It is now blatantly apparent that the global elite deliberately bombard us with a plethora of information daily in order to discourage us from taking time out, looking at the bigger picture, thinking it through with OUR OWN reasoning abilities and putting the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together on many levels. However, I can testify for me that this has not worked and I have thought on a few issues which I am now going to bring to the table and give my opinion as to why they have either been brought in, targeted or gotten rid of. This blog will be brief but it will give you an idea as to why certain things are happening and by me going through this, hopefully triggers will be activated in your minds also and you will begin to put pieces together in relation to other things(if you haven’t begun to do so already).




These two substances for as long as I have been on this planet have been attacked relentlessly and have been blamed for an array of aliments in people, lead commonly being rascalled for lead poisoning and asbestos frequently being cascaded and blamed for cancer and other sicknesses however, what is the real deal here? Is it possible that these elements are being continually demonised for reasons other than what we are being told? Is it possible that these elements are being conveniently linched, tarred and feathered in an effort to eradicate them out of the environment for “other hidden purposes”? I am going to be speaking from a United Kingdom perspective however, what has happened here has happened in other parts of the world aswell, so this is an international agenda we are dealing with, not solely a local and national one. Firstly I do not doubt that an over exposure to these elements can have serious consequences, however I do believe that the evidence against asbestos and lead damage has been grossly exaggerated in order to fulfill a hidden agenda.

Lead paint was banned here in the UK in I believe 1992 and has since been phased out of production. Asbestos now seldom used and areas where it still remains are very few and far between. Programmes are also being carried out in an effort to rid the environment completely of the last remaining sources of asbestos. Take a look at this image below:

X Ray picture

This is an image taken from a mobile X ray vehicle, vehicles which are currently being deployed at a rapid rate onto the streets of the US and the UK, vehicles which can see through walls, homes and other vehicles. These devices have caused a huge stir for the obvious reason of blatant privacy violations. Now when you go for any x ray examination say in a hospital, the person taking the X ray, what type of clothing do they always wear? Do they not wear lead covered clothing in order to protect themselves from the radiation? Yes. I can see that some of you understand exactly where I am going with this. Lead is an element that BLOCKS X RAYS, therefore any vehicle or house that contains lead would prevent these machines from obtaining an image of the contents inside. It is my very strong believe that this is the reason why lead paint was banned in 1992(yes it is 21 years ago, the establishment frequently plan in 20, 30, 50 and 100 year blocks, so do not be surprised) and why the the governments are attempting to rid their environments of the last vestiges of this element, to make way for these x ray mobile vehicles and to make it easy for them to look through your walls into your home. I believe that this is also another reason why leaded petrol was also scrapped. Always remember that there are always 2 reasons to something taking place, there is the cover reason which is always handed down to the zombie general public, then there is the real reason which only a few are privy to behind closed doors, never forget this precept.

I also believe that asbestos has the same or a similar kind of x ray blocking quality or is at least another element that is a problem to x ray technology. I also began to be very suspicious about the real attack on asbestos when I was receiving frequent visits to my home from government representatives who were offering “free grants” for “home improvements” some time ago. Why would the government want to help me improve my home? Since when has the government ever wanted to help me improve on anything in my life? Why not just reduce rates in order to free up more money into my pocket so that I can make any home improvements if I choose to that way? Since when has the government been concerned with my welfare and the condition of my property? Rest assured, anything that the government offers you, you should be very suspect of. No doubt there is a hidden reason behind the offer and they most certainly will be reaping returns 1000s of times over the one that you have been offered by them. So no, I will keep my lead painted walls just the way they are and any asbestos in my home is going to remain here thanks.


Audi S4 B5

In the United Kingdom between around 2000 to 2004 there was a record upsurge never seen before in the amount of people who would travel abroad(mainly to continental Europe) to purchase a new car having discovered that the prices on the continent were thousands of pounds less. Even cars made in the UK that were shipped abroad were being sold for cheaper in Europe than they were over here. I personally saw cars many a times £7000-£10000 cheaper in continental Europe than here in the UK. Of course the UK government being the scoundrels that they are couldn’t have you importing a vehicle without them getting their “overpriced extortionate” cut, so they eventually brought in legislation where by it was necessary to fill out books of paperwork, jump through a thousand hoops and pay rates of extortion in order to import your car here, thus eventually the whole import process would cost the same or more as purchasing your vehicle here. The government even went so far as to order insurance companies(behind closed doors) to refuse to insure any imported cars, even though the cars were full UK specification right hand drive vehicles.

So what was the real reason for the clampdown? Let us examine a few issues here. When you purchase a new car in the UK, the original documents in relation to that vehicle are sent off to the DVLA(Driving And Vehicle Licencing Agency), the vehicle is then registered with them and they in return send you the “registration” documents of that vehicle. However, there is a problem. The real legal meaning of the word “registration” or “register” is not what you think. When you register something with any entity be it government or any other agency, you are actually transferring the ownership of the item being registered from yourself to the entity that you are applying to for the “privilege” of registration, however you are deliberately not told this. This applies to everything including when you register a child’s birth(I will allow you to figure that one out by yourself). Check your own vehicle registration document, you are labelled as the “registered KEEPER”, not the owner of the vehicle. You lost the ownership rights when the dealership automatically sent off the original documents to the DVLA for registration. It is not your fault as this is all processed behind the scenes, you weren’t to know. Further proof is clearly posted on the new style registration documents where it blatantly states that “This Document Is NOT Proof Of Ownership”.

The problem the government had with the car import saga is that for the very first time people actually OWNED these cars because they received all of the original documents from the relevant dealer, them having no connection to the DVLA here, thus they were not sending the documentation in relation to the vehicle to them, the vehicles were NOT registered and thus were the property of the buyer, not the DVLA. This is the real reason the government clamped down on this trend. They even went as far as to order the police to threaten to arrest folks who did not “register” their cars within 6 months of importing it. They pulled all kinds of tricks to hide the real reason behind the clampdown, however to those of us who are awake, the true answers are blatantly obvious.



If you believed that the government wanted you to switch to digital because they desire that you to have a clearer picture, then you need to throw yourself into a large bath filled with cold water and ice cubes immediately. Remember what I stated before and from your own experiences in life, since when has the government ever been concerned for your welfare? Answers on a postcard please. So, because of the true answer, we now know that the big digital switchover that took place in April 2012 here in the UK must have been for “other” reasons. Remember, 2 reasons for everything, the publicly made reason and then the real reason that only a select few are aware of.

It is in my opinion that the digital switchover is part of the surveillance mechanism that the government want in place in order to be able to watch people inside their own homes. Of course the majority of the zombie public will not mind this step towards totalitarianism, they have already been conditioned to accept that their privacy is no more through programmes such as Big Brother aswell as the reality television sector which further enforces this notion into their minds. My suspicions as far as I am concerned have been concreted even further by Samsung being the first electronics company to introduce web cams on a small selection of their range of televisions. Trust me, other companies will follow suit if they haven’t done so already.

I also believe that the digital switch was implemented further prevent people of independence mind and thought from putting out their own messages which are not according to government protocol and are “politically incorrect”. With the analog system now, only the most basic equipment was needed in order to penetrate the airways. With the analog system it was also more difficult to track the signal’s origin whereas with the digital system, the origin of the signal can be pinpointed and traced within minutes. Yet another clampdown on the freedom of choice. If I don’t want to watch the crud you put out on television and if I want to listen to pirate radio stations because they play real music and not the regurgitated limited public nonsense known for being repeated again and again on commercial radio stations, then that is my choice. I will not be forced into a corner and you can keep your digital, television and radio.


mobile-phone-mast 2

As me and a friend were discussing not so long ago, there are so many of these mobile masts/towers about today yet the quality of phone calls still continues to travel further downhill, so what is really going on here, what is the real purpose behind these devices. If we have come so far in the 21st century with regards to technological advances, why am I still stating to friends on the other end of the phone, “I cannot hear you, you are breaking up”? Why do I still get frequently cut off when in mid conversation? My personal belief is that these devices can serve a variety of purposes and I believe that their primary purpose in the future will be to control human behaviour, thoughts and emotions. In fact, I believe that this is already taking place as people who lived 100 years ago would have burned down whole cities for much less of what we are suffering and putting up with today as a society from an oppressive government.

I believe that these mobile masts are the primary reason why people cannot get angry about the abuse they receive daily from so called authorities. It is almost as if people are in a fixed trance and most cannot shake out of it. I believe that these masts are being used in combination with other forms of drugging whether it be chemicals in the water in the form of fluoride, lithium, prozac and others aswell as chemicals in the food that people consume. Notice how most people today only seem to exercise about 1-2 emotions and that they have been taught that there is no room to express the rest of them that the Most High made us with gave us. The zombie state of the public is already here and is progressively worsening as each day passes.

It is quite possible that these mobile masts can put out frequencies that can make people sick, happy, angry, sad, suppress certain emotions and at the extreme end of the spectrum they possibly could have the potential to put out some sort of electromagnetic signal that could kill people in mass within a certain proximity. All I know is this, that we are not supposed to be bombarded with and exposed to all of the waves and frequencies that we are naked to and have no defence against today. Nothing is what it seems in this world and I certainly am not a man who accepts the first answer that I am given in relation to all things.



When you ask the average person on the street what they understand about magic and sorcery, they will no doubt mention the stereo typical associates like a black and white wand, black hat, witches and potions, black cats, cauldrons, spells and associated spell casting words like “abra cadabra” etc and these are all true and relevant. However, there is another kind of magic and sorcery in existence that most people are unaware of and with which people interact with and use every day without even thinking about it. However, it does not go by the names of magic and sorcery as people would steer well clear avoid its dangerous clutches. So it has been given a different name, a name that will not alarm the general public as to its true depth and spell binding capabilities. It is called TECHNOLOGY.

We simply do not think of technology as a form of magic and sorcery for two main reasons:

1. It is normally brought under the wing or along side the term SCIENCE.

2. We have grown up with so called technology all of our lives and we have been conditioned to think of it as normal and a part of our daily lives particularly since it has brought us many benefits.

Some of the most common items of magic and sorcery include television, radio, cd and dvd players, HIFI systems, mobile phones, computers, tablets and laptops, any and all electrical items that you would use in the kitchen, cars, buses, trains, modern day boats and ships etc. I hear some of you saying “this is totally ridiculous, how can these things be associated with magic and sorcery?” That is easy and now let us look at a few items on the list, look at their effects on people and then turn around to me and tell me that what I am saying is ridiculous and off the charts plain stupid.

As per usual people have been introduced to these forms of magic and sorcery firstly via the retro mechanic versions to warm folks up to the particular device and to get them used to and non suspicious of the item in order to slowly introduce a more “sophisticated” and “advanced” version down the road. Firstly, if you were to present any of the above mentioned items to a person who lived say 500, 1000 or even 2000 years ago, they would say the following to you without a doubt, “what manner of sorcery and magic is this”? Take a cd player for example, the storage of the music itself on a disc is blatantly of a magical nature however, we have been referring to this process as a “scientific advancement”. What then happens when a person plays the cd, do they not begin to sing along with the particular song being played? We call this action singing however in olden times this was called CHANTING. Let us now look at the word “chant” and its meaning:

Chant: A REPEATED RHYTHMIC PHRASE, typically one shouted or SUNG IN UNISON by a crowd. Another definition reads:


Now from the word chant comes the word “enchant” which literally means “to sing” or “to cast a spell”. Now, lets get one thing straight here, I am not condemning listening to music however in light of this simple breakdown I would recommend that people are careful as to what type of music they listen to and that they pay closer attention to the messages being proclaimed within that music. People ritualistically REPEAT or SING ALONG IN UNISON with the particular song that they choose to play all day everyday. This also would apply to instrumentals or music without words as you will still attempt to voice out and mimic parts of the rhythm, whether it be the bassline or some other part of the tune.

Let us now look at one of the biggest spell binders of them all, the television. There is no doubt that this is a magical device, able to project images and sound at a fixed direction. More so is the effect that it has on the person watching which blatantly shows that it is a magician’s device. Children are an easy example to demonstrate this fact. I have seen the case so many times before where a child is called by his/her parents while watching television and the child ignores the parent and continues watching the television as if they had not been called at all. Parents who have experienced this will tell you that it takes calling the child at least 2,3 or 4 times for the child to recognise that he or she is being called. Look at children when they watch television, they are being hypnotised and spell bound by the images and the sound. This spell binding occurs in adults also and just like the hypnotist who will click his fingers to snap a person out of a hypnotic trance, a child/adult watching television normally has to be addressed sternly and more than once in order to break them away from the clasping effects of what they are watching.

This is the exact reason why the television was invented, to literally put people in a trance like and suggestible state in order so that they can be manipulated with ease and downloaded with thoughts and suggestions without any resistance in place. Do you think it is a coincidence that the flicker rate on a television screen operates at the exact same frequency range as does your brain? Why would manufacturers make televisions in such a manner? Do you think that there may be something else going on here that you haven’t been informed about? If your response is yes then you’re already on the road to uncovering the truth as to how this world really works. Magic/sorcery under the guise/umbrella of “technology” and “science” is being used by the global elite to enslave humanity in an effort to make humanity totally addicted to and reliant on “technology” and with the “technology” in the hands of evil men, we can safely conclude that this is a clear attempt by a small few to control the entire planet.

I am in no wise stating that we stop using so called technology, what I do recommend is that we do not become totally reliant on it and forget the old ways and means of accomplishing tasks and getting things done. I personally recognise when something is being used in order to try to back me into a corner with no other options or no way out apart from using itself. I can go without a television, I stopped watching commercial television in 2003 and I haven’t looked back since. I prefer to converse with people person to person, live in the flesh. There is a much more uplifting feeling within your spirit when you converse with people face to face. The problem today is that people in general watch more television than they do talk to people face to face. As a result people are losing their ability to communicate with others.

Mobile phones are also contributing to the eroding of this ability to communicate in a very large fashion. Folks can no longer look you in the eyes when they talk to you, they will look in other directions, their body language shows a sense of uncomfortability in being around and talking to another person in the flesh, these are the changes I am witnessing taking place amongst people today. This is a taste of the snare that so called technology is bringing to our lives, most never look at these negatives effects of technology. People today are literally being spell bound by the latest gadgets, gadgets that will in turn be used to control and enslave them in the near future if they do not take adequate precautions from now. We must begin to call things out plainly for what they are.



Ending on a spiritual note, please take a look of this depiction of a devil/demon below:


If you have noticed with all horror movies or any kind of depiction aimed at demonstrating that something is dark, sinister and evil, the person or thing the majority of the time always seems to possess eyes that are red. However, there is a problem here. The bible teaches us that Christ also has red eyes that look like they are on fire. Here is a depiction of how Christ’s eyes might look:

A Closer More Accurate Description Of The Messiah!

In describing Christ in the book of Revelation, John stated that the eyes of Christ were as flames of fire(Revelation 1:14) Christ is also describes as having red eyes in Genesis 49:12. So what is the agenda here, what really is going on with this continuous theme of red eyes=evil being propagated by the media?

It is my contention that the world is being geared up to fight against Christ and most will not even know that it is him with whom they are fighting. If you are part of the zombie general public and you are continuously being told and shown that red eyes equal evil, you are going to believe it and rail against anyone or anything with red eyes without question. There is also another problem that I see, the scriptures categorically state that we will be LIKE HIM. Doesn’t this now mean that the general public and even so called christians would turn against us, especially if we the true Hebrews and a remnant of gentiles were performing miracles in the name and power of Christ? Of course, there is no need for a second guess.

I have been watching this particular agenda unfold and be pushed more than ever. It should also be noted that most of these zombie movies and games also depict people with red eyes. Do not be fooled by this slick propaganda and underhanded manipulative programming. Not everything that has red eyes equals evil. Christ is a clear pinnacle example and representation of the opposite.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Agenda Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless


  1. I’m salivating awaiting your posts. I am of the Dogon but we are kindred spirit. I too feel the evil if Lucifers minions upon us at ALL times.

    TV and I parted ways. I take the battery out of my cell phone when I engage in “real talk.” And grow my own herbs as medicine.

    Yes, they are coming for us.


    • Negress, good to see you here! That link I sent you about Powers in Christ gotcha huh? This guy has such GREAT posts. I check his site eagerly almost every day. Just like yours. I hope he checks your blog out too. You both are on a Venti dose of TRUTH!


    • These guys have really begun to turn up the heat, I have discovered a second post here that they have labelled as “possibly” containing malwear. They cannot play on an equal, straight and level playing field. If I was talking about the nonsensical trivialities and the rubbish that is shown on television, then I would have been left alone, but because I deal with topics that unlock minds, I am a serious problem to the establishment.

      This is the way forward, self sufficiency and individual thought and reason. The individual who does not go along with the herd is the real threat to this European Luciferian, Babylonian system and the UN has already stated that the individual is an enemy to the state. Everything here is backed up anyway, so if they do try something sinister, I will be up and running again within a short time.

      Let them come for us, the Most High has a few surprises in store for these punks as you have probably read already.



  2. “verbs2012 says:
    January 12, 2013 at 15:58

    Thanks for passing through, enjoyed that blog post very much and contributed my own 2 pence worth to the discussion. This is exactly what I have been saying about the Caucasian persuasion, their time is short, they know this but they do not want to relinquish their position of authority. No problem, since they do not want to do this on a voluntary basis, it will now be executed by force.”

    Sir, it is a process and some of us “whites” are already moving aside because we are not the Chosen People, we are born servants.
    As you said, the process will go on whether a mass of edomites try to stop it, they won’t succeed.


    • Agreed, that message is not for the few like yourself who have humbled themselves, this is a message for those stubborn whites who have allowed their pride and their arrogance to deliberately deceive themselves.


    • If you put in the following URL; http://www.slayingevil.wordpress.com, you should be able to access all of the archives by scrolling down the page. Long winded but the best I can come up with on short notice. Glad you liked the post, there are more nuggets of truth in here. I cover many different topics here, its just about finding out which ones are your cup of tea.

      Also, it might be an idea to try a different web browser, safari and Firefox still give you the option to view the site but I’ve been told that google chrome blocks the pages period with no option to still access.


    • I believe that this is the elites way of telling us that there are certain materials on this earth that are a thorn in their side. In the latest Batman movie also, we see how Lucius Fox is unable to remotely disable the nuclear fusion bomb in the container being transported around Gotham city because the container was lined with lead. Yet again, more hints and revelations hidden in plain view.


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