Divided We Stand, United We Fall!



What on earth are you talking about Verbs, are you serious about the above title? Isn’t this kind of attitude counter productive to the progression of the black nation? Isn’t this aiding the divide and conquer programming that has successfully been woven amongst our people?  Not at all and I am going to explain why this is the only way that blacks can move forward progressively and survive the coming fallout and assault that is going to hit them like a freight locomotive with a maximum load of cargo attached.



I reached a point recently where I had to start being brutally honest about the current decline with regards to the status of the Negro in 2013 and acknowledge who the direct culprits were who are aiding the degradation of our nation. When I looked upon the emergency plight of the so called Negro and then examined who was immediately responsible for his poorly condition, from the evidence presented I was forced to conclude that the so called Negro for the most part has inflicted this damage upon himself.

Blacks for the most part have systematically been destroying themselves on mass since about the 60s and this destruction has steadily been gaining fast momentum with every year that passes. Now what I have also witnessed among blacks today is their comfort and ease within their decadent surroundings, their failure to address the serious issues affecting their communities DIRECTLY and their disdainful hatred for anyone of their own that attempts to point out the squalor and suggest that maybe things need to change in order for us to progress and move forward positively as a people, ie changes that need to start from within. Anybody who attempts to take an individual path towards redemption is quickly set upon and savaged by the rest of the group.

How dare that Negro suggest that we begin to make some changes via ourselves first, how dare he/she suggest and point out that our current conditions of living are complete squalor and filth and most of all how dare he/she attempt to bring us to account for these conditions of reprobation. Usually after this the individual will then be tarnished with some sort of “appropriate” label/s by the group, making themselves feel better about their attack on him/her, yet they NEVER will actually listen to and take heed to the message that was delivered to them. You are all already familiar with the saying “don’t shoot the messenger”, this doesn’t count for diddly squat within the black community anymore.

It’s funny how in the scriptures Paul talked about this same attitude coming to fruition and he could clearly see the fruits of dishonesty and living the lie already manifesting within his own time. He wrote in 2 Timothy 4:3-5 the following:

4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

4:5 But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.

The last few posts that I have done in relation to black women have really been an eye opener and have truly shed some serious light on the above verses. Also, where I have commented on other people’s blog sites and been receiving huge flack and push back, the above has always come to mind.

In my own opinion based upon my experiences especially as of recently, I would have to say that the majority of black folks today have moved away from the truth, in fact I would go as far as to say that most actually hate the truth and real honesty. An honest black woman would not defend the wearing of European hair on her head 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. An honest black woman would admit that wearing the weave is not right, is a false representation, is a lie and is being dishonest. Being honest always starts in the mind. An honest black man would acknowledge that defending hood ratchet behaviour is totally wrong, he would also have to admit if he were honest that he would have to bear a large part of responsibility for his current gutter state and that making up excuses and deflecting the blame constantly achieves no better end for himself or his people.

However, we are not dealing with very many honest black people today. They cannot and will not accept the truth, they instead when the raw truth is delivered to them spend their time and energy embarking on a mission to slam you with some sort of label or slogan in order to dissipate the heat generated by truth speech. They then feel good within themselves having slammed you with every name, phrase and slogan in the book. Very few people will actually deal with the truth directly and make the necessary changes based upon the information you have given them. This is why I have to continually repeat the statement that most black people(men and women)today are suffering from some sort of mental illness and instability. Living in lies, dishonesty and feeling comfortable with them is not normal behaviour, however this is what the majority of black folks have been reduced to in 2013.



Sounds very strange now doesn’t it but actually this is the best way to move forward. Christ made a very profound statement that I was completely baffled about until recently. He stated the following in Luke 12:51 which reads:

12:51 Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather DIVISION:

Hold on just a second Christ, I thought that us all joining together as one is the key here…………….at least this is what I thought until I received recent revelations with regards to what he was actually doing. You see Christ was deliberately bringing about a divide because he knew that there were folks within the crowds who were no good and who needed to be weeded out, they were not people of endurance and they were detrimental to his cause. This is why you read in so many places throughout the gospels how most people were either astonished, divided or offended at his words and doctrine. Christ knew what he was doing, he was weeding out the crud and the no good scum on purpose in order to have remaining a strong, sound and solid fellowship of good men and women.

We see yet again another case of Christ weeding out the riff raff in John 6 where many of the people who claimed to be down with him walked away after he delivered yet another hard speech and set of teachings. Christ knew what he was doing, the folks who couldn’t handle the truth raw and undiluted would eventually show their true colours and fall to the wayside.

I have recently started doing the same thing in terms of seeing who is truly honest from who is not really down with truth and integrity whether it be dealing with controversial posts on my own blog site or posting raw comments of truth elsewhere on other sites. You already have read what happened to Christ so you also know what has been happening to me and the responses I have been receiving.

Am I Christ? No. However the responses that I have been receiving from most black people just for telling the truth follow the exact same pattern, labelling and slogan slinging have been the flavours of the month. This doesn’t deter me however, this simply shows me that Christ was truly correct in his words when he stated that very few find and walk the straight and narrow path. The form of responses received also show me that I am on the right path and that this idea of mass unity is a complete failure waiting to happen. The INDIVIDUAL is the enemy of the state, not the group. The European Union in their own writings have even stated that the individual poses a far bigger threat to their incoming regime than any group. Dictators throughout history have also feared the individual, especially the individual with an idea and who also can explain things to people in a way easy to be understood. This is my sole purpose here, to raise up individual black men and women. This is where the true power lies and this is where the most damage can be inflicted to an already crumbling system of failure.

I am in no wise stating that we shouldn’t work together however if we are to work together we should all be working on individual separate assignments for the cause, not everyone carrying out the same tasks as part of a group. This way if one person is taken down the cause will still continue to roll ahead.

“You’re a self hater, you’re just angry, you’re being emotional, you’re being disrespectful, you must have been hurt in the past, you’re homosexual, your mother is black, you’re a coon, you’re an Uncle Ruckus, you’re an agent, you’re a sellout and aiding the white man in his cause, you’re just being arrogant and prideful and rude” etc, etc.

This is the lame stupidity that most black people will come back at you with when they are challenged on certain pertinent issues, the very same issues that are bringing down their communities rapidly. Black people for the most part are stuck on stupidity and ignorance. Shouldn’t the goal here be to look at the issues raised and address them rather than fire 21 cannons at the messenger? This would obviously be the way forward for black folks who can think with a logical mindset and who still have their reasoning skills intact however in 2013 it is the complete opposite when it comes down to most black folks. Only black people see the illogical as logical and the insane as sanity.

In the eyes of most modern day western black women and men, people who point out and talk about the negativity within the black community are viewed as evil and the lowest of the low rather than those people who actually carry out the negative actions in the community. Can somebody please explain how this works and the logic behind this kind of reasoning as I myself cannot understand this?

I am slowly beginning to understand why many black people refuse to deal with their own folks and why many have simply walked away from the vast majority of their own people. If this is the kind of reasoning and response that you have to deal with amongst your own, is it any wonder why many black people are looking at their own and choosing to walk in the opposite direction? Another trait that I have also noticed among blacks today is their inability to receive harsh chastisement. I’m not impressed to see what black people have been reduced to, a once world ruler is now nothing more than a jelly belly who becomes very upset and emotional at harsh words of truth.



Black people for the most part have lost the ability to express themselves efficiently. Black women as leaders, Hiphop and too much television are the main culprits responsible for the reduction in vocabulary among blacks. This is why for the most part I have been challenged emotionally instead of logically on the issues that I have raised regarding the plight of the black male and the black female, the challenges coming in the form of name calling, slogan labelling and phrase slinging which if we are honest are not countering the points raised at all but simply adding more volume to my arguments.

I keep stating that good black men and women need to start separating themselves from the no good trash and for the most part so far this advice is being ignored. However I predict in the near future that more black folks will begin to realise that I am right when they would have personally dealt with the damage caused by the reprobates that they mistakenly decided to harbour first-hand. This is an emergency situation we are currently dealing with in which the majority of black folks are walking around in a trance like state believing that they have all of the time in the world to get things straight and organised, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Having visited many blog sites in relation to both black men and black women, I can confidently say that many of the members who claim that they are part of the crew and are down with the captain are in actual fact stowaways and scroungers who are simply looking for a free ride, who will show their true colours, bail out and jump ship at the first sign of a rough breeze and turbulent waters. In order to have a solid crew they must first be thoroughly vetted through and through. Crew members must first be put through the fire in order to see how solid they are and how they will react under situations of pressure and heavy tension. It is a fool’s errand to bring people on board just because they can talk a good talk and know what rhetoric and buzz words to use to in order to appease others around them. This is a recipe for disaster, hoping that the people on board are down with the cause rather than actually wanting to try them for fear of causing rifts and skisms.

A piece of precious metal must be purified through fire in order to remove it’s impurities. It is the same with anybody like myself who wants to see black people prosper, the scum and the trash blacks have to be weeded out and separated from us in order for black folks to start making some serious forward progression. You cannot and will not be able to make any headway by refusing to deal with the bad apples among you. Hopefully some blacks will begin to figure this out when they look at the nation 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 years down the line and see that still nothing has changed. Other nations oust the bad apples from among them, this is how they are able to remain strong as a people. We harbour the bad and the ugly and think that somehow we are doing a noble and honourable thing and look at the weakness and the state of our nation today. 2 + 2 = 4. Hopefully some folks out there will eventually make the connections.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

9 thoughts on “Divided We Stand, United We Fall!

    • Truthseeker0509,

      It is a disappointment to see what black people on the whole have turned into, a complete shell of our once great former selves. Very few in reality actually desire to move forward and anybody who decides to actually take things into their own hands and do things directly in order to bring about change is labelled as a sellout or somebody who must be colluding with the secret services.

      This is the sad mentality of many black folks today, they lack the ability to think critically. Though many may not like the message and how it is delivered, not one person can say that I am not telling the truth. It is literally like dealing with a group of 8th grade children. Most blacks today have to be handled with kid gloves.

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  1. Wow Verbs this post is so deep and I find myself agreeing with all of it. The title says it all and I just love it. I saw how some people became angry and offended at you for telling the truth. I say keep telling the truth and tell the ones who don’t agree with the truth to go to HELL.

    You said: In my own opinion based upon my experiences especially as of recently, I would have to say that the majority of black folks today have moved away from the truth.

    And that’s why I have moved away from them. Not only will they “shoot the messeger”, but they will also try to hack you into pieces and set you on fire.SMH

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amarie,

      You saw first hand for yourself what took place. The truth is a great weapon as it can really expose the true motives and characteristics of certain individuals. This is why I stated that many folks are simply along for a free ride and are not really willing to put in the work when required.

      At the end of the day not one person who contended with me could turn around and call me a liar, so instead they simply attemped to slap me with some names and labels to give themselves the illusion of having some sort of control over the situation.

      However, as you clearly noticed, the issues that I raised were never discussed and dealt with. This is the appalling status of the majority of black people today, they cannot face the truth and be honest with themselves.

      John stated that we must test the spirits to see whether they are of God or not. Lets just say that episode was a very revealing one. Certain so called ” radicals” were exposed as blatant fraudsters and shown to not be down with the truth whatsoever.

      As I stated before, stowaways pretending to be legitimate crew members who claimed that they were supportive of the captain.

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  2. I love and very proud of you for telling of the truth to us Hebrew (black) people I just recently found out the some what truth and still seeking and what I’ve did found I told who ever of my finding as you know all the trash talk,laughing, odd one out goes along with seeking the truth I may not have any friend on my side but I always stand for Truth no matter what’s the cost and I thank you for your teaching which help me realize I am one the right path

    Liked by 1 person

    • Reyshon,

      Glad to hear that you are learning something useful here and that your path has been confirmed via these teachings, this is what I am all about, being honest, sincere, responsible and accountable. As you can clearly witness for yourself most folks cannot handle the truth and would happily rather subscribe to lies and fairy tales. The straight and narrow is the only way forward, especially in these crazy times where most folks do not know whether they are coming or going. Stay blessed.

      Most High Bless

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