Your Experience Is Your Experience – Dealing With Scriptural Scoffers!



If there is one thing that can be annoying it is encountering somebody who feel that it is their sworn duty to attack your faith in the Most High and attempt to rubbish your own personal experiences with him. Remember, your walk with the Most High is an individual walk, it is between you and him, he guides your steps and he is the one who implements the strategies which lead to changes for the better within you. Your walk is nobody else’s business and they have no right or place to dictate to you how you should be walking with the Most High and what changes need to be made. This is why I heavily disagree with the current so called “church” model.

Firstly, there is not one example of people going into a building, singing, collecting money, listening to a sermon preached, having an altar call, singing a few more song and then going home, within the scriptures. If anybody has stumbled across this model in the bible then I would like to see it. This is one of the main reasons why I refuse to step into a church building. See, if you attend a church then you will struggle to have a personal relationship with the Most High, in fact I would go further and say that a personal relationship with the Most High is practically non existent with a church goer. Why? The main reason is because they are constantly being directed by the pastor to make changes within their lives and they are listening to the pastor with the built in assumption that the Most high is speaking to them through him/her. This is not writing off all pastors but it is sad to say that legitimate pastors number in a very small minority, most pastors are self made fraudsters who have been TRAINED in the art of conology and the manipulation and control of people.

Now for church members in that type of situation, the Most High still can and does use them within the limitations that they have placed themselves in however, the Most High created you as an individual man/woman and this is the way that he prefers to deal with people hence why those who have accepted the new covenant under Christ have been imparted with the Spirit who in turn leads and guide them as individuals, not as a group. Even the disciples of Christ were going about doing individual things when Christ ascended into the heavens, we read examples of individual acts throughout the scriptures. Remember when Philip was lead by the Spirit to converse with the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8, did he not do this alone? Remember Stephen cascading the Jews about their stubborn belligerent behaviour in Acts 7, did he not work this act alone? There are numerous other examples of the Most High calling folks out as INDIVIDUALS FIRST to do his will. The Most High is not looking for automatons and clones, which is exactly what the modern day so called “church” has turned into, congregations of clones and look alikes who all sound the same, eat the same, dress the same and do the same things.

What am I saying here, am I stating that it is wrong to work with other people? Not at all, what I am stating is that you as an individual are NOT TO ABANDON YOUR PERSONALITY AKA WHO YOU ARE IN ORDER TO FIT IN WITH ANY PARTICULAR GROUP. This goes for anything involving working with other people. I found that when I attended church I was being stripped of who I was as a person and the replacement shell was simply a generic mold of the church which most other folks within the congregation had decided to put on without asking any questions. How people today believe that everybody is supposed to be the same and that nobody is supposed to be different from anybody else is perplexing beyond scope and extremely dangerous. Now that I have been walking with the Most High outside of the institutional church beast system AS AN INDIVIDUAL, I have found that the Most High has actually amplified my personality and brought the stronger qualities of it to the forefront while he continuously works behind the scenes on the weaker elements which will also be brought to the frontline in their own time to come.

You see it is easy to tear down somebody’s faith if they are doing the same thing as everybody else as the foundation of that structure is from whoever created it, however when you walk as an individual and do individual things whether by yourself or together with others, because this is your specialty and forte, the scoffer no matter how hard they try simply cannot pull down your works, your efforts and your achievements, why, because all of this belong to you personally and you alone. You have walked through and mastered this things whatever they may be and so you are the number one expert on them, this simply cannot be taken away from you which leads me onto my next subject.


Black Christ

If there are repeated arguments that I always hear being railed against Christ,  these are that he either didn’t exist of that he was merely a copycat figure of other characters before him. To be honest these accusations are simple to deal with and I am going to show you some simple ways to deal with them. The argument that Christ didn’t exist is utter folly simply because of the fact that for the last 2000 plus years, the entire world has been using the universal time dividers of BC and AD. I seriously doubt that the world has been using a dividing point of time in reference to a bloke who didn’t exist in real life, this is simply a foolish notion to comprehend. Of course now in the world’s transition into atheism, Before Christ(BC) is now being replaced with Before The Common Era(BCE). What common era exactly are we talking about here, what on earth does this mean, Common Era of what? Do you see how in the world’s desperation to separate itself from an acknowledgement of a higher power, how it is willing to take on and embrace any and all utter forms of stupidity in order to fortify a position of folly? Anything and everything will do in order to support the position that man is supposedly the most supreme being in the universe and that there is no higher power to answer to. Remember Romans 1:22 which reads:

1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, THEY BECAME FOOLS,

As far as I am personally concerned, the bible has been spot on throughout its time in chronicling the folly accepted and embraced by folks aswell as the fall of mankind in relation to the rejection of a higher power in the universe. The black community as a whole is a prime example that can be used here in that black people for the most part have embraced a philosophy of stupidity, ignorance and foolishness and through this act, the blacks who have accepted this new position honestly believe that they are wise and sensible, not because the philosophy itself is intelligent and makes any sense, but simply because they see that most others around them have also subscribed to the same error. I have spoken about this issue in depth in some of my other posts concerning the plight of the so called Negro.

Another example that can be used to destroy the “Christ didn’t exist” theory is the fact that all over the world we have paintings, images and other depictions in relation to this character called Christ. It is granted that the bible does state that we are not to create any sort of graven image of anything and it is also granted that the majority of the representations of Christ depict him in error as a European man when the scriptures clearly describe Christ as a black male, however the point here is that all of these things are made in reference to Christ. Since when has somebody created a painting or some other representation of a figure that did not exist in history? Answers on a postcard please.

The notion that Christ is a copycat figure of other before him is also a load of bunkum that can easily be flushed down the toilet. If I say that Christ was born of a virgin, had 12 main disciples by his side, went about preaching the gospel, healing the sick, casting devils out of people, raising people from the dead, died on a cross and rose again on the 3rd day, I can show you the original source from where these accounts stem from, chapters and verses to boot to, which you can go and read the accounts FOR YOURSELF, even if you do not believe in them.

However, the same case is not so for these other characters to whom Christ is supposed to be a later replication of. When I hear the contention of other characters in history who are supposed to have mirrored Christ in how they were born, how they lived and how they died, I have yet to be referred to any original materials or writings in relation to these characters. For example, Tammuz was supposed to have been born of a virgin yet nobody has ever managed to demonstrate any original materials and writings to substantiate this claim. The same goes for all the rest of these figures who claim a parallel life to the one of Christ.

What always seems to happen in the cases of Tammuz and people such like is that you will assuredly be referred to a book written by somebody who will reference another book written by somebody else who will reference another book written by somebody else who will reference another book written by another person who will reference another book written by another who will refer you to another book written by another, who will lead you another book written by somebody else who will reference another book written by another character and so on and so on. You never get to read the original works in relations to these other characters for yourself, you are always rendered to rely on somebody else’s word, aka the writings of another person and not the direct references in relation to the actual figures themselves.

If I am wrong then I await the proof to demonstrate otherwise. The truth of the matter is that none of these other characters who many people claim to have lived the life Christ did even come close to his life. You may come across the odd small common similarity here and there however the lifestyles of these other figures in comparison to Christ are miles apart. The fact that Christ is a black man also makes sense as to why certain folks with hidden and evil agendas have attempted to belittle him, his life and his actions. Doesn’t the ridiculing and belittling of black folks sound very familiar? Why do folks believe that it would be any different here? Show me the original works and writings of these figures, not somebody else’s book. It is time to put up or shut up. Liars never prevail.



Anyway, that is my two pence worth on this issue. Of course there are other issues that are related to these topics however my objective here was to simply show you that the most regurgitated arguments can always be dealt with from a simple and easy standpoint. You do not always need to match complex foolishness with a complicated and deeply intellectual response.

Remember, you walk with the Most High is an individual one, I cannot keep reminding people of this fact. Yes, you may encounter people during your life who feel compelled to pull down what has been built up between you and the Most High Power, however remember exactly that, these things have been built up between you and the Most High Power and you two alone. In that case, what ground does a third wheel have to come in and alter what has nothing to do with them? Think about it.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

9 thoughts on “Your Experience Is Your Experience – Dealing With Scriptural Scoffers!

  1. Once again you have written a great article and I see the same faults in todays so-called church. The first “church” was actually a group of every day people who believed on Jesus and shared between each other and were not expected to tithe or show up in a building. Somewhere (and I believe it was when the roman government took over) a form of control was introduced and I believe that the Most High never intended it to be that way. Which is where the family idea comes from… How many family events ( birthdays, gatherings etc.) do you go to that are formulated events that Sunday church has?
    Keep it up and Most High bless!


    • God’s Princess,

      This is exactly correct. Our forefathers met up to exchange accounts of their salvation experiences. Their meet ups were not formatted like the church meetings that take place today.

      Indeed, it was the Roman Catholic Church that introduced the tithe in a monetary form, before then the tithe was always based on foodstuffs and agriculture.

      I have a few other posts coming in relation to the institutional church beast system and some of its teachings. Stay tuned.



  2. An issue I have with these Non-Messianic Hebrews is that while they address the need to return the laws and statues of YHWH, they never attempt to solve the problem of lawbreakers.

    Christ kicked out the merchants in the Temple in Matthew 21:12-13. Why? These merchants figured out that transgressors needed animals to sacrifice to deal with their sins. They saw a lucrative opportunity to take advantage of us. Sound familiar? Also, those sellers wouldn’t even be in the Temple at all if the religious leaders of the day didn’t condone it or were profiting financially as well. They were making merchandise of us (2 Peter 2:3). It was totally against the true purpose of animal sacrifices.

    Comedian Eddie Griffin made a joke about this years ago on one of his albums. He declared that the after the cleansing, Pharisees thought that Jesus “didn’t like money.”

    Christ had to end up being the perfect sacrifice for our transgressions to stop that vicious cycle. There was no need to buy animals anymore.

    It really speaks of arrogance among our people. Our ancestors couldn’t keep the laws, that’s why we are in this current struggle. Hebrews today can’t keep them consistently either. If they claim to, they’re lying. It’s why we need Christ to make up for our shortcomings.

    Just because Christ came to redeem us to the Father spiritually, we still have to serve this 400 year sentence (Genesis 15:13). I believe it ends in 2019, though we will have some rough road to hold.

    Non-Messianics need to find some Levites, build a Temple or a Tabernacle, find a white man to buy livestock from (which won’t be cheap once he finds out the purpose for them), and then they need to set that edifice up in the promised land which is currently Gentile occupied. Wouldn’t accepting the black Messiah be easier?

    Greetings from the USA!


    • Markus,

      Thanks for passing through. This business about returning back to the old covenant is straight up error. As I have stated before in other posts, the Most High and Christ have moved into new premises, nobody is going to receive service going back to the “old” store. This is where most of these Hebrew groups seriously error.

      I see a few of them now attempting to mix both covenants together however we must remember what Christ stated about putting new wine in old bottles. This was referring to the fact that the old covenant and the new cannot be intertwined. You either go with one or the other, you cannot be down with and roll with both.

      The new covenant is so much more of an easier covenant to accept and follow, all that the Most High requires from us under this covenant is faith and belief. I haven’t met a single Hebrew who has managed to completely keep all of the old covenant laws either.

      The end of this Edomite/Babylonian system is soon coming to an end and the true Hebrews will reign in its stead under the power and authority of Christ and those JewISH impostors in our land feigning themselves to be the real people are merely tenants in that land who are soon to be evicted.



  3. This was really good because I’ve been approached lately by Old Testament Jn messianics who used all th above claims. Thankyou for clearing this up brother. Shalom and miss talking to you.


  4. all praises to the most high. look you are 100 percent right in what you are saying but two things are totally wrong.1 Africa is the authentic land of cannan,Abraham had many wives and concubines. 2 the story of jesus virgin birth is pure bullshit. the so called old testament is the living testament they called it old because they hated what was inside it .our ancient laws are perfect holy marriages death to the abominable sodomites a thief must restore four times what he stole unlike the so called barbaric arabs who cut the hands of thieves /death to foolish people who commited adultery. the house of David will certainly rule and establish the laws of moses all over the globe. may the most high bless you in your quest to inform the entire black that they are the true descendents of ABRAHAM/


    • Zion,

      Appreciated for the encouragement and the blessing in the Most High however how can you state that the virgin birth of Christ is rubbish when that very old testament that you uphold in high value so dearly told you that a virgin would conceive and bare a son(Isaiah 7:14)? How can you also forget Genesis 3:15 where we are told that THE SEED OF THE WOMAN would bruise the head of the serpent?

      Remember, the 1st covenant was a shadow of things to come, it was not perfect, this is the reason why we are under a new covenant today, and the Most High told you that a new covenant was approaching by the way in the same old testament(Jeremiah 31:31), a new covenant that would NOT be like the old one. Be careful who you listen to.

      Most High Bless


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