The War Against The Bible The Records Of The True Hebrews, IS REAL – Very Short Summary And Analysis!


First and foremost it should be pointed out that nobody in the history of this planet has every declared war against something that was not real. Even the war on terror and Al Queda though we know it is all a fraud and a farce, those in the know are fully aware that the real war on terror is actually against the average individual whom the governments of this world, particularly of the UK and US have deemed terrorists. Yes you the individual man, woman and child have all been declared as terrorists according to the tyrannical so called “authorities” of this earth.

The US declared war on Iraq. Iraq is a REAL COUNTRY with REAL PEOPLE living in it. The US has also declared war on Yemen, Syria, Iran, Ethiopia and other countries around the Middle East. These are also REAL COUNTRIES WITH REAL PEOPLE LIVING IN THEM. So tell me, why is it that when people see the scriptures vehemently being attacked on a regular basis, that they cannot draw the same conclusion in their minds, that there must be something real and genuine about the literature that is being warred upon? Even if the reasons for the war are a fraud, the intended victims are always REAL AND GENUINE. Let us look briefly at this war against the scriptures and observe a few of the the pinnacle strategic attack points throughout history.


This was the first stage for building the path towards declaring permanent war on the bible, the scattering of the subjects of the bible in 70AD. The Romans(Edomites) executed this plan to its fullest, as far as they were concerned the sacking of Jerusalem and the destruction of a large portion of our records was a success. Remember what Christ stated about the destruction of Jerusalem to come, shortly before his death, “that there would not be left one stone upon another that would not be thrown down”, remember that? For those who have forgotten these words he gave us, please read Matthew 24:2. The war against the scriptures and the people thereof had begun!


This was an event that took place in which the Romans decided that they were now the authorities over the records of the Hebrews and that they were in a position to decide which books should remain in the texts and which books should be removed. Isn’t this the common trait of the so called European man, to declare himself an overlord and an authority over another nation’s history and records? As Solomon stated, “there is nothing new under the sun”. So the books that prophesied against the Romans, that called them out for the wicked nation that they were and most of the books that chronicled their skullduggerous actions as aswell as gave indication to future prophesies were removed. Only the 66 books we have today plus the Apocrypha remained. Yes, that is correct, there are other records that would have been read alongside the scriptures, that are part of the scriptures. The book as we view it today is far from a complete compendium of our records, regardless of what the JewISH sponsored pastors are telling you. Another question to ask is what are Europeans doing making decisions on records that have nothing to do with them?


Yes, believe it or not its was the JewISH/Roman Catholic sect who set up the religion we now know today as Islam in an attempt to gain control of the holy land, however their plan backfired and Islam grew out of their control into the religious denomination it is today. It was the Catholics who sent out a young woman named Mary to find a young man from Arabia, marry him and aid the JewISH/Roman Catholic church in restablishing their dominance in the Middle East. Mary found Mohammed and married him but refused to convert to his religion. Has anyone every wondered about this? It is simple, she was obeying “other” instructions. Now you under why the JewISH sect is waging such a war on Islam and Muslims today, revenge for their rebellion in the past. Islam was the first sect to institutionalise slavery, the Arabs where the first to enslave the real Hebrews thereafter followed by the Europeans who would later also decide to take advantage of our free services and labour from the 1500s onwards. Black people who think that they are rebelling against “whitey” or the “man” by joining Islam had best think again. What, didn’t you think it would be possible for the so called European man to set up so many branches for you to choose one? Remember, controlled opposition Negro, your faith may be Islamic but you cannot change your Hebrew blood and with that blood running through your veins there is a deep and rich history behind it.


THIS IS NOT CHRIST. This man’s name is called Cesare Borgia, who was born around the mid to late 1400’s. This man was a notorious poisoner, homosexual and an indulger in incest, killing his brother in law to be just so that he could sleep with his own blood sister who’s name was Lucrezia Borgia. His father who was Alexander the 6th pope of Rome decided to arrange competitions between some of the top painters in Italy at the time, to see who could draft up the best images of his son. The two most famous painters who went head to head and dueled out this task were Leonardo Di Vinci and Michaelangelo. However, after the early death of Cesare Borgia in his 30s, Alexandra the pope decided to take the image of his deceased son to the next level and declared that he now wanted his late son to be revered and worshipped as a god. 1000s of years prior, this very event was prophesied about by Solomon in Wisdom Of Solomon 14:8-31 which is contained within the Apocrypha, you know one of the “forbidden books, oooooooooo! and many of you still believe that the Apocrypha was removed for legitimate reasons, tut, tut.

This was the image that the JewISH navigator Columbus would later take over to the new world and force the natives of North and South America to worship as the new Christ, “saviour” of the world and this is the image which has plagued the people especially of South America ever since. They honestly believe that Christ is European in origin, has European features and have no idea that Christ is actually of Negroid stock, blacker than me. The JewISH Spanish sect to continue maintaining the lie and keep the true ethnicity of Christ under wraps have even gone so far as to erect a statue of this historically dodgy Cesare Borgia character on a hilltop in Rio De Janeiro,  Brazil.


It was during slavery that the real Hebrews lost their identity and heritage. The Most High had prophesied to Jeremiah that this would happen to our people 1000s of years beforehand. Jeremiah 17:4 reads:

17: 4 And thou, even thyself , SHALL DISCONTINUE FROM THINE HERITAGE THAT I GAVE THEE; and I will cause thee TO SERVE THY ENEMIES in the LAND WHICH THOU KNOWEST NOT: for ye have kindled a fire in mine anger, which shall burn forever. 

Firstly, I thank the Most High for Christ who has redeemed us from this burning and the curse for not keep his commandments. Our true identity was sucked out of us via beatings, the blade and the bullet, therefore over a period of time we no longer referred to ourselves as Hebrews, we now identified ourselves with the new designations that were given to us by our slave masters including new names, and with the parents out in the fields away from the children, there was nobody around to pass down the truth, therefore the lies prevailed with force. It was during this same time also in Europe that many Europeans were rebelling against the Roman Catholic church and its oppressive regime, so the Catholic church “conveniently” set up controlled opposition in the form of The Reformers, controlling those who followed them willingly aswell the rebels who believed that they were breaking away from the system of Babylon.



The Roman Catholic/JewISH sect(one and the same) church having already indoctrinated the real Hebrews into believing that they were Gentiles were still not satisfied with the brainwashing and indoctrination that they had executed and accomplished on black people, so they decided to accelerate their evil deeds and take their quest of darkness to the next stage. Thus the different denominational sects were introduced by the whore and people began to brand themselves under the different titles that had been HANDED DOWN TO THEM, Pentecostal, Anglican, Protestant, Baptist, Apostolic, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah’s Witness etc, not knowing that these sects had all originated and were still part of the Roman/JewISH Catholic church. The church has been clever in disguising the fact that they are all one and the same by simply altering the flavour a little per each sect. This way people were and for the most part are unaware that the Roman/JewISH Catholic Church is still in control of all. What, you thought that you were separated from the whore because you claim to be Pentecostal or a Baptist…….think again and think again very hard.

The JewISH sect under the guise of the church also set up another controlled opposition department in the form of Humanism, promoting the idea that man was the supreme being on earth and the universe and that there was no higher being or authority to be held accountable to. It is through this opposing religion that the theory of Evolution would sprout and bring forth its cancerous fruits. The Roman/JewISH sect had determined that those Hebrews who could not be encouraged to turn against their own records and despise the scriptures through the bible being taught to them in a religious constrictive and oppresive manner, would simply be given the version of biblical history that the Roman/JewISH Catholic church would decide should be meeted out to them. Those who would reject the scriptures and rebel would simply be controlled within the many alternative factions that had already been set up, take you pick.

Now with the bible fragmented and scattered, it was easier for the atheists and the scoffers to emerge from the woodworks and claim that the scriptures were faulty, contradictory and could not be relied upon, and they are still trying to make these same claims today. Well, if you Europeans hadn’t of touched the works and the historical data of another people, then there wouldn’t have been a problem with so called contradictions. There are no contradictions in the scriptures, what we have is a simple situation where the books that would have answered any quieries raised have been hidden, scattered, deliberately lost or destroyed for the most part. See, the JewISH sect knew what they were doing, more weaponry applied to increase further doubt as to the authenticity of the scriptures and has it worked? Look around you, the real Hebrews aka the so called Negroes are jumping from one sect to the next sect to the next searching for truth, in other words, our people for the most part are lost and don’t have the foggiest as to where to turn for the truth and genuine answers.


The Roman Catholic Church aka the JewISH sect still not satisfied with the destruction wrought thus far sent off two of their cohorts named Westcott and Hort into Egypt. There Westcott and Hort discovered a copy manuscript of the bible know today as the Alexandrian Text. This manuscript had been abandoned by our forefathers because of its obvious fraudulent alterations, therefore it was rejected and disgarded of, however to Westcott and Hort they believed in their great folly that this text was more reliable than other texts because it was older than the genuine Received Text that was used for the KJV. It should be mentioned here that a scroll in continuous use must be copied out and replaced as it will eventually wear out, that is why the Received Text scrolls were newer in age than the Alexandrian scrolls. Older does not always mean better. As a parallel example any book in constant use will begin to fall apart after a time, therefore a new copy must be drafted up to replace it as opposed to a book that remains on the shelf and is never touched.

So, from this particular Alexandrian Text came the different bibles versions we have today thanks to Westcott and Hort, NIV, RSV, NKJV, NASB, ASB, Amplified, Century, New World Translation and every other version outside of the King James Bible. To even begin to expound on the issues with these newer version would take a lifetime so I encourage you all to do your own research into what the problems are with these newer bible versions, which have all deliberately been executed and implemented by the JewISH sect by the way.

At this time also, the Roman Catholic church under the guise of its Protestant child decided to remove the Apocrypha from the bible, leaving the 66 books remaining we have today. The Apocrypha HAD ALWAYS BEEN PART OF THE SCRIPTURAL TEXT however the Roman JewISH sect decided in their wisdom for some strange reason that the Apocrypha was no longer  as they put it, “valid cannon”. Talk to any bog standard christian today and they will simply repeat the common mantra put out by the JewISH sponsored pastors, that the Apocrypha is not a valid part of the scriptures. However, observing and having knowledge of the deliberate scheme to fragment the scriptures over time, we should know better by now.

Those of you scoffers and box thinking christians who are afraid to browse through some of the so called “forbidden literature”, why don’t you actually start thinking and reasoning for yourself for once, pick up the Apocrypha and read it and then try and tell me that it is not a valid part of the scriptures. The removal of the Apocrypha was simply another step in the fragmentation and scattering of our records, end of story.


The evidence is clear, this has just been a basic summary of some of the major events that have occurred throughout history in relation to the discrediting, scattering, tampering and fragmentation of the Hebrew’s records. The division of the bible was the doing of the so called European man, more accurately the JewISH sect, it is NOT the bible’s fault that men decided to get together and separate a large portion of  written works from the common compendium of the bible we hold today. As I stated before, the bible does not contain any contradictions, many of the so called “difficulties” people commonly run into is either due to a lack of understanding on the particular passage or due to the fact that the answer is written in an accompanying book that has either been “forbidden”, “lost”, “hidden”  or destroyed by the so called “church”.

So, why has the JewISH sect gone to all this trouble in relation the scriptures? For the true answer to this question I suggest you read my blog entitled “Trigger Point – Understanding Your Real True Super Powers As A Hebrew In Christ”

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Father

5 thoughts on “The War Against The Bible The Records Of The True Hebrews, IS REAL – Very Short Summary And Analysis!

  1. This a very good article brother. I have read the Apocrypha and will tell all once you read it if your eyes are not opened than schedule a checkup with a doctor from the neckup. This book scared the pants off those demons.


    • The institutional church does not want its flocks to put more of the pieces of the puzzle together, so they have demonized that book in particular. The Apocrypha is full of nuggets and additional prophecy, especially in 2 Esdras. Glad to see that there are some out there who can pick up an extra biblical book without cowering in fear of being sucked into the Abyss,lol.


  2. Can’t find one online. Just links saying why the Apocrypha is not inthe bible such as: “It contradicts truth, supports some iniquities, not inspired by God, etc”.


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