Oh Negro……………..Thou Hypocrite!



It has been brought to my attention through various media reports that if George Zimmerman is acquitted of the death of Trayvon Martin, a ex Chicago police officer has predicted that there may possibly be race riots on a majorly grand scale all throughout the US in response to his acquittal. What makes me laugh is from the evidence gathered from witnesses so far, Zimmerman was actually the one being beaten upon and the one who was pleading for help but with you stupid Negroes the opportunity to cry “discrimination and victim” never gets flouted. I personally am not buying into this whole saga from a racially motivated standpoint, well at least not from Zimmerman’s corner anyway. Its seems all too racially convenient to me plus the mainstream media was all over this from the beginning stirring up the broth so I immediately suspected that something was amiss.

Riots????? Riots????? You blacks honestly want to riot over this case if Zimmerman is acquitted? The reason that I have called you here is that it is a pity that you haven’t thought to riot over the same black savages roaming throughout your own neighbourhoods and terrorising the people therein. Why haven’t you protested and rioted over those scumbags who dwell among you, whom you know have killed and maimed countless folks over and over, yet you have still failed to lift a finger to rectify the problem, even up to this day? Why eh Negro?????? Isn’t this straight up blatant hypocrisy????

The thoughts of black people today continue to show me how the so called Negro who was once a world ruler, a force to be reckoned with and the most powerful man on the planet has now been reduced to a dumb vagabond, a roaming fool with no hope, a nation whose people no longer think with logic and common sense, a people of folly who subscribe to negativity, stupidity and outlandish foolishness and whohold these standards up high as if they are something to be proud about.

Most of you blacks are a truly a lost cause, you refuse to clean up your own house first but yet you are quick to fully blast others who merely point out the fact that the rubbish inside your house is now becoming visible to other people outside of the house. Riots, really????? This is why most black folks will perish horribly and die the death of 10000 fools 10000 times over. I already know that this stupid mentality will prevail amongst most of you until the end. Of course if the race riots do commence ahead of schedule, you will predictably loot and possibly burn down the very shops that you use daily(another sign of your twisted and warped mentality), you will attack white people who have nothing directly to do with this incident yet you will refuse go after Zimmerman himself, no, you will leave him alone to roam free.

Hypocrites, you kill each other and not a word is said yet when one of you is killed by somebody who is not of your ethnicity, it is only then you want to take to the streets, raise hell and demand justice. Talking about “no justice no peace” yet within your own neighbourhoods no justice or peace has prevailed within them for such a long time and you have loved it so.

So Negro in closing, do not talk to me about racially motivated attacks or anything along those lines until you ultimately decide to drop the stupidity, wise up, start thinking from a straight and logical standpoint and begin to deal with the ratchet reprobate scumbags and lowlifes first within your own neighbourhoods who continually destroy the fruitful works of good black men and women and who continually contaminate their surroundings with works of evil. Its time for you to clean up your own house first before you decide to take on the victim role and complain about attacks from the outside.

You can call me an Uncle Ruckus or a sellout yet at the end of the day it is yourselves who will perish in your stupidity, not I. I refuse to affiliate myself with scumbags and rotten trash. That is not the way that the so called Negro is going to begin to make moves and get ahead. Those of you who call me a sellout today, many of you will see the light in times to come as you continue to witness the rapid degradation and the deterioration of the black nation. I care not for your attempted labelling against me, I will stand for what is right and what is true. I will not entertain stupidity and foolishness just to be “down” or to “keep it real”. Verbs is initiating the process of cleaning house and helping bring a division in order to filter out and separate the scum buckets and the trash from the good quality black men and women. I keep telling you good folks, your only viable way forward is to separate yourselves from the trash. Do this thing and watch yourselves excel in leaps and bounds.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

23 thoughts on “Oh Negro……………..Thou Hypocrite!

  1. Omg! Man you hit the nail right in the head! Negroes are looked upon as the lowest form of human and they keep that stereotype going, not giving two hoots about how bad they make us look as an entire race! Foolishness, tsk tsk!


    • Private,

      Having been persuaded to play the perpetual victim, most blacks now feel that any reprobate and foolishness behaviour can be executed with any reprisals or accountability. We have turned into a laughingstock, a butt of jokes for other nationalities. Nobody takes us seriously anymore and this is one of the if not the main reason why.


  2. You are right, plus I would like to add that with all the so-called black churches sitting on almost every other corner across so-called America you would think this problem in the ” HOODS” would have been solved. I guess it’s all about the money and wanting to be seen.


    • Ronald,

      The black churches are simply monuments of failure. They have rectified nothing in terms of better infrastructure and dealing with the usual “hood” suspects with the crumbling black communities. You are right, it is all about finances to these churches and the money changer pimps located therein.


  3. Sir, i doubt about riots in Amerikkka : the lack of any reaction after the N.S.A massive spying operations shows how this country is asleep. However the Zimmerman case is important to see how the thin veil recovering Jim Crow is falling apart gradually, for ex. with the recent US Supreme Court decision. Yet the Most High won’t let the wicked in control for ever and us so-called whites won’t be able to play “justice” for ever.


    • Ohu,

      The problem here is that ignorant blacks have found a case that can “fit” the race docket. Black people are asleep until somebody of another nationality afflicts them, then all of a sudden they are ready for action.

      Agreed, the European man’s reign and the majority of his people shall perish, however the future is not so bright for the majority of Hebrews either.


  4. Verbs

    Zimmerman killed Martin for “other-wordly” reasons. The race issue is being pushed by the Khazars who want a race war.

    As for Negroes, yes they will perish. It’s starting already. Mother Nature is wiping our enemies off the planet.


    • Negress,

      It was too obvious to us in the know that something was wrong with this whole saga from the start. The JewISH media can always be trusted to stir up ignorant black folks into a racial frenzy.

      Indeed, the great culling has commenced. Its a sad day in town when we are being forced to declare that most of our own people are in fact our enemies who cannot be redeemed.


  5. We’ve got 6 cats at my house, you know how cats are. But when my wife goes “want a treat?” in her special high voice, the cats all loose their minds for a feeding frenzy. The Negro is so sure of the daily over-dose of propaganda they can’t imagine the numbers of us who have turned the deaf-ear to the “special voice” and practice good independent judgement.


    • Arnold,

      6 cats, that is a full house indeed. Independent thought and reasoning has become anathema to the majority of black folks today.

      Zbigniew Brezenski(however you spell his second name) stated in his book Between Two Ages that “shortly the general public will be unable to think and reason for themselves and that they would begin to expect the media to do their thinking and reasoning for them. The media would thus become an appendage and an extension to their brain that they wouldn’t be able to do without”. Look at the so called Negro today, this has surely happened to him already.


  6. interesting. The media throws us a bone and some run to it, whenever it deals with race they put it out in the front. This is the same media telling us we live in a post racial society so u have to wonder why would they put this stuff as front page[paula deen zimmerman etc]. i think a lot of it is to distract us while they make more laws and things, its suspcious that the voting rights thing is happening now that we see all these racist things like paual deen and the zimmerman trial. Rioting won’t solve a thing but singing we shall overcome won’t solve anything either. All rioting will do is make whites paranoid and want to stock up on more ammo and hurt black people like they did after katrina. They trying to get people angry so they react. Yet the ones who have nothing to lose and will kill another black person will be the same weak ass mofos who won’t go after zimmerman. white person kills a black person they riot and get themselves arrested or hurt smh. We don’t need more casualities.


    • Mstoogood4yall,

      This is regrettably the dysfunctional mind of the majority of black folks today. We never seem to externalise our anger at the guilty culprits and where it matters when the time is upon us, as per usual a portion of us resort to doing dumb stuff that makes absolutely no sense to anybody else but ourselves…………..and we wonder why people don’t take black people seriously anymore.


  7. Many people sit and watch this foolishness on TEL-HIS-VISION all day, 5 to 6 days a week.It’s understood why most of the public continues to get DUMB DOWN all across AMERICA. I had to stop watching this garbage sometime ago. All it does is raise your anger in return your pressure goes up and then you go to the SORCERERS called doctors and they start to kill you with the drugs.


  8. I like this blog a lot and I agree with this post. It is time for Black America to wake up and start solving the problems in the Community. We need to stick together and stop listening to those White devils. We should have never integrated with Whites in the first place. We should have built our own communities after the Civil Rights Movement and relied on our strength to get by and courage.


    • Adeen,

      I agree however the sticking together comes with conditions if it is going to work successfully. Our main problem today are the ratchet black devils among us, they need to be ousted first, only then can we build successfully.

      I am still trying to find out who introduced the idea of integration to us as it was a trojan horse, a great mistake that has left us trundling downhill ever since.


      • Same here. We should have never integrated with White demons. We should have stayed away from them and build up our own communities and rely on ourselves.

        Plus we should also get rid of the Whitewashed sellout Blacks from among us as well.


  9. And when will Black people wake up and realize that these people don’t mean well for us at all? AmeriKKKlan never meant well for us! I think we need to leave this country now.


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