Black Men Wearing Skirts – The Black Male Successfully Conquered!



Yes you have read the above title correctly, I remember stating years ago that because of the sagging trousers trend that the so called Negro has latched onto relentlessly, the next phase would see the introduction of the skirt towards the black male, his acceptance of it and his rabid defense of the practice of wearing skirts. Well, that time has arrived but to be honest I have been watching this androgynous agenda creep up upon the ignorant and unsuspecting on many different fronts. I am fully aware that this trend has been started by white folks and that white men are also partaking in this foolishness however black people are my folks, they are my concern so I will deal with them first concerning this issue.

Now I will say upfront that the black men who are promoting this trend down to their people are a complete and utter disgrace, a total waste of Hebrew blood. You would sell your people down the river of decadence with no qualms whatsoever for temporary riches which are soon to fade away? You should be ashamed to even lift up your heads, how you have managed to put your conscience aside so easily and adorn yourselves with women’s garments causes me to wonder about and bring into question your entire persona.

Now you so called Negro males who are going to jump on this trend and defend it till the cows come home, I will give you a strong advanced warning from now, do not even try to approach me and defend such ratchet and reprobate behaviour as you will immediately receive a relentless verbal bashing, that’s right, I will call you out on your reprobate, outlandish and effeminate actions straight up at full blast without a filter and undiluted. I know that most of you black men will succumb to the androgynous agenda, adorn yourselves with skirts and still expect to be taken seriously as males…………………….forget it bub, as soon as you put on that skirt as far as I am concerned your masculinity has departed from you in a hurry.

Now, for you blacks who are going to come here and say that this degenerate behaviour is a part of the psychological trauma that has come about as a result of slavery, I would say utter rubbish to that hypothesis and here is the simple reason why slavery cannot not be blamed for this and all other degenerate behaviours black folks are displaying today. If we go back just 3 generations and beyond, our forefathers were not engaging is such debase behaviour. It is logical to conclude that if indeed slavery has a part to play in the degeneracy of the black nation, then the people closest to the slave period should have been the hardest affected and should have been carrying out all of the same ratchet actions of black people today. However, we find that this is not the case. Our forefathers immediately after slavery were not dressing in skirts nor were subsequent generations after that, men behaved like men, wore mens clothes, didn’t behave like women or exhibit feminine traits. If a past of slavery is the reason behind this outlandish behaviour then why has this behaviour jumped over the many generations before us and decided to land itself in our particular time, why?

The fact is if slavery was to blame for our current gutter trash bottom barrel position in society, the dodgy behaviours would have manifested themselves immediately after the first slaves were physically freed. This is a fact that we have to face, we have to put an end to this habit of always attempting to shift the blame unto somebody or something else. When are we going to take responsibility for our own actions for a change?



Yes, you ratchet, reprobate, wild beast, weave wearing black hooligans who dare attempt to label yourselves as “queens” are the originators of this degeneracy among black males as the majority of black men since the mid 70s onwards have been and are being raised in single mother households. You ratchet black women have instilled absolutely no moral fiber into these black males whatsoever, how can you even stand there and talk about the fact that there are no good men out there when you are the ones who are churning out these no good brothers in the first place? How can you even talk about black men not looking after their children when you were and are the ones running different men through your homes like a factory? All that the black male in your life has ever seen is you check in and check out different men through your home at various points in his life as if your house was a Marriott, Sheraton or Hilton hotel.

I stated this before in my previous blog about black women, that the degradation of the black nation as a whole is the fault of the modern day western black women and I also gave the valid facts behind this reasoning. Black women in general have alot to answer for, you have single-handedly destroyed your own people and to make matters worse, you are not in the slightest remorseful or apologetic for your behaviour, why, because of your unquenchable lust and thirst to be accepted by your father, the so called white man( of which I will sternly remind you again, IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, YOU WILL NEVER BE ACCEPTED BY THE WHITE MAN…….GROW UP AND GET OVER IT). It doesn’t matter what length of weave you decide to integrate into your natural hair, this fact will never change. You reckoned that you could raise children in the home alone with the help of your father the state, you honestly believed that no man was required in the home and that the bribe money you were and most of you still are receiving from the state would suffice to replace a father figure in the home, however look at the state of the black nation today at your hands…………………….oh how the mighty have fallen eh black women?

Your attempt at raising children by yourself has been a complete and utter failure and the resulting fallout is evident all around us and still manifesting itself, in other words the full effects are still yet to be felt. You ratchet, weave wearing black hooligans, well done, you have carried out an excellent task of destroying your own people. Let us just take a brief look at some of the contaminated fruits of your nasty labour:




As per usual, Kanye West always seems to be at the forefront of pushing this androgynous, metro sexual, effeminate agenda onto his own people!


Rapper Pusha T also adorning a leather skirt!


Please Note Andre 3000’s Attire On The Left!


Note The Attire Of Will I Am On The Right!


More Black Celebrity Skirt Wearers!

I could continue on and on and on and on with many more images including Chris Brown wearing some questionable attire. This is as I stated before, the skinny jeans have opened the door to this skirt wearing trend. I remember the days of jungle music in the mid nineties where men were persuaded to wear straight jeans, it was too early at this time to push the effeminate envelope one step further so the homosexuals who are the very ones pushing this agenda decided to hang back and bide their time and bang, here we are in 2013 and this trend is being openly pushed by black celebrities and musicians and in time the majority of black males will subscribe to the skirt wearing. The straight jeans in the 90s were a prelude to this stage of the metro sexual/androgynous agenda. The next step after this will be high heels, lipstick and make up, basically everything that a woman uses and dresses with, watch this space and remember where you heard it. Some of you may laugh at this statement now but watch in 5-10 years time.

Remember black women, these black males have been in your hands, this is all your fault and there is going to be no redemption for you from the wrath of the Most high which is to befall you in the latter times at its fullest strength but has already started to manifest itself upon you with the judgement on your hair. For those of you reprobate violent hooligans who claim that you believe in Christ and love to use his name as your shield of defence, Christ is going to hold you equally accountable for your deeds, you will not escape judgement and you will descend into hell with a one way ticket faster than any of the people that you claimed were heading there before you. You would defy the Most High and turn the man who is made in his image into an effeminate chicken neck who wears skirts and tight homosexual type jeans and trousers……………….and you honestly believe that you are going to be excused for these actions…………………………….KEEP DREAMING!

The Decontamination And Deprogramming Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless




39 thoughts on “Black Men Wearing Skirts – The Black Male Successfully Conquered!

  1. Instantly thought of this episode when I read this post. If I was a man, I don’t care WHAT kind of household I grew up in. I would NEVER wear a damn skirt! This is for weak minded fools! A dashiki or a tunic is one thing, but this is another. The Black male is being set up for total effeminization. And an effeminate man is a threat to no one. Which is exactly what “they” want. The System made it so the Black male couldn’t find jobs, thereby making it so that the woman had to get welfare. But to get welfare, the man had to be out of the house.The spirit of Edom rests HARD on my people’s shoulders. I wish they would wake up and see what is happening. I take no glee in my people being destroyed by The Most High, male or female. It makes me so profoundly sad. Indeed my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

    Israel is at fault. We were cursed as a people. A whole people. I’m over the blame game and want to find real solutions. Let the dead bury the dead. What can we do, as awake Hebrews, to come together as a cohesive group? Maybe just start dealing with each other exclusively. Heavily patronize each other’s businesses. Set up communities. I don’t see this happening though. I think we will remain scattered and broken until The Most High starts gathering us back up.

    On a side note: WHY are those brothers wearing Scottish kilts? To amuse the pale people as something “novel”. I hate the way they always try to make fools of us. Quite actually, it pisses me off. From Blackface to their minstrel shows. Their unhealthy obsession with us creeps me the hell out!


    • I agree with your post. After watching Hidden Colors 1 and 2, the System set us up for major failure. I hope and pray more Hebrews will wake up but I’m afraid it may be too late for most.


      • Amarie,

        This system is the complete opposite of how we are supposed to be living as a people. Had we decided to work within this system but kept ourselves separate and retained our sovereignty, we would have been in a much better position as a people today and we would have remained united.

        Most Hebrews are goners, it is too late for them, only a remnant of us will be saved. Yes, I saw that video, what a damn shame yet this is part of the programme to effeminise the black male. It is very interesting how it is the black male who is the main target of this androgynous/metrosexual/homosexual/effeminate agenda. You would think that somebody knows something and is not telling…………………………………………………………………………………..


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    • DarqBeauty,

      What we have currently going on is an open collusion and conspiracy operation between ratchet black women(which regrettably today is a majority) and their father the state to destroy the black male, and for the most part it is working. These ratchet female hoodlums plants the seeds of effeminism into the black male from a very young age, then the state cultivates, nurtures and grow those seeds into plants later on down the line as soon as the young lad enters into the government training camp called public school.

      When we finished the last curse which was slavery, we were free as a people. However we decided to give up our sovereignty and put ourselves back under the wing of the curse master. We are cursed now not because of the Most High, but we are now cursed because most of our people are attempting to integrate into a system which is completely diametrically opposed to our normal way of living, and the more our people attempt to integrate the madder our people become. The curses our people are suffering today are coming directly from the hand of Edom, the Most High was satisfied with the penalties of our iniquities 400 years ago, we have already paid the price in his eyes.

      We have to be honest and identify the culprits responsible for our current plight as it is without involving emotion, only then can real solutions be brought forward. You are right, the black nation in the coming race wars will be the first meal on the plate for all nations and the majority of our people will be completely savaged. The Most High was not playing around when he stated that only a remnant of our people would remain.


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      • “When we finished the last curse which was slavery, we were free as a people. However we decided to give up our sovereignty and put ourselves back under the wing of the curse master. We are cursed now not because of the Most High, but we are now cursed because most of our people are attempting to integrate into a system which is completely diametrically opposed to our normal way of living, and the more our people attempt to integrate the madder our people become. The curses our people are suffering today are coming directly from the hand of Edom, the Most High was satisfied with the penalties of our iniquities 400 years ago, we have already paid the price in his eyes.”

        And we have Martin Luther King and his Sodomite Integrationist backers

        just saying


  2. From my observation, Israel has been given the role of leading the world. Unfortunatey, this is good, bad and or ugly. If we fly with high style, it is widely shared, if we sag the pants the infection is the same. I forget the verse but “the whole world is waiting for the revelation of the sons of God. This is not just a revealing at His coming. Israel is a nation of priest, they/we lead the nations to Yah, or to what ever their/our God is. This position can’t be revolked because Yah spoke it. Our scattering was so that we wouldn’t screw things up worse with our united display. We who are in our priests’ position have an opportunity to diss this madness. As more of us fail to “keep” our position, the rest of the world is continually polluted. That is all I have light to say without being presumptuous.


    • Arnold,

      Yep, leaders and complete failures at the task as it stands today. Sovereignty sacrificed on the alter of Edom in exchange for an illusion of acceptance and temporary riches which are soon going into an oxidised state of no value. We have been bamboozled, tricked into constantly playing the victim by so called black leadership(as was the reason for which they were raised up by Edom) and the so called church has been an utter failure(as it was designed and set up to be).

      What you are saying is exactly true, as more and more of our people fall, the world will spiral deeper and deeper into dire straits. We who know and see what is happening must completely separate ourselves from our contaminated brethren and keep it that way until the very end lest we also find ourselves partaking in the same dreadful future that is coming for them.



  3. I have followed your posts for over 2 years and have be been edified and educated by them. Could you help me? I don’t want to grasp the implied message when you said, “Remember black women, these black males have been in your hands, this is all your fault and there is going to be no redemption for you from the wrath of the Most high which is to befall you in the latter times at its fullest strength but has already started to manifest itself upon you with the judgement on your hair.”.

    I gather from that that our hair is a curse. Please note – our hair is not a curse but a blessing. Black hair is not prone to lice, unlike hair that produces oil which lice feeds on. If we are around those who produce a food source for lice, we will “catch it”. However, we will never be the hosts.

    We are the only people on the planet who have this type of hair. It is rare. In all other things, when something is rare, it is set aside and revered. Because of continued suppression from other cultures and the self hate of black people, black hair is looked at as a negative.

    Perhaps I was wrong, but I looked at you as an intelligent voice for the modern and awake black community. This community includes black women and men. I deplore you to be part of the solution and not perpetuate the same stereotypes that depress and suppress black women who are the mothers of our future generations.

    Be a man who loves us, not degrades us. Many women of all races are not perfect. We complain, nag and make mistakes. Other women of different cultures have one advantage, they are not systematically downgraded from the cradle to the grave. Perhaps with the love and support of our men, the current “trends” of “western women” would shift.

    I ask again, be part of the solution and not the current flow of lowering the view of black women. Thing about it – when something is low, you don’t need much energy to keep it down. We as black people should ask, why was/ is so much energy, over hundreds of years, used to keep us down? Because – Still I Rise!

    If I have viewed your quote wrong, please help me understand exactly where you were coming from. As previously stated, I enjoy your posts and refer others who are awake to your blog. I would like to continue to do so. However, in good conscious, I could not recommend my black, awake, aware and awesome women friends if this is found to be a source of the same suppression found in many other sources.

    I look forward to your reply.


    • Nicky B,

      The black woman’s hair is not a curse by default however because of the ratchet behaviour of most black women today, they have voluntarily brought curses upon themselves and one of them is the inability for their hair to grow and flourish. Again, this curse is not happening with all black women but it none the less is occurring in the vast majority. To be honest for those it is happening to, they have brought this upon themselves in their effort to emulate the white woman and to distance themselves from anything that looks like them.

      It is black women in general by their actions who are declaring that their hair is no good, thus they go about attempting to make their hair look as much like white womens hair whether through chemical process or through fusing European type hair to their heads, thus they automatically release a judgement upon their own natural hair as it begins to sustain damage from all of these processes.

      The stereotypes of black women will stop when black women stop behaving in a stereotypical manner. As I stated before, those good black women who are not part of the ratchet majority need to start separating themselves for the contaminants and keep the separation in place until the very end. Good black women need to call out these ratchet sisters aswell and thus they will no longer be grouped into the same bracket as them.

      Most black women are goners who cannot be redeemed, this is a hard saying but a true one none the less. You cannot save that which is completely corrupted. My love only stretches out to good black women, those who are honest and those who are truly repentant. The reprobates get absolutely no love from me whatsoever as long as they remain prideful and stubborn in their ways.

      Do not be deceived into thinking that there is going to be a mass awakening among the black community, yes our people are waking up in record numbers but in comparison to our total population, it is still small. Most black folks love this Babylon system, they have amalgamated themselves to it and love the crumbs and scraps that they are given from its table.

      If black women want to be viewed differently then they will need to behave differently. This is part of the solution and something that a good black man such as myself should have done ages ago, expose reprobate ratchet black women for who they are, giving them no longer a place to hide and also hold good black women to account to separate themselves from these ratchets and to also call out the scoundrels and reprimand them in like manner.

      One part of being honest and bettering yourself as an individual is the ability to accept the truth regardless of how uncomfortable it may make you feel. In closing no, I wasn’t stating that black women have cursed hair by nature, I was stating that because the majority of black women lust after and desire so much to look like the white woman, through this process they are bringing curse after curse upon themselves. I hope this has cleared up any misunderstandings.

      Most High Bless


  4. Western black women are a reflection of their western black men…both are a mess. Brothers need to wake up and turn to Torah obedience and stop blaming women.


    • The modern day western black woman on the whole is a reprobate and degenerate replicant of her father, saviour and trainer, the so called European man. Your response is typical and one of the many reasons why most black women will continue to trundle downhill to their ultimate destruction and exactly like their white father and trainer they have skilled the art of evading accountability and failing to be honest.

      As per usual in typical fashion as clearly demonstrated by your comment, when the modern day western black woman’s feet are held to the fire of accountability, she always without fail will attempt to distribute the blame to others. Sorry black women, as I stated before, every ratchet action that you undertake for your trainer the snowman in your attempts to seek his approval and acceptance, I will be there holding a mirror to you reprobate and beastly black face in order for you to witness live and firsthand another stage in your degradation and continual destruction.

      “Brothers need to turn to the torah”??? What about black women? No, as per usual it is the black male who is always obligated to make the changes. As I already stated in this blog, most black women do not desire real change as that would mean them having to step down from their position of power over the black male and as I stated, most black women love this power, they enjoy beating down the black male daily as per the snowman’s instructions and they enjoy treading him under foot.

      No, those black women who are honest, who see what is going on, who desire real change and who do not have a problem giving up their power position up to its rightful owner need to step forward, separate themselves from the contaminated, be honest with themselves and make the necessary changes for the betterment of their lives as individuals and begin to call out the reprobate contaminated scumbag wild beast hooligan black women for who they are, this is the first avenue to real change, black women being honest and acknowledging their serious shortcomings without looking for a distributor to share the blame with.


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  5. SMH, it is sad that the Black community is in dire straits morally and economically. And why would they introduce skirts for Black men to wear? So stupid! I am a Black woman and I am sick of the garbage that both Black women and Black men are spewing into our community.

    Honestly I like this blog and many of the things you say is correct.


    • Another thing, we, as Blacks, need to stick together and help build our community up. Black women need to stop wearing these ugly, ratchet weave, stop having these horrid attitudes and stop choosing thugs over good Black males to procreate with. Black men have their own issues too but it is the Black woman that leads the community and the community has gone astray.

      Greeting from this honest Sista.


      • Adeen,

        You have to understand that you cannot build up the black community without dealing with the ratchet scumbag wild hooligans within our community first. You must first separate yourself from them before you attempt to build anything again otherwise the contaminated scum buckets will simply return and wreck anything and everything you are attempting to put together. Exactly, black women have been put in charge of the community, this means that ratchet black women must be forsaken and abandoned before we attempt to build anything new.


  6. Your attempt at wanting to always BLAME blackwomen for everything is not working and don’t hold up black men are not blameless in anything stop playing the victim in every damn thing our women are going shit too in this world do they have to do it if so what the point of have us as men.

    we both F**k uped! our enemies plot and plan daily on our ppl some of them are lost and some are beatin down from everyday life so what are they too do. everyday darker women catch hell from everybody and one says a word so it’s both of our ppl thats why we need to come together to fight this fight.

    leave my women alone stop attacking for every little thing.


    • Crissjensen,

      I’m very disappointed with your response and you should be aswell. As a man you should be approaching this matter from a perspective of logic, reasoning and common sense but instead you have approached this matter from an emotional angle, a type of response that would typically be expected from a woman.

      Its funny how you talk about equality and how black women cannot be blamed for everything yet I never saw you defending black men in the same manner when I’ve gone off on them in the past. Isn’t this a form of hypocrisy sir? Sure is, 100%.

      The black woman is going through hell today as a direct result of her treachery and abandonment towards the black male in exchange for the dainty treats and benefits from the state. Every action has a recompense down the line, the black woman is now at the beginning stages of reaping the reward for her foul decisions of the past. Nobody is to blame for this but herself alone.

      I’m not playing the victim, you are simply reading in a selective manner. I grill whoever needs to be grilled, I do not preach for claps nor the choir, I tell the truth regardless of who gets the roasting and how uncomfortable it may make people feel. You still don’t get it. Other nations shunn and cast out the bad apples among them however it seems that you would rather attempt to form a league with and defend the scum and the ratchet hooligans. Good luck with that one, they will chew you up and spit you out without remorse or pity at the first sign of trouble.

      I see that you are still having a hard time accepting the fact that most black people are goners and cannot be redeemed. Only in the black community do we think that yoking ourselves to scum buckets, filth and negativity is somehow an honourable and noble gesture and this is the main reason why the majority of black people will perish horribly, most just never learn or refuse to learn from the
      mistakes of the past.

      On the issue of darker skinned black women, you will clearly find that they are the ones who are doing the most outlandish nonsense and cooning just to get attention. World Star Hiphop and Youtube are just 2 places that hold the raw evidence in abundance on this issue. From fighting to twerking, playing the fool to playing the coon, it is the dark skinned black women who are always at the forefront of folly.

      So if you want to defend black women and their ratchet actions then by all means do so, however their foul behaviour is no longer getting a pass here. I am going to hold a mirror to the face of black women and hold them to account, something that should have been done from a long time back. They are not exempt from scrutiny and rebuke and Verbs will put them through the fire and roast them as and when necessary. So no, I will not stop holding “your women” to account.


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  7. Verbs, i meant nothing bad when posted that post. i get what ur saying about our ppl. esp, our women! so dont take it the wrong way. i also do believe in taking into account for your action, and many of our ppl will learn some things the hard. sad to say but true!

    Thank you, for teaching us the truth about this evil system.

    I will keep learning more from you and getting better in my own life to help other ppl that needs it. šŸ™‚


    • Crissjensen,

      Im hearing you brother. It can be a very hard concept to swallow at times, the fact that most of our brothers and sisters will perish horribly so I do understand how this can be a bitter fact to face from time to time. I learned the hard way from sticking my neck out for no good Negroes only to be bitten on the backside by the same reprobate trash at the next turn.

      I have also been heavily pondering recently as to why we have gotten nowhere as a people after so long and one of the top reasons I concluded why this was the case was because of our continued affiliation towards the reprobate blacks taking refuge among us. These are the very culprits who have and continue to smash down everything good black folks build. They have to be shunned if we are to move forward seriously as a people.




  8. I’m disappointed by this post. Especially considering it takes two. All black women are not the cause of the degeneration of the black culture. Deuteronomy 28:50-58 states very clearly that the men would leave there children. No one should be left to do such a strenuous job alone. That’s why no other race has single parents, only blacks.


    • Jam’yah

      I am also disappointed by your response as I never once stated that ALL black women are responsible for the degradation of the black nation, nonetheless black women are at the foundation of our fall. You should already know that it was the black woman who first decided to abandon her family in pursuit of feminism and the cause thereof in the 1960’s. Black women made the first move and walked away from their families, this is a documented fact and cannot be disputed. It was at this very point that the black family structure began to crumble. Again, unless you see the word “all” joined together with the words “black women”, the assumption that I am referring to all black women lies with yourself, not I.

      Before this time despite the persecution that we went through as a people, our family structure remained strong and intact.

      Deuteronomy 28:50-58 applies to when the children of Israel were in their own land under their own power as we continue to read about many sieges, women eating their own children and famines throughout the scriptures thereafter. This does not immediately apply to the modern day life in the west as the scriptures quite clearly state that these troubles would befall the children of Israel “within their gates”.

      So no, it is high time to hold black women accountable by themselves for the skull duggery that they have committed and are still doing to this day instead of always trying to give them a pass or trying to find a way for them to evade accountability.


  9. I dont want my man wearing no skirt. I already gotta make sure he aint making no Bych moves…Lord knows i would just fall out if he was a cross dresser! Lord what is the world coming to???


  10. Hate to break it to ya, but Jesus didn’t wear pants. He wore robes, which you would probably would respond in a similar manner to.


    • JED,

      This is a very poor comparison as a male robe can still be clearly observed as being masculine. Not only that but also a male robe is a complete body outfit, not a garment that is worn from the waist down. This is a very poor attempt at a deconstruction JED, a very poor attempt.


      • Why are black men making baby mamas out of white and latina women as well???? Every single black women i know that have children with white men are married and well provided for. I guess black women forced them to have sex…please!


      • Phillyrider,

        The fact is that today when a black male decides to date outside of his race, the relationship has more of a chance of success. Black women lust after white men, this is why when they obtain their white knight their belligerent, violent, rebellious attitude disappears almost immediately. This is why for the few black women who manage to obtain a white man, the relationships seem to work pretty smoothly. Black women know not to bring their rebellious “attitude” to the white man’s table as he will not tolerate her nonsense, however when it comes down to black women dating black men, black women feel that we are supposed to take the complete list of trash that they deal out to us.

        This simply goes back to the days of slavery, the black woman in general desires to be the negro bedwench of the European man and has gone out of her way to please her new lord, master, saviour and father ever since he first handed her section 8 housing benefits and welfare from the 1960s onwards. The image of the white man is one of economic stability and security so naturally he is the most desired male on the planet. The majority of black males are not out making “baby mamas”, most are hard working decent lads who can more than provide for themselves and their families.

        Black men desire to come home to a peaceful household without “drama” and the sad reality is that the majority of western black women fail to provide this peaceful tranquil environment in the home. They feel that submission is slavery and feel the need to challenge and resist the black male at every turn. However, as soon as black women unite with a white male, they somehow regain and restore their ability to be women and submit.


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        This is exactly one of many reasons why the Most High took our forefathers out of Egypt, the Egyptian men commonly engaged in homosexual and effeminate bahaviours and practices, the wearing of female garments being one of their most prevalent habits of reprobation. Now you understand why our forefathers were given the moral commandment of Deuteronomy 22:5 which reads:


        Many folks at this point would point out the fact that women of all nationalities today wear trousers(especially in the workplace), jeans, jogging bottoms etc. What also needs to be pointed out here is that pre 1960s practically no women wore trousers, all women wore were skirts and dresses. It was the onset of feminism in the 1960s(yet again the culprit behind another downhill trend) that caused this paradigm shift to take place.

        This is indeed an issue that the Most High is going to put right in time. The same backwards and reprobate behaviours that were taking place in Egypt with regards to men wearing women’s garments and vise versa are occurring here under this Babylon system yet again. This agenda is part of the global elite’s program to “blend the sexes”. This particular program is also known as the Androgynous Agenda.



  11. Thankfully I live in the caribbean and the only type of “men” who wear skirts are cross-dressing and or transgendered homosexual men. Or the only other times a man would put on a skirt would be for comedic purposes like in a costume. or something most men wouldn’t ever dream of following the outrageous fashions of the US and elsewhere.. another thing where I live there are many single parent homes headed by mothers, and most (again I said “most”) of the children in those homes grow up to be generally well rounded and good people, because

    1) even though the biological fathers are not present there are external strong male figures like teachers and sports coaches, other family members like grand-fathers or uncles.
    2) the mothers are mainly chaste, since sometimes they get caught up with no good men and while the mothers do get their act together, there’s always the fact that some of the fathers generally don’t want the responsibility of taking care of their children and despite what the mothers do, the men generally are stiff necked
    3) The mothers generally try as much as possible to get their children involved in the church, church related activities, extra-curricular activities at school, out of school……

    the only bad eggs are generally the ones who live in low-income house-holds and areas of great poverty, but even the economic standards aren’t really an absolute determinant of the children’s upbringing and of course children have their own minds too

    So while I do get what you’re saying at the same time I’ll have to disagree but only partially when I say it isn’t fair that you would give black women so much flack because truth be told many of them are trying their best and know very well that they can’t do the job by themselves also you have to factor in the fact that the mothers are not the only influence in their children’s life. This however is not to say that there aren’t some degenerate ones who operate to the detriment of their offspring,


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      The reason why the majority of the blame lies on the shoulders of black women is because it was the black woman who initiated the destruction of the black family unit via two major decisions that she has made in the past:

      1. Joining the feminist movement from the 1960s onwards .

      2. Accepting welfare from the state in replacement of having the male inside the home from around 1965 upto this present day.

      Before the 1960’s the black family was 85% efficient, 85% plus of black families consisted of a two parents household. However, just as Eve in the garden greedily desired more than was required, in the same manner acted black women in the 1960s with the onset of feminism and welfare programs.

      We cannot look at how the situation stands today, form an opinion or hand down a judgement, this is a common mistake made by many people when accessing the condition of black people in 2014, we must always return to the past and see who was responsible for initiating any particular movement to the detriment of their people. As the historical evidence clearly illustrates, the majority bulk of the blame lies at the feet of black women, they stands guilty as charged.



  12. “This is exactly one of many reasons why the Most High took our forefathers out of Egypt, the Egyptian men commonly engaged in homosexual and effeminate bahaviours and practices,”

    Wait, What??!!!!!!! That can’t be right, I have never read that anywhere in the bible or in the apocrypha, unless I missed something. Ancient Egypt despite its idolatrous practices has always been portrayed as a family oriented nation, even their pantheon reflected that, Isis Horus and Set, a family triune.


    • Yanni,
      Deuteronomy 28:60 reads:

      28:60 Moreover he will bring upon thee all the diseases of Egypt, which thou wast afraid of; and they shall cleave unto thee.

      Egypt became place of decadence and dysfunction after Joseph and the 12 patriarchs of Israel died. Have you forgotten the accounts in the book of Jasher, of how the Egyptians slew the children of our forefathers? All manner of wicked practices did they use to attempt to cull our populations.

      What manner of being family oriented is that? The kingdom of Egypt fell because as per the majority of kingdoms that perish, a lack of morality is normally the beginning of a kingdom’s downfall.

      Rome followed the same decadent path and succumb to the same failure.


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  15. Happy i’m with a white man, and have mixed kids. Didn’t choose him “because” of that, but….

    I’m not responsible or accountable for any “degeneration of any black culture”, because i raise kids with opened eyes on their origins and all cultures.

    If I’ve had black kids, i won’t be responsible either. Of what ? Preserving your culture ? And why fathers and men wouldn’t share this responsibility ? Are they entirely USELESS ?

    Moreover. If they want to wear SKIRTS. No problem with that. Being a woman is not SHAMEFUL. Wearing skirts as well. Priests wear dresses and everyone is okay with that. Arabs from the Middle East too.

    I really dont gaf….just want my kids to be HAPPY.


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