The Weight Gain Conspiracy – Hidden Truths Revealed – Short Facts!

This post has already taken into consideration the chemical aspect of people gaining weight due to the introduction of chemicals such as MSG into the food supply. This post will be looking at a reason that is commonly overlooked by the mainstream media and I personally believe that this overlooking is a deliberate one and will be a continuation from my previous diabetes post.

A documentary recently was broadcasted on British television highlighting the fact that obesity is on the rise. I never watched the programme myself but I can predict two things about it:

1. It failed to deal with the real issues behind this weight gain and only focused on the weight gain itself.

2. It may have raised up false issues to debate in relation to this growing problem to throw the viewer off  and prevent them from conducting future fruitful research into this epidemic.

This is regularly how the majority of these programmes/documentaries normally work in the UK, they purport to hold the keys and the real answers however, they normally have you chasing false solutions and debating benign issues. Well, today this issue comes to an end, lets deal with this topic coming from a different angle, one that the mainstream media refuse to take you down and after this blog you will finally understand the real common reason why people are gaining weight at an alarming rate. Lets us begin to remove the shackles.


Insulin is simply a chemical that controls blood sugar. When the sugar in your blood begins to increase, your body then releases the chemical insulin into the bloodstream to help bring the sugar levels down and under control. However, this is not the only function and effect insulin has on the body when it is released into the blood. What the mainstream media, doctors, mainstream dietitians, mainstream nutritionists and other pundits have failed to tell you is that insulin while it is in the blood is also a fat release blocker, in other words while insulin is out roaming around in the bloodstream, insulin instructs the body NOT to release fat from the fat cells. There is also another function of insulin that we have not been told about. While insulin is out it also instructs the body to convert sugar into FAT and store it in the fat cells. I think many of you are now beginning to see where this is going. Note that insulin is only supposed to be in the bloodstream on a temporary basis, not consistently like it is today because of the cruddy foods that we are offered to consume.


The fact of the matter is that sugar comes in many, many forms, glucose, fructose, dextrose, lactose, the common form of sugar most people use called sucrose and a variety of other forms. However, what people are not commonly being told is that carbohydrates also know as carbs are another form of sugar. People have been fooled into thinking that carbohydrates are simply another form of energy and not sugar because it does not end in “ose” but ends with “ate” instead. Not so, eating a bowl of rice, some chips or a plate of pasta is no different to consuming a cup of sugar.  As I mentioned before in my diabetes blog, carbohydrates break down in the intestinal tract in exactly the same way as sugar and the body reacts in exactly the same fashion as it would had you eaten or drunk down something sweet. In other words, as soon as the carbs are taken in, the insulin is released and comes out. Carbs like its other sugar relatives also put the body into an emergency state of war where the body begins a fight of desperation to get rid of this sugar and throw it out of the system.

So, in the case of somebody who is overweight, most of this sugar is converted to fat and stored while the rest is burned off. Now, slimmer people on the whole have a more efficient fat storage fat release ratio, so as the fat gets stored, it gets released at the same time hence why some people can eat what they want and they will never put on weight. However, with people who are larger in size, the fat store fat release ratio is balanced towards the fat storage side and so their bodies will store that fat faster than it is released(which will also be at a reduced rate), hence why they gain weight easily and find it more difficult to lose weight. However, the risk of insulin resistance and thus contracting diabetes in the same for both groups regardless of size and weight. So now, with this quick knowledge let us take a look at some common foods that people consume but this time we will be examining the carbohydrate(sugar) content per serving, not the common sugar content.


When I found out that carbohydrates were just another form of sugar, I gradually began to reduce my carb intake to the point where I hardly consume carbs anymore. It also began to dawn on me how alot of manufacturers were deceiving people into thinking that they were buying low or no sugar products that advertised that they contained low or no sugar in them, whereas in fact the other sugar called carbohydrate, its contents were potentially through the roof in most of these so called “low” or “no” sugar products.

And do not believe or be fooled by the section of any nutritional information label in which manufacturers attempt to list what part of the carbs are sugars, IT IS ALL SUGAR, ALL CARBOHYDRATES EQUATE TO SUGAR. Being well, I still have some products in the house that have remained on the shelves in the discovery of this new knowledge, so let us check out the carb content per 100 grams of some of these common products and see what we find:

Kelloggs Cornflakes – 84g carbohydrates per 100g serving.

Homepride Flour – 77g carbohydrates per 100g serving.

Lundberg Countrywild Wholegrain Brown Rice – 35g carbohydrates per 45g serving/70g carbs per 90g serving.

Organic Spelt Italian Pasta – 77g carbohydrates per 100g serving.

Shredded Wheat(no added sugar or salt claim) – 68g carbohydrates per 100g serving.

Alpen(claims to contain “all natural ingredients”) – 66.8g carbohydrates per 100g serving.

Ready Brek – 57g carbohydrates per 100g serving.

Weetabix – 72g carbohydrates per 100g serving.

Hovis Wholemeal Bread – 37g carbohydrates per 100g serving.

Now you are beginning to understand the subtitle of this section, sugar is everywhere literally. The main issue here is that most people are unaware that a carbohydrate is sugar. As you can see, the majority of the content for the above products is sugar. Would you ever believe with cornflakes, that 84% of the cereal is sugar? Cornflakes will spike your blood sugar levels more quickly than drinking a can of Coca Cola, and we all know how Coca Cola is recognised for its high sugar content, but yet this is in the 60s, nowhere never the level of cornflakes. Look at the carbs contain in Alpen, claims to have all natural ingredients yet the carb level is whopping 66.8 g per 100g serving. In other words 2/3 of Alpen is pure sugar. Shredded Wheat is another deceptive product because they state that they do not add sugar to the cereal, this means that it should not contain any sugar right? Wrong, look again, 68g carbs per 100g serving. Again, 68% of this breakfast cereal is sugar.

Is this anyway to wake in the morning a fuel your body, with a sugar rush? It is no wonder that most people’s energy tends to crash around lunch and they subsequently repeat the same cycle and return to the carbs again typically in the form of sandwiches, pasta, rice, potatoes etc. This foods are a recipe for disaster and diabetes waiting to happen. Remember, just because a food may not be sweet to the taste, do not automatically draw the conclusion that it contains no sugar. Pasta, potatoes and rice do not have sweet tastes, yet their majority composite is made up of sugar as we have just learned.



Fat is simply an energy which either the body stores or it burns off for fuel. FAT IS THE BODY’S NATURAL AND PREFERRED FUEL FOR BURNING. Let me just repeat that statement of fact again for those who may be confused and are still decontaminating themselves from their mainstream media brainwashing, FAT IS THE BODY’S NATURAL AND PREFERRED FUEL FOR BURNING. Yes, you have read that sentence correctly. The body does not prefer carbohydrates, the body hates carbohydrates and will simply burn of carbs first as an emergency measure to keep your blood sugar under control. Here is the difference though, fat has a GI index of 0, carbs do not, in other words eating fat will not raise your blood sugar whereas consuming carbohydrates most definitely will.

It is also no coincidence that the more people have reduce consuming fat in their diets, that the more people have begun to gain weight and suffer from a plethora of bodily ailments. Just for your information, your body is not supposed to live fat free, so why do some of you continually home in  purchase fat free or low fat foods when the body uses fat for fuel? More information for you, EATING FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT. I’ll repeat that again as I know that exactly the opposite has been drummed into us by the lying tongue of the mainstream media, EATING FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT. The conclusion that eating fat makes you fat was one of the hardest indoctrinations I had to break in my mind but none the less, it had to be done.

But, what kind of fats am I referring to, what kind of fats are healthy for us and what kinds are detrimental to our health? Basically, any fats that does not have to go through a heavy and complicated extraction process in order to retrieve them are the fats we should be looking for. For example, coconut oil is an excellent source of fat and is one of the best oils if not the best for cooking with. Cut open a coconut, run your finger around the inside and you can feel the oil present with no difficulty, therefore you know that the process to extract it is going to be a simple one and one that does not involve chemicals or other artificial agents. Yes, coconut oil has a high fat content however, what the demonisers of coconut oil conveniently fail tot tell you is that the make up of the fat globules in coconut oil are structured in such a way, that it makes it very difficult for the body to store as fat, so guess what, IT GETS BURNED OFF AS ENERGY OR PAST THROUGH AS WASTE. In fact, this is the case with most natural fats if not all of them. You see, the commercial cooking oil manufacturers are very afraid of coconut oil, because if you live in a country with coconuts, you can make it yourself which automatically excludes them which means that they begin to loose money. The same applies to animal fats too. Are you beginning to see the real picture here, can you really see what is going on now?


Why and how have we been persuaded to consume foods in an adulterated and altered form? When food comes in a certain order and original structure, it normally means that this is the way that it is supposed to be consumed. For example, when milk is drawn from a cow or a goat, it does not come out as pasteurised, homogenised, UHT, skimmed, semi skimmed or powdered, the milk comes out raw, fresh and full of fat and it is in this form that is it supposed to be consumed. It is not surprising really with the tampering of the milk supply, that people today are having all sorts of allergic reactions to milk and milk products, it is because the milk is being rendered into a form that the body cannot recognise and so it treats the milk as a foreign enemy and goes into an emergency war mode. This is also not forgetting the numerous steroids and antibiotics that the cows are pumped up with in order to keep them “healthy”. These also leach into the milk supply and can cause multiple problems among people.

Another example is meat. Let us take a lamb chop, the chop comes with the fatty part on the side. Why do you not eat the fatty part with the chop? You normally find that fat and protein come together in the same package, this means that ought to be consumed together in the same package and not separated. Now, since your body burns fat, you have nothing to fear from consuming animal fat as you know that your body will burn it off and any not burned of will be disposed of. The same applies to chicken and the skin, they both come together so they both should be eaten together. There is a good reason why fats and proteins normally come together. One blatant and obvious one is the fact that when consumed together, the meal is normally more satisfying and the body stays fuller for longer.

Another example is an apple or an orange which comes with seeds inside, they are both meant to be eaten together, not the apple or the orange eaten separately and the seeds thrown away. Those seeds contain valuable enzymes and chemicals not found in the flesh of the fruit. I think you are getting the point here, we have been taught by society to discard of one part of a food and only eat another part, and for the most part this is wrong and in error.


The conclusion here and the solutions to losing weight are really one and the same, STAY AWAY FROM THE CARBOHYDRATES. This way your blood sugar can stay normal, insulin will not be released and not only block fat from being released but also store fat in the process. Remember that eating fat will not make you fat, this has been a lie perpetrated by the mainstream media to cause people to consume the convenient crud that has thus been provided for consumption by profiteering manufacturers. Most of the food that they produce quite frankly is not even fit to feed to birds, yet alone people.

In order to to successfully stay away from the carbs, you must eat a high fat diet(which is good for you by the way, despite what you have been told by the so called “experts” on nutrition. So when you buy milk it should be full fat and preferably raw and from grass fed cattle. When you buy yogurt it should be full fat, when you buy meat, you should purchase the meat that contains the most fat in it and on it. Natural fats are not your enemy and should be embraced wholeheartedly and with passion.

So, it is the carbohydrates that are causing people to get fat, not natural fats themselves. Fat has been given a very hard time and demonised in the press big time order to cause people to turn to the “conveniently ready alternatives”. I refuse to be tricked, bamboozled or have a Kansas City shuffle run on me any longer, I now fully see the scam for what it is and I am putting a stop to it. At least now you can exercise in confidence and know that the weight will now finally come off because the insulin is not out and about. Remember, keep that insulin at bay and the fat will just melt away.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessing In The Heavenly Father

15 thoughts on “The Weight Gain Conspiracy – Hidden Truths Revealed – Short Facts!

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    • The majority composite of my daily food is meat and veg, prepared in a variety of forms. I usually have a full fat yogurt to eat in the morning followed by different bits and pieces during the day, maybe a stir fry made with coconut oil or some quinoa with mince meat, or some grilled chicken, Buffalo burgers or Buffalo sausages, depends what I’m in the mood for.

      I notice in the States that most foods especially yogurt and milk are low fat and pasteurized to the hilt. The government is really trying its best to slow kill Americans and has deceived and persuaded most into buying into this low fat pasteurized junk crud they still want to call food. It is understandable that the minority who are awake and know what is going on are running to the farmers markets in their droves, knowing what is best for their health and their lives. The same thing is happening here in Britain.

      Farmers markets, raw milk, raw cheese, full fat yogurt, organic and Bio dynamic food produce all the way and a large and heavy Hebrew middle finger to oppressive governments around the world who are trying to hinder my choice to clean, healthy, organic and non life threatening foods.

      To be honest, I mostly drink water these days and if I do drink any juice, it has to be of the bitter variety such as lime, lemon, cranberry, grapefruit etc. Any other juices I find that I must dilute them with water as they are just too sweet for my liking. I haven’t made my own juice in a long while, mostly because of the time factor. Babylon doesn’t want us to even have time to think for ourselves yet alone make our own juices.

      Before I knew what powers were coming to the Hebrews though revelations from the Most High, I used to be afraid of these satanic bums. Now they are just an annoyance and a thorn in my side whom I cannot wait to deal with when that time reaches. Babylon will know what time it is when the full can of the Hebrews is unleashed unto this sinful world.


  2. In your article it states that carbohydrates should completely be avoided. I partially agree with you. My question to you is, what is your thoughts on simple carbs such as fruit? Because I just cannot believe that fruit does not contain the nutrients that our bodies need. Your article simply states to stay away from carbohydrates and I want to be clear that you do not mean all carbs, period. I just wanted your opinion to that affect. Other than that, I appreciate your article and the information you have posted. Very informative and you have helped me a great deal.


    • Fruit is cool depending on how high the fructose level and the frequency of which they are consumed. This “5 A Day” propaganda is absolute rubbish, a recipe for disaster, an invitation for diabetes and a continual stroke of suffering for those who already have the condition. Our forefathers who were healthier than us weren’t eating nearly as much fruit as we are consuming today. To be honest, if you are going to consume high sugar fruits like mangoes or pineapples, then its is best to not overdo it, maybe one of these per day is best. Remember, with fruit it is not so much the carbs you need to watch out for, it is more the fructose level that you need to keep an eye on and monitor.

      My personal modification has been to mostly stick to berries as these fruits contain low levels of fructose. We have simply been propagandized by the mainstream media into consuming sugar continually under its various different forms including complex carbs(sugar) such as those found in bread, pasta, rice, wheat and wheat products, potatoes, flour and flour made products etc. Then they have persuaded us to pile on any and all fruits but at the same not warned us about the potentially high sugar content that can occur over there aswell. 5 a day is an open invitation to high blood sugar levels just like all the other routes there, and we all know where that road leads to.


    • Stop performing a truffle shuffle and dancing around the table like somebody is shooting bullets at your feet, since you are having doubts in relation to the content here Titus, please show me the error of my ways in this post or crawl back into your dark corner, keep silent and learn something for once.

      What, was the pasting and basic burial you received in the other posting not enough for you, eh broiler?


  3. Stumbled across your site because I felt my body craving a high fat hamburger and I was wondering if anyone else ever felt that specific need for fat from their body after being away from it for a long period of time (run-on sentence – I know.) Being a science major in just the fresh/soph level I’m curious to know where are you finding this information? I am pro “uncover the truth blogs”, but this one article here isn’t scientifically correct. A carbohydrate is sugar; not a distant cousin or “another form” or mere association. It’s sugar, plain and simple. (Took you awhile to get to that point, but much easier to just state it as fact. Carbohydrates are sugar.) Sugar is the primary source for energy because it is blood compatible. When there isn’t any stored sugar to use for energy (or cell energy), the body uses stored fat, converts it into sugar – because fat isn’t blood compatible – then uses it for energy, secondarily. When both are depleted, protein is implemented as a last resort for energy (survival), which causes the decay of the body. All of this is dependent on if a person is not eating. Therefore, when a person eats a proper diet and exercises regularly, sugar is always used first and then fat. The higher the workout, the less a person will store either as fat.


    • This is very basic information that anybody can check out and investigate for themselves, this isn’t master degree or doctorate level knowledge and information that I am dealing with and sharing out here.

      You cannot just jump straight away to “carbohydrates is sugar”, a foundation has to be laid first, explanations then need to be brought forward in order for people to obtain a full and complete understanding in relation to the topic. Other factors that are also related have to be explained through aswell ie Insulin etc. You already know that carbohydrates are sugar but most other folks do not know this, this post is not for those of us in the know, it is for those folks who don’t know.

      Of course TODAY sugar is the primary source of energy for people because that is practically the totality of what people are consuming in so many forms however, sugar IS NOT the default preferred energy of the body, this is a fact and if they are still teaching you other than this then you need to drop the course. I am well aware of the conversion process of energy and when the body reverts to survival mode when no food is being consumed.

      Again, as I stated in the post, sugar will be used first to keep the blood sugar levels in balance, not because it is what the body prefers to use for fuel. What are they teaching you up in that place?

      What constitutes a proper diet? Rice, pasta, cereals, bread, potatoes, grains???? I am also a living example and proof that this information is true. I have lost well over 2 stone by keeping my blood sugar low by avoiding sugars and carbohydrates. When I was consuming the carbohydrates in the past, the weight simply wouldn’t shift, regardless of how “intense” the workout was.

      I also put out the challenge to you to prove any part of this post scientifically incorrect. I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to draft up this information, I have also conducted my research into this matter and I am personally not going to wait for science to catch up.


  4. Let me just add that, I have fat in my diet, it was a certain type of fat that I was craving, or it could have been a mental thing. Like I said earlier, I hadn’t had a burger in a while. I have a plethora of fat reserve, LOL. I’m not obese, but I can definitely lose weight.

    I like the article. I don’t subscribe to debates. I ask questions for better understanding of another’s pov. That’s it. Nothing more or less. I’ll still understand my way, until it is proven inaccurate. I’m a new student, in my mid thirties. But in no way am a I babe when it comes to corruption, scandals, untruths which swarm us daily in the most subtle of circumstances. No blinders here. I’m Informed to the limit of my ongoing studies, observations, experiences, or truths. However, there is a limit to both sides. Stray too far away from the lie trying to reach the truth, you may just miss the truth and land on another lie.


    • By the way, the reason why I stated that carbohydrates are another form of sugar is because the chemical and structural make up is not always the same as say normal sucrose, glucose or fructose.

      On a personal note, if you are interested in losing those extra pounds of fat or are having difficulty shifting the weight, try dropping the carbs for yourself and see what happens. My aim here is to bring people simple and basic information from which they have a foundation to launch off and conduct their own research. I stick to the basic facts, this way I have seen that you rarely can go wrong.

      This is now slowly being the accepted fact(apart from scientists whose grant moneys are dependent on keeping the old school of thoughts alive), that carbohydrates is the culprit responsible for weight gain, not natural and healthy fats. I only need to look back in the past at my ancestors to see that they were a much more healthier bunch and in a far better shape than the people of today, therefore the next logical step is to look at what has changed in the environment.

      Though the information presented here is basic, it is none the less out of the box, do not expect this to be handed down to you by the mainstream media or academia, you will have to conduct your own digging on this one.


      • Of course, which is what brought me here to your site…doing my own research. It’s been fun! 🙂


  5. Balance is what we need here. Many animals live their lives on fruits without getting diabetes. Grains and pulses do have carbohydrates in them, and i know for sure that corn-on-the-cob with butter is delightful to taste and beans, despite the carbohydrate content, when made in the traditional Yoruba fashion, with palm-oil and “dodo” is unequaled in palatal satisfaction. Packing a little extra fat/muscle is probably not as bad as is claimed, and the institutionally prescribed B.M.I is a farce. I think the main problem we are faced with is the industrialized farming methods, processing, preservation and packaging procedures that the big-money businesses and builders of cities (urbanization and the accompanying evils) with the adulterated products the “slaves” are forced to consume, with huge fianancial returns for these enemies of Yah. What am i saying? Avoid processed foods and eat in moderation, believe in Yah and His Yahshua, and rejoice in the Ruwach. Afterall, food and blood & flesh shall not inherit the kingdom. In that time, the we who hold fast to the foundation established by the apostles and prophets, Yahushua being the corner stone, will be fed with the hidden manna. Barak Yah for the service of truth being rendered by this site host and others alike. Your labour of love shall not be unrepaid. HallelYahuwah. Let all Yisrael shout hallel Yahushua.


    • Thank you for your contributions which have been noted, however we must lay a few facts on the table first.

      You are correct when you state that there are animals who live on fruits and do not suffer from diabetes, however the difference between them and us is that they eat what they are suppose to eat and food that their bodies were designed to deal with, we don’t. We are not supposed to be eating the wheat of today, it is all GMO in its entirety whether you are dealing with white bread, brown, wholemeal, organic or any wheat product derivatives. Bread is processed, pasta is processed, cereal is processed, these foods which have been promoted as so called “healthy options”, you cannot comprise with nor include them as part of the balance that you referred to.

      Rice way back in the day came in so many more varieties, not just the main white and brown rice choices that have been presented to us today. Rice, potatoes and other highly starchy foods were given to the slaves to keep them working throughout the day, we Hebrews no longer require high carb diets, yet we for the most part still indulge in them. Our bodies are designed to deal with a mostly meat based diet, low carb vegetables on the side and some fruit throw in the mix also. Follow these guidelines and you won’t go wrong.

      I agree, steer well clear of ALL processed foods(including bread and cereals) and I would also add that high carb vegetables and foods should also for the most part be avoided and substituted for low sugar alternatives. My motto is stick with whole foods and you’ll be fine.

      As per usual you are correct when you trace back the promotion of this rubbish that is being pushed on us by big Agra and its love of filthy lucre and profits over the health and welfare of the general public.


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