The Horrid Future Of The Black Woman!


Black Woman 1

Black women in general are in some very serious trouble and the future for most black women is very grim. I have seen your future and a shiver went down my spine when I thought through to the fullest your position in the end times. There is nothing that you black women on the whole will not do to please your white masters. How any person can turn around and tell me that the account of Eve in the garden of Eden with the forbidden fruit cannot be anything other than a myth is beyond me as you black women are behaving in exactly the same manner as Eve when it comes to accepting the dainty poisonous treats of this European Babylon system, in exchange you make complete fools out of yourselves and you continue to behave out of line and push the boundaries more and more with extremely outlandish and stupid behaviour.

I have watched black women systematically over the years sell their black men down the river in exchange for the “comforts” that their new master and husband the European man has provided for them as reward for their treachery against the black male. As I have stated before, I have come to the realisation that there isn’t anything that black women will not do to please their new lord, master, husband and saviour, the white man, NOTHING! You will do whatever he tells you to do, you have already proven this through your treacherous behaviour in the past via the feminist movement, throwing your 1st and true husband out of the home in exchange for “welfare” treats and you are continuing with the same skull duggery today, behaving like dysfunctional, uncontrollable, reprobate, wild beasts of burden, perpetually warring against the black man. A sad fact is, the number one enemy of the black man today has become the black woman, it is what it is.

Now I want you black women to notice that not at any stage has the European man turned around to you and stated that you are now his friend and that you have now been accepted into his fold. Everytime you return to his face and ask, “Am I Your Friend Now, Have I Now Been Accepted”, haven’t you noticed that he always sends you away on a new “mission” and always fails to give you an answer? Haven’t you noticed this same pattern time and time again? From perms to jheri curls to relaxed hair to weaves to fake nails to fake eye lashes to tattoos to body piercings to booty shaking(twerking)to brawling to acting wild to dressing like sluts to displaying your backside outdoors, at every stage when you have returned to your new lord and master and said to him, ” I Have Done What You Asked Me To Do, Am I Now Accepted, Am I Now Your Friend”, you have never received an answer from him, only another set of instructions of a new mission for you to carry out some more outlandish stupidity. This is the stupidity of the modern day black woman who has bought into the illusion of power that the white man has given her. The fact is that the European man views you as a whore, a slut, a harlot, something to play with when he is bored or when he requires some entertainment, you will NEVER be accepted by him and the sooner that you delusional black women smell an industrial strength cup of coffee and realise this, it is the sooner that you can begin to repair the breach in your lives which quite frankly if you continue on this path of destruction you have chosen, the breach will soon be impossible to repair.

How you black women were persuaded into thinking that the same man who has persecuted the black male relentlessly for the last 500 years plus has somehow turned over a new leaf and is somehow your friend now while still railing against the black male is perplexing to say in the least. You are simply in the exact position that the so called white man requires you in, unprotected and vulnerable. When he is ready to return his full attention to you and execute his treachery upon you in exactly the same manner that you have done to the black male, you will then know what time it is. In the mean time eat, drink, relax and be merry reprobate, what, do you think that a recompense will not be required of you for your actions against us?

Now, I do not need to sit here and continuously say “not all black women”, you guilty culprits know exactly who you are, this lot falls on you automatically, these shoes fit your feet perfectly. Those who are not guilty will not be offended at this because the demographic doesn’t fit them. Now for you black women who have begun to turn things around for the better recognising the damage that you have caused and clocking onto the fact that the white man has tricked you, well. However, you black women, you reprobates, you scum bucket dysfunctional uncontrollable rabid wild beasts of burden who have decided that it is better to immerse yourselves deeper into the filth and are prepared to wage even more wars against the black man as per the instructions of your new husband the state, I will now show you your horrible and grim end.

All you reprobate black women have left is your buttocks and your vaginas and these are what you use to draw in the men, however men especially black men in increasing numbers are realising that after the sex is over and done with, you have absolutely nothing of value to bring to the table, nothing of value to contribute to sustaining a fruitful and healthy relationship. For years you wild animals have railed against black men and have blamed him for everything that has gone wrong in your lives but there comes a point in time where dodging accountability via blaming outsiders becomes very difficult and you are put into the position(a very uncomfortable position for you scum buckets) where you must begin examining yourself and holding yourself accountable for your actions. You beastly black women have now come to this stage and you are fighting tooth and nail to hold it off while your responsible sisters have simply chosen to face the uncomfortability,  taken the hit on the chin and walked into the fire to purge themselves and decontaminate themselves from the lies and filth that they have taken part in. This is responsibility, not continuously blaming black men for your cruddy decisions and the consequences thereof. Most black women today have simply been turned into violent hooligans, beastly thugs and terrorists by the state and their number one target is the black male.



Since many of you reprobate black women attend church, claim to believe in God and the scriptures, I will now show you out of the scriptures what the end outcome shall be for you rebellious, wild black females who enjoy warring against the black male for 30 shillings and some crumbs from your masters table aswell as whoring yourselves out at any price for him. Isaiah 3:10 reads:

3:12 As for my people, CHILDREN ARE THEIR OPPRESSORS, AND WOMEN RULE OVER THEM. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

Because the black woman decided that she could go it alone, throwing the man out of the house after being persuaded by the feminist movement to do so,  the result of this is that she has raised up literal beasts and animals for youth who are out of control, who hold to no moral values, who do not value life, who view their own offspring as a curse and a liability, inside or outside of the womb(by the way more black children are murdered inside the womb than are born today), who roam the streets terrorising the general public and who cannot be reasoned with on any level. Black women have raised up these monsters and their new husband the state has given them the power and the authority to do so. The black man has been kicked to the side and his power has been diminished. The so called European man began the ball rolling on this assault and today it is simply perpetuating itself. Yes reprobate black women, this white man whom you so badly want to be with is destroying your path and causing you to error severely. You have been lead into your current position and you have lead your children into this position also. If this position is supposed to be right, why is your life today in a worse state? Isaiah 3:16-23 reads:

3:16 Moreover the LORD saith, Because the daughters of Zion are HAUGHTY, and WALK WITH STRETCHED FORTH NECKS AND WANTON EYES, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:

3:17 Therefore the LORD WILL SMITE WITH A SCAB THE CROWN OF THE HEAD OF THE DAUGHTERS OF ZION, and the LORD will discover their secret parts.

3:18 In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round tires like the moon,

3:19 The chains, and the bracelets, and the mufflers,

3:20 The bonnets, and the ornaments of the legs, and the headbands, and the tablets, and the earrings,

3:21 The rings, and nose jewels,

3:22 The changeable suits of apparel, and the mantles, and the wimples, and the crisping pins,

3:23 The glasses, and the fine linen, and the hoods, and the vails.

This is the modern day black woman, a woman of arrogance, pride, a woman who believes that she can do no wrong and a woman who has no problem whoring herself out to the cheapest bidder. The word “wanton” means exactly that, a sexually immodest and promiscuous way, a lack of sexual discipline when pertaining to a woman. This is why you typically dress with your breast and buttocks on show for the whole world to view, you are so desperate for attention. This word “wanton” can also be linked to violence. This explains the hooligan violent nature of the modern day black woman who thinks that she can rail up to and match the physical strength of black men but realises quickly that she is in fact a woman when the man decides to open up a can on her. Of course from this point she yells and pleads for her new husband to come to her rescue in the form of the police.

The scab on your crown has already begun and is self evident, this is why your hair refuses to grow fruitfully now. The weave(which is simply a wig) has compounded your hair growth problem as your hair needs sunlight in order to grow and thicken. The chemicals used to attach this mop to your head are also damaging to your hair and are causing black women to lose first the thickness of the hair before the hair itself. The scab that the Most High talks about began as soon as you decided to deviate from your natural hair set and opt for a more European look(perm, jheri curl, relaxed, weave)from the 1960’s onwards. Now the abuse you have put your hair through all of these years is catching up with you rapidly. You are the only women on the planet today who are struggling with hair growth and slowly going bald and verse 17 above is proof that the scriptures are referring directly to you.

Not only is your hair being diminished but also your ability to amplify your beauty with earrings and all the other apparatus you use daily is also slowly being taken away from you. So insecure and hateful have black women become of themselves that they have resorted to using and wearing anything that they feel will enhance their looks. I have seen many black women with so much make up on, it appears as if they have just finished work on a building site. No black women, no longer will you be able to attempt to amplify your beauty. Isaiah 3:24 reads:

3:24 And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair BALDNESS; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and BURNING INSTEAD OF BEAUTY.

This is the sad end that will engulf the majority of black women. A stinky tramp with ripped clothes, a bald head and riddled with disease. This is the future lot for her. You already are the leading carrier of STDS, over half of you carry some sort of STD or infection so your disease ridden state has also already started. Can you now see why I stated at the beginning that your end is grim and that why I was horrified when I thought about your end demise? This is going to be a horrific end for most black women. For your traitorous acts against your brother, you have a serious cup of recompense to drink from and you will drink of it, undiluted and at full strength. Do not think for a second that you can evade these judgements, they are already taking their toll or haven’t you noticed yet? You cannot and you will not escape this, the majority of you will end up being bald headed, disease infested smelly tramps, LITERALLY! This directly leads into Isaiah 4:1 which reads:

4:1 And in that day SEVEN WOMEN SHALL TAKE HOLD OF ONE MAN, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.

This part is already beginning to take place also, black women today are the least desired women on the planet when it comes down to marriage. They have the highest rate of single women among all of the nations, black men are in large numbers abandoning the rebellious, wild beast hooligan black woman and turning to women of different nationalities in an effort to find peace, love and happiness. You black women for the longest while have palmed us off with the excuse that you being difficult is part of your strength character as a black woman…………bollocks, we black men are not falling for these nonsense anymore and many of us are now showing you that we are no longer going to be gullible idiots through our actions of choosing women from different nationalities.

The above scriptures says it all, this is going to be your end, where 7 of you at one time will be begging 1 man to marry you. The above scripture also talks about a reproach. What is this reproach? The reproach is you are disease ridden, you are leaking pus from the sores on your body, you are bald headed, you stink, your clothes are filthy and raggy. Obviously in this predicament no man will want you, not from any nationality. You will be completely abandoned by AL MEN from ALL NATIONALITIES, not just by your own men, you will be known as the diseased women of earth and you will be THE ONLY WOMEN ON EARTH carrying this burden. After all, who would want a stinky, disease riddled, pus oozing, bald headed tramp of a woman for a life mate.


Scaled Man

Man With Boils




The pictures above are just to give you rebellious black women an idea of where you are heading. You can stand there and say that this guy is talking rubbish but the facts are the facts, today you are already the most disease ridden women on the planet and with your rebellious and wanton behaviour continuing with no end in sight, the situation will only get worse as most of you are doing nothing to remedy the predicament but wallowing in your pride and arrogance. Would you women desire a man who looks like any of the above? I already know your answer, so you can now understand Isaiah 4:1 clearer, referring to the majority of you in the near future. The last two pictures are proof within themselves that the process has already begun, it is already happening regardless of whether you choose to believe it or not.

The Most High is not playing, you turn against your men for a man that hates you as much as your brother but has given you the illusion of power and acceptance via his “gifts”, you also turn your children into rebels and terrorists and you do not believe that there will be a price to pay for this skull duggery? You have also the number one murderers of children and do you think that you can escape the penalty for your assassinations of the innocent? Again, you contaminated scum bucket black women, you know who you are, I do not need to make separations here, the lot automatically falls on the guilty culprits. If this shoe fits you black woman then you will be offended. That is not my business, that is yours.

Now I understand Malachi 4:5-6 which reads:

4:5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:

4:6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Once the Most High has broken down you black women who have terrorised the black male, have terrorised your own children aswell as murdered many of them, he can then move you out of the way and finally reunite the fathers with their children, restore the power of the black male and begin to re-establish the black family unit as it was before the majority of you black women decided to take up your satchels and rucksacks and roll out on your trips of so called “independence”. This recompense can be avoided and there are a remnant of black women who have changed course realising that the path that they were leading was heading for oblivion. Most black women will perish in the states above, only a few shall escape this coming judgement. Such is your coming judgement going to be so severe because you are single handedly attempting to exterminate the Negro race.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

86 thoughts on “The Horrid Future Of The Black Woman!

  1. This is part of our curses. Our hatred for each other in terms of these gender wars I want no part of. This is why I fellowship with people of like spirit, because everyone is at fault yet all want to point to the speck in the eye of the other. We ALL dropped the ball. Black women and Black men equally. The healing can only
    Isaiah 13:12 states
    I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir.

    The Book also states that seven women will take hold of one man. To me, this means that yes, many of our women will die, but many more of our men will die.

    We as an awakening people need to come together and leave the madness behind. 2/3’s of our people are destined to die. Think about that number. The most high will be reaping with no respect to gender. It is time for those of us awake to keep putting out the message of who we REALLY are, but to leave behind us all the arguing and in fighting. Those people are lost and destined to remain lost. We should be mourning them profusely. Since slavery, the Black man has watched the white/foreign woman treated like queens above his own. Watched his own women raped in front of him. The Black woman has been raped in front of her slave husband and forced to bear children to be sold off. The sickness goes deep and no one has a monopoly on it. These are the end results of our disobedience towards the Most High. WE are the reason that the WHOLE world is in the mess it is in. We were supposed to be a Holy Nation, a light unto the world and we failed.

    Yet, the remnants will be those who are purified through fire, turmoil, strength and faith. Some on this very blog may make it. Some may not. All I know is that, daily, I am witnessing what seems to be an ever growing divide amongst our people. A chasm separating the sleepers to those awake.

    I pray for the spirit of those lost. Black men forced into the arms of others because of Black women forced to be something they were never meant to be. It is all circular. All we can do is keep shouting the truth of who we are. Then the culling of the herd will begin. I can only fervently pray and hope that I can answer the call to duty that the Most High has put forth.

    Keep those great messages coming, brother. May the Most High continue to guide you.


    • *The healing can only begin when we recognize who we are and our duty towards each other and the Laws of The Most High* Sorry that it got cut off.


    • Much appreciated for the input sister and thank you for passing through however your response is exactly what the Most High has a problem with. Notice immediately how you have attempted to distribute the blame to black men yet this post post is not about black men, their crimes and their coming judgement, this post is specifically directed towards black women, what is happening with them now and what is coming down the pike for them in the future on the whole.

      This habit of attempting to distribute the blame has to stop, it is when black women stop this habit and acknowledge responsibility for THEIR foul actions fully, that is when the healing for them can begin. You will notice that the Most High is not distributing the curses he has specifically outlined towards the women, black women are receiving these judgements in full and by themselves.

      My recommendation to you as I have stated before in one of my previous blogs is to separate yourself from the wild reprobate scum sisters, they are goners who cannot be redeemed. Do not take on any liability for these beasts of burden, represent yourself as an individual black woman who has reformed her ways and join together with other black women who have also reformed themselves. You stand together as individuals. I recommend sister that you do not attempt to defend the reprobate scum as they will turn against you and you will be disappointed and their curses will begin to spread to you. Allow them to suffer by themselves and let them be answerable to their own actions.

      The bible clearly states that the women is the weaker vessel. Just as it was the woman who started the ball rolling in the Garden of Eden in relation to disobedience, the outbreak of sin and the fruits thereof, in like manner it was the black woman who started the ball rolling in relation to the break up of the black family unit when she joined the feminist movement. This damage is recent, we do not have to go back to the days of slavery as the black family structure was intact for the majority part up until the late 1980s.

      Remember, Christ stated that he came to bring division and a sword, so this division that you are seeing occur among our people has to happen to purge out the dregs and the scum from among us, our women included. Now you understand the scripture which states ” though the number of the children of Israel be like the sand of the sea, A REMNANT SHALL BE SAVED”.

      Blessings In The Most High


      • Most respectfully, we agree to disagree on this. You think Black women are the reason for the fall of Israel, I think we ALL are and that this fighting is part of our curses. Like I said, I take no part in the gender wars. My fight isn’t with Black men. It’s with the Babylonian beast system. I left the world behind a while ago. Why you think I would fellowship with brothers OR sisters of unsavory minds is beyond me. I shall continue to walk alone in my search for truth and The Most High. Thank goodness the Most High has woken up many of my sisters to the truth, because if it were up to men, there would be no forgiveness. We’d all be cursed to death and our men would be in the arms of the others.
        I also say, most respectfully, that it is NOT unholy and system worshipping women who come to your post and support you. It is sisters like me, trying to stumble towards the truth. So when we come here, it is OUR eyes that read this. Not the eyes of those that need it most. This post was a bit like a slap in the face to those of us trying. Really trying.
        My soul is actually sickened. I can hear a hatred for Black women in this post. Feel it. The Spirit is telling me to just move on from this post. To continue my search. And to realize that I am COMPLETELY alone and all I have is HIM. This is not an attack on you Verbs. However, I think you dropped the ball a bit on this one. Yes, Black women are to blame. And as you stated, since women are the weaker vessel, than why would you hate them so deeply for being TRICKED by the very system that hates us all? We were ALL tricked.
        Listen brothers and sisters, WE WERE ALL TRICKED! By the Father Of Lies. This is one of the few websites i can go to to feel the truth, speak my mind. The Evil one doesn’t like that, so he sent Verbs “malwear content” signs so people would avoid his website. Many of us KEPT spreading the word. And sending people here. When THAT didn’t work, the Enemy found a way to get us at each others throats. And that’s exactly how they want it. I see NOTHING wrong with correction. I LONG to be corrected as it is the only way I will get to the Most High, however, there are ways to castigate and bring truth. When I visit Diary of a Negress, she had a SCATHING post about Black women…then turned around and did one on Black men. The way it should be. I ask you, respectfully, to reread my first post AND this one Verbs.
        There are sisters here who are supporting you, yet feel attacked. We are always being attacked. No matter how righteous we try to be. The righteous ones are the only ones hearing these messages because the ones asleep are watching BET, MTV, reality TV and in the clubs drinking and dancing. So we sign on and see posts like this, while our ignorant and unrighteous sisters keep right on doing what they are doing because they will NEVER see posts like this because they don’t care to.
        I’m over it. I’ve said what I have to say. I’m going to say my prayers for the day, take a shower, go to work, come home, eat, do much hated Algebra homework.
        I won’t be coming back to this post. Ever. It doesn’t describe me or anyone here. I will keep coming to the website to check out your pots, but this one in particular needs to be heard by women you won’t find on this website. Everyone stay blessed and I hope you can have a productive conversation about this post. Though, from what I’ve seen, these kinds of posts do nothing but hurt feelings, make people resentful and pits those in the truth against each other. I wish you all luck. You will need it.

        *Wiping the dust from my feet and moving on*


      • Gender war?? At no point in this post have I declared war against all black females, I am not fighting against anybody, I have simply outlined the facts, this is what the black woman on the whole has done, this is what she is responsible for and this is going to be her recompense. Again, if the shoe doesn’t fit you I do not understand why you would be offended. If you were to return the same analysis on some black men who were of no good, I would not be offended because that demographic does not fit me.

        Again, if you are going to lump yourself in with reprobate wild black women, then this is simply your doing it, not mine. I stated in this post twice that this lot falls automatically on the guilty culprits, if you are not guilty of what has been listed here then you do not have anything to worry about. In like manner, the sisters who have awoken and have changed their ways do not have to worry about this coming recompense. This is one thing that I can never understand about black people, why is it when a certain group of blacks are called out for their ratchet behaviour, we all seem to get offended as if we all fit that particular profile? It doesn’t make any sense.

        Again, you forget that it is not just you coming through to read these posts, there are others that pass through here including some unruly black women. How you do not see that this post obviously does not apply to you is perplexing. Again, I have to ask why you would want to group yourself together with the people to whom this post is directed? You have slapped yourself in the face and jumped the gun in applying this post to yourself, again, this is your doing. Why can’t you see yourself as an individual and examine yourself as an individual black woman against the post?

        I am simply cascading the unruly black women who have been responsible for the degradation of black society and who are still waging war against our community in an attempt to completely destroy it, yes I have a serious problem with THESE WOMEN and you should also have a serious problem with them seeing as they made things more difficult for sisters such as yourself who have turned from darkness towards the light. I do not understand your position sister, I AM NOT AGAINST YOU.

        I am very appreciative of the sisters here who are supporting me, they shouldn’t feel offended as they do not fit the profile I have described. The profile of this black woman that I have described is not a nice one and I understand that sisters would be concerned, however they should be concerned at the fact that their unrepentant unruly sisters are becoming more predominant, loud and are giving the good black women a bad reputation and making them look terrible. If it is indeed the case that it is the righteous sisters that are hearing these messages, isn’t it then a case where they now need to re double their efforts to find and pull out those other sisters who are looking for truth before this judgement really begins to bite and take its toll?

        This is the problem with black people on the whole, we think as a group, as a collective and we feel responsible for everybody else’s behaviour within the group. This group think is Orwellian and this behaviour needs to stop now. Since we can see that most of our people are dysfunctional, we need to start thinking as individuals and representing ourselves in like manner first. Then we need to join with like minded people yet still retain our individuality. This isn’t the borg, you cannot be responsible for the actions of others, it is impossible to do so. At least when a person represents themselves, they are fully in control of their own behaviour and they know that they can represent themselves as individuals to the best of their ability. You can no longer stand and represent a group which for the most part is dysfunctional.

        So no, my beef is only with the black women responsible for the degradation of black society, I’ve clearly stated this twice in this post, that this info should offend those who are the guilty culprits. You took offense to the post when you should have been thinking that the black women to whom this applies are in serious trouble, AND I AM GLAD THAT I AM NOT ONE OF THEM.


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      • darqbeauty
        Continue with in the love you have demonstrated in reply to this vexing post. May ahayah bless and keep you. Women and people like you are needed, what a humble spirit you have. To the writer of the post, you need to be careful of what you say and how you say it, your vulgarity is totally unbecoming and unacceptable to those who truly believe in commandments of ahayah and his annointed yashaya


      • Tshepo Mosese,

        I assume and trust that you will be holding the Most High equally accountable for the judgements that he has already passed down concerning black women that we can clearly see unfolding before our very eyes today. In case you haven’t noticed, the condition of the black woman today in general is terrible and progressively worsening with each passing moment.

        And by the way, where in this post did I state that these judgements were coming upon black women who “truly believe in the commandments of the Most High and Christ”?

        Now is not the time to attempt to slam labels on speech, now is the time to initiate change for the better. Labelling my post as “vulgar” still is not changing and easing the grim plight of black women as a whole.


    • Exactly. We, as Black women, have been brainwashed to think that our natural beauty is ugly and that we should wear weaves and relaxers to look ”beautiful” and attract men. Well it is taking a toll on our hairlines and scalps. No wonder Black men are going other races of women.


  2. I also wanted to say that many of us who are awakening our going/have gone “natural”. And our hair is flourishing in length and thickness. This is just the beginning of recompense for those willing to fight against The Beasts system run by Edomites. Those unwilling to fight and want to maintain a stance of foolish mimicry to their genetic recessive overlords are the ones having these “stank bald heffa” problems! It’s so easy to see. Going back to The Most High is the beginning of SO many rewards. Of so many wrongs being made right. I want to scream sometimes for my people to wake up. But I know many won’t. However, those left will be MORE that a force to be reckoned with. The Bible states that we will be a GREAT people. A people never before seen on Earth in previous generations, presently and in the future. Those who survive will be the receivers of a truly awe inspiring inheritance.

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  3. I believe… as an Israelite woman, things can only get better for some of us. This is Jacobs trouble and its not exclusive to women. As a ‘black’woman in truth… I find this post to be discouraging…. many of my sisters have fallen so low, life, society and the system has been so good to us … not! the curses our grandparents did befell us, everywhere I turn ..our own men dont believe in us.thank you for this enlightening post!


    • The black woman has become the number 1 assassin on the planet when it comes to the murder of the unborn child. More children in the black community today are being aborted than are born, than with any other nationality of people, this means that we are systematically being exterminated by our own women. The so called white man no longer has to kill us covertly, he has gotten the black woman to do the job for him and in her current state of self hatred, she is only too happy to carry out the task. This is why I stated before that the modern day black woman has now been made the number 1 enemy and threat to the black male.

      Again, if you do not fit the bill I do not understand why you would be offended. You ought to stand as an individual first before representing others as you will be let down by them guaranteed. I simply acknowledge that Christ stated that the Spirit would bring me into ALL TRUTH, even that truth which is uncomfortable and difficult to bare.

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      • I’m not a Hebrew Isrealite but I like visiting your blog. I like getting information from different sources. And you do have some informative posts. I know as a people we are lost. And the image of the black woman has been tarnished. The black woman is the original woman. Just as we are the original people on this planet. And if we can repair the image of black men and women–our nation can be restored. I understand what DB us saying as far as the blame goes. We’ve both dropped the ball. The black man needs to step up to the plate and become leaders and defenders of our communities. The blame is solely on whites(Edomites). They are the ones who have brainwashed our people with self hatred and distrust of our own kind. We have brothers like Tommy Sotomayer who bash black women all day. He’s made a career out if it. The man is a divider not a uniter. And you have silly black women on YouTube bashing brothers for all the worlds problems. It’s really shameful!
        We need to come up with solutions to our problems. We should not be scared to call out sisters who act inappropriately. But we should also try to uplift those sisters who are support and love brothers. But bickering,fighting and blaming one another won’t solve much. You feel what I’m saying?


      • Appreciate your input Kushite Prince. Herein lies a major problem though. When black men in general receive a reprimand about their negative actions, nobody says a word and everyone tends to agree however, when the black woman in general is called out for her unruly behaviour, WW3 breaks out immediately and everybody takes offense. Why can reprobate black men be called out for their ratchet actions yet the same equivalent black women must be given a pass? Obviously this is hypocritical and cannot run. If I can deal with a certain negative demographic of black men in one post then I should be able to deal with the same when it comes to a certain negative profile of black women aswell. It is only fair to deal with the negative in both groups how and when I please.

        You are right about the black women’s image but such things as twerking, wearing weaves, sleeping with deadbeat thugs, lowlifes, gangsters and having their children aswell as aborting most of the others has been their own doing, nobody has forced black women on the whole to make these foul decisions, they have done so by their own selves and just as men have been held accountable, so should the women responsible be held accountable in like manner.

        The black man cannot step up to the plate and become a leader until the black woman decides to step down from his place. The problem we currently have though is that the black woman in general is refusing to step down from his post, we are aware that she has been placed there by the European man, she has tasted this power and has run with it at full acceleration. The black woman for the most part enjoys her new found position of power and most absolutely love treading down the black male, NOT ALL, BUT AN OVERWHELMING MAJORITY.

        Tommy Sotomayer makes some valid points like myself when he points out the fact that black men can get reprimanded all day and nobody says a word, not even black women will roll to his defence, yet as soon as black women’s feet are held to the fire of accountability, there is immediate uproar. It has become the norm to cascade the black male yet the black female mustn’t be touched and always somehow gets a pass. Not on Verb’s watch, black women will get a roasting from me just as much as black men for their actions of reprobation, they cannot expect treatment of preference and they will not get it from me.

        I agree with you sir, I am not fighting with anyone but we cannot move forward until black women in general acknowledge their wrong doings and take responsibility for their actions, this is one of the main reasons why were are going backwards as a people. Black people in general I find are navel gazing, we seem to have this idea that keeping silent or ignoring pertinent issues within our community is somehow noble and honourable and we have allowed ratchet black women within the community to run loose and vandalise our reputation without bringing them to account. This has to stop now. Black women on the whole also need to be checking this reprobates sisters who are running loose like hooligans.

        I will simply call out who needs to be called out, this issue was an urgent one that needed to be dealt with. I will continue to push forward the truth regardless of who gets offended. The truth over rides any emotions and feelings, it must be place before and above all.

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      • Yeah I see where you’re coming from. You make some valid points. I just really wish we could get our act together. I’m just tired of seeing the suffering,poverty and discrimination our people deal with. We got to get it together for our children. The next generation is counting on us. I feel as though time is running out.


      • I hear you Kushite Prince, time is indeed running out. The black nation on the whole is in some serious trouble. It is going to be small pockets of us in various locations that will begin to make changes amongst ourselves. As I have stated before regrettably most our people are goners without any redemption in sight.


  4. I must say this is another great POST!!! For the longest I have felt the very way you explained it Verbs, I have always been In search of peace & happiness and have leaned towards other nations or even lighter skins of our people due the wild/reckless/ignorance actions of the majority of the black women but deep down inside I knew those other races wasn’t for me but was ignorantly (In the past) willing to accept just to “find peace/happiness”. I knew I wanted a woman of my race but could never find one that I deem to be righteous for me and had just about gave up hope until the Most High blessed me someone of my race to be with! This post is true from all points thanks for more truthful information that you spread…Also I like your post about the financial crisis and believe I took heed to it!!!!


    • Nowawake86

      Thank you for the compliment, my aim as always is to bring forward the truth raw and uncut. This is what I have been saying, the black woman in general has been turned into a weapon of war that is being used against the black male on a daily basis. Again, it isn’t only myself who has recognised these traits within black women on the whole, many other black men are beginning to step forward and also point out these anomalies.

      This is one of the ways that black men in increasing numbers are beginning to step up to the plate and resume their roles as leaders and one of the first tasks we are undertaking is holding black women on the whole to account for the outlandish and foolish behaviour that they have indulged in. However I would have to say that the majority of black women do not like being held to account BY THEMSELVES.

      As I explained to Negress, there are certain behaviours that only black women can be held accountable for. A man cannot get an abortion, it is not men who are wearing weaves, twerking etc, so these and others such like are issues that black women are going to have to stand on ALONE and give an account for ALONE. The black woman on the whole must put down her pride and her arrogance, step down and humble herself. She continually states that we can do it together but then there are certain parts that she has to carry out by herself and this is where many problems have been and one of the main reasons why the process of healing has been delayed.

      Glad to hear that the Most High has blessed you with a good black woman. There are many good black women out there, the problem has always been pairing them up with the good black men, we find it difficult to meet each other because of the riff raff we both have to wade through first. I’m just going to continue to bring it raw regardless of who needs to be brought to account.

      Yep, the global bankers want to roll out this robbing of people’s savings worldwide and Cyprus is the testbed. I have to keep going back to the old timers, they were so right and many of us wrote off their suspicions as them simply being paranoid. If they could speak from the graves today, they would say, “we told you so years ago”.


  5. Verbs

    Excellent post!

    I did several harsh posts on our dysfunction. However, I did find this post a bit ….what’s the right word? Mean-spirited? Angry?

    Both men and women are equally to blame as we are one spiritual entity under Jah. I do understand the need to call out the black female. Many of us are terrible role models with zero shame and accountability. But, her partner, the black man also deserves to be called out as well.

    Overall, I do agree with you, us black women better get it together and quick! But…not with out the black man as support.


    • Hi Negress,

      I deliberately formatted the delivery of this blog sharp and used certain terms within it to send a stern warning at its fullest potency. This message is uncomfortable but its discomfort is temporary. I can say one thing, this harsh message is better here read than having to physically go through what is described in it.

      The other issue here is that certain sexes can only be held accountable for certain actions. For example, it is only black women who can be held accountable for weaves and abortions. At certain points only one gender can be held accountable for a certain action that they only can do.

      I will have to state the same thing that I did to Kishite Prince, black women cannot stand on the sidelines, clap their hands and cheer when I go off on the black men but then get upset when I turn the crosshairs in their sight and begin to call out some of their actions also.


      • I’m not upset at all, Verbs. It needed to be said. But I will say one thing:

        If both of us do not “get it together” meaning, love each other and cease the disrespect, we’re gone! We cannot survive without each other.

        Also, consider one thing.

        Whites have mastered the dark arts of metaphysics. I had visions on what is being done to us on a spiritual level, especially the black female, as only she can bring forth black life. That is why she is being lead AWAY from her role as life-giver and Earth Mother.

        But, the black man has to do his part too. He must elevate her and protect her at all costs. I do understand, Verbs and yes, I agree with your post. But honestly, I did find it a bit rough.


  6. It’s like this… the curses fall on the nation as a whole but it does have specific roles carried to each gender and not only that, there has to be an acceptance and not a refute. black man found guilty, black woman found guilty, black family found guilty. Since that is the case, black men will and have started to accept the sins of their forefathers that have been made manifested to us.

    The fact that we now know who we are makes it possible for the black men to accept it and repent and return unto the Most High. Black women, you have to do your part of accepting as well which means you are now to be out there telling your sisters who they really are and that they need to accept it. It’s going to be hard but it doesn’t have to be, let that pride go. Those who don’t want to hear, let em go, seed falls on good ground and “other” ground so you can’t worry about the growth, you just gotta plant the info. You see women still wearing weave, highlighting their hair to a blonde color, you can approach them and teach them and let them know, hey sis, this is who you really and truly are.

    You have to come back to your True Husband and True Father and leave these other nations alone. Then, when the black woman has accepted their faults and start to repent, then we can come together and as a unit, a family, we can accept our downfall and come back unto The Most High by developing a community that truly does put The Most High first.

    Yes, we have been tricked, but we also have inherited the curses that our forefathers brought on this nation. With that said, read the post again and look at it from a sense of, o.k. how can i tell my sisters to stop being reprobates and come into real truth. for those sisters who don’t go to church, one of your biggest obstacles will be pulling women out of the church.

    DB, your feelings are valid and understood completely, but in a case like this, it hurts you to read because you know what it feels like to be grouped even when you know it’s not you personally. Same goes for the black community as a whole, we all aren’t like that or like this but we are always asked, “why do black people” and never are we allowed to be an individual. Push that aside, don’t take it personal because like Verbs says it’s not about you, it’s about those who need it. I look at this post like a way of seeing what faults pin point to work on when you try to reach out to your sisters.

    Your weaker by design but not weak and useless.

    We have so many people, men and women, who try to emulate entertainment that it makes it hard for us to reach them because they want us to entertain them with info and knowledge…they don’t want to learn as much as they want to look-watch and foolishly participate.

    Also, like verbs said, when black men are being reprimanded, everyone is all on board with agreement. We will be held accounted for our deeds rest assured. However, we won’t lump black women or at least we shouldn’t do it, when it comes to that reprimand. Black women, receive your reprimand and do it with no inclusion of anyone but you. once that’s done, we can come back to each other.


  7. also, i think that roughness is due to the alarming rate at which black women are on the constant rise of decline if that makes sense. Negress, your posts are beautifully written and filled with truth that is needed and white people read it and get mad, yet they don’t ever seem to accept. The Most High gives us all a chance to repent but that repentance also comes with the admittance of sin, of wrong doing. I think that the roughness tone of the message was needed because the kid gloves have to come off. This isn’t a black women, you single handed have destroyed everything that the black community ever was, all by yourself, it was you, you and only you. black man aint never done nothing to nobody…that’s not the intent of the message. The intent is to stir up the emergency to tell women out there, to STOP IT!

    Yes, black men have their part in the reprimanding but we aren’t going to be blamed together and together only…it has to be man, woman, and then the 2 as 1 unto The Father. True, black men need to start speaking up more, however, will anyone admit to the fact that some women, if not most, will hear it better if it comes from a genuine place from a woman…sister 2 sister? I just want to know because black women seem to have a bond that is beautiful and displayed well in a lot of cases but in the case of ratchet or rancid behavior, other women look and keep quiet and say, “i’m not like that” and because you’re not like that, you’re the person that needs to talk to her, them, and say hey, you are better than your behavior so lets change that up.

    As a black man having recently ended a relationship with a woman outside of my race, I wonder if I’m going to find a woman that I can connect with and that will not have a ton of baggage ranging from having children to having suitors on the side to just having drama in their lives. I have a friend that is going through hell with his the mother of his daughter because she wants life to be like tell-lie-vision. He works, comes home and takes care of the baby, cooks and cleans and pays for her to have things like cell phone and car insurance. She does nothing, she goes out to clubs like she isn’t a mother and she cheats and talks to other guys and lies about it. He said that he is swearing off black women per this situation but i know that’s just his anger and frustration talking.

    However, on the flipped script, my sister has two children by the same dad and he left her and does absolutely nothing for his kids and wont even see them. She does what she has to do to provide for her children and any man that wants her, and not the other way around where she’s pursuing the guy, will have a ready made family. So, unless that guy doesn’t want to do that, he’s going to have to step up and love both her and her children. No, she shouldn’t have to suffer loneliness because she has children, and I feel that The Most High will bless her with someone the same as I do want kids of my own with someone but not a ready made family and I believe that the Most High will bless me but just from the looks of things, both my sister and I would have to have mad crazy faith to believe that we will find a love of our own within our own because times are just that bad.

    I also see the media now switching the roles and having more and more beautiful fine gorgeous black women paired up chasing being pursued by white men. I know the feeling now, finally i do, black woman, the feeling of having been skipped over for someone else of a different race. I mean, the thugs always took your hand away from mine and your attention but i figured i’d just keep doing me and i’d find a sister that was down but now white men are grouped in the loop and im seeing a queen and a goof and i think to myself…this is what they were feeling huh, when they saw me with that white girl that one time.


    • J.R

      Good to hear from you again brother. I had to go in coarse on our women because they are rapidly sinking into new levels of decadence daily. Black women in general do not seem to understand that they hold great power within them, the power to bring forth life into the world and the power to take away life. Regrettably, black women on the whole have somehow been persuaded that it is better to take away the life of the next generation, thus black women on the whole have now become the number one assassins of the so called Negro.

      This issue is very, very serious, number one on the planet for assassinating children in the womb. The Most High does not look upon this as a light thing and women cannot expect anyone else to share the blame with them at least on this issue. The time for playing around is over, black women in general believe that because they have been placed in an authoritative position of power(our position), nobody has the right to cascade them and hold them to account period, yet alone hold them to account separately for their actions.

      It isn’t as if we still have plenty of time, the curses has already started. My mother is a prime example of a stubborn, mean spirited, prideful and arrogant woman who is now drinking down the recompense for her actions of the past. She practically has no hair on her head. From a 0.5 level haircut, 3 weeks hair growth on my head is more than she has on hers. We see this happening to other black women aswell but I can see the curse rolling out first hand on a family member.

      The cry victim business from black women on the whole has to stop when they are held to account for their actions. They need to start facing the fire just like their men have been doing for the longest while. After all, what is more severe, this post or the taking of a life? Abortion is just one of many extremely serious issues that black women need to give an account for.


  8. I love my women no matter what and black men are not with out BLAME! this what happens when men dont do right by his ppl and leave his women alone in this cold mean white world so i wanna do all i could to save our women and just continue to eat at them when their down and out black men don’t stuff like that thats not us our women are hurting too just like us blackmen this why we must come together as one.

    black love is forever!! 🙂


    • I hear what you are saying brother Criss but recognise that good black women are a minority now, most of our women are out to exterminate us.

      I’m all down with unity but make sure that you are unifying with good black women and not pulling in the wild reprobates also. Remember, to most black women today, you are an enemy to them.


      • @verbs2012
        That’s pretty harsh words. You really believe that most black women see us as their enemy? What percentage? 60%? 70%? I know there are some lost sistas out there. I’ve met some with nasty attitudes,unsophisticated and love white men. Believe me I’ve met my share of ignorant black women in my time. But I don’t know if I agree that most of them see us as their enemies. I’ve also met classy and intelligent black women that know how to act like a lady. Maybe it’s the area you’re in if most don’t act that bad. Here on the west coast there’s all different types of black women. Some are very white-identified,some act too ghetto,some just stay on welfare with no ambition and some are intelligent career women. I think the problem is the mentality of many black women need to change regardless of their educational background. But if I truly thought most of them hated black men–I would’ve given up a long time ago. But I love my sistas do I can’t do that. And I’m definitely not dating a cave woman! That is not an option. Yeah I know alot of sistas need to get their act together but I haven’t given up on them yet.

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      • We can look at the facts first. Black women carry out 4 times more abortions than any other nationality of women. As a result of these actions, more black babies are assassinated in the womb than are born today. This means that our population is declining. If that isn’t a hatred for your own people then what else could it be? Since most black people are goners plugged into the matrix, it stands to reason that most are goners on both sides, both men and women. I would say that at least 70% – 80% plus of black women are dysfunctional, good black women have now been relegated into a very small minority category.

        We can also go by observational facts and experience. The majority of black women today wear weaves, they do not want to be black, they want to be mixed or at least they wish to look as much like their new husband, master and saviour, the European as can be possible. You can do this yourself, when you go out on the streets, observe the black women you see and tell me if I am wrong, most of them are wearing weaves that resemble the hair of European women.

        Most black women today are currently suffering from a chronic crisis of self hatred and the weave is the first visible extension of the hatred that they have for themselves. All that has happened is that we have gotten so used to seeing black women wear weaves that many of us have subconsciously accepted it as normal behaviour, however this is far from normal, this is literally a form of insanity. If black men started going around wearing wigs with hair that resembled European men or white men started wearing afro wigs, both would be called out as crazy immediately, we would immediately see that these actions are crazy and that the men on both sides look completely ridiculous, however yet again the black woman is given a pass on ridiculous and ludicrous behaviour that is clearly loco, wacko, crazy, whatever you want to call it but this is NOT normal.

        So, in light of the weave epidemic alone, we can safely conclude that most black women do not like themselves and anything else that resembles them, that would also include black men. Remember, this is only the aspect of things from the weave angle. We tend to overlook the severity of the weave because it has been normalised by the media and by black women themselves.

        I am with you 100% Kushite, me stating the facts and calling them out does not mean that I have given up on black women, I simply see that their current behaviour is destructive not only to them, but their men and children aswell and so I am calling it out for what it is. In the same manner that parents discipline their children yet still love them, I also still love the black woman though in her original form, I do not like the beasts and wild dysfunctional monsters that black women have turned into today.


  9. we should save our women/men from those evil white devils they wanna kill off blackmen and blackwomen. we both are in for it from our enemies. who wanna see the blacks ppl down and out. i do agree that some of our ppl are far too gone, but that include some black men too just look at all those hip-hop rapers selling thier own ppl out for some fame and fortune! worship evil gods abandoning their families for what? see the devil is very busy on our ppl. i do know some black ppl won’t make out, and will get traped in the evil systme that include many blackwomen and blackmen this is a lost both ways for me.

    Thank you.


  10. I hate that our enemies are not being punish for the hell they put us through and the inhumane crimes they committed against us(black people) where is their curl punishment for what they’ve done to us.

    or is the most high is dealing with his ppl first and purging us of our sin(blackmen/blackwomen) of the evil system and he’s then going to beat the hell out of our enemies for all there evil deeds on us.

    Most High when will you being justice too us for what they’ve done to us as your chosen people!! just look at us crying out for your help and to save us from our sins and enemies.


  11. My dad was just teaching that same part of Isaiah the other day. I’m curious as to what you make of the 2nd half of Isaiah 4:1?


    • Allen

      With regards to the latter part of Isaiah 4:1, basically what is going to happen in the last days(which is already starting to unfold before our very eyes) is that the black women is going to be completely rejected by all nations of men, she will end up on the scrap heap of rejection, a bald headed, smelly bum full of disease. She will be so desperate to join with a man because of the continual harsh rejection she will be receiving that 7 black women will be fighting over one black man at the same time.

      Black women offering to eat their own food and wear their own clothes is the attractive bait that they will try and use to lure the men in, in other words they will offer themselves up to men with no financial liabilities attached to joining with them. They will desperately want to be married in order not to be looked upon as the rejected and unwanted women of the planet, not to mention the fact that they will be very lonely. If you want a comparative example, think of a pride of 15 hungry lions trying to all feed on a small baby gazelle at the same moment. I believe that you are now beginning to see the bigger picture and understand the latter part of this verse.

      Most High Bless


      • Thanks for such a speedy responce. I am hebrew israelite myself and came acrossandwas delighted by what I saw. I’m curious as to hav3 you done a post on tattoos or not? I just want to hear some different prospectives.


      • Hey Allen, that is another post that I am going to have to do as I see that this is another trend that has gotten out of control among the true Hebrews, especially the women. That one will be coming very soon.


  12. It’s good to hear truth, but I can see how women take offense to what have been posted, the problem I see with the Hebrew women today is they don’t understand their role as a wife; many sistas are out of position & want to be the head & this is what’s bringing war within the relationship. Many sistas have scales on there eyes which they can’t see the destruction they are & have caused.


    • Yahchanan

      This is the major part of the problem and as a result the black woman has become the number one enemy of the black male, she refuses to relinquish her position of leadership, in fact today most black women enjoy the power that they have been given by the so called white man however they indulge and submerge themselves in that power to their own detriment.

      This incorrect positioning of authority will be the undoing of the black women and will bring a horrid conclusion to a situation that could have been avoided had black women in general stepped down from their given positions of power and handed the positions back to the rightful heirs, black males.

      Most High Bless


    • Exactly! The roles are being reversed, this was predicted in the Bible! The world will become completely upside down. The woman will take the man’s role before its all over. And if you notice, the effeminate and feminine males are growing by the numbers, daily. The goal of the enemy is to have the home is a complete disarray. Who did he get to first in the garden of Eden? The woman. The same will take place on Earth. The woman, and not necessarily the “black woman” because this is taking place all over the globe, will be the one who is tempted first. She will fall and will try to convince the man to follow her lead… HER LEAD. She will reassume the role as the head because it is written and will be so. You can’t change what is written, it could possibly be delayed through prayer and fasting, I don’t know but it will occur. This world will be standing on its head before Jesus returns.


    • Yahchanan,
      Tell me then, what is the role of the Hebrew woman? My mother performed her role dutifully to my father, and what did he do, he beat her, he took the little money they had to gamble at the horse track and drink alcohol. The Hebrew man must also understand his role as a husband. Brothers are a part of this destruction too.


  13. This post was very interesting. I guess I have never heard a man be for black women but at the same time go in on them like this. Verbs is there any other way to contact you to fellowship?


  14. Yes all of this was predicted in the Bible. You are correct. Sad to say but as a Black woman, I am not happy with the state of Black women today. I don’t have many of them as friends at all and they look at me as if I am crazy or sick. I am not a mean person nor do I try to intimidate anymore.

    What is up with these women?

    As a Black woman, all I want to do is help the Black Community and get it out of the state that it is in. We really need to stop relying on Whites and the government for validation and approval.

    You see, we are the REAL descendants of the Hebrew Israelites in the Bible and we have been punished for our evil ways and the evil ways of our ancestors.


    • Adeen,

      The Most High stated that he is going to purge out the rebels from among us before we go into the land of Israel. It is a pity that most blacks cannot recognise and do the same here and now in order for us to move forward and actually build something for ourselves. Indeed, black men are kicking out in record numbers, they are looking for a mate that looks natural not somebody attempting to look like somebody else.


      • Yup, I see where you are coming from. I stopped wearing weaves because my mother said that it takes away from my beauty and that I look better with natural hair. And it turns out that she was right. I do plan on wearing dreadlocks though.

        I predict that most Black women in my generation will lose their hair by the time that they are forty years old from wearing the weaves and wigs.

        And you are right.


      • Israelites are not supposed to lay with strange men and women or marry them. It’s a lose lose situation for both parties involved.


      • Darqbeauty,

        Under the old covenant this was indeed the case however the death of Christ brought in a new covenant which is no longer based upon works and actions but is founded on faith and believe. Therefore it is now down to an individual Hebrew’s choice whether he/she chooses to date and marry outside of his/her own race.

        Its also a lose/lose situation for Hebrews going with Hebrews aswell at the moment as black people in general do not want to get their act together. We are the most dysfunctional and fragmented nation on the planet, we are and will be the first meal on the plate of every other nation when the “race” for survival commences after the proverbial hits the fan.


  15. @Darqbeauty

    That is why I am against race mixing between Whites and Blacks in AmeriKKKlan. We shouldn’t race mix because of the Bible verse you posted plus Whites and Blacks shouldn’t even be living together or interacting with one another. We should live separately from one another


    • What!? Are you serious? People like you with these warped, demonic inspired thoughts are the reason why blacks were enslaved. Taking the Bible, the Word of God to play on words and justify your racist perspectives.


  16. Another thing, I am so glad I stopped wearing weaves and heavy makeup because I was not enhancing my beauty but hiding it. I have been wearing my natural hair for a very long time and I am wearing it as I type right now. I am 17/18 years old Black girl and I want to bring the word out to Black women in AmeriKKKlan that wearing weaves and relaxing your hair is a sign of self hate and wanting to fit in with White AmeriKKKlan. We need to enhance our beauty not hide it. Plus we need to raise our Black children to love themselves and their race because I see way too much incidents of self hate among the youth. And we also need to teach our children about the history of Africa and our true history not the Whitewash Eurocentric brainwash crap that is taught in history class.

    Black men also have their faults but ultimately it is the us Black women who lead the community and we need to do a better job of doing that.


  17. You guys cannot be taking this madness seriously can you? The blame is not the “black woman” as you say, the blame is within us ALL. Man and woman, salvation and the fate of this world does not lay in the hands of the black woman, it lies in the fate of us all as a nation. The “division” that you speak of is evident on this page and the tone of your post. Stop playing gender wars and race wars, and damning the black woman. Worry about saving souls and using the Word for what It was really meant for, the gift of salvation that is extended to us all, despite our nationalities.


    • TheKingsKid1128,

      You simply have not gone into any history with regards to this position, you are spouting off comments from an emotional perspective. Since it was the black woman who threw the black male out of the home in exchange for welfare from the state and thus initiated the break up of the black family, do you honestly believe that the Most high is not going to hold black women accountable for what they have done to the black nation?

      Before you commence to rattle off talk about division, let me remind you that Christ also came to bring division and I don’t see you reprimanding him for this. Luke 12:51 reads:

      12:51 – Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather DIVISION:

      John 7:43 reads:

      7:43 – So there was a DIVISION among the people because of HIM.

      John 9:16 reads:

      9:16 – Therefore said some of the Pharisees, This man is not of God, because he keepeth not the sabbath day. Others said, How can a man that is a sinner do such miracles? And there was a DIVISION among them.

      John 10:19 reads:

      10:19 – There was a DIVISION therefore again among the Jews for these sayings.

      I have given you evidence of the division agenda that Christ was bringing to the table from his very own words and examples of him carrying this agenda out. This program that you promote of unity and walking together as a whole is not scriptural and it certainly does not stem from the teachings of Christ. I understand why Christ was bringing division, to weed out the good strong warriors from the weak, the true followers from the fraudulent. I am doing the same thing, so before you cascade me for bringing division, don’t you think that you ought to reprimand Christ first for doing the same thing?

      Stop reprimanding the people who are merely pointing out the heinous crimes of others and start grilling the people who are actually carrying out the foul actions, these are the ones at fault. This is the backwards nature of the so called Negro today. When black women in the 60s and 70s threw black men out of the home in exchange for that welfare cheque, was this not an act of war within itself? Black women walking into assassination chambers called abortion clinics at 4 times the rate of other nationalities of women and killing unborn children, isn’t this an act of war against the black nation itself ie genocide?

      Get it right, it is the actions of people causing wars, not the words exchanged or the points of view voiced.

      Read the scriptures properly, in order to receive salvation you have to repent for your wrong doings in the past and be willing to want to live right from that moment forward. I do not see black women repenting for their evil behaviour on mass, therefore there is no salvation for most of them. I am not dealing with all nationalities of people here, I am dealing with the black woman and the horrendous future that she is lining up for herself according to the scriptures. I never said it, the Most High did, if you have a problem with the prophecy take it up with him.

      The scriptures are not just about salvation, they also form as a rod of correction and many other things so do not try to pull out of them only the things that are preferable to yourself and leave out those things that you feel uncomfortable with.

      In case you haven’t noticed it yet, the people of the bible aka the Hebrews were and are black people, that is the reason why I can focus in on the black nation in relation to the scriptures, this is our book of history and heritage, not exactly something that the institutional church beast system has informed us about, though it rightly should have done.

      What is written is in general, not all women will accept this betrayal and try to assume themselves as leaders over men, the woman whom I am with is an example of this. Just because things are destined to happen, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept them and allow them to happen to you. Have you forgotten what Christ stated in Luke 21:36? It reads:

      21:36 – Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy TO ESCAPE ALL THESE THAT THINGS THAT SHALL COME TO PASS, and to stand before the Son of man.

      You need to start reading the bible properly, read it for yourself and stop listening to the stupidity and foolishness of the majority of these swindlers and moneychangers calling themselves pastors.


      • Dear Sir, let me correct you. I am not “emotional” as you say, I am passionate about truth when it comes to the scriptures.

        The “division” that I am speaking of is the one you are promoting in regard to race. The Body of Christ will and does consist of people from varying nations and not one specific nation. It was not meant for one race to be accepted by God and others shunned. God will hold all sinners accountable for their evil ways. The only division is that between the unrepentant sinner and the repentant, saved believer. God is no respecter of persons, titles, race, etc. So, your color has no bearing in your salvation. Only your heart and soul.

        The “peace” and “unity” that I speak of is amongst the body of believers. There will never be peace and unity on this earth until the Lord reigns.

        I do not follow “pastors” I follow the Bible, it’s context and I allow the Holy Spirit to speak through me when reading and studying the Word. In fact, I find that most of today’s “pastors” are simply folks who can quote scripture and play on words. Pimps in the Pulpit… stealing folks money, sleeping with members of the church, undercover homosexuality… and the list goes on. I have NO DESIRE to rule over any man. In fact, I am unmarried and still abide by my father’s rules. Because he is my head on earth until I am married.

        I found this blog through a Google search so I am not familiar with this blog. I responded to this post because the tone seems as though you are attacking the black woman in general and placing blame on her for the state of the black nation.

        To quote you:
        “What is written is in general, not all women will accept this betrayal and try to assume themselves as leaders over men, the woman whom I am with is an example of this. Just because things are destined to happen, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept them and allow them to happen to you. Have you forgotten what Christ stated in Luke 21:36? It reads:

        21:36 – Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy TO ESCAPE ALL THESE THAT THINGS THAT SHALL COME TO PASS, and to stand before the Son of man.”

        Yes, I do have to accept that these things will happen because it is written. No one can change that . Yes, I know that these things must come to pass, and thank God that I am not chained by blindness any longer so no, I do not and will not “allow” these things to happen to me. I am not for the destruction of the black home or any home for that matter. I am 30+ years old and childless in 2013. A rarity in itself, but it is a choice because without a husband, I do not intend to become a mother.

        And for the record, I have never had an abortion either.


      • thekingskid1128,

        Ok, well if you are passionate about the truth as you say then you have to approach issues related with logic and reason, calling my thoughts warped and demon inspired is not dealing with the merits of what has been said here, this is why I said that your response was an emotive one. I made statements and I demonstrated the proof via scripture.

        Again, on the division front, if you are not going to reprimand Christ then you have absolutely no grounds to reprimand me for doing the same thing as him. He brought division among his own people, how many times do you read in the gospels “and there was a division among them”?

        It is not about ALL sinners, the gospel is to the Jew first(Romans 1:16) as it is the Jew who is to be judged the hardest seeing as the Most High forged a covenant with us and no others and we blew it. This salvation that the world has been invited into is of the Jews(John 4:22), it belongs to us, the other nations have been invited in to partake, this inclusion gospel that you are bringing to the table negates this fact and would attempt to relegate the real Hebrews to the back of the queue.

        Yet the Most High calls himself the God of ISRAEL. ISRAEL is a race of people who walk this planet today. The Most High is a nationalistic God, he looks out for his people first, in fact the scriptures clearly tell us that the other nations are like spit to him, they are nothing to him because he never formed a covenant with them, he formed a covenant with us, his people, his heritage.

        Again, you cannot defend black women for the sake of defending them. The history clearly shows that it is the black woman who has caused the rift and schism within the black nation today, this fact cannot be refuted, you may not like this fact but it is what it is. I am bringing the reprobate actions of black women into the spotlight where they can be examined and scrutinised, this is not “attacking” black women. It seems that anybody who doesn’t hold the modern day western black woman up on a throne regardless of what skull duggery she commits is “attacking” black women.

        Black women have been running riot for at least the last 40 years, the wild behaviour unchecked is over for the black woman, it is time for her to be held accountable for her actions and brought into check for her folly. Most black homes today already lay in ruinous heaps because of the modern day western black woman and she will be held accountable BY HERSELF for her foul actions.

        You want to focus on all however the Most High’s specific focus is on his people, his heritage the true bloodline Hebrews. It is good to hear that you have not assassinated any unborn children, the same cannot be said for a large portion of black women however. It is time to inject real truth and shout out the real gospel, not this quarter pint, watered down, relegation gospel which is currently doing the common rounds in which the real Jews are relegated to the back of the queue and in time forgotten. Remember, the Most High has not forgotten his people, his heritage(Romans 11:1-2). Therefore neither should those who claim to be followers of the Most High and Christ.


  18. Yes, we are cursed, ALL Black women are cursed. You spoke for us all. Perhaps it is just in our genetics and we can’t help it or change it.


    • She,

      The problem can be reversed. However do not expect a mass reversal, it is now up to individual decent, honest black women to make the changes within themselves. This is not the end of the road for black women if they genuinely desire to change.

      Most High Bless


  19. Wow, to the man that took the time to type up this “article” has heart broken written in every paragraph he typed. Trying to lure peoples minds with weakness of your own heart is crucially abominable. How dare you take the words of God and twist them into your own beliefs to belittle the woman that gave birth to you and to this world. You point the finger at what ever displeases YOU, because you are blind and ignorant. How dare you generalize, betray, and slander your own mother. If you have caught the minds of any foolish person that believes this you should be condemned, however I am not God. It is 1:26 in the morning on July 6 2014. Who knows what happened to you over a year since you took the time to type this out. I leave you in Gods hands and whomever replies to this God bless. All I wanted to say was this.


    • Young And Wise,

      It could also be that what is being stated here is the truth. Even if you remove the scriptures from the equation, the condition of the modern day western black woman is still a grim one, no matter what angle you look at it from.

      Twerking and fighting on every street corner is abominable, not the messenger pointing this behaviour out as decadent and wrong. The Most High is not looking and the current behaviour of the modern day western black female and taking it lightly, she will be judged hard and she will drink down her recompense at full strength for the treachery that she has wrought upon this planet.

      You attempting to label these observations as simply “my opinion” is not changing a thing. What, because I was born of a black woman, this now means that black mothers are above scrutiny and examination???????????

      As I have stated before on numerous occasions, black women who fit the ratchet bill and their keen sidekick advocates are full of excuses. I stand for truth, I will not cower nor yeld to the emotions of anybody over the truth, sorry.


  20. I can only respond to the original post in which I’m very late to reading. There are many truths in this post. Yes, black women need to “get it together.” However, the difference between fact and opinion are not distinguished here and many of the “facts” and Bible verses are being misused and taken completely out of context. I could simply break down every statement given above separating fact from opinion but there simply is no point and it would be hypocritical. So, I simply place a warning to all who read the above. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and interpretation. Be careful of what you read and who you allow to influence you and your thoughts because, one false statement can negate all truths said before it. What is stated in the original post is simply a human mind limited opinion.

    WE have all been on a journey filled with hurt simply because of the color of our skin and the society we have grown up in. Our ancestors went through trials that we simply read about, hear about, and feel the remnants of generations later. WE have to let go of the hurt that we did not experience and RISE above the past because to sulk in it is not what they fought for. To place the blame on blacks, whites, men, or women is not what they fought and died for. FREEDOM should be our focus. We have to stop using our race as a clutch and the past as an excuse. Racism is REAL (and the reason we are stuck in our “ractchet” and “white influenced ways) and the longer we sit and blame each other, the longer it will take for us to heal and move forward and become the people we were created to be prior to curses and slavery. I serve a God who will love me no matter the hue of my skin, sexual reproductive organs HE gave me, or the mistakes I have made. He is a God of love. In fact, He is Love. I challenge you to love that ratchet woman and see what happens.

    I am deeply offended by the original post no matter how many truths it may scream. The approach was wrong and I will claim it was a mistake made out of ignorance and should be winked upon. However, there is no love here. All I see is name calling and belittling of God’s children no matter how “ratchet” they may be. Instead of placing the blame on why or how black people are going down, pose a solution. Because it’s not just black women with diseases and killing the race. It’s not just black women changing their appearances trying to fit in. It’s not just black women acting like animals and thugs. It simply is not the black woman’s fault for the way you feel. Sir, whoever you may be, please use your obviously intelligent tongue and great influence to institute a change and not have a blame party. Forgive those that have hurt you and lift up those who truly need to be loved by a man of God. You may have facts and knowledge but what is truly lacking here is WISDOM. I am by no means trying to belittle you but you must watch what you say and how you say it; because although your intent what was to evoke change, you simply just pissed off a bunch of black women. How smart could that be since we’re “bald headed, diseased, ravaging animals, and thugs oh and don’t forget terrorist producing women? These labels do not solve the problem you’ve recognized they only uncover the internal reflection that you need to do to ever use such hurtful verbiage to get your point across.

    Even Lucifer knows the Bible. Be careful of who you allow to lead your interpretation.


    • LovedbyGod,

      In Revelation 3:15-16 Christ stated the following. Revelation 3:15-16 reads:

      3:15 – I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would be that thou wert cold or hot.

      3:16 – So then because thou art LUKEWARM, and neither cold nor hot, I WILL SPUE THEE OUT OF MY MOUTH.

      Christ also stated in Matthew 5:37 the following:

      5:37 – But let your communication be YEA, YEA; NAY, NAY; for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

      The time of the soft bellied, chicken neck, ride the fence, keep the peace so called “believer” in the Most High has finished. Christ instructed us in Matthew to keep our talk on the truth straight forward, direct, plain and honest. Christ did not instruct us to make up excuses or attempt to explain away future prophesies regardless of how grim they may sound.

      The facts have come in and the facts have revealed that the institutional church beast infrastructure has lied to the so called Negro pertaining to his true bloodline, history and heritage. Since the facts, the true history and the real research clearly shows that the true children of Israel are black in origin, therefore when the bible talks about the daughters of Zion and their future fate, it is obviously referring to the future of the Negro woman.

      Your problem here is that you have been given a different and incorrect interpretation of the above by your local money changer within the gates of the local institutional church beast system. Again, you would do well to stop following the institutional church beast, there is no truth that proceeds from its gates at all.

      Shame on you for suggesting that I tone down the message, have you forgotten that the same Christ that you claim to believe in upset a variety of folks on a daily basis? Didn’t he label the Pharisees and the Scribes many times with harsh names? Why do you not bring a charge against him for his actions?

      We would have begun to move forward a long time ago had it not been for the fact that the modern day western black woman in general is akin to a child who has no concept of accountability or responsibility and she definitely cannot be honest with herself or with those around her. She always has to hand a million and one excuses as to why others around her should change while she can remain in the same decadent state with the same grim and evil attitude.

      The fact of the matter is that the majority of western black women are comfortable living in a decadent state, they are also happy and content with gobbling up the crumbs falling from the so called European man’s table(her new lord, saviour, master and father). In case you have forgotten, Christ also stated that “THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE”, however the modern day western black woman in general is very comfortable living a complete and utter lie everyday of the week. Fake hair, fake eye lashes, heavy make up, fake eye brows, fake nails, butt implants, skin bleaching products, the list goes on and on and on and on. Freedom as we are told comes with acceptance of the truth.

      The black woman is the number one assassin of the unborn child, she is at the forefront of the genocide of the black nation, the assignment of Eugenics has been delivered into her hands from the so called white man and she has accepted the mission with open arms and a smile. As it stands in 2014, at this present time we need not look to any outsiders who pose a threat to the black nation because none of them can rival the danger that the black nation is exposed to at the hands of the modern day western black woman as the situation currently stands.

      I am not interested in the slightest if people read this post and are offended because I stand for truth everytime over attempting to not hurt people’s feelings. The truth hurts, get over it and move on. The only women who are going to be offended at this post are either those who fit the above bill and who are unrepentant of their decadent ways or those women who do not yet know themselves and so still associate themselves with the violent, belligerent, loose, ratchet scum.

      Whether you like it or not the diseases and the curses on the modern day black woman have already stated. For example, the majority of black women I have seen sporting weaves have their hairline going back further and further towards the back of their heads, others are already losing their hair because of their weave addiction so what you say here and now makes no difference, it has already begun.

      My advice to you is to stop making excuses for ratchet black women aka the belligerent daughters of Zion. This is one of the main reasons why the black nation continually fails to progress, folks are too busy trying to bail out segments of black women who really ought to be left at the wayside. You can either separate yourself from the scum buckets and save yourself or you can continue to attempt to defend them and their ratchetness and thus in time you will become a victim and a casualty and perish in like manner just as they, the choice is yours.


      • James 1:26
        If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.

        Jesus came to save those that are lost. He died. He acted. He didn’t wait for people to self destruct. I challenge you to do further research and expand your knowledge of the Bible and character of Christ and of the plight of black women more or less the suffrage black women and then act and not hide behind a sharp tongue.

        You speak of a condition called alopecia that has a subtype specifically for black women called traction alopecia from the pulling of hair from weaves. And yes, it is a problem. But this is small compared to a disease called HIV/AIDS. Black women are dying from this disease. They are dying from abusive relationships, gunfire, cancer, obesity and heart disease.. DYING. Do i need to say it again? DYING!!! Raise awareness on that! Yes they do fight and act wild. Yes, they have abortions and live promiscuous lifestyles. But they did not make those babies alone.Nine times out of ten, they’re fighting over a man! But most of all, for generations black women have been raped, beaten, mocked, objectified, degraded, and labeled. First by Europeans, then by our own kind. So we could say that men are the reason more like black men are the reason black women are the way they are. I could say you are the reason ratchet women exist. You made us this way! You’ve broken us down to the point that our bodies don’t mean much any to anyone. We are treated as if we’re worthless. Tossed aside for women of other races. I could say that but i don’t know what you’ve done in your past so therefore i will not label you and make a rash generalization. However, I will say this. Black women have a tough road ahead to change some will not make it. But I’m going to do whatever i can to impact one person at a time if I have to in order to see change. And for the ones who don’t make it they’ll be in good company of the men that took them there black and white alike.

        You don’t have to respond because I will not waste anymore time listening to you whine about a plight that you cannot relate to. I’d rather find ways to help my sisters and brothers make it into the Kingdom of God where ratchet will no longer be a problem…

        One more thing! Black women are getting their education and out numbering Black men in colleges, universities, and the working class. They are rising above this unlike some of our counter parts that expect men to take of them. When I read of the Proverbs 31 woman, the noone that King Lemuel’s mother spoke of, I think of a black woman.

        You are definitely entitled to your opinion. In fact, it can hold you at night because the only woman that would put up with you speaking of her sisters this way is the ratchet woman and they come in all races.


      • LovedbyGod,

        I will always respond to comments not just for your sake but also for others who will come along afterwards and read this post and the related comments in the future. James 1:26 is more suited towards that institutional church beast branch that you attend, the religion is in going through the same ritualistic, repetitive programmes every Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday, the institutional church is an accurate and a definitive example of religion today.

        I on the other hand actually encourage people to walk away from these monuments of failure called churches and encourage them to graft their own individual walks with the Most High, as it is supposed to be. I also encourage folks to meet up with other like minded people OUTSIDE of the confines of the institutional church beast infrastructure walls.

        I understand the character of Christ, Christ spoke plainly, he called out the evil behaviours that people were carrying out and labelled them accordingly, he also never made up excuses nor did he attempt to reason away prophesies of the future that were not seen as “favourable” towards those people concerned. Put frankly, Christ simply told it as it was and Paul did the same thing, especially in relation to calling out and exposing evil works.

        You talked about all of the the things that black women are dying from, however this is their reward and their recompense for subscribing to this Babylon system and its philosophies. Because the modern day western black woman in general today lays a claim to having faith in the Most High with her mouth, yet her heart and her actions clearly demonstrate her allegiance towards the European man and his system, because the modern day western black woman has made the decision to sow her seeds into the field of Babylon, thus her harvest has come to pass and she is now beginning to receive the corrupt fruits of her labour. Galations 6:7 reads:


        Firstly, it is a very, very, very, very small minority of black men who are raping black women, black men simply do not have any power over black women because of the position that black women have been allotted within this system by the state. Black women are the leaders of the black community, unlike other nations where it is the man who leads, which is the correct and natural way. Another issue that should be mentioned here is the fact that black women claim that they are “strong”, thus they are build to be able to withstand and take the abuse right? So I really do not understand why black women are still complaining? You claim that you have the strength and the power, deal with it.

        As I keeping repeating over and over, you cannot look at the plight of the modern day western black women from today’s standpoint and make a judgement, in order to discover what went wrong and who was responsible you must travel back to the past to see where the breakdown began. As I have stated before, it was the modern day western black woman’s acceptance of white homosexual feminism and her ejection of the black man out of the home in exchange for the benefits of the state that has placed her in the position that she is in today.

        No black woman, YOU are the cause of your current state and demise, black men do not nor have ever had any power over black women at anytime, so to attempt the place the blame with us is simply a waste of time, futile and a fool’s errand. The man who has power over you is the man who is also responsible for your current state of decadence, the so called European man. Yet, instead of distancing yourselves from this man who overall has brought you misery, the modern day western black woman has simply run back into this man’s open arms. On top of that the black woman has accepted his orders to destroy the black man. She is also O so willing to coon and to be his Negro bedwench.

        You talked about some black women not making it, the scriptures talk about a “remnant” of Israel being saved, this is in reference to black men and black women so the vast majority of black women will descend into hell on the inferno express with a one way ticket. This also applies to the majority of black men however this post is not discussing them, this post is specifically dealing with the future fate of the black woman.

        I have noted what you have stated in relation to black women, education and the workplace, the fact that they are outnumbering black men and excelling above them in these particular areas. I completely agree with this 1005%, however be that as it may black women are at the same time trundling down the road of destruction and travelling down the proverbial toilet not only faster than the black man but faster than any other nation on this planet.

        As I have stated on numerous occasions, the education, the qualifications and the degrees that black women possess today are only useful so long as the system that they can be used in remains in place. This is exactly the point that I made before about the modern day western black woman leaning upon the arm of Babylon. However, Babylon is falling and very soon all of those degrees and qualifications that the modern day western black woman has will mean nothing, the paper that they are all written upon will soon be equivalent to bird cage liner or even toilet roll.

        This is the problem with the modern day western black women, she has no personal qualities of true value to bring to the table, all that she can mention is the fact that she has degrees, qualifications and a decent salary. No personal qualities are ever mentioned, black woman in general honestly believe that academics and economics is what makes up a good woman. No wonder the modern day black woman is the last choice for a mate and the least married among all nations of women. The so called “virtuous” black woman is dead, she died a very long time ago.

        This is also another problem with black women in general, they simply cannot accept the facts so then the facts are then quickly rendered under the title of “an opinion”. The scriptures speak for themselves and the current decadent state of the black woman is a observable “fact” which correlates with what the scriptures say. My case was proven a long time ago as far as I am concerned.


  21. I think you rasict. And remeber we are all equal in god eyes just because your white or whatever you are those not make you better than any other race. You think your a woman of god yet here you a judging and using harsh words on another race. I dont think you deserv to call yourself a woman of god or a man of god if your a man. Your text smells of hate


    • Jacqueline,

      Actually I am a black man and one of the few who is willing to tell the truth and to give a break down on the bleak future for the majority of black women according to their current trajectory in line with their decadent behaviour. We are not all equal in the eyes of the Most High, this is another myth that needs to be dispelled. The so called Negro is the apple of the Most High’s eye, we are his heritage, all other nations outside of us are counted as nothing before him, this are his own words. This “hate” accusation is simply not going to fly anymore, it is obvious and self evidence to everyone around that black women in general are in a serious crisis and are rapidly heading towards oblivion.

      The decadent and reprobate behaviours of black women are no longer segregated to “just a few”, we are now dealing with a sizeable portion of black women who are behaving like wild animals and unchained harlots on the streets. On top of this the black women who do not engage is these wicked acts have failed to check and reprimand their sisters, thus because of their silence they are just as guilty as the immoral, violent, hooligan black women themselves.


      • Actually Israel is the apple of god’s eyes. Our skin colour might be very different from every other race but we all the same. His chosen people are the people in israel


      • Jacqueline,

        This is the problem with your average institutional church beast infrastructure member, you are complete dummies when it comes down to the history of the modern state of Israel, how it was formed, who these JewISH people really are and who the so called Negro really is according to the bible.

        Those JewISH people over in Israel today are not descendants from the Jews mentioned in the bible, they converted to Judaism in the 8th century under their leader at that time period. Read the scriptures properly woman and take heed, Revelation 2:9 reads:

        2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) AND I KNOW THE BLASPHEMY OF THEM WHICH SAY THEY ARE JEWS AND ARE NOT, BUT ARE THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

        Revelation 3:9 also reads:

        3:9 BEHOLD, I WILL MAKE THEM OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, WHICH SAY THEY ARE JEWS, ANS ARE NOT, BUT DO LIE; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

        This is one of the reasons why I refer to you institutional church beast infrastructure members as dummies, you refuse to conduct your own independent research on pertinent issues, you blindly trust that swindling pastor behind the pimp pit with the information that he hands down to you and as a result you continue to propagate the lies and the deception of the church beast infrastructure, this primary lie being one of the most prominent, that the JewISH people currently over in the land of Israel today are the real Jews when in actual fact it is the so called Negro who is the real Jew and who’s forefathers are the children of Israel detailed in the scriptures. Do some proper research, the Negroes are the Most High’s chosen people, learn something for once:


      • Remember: There is life and death in our tongues. Words can build up or tear down a person. There is plenty of emotions and feelings from everyone who posted on this subject. Some things are said very harsely. Name calling, callous and not all Biblical descriptions. There is a lot of hateful comments. And to say that Black Women are the sole reason for the breakdown of the Black Family. Wow! That is an interesting point of view. And since women are weaker vessels, Adam was given charge over every living thing, had the ability to correct and lead Eve by obeying God, and thus refusing the temptation in the garden of Eden. However, Adam did not use his authority and instead blamed God for giving him a Woman in the 1st place. Wow! Most people on this post has a Black or African decent Mother whom I hope you love. Possible Black Sisters and Aunts. The anger towards Black Women is strong. Some people have definitely had there hearts broken, lied, cheated on, or abandoned by a Black Woman. Such bitterness… not all biblical, mostly personal. By the way, welfare and the state do not take care of people, they assist, and many people are still struggling. I see it every day how bad it is out in this world. That’s why we are told to live in, and not be of it… God will not be mocked, and we all will and do pay for what we do, seeds we plant and disobedience. I pray that God/ Yah forgives ALL of our sins and shows us the error of our ways. Judgement will come upon ALL of us, and we ALL fall short in some ways, so bridal your tongue. I pray for healing for everyone on this post.


      • Yaheli,

        Black women have single handedly torn themselves down aswell as the rest of the black nation without the assistance of any words, the actions wrought by their own hands have been sufficient enough to bring the black community down to a pile of ashes and rubble. There is nothing wrong with labelling black women as long as the labels are appropriate and are correctly applied.

        The black women being the destroyer of the black nation is not a point of view, it is a fact that is easily proven when you look into the history of how we landed in this predicament. Making excuses for black women will do no favours for us, black women must be held to account for what they have brought upon their own people, I most certainly will not be making any excuses for them.

        Having a black mother, a black sister, a black aunt does not now mean that black women are exempt from scrutiny and examination when they do wrong, I have no idea where black folks have drafted this illogical thinking from………..wait a minute, on second thoughts I do know, those same black women who have been raising children by themselves at the behest of the state are the same ones bringing up these same children under the edicts and the philosophies of stupidity, folly, extreme violence and thuggism.

        This is how change is normally brought about, through pain, hurt, affliction, loss etc. Just because somebody may have gone through some hard times with black women, this in no wise disqualifies them from speaking about their experiences aswell as voicing their observations. The modern day western black woman is a traitor, she is the real coon, the biggest sellout on the planet. There is no other race of woman on this planet who has brought about so much hurt and destruction towards her own people like the black woman has, if you disagree then kindly show me the nation of women who have shafted their own men on such a large scale as we black men have been shafted by black women, I’ll wait.

        I wish you had the same fervent spirit when it comes down to cascading black women and bringing correction towards them. You should be reprimanding them for the foul behaviour that they have brought upon themselves and upon their own people. The Most High will deal with them harshly, most black women currently have a one way express ticket to the bottomless pit waiting for them as soon as they close their eyes and death comes upon them.

        You are right, the Most High is not mocked, he has seen the damage that single black motherhood sponsored by the state has caused to his people and black women as a result will receive their just desserts, it is only fair. I would suggest that you begin praying for black women as they are in far deeper trouble than myself.


  22. nit all black women are like that and what about the abandonment of you the black man drug addicted and abusers black men have to own up too or are you simply making an excuse to desert us cause you hate yourselves? Blackness never heard of a Blackman so against his own people but in spite of your evil hurtful words I still love black men and I’m an exception and I have black female friends who don’t do stuff like that and they love help and cherish blackmen


    • De,

      Those drug addicted black men that you referred to were raised by black women who decided that accepting fatherless home welfare policies and siding with the feminist movement would be better than maintaining a strong family unit.

      You are not me, I am not you, if I hate ratchet behaviour amongst black women, this does not mean I “hate myself”. We share the same skin colour, this is where the commonality stops, we are all individuals. I represent myself as an individual before anything else.

      Black men a large numbers are getting smart and realising that we do not have to put up with the rubbish that black women typically bring to the table. If you have a problem with black men walking away from black women then you ought to be reprimanding those ratchet black women who are giving everybody else a bad name, but no, instead black women typically give the bad apples in their group a pass.

      You and your friends as exceptions are a now minority group, however because black women like yourselves have continually given ratchet black women a pass on their evil deeds, they now make up the majority so to speak and so what they are doing is now dictating the future of decent black women. This is the purpose of this post, to show black women what lays ahead for them because they as a whole have refused to heed to intelligence, wisdom, understanding and righteousness.


    • De,

      Those drug addicted black men that you referred to were raised by black women who decided that accepting fatherless home welfare policies and siding with the feminist movement would be better than maintaining a strong family unit.

      You are not me, I am not you, if I hate ratchet behaviour amongst black women, this does not mean I “hate myself”. We share the same skin colour, this is where the commonality stops, we are all individuals. I represent myself as an individual before anything else.

      Black men a large numbers are getting smart and realising that we do not have to put up with the rubbish that black women typically bring to the table. If you have a problem with black men walking away from black women then you ought to be reprimanding those ratchet black women who are giving everybody else a bad name, but no, instead black women typically give the bad apples in their group a pass.

      You and your friends as exceptions are a now minority group, however because black women like yourselves have continually given ratchet black women a pass on their evil deeds, they now make up the majority so to speak and so what they are doing is now dictating the future of decent black women. This is the purpose of this post, to show black women what lays ahead for them because they as a whole have refused to heed to intelligence, wisdom, understanding and righteousness.


  23. Verbs

    I have never been with a “white master” and therefore this shoe doesn’t fit. But I can feel your hatred and anger for the black women. I never have to leave a comment on any blog but on this topic, I had to. Are you married? Is she black? I am sure she hates this post!



    • Jopsyg,

      Declaring the truth pertaining to black women and their future is not equivalent to hate, this is the common Jedi mind trick pushed by black women in order to deflect from their dysfunctional mannerisms.

      To be honest with the common black women’s current degenerate conduct it is now more a case of non interest as opposed to hatred for me personally.


  24. I just have a question!!! I am now coming into the truth so All praise to TMH for allowing this to happen!!! But I have to ask, where are our black men as we are bearing their children?? Mostly, I was pregnant while a senior in high school, I had my first child two months before graduation and his father was there at my delivery, but soon after he vanished… I was had a job and lived with my parents. He was never stopped from seeing his son but never put the effort into seeing him.. I then needed assistance cause after I graduated I moved into my own home and bills became outrageous… I never lived above my means but even the cheapest set of clothes or food became hard to get. My parents and family did all they could to help, but I had the child and I believed it was my responsibility to do what was best for him. I applied for food and medical not knowing that I was putting or attaching the father to the Jim Crowe Law/Willie Lynch Letter… But where was he when I needed him??? And that is now my fault because he had the chance to do right by his son and didn’t??? I would even go to pick him up at times to spend time with his son, let him use my car, while at work and then he turn around and rob me, but it’s my fault that I had to get the white man involved??? At the time I had NO CLUE, just needed help…. 3 kids later, 2 more fathers, never came to the hospital to see their child being born, one got into the jail system by his own wrong doings and left me out to take care of yet another child by myself… The other new father lived out of state and lied to me telling me he only had 2 other children and that he would be there no matter what.. He I actually don’t have on child support and don’t seek anything from him… Just because I finally came in the truth but at the same time “Where is the black man”? I think what you stated is very informative and very educational and true, but like you said it’s not pertaining to ALL BLACK WOMAN; however not saying I’m different from any other woman and feel like there are a lot out there just like me, but at what point will TMH strike disease and plagues against me knowing my works and effortless of crying and pleading trying to give my black man/fathers chances to do right by their children not necessarily by me????


    • Uriella Yael Baht Israel,

      These black men that you have run into are simply the products of the black women who have created them. As the modern day black woman typically is irresponsible and non accountable so she passes down these same creeds to her sons. There is also the case of black women being incredibly irresponsible when choosing their men, this is clearly evident in your case. I’ve heard many good black men say the same thing over and over again, that black women prefer to go for the low brow, pants sagging, gold grill wearing, thug trash. You case can serve as a classic example.

      Things were tough enough for you with child number one yet you still decided to go ahead and have 2 more??? This is the irresponsibility black women commonly practice that I talked about in my book Negro Wars, I am a 40 years old black male who has no children. I am going to have children within the next 3 years when I have set things up accordingly, this is the way that it is supposed to be done. If you go to a supermarket and it is closed then you have to go elsewhere.

      That is the same thing with modern day black women, if you refuse the man entry he must go elsewhere. The problem is most black women today choose to procreate with irresponsible Negro males, the same ones who have been raised by irresponsible black females. You only have yourself to blame in the situation that you are in today, had you turned away these men they would have been forced to seek their sexual pleasure elsewhere, you would have been child free and your life would have headed in a completely different direction. You choose who you decide to sleep with, remember that, you make the choice.

      The Most High has blessed black women in that black women are the most fertile group of women on the planet, however he is extremely angry with them at the same time because they have abused their gift of high fertility and are now either aborting their children at incredibly high rates or they are simply having children in order to get on the state payroll or claim child support from the father. They no longer have children out of love or because they want to start a family, most black women today use their children as a weapon or an instrument of financial leverage.

      Now that you know the truth you can avoid the curses if you begin taking responsibility for your actions especially when it comes down to who you are sleeping with. I would strongly suggest that you put in place measures in order to avoid becoming pregnant again, as I stated before you should have really done this after child number 1. I would also suggest that you avoid partaking in the typical self hating and low self esteem nonsense that most black women today are accustomed to practising ie wearing weaves, excessive make up, fake nails, fake eye brows, fake eye lashes etc as they are all part of witchcraft/sorcery which will also bring curses upon you.

      Feminism, weave wearing, violent behaviour and irresponsible sexual conduct are the most prevalent practices today that are bringing curses upon black women even as we speak, avoid these at all costs and you will be spared the pain that most other black women are destined to suffer.


  25. I just came across this post. Never in my years of living have I read such discourteous, uncivil, ill-mannered, insolent, impudent, flippant, disrespectful, loathing and detestation for the black woman. My mother raised seven children on her own while my father took the little money we had to eat to gamble and drink. He would come home and fight with my mother and try to beat her down. I saw my mother attempt to cook bean stew for dinner one time, as it is all we had, and my father went to the stove and broke it and cut the cord so that my mother couldn’t feed us. According to my mother, my father was raised by both parents. So you tell me what went wrong here? Indeed, my mother had to go on the system when my father walked out on us. My mother also worked three jobs so that we could have food to eat, water to bathe, and a bed to sleep in. I watched my mother lie to a landlord in order for us to not get kicked out on the streets. We had to go to the neighbors house when to get buckets of water to bathe in when the water got turned off due to non payment, and used candles when the electricity went off. Where was my father during all of this? Out drinking alcohol and gambling. Not once did my mother call the police on him. She finally had enough and left. She got tired of seeing her childrens bones protruding from their skin due to lack of food. She got tired of being struck for no reason. The reason she left my father you ask, he tried to run her over with the car, and my mother refused to let us end up in the hands of the American whitewashed system called foster homes. Where the girls would have been raped by strangers and the boys put out on the streets. Therefore, the black man is just as responsible for the state of the true Hebrews as a whole. The gall to blame just the black women is distasteful and full of contempt. I agree the way black women act today is a disgrace, but the black man has just as much of a hand in this destruction as black women. My mother never disrespected my father, she cooked everyday, reared his children, took care of the household and took care of him. Beating a woman down does not give a man any power more than the power that he thought he had. Ask yourself, what are black men doing to help their kind? Oh right, they refer to black woman as bitches and hoes in their music, they abandon their children, they write hateful blogs and they cry about the black man’s plight. There is nothing but enmity and animosity in your post. It’s not just the black woman or just the black man, its the black culture as a whole. Where is the father to educate his children? Where is the mother to show their daughters to maintain their chastity? Its all nothing but abhorrence and an abomination the way the black society is as a whole. I had to learn to be strong because of how my father treated my mother for years. So before you put the sole blame on black women, look at the man who is suppose to be the head of the household, but instead running around like a hooligan and blaming the black woman for all of the problems of the black society.

    Indeed, this article does not pertain to me as I listened to my mother and brothers tell me of my value as a black woman (It should have been my father). I’ve maintained my chastity and am awaiting for my Hebrew Prince. But like it says in Ecclesiastes, “The thing that hath been, is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done. We blacks are cursed for disobeying THE MOST HIGH, but what change do you feel you are bringing forth by posting this execration and revulsion of an article towards black women? Have you taken the time to wake those who are still asleep? I do indeed see everyday what you reference in your blog, but how can we change this? Let’s find a solution instead of constantly tearing each other down. The black man does not want the black woman because she does not look like the white woman. The reference to my hair being nappy has come more from black men than any other culture. I’ve had black men tell me I am lazy because I do not relax my hair. I have heard black men say they do not want nappy headed children so they will take a Spanish woman or white woman. Do your research and look into the black man also instead of blaming the black woman solely for the way the society has become. You look around, even the Arabs who used us as slaves will tell you they will marry a black woman because she is loyal. Do your research my brother before you write an article tearing the black woman down even more than they are already.


    • Sone,

      Your comments still do not disprove the facts, the majority of dysfunctional children come from single mother households. Exceptions to the rule do not buck the general trend, there are always exceptions to the rule, the exception here being the fact that your father was raised by both parents, however this still does not take away from the fact that single mothers are the cause of the destruction within black society, this is evident and only a delusional fool would deny what is clearly observable.

      Remember that your mother still chose to deal with a dysfunctional man, which is exactly what the majority of black women do in 2016. I’m sure that she clocked onto his dysfunctional behaviour from earlier on, possibly from before she even had children with him, this is normally the case.

      I won’t deal with all of your points because I have already dealt with them in my book Negro Wars. The reason why I do not deal with black men is because the majority of them are merely a defective product of 50 years under the reign of the black woman(the creator of that product). When a product is defective the manufacture of that product is to blame, not the product itself. Black women have produced the same dysfunctional black males they now wish to distribute the blame with, that strategy simply cannot work.

      The modern day westernised black woman has become a curse, a pestilence and a menace not only to black society but to all of those around her. You so called “good black women” instead of reprimanding these dysfunctional reprobates have instead defended them to the hilt, much in the same manner as you are attempting to do now. This is one of the main reasons why I encourage black men to cut off westernised black women and to start dealing with black women from non western nations or non black women as a second choice.

      What black women have done to black society under the instructions of their white father is recorded in the history books and written in stone. Your attempt at disparagement will not alter what has taken place and the heavy recompense that is to come down the line to black woman as their reward. Remember, the wages of sin is death. Black women on the whole love wickedness and death, thus their wish to embrace death and hell shall be granted.


      • First and foremost, I am not a westernized black woman. My parents were not even born in the United States. Secondly, you seem to be promoting interracial relationships and my bet is you use this squabble to justify your dating out of your race. Further, are you saying black men do not sin, nor do they love wickedness and death? Black men are the pillar of sin. They are the ones bringing in the STD’s by participating in sexual activities with other men yet claim they are not homosexuals. Then they bring it home to their unsuspecting wives or girlfriends. I work in the medical field and on a daily basis men such as the aforementioned come out and admit their filthy activities with other men only after the wife or girlfriend tested positive and they were innocent. Before you judge, you might want to ‘remove the speck from your eyes before you point out the speck in others eyes’. Black men are a major reason black women act as such. Look at the filth put out as music. That same filth even has white women and others running out to have plastic surgery to have the black girl lips or the black girl round buttocks. It is the black man who subjects the black woman into what they have become. Why would other races treat us any better when our own treat us so treacherously. How many times have I heard black men talk about wanting a submissive woman. It is not about being submissive. Being in a relationship with a black person is not a juxtapose to enforcing submissiveness. It’s both parties loving the soul, mind and body as they love THE MOST HIGH and themselves. Black men do nothing but prove society right. THE MOST HIGH’s words blatantly says for a man to be good to his wife and not to subject his children to anger. The black man treats the woman so poorly. Why, because the children have watched the father treat the mother disrespectfully and not even showing his children love. Who tried to rape me in college? A black man. This over sexualization of black women started with the black man. So before you judge, ask yourself, what have I done to help my community? What have I done to reach out to my brothers and sisters?

        In my career, I have come across many black women who were sterilized unknowingly, and only found out because they are married and cannot have children. One woman even brought in documents showing where the doctor claimed to have taken out a fibroid when he took her uterus and ovaries. This doctor and his whole entourage, where they sentenced? Were reparations made for this woman’s suffering, no. Why because they were white. Have you informed your people that birth control was first a means to sterilize Blacks and Hispanics?

        You do not need to address any of what I have written because the answer is clear in your hatred for black women. I cannot help but to think that one black woman has caused you to despise all black women. You try to flip the script so often in your posts that every word you write is unintelligible. THE MOST HIGH is about love, peace, and happiness. You are about hate, tearing down your own to make a profit, full of animosity. Your post is nothing more than a ploy to make money off of your own, and I am truly saddened that I had the displeasure to come across this page. Instead of enlightening and teaching, you are riddled with despise yet do nothing to alleviate or diffuse the problem. Yeah, you are indeed the typical black man with nothing left to do but put down the black woman to find favor in the whites that already do that.


  26. Sone,
    No matter what, in his eyes the Black man is NEVER wrong and if he is, it is the Black womans fault. He has lost the anointing. That is why his earlier posts have so many comments. Then he started down this hating Black woman road. His posts have become less powerful, he has lost both male and female readers. Many. Instead of taking it as an opportunity for introspection, prayer and correction he will stay holier than though and pointing fingers at Black women. Meantime, enlightened and truth seeking readers have moved on to something with more substance. There are some wonderful blogs that deal with the state of Black men and Black women with understanding and offer solutions. Unlike the owner of this blog, who seems to want to hate Black woman so they can validate salivating after foreign women. Israel fell long before the modern Black woman came into play. Were’t no Black women commanding the armies of Israel when the men fell off and made The Most High put us in captivity. It is a Judgement on both. I feel sorry for the owner of this blog. His posts used to be fire. Now they are stubble and he is lost…but so mired in his self righteous pointing out of splinters in the eyes of others, he can’t see the plank in his own. You would do well to knock the dust from your feet and move on from this blog like everyone else has. Shalom.


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    Hebrew: Ecclesiastes 12:13. סֹוף דָּבָר הַכֹּל נִשְׁמָע אֶת־הָאֱלֹהִים יְרָא וְאֶת־מִצְוֹתָיו שְׁמֹור כִּי־זֶה כָּל־הָאָדָם׃ Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. .13
    14. כִּי אֶת־כָּל־מַעֲשֶׂה הָאֱלֹהִים יָבִא בְמִשְׁפָּט עַל כָּל־נֶעְלָם אִם־טֹוב וְאִם־רָע׃ For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. .1


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    11. וְאָמַרְתָּ אֲלֵיהֶם עַל אֲשֶׁר־עָזְבוּ אֲבֹותֵיכֶם אֹותִי נְאֻם־יְהוָה וַיֵּלְכוּ אַחֲרֵי אֱלֹהִים אֲחֵרִים וַיַּעַבְדוּם וַיִּשְׁתַּחֲווּ לָהֶם וְאֹתִי עָזָבוּ וְאֶת־תֹּורָתִי לֹא שָׁמָרוּ׃ Then shalt thou say unto them, Because your fathers have forsaken me, saith the LORD, and have walked after other gods, and have served them, and have worshipped them, and have forsaken me, and have not kept my law; .11
    12. וְאַתֶּם הֲרֵעֹתֶם לַעֲשֹׂות מֵאֲבֹותֵיכֶם וְהִנְּכֶם הֹלְכִים אִישׁ אַחֲרֵי שְׁרִרוּת לִבֹּו־הָרָע לְבִלְתִּי שְׁמֹעַ אֵלָי׃ And ye have done worse than your fathers; for, behold, ye walk every one after the imagination of his evil heart, that they may not hearken unto me: .12
    13. וְהֵטַלְתִּי אֶתְכֶם מֵעַל הָאָרֶץ הַזֹּאת עַל־הָאָרֶץ אֲשֶׁר לֹא יְדַעְתֶּם אַתֶּם וַאֲבֹותֵיכֶם וַעֲבַדְתֶּם־שָׁם אֶת־אֱלֹהִים אֲחֵרִים יֹוםָם וָלַיְלָה אֲשֶׁר לֹא־אֶתֵּן לָכֶם חֲנִינָה׃ ס Therefore will I cast you out of this land into a land that ye know not, neither ye nor your fathers; and there shall ye serve other gods day and night; where I will not shew you favour. .13
    Ezekiel 6
    8. Yet will I leave a remnant, that ye may have some that shall escape the sword among the nations, when ye shall be scattered through the countries. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE BLACK-TRUE-HEBREW- BRETHREN AWAKE AND ASLEEP THE EVIL EDOMITES AND THE OTHER NON-BLACK-TRUE-HEBREW NATIONS FEAR OUR MORALITY!!!!BEWARE BLACK PEOPLE OF THE ENEMY WHO HAS ALWAYS CAUSED DIVISION AMONG WE BLACK-TRUE HEBREWS BY TREATING THE VICTIM LIKE THE VILLAIN.WAKE UP BLACK-TRUE HEBREWS!!!! WE ARE THE 4TH GENERATION. WE ARE IN CAPTIVITY IN THE FOURTH KINGDOM. THEY WANT US TO DISOBEY THE/MOST/HIGH AND TO NEVER FIND OUT THAT WE ARE THE TRUE JEWS!!!!WE NEED TO REPENT AND OBEY YAH’S COMMANDMENTS ALL LAWS AND HONOR THE BIBLICAL COVENANT THAT OUR ANCESTORS RENEGED ON AND ABANDONED!!!! WE NEED TO HOLD ON; WE ONLY HAVE 2 YEARS TO GO IN THIS CAPTIVITY. 1619-2019. Hebrew OT: BHS (Consonants & Vowels) English: King James Version Hebrew OT: BHS (Consonants & Vowels) English: King James Version Genesis 15 12. וַיְהִי הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ לָבֹוא וְתַרְדֵּמָה נָפְלָה עַל־אַבְרָם וְהִנֵּה אֵימָה חֲשֵׁכָה גְדֹלָה נֹפֶלֶת עָלָיו׃ And when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and, lo, an horror of great darkness fell upon him. .12 13. וַיֹּאמֶר לְאַבְרָם יָדֹעַ תֵּדַע כִּי־גֵר יִהְיֶה זַרְעֲךָ בְּאֶרֶץ לֹא לָהֶם וַעֲבָדוּם וְעִנּוּ אֹתָם אַרְבַּע מֵאֹות שָׁנָה׃ And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; .13 14. וְגַם אֶת־הַגֹּוי אֲשֶׁר יַעֲבֹדוּ דָּן אָנֹכִי וְאַחֲרֵי־כֵן יֵצְאוּ בִּרְכֻשׁ גָּדֹול׃ And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. .14 .14THIS IS WHY THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL US BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. WE ARE NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS DRED SCOTT DECISION. WE WILL SEE OUR ENEMIES PUNISHED. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!! DON’T PROTEST IN THE STREETS. DON’T COMMIT SEDITION AGAINST THIS SATANIC/WORLD/GOVT. OR BECOME VIOLENT!!!!! DON’T GIVE THEM AN EXCUSE TO INCARCERATE/MAIM/MOLEST AND MURDER US!!!! REPENT BEFORE THE TRUE GOD WHO IS BLACK, THAT AND THE FACT THAT THE TRUE HEBREWS ARE BLACK IS WHY THEY ARE POISONING OUR WATER AND AIR. BEATING, MAIMING, RAPING AND KILLING OUR CHILDREN IN THE STREETS OR IN PRISON, TELLING THEM THAT THE BIBLICAL LAWS ARE DONE AWAY WITH IN THESE SUN-GOD WORSHIPPING REPROBATE CHURCHES. THEY WANT US TO CONTINUE WORSHIPPING IDOLS IN THESE FALSE RELIGIONS; FOLLOWING THESE SATANIC/HEDONISTIC CUSTOMS IN AMERICA /THE NEW BABYLON/EGYPT AND THROUGH OUT THE WORLD SO WE WILL GO TO THE LAKE OF FIRE WITH OUR OPPRESSORS INSTEAD OF BEING REDEEMED AND TAKEN BACK TO OUR TRUE HOME IN ISRAEL WHERE WE WILL LIVE IN THE NEW HEAVEN AND THE NEW EARTH AND WHERE OUR ENEMIES WILL BE OUR SLAVES, WE WILL HAVE THE WEALTH OF OUR OPPRESSORS. AND THEY WILL HAVE TO BOW TO US BECAUSE WE WILL RULE OVER THEM!!!! AND THE CURSES THAT ARE ON US WILL NOW BE ON THEM!!!! THIS WICKED KINGDOM IS GOING TO BE DESTROYED BY FIRE!!! Hebrew: Modern English: King James Version 2 Peter 3 10. בא יבא יום יהוה כגנב בלילה אז השמים בשאון יחלפו והיסדות יבערו והתמגגו והארץ והמעשים אשר עליה ישרפו׃ But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. .10 BUT IN THE NEW JERUSALEM,HEAVEN AND EARTH WE WILL HAVE ETERNAL PEACE. ON-STANDING-WITH-THE/MOST/HIGH/AND-OTHER-BLK-TRU-HBRWS-IN-THIS-TRUTH-AND-IN-THE-STRUGGLE-SUNDAY-10-1-17ON-THEREFORE-WHATSOEVER-YOU-HAVE-SPOKEN-IN-DARKNESS-WILL-BE-HEARD-IN-THE-LIGHT-THURSDAY-11-2-17.




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