Race Riots Fast Approaching And Black People Are Not Prepared!



Apparently the leader of the new black panther party has been saying that if George Zimmerman is acquitted of the death of Trayvon Martin, this time he reckons that black people are going to “get it right” and take the rioting and looting to the white suburbs and not burn down black occupied neighbourhoods. Whatever black, I will believe that when I actually see it. Oh, so burning down your own infrastructure is indeed just plain stupid but when I simply point this out, I am a sellout and an Uncle Ruckus???? Go figure.

You see unlike us black people whites are not dysfunctional, disenfranchised and they are most certainly well organised, so any attacks launched against them will quickly be quelled and nipped in the bud. If this is indeed true, blacks will not get within 1/2 mile of a white neighbourhood before they are driven back and forced to retreat in shame. I predict that a few of you may very well attempt to take it to the white man’s turf however after being dealt with swiftly and severely you will simply return to your own neighbourhoods and begin to burn them as you normally behave because you know that you will not be met with any resistance on your own grounds.

Again, I have to keep coming out and speaking against the stupidity and ignorance that black people are displaying in 2013 and the descent for the vast majority into further stupidity and ignorance is gathering speed. As I stated before in my previous post, most black people today actually enjoy wallowing in ignorance, stupidity and gutter like conditions, they do not really desire the will to change and to better themselves as if they did you would begin to see direct change emerge from the black camp on mass.

Instead what you witness in general is black people blaming the white man constantly for all of their troubles and black people turning against anyone of their own who dares to break the status quo and decide that direct change within ourselves is the first step forward as opposed to navel gazing and thinking that things are going to change just by talking about change but not taking any action to bring about the change. The is the black race in a nutshell, a bunch of chicken necked decadent, lazy, emotional slobs who hate seeing one of their own break rank and become successful under his/her own steam. This isn’t a lie, black folks know that this is the truth deep within however most are afraid to simply be honest and admit this openly. 

Another sad but awfully true statement of fact is that when you begin to break free from the concensus mindset of foolery, stupidity, ignorance and outlandish nonsense that black folks have decided to embraced in their droves and have equally hailed this new position as somehow being “wise”, what automatically follows that free thinking black individual who is brave enough to break ranks are the fruits of success and prosperity. I said this before, blacks are bringing curses, detriment and poverty upon themselves as the black economy in the US alone has 1.1 trillion dollars passing through it. What is your excuse now black?



Black people at the moment are simply being “tolerated” however if Zimmerman walks free and blacks in America begin to riot on mass, that tolerance is going to dissipate very quickly. My prediction for the coming race wars is that at first all nations will join forces and target the weakest people………………………and guess who that is? Yes Negro, that is you, today a shell of your former great self. You will be the first meal on the plate and an easy first course at that.

Black people for the most part are fast asleep and have no idea of what is fast approaching them. They are simply not prepared for the up and coming race wars soon to hit them. Blacks are completely disorganised and too busy pulling down their fellows especially those who seek to bring about real change.

There will be a remnant of free thinking independent radical black folks who will make it through this storm, the majority of our people will perish horribly as they so choose to subscribe to stupidity and ignorance and to hold fast to it. This will be their downfall and they will only have themselves to blame for their demise.

Yes, there will also be a number of white folks who will reach out and help the independent blacks in these coming times of war just in the same manner that many whites came to the aid of blacks and hid them inside their homes during the horrid times of lynchings. However for the vast majority of black folks, they will be eaten up by others and they will in turn switch on and eat up their own people……………..and I am talking about eating in all senses of the word.

The future prognosis for the so called Negro is a very grim one indeed. He simply refuses to get his act together and he enjoys subscribing to any and all things negative.



My suggestion for the so called Negro as of recently has been to advise him that he ought to clean up his own house first which has become extremely contaminated before involving himself in altercations with folks outside of the house. However black people being black people for the most part looking to slot into the role of a victim, as you can imagine, this advice has not gone down too well amongst them. Its seems that not going along with the group curriculum can get you at minimum blasted.

My advice also to black men and women who are not a part of the reprobate mentality being displayed on mass by blacks today is not be afraid to walk away from stupid and ignorant behaviour regardless of what names and labels you will be slammed with by the ignorant reprobates among us. It is not a bad thing to NOT want to think in a dumb manner. It is not a bad thing to NOT want to participate in foolishness. It is not a bad thing to want to think and reason for yourself and it is certainly not a bad thing to want to use logic and understanding when thinking things through.

You see in the eyes of most modern day western black women and men, walking away from dumb thinking and not wanting to participate in foolery will get you labelled as an Uncle Ruckus, a coon, a sellout and a Sambo. Quite frankly I care not for the labels that are thrown in my direction, I am not willing to put my life in jeopardy just to fit in with any particular crowd and I certainly am not going to “be down” with stupidity and ignorance. This is how far the so called Negro has fallen today, a nation of people who deliberately choose to wallow in folly and insanity and who expect all of its members to follow suit. Not me, sorry.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

8 thoughts on “Race Riots Fast Approaching And Black People Are Not Prepared!

  1. You said: I am not willing to put my life in jeopardy just to fit in with any particular crowd and I certainly am not going to “be down” with stupidity and ignorance.

    You’ve got that right. Agree 100%

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    • Amarie,

      Straight talk. I’ve departed from blacks who engage in foolishness, ignorance and stupidity. These are the culprits constantly putting us 7 steps backwards everytime we make one step of progress.

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  2. agree 100 percnt don’t think blacks are 100 percnt at fault…….the liberal race baiting media who care for blacks as much as they care for this country…………….they don’t and want to destroy it………is even more to blame………even saying Zimmerman was white editing the story to make him a racist they want a race war more then anyone ……..I am not racist well I guess EVERYONE IS TO A DEGREE with all colors even whites with whites blacks with blacks ……..but the media is all jew run and we all know who the biggest slave masters were and while the civil war was going on for others freedom and rights brother against brother they as usual were making money off it and laughing…….calling black people cattle lmaoooooooooo that’s real nice and living in gated homes no were near blacks tell them they love them and blacks listen to these lying greedy pigs and actually think they are out for there interest……..I really think if it weren’t for the MENTALLY ILL AND CANT THINK OF OTHER WORD TO CALL THESE POEPLE liberals and jews blacks and whites would be getting along a zillion times better then they are now.,………ps the liberal insanity and jews are the most closet racist on the planet………they want blacks to stay on welfare food stamps and housing right were they are so they cant progress at all if only blacks could see this there wouldn’t be almost any probs today………they say if the black people stay in the ghetto lmaooooooooo yea real good life keep giving them free everything they will not only keep buying there votes but keep them living in places that nobody wants to l;ive they probly have a plot of land picked out in the ghetto for there grandkids a lot of black guys and gals are waking up to these pigs but its up to the black leaders of today to take a stand and let theme know they hate theme more then anything and want to keep btheme right were they are while not progressing at all………..in the south trust me I llive there more blacks and whites stay work with and get along with whites more then anyother part of the country………with really no trouble at all…………………….atleast most parts of the south they want a race war more then anyone and when they get it wish it would be whites blacks going right after these scum of the earth and the prob would be solved………not saying everything would be real good all over but zillion times better……….while will take more then Obama who I think is like most dems and didn’t do one thing for black people AT ALLLLLLLLL SINCE HESE BEEN IN OFFICE OTHER THEN GIVE THEME PHONES AND BUY THERE VOTES would rather have an all black prez that was not the biggest racist lier on the planet then a half white one that doesn’t even care for blaxcks or whites to start with so its not really skin color its the president that looks more more black but half white that’s the prob…………….its up to leaders in the black comunty to step up and let theme know what is really the truth rather then say don’t work stay on welfare and keep hating whites and that’s what you really said……but its gonna take a lot more then one black leader to get the message across excuse the spelling my k brds trashed luke


  3. I think most people forget that at least over here in the US, a quick shutdown of any uprising is the exact reason why most black neighborhoods are surrounded by freeways. They can easily send forces in and prevent people from getting out. When that happens everyone will be screwed in the bum. Black people have never taken the time or effort to even think about what we would do, and as a result will probably kill each other off fighting for what few resources are left when that day comes. There are enough empty lots in the area where I live that almost every block could have a garden and we should take advantage of that. First off it would provide healthier food than the gmo crap they force feed us, and it would mean that we have at least one inside source of food so we don’t immediately starve. We also have hot springs running under us so we shouldn’t run out of water either. I just know that one of these days, whether there is a reason to or not, they are going to put us on lock down, and black people will do what they do best which is act a fool. All intelligent people who try to organize and restore order will be shot down, and RayRay and Delroy will run the streets. It will be a sad day, and the whole world will probably be watching.
    I used to think that maybe if I just talked to more people they would wake up, but I am beginning to see that some people do enjoy being stupid. Thankfully the Most High has started leading me to other like minded individuals. I am grateful because I felt really alone. I think division is good because the people who don’t want to change will just hold everyone back. You can’t be united with foolishness and think you’ll get ahead.

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    • Candice,

      The majority of blacks are in some serious trouble. Its all about hooking up with like minded individuals and moving away from blacks as a whole because the black nation as a whole is heading down a road of ignorance and thereafter dreadful destruction. I certainly will not be having the likes of ignorant fools such as Delroy, Leroy and Ray Ray rule over me AT ALL.

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  4. spoken like a true looser on this one!!
    defeated before you even step on the battlefield!!
    and some how in your mind you believe that it’s gone to be a global race war against (i guess) just the black people in the U.S????? and that if you don’t participate in it that your life will spared by your new found genocidal murderous
    captors????? – “hahaha” “hahaha”


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