The Current Black Mindset – One Of Death And Destruction!



This post will be a continuation from the last post that I did on the the current status of the black community, Divided We Stand, United We Fall. This post aims to examine the black mind set a little deeper and to show that it is this very mindset that is destroying black people in general coupled with the fact that black people on the whole refuse to admit that they have dire problems to deal with within the nation, ignoring the issues has not made them go away nor has blasting 21 cannons at those few black folks who have mustered up the courage to stand up, begin to be honest and face the fact that everything is not ok within our community. Again, I in no way negate the influence, the trickery and the skull duggery that the so called white man has executed on black folks, he in general is an evil fellow, his recompense is indeed coming and he will be forced to drink from the cup of judgement at full strength and finish every last drop.

However, there comes a point in time where we as black folks need to begin to take responsibility also for what is happening to us as a people, especially today seeing as we are currently and shamefully the number one cause of our own destruction, not the so called European man. Between black on black crime and abortions, we are eradicating our own people faster than any white man could have ever dreamed of and very few folks within the community want to talk about these pertinent issues. This is one of the main reasons that I was and still am very critical of black folks when it came down to the Zimmerman/Martin situation. How can we complain about Zimmerman and other non blacks alike who account for only 6% of unnatural deaths among black people yet the remaining 94% of unnatural deaths among black folks are caused by other black folks and we all say nothing about that? This by a plain definition is being hypocritical and being dishonest.

Although these statistics relate specifically to the US, the news is no different over here in the UK. The number one cause of unnatural death among black people is still other black people. This is an international crisis we are currently dealing with, not just an emergency situation pertaining to black folks in the USA only. You will also notice that so called “black leadership” has always failed to address the 94% figure but has never failed to pop its head up, do the rounds on national television and organise rallies, marches and protests in relation to the 6% figure. Black folks should be scratching their heads at this pattern. Surely the most logical plan of execution would be to deal with the bigger figure first, right? No, not in the eyes of so called “black leadership” for the simple reason that black leadership has been and still does to this day make money off of the black miserable state. Your continual state of decadence, squaller and poverty has been a rollover cash cow for people such as Jessy Jackson(Messy Jackson), Al Sharpton(Alice Sharloton), Luis Farakhan(Blewit Faracoon) and organisations such as the NAACP and the National Urban League and in case you blacks over here in the UK haven’t figured it out yet, the same equivalent organisations and so called black leadership over here have been milking and raking in the millions in exactly the same manner, by persuading black people to establish and hold to the role of a victim permanently.

When these and many other scoundrels stepped up, claimed to have the best interests for black folks at heart and stated that they would be worthy candidates to lead the black cause, of course we should have all known that the exact opposite would be achieved and that from this point onwards we would begin to travel backwards rapidly as a people……………………………and you look at our present state of crisis today and wonder what went wrong?! Black leadership was a trojan horse from the beginning, dispatched on us to create a mind borge mentality in order to dissipate and snuff out black independent thinkers and influential black individuals with real ideas who might actually begin to give the state some real problems and genuine difficulties. Now, let us take a look at some of the decadent, foolish, stupid and outlandish behaviours and mindsets most black folks have decided to take on board as part of their role playing the permanent victim.

Black people in general have sunk into a mire of behaviour that leaves the average Joe/Jane scratching their heads profusely trying to figure out these strange new mannerisms from a perspective of logic and reason. You see, when you remove logic and reason out of the equation, the way that most black people behave today appears to be normal. It is only when you inject logic and reason back into the mix are you then forced to be honest and truthful and call out the behaviour for what it really is.



These type of fellows need no introduction to the majority of black folks due to the fact that these guys have become the legendary heroes of the black neighbourhoods, the same black neighbourhoods that they terrorise day in and day out with their robbing, burglarising, drug dealing and killing. Though these terrorists only make up a minority in the neighbourhood, they control vast expanses of land within the black community, have everybody in fear and terror and not one of you blacks will lift a finger to bring their reign of terror to a close. In fact you seem to go out of you way rather to protect these fellows from the consequences of the law.

This is just one element of the stupid mindset most black folks have bought into, these type of fellows are destroying your neighbourhoods yet you blacks readily embrace these scumbags and on top of that you then hold them up as heroes. You then attempt to bolster your position by stating that “we have to stick together”. Since when has it ever been beneficial to stick together with people who bring nothing but death and destruction to a community and who potentially have you down as their next meal ticket?

Don’t believe for a second that because you say hello to them, chill out and play cards or dominoes with them, that there is some sort of line there with regards to you that they will not cross. They will rob you and murder you in the same manner as a stranger and many of you blacks have seen and experienced this first hand for yourselves……………and yet and still none of you will turn these guys in to the authorities. Yet you have a problem with me and other black folks for turning our backs on such foolish and backward thinking and exposing the folly for what it is, and for all this apparently I am the sellout just for talking about this yet I am not the one who is acting in a detrimental manner towards my people.

This highlights yet another dumb element of the black psyche, most black folks today believe that the people who talk about and expose those who are acting in a detrimental fashion towards other blacks are worse than those blacks who are actually carrying out the negative behaviour. This is how stupid, dim witted and dumb most black people have become in the 21st century and you wonder why we are no longer taken seriously and respected as a people?



These have to be some of the most baffling and bizarre behaviours I have ever seen coming out of the camp of black women. I used to wonder as a black man why I was experiencing incredible difficulty in obtaining a black woman. The answer was always in my face yet even I at a particular point was rolling in denial. The weave wearing adaptation made everything so clear and apparent. I simply looked at the style of hair that black women were wearing and the conclusion was obvious. Black women wear white women’s hair on the heads because they are trying to mimic the white woman and therefore their real and true desire is that of a white man and no longer the Negro male. We black males have simply become the last option for most black women today.

Most black women are literally looking for a white knight in shining armour to come on the scene and sweep them off their feet into the sunset. If a black woman is with a black man today, in most cases it is simply to get pregnant and to use the children as a weapon against the man and as a beneficial component to obtain extra finances from the state. This conclusion was then bolstered by other obvious factors that came into play, namely the noticeably different treatment black women give white men they are in a relationship with, that is far better treatment overall with no attitude nor aggression.

This conclusion was even further evidenced via the new trends black women began to pick up, trends that for the most part had previously been prevalent within the white community, ie the tattoos and body piercings. The fact that most black women today hate black men and have no desire to hook up with us was an extremely hard pill for me to swallow at first, however through also studying the history of the black woman’s departure from the black family, a change like this among many black women was to be expected at some point.

As for the fake eye lashes, I honestly have no idea where black women are going with this particular trend. I suspect that it may simply be an extra appendage they have taken on in order to make themselves look more appealing to white men. I personally think that fake eye lashes look appalling. You must also remember that the wigs, the make up and the fake eye lashes all came out from the prostitution scene, most black women have simply embraced all of this regalia and yet at the same time have failed to question the origin of it all.

Black women have also become the most violent women on the planet. This is one of the main reasons why you are the last choice on the list for a companion within all nationalities of men. All that most black women seem to value of themselves today is their buttocks. Check on facebook, twitter and instagram and mostly you will encounter is black women taking photos from the back and side showing off their butt. When other folks think of black women, all they can think of is twerking and fighting. Congratulate your boy at WorldStarHiphop for that plus of course the numerous lumuxes who send in their material looking for that 15 minutes of fame.

There is always somebody who is willing to profit off of your stupidity and insecurity black women, much like the Koreans in the States who rake in $8 billion dollar a year in weave sales and thus send their children to the best schools while your own children attend the worst schools in the country, become retarded and cannot even read or write. The same can be spoken of with regards to the Indians and the Pakistanis of the UK who are also making a cool mint from the insecurity of the black female via the selling of weaves, hair extensions and other cosmetic regalia. What has really puzzled me is that in general black women knowing all of this have simply dug their heals in deeper and sunk further into the mire of denial.



I frequently hear black folks talk about refraining from airing our pertinent issues in public and the need to keep our community issues private. In case that you haven’t noticed black people, your laundry bag has split open and all of the dirty clothing contained therein are spilling out onto the floor. Other nationalities are already and have been for a while now profiting off of our dysfunctionality, it is a bit late now to be concerned about privacy seeing as you have already made a complete and utter mockery and a laughingstock of yourselves. Yet again, more foolish thinking come out of the black camp.

The focus of black people ideally should be to clean up that which is dirty within the community however instead most black people seem to think that the solution is to hide the dirt, refrain from addressing it and shoot down anybody who points out that there are some issues within the black nation that need to be dealt with. This is yet another example of the modern day black mindset of stupidity and foolishness and most black folks today are proud to be a part of and embrace this mindset with happiness and open arms.

The first step towards restoration is actually admitting that there is a problem. Most black women and men have yet to even acknowledge this step forward. The black nation is trundling backwards rapidly and it is because of all of the above foolishness and more why we have not made any significant steps of progress within the last 70 years.



What black people are actually saying here is that in order to fit in and be accepted by the black community, you must think and speak like a retard, you must exhibit little to no intelligence and you must think as part of the group and not as an individual. It is not until you begin to examine and breakdown the various standards within the modern day black mindset, it is only then you begin to grasp the full magnitude of how far black people have fallen into the cauldron of stupidity and ignorance.

From India to Japan, Brazil to Iceland, Russia to China, the youth of every other nationality of people pride themselves on being intelligent, obtaining a good education and being able to articulate themselves and thus be understood by the people around them. Not black people, we seem to hold it as a badge of honour that a large portion of us speak like we are still working on the plantation field. Most black folks today are happy to speak in a retarded and backward fashion with limited vocabulary based mostly upon their favourite hiphop tracks.



I cannot believe that in 2013 you still have black people who actually believe that they can turn a derogatory and dehumanising word into something positive via exchanging the letters “e” and “r” in the word “nigger” for an “a” to now read “nigga”. This stupidity is unbelievable however in order to be accepted by most black folks you must subscribe to this nonsense hands down and not question any of its lunacy. This also goes to show how a large percentage of black folks are suffering from some sort of mental illness and don’t even know it.

Secondly, many black people use this word freely among themselves as if it is ok yet they become offended when somebody non black comes along and uses exactly the same word. If you don’t want the word “nigger” used against you then stop using it yourselves and stop listening and subscribing to idiots who use this word willy nilly. I would specifically be referring to these dumb rappers who have sold you all down the river of decadence just so that they can get rich.

The rappers who promote negativity among black people are the real sellouts. Remember the correct definition of a sellout is:

“Somebody who is operating to the detriment of his/her nationality/race”.

I couldn’t think of a better example than the black rappers of today, they are all the raw prime examples of sellouts and coons, Gucci Maine, Lil Wayne, Soldier Boy(however you spell it), 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Kayne West and the rest of these clowns, the list could go on for days. The majority of black pastors also need to be brought into this sellout equation. So called black leadership are also a bunch of sellouts as they have not only all gotten rich off of your misery but also worked a permanent “victim” mindset and strategy into black folks for you to perpetuate and thus they can continue to mint and bring in the money forever. Many of you black folks are guilty of using the word “sellout” inappropriately against people who are actually trying to bring in and introduce improvements within the black circle.



Whether black folks like it or not, all of the above are signs of being effeminate. There is no reason for black boys and black men to be wearing pink in any garment, pink has always been and always will be a girl’s colour and no pink clothing promoting rappers are going to change this. This is the problem with this victim mentality, folks seem to think that they can do anything and that everything is ok. No everything is not ok and a man wearing pink as far as I am concerned indicates some serious underlying issues with that man.

Why are you wearing skin tight jeans like a women black men? Since when was this deemed acceptable and who gave you that memo? This is simply yet again another classic sign of decadence among the black nation. Your trousers are supposed to be slack and of a loose fit. As ever, the so called Negro following and copying his European counterpart. I never thought in a million years that I would see this kind of clothing being sported by black folks in the US but it has happened for sure.

Most black people by now have been informed as to where the sagging trousers phenomenon originated from yet many black folks especially the youth still embrace and exercise this act of stupidity, decadence and homo eroticism. Why black males who claim that they are not homosexual still hold the desire to show the whole world their underwear is beyond me. In cases like this you simply follow what black men do not what they say as following the words and not the actions will leave you as mentally confused as they are. I hope you black men and boys who sag your trousers realise that when you walk down the streets in that fashion, homosexuals are have a field day looking at you rear end and wishing that they could dive in and indulge. If that is the type of attention that you want to draw to yourself then that is your business however, do not expect me to take the same route. My trousers will remain firmly around my waist where they are supposed to be positioned and where they belong.



To be honest and fair, I could have continued on with many more examples of the stupidity and foolishness currently prevailing throughout the black community. You simply cannot win with the majority of black people, if you are black and point these things out you are deemed a “sellout” and an “Uncle Ruckus” if you are white and brave enough to point towards these very same issues, you are called a “racist”.

As I have stated before, the majority of black folks do not want to change, they enjoy playing the role of the victim on a permanent basis as they then feel that they have the right to behave in whatever way they choose and not be criticised for it. Of course so called black leadership will continue to support upholding the victim role play, the protests and the demonstrations in relation to blacks being killed by non blacks and just as faithfully they will continue to keep silent on the prevailing black on black genocide being carried out by our very own people as we speak.

I talk to black folks here who can think and reason for themselves as individuals, you can see for yourselves that even if you wanted to stick together as one big happy family, the guilty culprits above would quickly bring any form of peace and progression to a halt. I keep telling you black men and black women, you cannot mesh yourselves together with the no good scumbags and expect to make any forward progression and many of you have already seen this first hand live.

At the end of the day the choice is yours black people, you can still attempt to forge an alliance with ratchet, violent black women and no good reprobate, thug type black men, habour these lowlifes and see how far you can get in your plan of progression for the black nation or you can simply do as I have done which is to turn my back on the reprobate black mindset and walk independently as a black individual hooking up with other like minded black individuals who actually want to take action to better their positions, who realise that not everybody who is black is beneficial to the cause and who recognise that some sort of separation between the good, the bad and the real bad is required for the good to move forward and start building a better community free of folly, stupidity and ignorance.

The black ship is already sinking, me abandoning ship is not selling out my people, on the contrary I am trying to preserve my life in order to bring up subsequent generations and point out to them the mistakes that the blacks in my time made. Those who wish to remain on board may do so however I will be sitting on the dock in safety watching from a distance. I have simply decided to walk away from a mindset that I see is taking our people down a road of devastation, destruction, misery and sure death. I do not have to stick around and remain on this ship, only a fool seeing that the situation is grim would choose to remain on board.

Dealing with the issues is the key to restoration, pretending that we can move forward and progress while skirting around and not talking about the very issues that have been holding us back as a nation is a fool’s errand and it case many of you haven’t noticed, not dealing with the issues does not make them go away. They are still here and they have gotten worse because nobody has taken DIRECT action against them. So you blacks who dare to call me a sellout for wanting to talk about and deal with the issues affecting our community openly and directly, by the correct definition of the term it is you who actually fits the bill as you would attempt to suppress a fruitful discussion of these issues and forward from that prevent any solutions from being drafted up and brought forth. Now who is the sellout?


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

28 thoughts on “The Current Black Mindset – One Of Death And Destruction!

  1. I agree with this post. More Black people need to wake up and fix the issues in our community. We need to educate our youth on their history and make the take pride in themselves and not following the media and White devils. Black females need to stop wearing weave to look like White women. We need to stop calling ourselves the n word. Most of all, we need to separate from White AmeriKKKlan.

    We need to build our own community and rely on ourselves instead of Whites. I believe integration was the death of Blacks in AmeriKKKlan.


    • Adeen,

      If I have a bunch of grapes growing and I fail to remove the moulded and rotten members regularly, eventually the whole bunch will become mouldy and contaminated. It is a standard practice to remove rotten members from anything that you grow to prevent mass contamination.

      Black folks regrettably have not learned this yet when it comes down to the preservation of the black nation. We have decided rather to habour the contaminated subjects and protect them and we wonder why our nation is falling to pieces. Now the thugs and the murderers are the new heroes of the community and most black folk have chosen to mimic their stupidity and foolish actions aswell.

      I agree with us returning to a pre integration status which would automatically redeem our position and give us back our sovereignty, however the first port of call must be to cast out the bad seeds from among us. Unless we do this first, the other strategies will fail miserably thereafter.


      • I agree. The Trayvon Martin case really showed me that we need to separate from White AmeriKKKlan for good. They never meant well for us at all.


    • Hello.. I am a young black male and it seems to always be older folks speaking on younger black folks…I have had problems with the law, burglarized, robbed etc..not that these things in any way indicate who I am, I believe the problem is the older folks, Its not like we jus got here by ourselves an just choose to go out an commit crime..have unwanted children an not take care of them etc.. I believe its because of the elders were just a reflection of your bad decisions.All you can pretty much do is pray and hope for a turn around.


      • James Hawkins,

        You are right, the older generation has let the younger generation down and black women namely single black mothers have been the cause of this entire problem. I am here simply doing my piece to guide the younger generation towards a better path. I cannot argue with you, the elders have failed miserably. It also doesn’t help that most older people today are now attempting to compete with the young instead of trying to teach the young.


  2. Well done — not to mention insane financial decisions “we” make, then hate on others making wiser choices of home/condo ownership vs. renting…actually building assets. I fear it’s fait accompli for black people…whites don’t want to hear any complaining. Hip Hop culture/reality shows have been incredibly effective at degrading the image of black people…we have become cartoon characters, led by a vassal King. Sad.


    • Intheknow7,

      You hit the proverbial nail on the head when you stated that black people today in general hate on other blacks who make WISE decisions.

      Indeed I am also done with the cartoon nonsense, my name is not I.R Baboon. This is why I stated before in this post, that when you begin to move forward and away from this reprobate, degenerative mindset, you begin to prosper and become more of a successful individual in all parts of life.

      I keep stating that most black people are goners, this is not being declared out of an arrogant and prideful heart, it is being proclaimed from a sad and heavy one.


    • Intheknow7, I would expect you to know better than most about the psychology of blacks of today. Programming has a lot to do with our collective current state of mind. You would know better than me. Is this thought of mine off base?


    • We are economically oppressed.

      Also, a lot of blacks are not taught how to make wise financial decisions. We are also dealing with a housing market where we are given unfair interest rates, IF we are granted a loan to own a home at all. Please remember, we were affected at a larger rate than whites when the housing market dropped a few years ago here in the US. Let us dig deeper into the problem, instead of blaming our community.


      • Alecia YIsrael,

        You are jumping way ahead too soon. It doesn’t cost the community a penny to deal with the reprobates who keep pushing the community backward 20 steps for every one step taken forward.

        Once you have dealt with them then you can begin to rebuild successfully piece by piece. We cannot even begin to deal with the outside world and its obstacles until our own house has been decontaminated and cleaned up, this is why black folks are travelling backwards rapidly. The foundation of the house must be sure in order for it to withstand and weather the storms. Remember, Christ stated this also.

        If you still believe that the black community can make some sort of progress while still harbouring the scum and the dregs of our people, I’d encourage you to look at the current state of black folks today and maybe think that conclusion through again.

        A child is first equipped to face the outside world from his/her home, that is where the foundation is first laid. It is the same thing with the black community, how can we even think to launch some sort of counter offense at this system(which is crumbling by the way which means we have a greater opportunity now more than ever to make something work in our favour)with a decaying and rotten foundation that the majority of people within the black community refuse to even talk about yet alone deal with?


  3. I have to admit, I usually don’t like commenting on sites prior to reading the entire content of an article but I must now. I agree that “black-on-black” crime is a problem within our community, but there is also white-on-white crime, hispanic-on-hispanic crime and so forth. Folks mainly target folks they know or folks who live within their community. I also think it is wrong to insinuate that just because Hebrews are passionate about the Trayvon Martin case that we dont care about crime within our community. Humans are capable of being upset about more than one thing at a time! There are plenty of “Stop the Violence” summits all over the US. As the matter of fact, there was one on the southside of Chicago regarding all the slaughter yesterday. Each year there are rallies and summits to attend all over the nation. So, let’s research these events before we claim folks dont care about others within their communities. The Trayvon situation and “black-on-black” violence are two different scenarios. The whites in the US that claim blacks are doing nothing about our own violence against each other are only just starting to care about “black-on-black” violence to distract from systemic racism and injustices done to blacks, that is where the real problem lies. I wouldnt be so quick to blame the unfortunate people who are committing crimes of survival due to a system that has oppressed us for far too long. The legal system, medical system, educational system has failed us. This is a part of the curses from Yah. Just want us to realize we are in the predicament we are in because of systematic racism. Yah knew what He was doing when He cursed us. For all the Hebrew non-believers, they are living this truth everyday. They are just oblivious to it.


    • Alecia YIsrael,

      White on white crime has nothing to do with us Hebrews so I wouldn’t even take that factor into consideration. My concern is my people first.

      When whites have a problem within their neighbourhoods to deal with they just go ahead and deal with it, they don’t look around to use other nationalities as a comparator, fail to deal with the problem completely and then fire guns at anyone for merely pointing at the dirty laundry.

      If Hebrews were so concerned about preservation, they would be dealing with the scumbags and the reprobate wild beast trash within their midst directly. However, instead these scum buckets are protected by their victims, thus Ray Ray, Winston and Delroy are able to continue terrorising the community unchecked.

      The issue here is the exaltation of scum buckets and reprobate trash low lifes as the heroes of the community whereas once upon a time Hebrews had enough sense to shun these bad apples and keep a safe distance away from the filth.

      Its not about empty marches and vain rallies, it is all about identifying the trash, getting together and booting them all out or about the good folks if they can afford to, all moving out in mass and leaving the dregs behind. The first is alot easier seeing as the scumbags are normally in the minority.

      Black folks have not seen true and deep racism since the days of lynchings and the civil rights movement. You have to also remember that true racism is rooted upon economic preferences and hindrances, somebody calling you a nigger, a coon or a porch monkey is merely a branch on that tree.

      If blacks began to actually take affirmative action in cleaning up themselves and their neighbourhoods, then you would begin to see a serious push back and resistance from whites and others. The majority of Hebrews today are not a threat to anyone in our currently fragmented state.

      Sorry, most of black on black crime today has nothing to do with survival and has everything to do with one black person simply wanting to eat off of another black person’s plate, not wanting to put in the effort to build up his/her own wealth by themselves off of their own backs.

      This has nothing to do with the curses from the Most High, the last curse we were listed to suffer was the transportation in ships as per Deuteronomy 28:68. Today black folks in general are simply bringing death, destruction and misery upon themselves, assuming the stance of a victim and then seeking out a scapegoat or somebody else to blame for the very problems that we brought on our very selves. After the fragmentation of the black family upto today, the majority of our woes have been self inflicted.

      Nobody here is negating racism and the effects thereof however we are our number one problem as it stands today.

      The solutions are simple, dump the foolish mentalities, start creating a distance between ourselves and the reprobate scum in the same manner as we did so in the past and stop protecting and exalting the ratchet hoodlums and hoodrats from the consequences of their criminal actions ie turn them in for their skull duggery. This is the only successful way forward for black folks today.


      • I have to disagree. The only way forward for blacks is through the Most High and Yahshua. We wont gt justic regardless of what we do until then. Also, saying blacks can pick themselves up by the bootstraps is an incorrect notion. There were plenty of black communities that tried to do that back in the day that got, literally, burnt to the ground (Black Wallstreet or Rosewood, for example). There are plenty of obstacles in the way. It seems like your counter argument is the curses no longer exist, and there is no more institutional and systemic racism preventing blacks from being educated properly, so that we can build better lives for ourselves. We are still living the curses, and not just here in the US. I dont recall Deut. Stating we would suffer the curses listed in that exact order. Even after chattel slavery everything the Hebrew has tried to achieve as a nation has failed. I also remember the Almighty stating in Deut. 28, He would send diseases that were non-existent in biblical days to ravish us and lo and behold we are suffering the most from HIV/AIDS, diabetes and a host of other diseases at a much higher rate than any other race of people. I am not sure how it is over in England, but here the racism is no longer KKK in your face, but it is more subtle and systemic. I have to add there are barriers preventing folks from achieving all they can. I never said anything about the racial epithets(sp?) Coon and nigger. Words can’t hurt me or keep me down, but racial disparities an the justice, education, economic and medical systems can. You can look up the stats for yourself.
        Also, I wouldnt say we are protecting the criminals. I would more so say we dont communicate with the police due to our distrust of police. Look at how they have done our communities. Racial profiling, beatings, unjust lock-ups, threats, cover-ups and intimidation. Rodney King, Oscar Grant, Amadou Diallo…VICTIMS of police brutality, and that’s just to name a few. I can list tons more even up to present time. This is what the black man gets from those who are supposed to protect and serve our communities. Also, please don’t forget impoverished communities are often the most crime ridden. These folks are fighting for survival. I am NOT justifying there actions, but the aforementioned statement is a harsh reality. No one is looking to blame anyone or claming to be a victim. The racists like to use that same saying to distract from systemic racism. Claiming blacks just like their predicament and want a handout from the gov. Dont you think if we were offered the same opportunities and quality of education then we would achieve more? There is a system still oppressing us. Oppression did not end in the 1860’s when slavery ended. The end of slavery was beginning of a fight that is still continuing to this very day. Hell, blacks are still not even guaranteed the right to vote and presently have legislatures trying to shut them out of the democratic process. Something this country will send troops to fight in other countries so foreigners have the right to democracy in their own country, yet you cant guarantee blacks that right here! Amazing! Racism! As for your statement that blacks are not a threat, I have to disagree, as long as your skin is black you are seen as a threat and are feared. Oh, and there are still occassional lynchings here in the States, James Byrd, anyone? There are two or 3 more current cases that I would have to look up. I know this post is all over the place. It is late. Please forgive me.


      • Alecia Yisrael,

        The fact that we will only obtain justice through the Most High and Christ I do not disagree with, this is indisputable. However there is nothing stopping black folks from commencing to clean up their house. At the end of the day we do not have to accept the position that the European man has designated for us and within a kingdom that is currently falling and on top of that the heirs to this kingdom beginning to lose their power, we have no excuses not to pick ourselves up. I am not looking for justice right now, I am simply looking for a better position in life.

        You have to remember that the destruction of Black Wall Street and others took place when this kingdom was reaching its prime and prospering greatly. This is no longer the case. You have to also remember how that throughout history the Hebrews have always begun to prosper and make decent headway near the end of a kingdom’s reign. Now is a great opportunity for Hebrews to take advantage of a falling kingdom and forge their own way forward, not the way forward that has already been drafted out for us by others.

        Your education is only as good as the system is in place in which you can use your gained qualifications. What is the point of being educated if you cannot find the related work? Black people should be focusing more on intelligence rather than education as intelligence can circumvent many areas that education cannot. Business men and women are successful because of their intelligence, not because of their education. Intelligence can cause a person to prosper even within a time of austerity where people with educations are losing out.

        So you reckon that we are still under the curses? Well, the scriptures say something completely different to what you are declaring. Galations 3:13 reads:

        3:13 CHRIST HATH REDEEMED US FROM THE CURSE OF THE LAW, BEING MADE A CURSE FOR US: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:

        We cannot still be under the curses because according to the above, Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law and has already been made a curse for us. If the Most High stated that the last curse we were to suffer was the ships, then that was the last curse that we suffered FROM HIM.

        What we are suffering mostly from today are the consequences of black people as a whole subscribing to the philosophies of stupidity, ignorance and foolishness and behaving in the same manner accordingly. This current suffering has nothing to do with the Most High whatsoever. We do indeed have suffering that is being caused by outsiders aswell however seeing as we are currently experts at efficiently destroying ourselves, they really do not need to execute much in order to keep us in this gutter position that we reside in.

        The reason why blacks people on the whole are coming down with more bodily ailments than other nationalities of people is again down to most blacks wanting to hold unto the above philosophies, not wanting to get informed about what is causing these diseases and ailments and thus deal with the problem. Most black people hate intelligence because they associate intelligence with “trying to be white”.

        I personally as a black individual am not going to stop trying to better myself and my surroundings just because there are people around me who hate me and who are longing for my destruction. What, should I stand down and aid them in destroying me? No, I will resist them and make their efforts as difficult as possible. I refuse to subscribe to a defeatist attitude.

        You are fully aware that the black community protects the criminals within its midst, the man with the hoodie sagging his pants on the corner selling drugs is a common sight in black neighbourhoods that you have seen for yourself firsthand. Nobody turns this guy in therefore the black community is protecting him. Also in times past when black folks were connected, Delroy, Leroy, Ray Ray and Winston would have been found dead face down in a swamp if they stepped way out of line. Before, criminal blacks knew not to bring their dirt into the neighbourhood as they feared the consequences of bringing their dirt back home, they would always take their “business” outside……………………..not anymore.

        If the black community does not trust the police to do the job, why do they themselves not take up the job? That is what the Detroit 300 are trying to do, but yet again it is the scumbags themselves who protect the criminals namely ratchet black women who are normally the primary candidates in not only bringing forth these scoundrels from the womb but also directing their steps and protecting them from the arm of the law:

        I have said it before and I will say it again, I refuse to forge an alliance with scum buckets and reprobate trash. If you believe that this is merely a fight for survival then I wish you all the best in your attempts to rehabilitate these characters. This is a classic example of how black women in general have become the anathema and and a curse of the black nation, you would attempt to redeem that which cannot be saved????? You would actually attempt to excuse the trash??? As the gentleman explained in the above video, these reprobates are keeping black women in power and this is one of the main reasons why they continue to have the authority and the reign over black neighbourhoods.

        Racism is no longer the primary threat to the black nation, reprobate, degenerate black folks are the number one threat to the black nation as it stands today and black people know this. Where you would say that looking at our own mess is a distraction, I would counter that point by saying that constantly being told to look outside for a culprit is also a distraction from enabling black folks to start getting their own house in order.

        I still stand by the statement that the majority of black people are no longer a threat simply because they do not like to use their brains, which returns to the issue of subscribing to stupidity, ignorance and foolishness. Again, where no way has been provided for you, YOU MAKE YOUR OWN WAY! This system is NOT the be all and end all of life.


  4. Verbs,

    I didn’t have a problem with much of what you stated until I got to Paul’s letter in Galatians that you have misconstrued.

    The apostles were still following the law even towards the end of the book and you are to follow it to this day. You need to read ALL of Galatians 3 to truly appreciate what Paul was saying. And if there is no law you have to answer me:
    What is sin?

    If sin is transgression of the law, then you are still under the law EXCEPT for the sacrificial law that is impossible for us to keep and there is no need as the Messiah was the ultimate sacrifice for us.

    You can see the curses acting out in our people and communities everyday in the US and abroad, this is how you know who Israel is, the curses ARE the sign and a wonder.

    Deuteronomy 28:45-47
    King James Version (KJV)
    45 Moreover all these curses shall come upon thee, and shall pursue thee, and overtake thee, till thou be destroyed; because thou hearkenedst not unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which he commanded thee:

    46 And they shall be upon thee for a sign and for a wonder, and upon thy seed for ever.

    47 Because thou servedst not the Lord thy God with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things;

    So how would you know if you are an Israelite and you weren’t led in to slavery in ships? You’d know because these curses will be evident in your community. Some of us are still in Africa, we are worldwide waiting for the Messiah to deliver us and we know who we are because of the signs and wonders.
    And if you believe that the curses ended after the last lynching of the negro then you don’t understand the curses in Deuteronomy 28, at all. There was much more to the law than the hanging of Israelites and if this sentence is a simple as one who hangs on a tree then anyone can be an Israelite because many people are hanged daily to this very day as punishment.

    Galatians 3:12 And the law is not of faith: but, The man that doeth them shall LIVE in them.

    The Israelite is responsible for his punishment but the gentile will be punished for adding to the punishment most certainly. The current system is enforced to keep us in bondage (Willie Lynch saw to that. We are acting out the generational curse enforced upon the slave, in the US)but we are ultimately responsible for not spiritually overcoming this curse by NOT following our Mighty One, here and overseas wherever His people are. We are indeed insane and out of our mind because we have drunk and enjoy the cup of the wicked. Which is why a large portion of Israel will be cut off in the end times, which we are in. The Most High is going to separate and cut off the wicked from the faithful who keep His commands.

    Zechariah 13:8 And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the Lord, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein.

    9 And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God.

    Now you tell me, exactly when were the curses overturned?

    Revelations 14:12
    Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that KEEP the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

    These curses will not be removed until Israel is back with their Messiah and the all the wicked one’s have been cut off.


    • I also think it’s ironic that most of what you’ve posted of our people’s worldly ways are directly related to many of the curses in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26, yet you don’t understand that we are still fulfilling the curses to this very day, simply because you misinterpreted one of Paul’s letters.
      We are still in captivity waiting for this prophecy to be fulfilled. We are under the curses for sinning if we are no longer under the curses why are we still in captivity which is what the Messiah is coming to relieve us of? Captivity is enslavement that you claim we are no longer suffering from.
      Zephaniah 3:19 Behold, at that time I will undo all that afflict thee: and I will save her that halteth, and gather her that was driven out; and I will get them praise and fame in every land where they have been put to shame.

      20 At that time will I bring you again, even in the time that I gather you: for I will make you a name and a praise among all people of the earth, when I turn back your captivity before your eyes, saith the Lord.


    • Emahmahalo,

      Through the death of Christ we now are under a new covenant which is based upon faith and belief and no longer the works of the law as per the old covenant which has now passed(Hebrews 8:13, 12:24, Romans 3:27-28, Galations 3:11).

      I am now going to further illustrate how you are incorrect in your assertions. I made a statement that Christ took away the curses from us when he died on the cross and was able to prove that assertion with a verse that dealt with what I had stated directly whereas the majority of verses that you have sighted in your comment have nothing to do with proving that we are still under the curses. The only verses that can even possibly hold weight here are the verses you sighted in Deuteronomy 28:45-47, yet even these can be nullified as this was the standing of them at that specific time.

      I am familiar with the entire chapter of Galations 3, Paul is reprimanding the Galations for returning back to the law instead of walking in the faith that they were redeemed with and he further continues in Galations 4 to put down those who advised the Galations to turn back to the old covenant and the laws thereof.

      If the apostles kept any parts of the law after Christ had resurrected, it was done so out of choice and not out of obligation. The only part of the law that still stands is the section that deals with morality. The sacrificial/atonement/ordinance side of the law has been fulfilled through the death of Christ.

      Galations 3:13 is clear, you are attempting to circumvent a verse that deals with our current status in a direct fashion. The curses that the Hebrews are suffering today are self inflicted, they cannot be from the Most high since it clearly states that Christ was made a curse for us.

      Now I suggest that you go and read the whole of Isaiah 53 which yet again confirms what I have stated. Christ took away our sins and healed us from the curses of disobeying the law which pertains to how we are to interact with the Most High. The generational curse hypothesis cannot work because the degeneracy among black people has only occurred recently. Our people 4-5 generations back were not behaving in such a manner and the black family unit was a strong unit. We should be able to trace back the degeneracy up until the generations immediately after slavery however this is not the case. This is all current self inflicted suffering that has nothing to do with the Most High and everything to do with our own actions in failing to hold to a moral code.

      You referenced Zachariah 13:8-9 however these verses have nothing to do with still being cursed from the Most High, these verses are talking about the Most High bringing a small remnant of us through the tribulation and persecution of the last days.

      The curses were overturned when Christ stated on the cross, “it is finished”(John 19:30). Again, our current suffering is self inflicted, of course if you do not follow some sort of moral code there are consequences for such actions however that is now on you. So from the point of the death of Christ all of our sufferings have been upon ourselves.

      I never once stated that we were not under captivity, you’ll have to show me where I made such a comment. My point is this, the suffering that we are currently going through has been and still is self inflicted, it is not from the Most High. Galations 3:13 is clear on this issue and cannot be taken out of context. If you want me to read this verse in another way, you will have to give me a valid reason as to why I should accept your interpretation on it against what is clearly written for all to understand.


  5. I have a question. I have been reading your articles thoroughly and I am of African descent. I have a great pride in my culture, my ancestors, the skin, and hair I am blessed with. I have always been natural and I live a very simple, spiritual, and holistic lifestyle and I am perfectly fine supporting my future husband (king) and being his helper, wife, love, queen, and mother of his children as the creator purposed it to be.
    Now, I do not wear weaves or makeup or anything fake upon my skin. Though, I do have tattoos I have that I choose through spiritual exploration. My tattoos are all African symbols that represent The Lord Almighty and his rule. Through prayer and fasting I decided to have these symbols on my skin.

    Is there something wrong with that? Someone getting a tattoo, not some random spring break mockery on their skin, but something that represents all that the Lord has brought then through and is apart of their culture?


    • Nuru,

      The Most High cannot be represented through anything physical, whether it be markings on the skin, a painting or a statue/sculpture. This is the main reason why he stated not to ever make any images to represent him and not to mark up the skin.

      You also have to remember that your whole body is supposed to be a living sacrifice for the Most High, not the markings you have decided to etch yourself with.

      Think about it like this, the way that you came out of the womb is the way that you are meant to remain, the way that the Most High wants you to stay. Nobody comes out of the womb with tattoos already present on their skin.

      Think of this from another perspective, you wouldn’t go and graffiti the outside of the home that you were residing in. Your body is your home, your dwelling place and putting tattoos on it regardless of the motivation, reasoning or type of tattoos involved is simply the same as tagging your house with graffiti.

      A tattoo is a desecration of the skin, a blemish and a corruption of how the Most High made you. We all make mistakes in life and we all need to learn from them, my recommendation to you from here would simply be not to get anymore tattoos done.



  6. Again verbs, you hit the nail on head, I could’ve written this myself, although, I cannot begin to count on my fingers the number of gasps and epiphanies I got reading this post. I live in the caribbean and I went to an all-boys secondary school and the ignorance these guys subscribed to it wasn’t funny, one guy in particular, he couldn’t complete a sentence without dropping an F-bomb and if you didn’t subscribe to the foolishness they glorified you were considered an “anti-man” which means faggot here. We have an all-girls sister school, whenever one of those girls would set foot on the premises they would act like a pack of wolves like they never saw girls before and the thing is they would hook up with these girls after school everyday. I was bullied alot for not subscribing to their ignorance but looking back I realized I’m a much stronger person than there cause truth be told during all the bullying and flack I got I at one time considered killing myself but I realize that it was all a trial by fire, the first of many more to come and I’m glad I didn’t cave to it at the end of my tenure the same guys who used to bully me, they started respecting them, we weren’t best buddies but we were atleast civil toward each other cause before time I used to have to avoid them, I remember at one point I used to retreat to the library during my recess periods and one of my classmates said “only GAY guys spend their recess in the library” I always wondered why I was such an outcast, and I was so angry back then but now I am grateful for the experience cause now I’m much wiser and much stronger and I hope to become even more so……


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      I tend to find that this attitude is mostly prevalent among black people in the US. Here in the UK the attitude towards education among black people has been somewhat progressive, yes we also have lay about black folks who believe that getting clued up and educated is for nerds and for white people, however for the most part the importance of education among black folks here has been held up as a high priority.

      School days were pretty rough, if you didn’t fit in with the right crowd or if you were not that popular, you normally caught some serious heat. Yes, I also remember certain boys trying to impress the girls, many of whom would try to use other less popular folks around them to show off in front of the girls and boast their popularity.

      As much as I didn’t enjoy school that much, it sure beats the stresses and strains associated with the working adult life.



  7. This post is the most condescending, insulting, degenerative post I have ever read. How dare you? How dare YOU accuse your own people of being outlandish harlots who are a cancer to the Black nation? WHO ARE YOU to say that we do not love and take pride in ourselves. I think black people (HUMAN BEINGS) are smart enough to recognise the fact that their purpose of living is NOT to satisfy the white man. Don’t you? Know what? YOU people are the cancer to our Black nation because YOU are the ones insulting and pulling it further down the Pit. Are you so superficial that you believe that all these surface alterations have so much power over human beings? Are you that naïve and ignorant that you completely disregard the fact that every human being has a breaking point where they eventually resort to violence? Who are YOU? The Cancer! You are the ones giving white people power over the black man. You are the ones causing such a huge division between black and white people; taking us further back into our dark history. It’s pathetic! Disrespecting your own people like that. You even have the arrogance to believe that MEN are the reason that women should behave in an “appropriate” way. Who gave you the authority to decide what appropriate is anyway?! Who are YOU? Name yourself, I doubt you are God. You’re opinion sickens me. This post is not only racist, but prejudicial, judgemental and sexist too. How can you be so arrogant as to claim that black women have lost their compassion? Do you know each black woman personally? Can you truly back up the fact that black women are doing all of this because of lack of self love and an inferior need to impress the white man? How outrageous. That’s what you all are: outrageous. And besides, it is the current state of the ENTIRE human world; this loss of compassion. Can you not see that you are the shining examples of it? Try pointing those “proverbial” fingers at your damn selves; you deserve it. Bloody hell!! I guess what I’m trying to say here, ladies and gentlemen, is that this post is utter bullshit! Sincerely. Human Being.


    • Nameless Opinion,

      Your comment and your mentality is the very reason why I encourage black people to walk away from the black nation as a whole and thereafter hook up with individual black folks of a similar positive and progressive mindset of their own based upon individual evaluation.

      In typical fashion as with black people in general, those who are actually engaging in activities that are detrimental to the black nation are given a pass and are not viewed as the problem, however those who merely voice their opinion about the problems we as a community are suffering are all of a sudden the enemies of our own people and we are “pulling down” blacks further into degradation.

      Your comment only vidicates my post and further bolsters its validation and authenticity. You talk about people having a breaking point and violence being an inevitable outcome at some stage down the road, the problem with blacks however is the fact that they engage in physical aggression with absolutely no direction whatsoever, unlike everybody else, this is why we are continually laughed at and mocked.

      There has never been any real solid unity between blacks and whites in general or blacks and any other nation of people come to think of it, so you accusing me of causing a further rift between blacks and whites is a joke within itself.

      To be honest, you haven’t deconstructed any of the post and the reason behind this is because it is the truth. Now, you may not approve of the delivery but nonetheless at no point can you turn around to me and say that any of what I have posted is not true.

      If you are going to rebutt somebody else’s opinion then next time at least do it from a logical, critical and reasonable standpoint instead of rattling off a load of miscellaneous emotional rhetoric.


  8. I have been going backwards through your blogs and have been enjoying them. I remember when I first moved to California five years ago I thought that all of the men were gay because I kept seeing them in bright colored girl jeans and were sagging them too. I always thought sagging was homosexual, why would a straight man would walk around with his buttocks out. In many other cultures sagging lets men know you are available, but idiots here think it is manly. I don’t understand pink menswear either. I had seen men wear pale pink dress shirts, but not bubble gum pink and hot pink. I wanted a pink college sweatshirt for my school and couldn’t get one because the males had bought them all. Shame.
    I can agree about the misplaced anger when it comes to getting killed by others versus our own. I have long thought that all gang members and other hooligans should be rounded up and killed before any more innocent people, especially children, die from their foolishness. It would also help if black people would stop buying drugs, including weed which we’re convinced is good for us. Just because drugs are pushed into our neighborhood doesn’t mean you have to keep them there by using them. Of course I have been called crazy for thinking this. Maybe killing the thugs is extreme, but you could at least send them to jail. Why would you let the minority terrorise the majority?
    My mother told me that when she was in school being stupid was an embarrassment, so the belief that it is cool to be dumb is recent and hopefully reversible. I am an 80s baby and it seems to have started with us. I went to a mostly black college prep for high school and we were often labeled as losers and Oreo cookies. But when we graduated, most of the schools didn’t even have half of their class make it. One school had only thirteen. Yes thirteen. So even with a class of one hundred and thirteen because we were the smallest school, we had more kids graduate than all the schools in the district combined. And what really burned my biscuits was that the kids in the other schools could go to any college they got accepted to for free, all they had to do was graduate, and only thirteen people took the offer. That is how valuable education is to black people.
    I don’t want to think about all of the food, housing, educational opportunities, businesses, media outlets, and other things necessary for our survival and success that should have been invested in, but instead 8 billion dollars a year is being worn on the heads of black women. We could have started an upward movement out of poverty and insufficient education just off of hair hats. Just imagine if we included all of the other things we waste our money on.


  9. You’re seriously a fucking idiot… try not to confuse black with African American… it’s an African American disposition to play victim. And since when does the colour of a shirt reflect the individuality of a person? Such shallow and superficial assumptions exposes you for the clown you really are.
    I AM BLACK. But don’t you fucking dare confuse me for being African American. The mentality of you people are blight to this world… it isn’t any wonder why things will never change


    • The Devil,

      For somebody who claims to be of a better caliber than the Africa American Negro, your introduction here has simply highlighted the fact that you are just as decadent and as reprobate as those blacks in the US.

      “You’re seriously a f**king idiot”, and you would have the cheek to claim that you are cut from a different cloth than they and that delinquency is an problem amongst US blacks alone with that type of response?

      There is no confusion here mac, in attempting to make a case for separation you have proven yourself to be just as decadent as African Americans.

      Calling yourself the Devil here hasn’t exactly helped your case either, some food for thought.


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