Electronic Books And The Cloud – NOT GOOD IDEAS – Short blog!



Electronic books despite the raving reviews and the propaganda that has been pushed to elevate these gadgets to the pinnacle and the forefront of the book reading public, are not a good idea for a few obvious reasons:

1. It is a fact that you retain more of the information read from a book or any other piece of literature when it is presented in the normal paper form. The screen format interferes with the information retention process of the brain. Why are we not surprised at this? It seems that a certain few ultra rich people do not want you having a memory of the past and refer to the “old ways” and the people who retain them as being “contaminated”. So it is no surprise to me that books are moving into this format en mass.

2. The second obvious problem here with electronic books is that when this device shuts down permanently and goes defective, all of the books contained therein are now lost forever. Not that we should be surprised at all because we already know this and many of us have faced this horrible experience with computers, so why would this device being a miniature form of a computer be any different?

3. I remember running across reports that had highlighted the fact that many controversial paperback and hard cover books that were transferred into electronic format, the so called “controversial” chapters or paragraphs had all of a sudden disappeared from the book all together. This isn’t just happening with politically incorrect literature either, all sort of literature has suffered at the hands of the electronic era and has had vast sections of the original writings removed. A whole chapter of a book gone, could that have been done accidentally? I personally very much doubt it.

I personally believe that this move to digitise all books is part of an agenda to incrementally erase information and the history of the past in order to bring in a “new history” and a “new understanding” on events of the past. Libraries all over the world are dumping thousands and thousands of books, documents and various other forms of literature into bins because of the fact that they now have digital records of the same. However, the issue here is that books and paper are much more reliable sources for storing information than electronic devices. Again, if those library computers goes belly up, so does all of the information contain therein, it is lost forever.

No thanks, I will be sticking to my paper books for as long as I can, for I foresee a time where you will only be able to purchase books in electronic format and this will be the step before banning books altogether. This is already starting to happen with music aswell. Don’t think that a ban on all books can happen, talk to Supreme Court judge Elena Kagan(JewISH) who is already on record stating that she believes that the government should have the ability to ban books outright. I challenge you to search engine her name along with the term “ban books” and tell me if I am wrong.

Of course there are two movies that spring to mind in which books, music and any other items of the past are prohibited from being in public possession, Fahrenheit 451 and Equilibrium. If you have not seen these films then I encourage you to watch them just so as to gather an idea of where things are heading to in the near future. It is also interesting to note that Amazon’s electronic book device is called Kindle. Yes, you can kindle a fire but you can also extinguish a fire if so desired. You have to wonder at these choice of names as it seems that they are often chosen to openly mock the dumb sheeple public as most people no longer pay attention to the important things of life anymore.




What is the Cloud? The cloud basically is a place where a person can store digital information on a hard drive that is owned and controlled by a company and that is remotely located away from the user. That above sentence alone should be ringing alarms at their loudest and red flags should be waving frantically. Why on earth would you want to store your personal information with an entity that you do not know? Shouldn’t your personally information remain just that, PERSONAL? In fact, what possible reason of viability can be used to encourage a person to store any form of data away from their personal selves? Here again are a few reasons why The Cloud is not a good idea either:

1. You do not know anything or any true information about the company that is storing your data, all you know about them is the information that they have provided to the general public and this most likely has been drafted up by their PR team. By the way PR is really propaganda and spin.

2. You do not now where the hard drives of the company concerned are located, your data is simply being uploaded to a hard drive in an unknown location.

3. If you read the terms and conditions of using the cloud with any company concerned, you will discover that they reserve the right to use your information, fragment your information, alter your information and give your information to other parties, in other words you give these cloud companies as much rights over your data as yourself. The problem is though very few people ever read the terms and conditions of contracts as they normally go on for ever and are almost always dressed in legalese terminology deliberately so that the average Joe will give up reading after the first paragraph, if he/she even progresses that far to begin with.

4. The company that stores your data now has more control over it than yourself. You have no idea of what is happening to the data that you have uploaded or what people are doing with it, where ever it is located.

5. If the company’s hard drives fail, your data is lost permanently just as in the same case as your own computer or electronic books.

There are many other reason I’m sure that you could think of but I have just listed a few to get the point across. I personally believe that this move to the Cloud is the government’s way to access your personal information easier and many people are simply handing over their information to this cloud scheme thinking that it is a good idea when they have no idea of the real agenda afoot. I have learned in life that whenever something is presented to you as being for your benefit, you better start doing some investigating and looking behind the happy and smiling reasons you have been given to use or to buy that thing.

The problem today is that people are so trusting and do not believe that others may hold evil intentions against them, even though they see hundreds of cases in the mainstream media per week that show one person exercising evil against another person. No thanks, I will be sticking to my own hard drives and I will be keeping my data to myself. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if many of this digital storage companies are actually government fronts. Why not, we already know that this is the case with many so called “charities”. Yes, I said it, do your own research and see if I am incorrect.

Yet again, it is very interesting how the term “cloud” is used to describe a remote information storage facility.  You must also remember that clouds disappear, I will leave you with that thought to ponder on.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

May The Most High Bless You


16 thoughts on “Electronic Books And The Cloud – NOT GOOD IDEAS – Short blog!

  1. Verbs

    I love this post for 2 reasons:

    1. We WILL be attacked by a cyber-virus that will erase our information, bank accounts, etc. When that happens, we’re lost and even more dependent on this system.

    2. Having a tangible book to read and refer to is key. Plus, these new IPhones, Ipods and other devices will be outfitted with tracking devices to spy on us at all times.

    I encourage blacks to keep their books and stop buying toys. A book that I’m been dying to get my hands on is Leviathan 666 by Dr. York. I cannot find it except on Amazon for well over 100.00!!

    IF you know of anyone who may have a copy, please let me know.


    • As I stated before Negress, great uncontaminated minds think alike. Investments in physical gold, silver and other tangible assets including food is the key to weathering the up and coming storm. A cyber attack is another reason to not put your money in the bank or to take out what you may have in one.

      I am growing tired of these gadgets myself, cannot beat a good book to read. Yes, indeed, I remember paying around £50($80) for a book not so long ago. I bit the bullet and paid the price because I know that over pricing is a common trick used to deter people from buying books that contain extremely valuable information within them. It may just be a case of buying it if you can’t find it cheaper elsewhere, you can afford to spare the money and the book is a must purchase.

      These elites are really trying to get our minds sunk into the matrix and control us via literal magic, as magic and science are one and the same, there is no difference between the two.


      • Interesting, may have to pick up a copy of this book myself aswell. I see that there is a part 2 also. Sharp investigating Anna, this help is much appreciated, you have just saved us some serious money.


  2. Just a couple of things. One of the ways of war the Roman Empire employed was to plunder the “Great Libraries” then burn everything from them that didn’t support the empire. They also kept original documents in order to use them against their enemies. They fabricated history by writing myths into the popular literature. Mind you most folk other than orators, scholars and royality couldn’t read. How easy to twist the spoken word. When the written word became wider distributed, spoken word was held in check. To get around this. Alexander the Greek was taught by Aristole to require all captive nations to give up their cultures, languages and histories and take on the culture of the Greeks, language and histories. They worked with the children and raised them up to be good Romans. The same has happened to us Black folk in this country and in the Roman subjected world. Today we read in English, not the language of our forefathers, not the language of the original bible. In translation, words are different culturally.

    Now look at the Bible and how each version and edition is missing a little more with each printing. Of course they say to make it revelant to today’s understanding. Sin is a psychosis today, but in Yah’s word is breaking His law. Dictionaries suffer the same fate as bibles. The word “nice” used to mean stupid, foolish, ignorant. Hey, that’s English. So get your old Concordances, bibles and other resource materials. Handle them carefully because they are about to be rare and Yah’s word be dilutted out of it’s truth.

    And if all your biblical research stuff is on line, how can you know if something has changed. And what if you are denied access with the push of a button. We could very well have online bibles taken away.


    • Brother Johnson, its been a long time, good to hear from you again. Indeed what you have stated is true on how the Roman empire dealt with records. Now those of us in the know can see exactly where all of this is going. The sheeple however will continue to adjust to and move along with all the changes that are presented to them without questioning anything whatsoever. Their fate will be their own undoing.

      I fully concur with you on the scriptures, of course these records have nothing to do with Edom yet as per usual he feels that he can make any “necessary adjustments” and “changes” in accordance with his dark agenda. I have also been a strong advocate of picking up old dictionaries, bibles and other written literature, the old works can be very revealing hence why most works are marketed at sky high prices. Again as I stated to Negress, they wish to keep us out of the works so they over price the works. Then obviously there is the Vatican and its X amount of miles of literature held underground that the public is not allowed to see but that is another story.

      The elite say that they are rolling out a scientific dictatorship but this is truly a dictatorship using magic and sorcery as science and magic are one and the same


      • Hello verbs2012,
        I have heard many say of us that we were kept from reading, don’t have the habit of reading. Now if we read we will read anything, except what we need to read to recover what was lost.

        Brother Pastor Dowell says “practice some self autonomy and do your due dilligence”, ‘study to show thyself approved’. We read the hunter’s tale we need to interview the lion. Oh, the lion is dead. We need to ask our ancestor’s spirit to relay the message and get back to us the answer. The prophets said to seek the old ways (the Torah). In Malachi 3:16 – ‘a book of rememberence was written before him for them’. I thought this was the recording of present believer’s fellowship. It must be the word of Yah that hasn’t changed for our rememberance, the Law and the Prophets.

        In the last three years I discovered that us kids of Black folks who were enslaved most likely are Hebrew Israelites. History has been distorted big time, our captor’s kids are in clueless denial of the consequences of their forefather’s actions. When the big window of info was opened, our people rushed in to be equal with our captor’s kids. OK, we got equal and we still are not equal, why? We centered on the minor knowledge of being a citizen in this country but disregarded the major knowledge of having been a nation in the past, a nation enslaved losing everything a nation was. We are good at our culture, crappy at our nation. (duh, it’s part of the curses to have forgotten!!!) Our forefathers wanted a king like the other nations, instead of Yah who was our king already. Go back to Yah, the nation is restored, simple.

        I’ve complained about bibles with Jehovah, Jesus, Lord, etc but I don’t have the where with all to edit, compile and print a better bible. Rabbi Simon Altaf on the net claims to have done this and claims to have more accurate knowledge of bible life, languages and histories. Rabbi Yona Golab has eye opening and helpful videos. There are several Black Jewish groups who have understandings slightly different than the sane Black Hebrew Israelite groups. I listen and sort. I don’t think we need a Sanhedren, but eventually as we each gather knowledge and practice wisdom, we will confirm the truth as a people engaged with Yah. I am still trying to shake off Christianity practically and mentally, more tentacles than a plate of spaghetti (also a Roman dish).


    • There are night clubs which are already chipping people and have been doing so for a while now. Today’s current tattoo trend that has been promoted like crazy is the main desensitizing mechanism being used at the moment to warm folks to the idea and it looks like it is working for most.


      • Don’t need the chip. The chip is the smokescreen that keeps us all looking for the wrong thing. With facebook, twitter, biometric scanning, nexus, Linkedin, etc, etc, etc….we are voluntarily giving our information away with out even giving it a second thought……. All these forms of data collecting is the “proverbial chip”.


      • Obadiah,

        These social networking sites are not the final solution as everybody is not on them. Grated, the people that do use them are facilitating the gathering of information on them by the government however you have to remember the other variables involved that do not bode well in the favour of intelligence agencies such as pseudonym names, profiles where people do not use actual photos of themselves, profiles that have been set up but that are rarely used, profiles that were set up which are never used.

        There are too many loopholes and negative variables in the social networking media arena for it to be the final solution, though I do hear what you are saying about the volunteering of personal information by the general public that do use these sites. We have to remember that these elites desire the complete control of every human being on the planet, the chip is the only plausible instrument that can be implemented to achieve this end goal of theirs.


  3. I had a musing about chips. A convergence of technology and reason. Chips for health monitoring, body tracking and eventually via chip they will know who is together with whom. They could issue a blanket restraining order so that people could or could not legally congregate. How they gonna know what folks are gathering about, social media profiles tell all. You need a chip or you are excluded from the matrix.

    The funniest thought, you’ll need a chip for every vendor, a paypass chip, banking chip, event access chip, legal system chip, church tithe chip. When all the chips are finally fabricated into one chip, the medical field will sponsor discount chip removal with upgrade. Free high power chips for the poor and folks of color. Low power (green) chips for middleclass (they bought into the system), chip-like tattoos for the wealthy (they run the system). Sober lol!!

    Actually they have us all worked up about marks of the devil, 666, the “ill-luminated” ones, track-n-shoot drones, chips and the government tendancy to double dip on the purpose of chips, for our good. Who is tending the sheep?

    The Yah’s yoke is easy and light, the only mark of his is our keeping the sabbath, will he find faith when he returns. That is will he find the ones with the mark of keeping the sabbath? And it’s not on pagan Friday/Saturday on Caesar’s calendar, that’s a different kingdom. The deprogramming continues………


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