Evasional Techniques Of The Black Woman – The Enquirer’s Handbook!



“Oh Verbs, are you going off on black women yet again? Hasn’t this topic been exhausted now”? No, actually the topic of black women could potentially be spoken about for years on end, hammered at from many different angles. Because black women have never been held accountable for their actions, there is such a huge backlog of transgressions to deal with. However, this time I would like to focus upon the techniques and war strategies that black women as a whole use to avoid the fire of accountability, that is the “get out of jail cards” that are frequently used by black women when they are questioned about actions that they have carried out or do currently carry out which are in most cases wrong and in a large number of cases extremely questionable.

It has to be stated from the beginning that when dealing with black women and their trickery, never forget that the name calling and slogan slinging you may receive are all mere distractions designed specifically to throw a person off the mark, that is to throw you into a state of confusion or even guilt and thus prevent you from speaking the truth on an issue directly related to them.

When you look at a black woman, you are actually looking at a white man and vise versa as both parties are masters at dodging being held accountable for their actions. The black woman and the European man are both two sides of the same coin, after all it was the European man who trained the black woman up into the master accountability dodger that she has become today. Any honest black woman would have to confess that this is indeed correct. Of course the ratchet reprobate violent hoodrats will automatically go into denial immediately and launch rapid counter attacks in order to distract and remove the heat from themselves. Criticising the ratchet activity of black women is a no no in their eyes.

Remember most black women especially of the west lack the ability to be honest with themselves and with other people. This is also coupled with the fact that they believe that due to the power that they have been given by the so called European man, they have the unbridled right to behave in whatever manner they chose and that nobody has the right to question anything that they do. Most black men since the late 80s onwards have been raised by single black mothers and black women have taught black men to revere them and hold them to the highest esteem regardless of what foul behaviours these mothers exhibit.

I know personally myself being raised in a single parent household that I was taught by my mother to accept and look upon her stupidity, foolishness and illogical concluding as wisdom and knowledge handed down from the highest heavens that could never possibly be in error. Today as a man who knows who he is, who is secure and confident in himself, I now know that I was bamboozled and tricked at every stage by my mother in order for her to feel proud and guiltless about her ratchecity. This is why I refer to the majority of black women as tricksters, because if they can pull one over on you as a black male, the opportunity is too tempting for most black women to pass up and they WILL pull a fast one on you, whether it be in your face or behind your back. Remember that most black women actually have a deep hatred and a boundless disdain for black men. As I have reported before, black women have become the number one enemy of the black male. Today she has surpassed the white man totally as an enemy hostile combatant working fervently to eliminate and destroy the black male from off the face of the planet. Don’t believe me, ok then, who are currently the number one assassins of unborn children in the womb today? You can have 3 guesses however I know that you will sus the answer out only using 1. Nuff said!

With that out of the way, let us take a look at some of the illogical deflections and techniques of distraction that black women use regularly to place in limbo anybody who attempts to question them or their questionable and dodgy behaviour.



This has to be by far the most dumbest, stupidest and the most common card that a black woman will pull out of the hat when she is being cornered and called out or when a black male expresses a different point of view to her own. This accusation as per usual coming from the mouth of a black woman makes absolutely no sense whatsoever but remember, it is not destined to make any sense to begin with, it is merely a distraction. Let us examine this folly and deconstruct the stupidity:

Firstly, how can you just randomly label somebody as homosexual having no evidence that they are actually that way inclined? Secondly, how can you black women choose to just label somebody as homosexual just because they may hold a different opinion to you on a particular topic? Thirdly, what does sexual orientation have to do with the fact that you may be wrong on a particular subject or that maybe you are being called out for something that you have clearly done wrong?

Commonly this homosexual card is pulled by black women when you begin to home in on the truth in relation to their ratchet lifestyles. Again, remember that the accusation is not meant to make sense, it is simply meant to distract. Remember the so called white man behaves in exactly the same manner when he is cornered and continously lashed with the truth. Two sides of the same coin, never forget.

Also black women, even if a black man has problems with you personally, remember that you are not the only females residing on planet earth, there are other women to choose from here. Not wanting you does not mean that all other females in the world are ruled out together with you also. It seems that any black male who refuses to subscribe to the illogical insanity of the black woman and accept her outlandish and bizarre behaviour is labelled as a homosexual in her eyes. This behaviour cannot be figured out because it is not meant to be dissected, again this slogan is simply a distraction, nothing more.

I have even heard that some black women have gone as far as to say that any black men who do not like weaves are all homosexuals. The disjointed and dysfunctional mind of the modern day western black woman. Yes, I do not like weaves however how does this equate me to being a homosexual eh black woman? Reprobate and ratchet until the very end.



Hahahahahahaha, I really have to laugh when I hear black women rattle this off at black men as it is in actual fact the modern day western black woman who is the real sellout and who hates herself. You weave wearing harridans are the biggest self haters and sellouts on the planet. At least black men are not going out of their way to physically attempt to look like white men. When was the last time you saw a black male walking down the street wearing a European man’s wig on his head? I’ve said it before, the weave wearing among black women is a clear sign of deep mental illness. If I were to walk down the street as a black male with a white man’s style wig on my head, I would be laughed to scorn so heavily, I would be forced to beat a hasty retreat back to my home almost immediately as the open laughter would echo so loudly throughout the streets.

Yet the majority of you self loathing, black women wear these coon hat skull caps on your heads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and your mind has been so twisted and jaded over time that now you actually believe that what you are doing is part of normal behaviour. No, wearing European hair on your head is NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOUR and wearing the weave regalia is still not going to get you accepted by the so called white male. There are indeed black men who are trying to be accepted by the European man and his system however at no stage have black men resorted to actually attempting to change their physical appearance to try and look white en mass. Shame on you weave wearing hooligans, you are an utter disgrace. Exactly who would be looking for a black woman who is trying her best to imitate and replicate the physical look of a white woman?

The modern day western black woman is the most hardcore coon, self hater and sellout to have ever walked the planet in 1000s of years and most of you are proud of this position. Until black women start behaving in a original manner as they once did, a coon is sadly one of many different titles that can be appropriated towards these weaving wearing scoundrels. Until you black women change for the better, begin to accept who you are naturally and begin to love yourselves, reserve the titles of sellout and self hater for yourselves. You already know the saying about people who live in glass houses, how they shouldn’t throw stones?

Remember, the definition of a sellout is “somebody who is acting in a detrimental fashion towards their own race”. The definition of a self hater is “somebody who hates THEMSELF” personally, NOT somebody else who is of the same colour as they are. Black women have misappropriated the titles of self hater and sellout towards black men when it is the majority of black women who are trying their best to look like European women. What more first hand example of a sellout, a coon and a self loather can you get other than looking at the modern day western black woman? Answers on a postcard please.



This is yet another term that has been rinsed to death by the modern day ratchet western black woman in her attempt to dodge being held accountable for her belligerent, wild beast, unbridled behaviour. The fact that you do not like being told about your beastly behaviour is not my concern. Does a child turn around to his/her parents and say “you’re bashing me” when they receive reprimanding for getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar or for raiding the fridge at midnight for a feast when he/she should be in bed asleep?

This is how simple most black women have become to where you have to explain things in child like terms in order for something to be understood by them. Thirsty simpleton Negro males have also been throwing this term about in the hopes of impressing these no good wild harridans in the hopes of receiving some sexual gratification in exchange for the so called “loyalty”. The black male in general has now become a man who is lead by his penis the majority of the time. It isn’t as though you thirsty Negroes are trying to impress classy, head screwed on correctly type black women either, no, you always aim to impress the dregs and the bottom of the barrel scum.

No black women, there is no such validity for the claim of “being bashed” in your case. It is simply a case of where you do not want you foul and nasty behaviour to be talked about. Well, here is another simple solution for you, why don’t you stop involving yourselves in foul, nasty and irresponsible behaviour? Surely this way if you start behaving appropriately and throw the foul behaviour in the trash can, nobody can call you out and use you and your actions as a example of scum.

Do not expect to be uplifted by me whilst still involving yourselves in tom foolery and beastly actions. Some black women have the audacity to believe that they should still be held to high order and exalted ie titled as a “queen” while still involving themselves in degradable acts. The solution as stated before for you is simple, STOP THE FOOLERY!



The point here black women wish to raise is to claim that because of your rough past and afflictions, somehow you are no longer qualified to speak on an issue or issues related, in other words they attempt to discredit your point of view before it has even got off the ground and you have had a chance to talk about your experiences. This technique is only applied by black women “coincidentally” when the subject of black women is raised, lol.

A woman who has been raped is encouraged to talk about her experience despite her suffering physical, mental and emotional trauma, in order for others to learn from her and possibly avoid what she went through or to at least be prepared for the worst.

A man who has taken drugs and suffered the consequences of drug abuse is also encouraged to share his story more time as a lesson to others in order for them to yet again avoid the pitfalls of drugs and learn from his experience in order to make wiser choices for themselves in the future.

Being hurt or angry at something/someone does not automatically disqualify you from speaking out about that particular thing. The only time that this argument can be used successfully against somebody is if that person does not speak in a coherent and understandable manner and does not make any valid points to support their position. Yet again, another technique of distraction frequently used by black women.



Exactly what part of your brain is not functioning to where you cannot see that the solutions are already built into the equation eh black women? Must everything be explained to you like a child? If you kept putting your hand in fire and burning yourself, wouldn’t the solution be to stop doing it? If you feel thirsty, isn’t the solution to drink some water? If you feel sleepy then isn’t the solution to go to sleep? You see, this is yet again another distraction as the solutions to your problems are apparent and obvious.

Stop trying to look like somebody whom you are not, learn to respect yourself and love yourself and take off that ridiculous hair rug that you call a weave as it look totally stupid. Of course, the problem with many of you black women is that you are looking for solutions that will fit in with and support your current state of insanity, this is a small side reason why you continually call out for so called “solutions”, because you yet again do not want to hear the honest truth about the folly and the outlandish stupidity that you are taking part in. Your local money changer aka preacher would be glad to accommodate you and cater to your emotions, I’m sure that you will be able to find one of these swindlers on a nearby street corner somewhere.



What black women are trying to say here is that because you came from one black woman, automatically you should respect all black women unconditionally. This is complete and utter folly for many reasons. Firstly, what if a person’s mother was a ratchet scumbag, what happens then? Secondly, how can all black women claim that they are all entitled to respect from you having never met you and proven to you personally that they actually deserve some respect to begin with? Thirdly, my mother is an individual, she has nothing to do with you. The only thing that you and her share in common is skin colour and that is where the commonality stops.

Sorry black women, my mother being black is not enough for me to give you respect, this is a fool’s disposition. You have to earn that respect and show me as a INDIVIDUAL that you really desire and deserve some respect. Sharing the same skin colour does not somehow give you an automatic pass to respect metropolis.

“Your mother is black” is simply another key that black women use in an attempt to remove the heat of the truth to try and shutdown relevant and true speech. I do not have a problem with black women, my problem lies with what they have become. Black women do not want to communicate with the black male, they want to dominate him which is blatant emasculation, hence the name calling and slogan throwing. Distraction and emasculation are the two main objectives with all of these strategic manoeuvres.



When all of the above fail then the black woman will next resort to criticising your physical features and this lets you know clearly that the black woman and the white man are two sides of the same coin because the black woman will usually fire the same names against you that your typical racist white male would normally use. If you happen to be a dark skinned black male then the first attack to be expected is normally against your skin tone, “darko, crispy, burnt, black as hell, soot, blackula, monkey, baboon”, etc.

Damnnnnnnnn, you’d think that you would be dealing with a racist white person with all of these names being pulled out of the hat but you would be wrong…………………well half right. One of the problems black women have today is their serious lack of self confidence. Their mission is to put you down in order to prop themselves up and make themselves feel more comfortable with who they are, however this illusion of satisfaction is always a temporary one and soon fades into obscurity. Black women are very desperate for attention, hence the weaves, tattoos, blue/green contacts, slack clothing, body, mouth, tongue and eyebrow piercing, street brawling or taking pictures of themselves from the side to show men their buttocks and posting the photos online for all to view.

As I stated before, good black women who are not part of this madness had better start speaking out against it now or you too will one day find yourselves upon the scrap heap of rejection. Do not think for a second that you can avoid the wrath that is coming to the hoodrats by not involving yourselves in the conversation and remaining silent on the matter. As far as the world is concerned today, you and the reprobate wild hoodrat women are one and the same, cut from the same cloth and your continued silence is stating that you openly agree with this conclusion.

Black women love to call you ugly especially when they have been proven incorrect. Of course a man who is confident within himself and knows who he is will simple brush this foolery to the side. Deal with the points of the conversation black women, the fact that you have to resort to tactics such as these adds even more credence to the points being railed against you. I cannot be beaten with any of the sticks that you throw at me, I know what you are really all about, what you are trying to do and why, so name calling and slogan slinging at me is simply a fool’s errand. I won’t be distracted by your tom foolery and I will continue to hammer you with the truth relentlessly with no mercy. Your time of accountability has come and you will be held accountable for your actions whether you like it or not.



Yes, black women will stoop so low as to name call and slogan sling at you family aswell. Wife, children, mother, father, grandparents, everybody within you family is fair game to be fired upon. The black woman typically knows no bounds when it comes down to defending her bruised reputation and her battered pride. She will refuse to admit that she is wrong and you and anybody else who stands in her way she will moe down without remorse, pity or mercy.

Many of you decent black women have also been victims of this kind of retribution yourselves. You know exactly what I am talking about. Tell me that I am lying. Still keep in mind that regardless of how nasty the attacks may be, they are still all distractions attempting to throw you off the beaten path of truth, never lose sight of the underlying motive.

This has to be one of the lowest blows that black women will resort to. My question is this, if you have a disagreement with a person on a particular issue, why would you start bringing their family into the equation and gunning them off? What exactly has their family done to you and how are they involved in this matter? At this point the black woman will normally show her true nasty colours and tell you that she just doesn’t give a darn at all. This is what the modern day western black woman has become, a heartless, merciless assassin whose only concern is for her own selfish feelings and needs. This is what has become of black women particularly in the west today.



This is where the black woman will turn private investigator and sift through your history in order to use something “naughty” against you when she begins to feel you closing in on the truth. Anything goes and any information about either you, somebody you are dating, your spouse or your family is fair game to the FBI black female investigator to throw in your face when backed into a corner. There is no stone that the FBI investigative black female will not leave unturned.

The FBI investigative black female can be very efficient when it comes down to digging up the dirt on other people. However, it is a pity that she cannot use the same effort and efficiency in cleaning up her own filthy house which is normally riddled with skeletons and history too disgraceful to be spoken of, things that ought not to have taken place, things that any other person would be completely ashamed of. Yes, the FBI black female investigator will troll through the dirt looking for those golden nuggets of ammunition she feels are going to be a saviour in her time of distress, her distress is simply being confronted with raw hard truth that she cannot take being placed in her face and that she cannot accept.

The FBI investigative black female also has a good memory for recollecting things of the past, namely things of the past that can be used against you at any time in the present or the future. To be honest and fair, this is a trait that is present among most women period regardless of their nationality. I’m sure many black men and also black women can attest to being in complete shock when an investigative female has brought up something from the past that even you couldn’t remember took place or something that you had completely forgotten about. Women in general enjoy stocking up their memory banks with events that took place that can be brought up against you at a later date. I’m sure that many men here know exactly what I am talking about.

Watch out for the FBI investigative black female as she will also use whatever tools are within her reach to get the investigation job done, that includes sifting through your own tools too. So you are advised to keep your tools out of reach from her dirty hands.



This has to be one of the biggest and most blatant techniques used by black women that clearly illustrates her hand in glove operation along side the so called white man as it is the white male who specialises in the use of this particular technique. If all else really fails and I mean really fails then the black woman will seek to recruit and rally troops to fight her cause for her. Because the majority of western black women are simpleton beings who act on emotions and do not think things through, it is easy enough to rally a bunch of childish reprobate slack jawed hoodrat sketels to fight for the cause of another ratchet individual.

If you haven’t noted already from my previous post, you should at least know from experience that the modern day western black woman loves confrontation and fighting. The location or the type of fighting is insignificant when it comes to her, on the street, in her home or as a cyber brawler on the internet, any type of combat in any location, she is ready for all action. Remember the modern day western black woman is not really a smart tactician, the majority of her textbook training originates from the so called white man. It is he who instructs her in the art of tom foolery and she in her lust for him and in her desire to please him will carry out his instructions without asking questions.

Her recruits are normally either other reprobate weave wearing, wild, slack jawed, violent hooligan women like herself, no good deadbeat Negro males who are thirsty for some sex and female attention or in many cases a combination of the two. Once upon a time it would be the simpleton black men who would threaten to cause you physical harm and the black females would stick to calling you every foul name under the sun trying to bruise your emotions. Not anymore, in 2013 black women now think that they are men and that they have a bigger penis than us. I keep hearing black women telling black men with whom they have disagreements, to “suck their dicks”. Are you beginning to see why when it comes down to choosing somebody to marry, black women are last choice on the list of all nationalities of men?

Back to the onslaught. At this point the black woman will dispatch her willing recruits to the battle, she will then sit back, laugh and continue to stir the cauldron from a far distance. You all know that I am telling the truth, it has happened to many of you and for some of you this may be painful to acknowledge because the end result may have been a grim one, but none the less you know that I am telling the truth deep down………………well at least those who are willing to be honest.



Its funny, I have heard others who speak the truth also being labelled as agents but I never thought that this would happen to me, oh well, I guess there is a first time for everything. An agent of what exactly? Its funny how Christ blatantly stated that he came to bring division and a sword in order to bring about life changes for the better for the select few who knew what was going on and followed him, yet nobody accuses him of being an agent. So let me get this straight, in attempting to hold a certain cadre of black women accountable for the wreckless actions that they have carried out for almost half a century, this makes me an agent? Please clarify, an agent of what?

This is how stupid most black women have become, they never would accuse a person of being an agent if it was simply black men being held accountable, however as soon as they are quizzed on their actions, you now all of a sudden work for the FBI/CIA/MI5/MI6/MOSSAD and other intelligence services. The stupidity of black women in general sometimes is a complete enigma to even fathom. Yet again, as with all of the other names and slogans that they throw out to deflect heat, this one serves the same purpose as the rest, as a mere distraction. Notice also how these cohort black women can NEVER deal with the points/contentions raised nor can they ever accuse you of not telling the truth. Simpleton black males also have a habit and a fetish for throwing this one out of the hat when they are ready.

Most modern day western black women in 2013 are simply like children, they simply do not want to grow up and face the cold hard reality of life and they name call and slogan throw exactly like children in the playground in an attempt to upset the enquirer and make him/her feel guilty. Accusing somebody of being an agent changes nothing here, you wild beast hooligans are still a bunch a reprobate scoundrels and I am going to continue to call you out on your belligerent, scumbag activities regardless of what names and slogans you attempt to throw at me.



Now many of you may say that ratchet scumbags are not your responsibility to deal with and that they should be left to their own devices however, your fore parents knew different. They knew that they had to first separate themselves from the scum and then name and shame the scum in order to keep them at a distance. This way the black community for the most part remained contaminant free. The no good trash had to venture outside of the neighbourhood into the darkest corners to carry out their dirty and dodgy deeds.

Notice now how because black people as a whole have chosen to embrace the scumbags instead of rejecting them, black neighbourhoods for the most part have become a basket case and have trundled downhill heavily. The problem with scumbags is they have a instinct to want to infect others with their filth. Think of them as zombies. Don’t think that because you may be holding your own in some well lit corner minding your own business, not getting involved and keeping yourself to yourself that the problem is going to remain contained to one location, you better think again on that one. You should know better than that. A virus will spread throughout the body if not brought into check and contained early. The same goes for cancer and many other diseases.

So, you can go and hold your own and ignore what is going on if you so wish but mark my words, the reprobate scum will reach you eventually and when they do, they will deal with your case horribly and with no mercy. Those who believe that they can remain outside of the conversation and not take action are simply deluding themselves. Your current comfort is a temporary one. The more I think about this situation is the more I believe that at some point there will have to be a physical clash between the good and the bad in order to bring about some sort of normality and order again to the black nation.

I for one am sick and tired of the scum buckets on both sides, black men and black women as their stupid and idiotic behaviour is causing the other nations to lose patience with us far more rapidly than if we’d just gotten on with our lives more productively and dealt with the bad apples as they all deal with them, that is to shun them and oust them. It is time for good black men and women to unite and speak out against the scum. Ignoring the scum buckets has not done us any favours, things have gotten out of hand and the black community today internationally is in deep trouble. We also must stop supporting the scum thinking with the mentality that we must all stick together regardless of whether a black person is beneficial or detrimental towards the black nation as a whole.

Yet another ground breaking master piece of a post that the ratchet, reprobate scoundrels will not be able to refute. As always, if the rebellious, ratchet shoe does not fit you, you shouldn’t be offended and what has been said here. The people who normally find offence are of course the ratchet, wild beast black females, the thirsty simpleton Negro males and black women who do not yet know who they are as individuals. The degredation of the black community is so bad that black people need to learn to represent themselves first as individuals. Because of the bad apples among us, we can no longer play the “all in it together” role and we have to accept this position no matter how painful and uncomfortable this may be. Remember, the individual is the key to change, not the group. Governments via covert operations can and do control groups all of the time, it is the individual, especially individuals with ideas that they cannot control and who worry them greatly.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

8 thoughts on “Evasional Techniques Of The Black Woman – The Enquirer’s Handbook!

  1. Shalom brother, im new to your blog and everything ive seen so far is absolute truth. I agree with the fact that instead of the good black women among us that are either keeping silent or getting offended, it would be very wise to help purge out the reprobates and if you consider yourselves “not like that” then start SEPARATING YOURSELVES! speak out on the fact that your not like that and start placing a difference between you and the ignorant westernzed black woman before the world, BW should actually sit back and think, the more you DONT say anything the more you will be lumped in with the “bad girls club” and assumed just as niggerish as them, and if your offended by it then either you or someone close to you fits the topic at hand…brother verbs, you may have brought the truth in a brutal fashion but none the less it IS the truth….i myself have seen and dealt with these foolish BW first hand,and i am happily married to a beautiful black woman and she agrees with you as well the westernized BW has become completely out of her mind, too much “Scandel” too much BET, too much western influence is driving BW over the cliff, all this blonde hair and wig wearing doesnt make any sense, do realize how many beautiful styles BW can put thier natural hair in? short or long who cares! its yours!…and when you go all out to imitate someone you are not, especially a nation that hates you and deep inside want to look like you (not the ratchet BW but the virtuous ones), then there does seem to be an inferiority complex within the imitator which gives the opposite superior status without even saying anything….this is what they dont think about, one cannot solve an issue if the problem is not directly pointed out nor can it be solved if the one with the problem is too hard headed and prideful to see it…shalom verb keep up the good truth


    • Branden,

      Welcome sir, glad to have you and your wife aboard. I’m glad to hear that you found yourself a good black woman to marry as sadly they are a rarity these days.

      Good black women thought that they could get away with keeping silent on the issue and not get involved in the conversation, however now the chickens have come home to roost and as you mentioned, good black women are being categorised in the same brackets with the slum belly wild beast ratchets.

      Im just bringing the truth in a direct and undiluted form. Black women are in dire straits and most seem to think that they can continue on this path of destruction and somehow still believe that they will be unaffected.

      Scandel, Housewives Of Atlanta, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Love And Hiphop, Cheaters, Booty Entertainment Televisión, most black women have indulged in all of this filth and nonsense non stop and it has totally scewed their minds.

      The weave wearing I believe is one of the main outward manifestations of madness among black women today as a result of them chasing after the dainty poisonous treats of this Babylon system. I don’t know how black women can wear these head rugs day in and day out for months at a time, the issue of hygiene is also a major concern here. Bacteria, dead skin, sweat, dirt, dust, bugs etc all live and build up under that weave, no wonder I see many these head rug wearers bashing the side of their heads with their hands trying to get rid of itches and God knows what else is lurking under that rug. I struggle to wear a baseball cap for an hour, how they can wear that contraption for months on end is beyond me.

      Black women need to stop imitating the so called white woman and start behaving in an original fashion as their current mannerisms of copying are off putting to all men, not just black men.

      This is another issue with black women in general that you highlighted, they somehow believe that they can deal with issues indirectly. It hasn’t worked(it was obvious it wouldn’t) and things have gotten severely out of hand. Brother Verbs is no longer going to side step issues, they have to be and will be dealt with directly and head on at full strength.

      Most High Bless


      • Spot on verbs about the TV shows that Hollywood is pushing so they are the culprit we all know who control Hollywood but they fool us as a black women produce these shows they do evil and put a black face in front while they degrade black women and men and make millions behind the scenes the same thing with the Color purple and really the govt of the usa thanks for your honesty we all will be dealt with shalom


  2. I understand your point… I agree that there is in fact a problem, but what is criticism without assessing the root cause of it as well as a proffered solution? If you care about effectiveness, and this is not merely a platform to rant your discontents, I would encourage you to incorporate the missing pieces to your message. You offer paragraph after paragraph of what is wrong, while saying very little about what should be done. With your approach, you make black women sound like villainous creatures, which is offensive, and less likely to be received. Furthermore, I understand why you are being called an agent, despite the fact this may not be true, because essentially you are promoting the exact platform that was designed by European slave owners to justify slavery, rape, and later jim crow enforcement, and perpetual deconstruction of the black family… including what we now know as the baby mama syndrome. Your message is relevant and very important, but your delivery is antiquated and prefabricated. That said, while you are accusing black women of perpetuating stereotypes to enforce “the man’s” agenda, you are doing the exact same thing, in exact accordance with the blueprint that was laid out during slavery. Unfortunately this is a common mistake that both men and women make, and instead of helping, it causes more damage. Think of it this way, if you continually call a child worthless, the child will grow up to be worthless. If you continue to tell the child he/she is great, she/he will grow up to be great. If you chastise a child for doing something wrong, without telling them why it’s wrong, they will continue to do that act. If you tell the child why the act is wrong, they will be more likely to not do it again. Adults are no different. We don’t stop growing just because we reach the age of majority.

    I encourage you to look deeper into our history, and you will see the things I’m saying for yourself. Perhaps then you will be motivated to tweak your message to be more encouraging and less demeaning, more informative and less chastising. That’s the best way to get through to the people you need to reach, rather than facing resistance, and merely preaching to the choir.

    Peace and blessings.


    • Esquire,

      I hear what you are saying however there is no need to present any solutions here because the solutions are already obvious and inherently attached to the problem. If somebody continuously places their hands in a fire and complains about getting burned, the obvious solution is for the person to stop putting their hands in the same said fire. Normally what I find is when people begin to say that solutions should be brought forward by the same party explaining the problems, what they are really attempting to do is to get the messenger to stop talking about the problems.

      Black women already know what needs to be done, as I stated before, the appropriate solutions are already attached and bolted to the problems. The message here that I relay is not for the many, it is for the few. These times are extremely critical for black women, the time to be nice and approach this situation from a smooth and easy standpoint has passed. This confirms exactly what I have stated before, that black women in general are masters of dodging accountability just like their white father. Black women as a whole as it stands today have turned into vile creatures who are at complete odds with black men.

      Proclaiming the truth about the current state of affairs in relation to the black woman as a whole will get any person doing so badly labelled and accused of false personations, the slogan slinging and the name calling will come especially from black women who fit the bill and the stereotype, however this is a necessary medicine that needs to be administered immediately regardless of the feelings of the recipients. One thing I have declared that I refuse to do is to “tweak the message”, as this would now be going into the realm of compromise and deceit. It is “the man” that has placed the black woman in the position that she is in today, all I am doing is explaining the situation and enlightening brothers to what is really taking place.

      Black women on the whole are drunk off of the power that the so called white man has given them so in turn they are definitely not interested in the slightest in solutions that will remove them from their position of power. Appreciated for the input however as I stated before, this message is for the few, not for the many.




  3. Wow!! My prayer is that we look upon each other based on the condition of our souls. Described in the article are all symptoms (obviously) of the condition, of the group in question, their souls. This brings me to question the condition of the onlooker’s/observer’s soul; that the strong opinions/facts made has manifested some hate, seriously. It’s the powerful prayer’s united and lifted up that are going to bring change, not the criticism, name calling, and hate ranting. To look upon someone and become disgusted and judgmental is not of the Lord who died for us all. Now, the word does say to tell the truth and shame the devil but we must tell the truth in Spirit. YES! there are problems in us all, men, women and children. We need a revival in the black community. YES! you have raised some very real issues and super valid points and as a black woman I agree that we face and deal with serious issues. The point is that it has come to a point that it can no longer be ignored and seemingly, through the expressive article I charge you to turn your words thoughts and opinions over to the Lord and pray for this group of beings and the condition of their souls which is ultimately on the line. Thank you for your article because it has stirred some serious thought provoking, soul searching and prayer.


    • Dee,

      You attempting to label my report as hateful or any other label has not changed the situation for the majority of black women who are still wallowing in the mire of decadence. It is time for black women to look past the delivery technique, examine the points that have been raised and make some real genuine changes accordingly.

      This is an emergency situation which requires emergency measures, the time for being nice and putting things across softly has expired. If your house is on fire I am not going to knock on your door as I would under normal circumstances, I will be banging on your door and shouting in order to get your attention.

      The same goes for black women and their current bottom barrel state, the approach has to be adjusted according to the current conditions. Being disgusted at someone is definitely of the Most High, have you forgotten when the Most High told Israel that he would no longer answer their prayers due to the fact that they kept on turning towards other gods(I believe that this happened in Judges), he was disgusted with their behaviour.

      Christ was sickened and disgusted by the behaviour of the Scribes and the Pharisees which is why he cascaded them heavily in Matthew 23. There are many more examples of the Most High expressing anger and disgust at certain behaviours, so what you have stated is incorrect.

      It is not my burden to pray for these lost women, my prayers go out to those who see the light and other who will come into the light, besides the Most High has appointed me to deal with the Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure, this is the dragon that I am to go up against. Somebody else like yourself by all means can pray for these lost souls however that is not my burden or mission. It is not that I am being selfish, I simply do not want to be distracted from the task that the Most High has given to me.

      I glad that you found the article useful and informative, there will be a remnant of black women who will get it, however the majority of black women will perish. A harsh statement but a true statement nonetheless.


  4. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not labeling your article as hate I’m convinced that it is very real and true. My point was that if you point out the disgust, that takes energy that you can use to pray. The Bible says never cease from praying and that the Angels are astonished by our lack of prayer. If you can see it with a discerning eye, you can speak life in the situation. In Matthew 23, the Father was appalled by the hypocrisy in the religious ways of the pharisees, too religious to look out for one another with prayer, healing and faithfulness: “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness.

    Also, the church is the people, according to the Bible, the church is the body of Christ—all those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation (John 3:16; 1 Corinthians 12:13). You have a discerning eye and spirit and with that gift I ask that you pray on those things you see in the spirit. Also, when we don’t know what to pray for or how to pray the Holy Spirit will unction in, meaning, Likewise the Spirit also helps our infirmity: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. And he who searches the hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because he makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God (Romans 8:26-27).

    Please, the very fact that you have been able to see with the Spiritual eye, these things that afflict and ail these women is not a coincidence. Just like you stated, some will receive and or understand without labeling, and some will label. You and I and those who see shall not label but become aware of the condition of the souls and pray that they may be healed and that the Spirit in our words through prayer reaches the father, have faith that our prayers can save many more than who are lost. For it is His will that we all come to know Him and are saved.

    Alright brother, I only respond to unite in truth and pull down strongholds that exalt in the minds of black women and any woman for that matter and man, not to tit-for-tat, not to label your article. Surely, I’m aware that the enemy would try to use my words as an example of what your saying about black women, but I come against the accuser of the brethern and say the Lord rebuke you. Be in love and in peace.



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