Boston Marathon Bombing – Quick Note Advice!



This will be a very short post and to the point. I want folks to be aware of what is happening when this scenario should rear its ugly head again(and it will).I recently received an email from a fellow blogger regarding some video clips on Youtube I had sent to her in relation to the Boston Marathon Bombing and what was really going on. One of the things that she made light of was the fact that the mainstream media were giving out so many conflicting stories that as result even she was finding great difficulty making heads and tails of the matter.

This is a deliberate and common technique that is used by the mainstream media. They on purpose bombard you with different and conflicting accounts in an effort to render you worn down and worn out by the huge barrage of confusing and conflicting information. The simple objective behind this technique is to have you give up on your own investigation, put down your own thinking and reasoning skills and to have you just go along with the “official narrative” out of shear exhaustion, a narrative that they always roll out down the road when people are knackered and smashed from being barraged with confusion.

Firstly, you never put down your own reasoning and thinking faculties, NEVER, especially for the mainstream media. Yet again I have to refer back to the old timers who again before their time warned us about the mainstream press and who were always suspicious of them because they knew that they were a pack of liars who continuously pushed propaganda down the throat of the general public in order to allow certain agendas an easier passage.  Look at today for example. The same mainstream media has been used in order to change peoples perceptions on doctors and hospitals. Once upon a time the old timers never called doctors “quacks” for nothing. Look at the perception that has been created in relation to hospitals and doctors today, caring men and women who are prepared to lose a week’s sleep in order to save that one patient???? Don’t you believe that rubbish for a second, come to the UK where today people are afraid to go into hospitals for fear of never coming out alive…………….and they have valid reasons to be in fear, the national health service here is falling apart faster than the official story concerning this Boston Bombing. It itself is on life support.

Anyway back to the matter at hand. The method to circumvent this technique used against you is simply to not look in the mainstream media’s direction when some sort of so called “terror attack” takes place. The simple key is to always look to the alternative media(for as long as we have this option available to us)for the real answers and for a straight down the line account. See, the mainstream media is a dead horse which only the zombie non thinking, non reasoning public pay attention to and yet even these numbers are dwindling rapidly. Folks do not like being lied to and folks especially a man like myself was not a happy bunny to find out that the media that I was “conditioned” to trust in was actually there to keep me in the dark on the real events taking place, the real things that mattered and had been lying to me my entire life.

The damage is already done, even if the powers that be were to “purge” out the alternative press and only have their scally wags presenting the news, I am no longer interested, I will still not be paying them any mind and besides, I have gathered enough information from the alternative media and from my own research to know when I am being lied to. Good bye mainstream media, not that I didn’t say goodbye to you a long time ago but now I am making it official. I hope you wankers choke on your own propaganda. We know that you were responsible for this farse of an attack governments, save your propaganda and lies for the complete knuckle heads. VIVA LA ALTERNATIVE MEDIA.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

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