Sorry Negro, No Reparations For You Black………Ever!


Sorry black, you are not going to be receiving any type of reparations anytime soon and here is the simple reason why…………….integration. You see, from the time that you decided that you wished to be intergrated into the European man’s system, you automatically waived your rights to any sort of compensation whether it be from a monetary perspective or any other type of recompense.

Placing yourselves under the European man’s system is a form of legalism. What you have actually done by requesting integration via the civil rights movement is legally allowed the European man to treat you in what fashion he chooses and in addition to this he has the right to disappear your rights to be compensated.

Had you have remained sovereign under your own power and continued to do your own thing despite the persecution and constant barrage of attacks by whites, you would have stood more of a chance at receiving some sort of compensation from an outsider standpoint rather than from an integrated standpoint.

Of course the European man knew this fact hence why he was relentless with his persecution against us after the physical form of slavery ended. To be honest, the persecution against us was extremely beneficial as it kept us strong and unified as a nation. We were tricked by so called “black leaders” into playing the part of a victim and into giving up our sovereignty as a people for temporary comfort and rest.

Why we never kept to what we were already accomplishing successfully in terms of separate living, running our own businesses and living in self sufficiency is beyond me. We have been tricked people, and we are now paying the price for believing that this so called European man who has been railing against us for 1000s of years would all of a sudden change his heart and become our best buddy. It is time to wake up, smell an industrial strength cup of coffee, realise that we have duped and bamboozled big time and start to be honest with ourselves for once. You can only lie to yourself for so long before it becomes apparent that you are actually the reason for your current demise and gutter state.

So black people need to remove this idea out of their heads in terms of reparations because YOU WILL NOT be receiving any form of compensation from the so called European man…………………………EVER!


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

22 thoughts on “Sorry Negro, No Reparations For You Black………Ever!

  1. Brother, there is no post here? Its just an ad. when ever you have a new post I drop everything to read it so hopefully its just techniques glitch.
    Blessings to you & yours in the Most High



    • Brother, You are so right & thank you for this post.
      As a sister & a musician i didn’t realise how much they really hate us & are jealous of us until i moved to a new predominantly European town full of European who think they are musicians but are not. ( you should hear them all “trying” to sing in the local star bucks! I really cant help but laugh) For years as You know they have copied & stolen our music but where i live they take it a step further dispute all their talk of ” integration” so that i just cant get work here at all, all the work goes to the white people. When i lived in London i was so busy but here, forget it.
      Am i any good? Well i sound like arethia franklin. & no ones gonna say that unless its true right? But even with my voice & ability given to me & many of my people by the Most HIgh , i can not get a gig.
      So i have kind of given up. I guess people just dont like real singers anymore but im ok as my husband supports me, im one of the lucky ones but if i was a brother with a family to support you can just imagine how deeply demoralising it would be.

      I know good music/singers from bad. I have got ears but according to the Europeans we are just never good enough while their rubbish thin sounding voices are.

      Which brings me on to my next point, i was fine in London but here white people seem to prickle or flinch when i arrive anywhere. I seem to bring a presence with me that makes them very uncomfortable. I don’t look angry & there is nothing wrong with the way i look. My white friends say people are scared of me but i cant think why as i really am quiet.
      My husband who’s white ( i know but my mother is white &he treats me like a queen) says that i should smile more. Sorry but no, im not gonna go around grinning like A Cheshire Cat just to make white people feel better! They sure don’t do anything to make us feel better & like you said, they never will.
      I do love the Most High & his word more than anything though & i think the answer is in one post you wrote saying ” they don’t know who we are but something about us makes them uncomfortable” & now since moving here i really do realise how very true your words are brother.

      For all those precious brothers & sisters going through what i am, stay close to him realise who you truly are, the real Hebrews & don’t ever change to fit in with them as i know i wont.

      Love & peace to you in the power of the Most High



      • Integration was the worst thing that could have happened to us Israelites.People tend to forget, before Jacob and Esau were born the most high said , two nations are in your womb two manner meaning different people shall be “SEPARATED” upon birth. Just how hard is this for us to understand. These EDOMITES hate us and want that birth right back. Please read Psalms 83: 1-12 and you will see these are the people that hate us on earth even today. If they hate us they hate the most high. You cannot love one and hate the other Remember the names of these people have been changed on earth today to hide the WICKED. If you knew what was in prophesy concerning your seeds end on earth, wouldn’t you try and hide your true identity also and lie to the very end. Also read the book of Jubilees chapters 35-38 and you will be stunned at what is written about these people Let’s stop calling them out of their true and start calling them who they are, EDOMITES.


      • Ronald,

        This fact is standard, that if you do not separate yourself from the foul environment around you, you begin to become contaminated with it, slowly but none the less the contamination process begins to take effect. I hear you on Jubilees, even Abraham viewed the behaviour of Esau and had to state that there is no righteousness in him. The so called European man on the whole lacks a spiritual foundation, he is more attracted to wealth, death, murder, blood, evil, war, sorrow, suffering and other things such like. His record is before him, it cannot be denied or hidden from view. Babylon is falling!

        Most High Bless


      • Trinity,

        It is very true about what you are saying about any town or place with a predominantly European population. The UK in general is a very cold place, white people most certainly have a serious problem with blacks here as does every other nation that also resides in the UK. The so called spirit of multiculturalism in England will disappear very quickly when the food runs out on the shelves and water is rationed(coming soon), this is when the Hebrew will become the number one meal on the plates of all nations of people(Jacobs trouble).

        Folks today have simply been indoctrinated into what music to listen to. Very few people have minds of their own anymore. When they hear melodies playing, they automatically use the pre-installed reference list in their heads to check and decide whether they should accept and take in what is being played to them or whether they should reject it. This is the zombie public that we regrettably live amongst in 2013.

        I know how you feel, like the cowboy stepping into the saloon bar, the music stops, everybody looks round at you and remains silent. Like I stated in a number of previous blogs, we blacks will never be accepted by whites or any other nations on this planet, the white man aka Edom especially is merely tolerating us at the moment however, this condition of tolerance is soon to change to a position of non tolerance in the very near future. Edom and the other nations will have to be completely crushed and brought down to their knees first before they accept us, this is exactly how the Most High is going to deal with the nations on this planet for their foul treatment against the Hebrews that has always been without a cause.

        They think to duck and dodge the recompense that is coming their way, however they will drink down the penalty of their errors at full strength and finish the whole cup before the Most High will bestow mercy upon them once again.

        Most High Bless


  2. Just deserts instead, to be treated as equal means you must become one of them, even to the end of transforming into a different people. Back in the early times Aristotle taught Alexander the Greek to train up the Hebrew kids after the Greek way (language, sports, entertainments) and they would forever be Hellenized (like us today). The Greek/Roman invasions also included Greek/Romam millitary marrying the local women to be Rome loyal heads of now mixed families. It is hard to see if you have been raised up this way, it is normal to you. Not to go the way of the gentiles is a good warning while in the land. BUT if you are carried off into captivity and slavery, there is no protection to keep your distinctions.

    This, is how history is deciphered, much more than just factual events. This is how the Egyptians and the Israelites got to be of lighter shades and how ancient history is obscured. Thank the Most High for Egyptians building caves to write and draw on the walls. We see what is walking in Egypt and Israel today and think it is the same as yesterday. The world is dupped by sight and too lazy to see what the Bible actually says and the collaborating testimony of ancient peoples.

    Another sign, the chosen people of the Most High are the ones the world looks at. Wheither we are in good standing with the Most High or not, that is our place. What ever we do the world looks at us and takes our lead, they can’t help it, that is how it is. The whole creation groans waiting for the revelation of the sons of god. If we sag our pants, look what happens, if we get all religious, look what happens. If we get up wid it and groove, look what happens. If we take our true place and proper standing before the Most High (which we are now trying to recover), watch what happens. First everybody and their momma will claim to be the chosen (they copy us and get all funky and routey about it). When everybody really awakes to the truth and order that the Most High ordained then things will settle down (after Yahshua has the last word). Study, be sober, be unveiled. Good post!


    • I hope I didn’t offend anyone (especially Trinity), I married (38 years ago) a white gal, she is nice but we were Christians with that understanding. Now having my eyes opened a little, there is strain. The Most High has not given her understanding. We navigate a world of complex relations and feelings. The race card is the joker in the deck. Christian people say it is not important or necessary but every new card box has a couple of jokers. We try to explain the Most High’s Israel without using race, others are clueless because race was made a problem long long ago. I am cautioned about endless geneologies so many times. The Bible says there are signs to mark the Children of Israel. The signs cut to the chase. The ones living the covenant curses, the ones keeping the commandments and sabbaths. The jokers are wild, they trump all the nonsense. The world is accustomed to cheating.


      • Sir, if your white wife looks at you as a potential Chosen it would not be a change and even in Christianity, though it is today highly corrupted, a wife should look at her man as the prize of her eyes and her daily blessing.
        However I reckon it is true for whites like myself to realize that we are not the Chosen People and who Hebrew Israelites really are. Some of us are able though to get some of this light from the Spirit.


      • Arnold,

        This is the bottom line when it comes down to the so called European man’s refusal to accept that the true Israelites are actually the blacks. He simply does not want to believe that we could actually be and amount to more than his evil system and his wicked society has made us out to be through media manipulation and propaganda. This information to the majority of white christians is actually similar to sunlight to a vampire. The possibility that we blacks are the true Hebrews must be evaded and leaped over at all costs. What, do you mean that these blacks whom we have treated like utter rubbsh are actually of some worth and that they might actually mean something to someone……….ABOVE?????

        National pride always rears up its ugly head with white christians when the possibility of black people being the true Hebrews is mentioned. They have a complete book of tricks and excuses to execute in an attempt to distract and throw a person of the trial should the topic of the Negroes being the true Hebrews manifest itself. Should these tactics fail they then resort to calling you a racist and a supremacist. As you already stated, the people who fit the curses that are listed and the people who fit the current lowly and poor state that is described in the scriptures are the true Hebrews, family trees and geneologies are not a requirement to determine who are the chosen people according to the scriptures.

        The fat of the matter is that most of these whites calling themselves christians will Jeckle and Hyde on the true Hebrews under conditions of lack and scarcity, the weakness of their spiritual foundation will manifest itself during hard times. These are some of the cohorts whom Christ warned us about when he stated in John 16:2 that they will kill us and think that they are doing a service for the Most High. Who else could think like this on such a diabolical level, that they were doing the Most High a favour by killing the people who have been claiming to be his chosen?

        The pieces are beginning to fit together. The very idea of evading the race issue when dealing with the identity of the true Hebrews is a deliberate stumbling block put in place by certain fellows in order to keep the identity of the chosen people concealed and in order to perpetuate the lie that the JewISH people living in the land of Israel today are the real people. The terms by which they describe themselves is a basic place to start in order to illustrate the fact that they cannot be the true Hebrews. An Israeli is a person of the state Israel, not the bloodline or the land Israel. Blueish, reddish, greenish……………..JewISH, I need go no further with this one.

        A mistake never to make. Do not think for a second that the dormant evil nature of the so called European man disappears and leaves as soon as he/she proclaims that they are a christian and that they “love the lord”, this mistake must never be made.

        Most High Bless


      • Brother read 1 Esdras 8: 68—93. This is just one of the reasons they took the Apocrypha out of the bible in 1885 only 20 years after the chains were taken off.


  3. Your fine brother Arnold & i completely understand where your coming from.
    I tell my husband all the time that i am a hebrew, black people where the first people on the earth all of it! He just shakes his head bless him but he loves me enough to take it. His family are very posh very wealthy Europeans & they don’t even want to look at me but thats ok as i dont particularly want to look at them, i hate snobs.
    We are expecting our first child soon & if its a boy he will have dreds like me(no matter how stright his hair may be!)
    & my husband has accepted this.
    Edomites can be very evil as my white family stole my whole black family from me. My father everyone due th their racism & wanting me for themselves. There must be lots of people in my position, so much for their ” intagrarion” like someone says, it really means be like us or get out!


  4. Sir,

    about your post, personally I feel “Reparations” could be a good concept if it doesn’t mean more “integration” i.e. dissolution of the Chosen People among us heathens and edomites but as an economic and political tool in this wicked world to improve a little bit at least the conditions of Black people.
    i understand too that for the Chosen People, it can be offensive to just be seen as the “equal” of us edomites and heathens when rulership is the Promise Land for you and not me.


    • Ohu,

      Had some sort of reparation program taken place before the civil rights movement in the 1960s then I would have agreed, however in 2013 most black people in general have become so dysfunctional, jaded, fragmented and clueless that to initiate a program of reparations today would be complete disaster waiting to take place. Most black folks would obtain their share, spend most of their money frivolously on utter rubbish and burn the rest of their capital faster than it could be placed into their slippery greasy hands. To hand a large portion of money to most black people today would regrettably be a grave error.

      I’ll be honest with you Ohu, most black people are goners, I wouldn’t want to be separated with most of my people as the majority of them having no mentality towards investment, trade and managing money would quickly turn in my direction and spy me out as their next meal ticket following the rapid expiration of their own wealth and resources. Black people as a whole will not unify again until the return of Christ, the wound that has been inflicted upon the true Hebrews is incurable and it is only the Most High who can and is going to restore again the health of the Hebrew nation as is stated in Jeremiah 30:12-22.

      In the meantime it is for black people scattered about in small cluster groups with like minded thoughts to come together in fellowship aswell as whites such as yourself and other nations of people who have accepted the true gospel and who fully acknowledge and accept who the so called Negro truly is by bloodline, heritage and history.

      What you have stated in terms of authority is correct however your people will not relinquish their power voluntarily, so the Most High is going to relief Edom of his power by force. Yes, according to Isaiah 14:2 we will rule over all of the nations that oppressed us(which is all nations, all of them had a part in the destruction of the Hebrews according to Joel 3:1-3). This is something to look forward to, the so called Negro needs and has been looking for a long earned rest for a long time now, I thank the Most High through Christ that our rest is at the door.

      Most High Bless


  5. You guys are way too kind, thanks. My wife loves me and that is fine.

    The legality of the situation is reparations are paid by one legal entity to another for criminal misuse, damages. This is done in the presence of the other legally recognized entities or nations. We are blacks, african-*, negros, coloreds, slaves, etc; none of which are a legal entity or nation or nationality. We can say we are Isrealites but in the world the Israelites are already in a nation called Israel, they seem to want tribute not reparations. We will not get reparations from the powers that be.

    In America there is no glue to hold us together and each generation is more blended in and mixed up. We argue about what to grab onto. If we take the book that is supposed to be for us and about us and out from us and yes Blacks who are apart of us in other parts of the world can supply missing pieces to the puzzle from their vantage point. In the end the Most High will pay back, restore, according to the promises he promised our fathers. It just can’t be as simple as meeting the father’s conditions that are in the book. It can’t be…………I have been mistaught well. The kingdom of the sweet by and by is at hand.

    Personally I think we have to have a better understanding of what it means to be “chosen people” (not a thing to be grasped) comes to mind. We might consider the wealth of our inheirtance in the true Commonwealth of Israel than pay back from our captors.


  6. Good post! You really hit the nail on the head. In my opinion,we deserve reparations for building up the wealth of this country. All those land owners and bankers have become billionaires of the backs of my ancestors. And we never got a cent! Now we live in poverty all across this country. And whites folks have the nerve to say we don’t deserve some type of payment?! These racist a$$holes are insane! Japanese,Native Americans and Jews ALL got some type of settlement. Where’s ours??? What makes our genocide,enslavement,rape and torture any different? Why is our pain and suffering ignored??
    Sorry for the rant but I had to get that off my chest. Having said that,I know these albino mutants wont ever pay us anything. For one thing they owe us too much. They payment would have to be in the billions. And these white devils aren’t about to do that. They oppress us because they fear us. Therefore they can never let up on killing us in the streets and throwing black men in jail. Its all a part of the destruction of the black family and black folks in general. Black people tend to forget we were brought here to be servants. And that is still our purpose in this country. It doesn’t matter about rich black athletes,rappers and singers. And of course we all know Obama has no real power. He’s basically irrelevant. We don’t control the political,economic or educational institutions. White folks control it all. And they aren’t going to give us any type of payment that would uplift us or change our condition. They may be a hard pill to swallow but that’s just how I see it. We have to be real about our situation.


    • Kushite Prince,

      No need to apologise at all, all rants, opinions and statements are welcome here, this is one place that you can come to and speak your mind freely. It is truly a travesty what has taken place and how we have been manipulated and bamboozled by so called “black leadership” into giving up our sovereignty and our power. Notice that the Japanese, JewISH people and the Native Americans held on to their sovereignty and did not try to integrate into western society per say as we Negroes were persuaded to do. We are not viewed in the eyes of the so called European man as human, as far as he is concerned the so called Negro is simply fodder to be merchandised off and to be used for his exploits. It is a hard saying but a true on none the less.

      I’ve said this myself before many a time, that if we lifted and took everything that belonged to us as payment for our prior free labour and moved to a completely different location, there wouldn’t be a brick or a kitchen sink remaining in this western society, white society would be reduced to a case of an extreme stone age. The continual persecution of the so called Negro(the Most High’s chosen people) at the hands of the so called white man is the main reason why the scriptures categorically state that no mercy will be shown on the so called European man aka Edom in the near future.

      The black nation has been reduced to a completely dysfunctional and base state through infiltration via the back door. However we must also remember that the Most High has promised that he will destroy the so called white man via the hands of his people(Ezekiel 25:12-14). This is something that I am personally looking forward to, my life had it not been for these European scoundrels would have taken a completely different direction of freestyle. Each day is supposed to bring a different experience to a person’s life. We are not supposed to perform and repeat the same task each and every day(9-5 work) and we most certainly are not supposed to perform these tasks for somebody else who is netting in the top cream of the fruits while the man/woman working the hardest below is subjected to mere crumbs falling from the table. I feel your frustration fully sir.

      Most High Bless


      • I hear you. And I totally agree. They say payback is a bitch. Well I hope I’m around to see the payback these demons get. They deserve all the pain they get!


  7. Integration ruined things for Blacks. Now we have the highest abortion rate, highest out of wedlock birthrate and most Black students have a difficult time getting through high school. Before integration, Black families consisted of mother and father and children. There was hardly any out of wedlock births and Black families raised their children with good morals. What in the world happened that made Blacks lose value in family and marriage?
    By integrating with Whites during the Civil Rights Movement and adopting their ways of divorce, booze, homosexuality etc, our community started to go down the drain. And when Black women started to embrace the Feminist Movement and said that they didn’t need a man and had kids out of wedlock to receive welfare checks.

    I think it is best for us Blacks to separate and build their own schools and government to enlighten ourselves and build Black pride in our children. It is sad that Black kids grow up hating their skin, hair and nose. I know this because I didn’t like my skin color growing up. We need to stop relying on the White man and his form of government that is detrimental to us.

    Although this country was built on the backs of Black slaves, I don’t believe in reparation. I just want this country to pay for what it did to Blacks physically and mentally and for the exploitation of third world countries. And America is paying for it’s sins right now with their economic collapse.

    Hopefully I hope I am out of this country by the time I am 30 since I am only 18 at this point in time.

    Greetings from Sister.


    • Adeen,

      See, other nations have stood up for their rights but they never forfeited their sovereignty unlike us, that was our biggest shortfall and it is still biting us in the heel today. We will not be able to build anything back in mass, it will have to be done with small individuals coming together and forming small groups. We need to make 2 separations in order to successfully build back up something of value, separate ourselves from the ways and the philosophies of the so called European man and then purge out the scum blacks from our own communities. Only then can we begin to construct efficiently.

      It is good to see someone as young as yourself in the truth at such an early age, I wish that it had happened that way for myself.



      • Verbs,

        Exactly, we do need to stick together and we need each other as a race of people. We do need to build our own communities to instill Black pride and love of self into Black children and make them educated enough to get a job and compete with others.

        We need to get rid of these sellout Blacks and stop emulating the ways of Whites because it has really caused us out community and dignity. And integration with Whites isn’t worth losing our sense of self or dignity.


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