No Privacy – The New Normal…………….And Most People Are Accepting It!


nosey parker

The above title is a saying that I used to hear commonly growing up in London. Believe it or not there once upon a time when people actually valued their privacy and didn’t go around feeling that they had the right to know about and stick their noses into other people’s business. When I was growing up “mind your own business” was another common term that was frequently used at people who overstepped their boundaries in terms of wanting to delve into the personal lives of others. People actually respected the privacy of others and most folks treated privacy as though it were more precious than gold or fine silver. Things that people ask you today they wouldn’t have dared question you on 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. Folks knew their place and the majority of people didn’t have an unhealthy obsession with the lives of other people.

Sadly today, this is no longer the case. Today the zombie general public through the indoctrination of the mainstream media using the poisonous and cancerous genre of “reality television” has by itself completely changed the value of privacy in the eyes of most people in 2013. Today the majority of the general public do not know how to mind their own business, they feel that they have the right to stick their noses into your business and whereas before telling them to mind their own business would have sent a nosey cohort packing in the past, today if you express these same words you are viewed upon with high suspicion, you are treated as if you have something to hide, as if you are up to something no good that you do not want other people to catch wind of. For the majority of people today privacy has been thrust out of a wide open window and has disappeared into the wind.

The chief culprits in terms of television are programmes such as Big Brother(this is the chief culprit of them all in the 21st century), Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Love And Hiphop, Cheaters and every other reality television program that you can think of. They are all responsible for the degradation and the downgrading of privacy among the general public however the indoctrination goes back even further than this for those who have a memory and can remember the old days.

There was a program that used to air here in the UK in the 80’s called This Is Your Life. This program involved surprising a celebrity out and about who had been tricked into thinking that he/she was going to a particular place for a particular purpose. The celebrity would then be met by the host who would be holding a red book in his hand and inform the celebrity that they were not going to be doing what they thought that they were out and about for and that “this is their life”. They would then be taken back to the studio where there the host would go through that particular celebrity’s “history” and bring on various guests as a surprise, folks who have played a part at some point in that person’s life. Normally the host would always start by bringing on the person’s parents and then go from there. At the end of the program the celebrity in question would be handed the red book containing their history and be told again that tonight, “This Is Your Life”. This program was a chief primer in getting people ready for the dissolving away of their privacy. The media obviously begun first with celebrities as celebrities are already in the public eye and you already know how the zombie public love to follow the “stars”. From what I have seen on youtube, This Is Your Life goes back even further than the 80’s as far back as even the 50s.

There was also another program that air during the 90’s here in the UK called “Through The Keyhole”. This was a program where a group of celebrities in a studio sitting on a panel would be taken on a guided tour by television screen into the house of another celebrity(the tour guide was undertaken by a fellow named Loyd Grossman(JewISH) and the host of the program was a man named Sir David Frost), shown certain artifacts in the property and after the screened tour left to guess from what they saw what famous man/woman the house belonged to. Looking through the key hole of a door gives a spy type setting hence why the program was given that title. These two programs in the UK at least where the key primers that lead up to the first screening of Big Brother, purposely launched to push the envelope of privacy even further back into oblivion. Nobody needs me to explain what the reality television program Big Brother is all about. This time it was the turn of the person on the street, the average Joe now had a chance to be seen on television and become a celebrity. Predictably having been primed for this position since at least the 50s, Joe 6 pack jumped at the chance of being seen on television and becoming famous, even if it was short lived. The dice had been cast from this point onwards, privacy would never be the same again.

When you look back into the past you could see the plans to erode people’s privacy rolling out in front of your very eyes. Most of us were quite ignorant to what was going on and up until the late 90’s, the internet was not available to the public, it was only used by the military. I believe that it was given to the public to use from 1994. Remember that people, it was “GIVEN” to you to use, IT IS NOT YOURS IN OWNERSHIP.



When you hear of the term “smart” attached to anything, you should be very cautious and very afraid. Basically, anything smart that is either on your person or is in your home is a spy that any particular 3rd party can use to either access your current location, look within the inside of your home and obtain a visual outline of your property or use to gather information as to what appliances and other items are in your home. This would include your food in the fridge by the way. I’m sure that many people here have heard of a “smart grid”. Simply put, a smart grid is a complete spy and control system which will be linked into the “smart” appliances in your house. If the energy company feels that you are using too much energy they will simply cut off the electricity to your house or shut down certain appliances within the home remotely.

Everything from smart fridges to smart phones, smart televisions to smart microwaves, smart kettles to smart computers are all spies in and around your home and in time will be used against you to not only control the amount of energy that your use in your home but will also be used a spy in your house to observe what you are doing and what you are using. The grid is so smart it will even tell you when you are running out of certain foods or drinks with friendly “nudges” and “reminders” . Remember this word called “austerity” that is currently being thrown about, austerity means poverty. It means that you must get used to living with less and less heading towards the status of a tramp, you must get used to it and you must be happy with each lower stage of your new living conditions. The smart grid system is simply one branch towards the goal of poverty for the majority of the general public orchestrated by a few super wealthy elite families. The end goal is to have the average person using 0 electricity, 0 gas and a very rationed and limited amount of water at the beginning but soon to be brought down to 0 aswell eventually. The green agenda and the propaganda surrounding it is the foundation being used to push this smart grid system and push austerity into the general public’s domain. I hope you realise that the same politicians who have been calling for austerity measures have not included themselves in terms of taking the plunge and living like vagabonds as they have planned for you, it is only meant for you to live the life of a street tramp, not them.




In order to control a crowd, the crowd has to be predictable. Any individual within that crowd who carries out an action that wasn’t or cannot be anticipated can be a serious thorn in the side to a group of people who are seeking to control any and all actions that will emerge from that crowd. The individual has power, this is why I always state at the end of my blogs, “stay individual”. That does not mean that you must stand alone, it simply means that you must retain your own reasoning and thinking processes, always think things through for yourself and never allow somebody else to do your thinking and reasoning for you.

The groupthink mentality is currently what the state/government is attempting to push onto the masses and for the most part the majority of people have adjusted to this new mindset and assimilated themselves together like the Borg. Most folks have been fully persuaded to flush their privacy and individuality down the toilet. Remember that privacy goes hand in glove with individuality. We are approaching a time where holding to any level of privacy will be shunned upon heavily and will also probably be seen as some sort of criminal offense aswell. You can already see that people become very offended when you tell them that something is none of their business. The power of the media. The zombie public already believe that they have the right to know everything about you, after all as they say, “if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about”.

Errrrr no zombie, it isn’t as simple as that zombie. You see I am trying to protect my individuality and privacy is directly related to it so if I am to successfully protect my individuality, I must apply the same protection for my privacy aswell. Sorry zombie public, I’m not going to join you and be assimilated. We are NOT all in it together, count me out, separate, individual and private.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

9 thoughts on “No Privacy – The New Normal…………….And Most People Are Accepting It!

  1. Verbs

    I gave up TV and my mind is as sharp as ever. They put subliminal “flashes” in these programs to steer you into a behavior, thought or action.

    It’s also in music.

    Remaining true to self is the one thing we have that they will demonize. More things to come…I’m sure.


    • Negress,

      Indeed, the television was designed and introduced to the public for the sole purpose of programming and indoctrination. The word “programme” has gone right over the head of most folks, they just don’t get it and most never will.


      • So you are saying that my smart phone and IPod has a camera in it which can see me and my family inside our home, what we say and do?! I know that game consoles have this but I figured smartphones just tracked what u do on the device.


      • Private,

        We are always giving the basics of what any particular device is capable of, we are never given the truth as to what any device’s full potential is. Yes, you can be spied upon through the camera on your phone, the ipod as far as I know does not have a camera built in, at least the older generation ipods. The new ones I am not sure about and would have to investigate this through. Also the microphone on your smart phone device can be activated remotely so as to listen in to your conversations and any other activity taking place in your property. Smartphones are so advanced today that the actual screen itself can serve as a camera however most people do not know this.

        To be honest when the phone is not in use, you can place it in an unoccupied room. If it isn’t an Iphone you have then at night you can remove the battery from the phone, this cuts out the potential to snoop on you dead.

        Alternatively, if you can find a small metal box made from lead that you can place the phone in, that will also be an ace in in your favour as lead interferes with the phone’s signal significantly. This is why lead has been banned in most places around the world. They couldn’t get their surveillance grid successfully in place without removing most of the lead already in place. Superman cannot see through it and nor can these guys either. This was the primary reason for phasing it out in various products and locations, not because of health concerns as we have been “conveniently” informed.


  2. Another great relevant article verbs. I refuse to use apple products or anything “smart”
    I also have done a bit of research into brainwashing techniques (most sadly the churches around have also adopted to control the people)
    And it is no different.
    Most High Bless you and keep up the good work 🙂


    • Gods Princess,

      Thanks for the blessings, they are always appreciated. Yes, you will find that the so called “church” is one of the biggest trickster and manipulative organisations going. No technique is low enough for them to pull out of the hat and anybody who attends one of their monuments of failure is meat on the table, a potential victim waiting to be CONtrollled, sucked dry and rinsed.


  3. I agree with this post, every time I am on the internet, I feel like I am being watched. I feel like that I have no privacy these days.


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