This is yet another example of how black people are their own worst enemy. Last year I and a friend went to Colombia for a short vacation.

We rented an apartment for around 6 days. It just so happened that one day as we were exiting the apartment, we got talking briefly to a few youngsters on the block and everything was fine until we began to walk away when the conversation had finished, to which one of the younsters who was no older than 10 years of age shouted out “Word Up Nigga”. As educated blacks, we knew exactly from where the youth had picked this up “slogan/phrase” and we knew that the best thing to do at that moment was to keep it moving.

Now, this is in Colombia, this is a Latin American country were the population speaks Spanish. This Colombian youngster knew no English yet he knew “Word Up Nigga”. As far as I am concerned, rappers like 50 Cent, Jay Z, Kanye West,  Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and the rest of the trash reprobate hiphop artists out there are simply a bunch of wankers who have had no problem selling their own people down the road of destruction for 30 pieces of silver and the crumbs falling from their master’s table, these are some of the coons responsible for the promotion and popularisation of dumb and stupid behaviour amongst our people and our people think that these actions are somehow cool. Today’s rap music and hiphop is turning black people more and more stupid and dumb with each day that passes by.

But then I have to also turn around to the black fools who support these reprobates and buy their trashy music, and place the blame on them also as you Negroes supporting these tossers and buying their crud has simply amplified the problem in the black community with regards to many of us referring to our brothers by slave terms.

Look coons, I’m having to deal with the aftermath of your stupidity in a country where English is not the first language. Your stupidity and your retarded vocabulary has gone international and youth who cannot even speak English already know about your dysfunctional English slogans and phrases. I’m going to keep roasting you ignorant blacks at every chance I get as this foolishness has gone way too far. The fruits of your stupidity need to be put back in your face.

Now as for you blacks who are not ignorant, who see what is going on and who want no part of it, it is time for us to start seperating and distancing ourselves from reprobate Negro scum on all levels. They cannot be saved, they are forever lost and destined for oblivion and they would have no trouble eating you up should times get really hard and dire straits should come upon us. You better start pushing these animals and beasts of burden to the side from now and move on lest a worse fate come upon you down the pike from them.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless


  1. Verbs

    Have you been eavesdropping on my conversations again?

    I just told my family this morning over breakfast that we need to move away from Negros as fast as we can!

    Since their poison is spiritually contagious, we cannot risk being contaminated by their buffoonery.

    Every day that I meditate with Jah, I get stronger and more visions come my way. I do suffer from mild depression so I must be wary of who I hang out with.

    Great post.

    When we begin our African community, you’ll be welcomed to share in Gods gifts with us.

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    • Lol. Great uncontaminated minds think alike. Its only lógical and sensible to seperate ourselves from the Negro dregs.

      Black people on the whole have become the most dysfunctional and unpredictable people on the planet and as harsh as it is, I want nothing to do with the majority of my people as it is what it is, most blacks are goners who cannot be redeemed.

      Imagine being surrounded by these wild unpredictable reprobates beasts during a food or water shortage. 3 days max and they would resort to literally attempting to eat our flesh and drink our blood without any qualms whatsoever.

      Because of the abundance at the moment people are relatively cool but people tend to show their true colours when there is lack and a shortage.

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      • Hurricane Sandy proved that. I love my people and want the best for us but you are correct, most of us are too far gone to ever come back.

        There are spirits that literally feed off of us and trying to tell black people that fact, is like banging your head against a brick wall.

        I’m tired to the core and need to retreat for awhile. I do have other pressing matters to handle at the moment.

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  2. Verbs, I am SO happy the Spirit has been leading you to write more. There are quite a few of us that look forward to your posts in great anticipation. Thank you for your effort and hard work, Brother. May the Most High continue to keep you.

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    • The blessings are always greatly appreciated, thank you. Its strange, the Most High will sometimes have me go silent for months and then all of a sudden 4, 5, 6 posts within a period of days.

      This was and still is the liberty that Christ was referring to, no pressure, you simply are to act according to how and when the Spirit guides you.

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  3. I hate today’s Hip Hop so much. It is brainwashing youth to think that smoking, drinking etc is cool when it isn’t. Today’s Hip Hop artists are sell outs who are willing to make themselves and their race look bad to make money. They are only doing what their White corporate masters tell them to do. They are the ultimate sellouts of the Black race.

    I don’t even listen to Hip Hop these days, I listen to old school R&B, since I think even today’s R&B is terrible, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Queen, Hall and Oates, Bee Gees etc. Old school Hip Hop is better too.

    Honestly I can’t believe this New Age Hip Hop garbage sells. All it promotes is coonery and self hate among our race.

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    • Adeen,

      I too have stop listening to hiphop, I now listen to mostly classical music and original score soundtrack music which more time has a similar feel to it. The music is more relaxing and it helps expand the mind. My musical taste has completely changed since I have received the true revelation of hiphop for what it is and who is controlling it.

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      • Classical music is good too. I also received a revelation about what Hip Hop is truly about and stopped listening to it. I don’t want that garbage playing around my place!

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