Well, looks like the old timers had the right idea all along of keeping your money under the mattress or in a safe in your own property instead of in the bank. I am sure that most folks here are aware of what is happening in Cyprus right now with the private bank accounts of the general public being plundered and robbed. If you are not aware of this robbery then you need to be and get up to speed on these happenings which will be landing on your personal doorstep very soon.

The seizure of the bank accounts of the everyday people is going to spread to the other countries in Europe who were stupid enough to join this EU nonsense, Europe and specifically Cyprus is the initial testbed for this grand theft of dinero and then this process of robbery is going to go global. This business of the theft of people’s hard earned money is the route that these bankers desire to take in order to bring in forced austerity on the general public. Remember that austerity means you live in an over crowded city, you own nothing of your own, you rent everything you need from the state, you are broke as a joke and all the money you have ALWAYS goes on the essentials you require to live. No ipods, no new gadgets, no extra spending money, no personal items of your own, nothing.

You Brits especially should heed the warning shots that are sounding off with this blatant heist by the banks on the general public. Now that you have the opportunity to do so, you better start pulling your money silently out of the banks now, don’t think that what is currently happening in Cyprus isn’t coming to the UK. This open robbery of the people’s money is clearly showing us that nothing of value is safe if it does not reside in your own physical hands. Let’s face the facts, the so called “guarantee” that banks claim are in place in relation to people’s savings are a joke, it is merely lip service given to you to make you go back to sleep thinking that your money is safe and that everything is ok.

I mean, when an ATM is programmed to only give you a small limit to what you can withdraw per day and the average bank requires at least 2-3 days notice for you to be able to draw out a heavy sum of money (a heavy sum that is part of your money by the way), alarm bells should be ringing at the loudest volume and red flags should be flying at the fullest mast. You require notice? You mean the money isn’t there in the bank? ??? Where has the money gone then????? Is this trust worthy behaviour?

Unlike the mainspin media, I will use honest and straight forward terms in reference to what is currently occurring in Cyprus with the peoples accounts, not the dumb, outlandish and foolish terms that the mainstream are using and trying to encourage you to use like “hair cut” and “bail in”. See how the mainstream media is trying to alter how you view reality? How is plundering peoples hard earned savings like getting a hair cut or bailing in a third party? Don’t call, its just for fun, answers on a postcard please! THEFT IS THEFT, ROBBERY IS ROBBERY regardless of who is doing the stealing, always remember this.

This is a message to people worldwide but for this moment folks particularly in the west, START REMOVING YOUR MONEY FROM YOUR ACCOUNTS NOW OR YOU WILL BE VERY SORRY MEN/WOMEN LATER. You have been given prior warning. If you get burnt down the road, that is your business.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

8 thoughts on “GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANK….NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  1. This is just the beginning of sorrows for us. AmeriKlan peoples tend to believe what happens in other countries couldn’t possibly happen here…after all, this is America!


    Verbs, start stocking up on canned goods, water and if possible, grow your own vegetables and herbs.

    It’s gonna get rough!


    • Exactly, its not about looking for the perfect set up, its about putting yourself in the best position to weather the coming storm. Moving towards self sufficiency and independence is the key here, the exact opposite of what the globalists want for the individual.


  2. I closed out my savings account last week and the lady asked way to many questions, wanting to know why I was closing it and what was I using the money for. I just told her I was using it to help family. I could tell she was angry and I didn’t care.
    I too agree with Diaryofanegress about AmeriKlan people and their arrogance. Stock up on dry goods as well( beans,rice).

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    • I don’t understand some employees, they take some things so personally. Its not like the money is coming out of her personal pocket or she is losing out. The feelings of the ” take it personal employee clown” means nothing to me.

      The money has to return into your physical hands, these banks have proven themselves to be untrustworthy many times over. No banks and bankers, I will manage my own wealth from now on. I’m doing it my way, its much safer and more predictable.


  3. “They” are stocking up on ammunition. We should take note and do likewise, because you KNOW they aren’t stocking it up to use on each other. We all know the Katrina stories. Black men shot for trying to cross a bridge. A black woman denied help and drowned. It goes on and on and on. We would do well to start quietly accessing dried goods, seeds, purification tablets ect. Stash HALF of these in a location not easily accessible and away from people. Especially “them”. We ain’t seen NOTHIN yet.


    • DHS, 2 billion plus bullets have been purchased and they are still buying up more rounds as we speak, under different umbrella companies aswell. Something big is about to go down. Its all about preparation.

      Let the fools who think everything is ok perish, that is their lot. It will be their own fault when they get caught out.


  4. this is a very serious post, lemme tell ya. a few years ago here in Antigua, there was this bank known as British American, people here had their entire life savings and some had their pensions stored up in that bank, like 90 million and so forth, and then this day, the bank decided to abscond with every cent of the people’s money….


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      The old timers were exactly on point and accurate, they never trusted banks, government and the media. Today most folks have been successfully propagandised into automactically running towards government institutions for solutions even though on the other hand people can clearly see that governments are making their lives more and more difficult with little to no benefits involved each and every day.


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