Startpage – The Private, Anonymous Search Engine And The Only Search Engine To Use!


I have been using for a number of years now. I switched over from google and all of the other renowned search engines when I discovered that these popular search engines being promoted to the general public were and still are collecting personal data from users, their IP addresses, what they search for and what pages they visit.

Startpage is a completely private search engine in that it does not collect any private/personal information about the user, none. Now, I hear some of you say, “well how do you know for certain?”. Well, let me ask you these questions, have you seen startpage(or ixquick, which is its other name)advertised at all as a search engine of choice to use? When you are offered a search engine to choose from, is startpage offered among that choice? Have you seen startpage/ixquick advertised in the mainstream. I know that the answers to all of these questions is NO. Why? Well, we know from the usual behaviour of the globalists that anything that they do not want us to know about that would be to our benefit or that would serve us in a good light, they will attempt to hide. Startpage is one of those beneficial appendages, that is why it has been hidden and most folks have not heard about any information surrounding this search engine.

To find out more about the startpage search engine, check out their about section here and see how this search engine actually works:

Be sure to also check out their privacy Q and As here:

Happy private and anonymous web searching people, enjoy!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless You All

11 thoughts on “Startpage – The Private, Anonymous Search Engine And The Only Search Engine To Use!

  1. verbs

    Thank you for the info. I do not discuss anything on the Web that’s private.

    in fact, when I want to have “private” talks I take the cell phone battery and talk face to face.


    • You’re welcome sister. Since these satanic bums want to hot label my site for no reason other than fear of truth release, I am now going to be redoubling my effects and spreading even more fire. Verbs will not be stopped.

      On the phone issue, this is precisely why I have steered clear of the iPhone, no option for battery removal at all. I remove my battery every night before I go to sleep. The other alternative is to switch the phone off and place it in a lead container.


    • This site is pretty much fully packed with hard hitting information and truth. There is enough food and nourishment to munch on there for months and months.


  2. THANK YOU! I never realized that this site ever existed. I’ll start using this site and will even have my mommy to start using this site more often!


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