own research, thus they become their own leaders. We need more leaders not more people who desire somebody to lead them.

      There is no doubt that Christ existed, even the Talmud alludes to his existence. No other religious or belief systems claimed leaders with Christ like attributes until after Christ had risen, the earliest being around 100AD. Any claims of Christ being a copy of some other leader in BC times are all post Christ claims in terms of time, not pre Christ in origin and the majority cannot be substantiated past romour.


  3. Their are religions and peoples that believe that the buildings and the leaders of these buildings; the leaders of there religions, is the church. I am a Christian; I am a believer in Christ; The church is the body of Christ, that is my brothers and sisters in Christ are that body and Christ is the head.
    I understand your point of view but you are not giving a solution. You are saying to avoid these places so then were should we as believers of Christ gather? I don’t go to a Christian church for any other reason than just to simply fellowship with my brothers and sisters. The world is full of non believers but I know when I can gather with my brothers and sisters and where. Scripture says, (For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 2Ti 4:3). The only criteria that have for the gathering place is that they speak from the Bible and that the speaker and it’s assembly acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and God and that they stay in accordance with sound doctrine. The building has to be plain, no statues, no pictures, no big crosses. Nothing but the people, the music, the Word of God, the praises of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Tongues should only be present if there is an interpreter as Paul stated and the service should be in a orderly fashion not in disorder.
    Now if a man is so full of the Holy Spirit and we know that the body is the temple of the Lord, then any where that man goes so does the Spirit of God. If you are so concerned about the people attending these church’s then you should be encouraging believers in Christ to gather with these mislead people. The Spirit of God will walk in with the man and the assembly will benefit greatly. Does not Christ send men of God out into the world to preach the Gospel among the wicked among the pagans and why… so they will receive the knowledge of the truth and so be saved. Are these people that are in this so called institutional church system any different. Paul said, (And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.Hbr 10:24-25) My brothers and sisters be wise when you gather so that you are not mislead. Make sure they speak from the Bible and in accordance with sound doctrine but if you are confident in your faith and the Holy Spirit is with you then do not be afraid to go and fellowship with your brothers for He who is in you is greater than the he that is in the world. Perfect love drives out fear.
    The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face to you and give you peace; Amen


    • Marc,

      This is exactly what I have been saying, the church/body of Christ is the genuine believers in Christ made up of Hebrews and Gentiles, nothing more, so the rest of the nonsense that surrounds the people is man made rubbish. It is not my job to give you a solution, it is for you to figure out what action you wish to take if any for yourself and carry it out yourself, after all, your walk with the Most High is an individual walk, it has nothing to do with me, thus I have no right to interfere with your walk. It is also for you to think and reason for yourself and NOT expect somebody else to do these things for you.

      If you could walk into a church, skip all of the razzmatazz and bread and circus clown foolery and simply just engage in fellowship then it would be all good however, this is far from the case, so much rubbish must be waded through in order to reach that part which is of value. I have no problem with assembling with other believers however, a great deal of nonsense and garbage has been added to assembling which is of man and I want no part in that rubbish.

      You keep looking to a particular direction for solutions, again, if you see fault as I do then why can’t you arrange something to begin to eliminate the problem yourself? Why does it need my input? Now I do fellowship with other like minded brothers and sisters however we do not fellowship in those monuments of failure, we have cut out the red tape and thus we can obtain the full spectrum of fellowship, not a small morsel of interaction when the service is finished and everybody has to go home.

      Most High Bless


      • The only direction of any solution that I look to is Christ. It is the Lord who combats fault or sin and I never asked for your input but you gave your input as soon as you wrote this article and I simply pointed out that you had no solution. The reason you have no solution is because it’s not according to sound doctrine. You are not encouraging the believers of Christ to gather but rather to scatter so how can you say that you have obtained the full spectrum of fellowship. You fellowship with like minded people but I, a Christian; not a gentile, not a Hebrew, not an Israelite but I am a Christian a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I fellowship with those that have the mind of Christ as scripture says, “”Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ.” We are not called to point out the flaws; the faults; or the failures but to love the Lord with all our heart, love our neighbor as we love ourselves, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and hold firmly to sound doctrine. Will you show your love and visit your brothers in those church’s and be an ambassador of Christ to them, unless you are afraid that you might be taught that you are wrong. We live in the world yet we have overcome the world through Jesus Christ and we do not fear, for if God is for me who can be against me. So who is it that puts fear in your heart… Fear comes from the evil.

        This is the end of the matter as far as I am concerned.


      • Marc,

        I have put out a challenge for anybody to provide the scriptures that support the model that these churches have embraced and execute day by day and nobody as yet has provided any. The individual actions by themselves such as prayer, fellowship, singing, praising the Most etc, all of these can be accounted for in the scriptures however, I have yet to come across any scriptures that support the programmes/format that these churches use.

        Another issue here that I also realise is that the request for solutions more time is merely a distraction, normally when folks ask for solutions, they are really trying to stop you talking about the problem, that is you are talking about something foul that they are involved in and they feel uncomfortable. Therefore their ultimate action is not to question what they are involved in and the roots of it, no, they would rather attack the messenger and defend that which is corrupt. The solution is encased around the problem, is is evident and does not need to be pointed out.

        I am encouraging believers in Christ whether Hebrew or Gentiles to gather outside of these dens of iniquity so that they can utilise a fuller spectrum fellowship without the gimmickry and playground folly that comes within these church buildings aka the circus programmes. I will not be visiting a church anytime soon as I am still decontaminating myself from the institutional church corruption that I was exposed to when I was within the belly of that beast back in the day.

        This has nothing to do with fear and has everything to do with not contaminating yourself with an environment that you know to be filthy. To return to the institutional church beast would be like having just taken a bath, to then immediately jump into a mud pool afterwards. The problem with people who attend these monuments of failure is that they have gotten so used to the stink, the foul smell of these false constructions, that to them anybody who complains about the odour is now supposedly the one with the problem and not the stink itself.

        All I can say to you is do not get too attached to that institutional church infrastructure as the Most High is bringing it down to determine who are his real followers vs those simply giving him lip service. Do not be a casualty within its destruction.

        Most High Bless


  4. Hey Verbs!
    All praise to the Most High through his sonJesus Christ. I do understand what you are saying bro. Verbs as far as the “building” goes because a lot of people have the actual church confused with the “church” building. I too no longer associate with any church because of the same issues Verbs speaks about in the post. One thing that i do know and that I have learned and am still learning is that no man can teach you what the holy ghost gives you and to be quite honest the churches that are set up now of days puts you in the mind of how churches were set up in the OT………the pastor is like the High Priest,(cuz as they say,it’s only through them you can get a prayer through) you give an offering/offerings and the temple (building) is more reverenced than God. Didn’t he say that he longer dwelled in a building made with man’s hands but that he would dwell in us? I think “church” truly limits a person on what they can do and be in the lord. Those having itching ears are the ones who have set themselves up as teachers and their own churches to establish their own right not according to knowledge through his word. Stay blessed and be Encouraged :)…..prayers always

    roStay Blessed amd Encouraged. 🙂



    • Great post verbs as always!

      I was heavily involved in “church” for years. They sucked all of the life blood out of me as they do many Hebrews. As i have a bit of musical ability I lead their youth group , youth band wrote songs (they later stole) & was a lead singer in the main church band 3 times a week.
      They always made out that The Lord would “bless us” as we where doing it for him when really of course we were just building the(white) pastors “ministry”.

      For free.

      We obviously did not get paid a penny for our time or skills yet my husband & i always had to be free weekends & evenings for practice or “church” performances so we could never get a decant job & were always broke as a result. So when others my age were off buying homes building businesses studying or having babies my then husband & i were busy “serving” The Lord, like slaves for the best part of six years.
      Needless to say, i finally woke up & got out but by that time my marriage was too weak to survive.

      The church is very big now maybe a few thousand people, quite big for the uk & some of the band members are still there, working away like good little slaves all these years later, still looking at the idiotic pastor all starry eyed as if he was infact the most high when all he is at best is a fake false teacher & Woolf in sheeps clothing yet some lovely christians have been kicked out of that “church” for pointing out this very fact.
      A lot of them have lost their faith as a result.

      I know most of the blind fools who still go will go down with the huge judgment that pastor will receive for leading the most highs precious people astay & of course its a 501c3 fake goverment infiltrated outfit.

      So, for all of those people who think the church beast system is really quite harmless , just woefully misunderstood & still go take a second & think about how all of those band members , sound team & other helpers are just being used up & abused 9 times out of 10 by the fake man of God & their wives who usually dress like hookers, trying to build their own kingdoms & government agendas ( Romans 13 anyone?) & tell me how happy the most high REALLY is with these so called churches?

      2cor 6v17 “wherefore come out from among them & be ye seperate
      Saith The Lord & touch not the unclean thing & i will receive you.”

      Most High bless


      • Trinity,

        It truly makes me sick to my stomach to hear of accounts like this, folks putting in hard work they truly believe is for the Most High but in actual fact their works are helping to sustain this institutional church infrastructure of evil. These so called “churches”are so not required and I have for the longest while been encouraging folks to exit these circus constructions of mockery and walk with the Most High truly as an individual outside of this web of deceit.

        When reading through your comment it reminded me of the days when I was within the belly of the institutional church beast. When attending one of these monuments of failure, you receive absolutely no nutrition whatsoever, the equivalent of a full spectrum live whole food multi vitamin(walking with the Most High outside of the infrastructure as an individual) vs a synthetic dead multi vitamin pill(attending one of these many monuments of failure).

        What makes me laugh is that you will go through something like this, leave the church, talk to an institutional congregational member who attends another church elsewhere and they will have the cheek to tell you that the church that they attend is somehow “different”, however as we can see they all follow the same pattern when it comes down to their services(which are their foundation). Sure, each church may have the odd programme running here and there that another may not be doing however, they are all the same.

        Now, beware whenever you get into a conversation with an institutional church member as they will actually attempt to make you feel guilty for walking outside of the construct. However, you know what you have been through, you are fully aware of what the infrastructure is really all about and do not be swung by them or any other person who may attempt to persuade you to step back into the fire, as that devilish spirit behind them is strong.

        In reality if Christ were to return now, he would be far more outspoken and radical than myself and the majority of these so called churches would seek to have him put back on the cross. Institutional church members seem like decent people until you corner them on certain issues, that is when you see their true beastly nature, dishonesty and a spirit of deception manifest itself.

        I have stated this before many a time and I am going to state it again, your walk with the Most High is an individual walk, it has nothing to do with anybody else nor is it anybody else’s business. This is why it does not profit anybody who wishes to have a fruitful and truly free spirited relationship with the Most High to step into a church as your relationship will be constantly interfered with by the pastor via his/her “scary stories” and via his/her draconian rules and regulations.

        I look at most of these so called “pastors” and realise that most of them could equally passed for trained actors who have been funded and trained up by the JewISH sect in the art of conology, manipulation and control of large numbers of people. You are right about how the women in “church” especially the pastors wives dress, they look like sex pots and prostitutes.

        Nonetheless you are free now, enjoy your freedom from the clutches of the institutional infrastructure and never look back. Your walk with the Most High can now bring forward something new and fresh to your life everyday instead of the same old repetitive nonsense ritual that you used to go through every Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday. Stay blessed sister.

        Most High Bless


    • Aja,

      I recently was involved in a dispute with a brother where he attempted to attribute the razzmatazz and bread and circus foolery to the body and then proceeded to say that they were one and the same. This is a huge insult to the body that Christ has founded and established. Eventually in a round about fashion he admitted(though without stating it directly) that the formatting and the programmes that these churches adhere to today are not of Christ and therefore they had to have originated from man.

      These monuments of failure and dens of iniquity are pure evil and you are absolutely right when you talk about a person limiting their scope with the Most High in actions and in character if they are involved in any branch of this institution. The main reason that I am able to write so boldly and directly like this is because I exited the institutional church and now the Most High can work with me and on me without any outside interference. Now I am able to be more of a free character rather than be forced to limit my thoughts, actions and words. You could call me Verbs Unchained. The more I think about what you stated about limiting the scope, the more it rings true to home.

      They do not want your full character potential to come out, this is exactly why the institutional church demonises looking at yourself or getting to know yourself and who you are. They need you in flux and in a continual state of limbo in order for you to always be in a position of control and manipulation. This darkside infrastructure has deliberately been created to limit expression in folks and have them in a state to where they are always afraid to speak their minds.

      The institutional church infrastructure model of today is simply a programme combination of witchcraft, sorcery and enchantments with an agenda to control. The repetition, the speech fluctuational techniques of the pastors, the hyper charging of the congregation first via fast paced songs and then the switch to slow music, the playing of music during the alter call, the control of the mind state of the people through “accounts and stories” purposed to generate fear, these are all techniques of manipulation and deception.

      I keep reiterating the fact that the scriptures inform us that we do not need any man to teach us because of the annointing within us aka the Spirit(1 John 2:27) and this is also coupled with John 16:13 where Christ informed us that the Spirit would bring us into all truth. What better bargain can you get than this? The majority of these so called “pastors” are simply gatekeepers for this evil infrastructure. Stay blessed Aja and stay strong.

      Most High Bless


  5. You don’t really realize how influential you have been to me in this journey of mine. You have helped me soo much and sparked that fire in me to go back into the word and read for myself. Verbs, it’s been a roller coaster but I thank the Lord he have me on the right path. It’s been a bumpy ride and to tell the truth it still is at times, but I know who I am in Christ Jesus. I even have issues with anxiety after leaving the church I was previously in. People always want to ask me what church I belong to and a lot of times I don’t know what to say so I end up saying some church name to get them off my back because I know people don’t know how to take it when you tell them you don’t belong to a church, and I end up getting lectured on “not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together”. Thanks for doing what you do brother Verbs………by the way, I got in touch with that one sister that was still in the church I left and I found out she left because she said that she got so confused with the pastors conflicting views that she couldn’t handle it anymore.


    • Aja,

      Glad to be of assistance. I know that all too familiar lecture you receive from institutional church members when you inform them that you do not attend a church, I have been there many a times myself. They cannot understand how you can function outside of their plantation field and they desire to see you just as enslaved as they are, though in their captured minds they truly believe that they are free.

      In their controlled minds a relationship with the Most High can only take place within the confines of their infrastructure of slavery and bondage. Don’t worry, the roughness of the journey will ease as you settle in and get more grounded in your new found path.

      That is why I like this type of format here, there is no leader, everybody is equal, the topics are miscellaneous,everybody is free to input their opinions and revelations aswell as add extra information to the posts published. Best of all, the information here leads to liberty, freedom, smashes shackles and it is FREE.



  6. Another eye opener Verbs, you hit the nail on the head in both points, double whammy but I have to ask you, are you familiar with “The Anointed Pace Sisters”? they were featured in an episode of Iyanla Fix My Life……..


      • yeah, small time Gospel Band. they are the daughters of Bishop Murphy Pace Jr and the sisters of the late Bishop Murphy Pace III, they appeared in an episode of Iyanla Fix My Life on OWN. The case was, they are overweight and they nedded Iyanla to kind of guide them and so on, but then when she was conversing with them, she realized that their problems were much bigger than their obesity, apparently these women were spiritually and emotionally abused by their father and brother for most of their lives, they couldn’t date, they couldn’t pursue a college education, they couldn’t wear pants, they couldn’t do anything, the only thing that wasn’t restricted was food and according to their father was so nothing could distract them from His Church or his Ministry. Also another thing is that one of the sister’s was abused by her uncle and the father did NOTHING and another one of the sisters came out as a lesbian, it was a really jaw-dropping and emotional episode. I’m not sure if it’s on YouTube most likely not, The thing is stuff like this goes on in so many homes and churches and the perpetrators seem to think that for whatever reason they are above reproach.


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        This does indeed happen all the time, most folks have been deceived into thinking that this type of abuse is most prevalent in the Roman Catholic Church but this notion is far from the truth. The institutional church beast infrastructure is nothing short of a cult and its members are the ready prey. Just searched for them on youtube to familiarise myself with them, I will try and look for that episode later.

        Abuse is very common among black families, it is more common than most folks think due to the fact that the black family unit for the majority part has been progressively destroyed steadily via systematic white supremacy since the 1960’s.

        The worst thing about pastors who abuse family members and members of their congregations is that often other family members or institutional church beast system members will defend the scoundrels blindly, the sodomite Bishop Eddie Long illustrated this pattern perfectly. There are still people who attend this sodomite’s church unto this day despite the fact that he has been outed as a straight homosexual.

        The problem in the institutional church beast today is that the members worship the pastors more than they do the Most High and Christ. Members will even refer to these same pastors as “God’s annointed”. The first 15-16 years of a child’s life are extremely critical in forming a stable and founded man/woman for the future. Yes, these pastors believe that they are above reproach however the Most High has made a point to put them on notice that he will hold them accountable and will judge them for their skull duggerous acts of iniquity(Ezekiel 34, Jeremiah 23).



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