Black Women – White Women Are Superior To You, Your Very Own Actions Declare It – Black Women In Crisis!



Black women, I am really beginning to be perplexed as to what route you are taking and what goals you are trying to achieve with your off-key, strange and outlandish behaviour. You black women who see sense and who are not part of the ratchet chic had better start speaking out for yourselves, separating yourselves from the scum hoodrats and declaring openly that you are not a part of this contaminated group of cohorts because as it stands today, due to your continued silence, you are currently being lumped in with the ratchet reprobate hoodrats and sketel harridans.

With the weave it is obvious, you are trying to look like white women to please your new father the so called white man. Many of us as black men now understand that the majority of you have fixed it inside your minds to attempt to topple the white woman and replace her as the white man’s number one choice for a mate. Now, I have already told you before that this is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN and the pipe dream of marrying a white man will only be realised by a handful of black women. For the majority of you, it again WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

Weaves, blue, green and grey contact lenses, body, tongue, eye and mouth piercings, fake eye lashes, fake nails, tattoos, butt implants(yes, you black women are the largest purchasers of butt implants………………….and I thought that black women already came pre-installed with ample sized butts) and other attachments of fakery. Now, I do not see white women putting on afro weaves and walking down the streets yet I see you putting on European style weaves and trying to justify your actions by stating either “white women wear weaves too” or “this is a protective hairstyle”.

Number 1, white women use EXTENSIONS THAT LOOK LIKE THEIR OWN HAIR, they do not use weaves. Number 2, if you were really trying to protect your natural hair underneath that mop top, why would you specifically use hair that looks nothing like your own? The lies have gone far enough, you are simply trying to mimic your idol, the so called white woman which automatically by your own emulations places her in a position of superiority. Yes black women, by copying and imitating the white woman, you are declaring that she is superior to you, that she is actually the queen and that you are in fact the peasant and the lowly vagabond.

Now, many of you black women who willingly participate in the above folly will call me an uncle Ruckus, an Uncle Tom and a sellout for pointing at your actions and stating the obvious, that something is very wrong here. However, by you attempting to take on the look of a person that looks nothing like your own person, you black women have become the biggest sellouts on planet earth since the end of physical slavery and there are no words you can say to detract from your current plight as your actions have spoken loud and clearly as to who you are trying to look like and who you are really trying to please.




Remember black women, the correct definition of a sellout is “somebody who operates to the detriment of his/her nationality/race”. The people who are pointing to the outlandish behaviours are not the sellouts and the uncle Ruckuses, it is the people who are actually carrying out the reprobate actions who are at fault. The problem though with many of you black women is that you do not like being told the truth and you certainly do not enjoy the true motives for your actions being exposed. That being said I find that this position tends to apply to the majority of black people today, lie to them and you are their best buddy for life, tell them the truth and you will become their number one enemy in the twinkling of an eye.

So black women, let us now take a look at some photos of your ratchet, outlandish and foolish behaviour and status and see what kind of brute wild uncontrollable beasts you have turned your own selves into:

Black Girls Twerking

More Black Girls Twerkblack_high_heels_5502




Black Woman with Butt tattoosFace-tattoo-girl





This is what the modern day western black woman has reduced herself down to, a sexual object. So, do not be surprised black women when men are only looking upon you to get you into bed and nothing more. Look at the above images, what exactly do you expect from these spectacles? You are either wearing a European weave on your head many a time with outlandish colours contained therein, are tattooed up to the eyeballs looking like a pirate or you feel the need to show off your booty or invest in butt injections to make an already big butt look even bigger. Then we also have your new-found trend of body piercings, face piercings and mouth piercings not to mention the fake eyelash trend. Exactly who are you trying to impress with all of this fakery black women? What man is going to want you for anything serious in any of the states above?

This is why I refer to black women in general as the biggest sellouts and self haters on planet earth since the days of physical slavery ended. You are purposely going out of your way to distance yourself from your natural look. You hate yourselves that much that you would go to great lengths to mutilate your own bodies in order to hide your true self. And you have the cheek to call me a sellout for merely pointing out what you are doing? However, I am smart enough to see through the name calling and slogan slinging as I recognise it for what it truly is, A MERE TECHNIQUE OF DISTRACTION! This is what you black women resort to when you are cornered and receiving the lashes of truth, you name call and slogan throw in an attempt to derail the person critiquing your ratchet actions………………however it is not going to work with me, I m still going to call out your folly and ratchet activity. for what it is.




Black-women-fightingblack-women-fighting 2


BLACKS FIGHTINGcrazeezzscrazy black girls fighting


2 black girls fightingyoutube black girls fighting

3 Black-girls-fighting4 Black women fighting






This is another element that many of you black women have adopted, the art of violence. This is why I continually refer to modern day western black women as beasts of burden and uncontrollable reprobate wild animals………..because that is what you have become. The above stills taken from videos speak for themselves. I challenge anybody here to visit YouTube and type in “black women fighting” and see how many videos come up. Women are supposed to be the fairer sex however black women in general have lost all sense of compassion. They will encourage a brawl rather than stop one. Don’t believe me, check out World Star Hiphop and YouTube for confirmation.

This is yet another reason why black men in increasing numbers are beginning to abandon black women and look elsewhere for a mate. This is the truth, not talking about this and the many other issues that black women have is not going to solve their problems and place them in a better position. Black women have not been entitled to the title of a “queen” for at least the last 40 years. Black women will fight everything and anything that crosses their path, they truly believe that they are invulnerable and that they can take on the world single-handed.

You black women have no sense of pride, the majority of you have lost the nature of being a woman. Exactly who are you trying to appease with this violent nature? Exactly who is going to desire you in this violent state? This is one of the main reasons why nobody desires black women anymore, this is one of the main reasons why black women are a last choice for a mate among all races of men. Black women ought to look at the above evidence and be ashamed, however instead they will seek to call me names and throw slogans at me as if me reporting on this type of behaviour is damaging the reputation of the black woman. No, your ACTIONS are damaging your own reputation black women. Well done “queens”, keep up the good works!




Many folks have stated that all I have been doing is gunning down black women and black people and not been bringing any solutions to the table. The fact of the matter is that if you require me to bring you a complete set of solutions and you are unable to think of any for yourselves, as far as I am concerned you are a lost cause and destined for destruction. However, for the benefit of those who are genuinely looking to reverse the pit of hell that they have dug for themselves, the solution is a simple one. Stop engaging in destructive behaviour and start involving yourself in constructive behavior. For the hard of listening this simply means starting doing the opposite to what got you into this mess in the first place.

Remove the weave from your head, remove the fake nails, if you already have tattoos then don’t get anymore, if you do not have any tattoos DON’T GET ANY AT ALL. Stop the butt injections and get them removed if possible, again if you are thinking about getting butt injections, DON’T DO IT. Remove the fake eye lashes and anything else false that does not belong on your body. Black women, you need to start learning to love yourselves for who you truly are once all of the falsities have been removed from your body. You have put yourself into this position with no aid or assistance from anyone else. Nobody in general is attracted to you in your current state. You certainly are reducing the chances you have at getting married the further you dig yourself into this ditch of fakery and insanity.

Black women, the ball is in your court. You can call me all of the names under the sun however the fact of the matter is that your position continues to grow worse as each day passes. Calling me names and attempting to label me with every slogan under the sun does not better your position. You may feel a temporary satisfaction with the illusion of having some sort of control over somebody calling out your ratchet activity however it is merely that, an illusion. You need to stop living in fantasy land and think that your problems are going to disappear by themselves if you call people names and attempt to defend your foolish and outlandish behaviour. Your position will only change for the better when you physically make the move towards constructive behaviour and choose in the same manner to distance yourself from destructive behaviour.

To many of us black men we are no longer concerned, we can go and find ourselves women from other nationalities without any difficulty. We are simply NOT looking for a female who hates herself and who is trying her hardest to resemble a completely different nationality of woman. As I stated before, nobody is going to clean out your urine and feces infested kennel black women, to whom this may concern, you are going to have to begin to clean up your own mess by yourselves as it was you who decided to take this route of destruction, nobody forced you onto this road. Forget that “we have to stick together” lark, until you can begin to be honest with yourselves and actually lift up your own hands to make some positive changes in your own lives by yourselves, you are on your own. I will only reach out to those black women who can be honest with themselves, others and who have actually begun to implement changes for the better. Those ratchet black harlots and monsters who refuse to change and who are determined to remain in denial can get stuffed, I want nothing to do with you whatsoever. You are a cancer to the black nation.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

60 thoughts on “Black Women – White Women Are Superior To You, Your Very Own Actions Declare It – Black Women In Crisis!

  1. If white women are superior to Black women, then you can have them. Israel should not mix with other nations. Notice you did not say “some”. You said “Black women, white women are superior to you in every way”. Almost all the women in my family have natural hair, are college educated and are married. Yet we decent women are constantly kicked down for what is beyond our control. If Black women are the bane of your existence and you think white women are superior to us and we are such a lost cause, then why do you keep writing about us? Why not just write us off all together, since to paraphrase your own words, “the worst group on the planet.”
    Yes, I get it. You hate us. You hate the ratchet ones and you hate us decent ones for not being able to control each and every vulgar Black woman that comes on the scene.
    You had some really good blogs in the beginning, but this Tommy Sotomayor stuff that you’re on has sickened me. There are drone strikes, Syria being attacked, genetically modified foods, Agenda 21, Protocols of Zion, ELF, HAARP, Project Bluebeam, fake jews, Chinese invasion of the Hamites, the coming universal RFID chips, multinational corporations trying to patent the human genome. All of this is effecting Hebrews and humanity. Yet Black women only have your posts been about. Almost consecutively. Where does it say that Black women ONLY are under the curse? Even when you occasionally talk about Black men, you find a way to put the blame on Black women. ALL of Israel is under a curse. Please tell me in the Bible where it says that Black women are the root problem of Israel. Because the Bible states that PART of the curses would be to have women rule over the men. But nowhere does it state that the Black woman is the ROOT cause of all that is evil in our community.

    With that said, I must bid you, and your blog, a good day. I wish you a happy life.


    To Black women reading this, white women are NOT superior to you. You are beautiful. You are the original woman. The natural hair movement has gotten so large that even that fake Oprah had to acknowledge it on the COVER of her latest issue of “O” Magazine. So the fact that there is a mass movement towards a more natural beauty should inspire you. Do not let negativity get you down, because in the end we can’t all be saved. 2/3’s of Israel is destined to die. Men AND women. Which means that The Most High has found BOTH sexes to be in transgression and error. Keep the faith, keep to the Book, keep on the natural beauty path and keep STRONG most of all. I love you, Sisters. I truly do. Others may think you’re a lost cause but I don’t.

    2 Peter 3:9
    9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

    Thank you all, most respectfully. That is all I have to say on this blog. Be well, and I hope to meet some of you in New Jerusalem. Shalom.

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    • Darqbeauty your comment is very well.stated in my opinion.. Although I , to a small degree, understand where the brother is trying to go with the article ,he has made is point one too many times about the “the black woman” this and the black woman that.. And you are absolutely right about his post being good at first, then it changed .. I started wondering if he was really a gentile posting some of this stuff and contemplated removing from this mailing list ..In the grand scheme of things isreal is in bad shape ..and many of our woman do display overt signs of self hate .. A lot of what he says is true but he seems to relish in it an awful lot .. drone strikes, Syria being attacked, genetically modified foods, Agenda 21, Protocols of Zion, ELF, HAARP, Project Bluebeam, fake jews, Chinese invasion of the Hamites, the coming universal RFID chips, multinational corporations trying to patent the human genome… As you stated in your comment …all far more relevent topics at this point ..

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      • Ello33

        The main issue most black people have today is the lack of ability to express themselves. I do not have that problem, I do not listen to Hiphop so my vocabulary has not been minimalised like most black folks today. I can speak in a clear and coherent manner and everybody can understand exactly what I am saying. You are free to do as you please, this is not a fan page where I talk about what the fans want to appease them, I deal with all truth here including uncomfortable truths. I know who I am as a person so I can face these uncomfortable truths, accept them, be honest about them and deal with them head on.

        Again, you mention topics that although they are important, are not the number one threat of the black nation today. As I stated to Darqbeauty, the number one killer of black folks today are other black folks, that is a sad but true reality. The foundation of our house is weak, shouldn’t it be best that we clean up our own house first and thus strengthen the foundation so that we can sustain attacks from outside enemies?

        Also, I am perplexed as to whenever the subject of black women and their behaviour is brought up, everybody all of a sudden want to avoid the discussion and focus on something else. Avoiding the topic hasn’t made things better for black women in the slightest. Where before I have expressed in words what has become of the modern day western black woman, this time I have shown the current state of black women in picture form, so that black women can see with their own eyes what they have become and how they are viewed by the rest of the world. Black women are damaging themselves and their own reputation via the above illustrations, not anybody else. This fact cannot be refuted, the pictures speak for themselves………..and there wasn’t a shortage of photos to choose from either.

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    • Darqbeauty

      This non mixing doctrine is part of the old covenant, it is not part of the new covenant we have under Christ. Also, I chose the title of this post very carefully, it is not my words that declare that white women are superior to black women, it is the ACTIONS of black women constantly copying what white women do that sets the declaration forward that white women must be superior to black women.

      Again, I have to reiterate the point that black people in general lack critical thinking skills and logical thought process. I certainly do not lump myself in with the no good deadbeat black males so I do not understand why if you do not fit the criteria of a weave wearing ratchet out of control wild black female, why you would be so offended at what I have stated. I have asked this question before, if the shoe does not fit you, why are you still trying to put it on?

      The reason why I keep writing about black women is because I am attempting to bring about a purge and a separation between the the no good black women and the black women of worth and value. I am trying to show the black women of worth and value that they do not need to stick together with the no good scum, that they ought to break the silence, speak up and speak out against the ratchets and that they need to let the world know that this ratchet behaviour is not generic amongst all black women. This goes back to what I have stated before in other posts about black people feeling the need to habour and stick together with other black folks who act in a detrimental fashion towards the nation, this behaviour has to stop if we are to progress forward and begin to make real constructive efforts.

      The problem I feel that you have here is that I suspect that you still feel an obligation to all black people and that we all need to stick together. It wasn’t easy for myself to accept that some sort of separation needed to take place in order for the black nation as a whole to move forward successfully, yet non the less I had to accept the truth regardless of how uncomfortable it was. The Detroit 300 recognised the same and they actually began to make a difference for the better in their community, so it cannot be said that moving away from ratchet black folks serves no benefit, the evidence points completely to the opposite.

      The problem here is that you cannot show me in any of my posts about black women where I have stated that I hate “good black women”. I hate the ratchet black women who do not want to change however I am angry at good black women for keeping silent, not speaking out against their reprobate sisters and in some cases defending them and their outlandish behaviour. Again, if you want to lump yourself in with black women who are no good then that is your business and that is your own doing, that has nothing to do with me.

      The Hebrew house is extremely contaminated, we need to begin to clean up our own house first before we can be in a position to blame outsiders for our current plight. At least if our house was clean we could identify efficiently where the outside contamination was coming from. Black people are the number one enemy of black people as it currently stands TODAY, sorry, all of the other issues that you mentioned currently are secondary in relation to the destruction of the Hebrew nation and who is currently and chiefly responsible for that destruction.

      I deal with what topics need to be dealt with at any particular time, black folks are in serious trouble and somebody needs to speak up and out about our dire situation and identify the causes of it. Black people are in a serious crisis and not talking about what is happening with us has not improved our position, of course you have noticed this and know this yourself however, you feel uncomfortable in admitting that I am right.

      I have written 85 plus posts now, I have dealt with black women in about 5-6 of them. How is this me only writing about black women? Galation 3:13 states that Christ was already made a curse for us so we cannot still be under a curse. This is also coupled with Isaiah 53(remember, by his stripes we ARE HEALED). No, all that has happened to black folks since the marches for integration in the 60s has been self inflicted. We are no longer suffering from curses, we have simply been suffering from the consequences of bad decision making.

      I do not negate racism at all however as it stands today, we have been suffering lately for the most part from the foul decisions that we have made day by day. Again, I have stated before that this blog is for truth regardless of how it makes people feel. I am not here to tickle people’s emotions, if that is what some folks are looking for here then that is where their local moneychanger aka pastor can assist them.

      If white women are indeed not superior to black women then black women need to STOP COPYING white women in their actions and start behaving in an ORIGINAL MANNER as they did before. White women have their own natural hair, black women copy, white women get tattoos, black women copy, white women paint their fingernails and toenails pink, black women do the same, white women use fake eye lashes, black women copy yet again, black women attempt to lighten their skin, white women begin piercing their tongues, mouths, eyebrows and bodies, black women fall in line and copy yet again, white women wear skimpy and revealing clothing, black women copy, I could go on for days.

      This post is in relation to black women, when I am ready to get back on the case of black men I will do so but yet again we can see the same pattern emerge, when black men are held accountable for their foul actions, black women will cheer on and join in the cascading, however when it is the turn of black women to be held accountable for their foul actions, they begin to shout “injustice” and how I am “bashing black women”. Hypocrites to the fullest!

      You quoted 2 Peter 3:9, well here are some other scriptures for you. John 16:13 reads:

      16:13 – Howbeit, when he, the Spirit of TRUTH, is come, he will GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.

      John 4:24 reads:

      4:24 – God is a Spirit: and they that worship him MUST worship him in spirit and in TRUTH.

      John 8:32 reads:


      1 Corinthians 13:6 reads:

      13:6 – Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in THE TRUTH;

      2 Corinthians 13:8 reads:

      13:8 – FOR WE CAN DO NOTHING AGAINST THE TRUTH, but for the truth.

      And finally Galations 4:16 reads:

      4:16 – Am I therefore become your enemy, BECAUSE I TELL YOU THE TRUTH?

      This is the problem with most black women today, you either lack the ability to either eat the meat and spit out the bones per say, you simply hate hearing the truth or both. In Christ we are supposed to be walking in and accepting all forms of truth whether they be comfortable or uncomfortable. However, I realised a while ago that most black women are not really looking for the truth, they are simply searching for an emotional fix to make themselves feel good hence why black women did not object or run to the defence of black men when I held black men’s feet to the fire of accountability, yet when it was the turn of black women to be held accountable, all chaos ensued, and chaos always breaks loose whenever black women are required to give an account of their actions. One way accountability in the direction of men only, I am still trying to figure this one out!

      This is not about Tommy Sotomayor, this is about truth and the acceptance thereof. People come to this site for truth. I found this site by myself, not off of the back of anybody else and it will remain that way. I can delve into a variety of topics and still draw a crowd simply because I deal with the truth. You may not like the truth but that is not my issue, that is yours.

      Most High Bless

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      • Its time we all believers in Yahuah who have the testimony of Yahusha stopped being fleshly, and being rooted in this world (myself included). Remember, not all Israel is of Israel, and many there be, among the lighter-skinned “gentiles” who possess Yacob’s blood in thier veins, after all, many Europeans have black ancestry. The key is this, “Let any who call on the Name of Yahusha the Messiah depart from evil”. There is no doubt that just as some gentiles will come into Yahuah’s covenant- being grafted into Israel, so many Israel according to flesh, woill be destroyed for continuing in evil and lacking in knowledge. One thing is certain though – all that belong to Yahuah will be taught by Him and will come to Yahusha for their cleansing and obedience to the Torah, and will all be saved. For our salvation dates from before the foundation of the world. Hallal Yah. NB When is the host going to stop calling the the Most High Yahuah by the pagan word “god”?


    • My reading of the article is that black women are stating that white women are superior to black women. For example, black women often seek to wear their hair in the manner of white women. At the same time, very, very few white women are sewing afro-style hair onto their existing hair and scalp.

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  2. Hey Verbs, good post brother. I am however, saddened by the situation as a whole. I have to say also that I too haven’t said anything in the past to black women to tell them that they are Wildin out and the few times that I’ve expressed myself against any kind of foul actions, I’m met with the “I’m not a woman so I don’t know what it’s like” and the “who asked you anyway” responses. My sadness is the fact that I didn’t want to give up on black women and still was/am looking for a good one to settle down with but the good ones are turning into bad ones and the bad ones are getting worse. I love my own sister but when I come at her about her bleached hair she doesn’t want to hear it. SOOOOOOO many sistas are bleaching themselves blonde and I want to know why? What’s so wrong with your skin that you think blonde hair softens your tone. I love my momma but boy, ya betta believe she’s bleached her head blonde also and her excuse is she’s too dark and the blonde helps softens the hard look of her black skin. I mean we might as well just yell at Yah and say He wasted His time by giving us this life saving skin.
    Yes, white people and the Jewish controlled media have had a great hand in making us feel inferior and ugly and unworthy but time after time, they bombed us and we’d get right back at it, drugged us and we’d defeat that, push us in ghettos and we’d make the best of that. We truly are the salt of this earth. We make things flavorful.

    Yet, I’m beginnig to see that this thing is starting to get the better of us. I’m sad Verbs cause I don’t want any other woman to start a life with but it seems though that if I feel this strong about it, that i may be single the rest of my life. I’m sad because there are not of enough black women that I’ve met that have awakened and will understand that she is an Israelite Child of the Most High. They all think I’m crazy and love white Jesus and now they want them a white man and I get it; my last relationship was with a white woman. Yet when I wanted to think about kids and a family I didn’t want it to be with anyone other than the tribes of Israel.

    The women that are upset with you, I never understood why over than it must be that ol stick together thing that they do; go to the bathroom together, defend ratchetness together. They have I guess a inclination to draw unto each other for help but I don’t see them helping each other in a good way. A friend of mine went natural and she is beautiful. I asked her if she would start encouraging others to do it and she told me that it wasn’t her place. Here is my question about that; why isn’t it? If black men encourage black women to go natural then it’s a problem, we’re out of place and blah blah. I still do it though. Yet if black women were to encourage more sisters to love themselves and stop this foolishness then maybe it will hit home.
    I don’t know. I’m sad and I’m hurting about this whole thing. I don’t even want to see us on tv(which I know you do t watch verbs) or movies anymore cause we aren’t done right. This twerkin thing isn’t new either and all of sudden it’s all over the web and it’s garbage. What’s the point? Why do it? Is it a mating call or mating dance? Then twerk your way to a marriage and a family but don’t be an open trash can.
    Perhaps Verbs that we truly can’t fix ourselves until Christ comes back. You see how we keep slippin and fallin. I just don’t know. 😦

    Later bro.

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    • J.R

      Good to hear from you brother. Like yourself I am saddened by the situation aswell, I do not take pleasure in illustrating what the modern day western black woman has turned into, however the truth must be spoken regardless of who it upsets or who doesn’t approve of it. It is very sad what the majority of our sisters have turned into, they are either twerking, spending huge amounts of money on yaki weaves trying to look like somebody else or street fighting, these actions seem to be the only qualifications that most western black women today have.

      It is all about contamination, black women in general have never been held accountable for their actions and so they are like a vampire in the sunlight when it comes down to acknowledging their iniquities. Black women have bought into the inferior look complex hook, line and sinker. Having abandoned the black male in pursuit of the dainty treats of Babylon and the rewards from her white father, she has gone completely mad in her attempts to fit into a system that was not designed for her to live in period.

      I have never declared the grim prognosis of black women with glee and happiness, yet at the same time I have to look at what I see and call it out for it is without any spin or any emotions attached. Black women in general are trundling downhill rapidly and their end is going to be a very horrid one. This is why good black women must begin to walk away from the trash and link together with other decent sisters who think along the same positive lines.

      However, what you stated is true, even good black women are quickly becoming contaminated and infected with the black mindset of foolishness, stupidity and ignorance in their attempts to try and save their lost brethren. Good black women are also slowly beginning to suffer from mental insanity.

      I refuse point blank to stick together with ratchet out of control black women, they are main reason as to why black people in general have progressed nowhere within the last 40 plus years, them and the out of control animal black men whom they have raised up with no morality and absolutely no standards whatsoever. Raising black men by themselves has been a complete failure.

      This is not an easy pill to swallow however there is still hope in dating black women from other cultures. It is not all grim, I would say to you that you should begin to look for black women who do not come from a western background, I feel that you will have far more success in finding a good mate that way. Even the modern day western black women who claim to “love the Lord” will switch on you given enough time. I recommend that you stay away from them and focus on black women from completely different backgrounds.

      Most High Bless


    • Valerie,

      That is no problem however the first port of call for good black women such as yourself is to shun and call out the reprobate contaminated scumbag wild beast hooligans for the trash that they are because as it stands at the moment, because good black women have kept silence on this issue for so long, they also have been lumped in together with the trash.

      Again, as I stated before in my post, you have to start speaking out and start showing the world that there is a difference between yourselves and the scum hoodrats and you have to start this from now.


    • Why? So you can have honor from men? Rather seek the honor that comes from Yahuah only! There is none good but ahYah.


  3. hello,

    i don not agree that decent black women have to speak out to start showing the world anything, the attitude is what makes a difference between decent black women and hoodrats, it is not thier job to do anything regarding the hoodrats, just like it is not my job as a black man to anything about black scumbags who kill eachother every day in the hood, i decided to be succesfull and became succesfull so if i can they also can but they dont want.

    Us decent black people have it harder because of those hoodrats

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    • Memo,

      You can adopt that position if you so wish however the ratchet scumbags will not contain themselves to one particular corner, after they have consumed what is on their own plates they will come after you so expect to be on the meal ticket of some cohort at some point in the near future. I have a friend who lives in Chicago and even he has stated that the reprobates are now beginning to flood into the suburbs and decent neighbourhoods.

      Minding your own business and remaining silent will land you on the target docket of some hungry no good Negro whether male or female. This is the main reason why things have gotten out of hand in the black community, folks think that they can simply ignore the bad and it will just go away. Ignorance we can clearly see has not worked in terms of sorting out the problems in the black nation.

      “Us decent black people have it harder because of those hoodrats”

      All the more reason to speak out now and at least show your disapproval of the hoodrats.


  4. Hello, Perusing your site and came across this topic. My background: I’m an African American woman, 56 yo, son is 35 yo, lived in 10 states & 2 foreign countries; England in GB being one of them where I resided for 6 years & have 3 professional degrees, a small business owner since 1986, and married to a wonderful & successful Black man. Having said that I suppose I qualify to be considered a Queen 🙂
    While you’ve made some valid points as to how young black women have devalued their worth let’s understand why that is happening. There is a foundation of evil in the world. The world, in fact, is evil itself. That is why we are told to live in the world but not be OF the world. Not all young black women know this. Therefore, they’ve been conformed to the world system, where satan rules. In the US, young black women are bombarded with images & information by mass media that shows them how to devalue themselves while making it look & seem “trendy, current, hot” & the thing to do. In the same way it’s done for young black males. Young black men have a greater chance of dying or being inprisioned than they do graduating from high school. Satan is clever and teaches his evildoers well. He knows if you cut off the head, the body will die. Therefore, if you cut off the head of the young black man, the young black women will eventually die off. They will not have the black man to marry or procreate. That is the goal. Nothing has changed with the original plan. It’s just being carried out in a more effective manner. Now, the monetary solution has been taken care of by imprsioning the young black man, and giving the young black woman nothing to strive for. Young black men kill each other at no cost to “them” and the young black woman cannot procreate by herself. Having said that, “they” failed (or perhaps knew & it was part of the plan) to estimate just how many young white men & women the plan would take down with our sisters & brothers. Young white women try hard to “replace” the young black women by corn rising their hair, staying spray tanned, lip implants (even over the counter lipstick touts big pouty lips), butt implants, and curly hair perms. They chase the black men with a vengeance. They try to act like us, talk like us, and yes, twerk like us (African woman have been twerking for generations so it’s not new). Young black brother, don’t ever put a discount or devalue the black eoman or you fall prey to the plan. Pray for us, guide us, love us, be our friend, mentor and most important our leader. Come back to our homes and communities, we need you as never before. Above all, never condemn us. That is, after all, an impotent part of satans plan. Don’t fall for the trap. Keep blogging. Keep staying on the path, and I will continue to check on your progress and pray for you. Be well and Godspeed.


    • Agape,

      The failure that we are dealing with here ultimately began in the 1960’s when the black woman single handedly began the destruction of the black family structure via her acceptance of the dainty treats of Babylon. These black women knew better but nonetheless they chose to betray the black male.

      And so the pattern of betrayal and skull duggery by the modern day western black woman has continued to this very day. Satan can only influence, the actual decisions and the acts lies with the individual man/woman. The issue I have with the majority of western black women today is that they are not forcing the media into a corner to where they have to resort to fabricating accounts about them, no the western black woman chooses freely to supply the media with an arsenal of ammunition which is then in turn fired back at her black side.

      Each generation as time goes on has failed the last and so the pattern continues on and on. However, we must always remember that nobody is an automaton, the Most High created men and women with the ability to choose between good and evil. People choose to do evil because this is out of their own choice of action, not because they were forced to make the wrong decision via an outside source.

      I have to say that rambling through my local streets I can see that black women do not have any problems with procreating especially with no good brothers, they tend to do this stupendously well. Black women also have no problem walking into an assassination chamber(abortion clinic)and executing unborn children at 4 times the rate of other nationalities of women.

      In terms of replication, regrettably the tables have turned in 2013. Today it is the modern day western black woman who is attempting to topple the white woman and replace her as the number one choice of mate for the white male. The wearing of the European style weave is the first ultimate and obvious step in that direction.

      The sad state of affairs today is that it is in actual fact the modern day western black woman who is chasing the black male away and into the hands of other nationalities of women because of her belligerent, reprobate and outlandishly evil behaviour towards the black man. As it stands today black women are the biggest purchasers of butt implants just as they are equally the number one purchasers of weaves.

      The difference between back in the day and now is that black women used to keep the twerking behind closed doors, now black women demonstrate this act all over the internet for all to see and act as if this is the only talent they have, either twerking or brawling in the streets like pitballs.

      It is time for black women both old and young to start taking account for their actions and for them to stop making excuses as to why they have all of a sudden decided to adopt and replicate ratchet, whorish, street hoodlum and violent behaviour. The modern day western black woman has devalued her own stock via her own poor public actions and as a result she has taken up the position of the least desired woman on the planet. The truth of the matter is that most black women do not want the black male to lead them as this would mean that black women would have to relinquish their power over him and for most, they are having too much of a good time and enjoying the power trip to want to hand over the authority of leadership to the rightful owners.

      I am hearing what you are saying however it is time for black women to begin to make positive and sincere moves towards us BY THEMSELVES as they are the ones who have pushed us away to begin with by themselves. Black women who genuinely want change for the better are going to have to go through the fire, there is no way to avoid the heat. Remember, the very ratchet actions of black women condemn black women, NOT the people pointing them out and talking about them. This is a fact that black women are going to have to face and accept, regardless of how harsh it is. Please remember also that the negative images that I posted here of black women had ALREADY been posted by others and were ALREADY on display for all to see.

      Most High Bless


      • As a product of the Civil Rights Movement and one born before 1960 I encourage you to read Clara Luper’s book titled BEHOLD THE WALLS. Our self degradation did not come about as a by product of 1960. Further, we shake, twerk, tattoo, do and sell drugs, strip, look outlandish, turn up and crunk up to vie for the attention of the black man. The black man that has been systemically and systematically destroyed as our leader, guider, lover and protector. Remember what God has told you to do with us, love us. You cannot be His child and not live the black woman. I encourage you and other young black men to come back to our communities and back to our homes. We need you desperately, as you can see from the pictures.

        I have friends in several states that have outreach programs, equipment and facilities to teach our young people what the media’s job is today (fabrication and provocation to create monetary power to destroy Gods people) Yes, the media has been a great tool for satan, but now that we know that game is over. I know of more than a dozen people that are taking the media to task. It us their assignment and they do it well. Research this area and spread that word. Cast light in darkness.

        There are some that readily choose evil. There are others who have not been exposed to the truth. Those are the ones you must reach and teach. Do not condemn them. When you know better, you do better. I agree about the generational theory. My generation, in particular, has failed in the greatest degree. My generation of peers has never known such great wealth and freedom in the Caucus world. We have never had so many influences and temptations set before us. Having only 48 years since the end of Jim Crow (younger than myself) we have yet to rectify what we were taught with what we have. It is now up to YOUR generation. Our time is almost passed and we (some of us) are clearly seeing the error of our ways. We look at those pictures and our young black men dead or behind prison bars and walls and know we got lost to the world. My generation must do better by you. On behalf of them, I apologize.

        Your mention of abortion is an important issue for me and one of my causes that I teach. Close to 2,000 black babies are murdered in the womb every day.
        This is not by accident. This is a plan that was designed and developed over the years by the owners of wealth that have controlled the US since they arrived. Since it was not feasable to send us back to Africa after our enslavement the plan was to kill us. Their plan is executed so highly skilled they no longer have to put money out to do so. Now, WE PAY THEM AND KILL OURSELVES. The most dangerous place in America to live is within the womb of the black woman. Please do not stop posting about this. Please do not stop teaching about this. We may not get it today or tomorrow, but we will and must get it one day. Black women I encourage you to stop murdering our children in the womb. Please, Verbs readers, go to YouTube and watch Maafa 21. Please.

        Black men and black women all over the world have always spoken in black women’s hair. I’m sure it is because we have always been in charge of taking care of everyone’s hair. Men, women and children. Therefore, people will criticize and speak to it because it has not been their obligation or duty. African women have a creative way of expressing themselves through hair and dress. We love color, so we may color out hair, put colorful ornaments in our hair, decorate our hair. That is what we are doing now. The majority of black women who wear weaves (in the US) may need to
        Do so for their jobs or to appeal to the black men. Never think the black man is so evolved that he loves to see a black woman with hair that doesn’t resemble what WE TAUGHT the white woman to achieve. African women have always decorated, colored and straightened our hair. It’s just now that your noticing it because we buy hair and make it longer. Plenty of black women have long hair that is somewhat straight. I am one of them. I don’t wear a weave, but I will put a wig on to change it up. Or a color. When I see a young black man with the intricate face shaves or sticking caps on their head to achieve waves I don’t think “white”. When I see them with dreadlocks that are perfectly straight with dyed tips I don’t think “white”. And yes, there are black people with naturally blonde hair. White people have not cornered the market on blonde hair.

        Black women have no real power over the black man. Do not be fooled young brother. No real woman of worth (or unworthy) wants to be the leader. It is a hard and thankless job that only men are cut out to do. Don’t fall for the con or hype. Don’t drink that Kool Aid. Black women want a man stronger than themselves. Who have the desire to lead with dignity and grace. Trust me on this.

        You’re right. Everyone is accountable for their own actions. But when you know better you hopefully do better. While the negative images of us are out there, perhaps there are many more positive ones as well. You can catch more flies with honey.

        You may follow me on twitter @lifeandmorelife


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      • Agape,

        I did not say that 1960 was the point of degradation, I stated that 1960 was the beginning of the destruction of the black family unit and black women were instrumental in facilitating the breakdown through alining themselves with the feminist movement aswell as the acceptance of welfare cheques from the State in place of having a father in the home. This is a fact of history, one that may be hard for you to accept but nonetheless it is a true historical account of how the black female has betrayed and backstabbed the black male continuously for the last 40-50 years. You cannot duck and weave away from this fact. So the twerking, tattoos, stripping and the rest of the attention seeking antics cannot be for the black man at all, these things are geared towards gaining the attention of the so called European man aka the white father and new lord and saviour of the black woman.

        Actually, the Most High talks about a very grim future for black women, a future in which the black woman will be destitute, disease ridden, bald headed and rejected by all men. You ought to read Isaiah 3:16-26 and Isaiah 4:1. A severe reproach is coming for black women because of what they have done to the black male. The Most High has not obligated me to show love to traitorous, treacherous, backstabbing black women, in fact he recommends that we as black men move as far away from that type of beastly black woman as we possibly can.

        The fact of the matter here is that black women have been trained by the so called white male to only listen to him and nobody else. The majority of black women will only respond to correction either from white men or another black woman. For black men to return into the homes of the belligerent black female would be a fool’s errand as our advice and recommendations would simply fall on deaf ears and all we would receive in return would be a barrage of high decibel back chatter. At the extreme end of the spectrum the black female would resort to sicking her white father upon the black male to “bring him into line and submission” This is the reason why I stated before that black women who are looking for genuine and sincere changes will have to make the first moves by themselves. Black men are sick and tired of being back stabbed and trodden upon by the black woman in her lust to gain the acceptance of the European man.

        The media has simply manipulated a gulf between black men and black women that was already in place from a long time ago. I do not trust the media in any wise and I like yourself do understand their true objectives however, let us not forget that throughout the late 80s and early 90s it was the very same treacherous black women who voluntarily ran to and were using the very same skull duggerous mainstream media to throw black males under the bus in order to gain brownie points with their new found father,lord and saviour.

        The Most High has built a default truth nucleus into every man and woman created, it is called a conscience. I look for those who are seeking out the truth and who are looking for light, the rest I do not bother with. Most of our people will perish horribly, this is not something I state in comfort, it is something that I have learned to accept with great difficulty.

        One of the main reasons if not the main reason why things are getting worse within the black community is because nobody wants to talk about and deal with the dirty laundry directly. For some reason the majority the black community believes that ignoring and turning a blind eye to pertinent and critical issues which require direct and immediate attention will make them disappear, I look out of my window everyday and witness a very different account.

        The reason why abortion has gotten so out of control with the black woman is because the modern day western black woman hates children, she views them as a curse, a liability, she holds an utter disdain for the young and the unborn and the majority of the time she will only have children in order to either use them as a weapon against the father or as a commodity and as an economic stepping stone in terms of welfare and other government monetary benefits. The modern day western black woman of today is a complete and utter reprobate, violent, belligerent beast and harlot, these are the only words that hold the potency of a true and an accurate description of her.

        This is the problem right here, black women have to stop excusing the ratchetness. There is no excuse for a black woman to put somebody else’s hair on her head. The excuses that black women have given for wearing such a monstrosity on their heads have been many but nonetheless they have all amounted to complete and utter rubbish. The bottom line with the weave wearing, yet again an attempt by the black woman to impress her white father and an attempt to topple the white woman and replace her as the number one choice mate of the white male. This will never happen. The generations of today are completely different from your generation of women, this is why I can understand you having great difficulty in accepting the grim prognosis of the modern day western black woman in general. There is no comparator in relation to black women and weave wearing. Black men regardless of what they do, do not attempt to put on European style wigs, this would be the equal equivalent. The weave is literally a hair hat, white women simply buy extensions which they then add to their own hair which by the way looks like their own hair. I have yet to see a white woman put on an Afro wig for any reason other than for a fancy dress party.

        Again, your generation is completely different to the generations of today, I am giving you a raw idea and insight into how the modern day western black woman things and behaves. Again, I can understand your disbelief as things were very different for you when you were growing up. However, allow me to make it clear for you to understand this creature, the white man has given the modern day western black woman power and authority over the black man, this is yet again another fact that cannot be debated. The modern day western black woman has the courts and law enforcement at the ready on speed dial should the black male “step out of line” or do something which is not to the black female’s approval. The scriptures confirm that this appointed authority is true in Isaiah 3:12. This is not a con, this is something that you are going to have to accept, this is the way things are in 2013 between black men and black women. You mistake is that you are viewing things through your current situation and what you would be looking for. You have to put your emotions aside and look at reality for what it is in relation to black women today.

        My recommendation to you would be to write off the majority of black women as they are no good and they will not hesitate to turn on you and consume you in a moment, rendering your loyalty to them to the level of cow’s dung. The problem with the image of the modern day western black woman is that as it stands today if anybody were to post up any positive material about her, the positive material would quickly run out. If black women want good and positive things shown and spoken about them then they are going to have to do a complete u turn in terms of their attitudes and behaviours. Regrettably there is little to nothing good to report about black women today, a sad but true situation.

        Most High Bless



      • Bless your heart. And mine as well. I wrongly understood and mistook you to be a teacher as opposed to a man that seems disillusioned with the young black woman. We have many disillusioned prophets in our holy book. And we surely travel in different circles.

        I will never give up hope on my black people. Not the women nor the men. They are my people. They are the people of my God and my ancestors. My people are more than conquerors no matter what trying times we may be in. Yes, I have the grace to see the glass as half full not half empty. God has graced me with hope and vision so I work with and toward those goals. If I were to give up on young black women I would be giving up on myself. As well as falling into the tempting lie satan would have us believe about ourselves. This is something I will not do.

        I’m REreading Isaiah now. However, I’m saved by grace and am unable to boast as to why I am able to continue to fight the good fight. It is certainly not my doing, otherwise I may feel as you do. Further, grace has allowed me to be out from condemnation of sin. I believe in the old AND new testaments.

        As well, I have the blessing to be surrounded by men and women that understand the plight of my people and are diligently working toward eliminating and alleviating their pain. These are prominent men and women in communities all over the US that are renown for their wisdom and knowledge. The information they give me I give to others, as I’ve done for you. Some people receive it well, others do not. Your case is one of them. My job is to plant the seed. Which I’ve done. However, I realize that England is vastly different socially than the US.

        I wish you well in your endeavors. I will continue to pray for God to guide you and encourage you and perhaps help you to remember what He has said in the scriptures. We really do win in the end.



      • Agape,

        What you are attempting to do now is to contend with the prophetic judgement that the Most High has declared upon the majority of black women, these are the Scriptures that have declared a grim and horrid end for most black women, not Verbs.

        Now you currently have 2 choices on the table, you can either continue to support reprobate black women in their evil causes and perish a horrible death along side them or you can acknowledge that most of the people whom you correctly designate as God’s chosen including the black woman are too contaminated to be redeemed and separate yourself from the contaminated ones in order to save yourself from the wrath of destruction coming soon to a ratchet, reprobate, hooligan black woman near you.

        Your blood is now upon your own hands.

        Most High Bless


  5. *important
    And while I’m at, please don’t post negative images of us on the Internet. If you know and love the same God I do (and you do) our duty is to shed light, remember. Matt5:14-17


  6. “If there is one thing that can be annoying it is encountering somebody who feel that it is their sworn duty to attack your faith in the Most High and attempt to rubbish your own personal experiences with him. Remember, your walk with the Most High is an individual walk, it is between you and him, he guides your steps and he is the one who implements the strategies which lead to changes for the better within you. Your walk is nobody else’s business and they have no right or place to dictate to you how you should be walking with the Most High and what changes need to be made.”

    -Sound familiar? It should, I’m quoting you.

    I’m not in your league for you to speak to me about my choices. And you are out of yours. While you write about what you think and feel, I walk it. When we are in the streets of Chicago, New York City, Birmingham and Montgomery Al, and in the countrysides of Mississippi and Louisiana we don’t see you nor have we ever heard of you. We are building and your assignment is to tear down. The holy book that guides me is full of horrendous people that have done far worse than twerk, tattoo or wear weaves. Yet my God forgives them and gave them a plethora of chances to come back to Him. God hasn’t turned His back on His people. Black people have turned their backs on black people.
    As for me, I never pay attention when satan and his evildoers dangle bait before me to solicit argument. I never bite. What I’m sure of is nothing and no one can separate me from the love of God. I will continue to pray for God to keep doing His mighty work in you. Be well and Godspeed.


    • Agape,

      The choices are there by default, they are not mine in ownership. You either choose to back the reprobate black women and perish with them as you would have chosen to stand for their cause or you can separate yourself from them, chose to work with black women of intelligence and thus save yourself from a horrible destruction. You cannot stand along side evil black women and remain prosperous and blessed.

      Lets just set the record straight, I do not write about what I feel, I write about what is going to take place according to the information and evidence provided. It is not “my opinion” with regards to the demise of the black woman, I have shown you the scriptures which you can go and read for yourself, that is if you still believe that the people of the bible are black. You can also go out into your very community and witness the degradation of the black woman 1st hand live for yourself.

      Yet again, you are beginning to show the traits of the very black women that I talk about in that you refuse to accept the harsh side of the truth and attempt to falsely render it under “my feelings/my opinion”. I seem to remember that Christ stated that the Spirit would bring us into ALL truth(John 16:13), this would automatically also include truths that are uncomfortable. However, yet again we have a situation where a black woman only wants to accept the truths that she is comfortable with.

      By the laws of life alone, a heavy recompense and judgement has to come down the pike for black women for the skull duggerous acts and atrocities that they have committed, murdering children in and out of the womb at an incredible rate daily, committing treacherous and traitorous acts against the black male daily, whoring herself out to the lowest bidder in order to birth children that she can use to extract money from the state daily, using children as a weapon against the father daily, in many cases preventing the father from interacting with his children because of her own selfish desires daily, placing the DNA of a totally different nationality of people on her head in the form of a weave in her attempt to look like somebody else daily, I could go on and on here but the point has been made. Should the modern day western black woman be excused for all this and more?

      Yet again another attempt to derail the trajectory of my discussion by claiming that I am attempting to start an argument. Not at all, I am simply deconstructing your position(with much success I might add). I know how the majority of black women work and I see how you will attempt to use trickery and deceit in order to stop people from talking about yourselves and the decadent lifestyles that most of you have now chosen to embrace. These tactics of magic and sorcery will not work on me at all, I am no longer within the “worship the black woman at all costs regardless of what heinous crimes she commits and always exalt her to queen status” hypnotic trance plus I already have your playbook/script to hand.

      Blacks in general are building nothing regardless of whether they reside in the US or the UK. There are small pockets of black people who are actually moving forward and progressing with wonderful and innovative ideas however the black nation as a whole is travelling backwards at an alarming pace, this is the truth whether you choose to accept it or not. Nobody here has attempted to destroy your faith, I have simply introduced you to the uncomfortable side of the truth.

      Nobody here has stated that the Most High has forgotten his people and nobody here is stating that the Most High will not forgive his people however, that very forgiveness is conditional upon repentance and I do not see the majority of black folks repenting, no rather I see them submerging themselves even deeper into evil and wickedness.

      Yes, I have no problem walking away from the majority bulk of my people who are now completely contaminated and who do not want to change their lives for the better, let them perish by themselves, I refuse to go down with their ship of ignorance, stupidity and foolishness, I will launch my life raft, sail safely back to land, watch their vessel sink from a far of and feel no form of guilt or remorse whatsoever. I now look for individual black folks of a similar mentality to unite with.

      Remember Christ came to bring “division” and “a sword” for some of the very reasons above plus others, he did not talk about everybody uniting together, I recommend that you read the scriptures again and refresh your scriptural knowledge.

      Most High Bless



  7. recently subbed. second blog read and im highly disappointed. i definately wasnt expecting this! after reading thru other comments here there is no more truth i like to add on the matter, but i will say that your perspective has me questioning whether i will continue tuning in. Shalom, brother??


    • Vreely,

      I do not know what you were expecting here, if it is the truth from ALL perspectives then you have come to the right place however if you are seeking an emotional joyride, this site is not the one. I speak the truth regardless of how uncomfortable it may. I have reached a point in my life where I must be honest with myself aswell as other people even if others object to the truth.


  8. Interesting. It seems that you perhaps have been scorned by a black woman or maybe many black women. That is unfortunate. While there are many poor representatives in the world, I do not think that it is fair to lump us all together and claim the majority of us are apart of this madness. It is my opinion that there are more highly educated, productive, and nurturing black woman than there are these, as you put it, rachet beast. I think perhaps you spend too much time watching reality television and internet videos. Maybe you should tour some college campuses, preferably HBCUs. Maybe you should google the woman of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, or Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority… The mess you see on TV is what the media wants the world to believe about black women. The establishment wants you to think that the First Lady is an anomalie. She is not. We have always been smart, resourceful, and sophisticated. Again, I’m sorry that you have been scorned.

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    • Daphne,

      I most certainly have never claimed that all black women are reprobate write offs, you cannot draw that conclusion from reading this post as I have made a clear distinction between the ratchet scum buckets and the good black women and on top of that I made an appeal to good black women to step up and put these ratchet black women in check instead of evading them and keeping silent on their foul behaviour.

      Even if what you had said was true with regards to the possibility of me being scorned(which is not the case by the way) by a black women or many, this still would not invalidate the points that I have raised with regards to how black women in general conduct themselves today and as a result of that how low that they have sunk in society.

      Regrettably, the above images have little to nothing to do with the mainstream media, this images have been readily supplied and uploaded to the net by none other than black women themselves, black women in general feel proud of these behaviours, most do not see anything wrong with street brawling, tattooing themselves to the hilt like pirates, wearing hair on their heads which looks nothing like their own and opening their legs to the lowest Negro male on the block. This is the shameful legacy of the modern day western black female in 2013.

      You are quite welcome and free to post positive things here about black women however I suspect that you would fast run out of material to gather.

      Most High Bless


  9. I see my comments about inappropriate pictures was put on the wrong post. Some of us browse the internet with our kids around. Some of us like to pass on links for others to read. You can make a point without being lewd. And if you can’t, you might want to consider the state of yourself, before you strive to teach others to walk in Holiness. If I am wrong in my assumption that you want people to turn to Yah and be holy- then my apologies.

    But with all that can be said about modesty and fixing your eyes on purity- I really don’t think you can say that Yah approves of this tactic.

    I don’t know anything about you other than I am trying to read your site, and both posts that I have clicked on have shown indecencies. I teach my kids to avoid setting impurities before their eyes so I need to do the same.



    • Paul Is A True Apostle,

      Your comment has been respectfully received however this is not Sesame Street, Fox Kids, Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. This post is talking about a topic of an adult nature by default therefore pictures and discussions of an adult theme are to be expected. On the contrary, these pictures are on a very conservative scale in demonstrating the fall of the black female. I could have ascended many levels above and really illustrated the ratchet activity of the modern day western black woman. It would be an idea for you to check out the site when your children are asleep or not at home and other are free to do the same.

      Most High Bless


  10. I like your post. African women are the most stunning women on this planet. There are no ugly African women, you know? I mean, African women are full and sexy. OK, some American guys admitted that African ladies are strong in bed. What else do you need from a girl? Yes, they are goody. So, there are many interracial marriages between African ladies with American men, which is common.


  11. Interesting. Why are you not concerned with brothers like kanye west who left a stable, committed, smart, beautiful blackwomen like Alexis and impregnated a porn star arab women? Why is he and many brothers not held to the same standard. Most white men like natural hair black women such as my husband. Black men chase after weaves. You want a white women and are trying to set the platform for your friends and family on why u no longer want black women. Mark my words…u will end up with a white women and that is cool. Just dont make it seem like it is us.

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    • Phillyrider,

      It must be stated at the beginning that any black women who wears a weave is not in a stable mindset as far as I am concerned and this Alexis lady was yet another typical example of a black woman who suffers from self hatred as do the majority of black women who decide to put on these Darth Vader helmets aka weaves in their attempts to resemble their European cousins.

      This particular post is not about Kanye West nor is it about black men, it is to do with the rapid degradation and fall of the western black woman and why this is happening. Black women need to take responsibility for a change instead of always attempting to duck and weave the(excuse the pun)accountability and responsibility of their actions. I have other posts on this blog where I have gone in on black men for their behaviour. However, the difference here is that black men accept their shortcomings, black women generally do not.

      It is because the modern day western black woman has been given a free reign to do as she pleases and been allowed to behave like a retarded child who throws their food at the classroom wall and who frequently bursts into fits and tantrums, as to why she is in the dire straits she faces today.

      Allow me set the record straight, a white woman is not automatically the only other choice of woman on the table, there are many shades in between black and white not to mention the fact that are also black women from other cultural backgrounds readily available.

      This business about black men chasing weaves certainly does not fit the current stats in which black men in increasing numbers are turning to other nationalities of women to find a mate. I certainly refuse to date any black woman who wears a weave, I personally like a woman to be completely natural in all areas.

      Black women are railroading themselves into oblivion with their current behaviour and this is why black women are the least desired women on the planet. Black women who marry white men are very few and far between, white men prefer their own women first, black women are the last choice on their list also.


  12. “For the kingdom of heaven is like a master of a house who went out early in the morning to hire laborers for his vineyard. After agreeing with the laborers for a denarius a day, he sent them into his vineyard. And going out about the third hour he saw others standing idle in the marketplace, and to them he said, ‘You go into the vineyard too, and whatever is right I will give you.’ So they went. Going out again about the sixth hour and the ninth hour, he did the same. And about the eleventh hour he went out and found others standing. And he said to them, ‘Why do you stand here idle all day?’ They said to him, ‘Because no one has hired us.’ He said to them, ‘You go into the vineyard too.’ And when evening came, the owner of the vineyard said to his foreman, ‘Call the laborers and pay them their wages, beginning with the last, up to the first.’ And when those hired about the eleventh hour came, each of them received a denarius. Now when those hired first came, they thought they would receive more, but each of them also received a denarius. And on receiving it they grumbled at the master of the house, saying, ‘These last worked only one hour, and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden of the day and the scorching heat.’ But he replied to one of them, ‘Friend, I am doing you no wrong. Did you not agree with me for a denarius? Take what belongs to you and go. I choose to give to this last worker as I give to you. Am I not allowed to do what I choose with what belongs to me? Or do you begrudge my generosity?’ So the last will be first, and the first last.” (Matthew 20:1-16 ESV)

    None of us deserve the grace of God. It is not your role to judge. Only to serve and love ALL as did Christ


    • Phoenix,

      There will be no belligerent, rebellious, twerking, violent black women entering into the kingdom of God. This is the majority of western black women today, a regrettable situation but none the less a true one. Many black women are too fast to call upon God and Christ and ask for an exemption and a bailout when their foul behaviours begin to be called out and exposed. This is called dishonesty, and you believe that you will enter into the kingdom of the Most High in that state?????


  13. This is the most racist shit I have ever read, you talk like there is no white girls like this … don’t bother replying coz I wont be back (White Male)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Brandon,

      White women are not the topic of contention in this post, BLACK WOMEN and THEIR behaviours are being discussed here. Read the title of the post before posting an emotionally charged reactive response.


    • then don’t reply back you white cunt lmaooooooooooooo your one of those white fags that every white woman told you to go fuck yourself now trying to pick up black women…………….AND THEY TOLD YOU TO GO FUCK YOURSELF ALSO WANT TO SEE YOUR PHOTO CAUSE KNOW FOR A FACT YOUR PROBLY ONE UGLYYYYYYYY MTHR FKER THING DONT GET WHAT HESE TRYING TO SAY is that black women wont get into heaven for wearing weaves?????????or fighting yelling not feminine ?????????you really think god wont let a woman into heaven cause you think they are sell outs ???????or try and look white whatever????????/god lets anyone into heaven as long as your not a cold blooded killer or rapist who are you to say who god lets into heaven or not??????????not a religious freak but do believe in god and we are all gods creatures and saying gals that aren’t feminine enough or wear weaves lmaoooooooo although aint attractive god takes everyone into heaven unless like I said youir a killer or rapist anything like that who made you an saint saying who gets in to heaven???????ps ted danzen befor he got bald and ugly went with whoopee goldbrg and she is about theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ugliest fker ive seen in a long time even then really depands on what type of thing or gal your into….not talking to brandonnnnnnnnn lmaoooooooooo hese just a dude that probly hasn’t got laid in 4 yrs but really should try and do your hom,ework just cause a woman isn’t attractive fights or wears a weave doesn’t mean they wont get into heaven ps tyra banks is pretty good lookin and she s not white excuse Brandon hese one of those white dudes that make white dudes look bad cause of one retarded post


  14. Seriously, Black women are not the problem with the black community Black men are. Black men are so damn whiny and just want someone to blame. Black men are the LOWEST on the hierarchy in America now and accept it and start working, son. Too many of you are jealous Black women are doing better on a whole. Instead of sorting yourselves out you are STILL doing the same shit and sitting behind a computer screen bitching. Im happy for my sisters who are doing good ive seen too much racism in my years but i dont hate, i made sure i did well too. You’ve allowed the media to fuck your brains and turn you against your counterparts. You want to sit their and diss black women? Black men abandon their kids like no other, they’ll go play rebound “daddy revenge” play thing to the white woman. You want to talk about how black women are selling out because some choose to straighten their hair? Does it make a white girl any less white when she curly perms her hair or dyes it dark? Black men are the BIGGEST SELLOUTS since the teenage white girl. The western media OWNS most of you guys, its running your lives.

    You all need to stop preaching double standards, getting arrested, spending all your money on pointless designer clothing. Dissing black girls and praising the white girls who are only with you because they are racist and assume your packing?? I can show you MILLIONS of rachet white girls, with weave that dont match their hair, taking straight nude selfies . . hell i can show you white girls in parks having sex in front of groups of boys. Black women have the most self respect. Hollywood for example, it requires most women to do something nude/sexual to get anywhere – which girl is it full of? White girls will hop into bed with anyone most of the time, so i dont get the praise for them just because they curious for black boys now dont mean shit. They practically kill themselves trying to be like black girls, one broke her arm trying to do an upside down twerk! they are FAKE, they want the confidence, they want their lips, hair, skin and the body black women are blessed with. They are NOT superior in anyway, they are just sheep. Black women in the US are doing well, be happy for them, follow fucking suit and get yourself into college. Dissing black women isnt going to change the fact they are doing better, its not going to make you look better either. Who cares about rappers, we want more Dr’s, lawyers etc

    You are fucking funny. Dont you ever try compare black women with white girls and try put them beneath trash. Ill find you and gut your ungrateful uncle tom ass.
    (this doesnt apply to all)


    • RhysKnows,

      Rebutting what you have stated here is really no problem at all. You cannot look at the problem how it stands today, you must go back to the origin point, there you will find the culprit responsible for today’s unraveling of the black community. 1965, black women join the white homosexual feminist movement and also decide to accept welfare in exchange for expelling the man out of the home. No, black women are to blame here as they were the ones who initiated the break up and breakdown of the black family unit. This is not whining, these are the facts.

      Despite the current condition of the black man aswell as the projected stereotypes via the white media machine, he is still heavily sort after by other nationalities of women, interracial relationships in 2014 between black men and women from other nationalities are off the scale, unlike the modern day western black woman who is struggling to attract a mate from a black corner yet alone an interracial one.

      Black women are indeed outperforming black men educationally and economically, however in taking this route black women have sacrificed their principle function, which is to unite with a man, get married and start a family. On the contrary, black women will only remain (as they have determined by themselves) so called “successful” so long as this system of economics remains in place(which it will not). As soon as this system collapses, your average modern day western black woman will immediately be rendered down to a relic of no value and she will have to be placed upon the vestigial scrapheap. True success in life is about fulfilling your design fuction and ensuring the continuation of your lineage, it is not about what degree you have nor what your economic status is. Only your typical western black woman puts an emphasis and a value into these things as she knows that without them she has nothing.

      Again, it is the actions of black women that declare that white women are superior to them, not me making the statement. Black women are “dissing” themselves by turning to ratchet and outlandish behaviour. Brawling in the streets like brutes, twerking in every nook and cranny breathing fresh life into negative stereotypes in relation to the black woman’s sexuality, who is really dissing who here?

      Firstly, not all black men abandon their children, typically it is the black woman who prevents the black man from having access to his seed. Secondly, if black men do abandon their children, it is because they have been raised by single black mothers who have held no responsibility and thus have passed on these teachings down to their sons. Remember, we always have to go back to the beginning to locate the culprits, not make a judgement looking at the current situation as it stands today.

      There are white women who naturally have dark hair, black hair and curly hair, however white women do not walk around wearing afro weaves and wigs. If you disagree with this then please show me some evidence to the contrary. Accepting welfare in exchange for moving the black male out of the home, joining the feminist movement, who is the real sellout??????

      Most black men today are either in jail or in hell because of a black woman, you tried the “don’t get with white women because they will shaft you” line, however the biggest shafting the black man has received to date has and still comes from black women. Also remember that white woman are not the only alternative to black women for the black man. White girls with “extensions”(not weaves) that do not match their hair? Show me number one and number two even if this is the case, they are not wearing your natural afro hair, guaranteed.

      Black women did at one stage have a deep self respect for themselves, however since deciding to sell out to the miniscule rewards handed down to them by their new lord, saviour, master and father the so called European man, black women on the whole no longer hold to any standards. At one time black women didn’t hop into bed with any and everyone but how this has changed so much within the last 20-30 years. Its funny how you talk about the slackness of white girls yet it is black women who are the ones ending up pregnant the vast majority of the time, what is up with that? Note also that this is happening to the most educated woman on the planet by the way. Education and intelligence are two completely different things, black women on the whole commonly make the mistake of believing that both are one and the same.


  15. P.s focusing on a small few isnt going to improve your life either. Just stop the hating and stop praising white girls like the man wants you too. They are trying to breed us all out you know. Few years of turning black people against each other, none will want to date the other. They’ll all breed with white then the child will breed with white because whites are predominant here and so on the before you know NO MORE AFRICAN AMERICANS NO MORE ASIAN AMERICANS.
    Now get up son go to library or something and meet a nice black woman because i as a man can tell you if you go out and really meet them next to none are like those in the pics you put up and i think you know that.


    • RhysKnows,

      Where did I praise white women here? Yep, the problem is everyone else is being judged by the actions of those “small few” you are referring to. I am not turning black people against one another, I am simply recommending that black men abandon the modern day western black woman and look for a mate elsewhere.

      Sorry sir, the ratchet behaviour stretches across the board for black women, the professional black woman simply hides her ghetto ratchecity behind her education yet still exposes herself in the same breath when you see the ghetto thug, pants sagging boyfriend driving her car around during the day while she is at work.

      You power simps are the worst, it is partly because of your continued failure to check the ratchet, reprobate, violent, hooligan, sellout behaviour of these scoundrels that has allowed their condition of decadence to spiral out of control.




  16. I absolutely hate when bigots throw that lame excuse that black women are trying to be like white women with fake nails and hair. News fucking flash. Every race(except blacks) every single race, Asian , whites, indians and some hispanics have straight hair. Shoot half of thier hair is wavy or curly not 100% straight. The whole black women are imitating white women is old now. Another news flash, every race gets fake nails. What race is born with naturally long and when I say long I mean long nails or eyelashes. Also many Black’s get afro wigs and box braids which look nothing like “white hair”. You make it seem like white girls don’t fight get tattoos or piercings. Get a fucking life. If u hate us that much u would spend the time to write a whole page about us. Everybody claims white men don’t want black women but their ancestors were the same ones raping black women and lusting after them. Your excuses are denied

    Liked by 1 person

    • Blackgirls,

      The stupidity and absurdity of black women and their supporters is illustrated once again. The point is that non black women are not going around wearing other people’s hair on their heads, black women are, this is the insecurity of modern day black women.

      What is old is black women still attempting to steer the conversation in a different direction everytime they are questioned on the stupidity that they engage in. Black women have to be mocked and laughed to scorn at this point, they claim that they are a prime choice candidate over other nationalities of women, yet at the same time they are breaking their necks to distance themselves from their natural looks.

      Again, why is the backbone of the black community, the supposed “mother of civilisation” doing what everybody else is doing? Shouldn’t black women be setting their own trends instead of following those of others? Black women wearing European style hair is the general trend, not black women wearing afro wigs and box braids.

      Black women and their supporters make me laugh, black women claim that they are not trying to mimic white women yet as soon as they are called out on their jack lad folly, what are the first words out of their mouths, “white women do it too”. Make up your mentally ill minds please. I do not hate black women, I simply understand them, therefore why shouldn’t I dedicate writings to a group of women who have derailed seeing as I understand why?

      White men have always had access to black women, white men have simply used black women to destroy the black community and black women have been all too willing to serve their white father. Keep on dreaming believing that white men will one day choose black women over their own white women, it will never happen.


  17. Actually these are Black “Christian” women. They are lost and are primarily shown in the media. Although I write a blog about Black “Christian” males harassing me I do at times mention Black “Christian” women who mock me for being modest. I am a highly educated, international professional (think accountant or engineering) who dresses modestly. These ratchet Christian women mock my clothes yet the contribute about 97% of the 75% black children born out of wedlock in the Black “community.” All these protests about black womwn getting killed police–most of the time they are criminals, disrespectful to law enforcement nasty stereotypes–one less Black “Christian” harassing Sunni and other decent women. They are proud of sin, debauchery, disturbing the piece and shaking their a***** like b****** in heat. Society is better off without these and the black males just like them burdwn civilized society.


    • Blackmanleaveusalone,

      You are right, western black women and black women who decide to adopt the ways are the west are the majority culprits. The so called “christian” western black woman has turned into a decadent slob, she has no moral compass, she has no shame, she delights in her debauchery and revels in her reprobation.

      Black women from other cultural and religious backgrounds do not take part in such slack activities and tend to stay away from western black women. I remember a young lady from I believe Ethiopia who made a youtube video cascading western black women particularly those of the United States. She stated how western black women are looked down upon by black women from other backgrounds and to be honest I do not blame them for doing so. Obviously the saber toothed western black female savages set upon her instantly simply for informing them as to how they are viewed by the outside world.

      To be honest these women are not truly christians because this is not the way a person who believes in Christ is supposed to act. Western black women typically use modern day christianity as their shield from being examined and scrutinised. It doesn’t really surprise me that they give you a hard time, they hate that which is upright, clean and orderly. They wish to contaminate that which is uncontaminated.

      This is the main reason why I advise well to do, intelligent, progressive black men to look elsewhere for a companion, the western black woman for the majority part is a goner and she will continue to manufacture excuses as to why she shouldn’t change for the better.

      If you want to truly understand why the western black male is in his current state of decadence, you must first examine the western black woman who has been raising him by herself for the past 50-60 years.


      • It is indeed sad. There is an example I always heard about separating the chaffe? feom the wheat. There is a great separation among Blacks (regardless of professed faith) more decent, conscious Black Americans are advising like minded individuals to avoid the hood, if stuck in a bad neighborhood to save and move away from them as quietly Nd quickly as possible. Once separated universal laws and time will be their complete demise. I remember speaking with an intelligent agnostic Black man in my profession and he put it like this, the ones who engage in this conduct and violence will eventually exterminate themselves out of existence. My thought was “the goal is to avoid the crossfire!


      • Blackmanleaveusalone,

        This is exactly why I wrote in a post sometime ago about the up and coming civil war between intelligent, well to do, progressive blacks and their decadent, ghetto, violent counterparts. Stay away from them yes, however once they have used up all of their resources they will come seeking fresh pastures to contaminate and to consume, therefore always be prepared to defend your home turf against the stragglers who in desperate times will now be expecting to eat the meals off your plate.


  18. Greetings I’m a Child of God also a Black Women
    I’m a Wife of an educated Saved Black Man and a Mother of two young gifted black Men in thier 20’s
    I agree with everything your saying ,Colton said it best
    The senserest form of flattery is imitation .
    When I was growing up in the late 70’s and 80’s
    My mother would press my nappy hair until my scalp burned with her hot comb,because she did not like nappy hair,when I got my pressed hair wet from swimming or taking a bath ,I would bring disappointment to my Mothers face.
    So I learned young like many Black women my age 44 that natural nappy hair was undesirable ,for my 13th birthday I was (taken) to get a perm and even though the hairdresser chemically burned my scalp ,in order to straighten my hair ,none of that mattered to my Mother ,the look of approval on her face, and all the compliments black males and females gave me said straight hair is beautiful and your natural nappy hair is UGLY. . You must understand black Women have been and are victims of this western culture with no one to validate us except our Daddies ,and that’s only for us who grow up with one. The first Man I fell in love with was my Black Daddy and nappy or not he always loved me,so I have always loved and Respected Black Men,nothing they do can ever change that.
    Because my foundation is solid in what my Daddy means to me. It took me to turn 44 to not want straight her anymore ,I now wear twist or braided Bob styles …. However the fake this and the fake that,is every Women’s personal choice it’s bettween her and her Husband. As A Black Women I personally would not allow any plastic surgery to be done to my body,But I like my fake nails and guess what my beautiful Husband likes them to .
    I am praying that we as Black Women will get saved, and make Jesus Christ our Lord,that will take care of all the unwise decisions some of us tend to make.
    Recommend this on your site Proverbs 31
    It is the beginning of a life time change .
    And as frustrated as you maybe remember
    Love covers a Multitude of Sins.
    Stay encouraged my Brother🌾


  19. What the hell is wrong with you? What kind of white nonsensical bullcrap is this? White people aren’t superior to ANYONE let alone the origin of all life on earth. The leading most educated group in the nation. This has to be the most racists and pathetic excuse for self uplifting I have ever seen in my life. You are a disgrace to humanity.

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  22. Black women will often lie and state that HAIR WEAVE and HAIR EXTENSIONS are the same things. I will also note that only about 5% of white women wear hair extensions on a regular basis. White women often use hair extensions, after a haircut, to return to their former length. By the age of 5, most white females already have a substantial amount of hair unless the white female gets a haircut.

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    • Spoken like a true Uncle Tom, the cousin of Uncle Ruckus, nephew of Mr. Sambo Coon and second cousin by marriage to that house negro in massa’s house. WHERE ARE THE REAL BLACK MEN AT???????


      • Brotha Where Art Thou?,

        So called “real black men” are dating out as they realise that the modern day black female is a basket case destined for hellfire. Black female skullduggery and dysfunction is not like the Lock Ness Monster, it’s in plain sight for all to see.


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