Welcome To Your New Future Permanent Form Of Transport – Short Post!



Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is your next permanent form of transport and if you have been paying attention to certain things happening especially here in the UK, you can clearly see that things are lining up for this alteration of transportation. All of a sudden there is a big push to get folks mobile on bicycles, many workplaces are involved in schemes whereby you can receive a loan from your employer, purchase the bicycle that you want and then have the money deducted from your wages each month at a discounted rate to where you will actually be paying back less than what you borrowed to begin with when the payments are finished.

When you examine a large number
of the road set ups in London, in many places where there were separate lanes on the curb side of the road dedicated to cycles, you will now notice how many of the cycle lanes are gone and the cycle logos are now in the middle of the lanes for vehicles. Also, not far from where I live, I have seen a road with my own eyes that is one way only for cars yet that very same road is a 2 way system for bicycles. You would have also noticed that from a long time ago bicycles have been permitted to use bus lanes aswell as motorcycles too.

In London and many other places in Europe bikes take top priority in certain areas where cars are not allowed, you now have bike stations in many places to where you can go and pick up a bicycle on the street, pay the fee in accordance to how long you wish to use the bike for and simply ride away. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

Barclays Bike Hire

But what is this really all about? Have governments all of a sudden gotten concerned with regards to the health of the people? Why all of a sudden this push to get people mobile on push bikes?

The answer is simple, you are being slowly introduced to what will be your next permanent form of transportation. See, under a scheme called Agenda 21(the name of which the organisers continue to change due to people clocking on to its evil intentions and ultimate goals through investigation), there are to be NO PRIVATE VEHICLES ON THE ROAD, eventually the only vehicles you will see on the streets will be those of essential services(police, fire brigade, ambulance, doctors, army/military………..yes I said army/military etc).

Many people each year are being slowly pushed off the roads due to ridiculously high fuel prices, high insurance costs and other miscellaneous costs that go along side owning a car, a van, a motorcycle or any other form of combustible transportation. When prices go up, many folks think that the are smart by downsizing their vehicle, but in actual fact they are predictably following the government protocols that will eventually see them putting down the car on a permanent basis and wheeling out the push bike. First the downsize strategy is implemented until eventually the prices catch up to you in your new position, to where you are now forced to use public transport or your next form of transport ie peddle power.




The same way that car owners are currently being lashed by the whip of expense will in like manner be passed onto owners of bicycles and you better believe it. Yes, you will be made to wear a helmet by law, yes you will have to register your bicycle and purchase licence plates for your push bike from some sort of future BSA(Bicycle Standards Agency) by law, yes you will have to have insurance, road tax and some form of MOT(BOT) for your bicycle.

There is simply no reason as to why these things cannot happen especially here in the UK as people here tend to grumble at a minimal rate and then accept anything that the government hands down to them without any resistance whatsoever. Many folks will indeed scoff at this and say that “it will never happen, people will not tolerate this at all”. However, we have to remember that people today are tolerating so many things that 3-4 generations ago would have caused complete war in the streets and the immediate lynching of politicians, other so called “officials” and other parties responsible.

You are already hearing the cries from the useful idiots called the general public with regards to cyclists and insurance from car owners, yet these same foolish car owners are too stupid and dumbfounded to realise that they too are being pushed in the direction of the push bike and they too will one day be mounting the saddle of the same two wheelers that they once railed against. You are also hearing the cries from ignorant cyclists calling for more space on the roads. More space on the road for bikes automatically means less space for cars. Can you now see how both sides are bringing about the same agenda even though they believe that they are at odds with each other?




The ultimate goal of government is to eventually have you hire everything from them, and I mean EVERYTHING, to have you COMPLETELY interdependent, you will own nothing and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, not a television, not a house, not a bicycle, not a razor, not a nail clipper, not a dog, not a gerbil, not a pencil, not a computer, not a mobile phone, not a spoon, not a fork, not a plate not a comb, not a brush, not a bag, not a bed, not a book, not a cd, not a piece of paper, absolutely nothing, not even the very clothes on your back nor the shoes that you are wearing. You will be forced to go to the government for everything that you need in order to live. This is what Agenda 21/The Millennium Project is truly all about.

Car hire, bike hire, renting houses/flats/apartments etc, these are the main carrots being used to introduce you to the idea of not owning anything of your own down the line and for the most part it is working due to people mindlessly adjusting to the changes that are handed down to them without thinking these changes through and figuring out eventually where the changes will go. You are to own nothing of your own in the future, NOTHING! All of the excess cash that you currently have to spend on items of your own choice will be used to pay taxes, fees, fines and to pay for the bare essentials you will need to survive, food, water, clothing and shelter.

Remember, in order for totalitarian systems to function efficiently, everybody must be predictable and in order for this to happen, people must be controlled and micro managed in every area of their lives from birth to death. We can see that this is already beginning to take place and that our “permitted freedoms” are being slowly eroded. It is time for people who can see what is happening to stand up and say “enough is enough”. What is coming down the pike literally will unfold into a hell on earth scenario. Of course, today as long as most of the zombie public see that these evil schemes are not affecting them directly, they simply do not care and continue on with their lives.

Those in the know must from now begin to separate themselves from the zombie public and leave them to perish. They must go down with their own decadent ship. I for one am not going to go down into the grave in ignorance. The Most High has handed down to me knowledge, and I aim to pass this knowledge onto as many others who are willing to listen, all the days of my life until I pass away.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

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