As it currently stands in 2013, there is little to nothing good to report pertaining to the modern day western black woman. the above picture is one clear illustration of what I am talking about but yet again the modern day western black woman who has become the mascot and the epitome of everything gutter, decadent and reprobate has still managed to sink to a new level of the barrel bottom and to a new low. Please, you black women who are decent, please do not ask me to post anything positive on black women until you begin to speak up and condemn the actions of these ratchet hoodrats who are openly taking refuge among you.

As the situation current stands, you so called “good black women” are just as guilty as these hoodrat scoundrels as your silence in regards to their behaviour is condoning it. As far as I am concerned, until I see black women standing up and against this type of behaviour, the professional, educated black women is no different to the hoodrat reprobate. You are all in the same boat now and this is your own doing. Silence is agreeing with these foul actions. Please take a look at the following video below and see how the modern day western black woman is now inducting primary school minors en mass into her lifestyle of filth and debauchery:

Hut, Hut, Hut Bounce Twerk Video

You have to understand that the modern day western black woman absolutely hates children, she does not have children out of love or wanting to continue her legacy, she simply has children for two main reasons:

1. To use them as a commodity in order to glean financial benefits from her new lord, saviour, master and father, the State.

2. To use the children as a controlling weapon and a leverage tool AGAINST the father.

Let us also never forget that as it currently stands, the modern day western black woman is the number one assassin of the unborn child in the womb, she commits 4 times as many murders of unborn children than other nationalities of women. This is a fact not only from the stats but also from the fact that black populations in the west have remained at the same level for at least the last 30 years, in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of Europe.

So, black women as if things are not bad enough and your reputation hasn’t been damaged sufficiently to your liking, you now are inducting primary school minors en mass into your temple of decadency. What can you black women possibly say to defend this ratchetness? “Its not all black women”, sure doesn’t look that way from where I am standing. You black women who are not a part of this decadent folly should be fighting tooth and nail to construct a separation and a distinction between yourselves and these ratchet scumbags, yet and still you either keep silent about their outlandish, evil behaviour or you openly defend them.

As it stands the modern day western black woman has sunken to a lower standard than that of the most dirtiest animal on the planet and even that animal itself has a threshold. The modern day western black woman has reduced herself to that of a bottom feeder, knows no bounds and will do whatever she has to do just to gather some attention. What bothers me so greatly is that the modern day black woman of the west believes that she can only glean attention from doing evil, doing good is no longer a viable option for her anymore. Do not even bother telling me that “white women do it too”. Even if that were to be true, since when do two wrongs make a right number 1, if you claim to be queens then why are you copying the behaviours of women whom you claim are your inferiors number 2 and show me white women lying up their children from primary school and instructing them to shake their buttocks for a camera number 3. Not at all black women, not at all, only you black women, only you.

What makes me laugh is that most of you black women will claim to “love the LORD” and “love Jesus”. Well, let us see what Christ said about harming children: Matthew 18:6 reads:

18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Matthew 18:10 reads:

18:10 Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.

So the angels who watch over the children of the world are constantly in the face of the Most High, you are despising and murdering your children at 4 times the rate of other nationalities of women and you still have the audacity and the cheek to believe that “Jesus” is going to save you? Reality check you reprobates, I hope that you enjoy your one way trip down to the bottom of the ocean with that huge rock tied around your neck or your one way ticket down to the bottomless pit, whichever comes first. This also includes you so called “professional, educated and degreed up” black women for not speaking up on these matters on the one hand or defending them on the other.



It was a black male responsible for recording this debauchery so black men are just as guilty as the ratchet black women. Now, you simpleton Negroes will always jump to the defence of the no good beastly black women in the hopes of obtaining some sort of sexual exchange. Black men in general have turned into a bunch of effeminate chicken necks who follow the lead of the illogical western black woman and who will stand up for nothing unless it involves some sort of sexual activity.

The black men who were involved in this video somehow thought that this slack foolishness was cool. They also had no problem watching primary school minors gyrate their behinds in front of a camera which tells me alot about their particular “sexual preferences”. Its no wonder that so many black children are sexual abused at a young age in black homes by the parents, an uncle, an aunt or a friend yet nobody in the black community wants to talk about these things and most believe that they can brush these hot potatoes under an already contaminated rug and think they somehow will disappear.

Black males in general have become a complete disgrace and I want nothing to do with the majority of you because I cannot relate to your effeminate, reprobate behaviour and your philosophy of stupidity, ignorance and foolishness. You can call me an Uncle Ruckus, a sellout, a coon, an Uncle Tom and any other names and slogans that you care to swing at me however the fact remains that you are still a chicken neck slob who only thinks with his penis, who cannot think with logic and reasoning skills and who worships the black woman unconditionally.



Black men, until the modern day western black woman begins to change for the better, I recommend that you simply take your penis and go home, completely abandon the modern day western black woman and begin to look for black women from other cultures where family values are still upheld to a high standard and where the women do not hate themselves. The second option to this is to look for somebody outside of your race. The modern day western black woman is a miserable evil creature who’s only desire is to spread her miserable evil state to those people around her and this action normally begins with the infection of her evil toward her children.

Remember black men, you are the second most desired man on the planet behind the white man, your options to choose the very woman of your desire are many. On the flip side, the modern day western black woman is the last choice for a mate when it comes down to all nationalities of men on the planet. Nobody desires the modern day western black woman and she is well aware of this fact which is the very main reason why she will demonise women of other races to black men especially white women, because she knows that apart from you black man, nobody else will accept her. If black men begin to walk away from western black women en mass(which is slowly beginning to happen), black women are going to be in very serious trouble. Isaiah 3 and 4 spring to mind. Still believe that you can circumvent around these prophesies eh black women? NO CHANCE.

The other reason why I recommend for black men to walk away from western black women completely is because so called “good black women” have either refused to speak up on these issues and make a clear distinction between themselves and the reprobates or they have actually defended the ratchet scoundrels to the hilt. What is this telling you? You can do the simple maths on those ones for yourselves. As it stands there are a million reasons NOT to date or marry a black woman of the west and maybe only a handful of reason in favour of dating or marrying them.

As for you black women, change or suffer the consequences of your actions, it is a simple as that. Good black women need to start speaking out and condemning these evil and scandalous actions, as far as the world is concerned, you and the reprobate scum bag black women are one and the same since you either say nothing or you attempt to defend them. I for one am taking the position of “all in the same boat” until I begin to see so called good black women making a separation and standing against the corrupt behaviour. You see black women, the ratchets will not change their ways unless the reprimanding comes from you. Again, until you begin to reprimand them, I am recommending that black men stay away from yourselves aswell.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless


  1. Verbs,
    This is J.E.Wright and I’ve been following your blog for over a year and I must say you have some thought-provoking material for sure. I’ve traveled the world and I can not see any type of women who conducts themselves in the similitude of the so-called black women. It is sad.

    A scripture came to mind while reading your most recent post and that is Titus 2:3-5 (KJV)

    “3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things;

    4 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,

    5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.”

    I know Christ came to bring division and a sword and so if these women do it in the name of ignorance or Satan then it’s easier to know and stay away. However, what I’m seeing is a serious case of “BLURRED LINES” where many who say “Lord, Lord” don’t do as He commands them and they are confusing believers and unbelievers with many open deliberate sinful displays and claim to have the stamp of approval by wearing a cross or saying, “I love Jesus.” God will not be mocked. I know this particular post was focused on our nation but this goes for everybody. It’s time for us to wake up out of our slumber and I feel that this is the Lord showing us it is time to separate and put our pride aside in that we can not “save” anybody but only admonish our people and other nations to fear God.

    Shalom achi and YAH bless.


    • Julian E Wright,

      Glad to have you on board. Those were very pertinent scriptures that you brought up, they further illustrate the extreme degradation of the modern day western black female in comparison to the Most High’s standards and requirements for the so called black woman. I admit that the straight and narrow path is far from a walk in the park nonetheless I cannot and I refuse to bring falsities and fabrications to the table when dealing with any particular topic, especially when it comes down to the subject of black women. Many folks may hold issue with my delivery however as I have stated in other posts, the situation with black women in the west has reached a critical emergency state.

      Because the scriptures state that the Hebrews are supposed to be the appointed leaders and guides for the other nations, there has to be a purge of the scum buckets and the reprobate scoundrels first in order for us to form a strong foundation and thus be sure footed enough to lead others in strength and unity. As it stands at present, the Hebrew nation is a laughingstock with many issues of contention within the camp.

      I agree with you that all nations must be brought into line however since it begins with us, we must put our own house in order first before we can point the finger at other nationalities and instruct them to bring themselves into order aswell. You are right about the behaviour and the state of the modern day western black woman however there is hope in those who are honest with themselves, who begin to separate themselves from the contaminated and who begin to cascade the reprobates for their ill actions.

      Most High Bless


  2. Shalom brother verbs, this is straight up truth, i am one of the black men that cannot stand this ratchet mess and that video really pissed me off because i have a daughter and me and my wife wouldnt DARE put her out there like that, and the men in the video are even more sickening watching those little girls do that nasty $#!+…that twerkin mess is sickening and disgusting and so is every black woman and black man or anyone for that matter, that takes part in this degrading mess. All you good black women really need to make a stand and separate from these happy harlots who dont care about nuthin but shaking their stinkin ass and teaching their daughters to do it too…let the world know you are not with them…and do not condone that crap, and to you good black men out here, walk away from these harlots and find you a beautiful self-respecting, family oriented black woman of another nation, praise the Father is you find a black woman in america, because that will be like finding a needle in a haytack with this epidemic going on…and for you ratchet black women that use “jesus” to hide your nasty acts…keep it up because when the real Messiah returns, your done, aint no way the spirit you have will make it into the world to come….keep up the good truth verbs, shalom and may the most high continue to put that warrior spirit upon you


    • Branden,

      It is good to see other brothers like yourself who are also ticked off with the ratchet behaviour and who are also making a stand against these hoodlum women. The modern day western black woman is a law unto herself, a bipolar reprobate who has raised children in the home by herself and taught them to revere her regardless of the nasty activities that she performs.

      As I stated before, the blinkers are off for me, I will not by bamboozled and hypnotised by the western black woman’s forked tongue and the slogans and names that she enjoys throwing at others when the heat becomes unbearable for her. No, these ratchet harlots are now going to be exposed and held accountable for their actions. These simpleton Negro males who defend these dysfunctional reprobate women in the hopes for some sexual exchange also need to be exposed and held accountable for wreckless distribution of their support to these wicked women of no value.

      The modern day western black woman is simply a vile evil creature who enjoys the death of people around her and who also enjoys engaging in assassinating unsuspecting victims especially the unborn child in the womb. As I stated before, Christ will not save them when the time arrives to receive their just recompenses.

      Black men must simply walk away from this western black woman as she is a complete lunatic who has been given the full reigns of the Babylon system to run amock and sacrifice whom she pleases. A sad state of affair but none the less, these are truths that must be told. Much appreciated for the encouragement brother, you, your wife and your daughter stay blessed and fruitful in the Most High.

      Most High Bless


  3. Verbs. It’s not all black women. I do speak up about hypocrisy and ratchedness that has seemingly got out of control. Let’s get real (please). The average black man (especially in the U.K) has been ratched for a long time. Me being misandrist about THAT situation will not bring about change,as you being misogynist (you really know NO black women who speak on “ratchedness”? Brother you need to step away from the black bimbos you do know, or stop rolling with the “women of other races” who could give a good glory about the “condition” of Black women) If the black man has gone very astray (as even you suggest in your post), isn’t the fact that the (according to you) evil, black woman committing a public service by aborting children that neither she (having a predisposition towards everything negative and all) or the father (being no better than her at all and let’s face it the black man in and out of Africa feels an entitlement to have concurrent sentimental relationships with women who he doesn’t necessarily like, but hey , it’s a “status” thang, whether this set up comes with notions of nobility or ghetto “swag”).
    I hope that you are not following the same train of thought that white people do when one Muslim effs up and the white people come all seemingly wide eyed with their “why don’t decent muslims speak up on their wayward brothers?” schtick, in order to disguise their racism. You are being disingenuous as to what “decent” black women talk about. They just might not talk the things that you want to hear in front of you. And why should they? You’ve done condemned Black, Western women to the dustbin. Maybe you should ask why it is that black men in the diaspora haven’t been capable of protecting and owning his “community” for the last five hundred years. We birthed youse, saw our children ripped from our arms, saw you sell us out again and again with your short term – ism and over nationalistic Black Pride ( which usually translated into grabbing the first white woman, once “the Man” started putting some good pressure on youse and selling out any pro black organisation that had anything going for it, long term, if the script was stuck to).
    No other group of men hate “their” women more than they hate their “Massa” more than black men. As if the same women who you are slyly suggesting are more “angelic” than us Western black women, really are. Of course ratched is ratched, but your hatred for a very large proportion of black women disturbs me and let’s face it, you must hate us if you state what you do. That’s okay, but you should own it and move on. Just remember, no matter how serious a woman is, nobody likes a bore who talks politics at a party……whether Western, debauched, murderous Black, white angel, Asian ( Southern, Eastern) angel, Non diaspora Continental African Angel ( even though Nigerian women are, apparently the worlds most prevalent cheats), Aboriginal Angel and whatever other goddamned race some sexually incontinent black man has created in his never ending career as ” man who will follow white man and will always, according to my low self esteem be second best that is why I deflect all of the world’s shame and blame onto black women. I haven’t quite worked out the logic of how I’m alive when black women are practically pissing us out with abortions, though, but that’s white man, I mean certain black man logic. But hey, it works for me and all those exotics that need this, right here, uh!” sexual rogue.
    For the record, I love Black men organically, sexually and as partners. You remind me of those black men who talk “hard” as “pro” black, but have some Becky on the low. Never had that impression over on Madnews, but your hatred (plus the not so indirect suggestion on who the black man should be acquainting himself with) has made that stick in my mind. In the same way a man who indulges in eyebrow grooming past the point of wanting to remove any monobrow makes me raise an eyebrow. You aren’t the first and I’ve hardly heard of black men being on the same page for progression in five hundred years (always looking to whitey for example and getting disunited), so you won’t be the last. At least one wonders if Uncle Ruckus has lost his damn mind. I know you are serious . Don’t worry if I’ll breed some ingrate with my Western Black genes. That ship done sailed already.

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    • Sparkle,

      Let us be upfront and honest here.There is not one place in this post where I have stated that “all black women” behave in a ratchet manner so I’m confused as to why you opened your comment with “its not all black women” when I never said that it was all black women. Well if this is indeed the case, you are among the few who are speaking out against their reprobate siblings however please note that the majority of black women are either silent on the issues or defending the dysfunctional and the dysfunction.

      The difference here is that I recognise and accept that there are dysfunctional brothers out there, I do not defend their actions and I do not become offended when they are called out because I am an individual who DOES NOT fit that negative demographic. Since the shoe doesn’t fit me I do not attempt to put it on.

      The term “misogynist” can hold no place on me as I do not have a disliking to all women, only a certain cadre of dysfunctional reprobates and besides, this post is only dealing with the ratchet cadre of modern day western black women.

      The modern day western black woman today needs nobody to fabricate stories about her ratchecity, everyday she is voluntarily uploading examples of her dysfunctional behaviour on the internet for all to see. You can walk down your local streets and witness the same.

      The black male has indeed gone astray however we have to remember who is raising these black men, single black women. See, black women in general will take the complete credit when their son turns out good, yet when a male turns out dysfunctional, black women will immediately dissipate any responsibility for the foul turnout towards themselves.

      Lets be honest Sparkle, the modern day western black woman has tarnished her own reputation. Her actions are in the open for all to see, she has required no help in placing herself down at the bottom of the barrel. If decent black women were being efficiently vocal about dysfunctional black women, then things would not have spiralled out of control to the horrible extent that they have fallen to today.

      For the origin point of the demise of the black family and the black community, one only needs to go back to the 1960’s for it was at this point that the black woman decided that she would join the feminist movement and in place of having a man inside the home, she decided to throw the man out and accept the dainty benefits and welfare assistance of the state. From the end of slavery up until the 1960’s the black family was 85% functional, 85% of black children were born into a two parent home, so targeting slavery as a contributing factor cannot possibly work here. Nor can this supposed selling out of black women accusation travel far either as black men only began to turn to white women in higher numbers after they had executed their feminist movement betrayal around 1964.

      I hate what the western black woman in general has become, a heartless evil murderer of children and a coon for the so called white man wearing the European style weave attempting to be accepted by a system that will never accept her. I do not have to keep saying “not all black women” as it is obvious that this does not apply to all, the accusation only falls upon the guilty parties.

      The point here is that I am dealing with my nation of women and until there is a positive change for the better, yes I will recommend that black men firstly look for black women from other cultures as a first choice alternative and then look outside of their race as a second choice backup. Wading through the basket loads of ratchet western black women just to get to that one gem in my opinion is a waste of energy.

      Black women should at least look at themselves and conduct a self evaluation since they are noticing that their men are walking away from them in large numbers. Your response is typical of the majority of black women when they are held accountable for their foul actions and is one of the main reasons why I am recommending that black men look elsewhere for a mate.

      Your response shows me that you may indeed be a black woman who fits this ratchet demographic as most black women who do not fit the profile of a hoodrat do not get offended and have the common sense to seperate themselves from the no good scumbags instead of attempting to form an alliance with them and stand up for them. Black women who do not fit the decadent bill are actually nodding their heads and agreeing with what I am saying as they too are sick of the decadent hoodrat scoundrels. On the flip side, if you do not fit the decadent profile then it is baffling to me as to why you would be offended and why you would attempt to defend those who wouldn’t even think twice about returning the favour and who wouldn’t even urinate on you if you were on fire? Now where is the logic in that if this is indeed the case?

      The black population has remained at the same level for at least the last 30 years thanks to black women rolling into the assassination chambers en mass at 4 times the rate of women from other nationalities. You may be alive yes however 51% of black children that should have been born have not been.

      This is a classic example right here of how most black women will never change and will continue to hold themselves to high esteem and bestow themselves with royal titles even though they have sunk deep into the mire of decadence and dysfunctionality.


    • Preach sister! PREACH!!! It is not all black women, and many of wit he said as reasons to not marry them, are just his own opinion because lots of other pele see those as reasons TO marry them. I also agree that this is just his way of disguising his hatred for his own kind.

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      • KingBpanther,

        If you wish to associate yourself with the scum and the dregs of the black community then by all means go ahead and enjoy yourself, however this does not now mean that other black folks have to drop their standards and do the same.

        Only within the black community do you encounter this kind of stupidity regularly. Within other communities at least the well to do folks have the common sense to stay away from and not associate with the dregs and the scum of their people. This is the standard practice from the White community to the Jewish community to the Turkish community to the Indian community.

        However, when it comes down to blacks, you either have to contend with stupid, nonsensical, violent, belligerent hoodrats who of course always give their decadent outlandish behaviours a pass, black women who do not know who they are and thus foolishly identify with the ratchet reprobate scum and the stupid low minded simps/manginas who will jump to the defence of these idiots in fear of their easy sex supply evaporating.

        Sorry, I do not twerk, I do not have tattoos, I do not fight in the streets, I do not wear a weave/wig. This is how dumb a large portion of you black people are, you accuse others who do not accept the ratchet behaviour of a portion of black women as being full of “self hate”. What you are really saying is that this behaviour should be viewed as normal among black people and it should be accepted by black people also. Get out of here with that nonsense and stupidity, accept that mess for what profit exactly?


  4. Been away for a while working on other projects …this came across my radar..smh. Encourages rampant pedo activity worldwide and validates non blacks negative opinions re: “stolen Africans”


  5. Shalom Verbs.

    Brotha, this thing has been around since we were growing up and it was sad then and it’s sad and deplorable now. Back when i was a kid this was P.Poppin and you turn upside and do the same thing. It was when Luke and them fellas started talkin bout Pop that PooSay and girls were out of control then…so I agree with your facts and figures about the rate of the black population being kept at a stand still as which is what planned parenthood had intended for it.

    I am angry at the mess I see on both sides and I agree, black women need to start directly apologizing to black people, to black themselves for their outlandish behavior, to each other for not truly loving the other enough to speak out on this madness. And to black men for even allowing the space of thought to think of other nations as brides because of their desire to no longer be feminine towards their men and allowing their men to be men. Apologize to black men for attempting to replace them as being like them and not being what The Most High truly and honsetly designed women to be. I hate this twerking, because it signifies sexual activity and takes away any intimacy or romance of femeninity from black men and gives it in a detestable way to all of america and the world over.

    The desire to be with white men can be from a number of reasons, A SO CALLED attempt at pay back to black men for being with white women and braggin bout it at the same time. But just remember black women, you all went with white women en mass first, perhaps we were driven to them from your desire to remove us from our homes. HOWEVER, i have seened videos on youtube with attractive smart and intellectually witty and even brave black women and they are actively pursuiting or interested in a white man so not even the good black women are seen to want to be with black men.

    Perhaps the reason why alot of “good” black women get offended when we bring attention to their less than well mannered sister’s behavior is because they don’t want us either. Perhaps they too wanted thugs and the bad boy type but didn’t get them while not recognising the good brothers. Perhaps no sister wants us anymore. we say that they are the least desired women but what if we are the least desired among them? I am saying that what if all the modern western black women do not like black men at all? so many of them are going into lesbian relationships, women who have given up, women who are afraid to speak up because then they may get turned on by the sisterhood.

    I wish it would stop. I wish we’d all wake up. White men can be fat, or imaged as fat, and still have a good woman to decent woman by his side. black men have to fit in a category made to order and that isn’t humanly possible.

    I hear you on looking on the outside of our culture but it may server harder to conect alongside if not beyond a sexual connection with an overseas black woman. but I guess we gotta try.

    I don’t know if there is anything that can be done that will be done for the western modern black woman if they don’t want to speak with each other and truly want to reclaim their good name and leave this tarnished lifestyle behind completely. Walking away from black women is hard when they are who you truly desire.

    Love you guys, Yah Bless The Hebrew Nation of Israel. HalleluYah.



    • J.R

      It is truly a travesty brother. Inducting minors into this nonsense and the thing that kills it is the man responsible for the video put out a response vid because of the huge backlash and he was still defending his actions stating that he saw nothing wrong with children engaging in adult style dances. The guy even says that he was and is “keeping it real and gutter”.

      I do not really see any other course of effective action for black men other than to walk away from western black women(which is already starting to happen) and find themselves black women from other cultures or date outside of the nation. I do not enjoy making these recommendations in the slightest however, I cannot recommend women who take pride in decadent, whorish, wreckless behaviour and refuse to change their ways.

      As I have stated before in other posts the modern day western black woman is the number one enemy of the black male. You are correct, we are the least desired man wanted among THEM, we are the conciliation booby price for them, somebody for them to fall back on as a last ditch resort. If you are a thug or a dumb black male then you are right up their alley as these types of brothers they can easily control and manipulate. Any black male who shows signs of intelligence however is given a wide berth as the black woman cannot run a number on him and knows that he can see her trickery from a mile away.

      You do not necessarily have to go overseas to find a black woman from a different culture, there are plenty of black women from different cultures both in the USA and in the UK, you just have to do some research on how to hook up with them. I’m sure that you can conduct a search for black women from East Africa for example in your state. I do not envisage you having that much of a problem brother.

      Also, you can always go for a woman of mixed heritage or a woman who is majority of black origin. You have so many options to choose from.

      It is either that or continue trying with women who hate you to the core, want nothing to do with you anyway, who will give you no peace and possibly destroy you if given the chance. The modern day western black woman’s alliance lies elsewhere, this is a hard fact to face but none the less a true one.

      Most High Bless You Brother


  6. You are a horrible person and everything you have written is morally and intellectually wrong. Your classification and subsequent condemnation of subsets of entire groups based on irrelevant criteria spreads only hatred, not knowledge. People who revel in hatred will enjoy your posts. You do not change a person’s mind through aggressive thoughts and behavior but through tolerance and understanding. Only then can wisdom be shared. God is meant to be love not paranoia, despair or hatred. I suggest you take a long look at what is wrong with yourself before you go about telling other people what they should or should not be doing.


    • Your Servant,

      If only you were more concerned with deconstructing the contents at hand and less worried with regards to proving how intelligent you are by splicing 3-4 syllable words together, you might have made some headway. People who engage in rebellious, reprobate behaviour naturally do not enjoy being reprimanded for their wreckless actions. The advocates of such behaviours are also equally in the same vessel as their reprobate heroes.

      It is all too easy to accuse a person of hate rather than deconstruct the contents of a position. This is called being a coward. Foolishness, under no circumstances should any ratchecity be “tolerated”, this is the very way in which reprobate behaviours spread. Black women have had their time of leniency and they for the most part have continued in their whoredoms. It is now time to be hard on them. This is love and this form of love is long overdue.

      The Most High does not always come to you in a softly spoken voice, ask Job. This idea of the Most High only approaching a person in one manner is a load of crud within itself. It seems that your “God” is conveniently nice all of the time. So I would suggest that you go back to the bible and read it again before you return here as the Most High is not a person who deals with people in the same fashion, nor am I.


    • U are completely right brother and didn’t god say put other people before ours, he is putting himself way before his whole race


  7. Thank you for letting me know it’s my job to correct the lowdowns of my racial gender. NOT.

    I don’t care to call out hoodrats and ghetto bitches in my race because it’s not my “job”. If everyone (black and non-black) want to define me by what a majority of black women act like…. fine by me. I know I’m not this say so I don’t care. I said MOST, because I do agree with you that a large majority of black women DO portray the “stereotypes” out there about us. I quotation-mark ‘stereotypes’ because, sorry “sistas”, but it’s no longer a stereotype when a majority of a certain group of people act a certain way. So I do agree with you, author, on this.

    Again, I don’t portray myself as a standard black woman nor do I give a shit to try to “correct” the ratchet black women around me. I got off that “black pride” boat long ago. I’m neither proud nor ashamed of being black. I was simply born black, it is my race, and I accept it. I neither “hate” nor “love” it. So I’m completely indifferent to how other black women act. If they want to make fools of themselves (like the “brothas”) then that’s their business. Not my job to call them out on it. I have my own life to live and I’m not spending my time to try to help clean up the black woman’s image. It’s up to the individual black woman to clean up her own shit.

    As for black men walking away from us: don’t care. I’m all for IR dating and if decent black women had any sense they’d get off this misguided loyalty to useless black men and get with the swirl. I’ve never had a strong attraction for black men anyway. For the sister-souljah types who are still down for only the brotha-man, maybe THEY can go on a crusade to clean up black women’s images to lure black men back to them. Again, I don’t care….

    As for the abortion issue I aborted at 21. I wasn’t ready to be a mother at 21. It was either end up a single mother struggling or get on with my life and make something of it. I chose the latter. Never dwelled on what it might have accomplished had I carried it to term. The older I got, I saw my abortion as possibly preventing future hood rat/ thug nigga from wreaking havoc on society. No matter how well you raise the kid, she/he could have turned out to be a wackjob still. At 43 I still don’t regret having one. So, I’ll close this with something I’ve said on several other blogs: you’re a dude. When you reach a point on the evolutionary scale where YOU can get pregnant then push a baby out of your dick, then I may care how you feel about abortion.

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    • Phoenix Ares,

      Your bravado appears to be solid on the surface however it is simply a position of hypocrisy as you women who claim that you are free of care are the very first to “flame on” and complain whenever you are disrespected, especially if it is by one of your own. By rights if you really didn’t concern yourself with the opinions of others then you ought to keep your mouth shut when disrespected, take it on the chin and move on………….however you don’t.

      So where you would attempt to detach yourself from your reprobate sistas, you still end up having to deal with the fall out of their behaviour anyway, so there is no way for you to simply walk away even though you claim that you do not care.

      Black women in general are not loyal to black men, its just that black women do not have many other options, we are their last choice yet for them their only guaranteed choice as nobody else desires the modern day western black women for anything serious. Black women today are the least desired women on the planet. You can talk about interracial dating however that is all dependent upon black women being accepted by other nationalities of men and the reality is that men of all nationalities are turning to other women first and leaving black women on the shelves, completely if they can. If you still don’t care then that is fair enough but again when you get bitten, don’t complain, take it on the chin and move on.

      This is where I believe women especially the majority of black women have turned evil to the core. It takes two people to produce a child yet women generally feel that they have the only rights when it comes down to deciding whether or not a child should have a future. In response to your evolutionary scale point I would say this, until you reach a point to where you can reproduce and conceive a child without the man’s seed, men such as myself have every right to get our noses out of joint and rail against women who choose to assassinate unborn children, after all it still remains a 50:50 split when it comes down to conception.


  8. Let’s be clear; the one thing I don’t do is “flame”. You made your position(s) clear in your blog that you posted on a public website, which I came upon. And I responded to you by making my position clear as to what you wrote — all of it. So be my guest if you wanna read that as flaming. If you read any of this as a “complaint” I really am speechless. And to clarify: I don’t feel like you disrespected me. You were speaking your mind. I can respect this. But I still think you’re full of shit.

    Like I said before the plight of the black woman is not my fucking problem. How the black man feels about me is definitely not my problem. Being grouped with all the negative black females: already been there. Black people of both sexes started losing their minds after the Civil Rights Movement, long before I was born and will continue to do so after I’m gone. Instead of demanding the “good” black American women to confront the hood rats among us to set them straight, you should try looking at the late 60s and 70s when black America started going to shit. Men in particular (followed later by women).

    I can’t speak for the disloyalty of other black woman but will tell you why I’m not “loyal”. I learned at an early age from watching the men on both sides of my family disrespect the women in my family. From my grandfathers on down. Dad, uncles, brothers. All of them were full of crap, abusive, verbally and physically. Praising anything but a black woman. And the women in my family, many of them being the stupid bitches that they were, put up with it. They tolerated it for the sake of, you guessed it, racial loyalty . To hold the family together. It made me lose my respect for them as well because they allowed it to continue. I decided early in childhood not to deal with that garbage. Fuck loyalty. I never developed loyalty to you (black man). I had no reason to. I pledge loyalty to one person: me.

    I may be a black woman but I’m not a black man. So I have no fucking idea what brothers go through as far as dealing with us. We have the same color but I’m still not a man. So you’re right; I can’t speak on it from a black man’s perspective. I can speak on it – not from a black woman’s perspective – but from MY perspective. My conclusion is everything you’ve said is from a black man’s point of view. Fair enough.

    Know this, I’m not backing down from what I said earlier. Your reply isn’t saying shit I haven’t heard before. Old news already.

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    • Phoenix Ares,

      I was not referring to you commenting on the post, I was talking about being disrespected in general every day life. Nobody likes being disrespected, this is where I stated that the opposition would be and where you would become upset even though you stated that you didn’t care about the ratchet behaviour of other black women. I do not become offended because I deal with the truth and honesty and yes I understand that you were not disrespecting me. This is the problem I find with women in general, you do not read things properly, you skim read material and draw conclusions that have absolutely nothing to do with that which has been stated.

      On the contrary, it was the black woman who first initiated the destruction of the black family unit and the black community in her pursuit of white feminism first and later on her acceptance of the dainty treats of the state(welfare, section 8 housing, benefits) in exchange for kicking the black male out of the home. So no, know your history, black women derailed first in their lust to be accepted by white society and especially by their new lord, saviour, father and master, the so called European man. Black men derailed later as a result of being raised by these same reprobate harridans who believed that money could replace a father towards their children. This is the number one reason why black men for the most part are in such a mess today.

      Until the mid 1960’s the black family structure was 85% intact. The majority of black children were born into a two parent home, divisions and squabbles among blacks were at a bare minimal. When you were growing up is when the effects of what black women had done back in the 60s began to really take root and blossom hence why you witnessed so much dysfunctionality in your family. The black woman’s abandonment of the family in the 60s is not my opinion, these are the facts and this is the root of the woes within the black nation today.

      Nobody is telling you to back down and retract your statement however all I am saying is that a person’s perspective is not the be all and end all of life and if your perspective comes under question from new information that has been presented, you should be honest enough to at least look at and possibly alter and change the parts that are incorrect. Taking a wrong and strong stance is simply a fool’s errand.


      • I read your entire posts. They’re too entertaining to get upset. It takes a lot to piss me off. Be sure of it. Aside from a good laugh your posts are so ridiculous I can’t help but respond and I usually limit reply-backs to two.

        Now down to serious business: you are in no position to declare that the treatment of the women in my family was due to an exodus of BW “abandoning” BM decades back (during their time). Especially when YOU weren’t part of my household and never witnessed it. I watched the opposite happen: black men abandon THEM. You may be much older than me and where you live(ed) maybe that was the case. Don’t know, don’t care. You keep referring to the black woman allegedly turning her back on “you”. If we “turned” on you you have no one but mostly yourselves to blame. Again you can start with the period after the Civil Rights Movement, which – as far as I’m concerned – was created to benefit black men rather than us all. Even then we were expendable to you.

        I’m not putting all of black America’s sorry state on BM because, as stated in reply #1 many black women DO need to clean up their shit. Whether or not they grab a bucket and brush and start scrubbing means nothing to me. Oh yeah “sistas” need to change I’m in agreement with you on there. But it’s certainly not exclusively black women’s’ doing.

        Bottom line: you will always believe a large part of the American black decline is black women’s’ fault. And I disagree by continuing to believe the majority of this bullshit was triggered by black men themselves. Nor will I contemplate this retarded notion of yours that it is my duty to go on a Ho Patrol and “set straight” another grown black female who chooses to act like one. Good day….

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      • Phoenix Ares,

        I hear the same things from many other people yet none of them can and have ever refuted anything that has been stated so you do me no injury at all by claiming that my posts are “ridiculous” yet in the same breath you cannot even begin to deconstruct an iota within them. Besides, you know how it goes, the same person you laugh at now is typically that same person whom you wish was around when you run into a spot of bother down the road. You also know the saying about “he who laughs last”.

        No problem, well if you do not want to entertain that possibility then that is your business. This is one of the major problems with black women today, the majority of you think that you know it all and talk at times when you should actually be keeping your mouths shut, taking information in and learning something for once. Yes, I heard what you stated before about black men in your family walking away from the women. I have given you the root of the problem which stems from OUTSIDE of your family. This is another major problem with black women, anything bad that happens to them always seems to conveniently start from their point of observation and never before. Of course, nothing is ever the black woman’s fault. The history is the history and the facts are the facts, not my “opinion” or my “perspective”.

        The civil rights movement shafted all blacks, we all have gained nothing from integration at all. In case you haven’t noticed, most of the infrastructure that black folks built up is now in the hands of others. Black women have always lusted after white men as the white man paints an image of an easier life, wealth and lesser troubles. All of the woes within black society have an origin point and whoever is to blame for initiating the troubles is to blame, there is no evasión of accountability. The problem with black women is that they have never been held accountable for their actions hence why they typically find it so easy to shift the blame unjustifiably towards black men.

        This is why I recommend that black men begin to look elsewhere for a woman and this is why I make the same recommendations towards good black women, as the ratchet, reprobate scoundrels black women have messed things up for everybody. We are the only people on the planet where the women lead the nation and look at the mess that black women have caused. Placed into this position by the so called European man and black women in general as his willing flunky refuse to give up their position of power to the rightful heirs.

        No problem, you WILL deal with the fallout of not checking the reprobate wild hoodrat scum in one form or another whether you like it or not and you will remember what I said. Do not believe for a second that you are somehow exempt from the actions and the effects of the ghetto hoodrats, you will be lashed if you haven’t been already so I suggest that you prepare yourself and lets see if you continue to sing the “I don’t care” theme you so love at that point.


    • Isaac González,

      So black women engaging in this form of degradation and encouraging minors to do the same is not important here is it? The person who wrote the article is the issue here not what black women are doing to themselves and their children????????? This is the retarded nature of today’s westerners in free flow, priorities completely upside down, back to front and inside out.

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      • “For the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard. 2 He agreed to pay them a denarius[a] for the day and sent them into his vineyard.

        3 “About nine in the morning he went out and saw others standing in the marketplace doing nothing. 4 He told them, ‘You also go and work in my vineyard, and I will pay you whatever is right.’ 5 So they went.

        “He went out again about noon and about three in the afternoon and did the same thing. 6 About five in the afternoon he went out and found still others standing around. He asked them, ‘Why have you been standing here all day long doing nothing?’

        7 “‘Because no one has hired us,’ they answered.

        “He said to them, ‘You also go and work in my vineyard.’

        8 “When evening came, the owner of the vineyard said to his foreman, ‘Call the workers and pay them their wages, beginning with the last ones hired and going on to the first.’

        9 “The workers who were hired about five in the afternoon came and each received a denarius. 10 So when those came who were hired first, they expected to receive more. But each one of them also received a denarius. 11 When they received it, they began to grumble against the landowner. 12 ‘These who were hired last worked only one hour,’ they said, ‘and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden of the work and the heat of the day.’

        13 “But he answered one of them, ‘I am not being unfair to you, friend. Didn’t you agree to work for a denarius? 14 Take your pay and go. I want to give the one who was hired last the same as I gave you. 15 Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I am generous?’

        16 “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”


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      • Phoenix,

        There is nowhere in this post where I have stated that ALL black women are bad, where you got that impression from is beyond me. The Most High also appoints forerunners and watchmen to warn those who are close to judgement as to what is to come down the pike for them if they do not repent. This warning applies to the majority of western black women. There is no time for being soft towards rebellious, violent hooligans, the black woman’s wreckless behaviour must be called out now. The truth is that the majority will perish, the sooner you accept this is the sooner that you can come back to reality. You cannot save rebellious, violent hooligans who feel that their outlandish behaviour is normal and who have never been held accountable for their actions, ever.


  9. Mark 2:17 But when Yeshua heard, he said to them, “The healthy have no need for a physician, but those who have become very ill; I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Did you forget? No one is disputing the condition of the black community. It is your approach, you come across just like Tommy Sotomayer and others like him. God has always given me revelatory dreams, even if it means exposing deacons sleeping with different women in the church. The one dream He gave me about Tommy Sotomayer was that he was riding on top of a military tank, leading the way through the city (martial law was in effect) and the troops would go into each apartment and find black women and systematically slit their throats. I question your motives. I have worked with women who were ex-madams, drug dealers, prostitutes and the one thing that He has shown me is that it is easy to judge. You do not go up to a women who has been molested for the majority of her life and now lead a promiscuous life and tell her to stop fornicating. It’s not that simple. What I love about Yeshua is that he knows what motivates us and He know how to reach us. We need to be lead by His Spirit to reach people. I am fervently praying for the gang bangers, drug dealers, prostitutes and the FATHERLESS. I am more concerned about them, than people who think they do not sin. Psalm 82:3-4
    Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.


    • Veneil,

      Not at all, have you also forgotten that we are told to have nothing to do with evil works and that we are also instructed to reprove those same works(Ephesians 5:11)? What about 2 Timothy 4:2 where yet again we are instructed not only to reprove but also to rebuke? I seem to remember that Christ would always make statements that would have the crowds divided, as I explained before in another post, he did this constantly in order to see who were his true followers vs the 1 minute wonder and miracle fan club followers.

      I am not doing anything different to how Christ did things in his days on earth. I will have to take your vision with a pinch of salt on the one side as Tommy Sotomayor’s message is a true one and his delivery is appropriate for this particular time. His delivery is bringing about a much needed purge and separation within the black community(remember how Christ stated that he came to bring a sword and division?). The problem that most western black women have with his message is the fact that it exposes them as having a vested interest in this Babylon system and in reality the majority of black women of the west are not sorry for what they have partaken in, are not sorry for the evil results and have no intention of changing.

      On the flip side, have you forgotten that the Most High himself forewarned us of the coming destruction of horror towards the majority of black women in Isaiah 3 and 4? So, on the flipside your vision if correct actually fits the prophecied doom for the majority of black women accordingly parallel with the scriptures.

      The majority of black men and women are contaminated beyond repair, this is not about judgement, this is about planting seeds of change through a message and moving on. The seeds will automatically grow on the fertile soil. I have judged no one, the Scriptures have already condemned the foul actions of black women, I am simply repeating what is already written. I am fully aware of the process towards recovery, however how does this process nullify our given instructions to call out and to condemn evil acts? Answer, it doesn’t. People say things everyday that hit me and cause me to reflect on different parts of my life yet I do not plead with them to change their delivery, in being honest with myself I have learned to accept reproof and rebuke and process them in such a way as to lead to edification. The majority of black women particularly of the west need to learn to do the same.

      Black women in general have caused much destruction within the black nation and there will be a heavy recompense coming in their direction for the evil that they have wrought. I deal with the truth so I cannot give you a picture of roses with regards to the future of the black woman, otherwise I would be a liar. Most black women aswell as most black men will perish horribly, accept it or become a victim of it yourself trying to prevent it from happening.


  10. Thank you for replying back. I am not in agreement with this world, nor would I ever stand in God’s way. I know He is the Great and Terrible as well as a loving and gracious God. I understand that gross darkness is on the people and it breaks my heart. But as long as I have breath I will continue to pray, fast, and help the people as much as I can. I will take everything that you have said and prayerfully reflect on it.


  11. Whoa a whole lot of generalisation going just because some black women decide to do dancehall moves doesnt meanbwecas a race are hoodruts. Look you may hate your mother or view her as a whore but that doesnt mean every black woman is like your mother. You have personal issues sort it out. Africans date their own im a prowd black african woman married to my african brother we believe in preservong our culture we respect our elders. We are mot obsessed with with dating other nationalities like you guys who want to fade out their race. Your a disgrsce your hate towards black women is comical you need help infact you should be careful because you might get locked up in a loony bin where you belong because your developing psycho behaviour probabley runs in your family hence why your so angry all the time. Just calm down and read back the rubbish rants about your website.

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    • Maria,

      This is the problem with the majority of western black women and now increasingly many African women, they do not read text properly and jump to conclusions based upon emotions rather than based upon the contents of the text. There is no where in this whole post where I have stated that this pertains to ALL black women, can’t you read?

      This is always a game play with belligerent, rebellious black women, they will never fail to bring either your mother or your sexuality into the equation and they somehow believe that they are wise for doing so. Being a black woman and a mother doesn’t automatically give you sainthood status and exempt you from scrutiny and critism, in fact it is mostly black mothers who are committing these acts of decadence that I talk about.

      Before you attempt to psycho analyse me and my mental status, deconstruct and rebutt the points raised please. A large portion of you rooted Africans are also doing the same things, the African woman’s love for the white man is not abated just because of your personal position so pretending that this is not going on in the motherland just because of your position is delusional to say in the least.

      I do not hate all black women, I hate the belligerent, reprobate scoundrels who have taken refuge among the good black men and women, so please get it right.

      Calling me crazy is not deconstructing the points raised nor is calling me angry. Always the typical card the rebellious scoundrel black woman pulls, resort to name calling if all else fails. I’m done here with your response of folly, the victory continues.


  12. Okay, I get it. The photo of the so-called 4 black females is like viewing abstract art, right? Everyone sees something different.

    I SEE 4 so-called black females who do not know who they are.
    I KNOW 4 so-called black females who do, myself being one, and wear modest clothing yet are still targeted by Esau…..welcome to captivity.

    However, It hurts my heart to see these females targeted in your gossip as if they have not suffered enough at the hands of Esau. Are you Esau? Perhaps YOU are simply being used to further chastise them, but AHYAH tells us that the pens of the Scribe will be in vain, I know He meant the blotting out of His Name, the whitewashing of our heritage, etc …but, I tell you, your words that come against them are also in vain.

    AHYAH have not forsaken them.

    YashaYaHU 4:4 “When AHYAH shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Yarushalym from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment, and by the spirit of burning.”

    Thank you for listening.


    • Sh’marYah,

      There is no alternative interpretation that can be drawn from the images above. Any other interpretation is one based upon deception. The other problem here is that these same examples of black women engaging in wreckless, promiscuous and violent behaviour can be found on the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and most other social networking sites in their millions.

      This post is not bringing decent black women who know who they are and who dress modestly to task, this post is dealing with the no good unaccountable reprobates who have take refuge among the good black women and who use them as a shield for protection while at the same time engaging in wild, belligerent, reprobate behaviours which automatically give the good folks around them a bad name.

      Suffering at the hands of Esau is no excuse to throw your morality and standards out of the window. Nobody is forcing black women to engage in these activities, they are carrying them out on a voluntary basis and further posting their exploits on the internet for all to see. I am not Esau, I am a Hebrew of the tribe of Judah.

      Their own works have already testified against them, my pen is merely part of the documentation and recording process. Remember, we are also told in the scriptures that the Most High is not mocked and you will sow what you reap(Galations 6:7). Also, do not forget that the Most High talks about purging out the rebels from among his people in Ezekiel 20:38. Twerkers, street brawlers, violent hooligans and harlots shall not inherit the kingdom of the Most High. They either turn from their wickedness or guzzle down the harsh consequences for their actions.

      Most High Bless


  13. I admit, the sense of entitlement and the attitude that they walk around with is such a turn off. Being loud, rude and bossy to get and keep attention isn’t what generally works in society. I ask my other black female friends who don’t act this way what their deal is and they don’t even fully get it!
    I get so tired of the stares I get when I am out with my male friends from the women as if I am not good enough to be with them. They tell me how the black women treat them and to be honest, I wouldn’t take that either.

    My family is extremely racist so I don’t have the luxury to have an inter-racial marriage, but I can see why these men do not want to associate with that type of behavior. Most people want peace in their home, but if you dare bring that kind of woman into your home the days of quietness are long gone


    • The Free Woman,

      The attitude, the aggressiveness and the violent nature of the modern day western black woman are some of the top reasons why black men are increasingly turning to other nationalities of women for dating and marriage. The modern day western black females who are giving you the funny looks are simply insecure empty shells of their former selves They are permitted to date outside of the race without any quibbles or questions raised, yet as soon as we black men do the same, we are branded as sellouts and coons. The double standard and hypocrisy is off the chain however nobody can point this out to the modern day western black female and if you do you are then told that you hate yourself. The stupidity that eludes from the mouths of your average modern day western black women is incredible yet not surprising seeing how she has been placed as the leader of the black community.

      Your black male friends are spot on, black women will give them the hardest time. Most black women simply hate themselves hence the epidemic weave wearing and sluggardly decadent behaviour and thus they will also hate on and despise those that looks like them and reminds them of themselves, this is why in general black women treat black men like utter crap. Black men now are simply waking up and realising that they do not have to put up with the nonsense that black women dish out to them. Indeed, a black man can bring woe after woe into his life by getting involved with one of these belligerent, violent scoundrels and bringing her into his home. There are plenty of black women from other cultures who do not behave like this, I advise black men to look in those places if they still desire to “keep it black”.


  14. Being a black Western woman, I have been taught by my parents and older brother to respect black men as kings. Sadly, being new to your site and after reading this post, along with most of your other posts…I was unsuccessful in finding one positive thing you have stated in reference to a “black woman” (which is truly unfortunate). So let me see if I am understanding you correctly, as oppose to encouraging black men and black women to come together, communicate, pray, ask for forgiveness and solve their differences…you encourage abandonment? What happen to…”all Western Negroes are Israelites and we’re better than everyone else mantra?” Doesn’t that statements also include the Western-ized black woman? Let’s examine Westernized music videos…shall we? What is the typical physical criteria of the female models that black male music artists exhibit in their videos? How many black male artists demand black video models to have natural hair (twists, locks, braids, fro), thick lips or broad noses? NOT MANY. Moreover, who forces black male rappers/hip-hop artists to create lyrics that debase their women as: ratchet, chickenheads, pigeons and b**ches? NO other nationality of men have released records that are as demeaning and degrading to their own women as black men. I do agree that black women have a ways to go in terms of restoring our femininity and virtue…we definitely need biblical guidance…and it is starting to happen. However, the bible states, “that Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.” Makes me wonder what black men been doing to their women. Newsflash….black women do have feelings. We cry, we get hurt when we are cheated on or abandoned and it is not always easy to show vulnerability especially when everyone pegs you as “a strong black woman.” Why are black women treated so differently when we have the same needs as any other women: to be loved, protected and provided for. Black men require respect from black women…but how can anyone give respect when they have never seen what it looks like? It was mean for you to say that black women are the least desired…you are including not even desired by are own men. QUID PRO QUO…what many black men are not aware of is that, most non-black women want them sexually (for a black experience) ONLY. Unless you are one of the few who is financially affluent, because most non-black women will never marry a broke/poor/un-employed black male. Remember, non-black ATTRACTIVE women go for the cream-of-the-crop black males (i.e. athletes, actors)…not your average brother wiping down cars at a car-wash for a living…would you agree? So please do not pull the “black man is the second most desired man” card…because it only applies to the MANDINGO. How disappointing that you have not pointed out the fact that black women are constantly bombarded with television commercials and adverts showing only non-black females as the ultimate beauty standard. Yet black women have been the most emulated and hated women throughout history by non-black women. Case in point: thick lips for black women are “the Paris lip” for white women, round ample buttocks for black women is the “J-lo butt for whites”, natural brown skin for black women is sought after by white women who run to tanning salons weekly or fake spray tans. So while you encourage black men to go elsewhere, please do not forget to tell them to make sure that they have enough income to pay for: botox, facelifts, breast augmentations, butt implants, lips injections, weekly hair blow-outs, nails, yoga lessons, jimmy choo shopping sprees and manicures for their pet chihuahuas….and of course enough money to pay out 70% of their income when their divorce from their white/latina or asian spouse is finalized, because these fair-weathered felines rarely stick around when things get tough for a brotha. How many black men do you know are the spiritual leader of their homes? Why has being a loving/faithful husband and father to ALL of his children go out of style? How many black males you know own a tailored suit as oppose to just athletic gear…how about a belt even? Across the board, education and positive contributions to society is sexy…the thug and prison inmate look…not so much. Verbs, my apologies for all of the black women who have done you wrong, because you come across wounded. However, if there are any black women you have done wrong and have not apologized or asked for forgiveness…then shame on you.

    There is an old axiom that goes…do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. However, as a black women who is new to the “awakening” of my national heritage, I appreciate the information you have shared however…I also know that the message is only as good as the messenger.

    Best Regards.


    • Kimestry,

      The irony here is that you yourself couldn’t even list anything positive here to attribute to black women in 2014 either. So, you have basically proved my point, that indeed the modern day western black woman is in a deep crisis situation to which she seems to be digging herself a bigger hole into rather than attempting to remedy her shortfalls. I also as a black man was taught to revere and to respect black women as a youth, however I began to see a problem with this tradition when I was expected to pay the same respect and reverence to black women even when they were acting in a belligerent, rebellious, violent and hooliganish manner not only towards me but towards others as well.

      As I have stated on numerous other occasions, the problem with black women today including yourself is that you wish to look upon the plight of black women in 2014 and make a judgement only based upon current events. We need to travel back into the past in order to find out how we as a black nation got into this mess to begin with. We only need to travel back 50 years in order to locate the culprit behind our woes as a nation today.

      In the 1960s the modern day western black woman is her desperation to be accepted by this Babylon system made two fundamental mistakes that have serious changed the course of history for black folks forever, accepting welfare policies that subsequently meant that there could be no father in the home and her eager voyage into the realm of the white homosexual feminist movement. These are the two main reasons why the so called black community is currently in the mess that it is in. Any and all complaints that you have regarding the portrayal and the treatment of black women today originate from these 2 detrimental decisions made by black women over 50 years ago.

      With regards to the music industry, black folks do not control who gets to be in videos because black people do not control the music industry, any complaints that you have with regards to how black women are not chosen or how black men talk about black women in their music should be directed at the JewISH producers and moguls, the very same people whom your parents and grandparents decided to run into the arms of 50 years ago. The JewISH sect controls the music industry, they control the visual and lyrical content of the music that black folks put out, they should be your focus of attention.

      The modern day western black woman for the most part does not want to follow biblical principles or to repent, she enjoys not being held accountable and responsible for her decadent and outlandish lifestyle and she also enjoys the fact that she has been placed over the black male. If black women were truly repentant about what has happened to the black community under their watch then they would have stepped down from their positions of leadership and appointed them to the rightful heirs a long time ago. The change you are starting to see today is a minority change, not a majority change.

      Your modern day western black woman has gravitated towards the gutter trash and the low dreg black males for at least the last 30 years. Black women cannot complain about being cheated on or being abandoned because they for the most part choose no good black men who by the way have been raised to not be responsible by guess who, yes the same single black mothers who have been given the reign over the black nation without being held responsible or accountable for their own actions. Black women chose to embrace the term “strong independent black woman”, by themselves, nobody forced them to subscribe to this slogan, again this was carried out by black women in their futile attempts to be accepted by this Babylon system.

      In relation to you calling me mean for stating that black women are the least desired women on the planet, this is a fact, this is not my opinion. No man wants to deal with a rebel who is going to give them nothing but grief and headache throughout the term of the relationship. Men in general and especially black men are looking for peace, this is why black men are beginning to date outside of the nation in search of fulfilling the number one function of a man which is to keep his lineage and family tree going. On the contrary, black men are quickly discovering that the myths of non black women only wanting rich black men or only wanted black men for their penis size are for the most part falsehoods that have been manufactured by black women in their desperate attempt to keep black men from thinking beyond themselves. The veil on these myths is now being lifted, black men are no longer falling for these fraudulent old wives tales and modern day fables.

      Again, your modern day western black woman has only really suffered at the hands of others at least through the media since the 1960s as a result of HER OWN RECKLESS DECISIONS. What has me puzzled is that while you point out non black women attempting to look like black women, you fail to equally point out the fact that black women are trying their hardest to distance themselves from their own physical appearance. If black women were smart then they would recognise that other nations of women are trying to look like them and thus they would feel proud of their physical features(which non black women are “apparently” trying to copy) and embrace them.

      In terms of shafting black men financially, it is actually black women who top the list for the execution of such actions not non black women. Non black women in general in comparison to black women can be quite reasonable when it comes down to expense. Black women are notoriously known for rinsing out black men financially and have been rightly given the label of “high maintenance”. This is especially the case when it comes down to claiming child support. The number of black men who have been shafted by non black women is a handful however when it comes down to black women financially ringing down black men, the list of culprits is plentiful.

      Again, the lack of advancement by the majority of black men can be traced to yet again the two detrimental decisions that black women made in the 1960s. Not only that but the fact is that most black women do not really want black men to progress and advance themselves as this would then mean that the black woman would be dethroned from her position as the leader of the black nation. This is one of the main reasons why black women for the most part enjoy sabotaging young black boys, this underhanded action at the hands of black women ensures that they can maintain their leadership position. Thus black women in general are cool and comfortable with black thugs or effeminate black men.

      Being “hurt” or “wounded” by black women in the past in no wise discredits the accurate account and the current decadent status of black women in 2014. It is through being hurt or going through painful experiences that answers and viable solutions are brought to the forefront. The civil rights movement stemmed from black people being “hurt” and “wounded” by everyday white folks.

      The modern day western black woman has single handedly turned the black community into a desolation and a curse, she has been the main instrument used to reduce the black nation to a pile of rubble and ashes. The Most High has seen the wickedness that she has wrought against her own people and he has a heavy recompense and undiluted judgement to give to her at its full strength. This has already started, my suggestion to you is that if you haven’t already you need to save yourself and stop concerning yourself with the majority of your rebellious and decadent kin who are rolling towards oblivion and maximum speed. Do not become a casualty attempting to save those who do not want to be saved. You know as a black woman that most of our people are lost, the scriptures even confirm this, 2/3 of our people will perish, as much as you may not want to accept it, this includes black women. My words by themselves mean nothing, it is really the clearly visible evidence all around that is the sweeping indictment against the modern day western black woman. Save yourself before it is too late.


      • You say you need proof of positive attributes of black women within the U.S.?

        Watch the video clip below…

        Enough said.


  15. NOTE: there are a total of 6 clips in the above Youtube video series. Pay close attention to clip #2 & clip #4.

    One can only hope…that the truth shall make you free.



    • Kimestry,

      You know, when you posted this video I honestly believed that you were bringing some sort of fire to the table, a real challenge to the position that I have set out concerning the modern day western black woman and her lifestyle of reprobation and decadence. However, about the only good thing in these videos was the instrumental in the background, however the producer of those videos is not going to hoodwink me and catch me off guard with “phat beats” playing in the back.

      Concerning the modern day western black woman and education, I completely agree, black women are the most educated women on the planet……………..however this still does not detract from the fact that the modern day western black woman in general is stupid, foolish and a complete dunce. Education and intelligence are two different things:

      Education is simply the ability to regurgitate certain information that has been passed down to you over a set period of time.

      Intelligence is the ability to figure things out with little or no information being given to you prior.

      Yes, black women in general are highly educated but alas they are not very intelligent and seriously lack the faculties of logic, reason and common sense. At the end of the day all this guy could touch on with regards to black women was education. What about the fact that black women are the number one assassins of the unborn child in the womb, why didn’t this simp address that issue? Because it is true. Black women have the highest rate of children born out of uncommitted relationships, why didn’t this clown address that? Because it is true. This fraudster omitted alot of information because he himself knows in his heart that the modern day western black woman has completed trashed herself to the scrap heap.

      By the way, nobody attends college 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when these same said educated black women have finished college/university for the day, they simply head back home to fight, twerk, brand themselves with beast stamps aka tattoos and have sex with any and every “thug” that they can lay their hands on. The evidence is still overwhelmingly stacked against black women regardless of this simp’s attempt to smooth over the current crisis now plaguing the so called Negro female.

      The women who fight in the streets on camera and twerk on camera are the same minstrels who get on the morning bus or head to college/university in their vehicles. I learned a long time ago that the majority of black women with qualifications and degrees simply use these as a shield and a smoke screen to hide their true nature, their abominable mannerisms and their deplorable behaviours. Education, is this the best that you can do, is this all that you can bring to the table in your attempt to prop up and repair something that cannot be restored?



      • Verbs,

        Are you ok?

        You first posed the challenge that no one could deliver any positive contributions made by the 2014 black females in America. However, when the facts were presented, you rebutted with your own personal-venom-of-an-opinion with no facts/data to back you up any of your claims at all…only wounded emotions. Sorry to say, but your persistent negative view of the black female – cannot and does not hold up against the truthful facts presented.

        Nevertheless, I do admire that you have a unique grasp of the scriptures and your revelation of biblical prophecy is respectable. However, in your latest response you rattled off how black women are not intelligent because they do not use logic or reason. Newsflash – women were never designed/wired to think that way, we are emotional and nurturing creatures…that is the way that God created all women. For clearer understanding of this concept, please read up on human behavioral psychology so that you may gain factual data in regards to how men and women think and process information differently. It may help you in the future.

        Again I ask…are you ok?

        Because I had no idea what you were talking about, or what point you attempted to make by supplying a makeshift opinion about the difference between EDUCATION & INTELLIGENCE (again without supporting it with facts). You stated that education and intelligence are different…yet it takes intelligence to become educated. No? Here is a little known FACT – the dictionary definition of intelligence…

        INTELLIGENCE – the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

        Indicative of this definition…the mental capacity and foundational proponent of EDUCATION is INTELLIGENCE. Which is why every school and/or place of FORMAL learning (i.e. elementary, junior high, high school college and post-graduate school) requires specific aptitude testing to test an individual’s IQ (a.k.a. the Intelligence Quotient).

        Here is a simple concept, so please read carefully…

        Acquiring a college education is: a CHOICE, a COMMITTMENT and requires dedicated EXECUTION. Once accomplished (i.e. a degree or a diploma)…it can NEVER be taken away. Got it?

        If education is not considered the main vehicle for social and economical advancement, then why do Asian, Indian, Caucasian and Hispanic communities regard it so highly? Blacks need to utilize the same vehicle in order to advance their social levels and to transfer the “wealth of the wicked, into the hands of the just.”. So in response to your previous challenge, I have presented facts of today’s black female in the U.S. surpassing every gender and race in college enrollment as a positive attribute…yet you scoff at it. Sounds like a personal problem to me.

        Furthermore, the gentleman narrating the videos that you refer to as a “simpleton”, happens to be a well-respected, professional black man who is married to a beautiful black woman and they are raising their wonderful black children as a Godly black family unit. So in order to cure your ignorance of who he is…it would behoove you to do a background check on him, before assassinating his character without due cause. Check out his website link below…


        Moreover, the scripture reads…

        Joshua 1:8 – This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

        What bothers me about most Hebrew Israelite male representatives with extensive blogs and Youtube channels is that they are typically shown standing on street corners looking very unkempt and economically-challenged. Yet they read scriptures aloud like there is no tomorrow, while enjoying talking down to strangers, because they somehow feel that they are smarter than most people who are: God-fearing, college-educated and materially-blessed. While they themselves typically exist and continue to remain in the lowest economic bracket and living conditions…not due to any curse, but due to the lack of “mainstream education” and untapped ambition. So they take solace in celebrating how much they are God’s chosen…without the discipline of walking the scriptures out fully. I sometimes chuckle when I hear an old American song lyric that states the following, “Tell me then if you’re so smart…how come you ain’t rich?”

        Undoubtedly, both black males and black females are guilty of making wrong choices that have contributed to the detriment of the black communities as a whole. Not just the black female solely…and your claims towards that (without any factual data) is complete rubbish. Black men do not have to choose: a life of crime, or laziness, or sire a brood of children without being willing to be a father to them (by the Most High’s standards). Likewise black women do not have to reject being a Godly helpmeet, de-valuing themselves with twerking or ratchet behavior or being a baby-making factory (without acquiring the virtues of the Proverbs 31 woman) either. Even the Most High is embarrassed of the current social conditions his people are in (ref Ezekiel 36: 16 – 32).

        However, within your responses on the subject of the black female, I am beginning to detect what is the true culprit behind your mask of negatively-fueled emotional rhetoric…and at this time I am going to throw caution to the wind and call it out.

        1). Your unwavering negativity towards the American black female has led me to believe that more than likely, you were in a relationship with an American black female that has ended very badly (and you haven’t been the same since). More than likely, she rejected you and chose the bad-boy/thug-type brotha instead. Or does the hurt stem from the lack of positive/healthy relationships with black female roles in the life you grow up in (i.e. a loving mother or a female sibling perhaps). Whatever the case was…you experienced deep hurt by a black female which now fuels your public anger/disdain towards them. No worries…I have seen it before. It’s a common thread amongst some black males, they get hurt by a black woman in some way and then look at all black females like they are the enemy collectively. Afterwards the black wounded males write off all black females as trash and jump on any negative bandwagon to justify their hatred toward them to mask feeling any failure on their part. How am I doing so far? After patching up their emotional wounds, they run for safety in the nearest arms of any non-black female to bathe within a false sense of security. Sad.

        2). If you are a resident within the U.K. why do you concern yourself with the affairs of the U.S. black females…especially since you do not care anything about us. Research shows that the U.K. blacks have issues of their own, starting with the fact that blacks living in the U.K. have a much higher unemployment rate and are poorer overall then the black citizens within the U.S. Notwithstanding, you provided a video of a twerk video of U.S. black teens, yet you did not choose to show any of your hometown famous Ms U.K. Dancehall Queen competitions? Don’t worry, I have provided one for you.

        Here ya go…

        Oh-oh…looks like the black females in your country have some housekeeping to do also.


      • Kimestry,

        How is exactly is receiving an education a positive contribution? Maybe I’m missing something here that you can show me. I have already supplied you with the facts via the post. How does obtaining an education negate the downward spiral of the modern day western black woman in general? Despite her “qualifications and degrees” she is still upon the trash heap of failure and is still rapidly descending towards the gates of hell.

        Again, all that this simp could present was the fact that black women are highly educated, however how does this negate the ratchet, outlandish behaviours they engage in when they are outside of the college/university buildings?

        I am fully aware of how women were created, the logic and the intelligence would mostly come from the man that she has been commanded to submit to, however in the western black female’s case, she has chosen to rebel against that man, has been placed over that man and chooses to sabotage that black man in order to maintain her position of leadership. The thing that gets me is that western black women have now even lost that nurturing instinct, this is the primary reason why for the most part why they have no compassion towards their own children and the darker the skin of black woman, the worse things become.

        How does it take intelligence to become educated when all you are doing when it comes down to education is simply giving back the information that has already been given to you? It doesn’t take intelligence to memorise and repeat data handed down to you. Notice how the dictionary definition that you rattled off for intelligence did not mention education as part of its formula. Just because you have decided to declare certain things as “facts”, this does not automatically make them so.

        Here are some obvious examples that clearly show that intelligence and education are on two completely different plains:

        1. Black women are the most educated women on the planet yet they are also the number 1 producers of bastard children.

        2. Black women are the most educated women on the planet yet they carry more sexually transmitted diseases than any other nationality of woman on this planet.

        3. Black women are the most educated women on the planet yet they will still decide to have 3 children by 3 different men.

        4. Black women are the most educated women on the planet yet they willingly perform deplorable acts on camera that damage their very image and they for the most part do not care.

        This is your so called ” intelligent” black woman at work here. My point is proven, education and intelligence are SEPARATE. I am struggling to meet with you on this “intelligence is a component of education” theory because your most educated women clearly shows that she has little to no intelligence whatsoever.

        The man who presented those videos is a deceiver because he deliberately omitted much of the information that flys in the face of the nonsense that he provided in order to try and prop up the modern day western black woman. This is the problem with attempting to present the modern day western black woman in a good light, information must be heavily doctored and spliced in order to try and make black women look like a reasonable group of people.

        The Most High is not about the outward physical appearance, he deals with the condition of the heart, you talking about brothers on the street looking “economically challenged” sounds like something that would come straight out of the mouth of an institutional church beast infrastructure member. You do not have to be “educated” in order for the Most High to use you to spread his word, ask Moses. Your evaluation of the qualifications needed to be used by the Most High stem from a worldly perspective and not from his criteria list.

        I don’t do the “both parties are responsible” line, I simply lay down the blame at the feet of the guilty culprits which are black women. The black community was a strong unit and despite the persecution suffered we were doing well as a people together until black women threw that unity straight out of the window first by joining a movement that had nothing to do with them to begin with and then by accepting the financial treats of this Babylon system in place of a father in the home. This is where the woes of the black community stem from, you cannot circumvent around this with the “both parties are at fault” mantra.

        How can you expect black men to be responsible fathers when for the most part they have been raised by irresponsible single black mothers who themselves have had no idea of what it is like to be held accountable for their actions? It doesn’t matter what angle you come at this from, the modern day western black woman is always the culpable party.

        In response to me allegedly being “wounded” by an American black female, you are so far off. Firstly I come from and live in the UK. Secondly this problem with western black women is an international crisis though the brunt of the issue resides with the black women of the US. Part of being a man is the ability to be able to collate and piece together data in order to draw factual and logical conclusions based upon that same said data. Emotions ie being hurt does not have to play a role in drawing certain conclusions with regards to western black women but even if this were the case, my conclusions would still not be discredited as they can be clearly demonstrated via the live actions of black women themselves.

        I haven’t written off all black women as trash, just the vast majority of them. So have the scriptures by the way. Black men do not need to run into the arms of non black women, non black women are just as responsive to black men as they are towards their own kind of men despite the old wives tales and fables that have been circulated by treacherous black women. I won’t deal with your employment and financial disposition in comparing blacks in the UK to the US as that is not the topic of this particular post.


      • Wow, you sure have a lot of hate for black women, which is a shame because you seem so knowledgeable about the Bible but yet have all this bitterness in your heart. Regardless of whether it was an ex girlfriend, wife or even your own mother who has mistreated you, you can be healed thru Christ. Reading this article made me even more grateful for my strong black father, brothers and husband and their love and respect for black women. But like I said, they’re strong men, strong within themselves and strong in Christ. I’ll pray for you brother!


  16. Ok….now I get it…

    It is obvious that you have not graduated from college (or have even possibly attended one), for you to even pose the question…”How exactly is receiving an education a positive contribution?” That is just like a white person living in a “poor white trash” environment, surrounded by poverty and only experiencing the worse of their kind, continuing to downgrade the importance of formal education. Because if you did graduate from college, you would understand and have exposure to black positive female experiences and healthy interaction with blacks as a whole (male and female).

    Moreover the ending statement within your last response, “economics has nothing to do with this thread” is completely laughable. Because that is exactly the typical response of someone who is (more than likely) surrounded by poverty and remains jaded by the financial bleakness and monetary despair of his own life, while trying to impose his negative views en masse. Oh-oh……I think I may be onto you fine sir.

    Verbs, your rambling responses have betrayed you. Your recent comments clearly announce that own personal economic status, educational accomplishments and level of existence is VERY LIMITED and therefore you can only identify with “ghetto female individuals.” Are you one of those economically-challenged-street-corner-shouting Hebrew Israelites, preaching the greatness of the Most High’s chosen people while excluding His daughters? Take your time…I’ll wait.

    While I am waiting, here is another rudimentary nugget for you…

    Obtaining a college degree leads to…better job opportunities…
    Better job opportunities leads to…higher salaries/income…
    Higher salaries/income leads to…better living conditions…
    Better living conditions leads to…exclusive cultural experiences…
    Exclusive cultural experiences leads to…exposure to a better class of people…which thankfully does not include video twerkers.

    Now that we have that covered…let’s move on, shall we?

    In reference to your “so-called” list of negative data in reference to the black females in the U.S…please do not insult my intelligence…I am a college-educated Electrical Engineering Manager, still deeply in love with my beautiful black king. However, as an black female engineering professional within corporate America, I tend to support my arguments with factual and analytical data. You on the other hand, have only listed personal opinions with no supporting data (I’m not surprised). So now I must show you how to present arguments that are factually-sound.

    Such as…

    1) Bastard Black Children

    Blacks make up only 13% of the U.S.

    In 2013 out-of-wedlock births were:
    37.6% White
    31.7% Hispanic
    26.1% Black
    4.6% Asians and Other

    Furthermore, an UNMARRIED HISPANIC WOMAN is more likely to have a child out of wedlock than an UNMARRIED BLACK WOMAN. Don’t believe me? Look it up…

    You dare talk about black bastard children being the black woman’s fault…yet where are the black fathers at Verbs??? Here’s a tip: Black women cannot get pregnant all by themselves.

    2) HIV Epidemic

    Have you even done any research???????????

    2014 facts about the HIV epidemic via the Russian Federation:

    •Russia has the fastest growing HIV rate in the world, with new cases doubling every 12 months.
    •Russia represents two-thirds of all HIV cases in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
    •While the number of “registered” cases are 300,000, experts believe the number to be closer to 3 million when unregistered cases are considered. Even more sobering is Russian officials have announced that it is their belief that 50% of all Russian citizens could be HIV infected within the next 10 years.
    •It’s estimated that it will cost $70 million dollars to treat the disease. To date, only $3 million dollars has been allocated for HIV related treatment.
    •Eighty percent of infected people in Russia are under the age of 30.
    •A combination of young people being infected and an aging population is resulting in a decreasing workforce and population; if left unchecked, this trend will have a significant economic impact by the year 2020.

    Right now you are 0 for 2.

    3) White Successful Men Who Desire & Married Non-Famous Black Women

    Here’s factual data to debunk that “vicious lie” that black women are the least desired. As a matter of fact in the U.S. they are now pushing White Male/Black Female marriage everywhere you look. Looks like the “so-called” undesirable Black woman no longer has to subject herself to the broke/lazy/baby-daddies hanging out on the street corners dressed in dirty jeans with their underwear showing, sporting a baseball cap and unambition…eh?

    Research these couples…

    a) Prince of Liechtenstien Maximilian his wife Princess Angela Brown

    b) Hollywood Actor Robert DeNiro – worth $185 million

    c) David Bowie and Iman (your neighbors)

    d) Billionaire director of the Star wars movies George Lucus net worth 3.9 billion married Melody Dobson

    e) Billionaire Peter Norton of Norton security software corp with wife Gwen Adams

    f). Sen. McCain’s son 27-year-old son Jack McCain‘s married to 29-year-old Bay Area native Renee Swift

    g). New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and wife Chirlane McCray

    the list goes on and on….how do you like them apples?

    4). Dark-Skinned Women

    What in the world are you talking about?
    Dark Girls – An OWN Network (Oprah Winfrey’s network) documentary analyzes why dark-skinned women may not be as desired in America also takes a look at some white men who can’t get enough of them.

    Have you read anything about melanin??? Remember, the darker the berry…the sweeter the juice.

    Ok Verbs…I’ve had my fill of factual fun. Are we good? BecauseI am now bored and will seek entertainment elsewhere.

    I do wish you the best in your endeavors and I hope that you will begin to appreciate that if you have/had a black mom…maybe from now on you should respect the black mothers of others minus the venom.

    If not oh well…I have a feeling that the positive sentiments of successful white men towards black females will begin to drown out the negative voice of yours.

    Cut. Scene. Fade to Black.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kimestry,

      I see the dumb black woman logic surfacing which is once again proving my very point, that indeed the modern day western black female in general is a dunce. You still don’t get it do you, the black woman’s “educational status” is still not altering her rapidly increasing downhill slide towards oblivion. In 2014 the modern day western black woman is the most educated female in the world yet she is still the least desired and the most mocked woman on the planet. Again, education isn’t changing the detrimental course that black women are currently on for the better.

      Unlike yourself I will be remaining on topic and sticking to the subject at hand which is the decadent lifestyle of the modern day western black woman. This is a very common tactic used by black women, hop from topic to topic in order to save face from the embarrassment of having your arguments deconstructed with ease and thereafter discarded as rubbish.

      What on earth are you talking about? I keep showing you that the same college/university educated black women are the same ones twerking and fighting in the streets on camera. You are sadly mistaken if you believe that this sort of behaviour is reserved towards the ghetto hoodrat alone. This is the problem with western black woman in general, the way that they gauge improvements in life is always based around finances, academia and economics, this is why on the whole black women are still failing in life, they have still yet to learn that life is not only about academic qualifications, economics and other things related to living in an artificial system. There are a small remnant of black women who are begin to understand this concept, their lives are improving and on the up however for the majority of black women it is still the same old story.

      There is a saying: “There are lies, there are damn lies and then there are statistics”.

      Firstly an unmarried Hispanic woman is not more likely to have a bastard child, this is not part of their culture, this is not what they are all about, I know this from personal experience. Hispanics are all about family values and sticking together, they for the most part have not embraced the same philosophies of decadence, stupidity and foolishness like black folks have in 2014. Also I am fully aware of the fact that blacks only make up 13% of the US population so logically overall bastard children among blacks would be lower than whites, however the RATIO at which bastard children are born from black women is the highest among all nationalities of women. Yes, black women began the bastard child trend by accepting welfare policies that subsequently meant that there could be no father in the home and black women have thus continued this trend.

      I wasn’t only talking about HIV when I talked about black women being the number one carriers of sexually transmitted diseases. HIV is not the only sexually transmitted disease on the planet in case you have forgotten. Yet again I have to put this black woman “logic” in check once again. This is all coming from a college educated black woman mind you which proves my point that somebody who is educated is not always intelligent.

      On the issue of interracial relationships, you present a handful of crumbs on the table to support your position? A few exceptions to the rule does not buck the general trend. Black women in general are still the least desired women on the planet. When you are able to present a plethora of examples then come back to me, however do not present me with the minimal crumbs and think that this changes the situation for black women OVERALL. White men have always had access to black women since slavery, yes there is an upsurge in black women OFFERING THEMSELVES up to non black men, however the UPTAKE AND ACCEPTANCE of black women by non black men has decreased. The blacker the berry slogan can no longer be applied to this modern day western black woman because of the fact that she is attempting to distance herself from her blackness as far as possible. Therefore the berry juice has now turned sour and putrid.

      At the end of the day I use experience to support my position, on the ground live experience not just from myself but also from others. This is reality, this is what is really going on in the world with regards to the modern day western black woman. I will not respect a bunch of women who not only do not respect themselves but also show no respect absolutely no respect to others. The respect that I give to black women is now given out on an individual basis depending on the way that she carries herself and how she responds to me aswell as others.

      Black women are not automatically entitled to respect and black mothers are certainly not automatically entitled to respect just because they are mothers, there are many black men who are begin to embrace this concept and vet the black women that they meet thoroughly before handing out respect.

      As I will continue to say to you over and over again, save yourself and stop concerning yourself with those who do not want to be saved(which is the vast majority of black women).


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