Accepting Not Being Accepted – Short Blog Of Reflections!

Having run into the historical fact that I as a black man am in fact the true Hebrew by bloodline, that the bible also known as the scriptures are the records of me and my forefathers(not only the common 66 books but also others such as the Apocrypha, the book of Jubilees and the book of Enoch to mention a few) and having read within these records that as a result of our disobedience to our power, the Most High stated that he would scatter my people throughout the four corners of the earth and we would dwell amongst our “ENEMIES” until the latter end times and the return of Christ, I have accepted the fact that there is not a single nation on this planet who accepts the so called Negro, all nations on this planet hate us. I am not looking for acceptance from any of you other nations and I certainly do not expect you to welcome me with open arms and a smile.

However it seems that in this day and age, more Negroes than ever have somehow been persuaded that this system of Babylon has accepted them into the fold and that they are free to assimilate into the system of Europeans without any futher resistance or static. I have a word for you deluded blacks, WAKE UP! No matter how ridiculously you dress and no matter how much you play the coon and the clown, you will never be accepted and welcomed by any of the other nations on this planet. You would think that your history since slavery would have given you some sort of hint, a clue, an insight as to the future projected trend of your position with regards to the other nationalities you dwell with, what they think of you and how they will continue to deal with you. However, coons being coons, many have typically decided to play the fool and act the clown in the hope for some sort of reprieve from the nasty treatment we receive from others. IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN BLACK AND YOU’D BETTER GET USED TO THIS FACT QUICKLY.

The bible has foretold you of this(regardless of whether you believe in the bible or not), your history of the past and your position in society today merely reinforces this fact that the vast majority of you are attempting to run away from, YOU ARE FOREVER HATED BY EVERYONE AND YOU ARE NOT EVER WANTED BY ANYONE. So, you so called Negroes who believe that you can wear the ridiculous fashion of the European man, buck dance and jive to his rhythm, make yourself a laughingstock daily aswell as play the clown and the proverbial ass in his sideshow circus attractions and that somehow these things will make a difference to how you are looked upon in his eyes aswell as in  the eyes of others, I have to laugh at you while I sip on a pint of raw milk and eat some popcorn watching you continually make a fool out of yourself. By the way, where is your invitation to partake in Babylon, can I see your notice of invite please while we are here?

Don’t you get it, I have said this before and I will say it again, the more that the so called European man see that you are trying to assimilate into his system and be accepted, is the more he will mock you, take the mickey out of you and shortly he will begin his move to come against you physically on a grand scale. The more you brown nose is the more you will be despised Negro, haven’t you figured this out yet? The lynchings and the persecution of black people post slavery up until the civil rights movement will be a walk in the park in comparison to what is to come down the pike. Negro, you haven’t seen anything yet. The problem yet again with the integrating black fool is that now I as a black man who has accepted my non acceptance amongst others, is left to deal with the fallout ie the mockers who believe that they now have the right to approach me, make fun of me and take the mickey out of me like one of these buck dancing buffoons.

Up until the late 80s to very early 90s, the black nation speaking for the UK was a persecuted nation and this persecution forced us to stick together much more as a people, we were more unified, we did our own things, mingled amongst our own people, never had quite so many meaningless squabbles within our ranks and most of all, we had a clear understanding as to who our true enemy was. The so called European man saw our unity through persecution and decided to change his strategy of attack in order to disenfranchise, seperate and destroy the black family structure. Remember in Ezekiel 35:5 we are told that the hatred of the white man aka Edom against the so called Negro aka Judah is perpetual. For the hard of thinking, perpetual means “FOREVER”. I used to believe that our current problems today as a people stemmed from slavery until I decided to use my own memory and think back to the 80s, after all I did actually live through that era myself. Believe it or not, do your own research, the black family structure was intact right up until the late 80s to early 90s in the UK.

The very first breach of the UK black family structure and the fracturing of the main pillars came in the form of persuading the black woman that she was being oppressed in the home, in the same manner that white women were protesting about in relation to their men and thus the black woman was encouraged to join the feminist movement. Black women in the UK were single handedly persuaded to join a movement that had absolutely nothing to do with them whatsoever. The scriptures inform us that the woman is the weaker vessel, the serpent went to tempt the woman in the garden with the forbidden fruit, there is a strategy here that has been used time and time again. Because the Most High built the woman greatly linked into her emotions as apposed to the man who was built tuned into logical thinking and reasoning matters through, the woman can be appealed to and encouraged to make all kinds of decisions through emotions alone, without reasoning and thinking the matters through first. Obviously this can be a very dangerous predicament when dealing with any great number of situations.

There never was nor still is there today any form of solidarity within this cancerous, deceptive piece of trash movement called feminism between white women and black women. Black women even within the feminist movement are still relegated to the back of the truck. They have been indeed suckered and tricked by this system into thinking that they could finally get ahead by placing their men on the altar of sacrifice. Yes, many of you black women now have that office job but where is that man who is supposed to be beside you, where is your family? Look at the price that you have paid, was it really worth it? You UK black women had your
emotions tickled in relation to this corrupt doctrine and you were sold, you didn’t stop to think through any of the fundamental tenants and the nonsense that was being propagandised and fed to you. Thus a large percentage of black women were persuaded to embrace “independence” and further persuaded that they did not need men in their lives. Such has been the path of the vast majority of black women from that time up until today.This was the first breach.

With the black woman having abandoned the home, the children automatically get placed into the hands of the state as the men are already integrated into the work force, the very same state that engineered this fracturing of the black family to begin with. The black woman has gone, the children now commence being indoctrinated by the state with the “state’s values” and the “state’s morality”. By the way, part of the state’s values is to turn the children against their own parents and to further mould these children in the state’s way of thinking, thus the children begin to discard the words and the advice of the parents in favour of what he or she is being taught by the state. Also, the state has no moral standing/standard, so as per usual the children are taught to not commit to any long term relationships, to move from one person to the next without settling down, to live how they want to live and to be disrespectful and abrasive towards adults. Look around you and see the results in plain view. This herein was the second breach.

Still unsatisfied with the fallout and wanting to drive a permanent wedge between black men and black women, the European man decided to turn his sights on the deserted black man for the implementation of breach number 3. This simply involved changing the black man’s perception of his woman from a valued companion to a person of very little worth other than for sex. This breach also involved the encouragement of denigration and calling black women by disrespectful names coupled with the convenient promotion of women from other nationalities(mainly European) as an alternative way for the so called Negro male to move forward. Please note here that I am not condemning interracial relationships, I’m just simply going through the agenda that was played out on us. This breach was pushed forward mainly through the music medium. Hiphop played a very large part in this trend change. For example, compare LL Cool J’s “I Need Love” back in the earlier days to his “Back Seat Of My Jeep” latter days. We needn’t go into the hyper sexualisation of hiphop, we all know it and have witnessed this change first hand. RnB also changed for the worst and began to spiral downhill rapidly. Groups and artists that once sung about monogamy and love making also adjusted to the negative changes “requested” and began to push the envelope and drop the moral standards. Note that today some artists of RnB have no qualms about swearing and using foul language in their lyrics. Once upon a time it was only hiphop artists aka rappers who were known for explicit lyrics. Thus black music in general today has spiralled down the toilet and most black people having followed along without asking questions, with it. Hiphop has also taken on a new homosexual/metrosexual/effeminate image with black men wearing monkey jeans aswell as skin tight jeans other tight clothing, women’s clothing aswell as women’s colours. This has become the norm within hiphop today, black men in general have been effeminated or on the flip side of the coin gone the way of being homosexuals, the majority percentage of whom are on the down low. You could even say that this part of the agenda is a 4th breach.

A hard fact that can very difficult for many of us in the know to accept is that most black people in the west today are disenfranchised, dysfunctional, wild, unpredictable, contaminated, lost beasts of burden who cannot be reasoned with or woken up out of their hypnotic trance like state. Most enjoy their state of contamination and would actually attempt to fight you if you presented them with the truth about themselves. Do not be surprised at the current state of our people, black peoples desire to integrate with their enemies was the beginning of the end for us as a nation. When the BNP(British National Party), EDL(English Defence League) and the NF (National Front) stopped their offensive physical attacks against black people in the streets of Britain, we as black people should have remained highly suspicious and known that the European man was planning a different method of attack against us, however most us believed that the so called white man on the whole was changing for the better in relation to his attitude towards us, nothing could be further from the truth, even with today’s era. As the Most High stated to Jeremiah, “can the leopard change its spots”? For the minority of us who can see through the veil, it is all about focusing and getting our bits and pieces together. No, the so called white man in general still cannot be trusted and regrettably the same statement can now be labelled on the majority of our people who wouldn’t hesitate in a moment to sell one of their brethren down the river for 10 shekels of silver and some bread crumbs. These are the facts according to history, memory and observation, they cannot be refuted. The truth simply is!

The Decontamination And Deprogramming Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

8 thoughts on “Accepting Not Being Accepted – Short Blog Of Reflections!

    • It is truly a sad state of affairs when you are forced to look upon your own people and forced to write off the majority of them as folks for whom there is no redemption……….forever.


      • verbs

        I had no choice. When you’re fighting a losing battle you must quickly decide if your energy is worth it. I used to try and “awaken” as many of our people as I could only to have them laugh at me and tell me how “silly” I am or I was being “melodramatic.”

        I’ve come to the painful conclusion that many of us will not be saved. And, frankly, that’s not a bad thing.


  1. I have noticed other hebews claiming that all 12 tribes of Israel are mixed with black and other poc. Is this true or are all twelve tribes black? The reason i ask is because in the book Deuteronomy, the only people who fit the desricption of the curses seem to be the black people. I’ve watched on youtube some hebrews claiming latino’s and other poc are their brother’s. This could also be a case of black’s wanting to be accepted by others. What’s your view on this?


    • I hear what you are saying. We have to remember that when the curses of Deuteronomy took place, it was only the Negroes who remained in that quadrant of the globe. Remember the other northern tribes had already been thrown out of the land in 2 Kings 17 by the King of Assyria and had already set sale and settled in different parts of the world(2 Esdras 13:40-46) shortly after their eviction.

      I am no longer strictly going by the lists that most Hebrews are teachings from. I would say for the majority part, the darker skinned people within these groups are Hebrew, not the lighter skinned folk. We also have to remember also that a great portion of latinos are really of European stock, folks who decided to settle in Latin American countries after they conquered and pillaged these same countries.

      I don’t personally believe that this is an attempt by black people to be accepted amongst other groups, I believe that this is simply misinformation put out though my opinion is not the be all and end all on the matter, I could be wrong altogether and this possibly might be an attempt by blacks to be accepted by others but executed from a different angle. This is definitely something to think about now.


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