Lets Face The Raw Cold Hard Facts And Truth – Short Reality!

This System Isn’t Working


It is not working for YOU because it was not designed to work for YOU. This same current system which is in place worldwide in nearly all countries on this planet is only meant to benefit the super rich and wealthy. It was never your system to begin with, you cannot repair it or reform it, it was designed to fall apart and to fall apart against your favour. I compare this current system to the Tower of Babel which is being held together with duct tape, blue tac and band aids, it cannot be fixed, the foundations and the structure were corrupt from its conception. Your governments are no longer your governments anymore, your governments are now beholden to and carry out the instructions of the people who hold the money powers, the bankers and the large international corporations of this planet. Your protesting in the streets, your petitions and proposals of change will make absolutely no difference, the controllers of this system are operating according to an agenda, a plan drafted up a very long time ago and they are not about to have their plans scuppered by your empty rants, shouting and documents of proposal and reform. They will not hesitate to “take you out” if they see that you pose a threat to their grand scheme also.

What I mostly see among a large percentage of the general public who have woken up to how this world really works is an element of selfishness in that they want this system to continue and not get any worse until they themselves have passed away and so their children can be left to deal with the remaining wreckage. They mention the futures of their children but only in passing and not to look self centered and egotistical.

What Is Going To Happen? 

You cannot reason with people of a psychopathic nature so the sooner that most people realise this is the sooner that many more can prepare for the coming avalanche of tragedy which is going to hit the entire planet very soon and has already started in some places. THERE IS NO PEACEFUL SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM. This evil system that has encroached itself on the entire world was placed as a yoke of bondage upon the peoples of this planet by force, and force is the only way that this yoke is going to be removed, so those of you so called “patriots” who keep rattling off “we don’t want any violence”, shame on you for rendering all kinds of offence under the title of “violence” and sorry mac but extreme conflict is on its way whether you like it or not. Whether you believe in him or not, Christ even showed us that the only way that a system of oppression can be removed is via physical force. Let us see how he dealt with the bankers and international financiers in his time. Mark 11:15-17 reads:

11:15 And they come to Jerusalem: and Jesus went into the temple, and began to CAST OUT them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves;

11:16 And would not suffer that any man should carry any vessel through the temple.

11:17 And he taught, saying unto them, Is it not written, My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer? but ye have made it a den of thieves.

Note verse 15 where it states that he “cast” them out. He didn’t stand there talking and reasoning with these bankers and financiers and ask them to leave nicely, NO, he grabbed them by the scuff of the neck, their arms and by their clothes and physically threw them out of the temple. Some would say that this was an act of violence. Think again, as the proper definition of violence is an UNWARRANTED physical attack on someone of something. The temple was a place for prayer and worship, not a location for merchandise, banking, trading and other financial transactions. Remember also the words of Christ in relation to what he was bringing to this earth. Matthew 10:34 reads:

10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came NOT to send peace, but a SWORD.

Since we know that the next kingdom to be established in this earth is going to be ruled by Christ(whether you choose to believe in it or not), it is only fitting that the current kingdom in place he would begin to deconstruct and smash down. This is why you are seeing the chaos that is unfolding at present, things will become much worse before they become much better. We are going to see WW3, we are going to see total chaos in the streets, we are going to see people resort to extreme desperate measures, we are going to see crimes of an unspeakable nature take place, we are going to see extreme poverty, hunger and starvation in the western world, we are going to see loved ones, family members and friends stab us in the back and turn against us, we are going to see mass rioting, we are going to see police and military brutality beyond measure against the people. These delusions of grandeur about peaceful change have to stop, it is not going to happen.

These talks of peaceful change mostly originate from Europeans, who are going to have to accept that this current system of their forefathers has not been and is not fair on the rest of the world and therefore this system must be utterly crushed to powder and scattered into the wind. However most Europeans want a system in place to where they are still in charge and this is another reality that they are going to have to face, by force if necessary, that they are not fit to rule the planet earth. We only need look at the mess that this planet is currently suffering in and European rule from the past to draw that sound conclusion.

Hebrews, Prepare Thyselves!

As a Hebrew in Christ, I will do my part in physically bringing this wicked system down into rubble and debris that cannot be built back or restored. I AM NOT, I repeat, I AM NOT FIGHTING FOR THIS CURRENT SYSTEM OR ANY LIKENESS AND DERIVATIVES THEREOF. At the appointed time according to the Most High I will undertake my mission, to go about and physically destroy the particular areas of this system that he empowers me to deal with. I will not be negotiating with, trying to reason with or coming to a compromise with any organisations whether it be big pharma, the banks or any other financial institutions. As Christ ousted your kind out of the temple via physical force, I will do the same and oust you out of countries where you have placed the poor into bondage and conditions of serfdom. I will bring swift relief to the poor and will relinquish the grip of the wealthy over them.

I implore Hebrews worldwide to prepare to do the same as per your individual instructions from the Most High through Christ. This is what these Elites have been in fear of, not just that we would one day wake up to who we truly are as a people by bloodline, but that with this awakening would come real power in which we could physically begin to take down and destroy this wicked system that they have almost completely installed worldwide, bar a few countries in the Middle East and some of the lands of the Far East. You, Black man, you wanted to know why you have been held back in this system and why you are constantly being ridiculed, oppressed and discriminated against without end? It is because these global elites know that you have a great power within you that cannot be matched but has for the most part laid dormant and deactivated through the distractions of religion, entertainment, electronic gadgetry and other bread and circus nonsense that this system has thrown at you to divert you from finding out the truth about your real heritage/bloodline and connecting to your true God.

A Message To The Gentiles

Those of you who have accepted the truth and the real gospel that the so called Negro and various other native peoples scattered around the world are in fact the true Hebrews, blessing to you in the names of the Father And Christ(which are to be revealed soon). Your willingness to accept this truth and to put down your national pride and prejudice has been recognised by the Most High and he will reward you accordingly.

As for you nationalities outside of the true Hebrews, who have deliberately gone about to scatter the truth and spread disinformation about us and our cause, the Most High will destroy you along side some of these very elites that you claim to be standing against yourselves. The contention for planet earth is bigger than Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, North Korea etc, these are but minor issues in comparison to the real agenda afoot here, to prevent the so called Negro from establishing his rightful place as leader of this planet under Christ and bringing worldwide stability. Why else would a global elite place such a strangle hold on the so called Negro worldwide? Can you humble yourselves for one minute and maybe think that there is something that they(the global elite) are not telling you in relation to black people? Do you think that there maybe more to the black man than meets the eye? Do you think that there could be a distant possibility that the people you have called all manner of names, ridiculed, attacked and scorned continually are perhaps your hope and solution for real change on this planet? Do you think that there is a possibility that the elite have lied on the bible and that the children of the people in the bible you have been living amongst all along? Is there a possibility that the bible may in fact be true? Could the term “hidden in plain view” be applied in this instance also?

Most of you because of national pride still will not listen and will continue to do what you have always done best, racially abuse and denigrate us to make yourselves feel better. That is ok though, in that by doing this your fate has already been sealed. This message is not for the many but for the few of you who recognise what is really occurring here and who have not been side tracked by the convenient distractions that the media has bombarded you with. You gentiles in Christ also will wreck shop on this planet and contribute to tearing down this wicked and evil system which is why the global elite have also set their sights on you aswell. As for you gentiles in limbo, you need to start choosing who’s side you are on.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Heavenly Father

65 thoughts on “Lets Face The Raw Cold Hard Facts And Truth – Short Reality!

  1. It may be wise to be aware of the creation and utility of victim groups as a tool to divide and destroy, thereby rule. Black womb-men are not the only or special victims of either those jews who call themselves jews and are not (Jew-Ish) or imperialistic elites.

    Whites slaved in the plantations for many years prior to western black slave trading, during it and long after it. White women and girls were forced to breed with black overseers and in some cases black plantation workers. But whites are not a special case either, just a hidden and larger one. Name any peoples at any point in history who did not and do not suffer under the same cruelties and slaveries which fund destruction, and I’ll prove you wrong.

    The weakness of mankind lies in vanity; a weakness ruthlessly exploited by the merchants of plague. Each ‘victim group’ getting a special education on their ‘roots’ completely out of context with worldwide slavery. There is a growing continguent of Blacks baying for the blood of equally powerless and enslaved whites out of learned ignorance. White people were not slave owners. The founding fathers were; all bad bloodlines. People disabled by big pharma will glory in their victimhood and be rewarded by special status and special rights which happen to discrimate against able bodied people. This pacification prevents them from confronting the cause of their injuries. Same all over; create unrest and resentment, demand ‘rights’ be given special privilege to fight for status quo, whichever the PC wind is blowing.

    Title, status, tin medals, awards – any amount of cheap trinket flattery will woo the psychopath and sycophant into a false notion of ‘specialty’ and thus, superiority. Note that such victim groups appeal to the group mind, not the individual.


    • The only reason why the global elites have turned their attentions onto their own people is because they fear that the “common people” as they put it may have mixed their “seed” with the so called Negro and contaminated the European bloodline, so again the key here is the so called Negro. Also Eugenics was founded out the desire to keep the numbers of the so called Negro “in check”. This is them speaking from their own writings. The pieces always point back to the so called Negro however the European man is very egotistical, now that he is in control of the world it is supposed to be all about him and nobody else. So, your observation is correct about blacks not being the only victims but the fact remains that the so called Negro remains the key to all of this unraveling which very few people have been given the eyes to see.

      Bringing in the histories of the European nation makes no difference as they are not the chosen people of the Most High. The Most High first and foremost concern is HIS people and the way that they have been treated by the other nations on this planet including the so called European man. The Most High chose us, we never chose him, so there is no vanity on our part. You choose what clothing you want to wear each and every day as it is in the power of your hands to do so. The clothes that are not chosen cannot turn to you and say that “its not fair, why didn’t you choose us”. You choose what you want to wear, the clothes do not choose you.

      Talking about the crimes of any particular nation against another is not causing division. I personally am not out for European blood though I do speak the truth according to prophesy that the European race is going to be destroyed because of the volume of calamities that he has caused on this planet, no other nation has been so destructive and placed the whole world in such a perilous position of danger as the so called white man has. These are facts, not my opinions. Generally, it is not only blacks who are looking for retribution from the European hand of death, about every nation on this planet has an account to give about the so called white man and his hand of destruction upon their people. So, I am not surprised that people are “baying” for white blood as you put it, the so called white man has a hell of alot to answer for.

      I personally am quite happy to stand with white people and fight off tyranny, however as I stated before I am not fighting to preserve this system or any likenesses thereof. Nor am I going to put down prophesy and my history just because Europeans may feel threatened or left out finding out that this entire agenda has been executed in focus of another people all along. All I have done is put the pieces together and called out the results as they are regardless of who they point to.

      All I can see is an elite who have decided that this earth is theirs to rule and that they going to attempt to destroy Christ when he returns. Why are they placing so much satellite weaponry in earth’s orbit with all the weapons facing towards outerspace? You would think that they know something or someone is coming from that direction. 2+2 always equals 4. Starwars??? All the clues are hidden in plain view. As I stated in this post, there is more to this whole scenario than they are letting on to.

      We as Hebrews each have a service to perform on this planet regardless of the many different ideas and conclusions as to what is happening on earth.


      • Appreciate the trouble you have taken to respond but could not read further than the comment which amplifies the point I was making in the first place. You are replacing one ‘chosen people’ insanity with another, more to your own likeness and image. European men of which 98% remain taxpaying slaves have no control over anything. The fact is that we do not know any other history than that which we have been taught or has been ‘authorised’ by those who think themselves superior. And you’re another one.


      • Well, you cannot get round the fact that the bible mentions that the Most High has a chosen people, regardless of your disgruntlement by the findings as to who these people actually are. The “common” European man has no control over anything you are correct, but this still hasn’t stopped him from treating the real Hebrews like trash which he has done with great pleasure.

        You also have to remember that even though he does not control anything, this also hasn’t stopped him from reaping the benefits that the elite controllers have brought to him from the plundering of the poor in other countries. As the British like to frequently say, “what goes around comes around”. So, the British people being plundered today is their recompense for the plundering that their fore fathers committed in other countries in the past, because today’s generation of British people still have not made right and brought remedy to the people that they have robbed(and are still robbing).

        In fact, the British are still going about the world robbing other people and the common people do nothing, why, because it benefits them to receive the spoils of the poor. Just as long as they have a Tescos down the street, a pub and a television to watch, the average Brit cares not for the welfare of others, I know as I have lived among the so called European man my entire life so I have been a live witness to his behaviour. You fully well know this too, the apathy and the decadence of the British public is now beyond the gutter, they no longer have any moral standing and as a result, the traditional British society has been destroyed, by design as we both know but there is no excuse to give in to decadence.

        The Hebrews are also included in this because they have adopted the ways of the western society, so many of my people also are lined up in this moral decline.

        Yes, there are black elite psychopaths who are running their countries into the ground however the difference with them is their own countries are the only focus for their plans of degradation, not the whole world like the so called white man. Its only the European man who is trying to force induce the whole world into his wicked NWO system, no other nation of people have ever gone this far, in trying to enslave an entire planet.

        These so called Elites are JewISH in origin, they may not consider themselves white but they are just as white as John living at number 6 or Simon living at number 10. Even though they consider themselves different, they are the the common European man’s brethren, there is no getting around that. Remember, the JewISH people originally come from Europe, not from the Middle East. Let us not forget 1948.


      • Sorry about the rant but it just has to be said. Actually the main focus of the reasons behind the mass and mess of divisions fragmenting the naturally cohesive, co-operative nature of womb-man-kind is the pitiful and hopeless conditon of psychopathy.

        The main thrust behind all destructive systematic warfare on man and nature derives from this condition which translates into brain damage but has its cause in a cold hell of a spiritual vacuum.

        Psychopaths can be bred (the thrust behind all genetical research) and it is this intergenerational selective breeding of psychopaths which has ensured that the enslavement of mankind and destruction of nature has reached such a critical climax.

        Psychopathy can also, it appears, be ‘caught’ and acquired through head traumas, mind koshing medications and an endless hyper bombardment of mechanistic media brutality on the senses. Spray certain substances, transmit certain frequences and one can induce psychosis fairly rapidly across a large swathe of targetted population.

        It is the loss of our connection in and with nature, the punishment of our every empathic and compassionate impulse and our over stimilation towards garbage and meaningless theoretical science that will ensure extinction.

        And religion is the worst of all culprits in encouraging mystical thinking, superior ego’s, tyranny and control. No one seems to ask who wrote these ‘Holy’ (Sun) ‘Bibles’ (Books). Just books written by men of dubious intentions. All we need is to open our senses to nature; within and without. The rest is pure illusion.

        Psycopaths feel no empathy. They lack capacity within the brain to make higher reasoning and empathic values available. They lack conscience and are therefore not fully conscious. They are retarded in the only thing that matters for survival; the ability to feel connected to others; being able to transmit and receive fluent language on pain and happiness, love and anger. They understand it fully intellectually for they have studied us obsessively to know our weaknesses, for they already know our strengths.

        They come in all sizes, colours, genders and social streams but the best and the worst coagulate at the very top, from there they can influence all beneath into accepting the psychopathic way of hellish existance.


      • All rants are welcome here as sword must be sharpened against sword and different perspectives brought to the table in order to draw conclusions objectively, so you are free to rant away as much as you like here, there are no restrictions with this blog, free speech is fading fast, let us get out ALL sides of information while we can.

        I am with you 100% on your analysis of the psychopath, his origins and all the manufacturing techniques behind the manifestation of these types of people.

        From the perspective of the Hebrews, it is because we abandoned our God and chose to chase other the Gods of the other nations which is why we have been punished and we are in this current position. Our current bottom barrel position is not religion, this is a FACT. We sinned therefore we must take the responsibility and be accountable for our actions of the past. I accept this, I do not blame the so called white man totally for enslaving us, it was our punishment from the Most high for disobedience and we as Hebrews have to accept this.

        Again, another misconception which is commonly distributed by the the so called European man, that the bible is a religious book. The bible is a history book of a people and accurately chronicles their journeys, their rises and their falls. It was the so called European man during slavery that began to teach the bible from a religious perspective but from the beginning it was not so. This was also a deliberate ploy by the so called European man to not only hide himself(ie his true roots), but also to hide who the true people of the bible were. So, he taught out of the scriptures(books which have nothing to do with his history, though he is mentioned in them in certain areas briefly) and on top of that scattered many of the other appendages that were to be read along side the common 66 books, stating that they were not “canon”. Again, this is typical behaviour from the so called white man who seems to have a habit of erasing other people’s records and history and inserting himself into timelines and areas he never existed in.

        If the people never existed then we wouldn’t be here. Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Christ, Paul etc were REAL people. Noah was a real person, in fact a so called European by the name of Bill Cooper wrote a book called After The Flood in which he was able to trace back even kings of European descent back to Noah and his 3 sons through the family tree histories in his local library. These are the same people who certain European men are trying to tell me did not exist. Well, there are a few honest people out there who will accept the information as it is and not try to twist or mangle it to suit their agenda. I recommend you read that book.

        I agree with your conclusion on the psychopath and his mindset, that is exactly why the Most High is raising up his people, to deal with these scoundrels once and for all. You will hear the “romours” your very self of Negroes with “special powers” travelling around this planet and when this information comes to you, remember where you were told it first. This is not Jackonory or Button Moon regalia, this is REAL action that is going to take place and you will see it. You have been given an insight into what is going to take place on this planet that very few others have had the honour of hearing. The seed has been planted.


      • Your comments on our dystopian nightmare of a society are obvious to anyone with thinking capacity. I know all about the Ashkenazi but there’s more to the story than that, going wayback to the Phoenicians, Venetians and the merchant seamen (pirates) and traders; the middlemen who intervened in human relations, trading and economics.

        Again, you are mistaken in the assumption that ‘the elites’ are of white European common heritage – they consider themselves (and always have) as a separate specie; one of blue blood. The imposter Jew-Ish tribe also consider themselves Eurasion, not of white stock but of Mongol/Turkish blood. Not white European.

        It has nothing to do with colour and everything to do with bloodline; amassing wealth and keeping it in the family.

        For countless centuries prior to any trading with the West, The Black Kings/Warrior Chiefs took slaves in conquest and traded these with Arabs/Muslims and you know that. Not a white face among them.
        Meanwhile the poor 98% of UK and Europe were slaved, flogged and starved to death as a matter of course.

        To put it back into a clear perspective, in the late 1600s when the Jew-Ish merchant traders introduced the ‘novelty’ of black slaves, the values say it all: £5 top whack for an Irish/English slave, £50 for a Black. Now, go figure how the values translated into treatment.

        No-one can realistically talk about slavery without understanding Irish Slavery and the genocidal horrors these white, formerly highly organised communities were subjected to long before any black felt the lash of any white plantation owner. They were valued more and put in positions such as overseer on the plantations or within the house in higher positions than their white counterparts. In fact two rebellions were sabotaged on behalf of black duplicity and betrayal. Can you handle the truth?

        Recommended Reading: To Hell or Barbados and White Cargo

        Black slaves were preferred as they were easier to manage yet of superior strength. Blacks took the hatred of their white plantation elite owners on the defenceless white slave man and particularly women. Nothing’s changed. Still serving the boss.

        The so called Black Civil Righs Movement was formed by the usual suspects as yet another shield from behind which all freedom, laws of protection and ‘rights’ hard won over the proceeding era would be lost to all under the guise of ‘equal rights’. Marxist revolutionary tripe for we can see that the black is now so much better off on crack. As they say, you can always hire half the population to kill the other half off. If the price is right, eh?

        No longer is there any excuse for ignorance, for these are Revelatory times as no other and the information is available still for the asking.

        These are not the times to bolster false divides but to realise that we have everything in common and everything to lose. People have got to ‘get over’ the nonsense of elitism due to colour of skin or false presentation of history. White men and women have been kept the most ignorant of their history and origins. The elites operating out of London and Rome horribly abused the people around them first and foremost.

        You say you wouldn’t mind standing along side white people fighting for a cause, well, that’s good of you. So you’ve never done it. This is what I have reflected on these many years. For I and my peoples have fought and stood beside and on behalf of blacks but not once have I ever seen or heard of blacks standing on behalf of whites facing exactly the same prejudice.

        Go take down that system in Africa – the Jew-ish and Chinese own that strip now. And look at the mess black rule has made; utter carnage, lawlessness under the marxist doctrine. Go back to those tribal Chieftans of royal descent who traded in captives to Muslims, Arabs or whoever was paying the price.

        Look at Liberia!! A cesspit of demonism with former barbarians ‘turned Christian’ and mind controlling people who had their babies hearts ripped out and eaten by the same obnoxious terrorist turned pastor and tell me you haven’t got more fertile ground to plough than continuing to stir up racial nonsense to gratify a false sense of self importance?

        Look at the response above from someone you’ve managed to terrify out of their wits. Where are they to go then? Back to their ‘roots’?



      • What the elites think they are is a far cry from what they actually are in reality. They can call themselves blue blood, pink blood, yellow blood or a different species, the fact is they are Europeans, in fact they are JewISH in stock who roots go back to the Khazar empire and before that to Edom, the father of the Caucasian nation.

        Again, I have to emphasise that the Most High’s concern first is for his heritage, the people that he formed an everlasting covenant with. He did not form a covenant with the so called white man. So, you can rattle off as much history about the slavery of whites that you can muster but it makes no difference to the unfolding scenario. White history and black history for the most part are separate apart from slavery. Black people are currently the bottom in this world, the most scorned race on this planet and the scriptures well inform us as to why we are on the bottom and despised by the other nations, not just Europeans and how we got to this bottom barrel state to begin with.

        I 100% agree with you on your assertions in relation to the Black Civil Rights Movement and the gradual eroding away of freedoms hard fought for.

        Again, the so called Europeans and the so called Negroes have a different history. I am simply bringing you a different piece to the puzzle, one which is convenient overlooked because of the position of the so called Negro in society today. Not one nation on this planet will entertain the possibility that the so called Negro is the true Hebrew, not one. Why? Because if this information is true, it means that these nations are in serious trouble for the way that they have treated us and judgement will fall upon each and every one justly and accordingly.

        Again, me educating my people about their heritage, who has enslaved them and why we went into slavery is not a divisional tactic. “Everything was a ok until we found out that these Negroes that we have treated like utter dirt for the last 500-600 years are in fact the true Hebrews of the scriptures”. All of a sudden, now there is a problem. “Everything was ok when we believed that the so called JewISH people were the true Hebrews as for the most part we have left them alone, but the blacks”???? Your response to this information is no different to all the other nationalities, accelerated and forced induced denial(which doesn’t change the facts by the way).

        Again, if you choose to wear a green jacket over a blue one, the blue jacket cannot cry out that you are treating the green jacket as if it is superior, the choice of power is in YOUR hands, just like the choice of who the Most High chose to be his heritage and his people is in the power of HIS hands, NOT in the power of our hands. If you have a problem with him choosing us then you need to take up a supplication with him.

        You seem to forget that even though the elite abused their own, it was the labour of the so called Negro which has brought prosperity to the common man of the European nations, not the labour from their own people. The so called white man was living in utter disease and squaller before the elites came to Africa and began their slave men merchandising. Africa is the crutch and the breadline for the western societies.

        There is something else you should know, that Africans and Negroes are not the same people. Logically this makes sense as we the so called Negroes originate from Israel, not from Africa. Do not assume that all black people come from Africa, this is another common misconception and convenient stereotype put out there by the so called European man to distract and hide our true history and origin as a people. We the so called Negroes ran into Africa in 70AD to escape the persecution of the Roman Empire and the sacking of Jerusalem. There we hid among the other dark races until the native Africans and the Arabs enslaved us with the Islamic uprising in the 7th century and they further sold us to the so called Europeans during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

        Africa just like South America was stable and efficient for the most part until the European man landed on their shores. South America is a mess because of Europeans, Africa is a mess because of Europeans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Egypt are in total ruins because of the European man. Like I stated before, the so called European man has alot to answer for. He is the ORIGIN point for the destruction of these lands and its people, you simply cannot argue against that fact.


  2. BTW, they do not consider themselves ‘white’ or of the ‘white’ race, OK? And you must acknowledge surely, that there are just as many black elite psychopaths who are running the black nations back into the dirt. I do not permit myself such as egocentric view of reality.


  3. @Verbs what’s up? I wanted to know what’s about the talk that we should be leaving america before her destruction comes about can you elaborate more for me on that?? I literally cant even afford to leave or do I know where to go for that matter. But If you wanted to leave an answer here or personal email which ever is fine I just wanted another view about it please.


    • This is the problem with many of our Hebrew brethren, they read about Elijah calling down fire from heaven, they read about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego protected in the burning furnace of fire, they read about Christ and all of the miracles he performed but then they do not believe that the Most High is going to keep them safe during the times of judgement and destruction on this planet. This is the problem with most of the Hebrews who keep returning to the old covenant, they have NO FAITH in Christ.

      I understand where they are coming from in terms of the enclosing police state and the desire to return to a more simpler way of living but the way they put the message across is as if those who cannot leave are completely stuffed and oh well, its your tough luck, this is not the case. Remember, your walk with the Most High is an individual walk, HE will tell you if he wants you to leave and HE will also have the resources at the ready to enable you to do so. It is easy for them to say leave as they have the money or have at least been given money by their followers.

      With the powers that are about to be unlocked in you through Christ, you won’t need to leave, the Most High knows where his people are, you will be protected from the calamities to come. Just as the Spirit transported Philip from the Ethiopian to Azotus, The Most High can and will physically transport you to safe places in times of trouble.

      Don’t get me wrong, destruction is going to come to America and the United Kingdom(things are already at tipping point over here, the race, food and water riots are just around the corner) for the wicked system that they have force induced onto other countries but we will be protected. If you haven’t already, read my post called Trigger Point Part 1, the link is below:


      Check out part 2 also:


      Notice in all of these films that have been released in relation to a post apocalyptic world, they always make it seem like you are on your own. Not so for Hebrews and Gentiles in Christ, they have conveniently left out the Most High and the REAL powers that will be bestowed upon you. We are not in this alone, not at all. Remember, one of the Elite’s scientricks is to make you feel helpless, as if there is absolutely no hope and that you are all alone.

      If you want to leave then leave, the choice is yours, the Most High is not phased by your decision to want to kick out. If you want to leave but you have no cash then it may be a case where you may come into some money later on down the road and have the ability to leave then. However I wouldn’t sweat over it too much, just follow what the Most High leads you to do, not a load of Hebrews with money stuffed pockets telling folks to leave but not knowing their personal circumstances.


      • @Verbs Good, i totally understand what you mean and I have read your 2 previous posts you mentioned. I do have faith in christ and the Most High but like you said I should not worry about it because the Most High brought me clear across this country for reason he knows what he is doing I just didnt wana get caught up in all that talk about leaving here that’s why I had to ask another person but my situation is not telling to leave here. I now know I was born to do this, be a watchman for the Most High he knows exactly where I’m at in he earth and he has ALWAYS protected from so many things so why would he stop and plus when its my time to go its my time nothing can stop it. Like I wanted to go back to my home state because a friend offered to pay for me but he literally showed what would happen if I went back so he knows what’s best for me! If he did want me to leave then I would be set up to go but currently I’m not I live this thing data to day but do you suggest stocking up a little food & water maybe because the buses out here just went on strike so I dont know how that could last or joblost or who knows I just want to be prepared for what ever happens because all the signs are pointing towards everything hitting the fan very soon!! I’m not scared at all just wana be ready because i know the majority will lose their absolute minds when no water/food is available!!! I already know my unique individual situation will require absolute faith & patient if I’m going to overcome because im alone out here, I can’t speak for anyone else but i know that’s what I have to. But if there’s anything else or advice you can share please do I appreciate you taking time from your day to reply to me even if its on here because some hebrews be selfish and pridful or act like their to good or don’t have time but I thank AHAYAH for what you’ve done with the other article I seen so far! AHAYAH BLESS


      • It wouldn’t hurt to store a little food but with the power that is laying dormant in you ready to be unleashed, you are going to be manifesting food, feeding yourself with it and taking food and water to the poor anyway. Christ stated that we would be able to move mountains via a small amount of faith and those times are soon upon us. I would say that it is preferable to be in the country rather than the city but if need be, the Most High will take you out of an area and move you to a next. To be honest, I just think we are going to be so busy with feeding the poor, healing the sick and performing the greater works Christ said we would perform, that we will only have time to contemplate the immediate needs in a particular area.

        The more I think about it, the more I grow extremely suspicious of the elite and their eagerness to promote “no hope” and a total feeling of doom, they really really really really do not want us connecting with the Most High, they themselves know fully well that we are about rumble and shake this planet. This has been their whole focus behind the distractions that they wanted us to think that they were concerned about. Here is an interesting set of verses in Jeremiah 17:7-8. It reads:

        17:7 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.

        17:8 For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall NOT SEE WHEN HEAT COMETH, but her leaf shall be GREEN; and shall NOT BE CAREFUL IN THE YEAR OF DROUGHT, NEITHER SHALL CEASE FROM YIELDING FRUIT.

        Nuff said on that, do we have to worry about food and water shortages? Not at all according to the verses above. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you as a Hebrew in Christ are about to undergo transformations that are going to totally blow you away and the elite have given you clues as to what your capabilities will be through Hollywood and their super hero flicks but they couldn’t give the game away completely, you might have put 2 and 2 together, hence why most of the super heroes have a European look.


  4. You can rest assured, I’m not going to follow any ‘guru’ nutters, negroid or otherwise. Who wrote your bible that told you that you are one of the ‘special’ people, god’s chosen ones?

    I know you have not bothered to research beyond your own interests and are way to comfortable with the lie of racism giving to you by your boss man who wrote the ‘good’ godawful book. How many gallons of human blood has that satanic bible produced to date?

    Go on, continue with your false notions of racial superiority and see if it gets you any better position for leading your brothes and sisters astray for work well performed. There are too many of you, see to fit in the ‘ARK’.

    I’ve given up with blacks, they’ve betrayed any help given as they continue to rape and mug our women and justify this hate crime on slavery. So what. Get a life. Get over it. It did not affect you personally. It’s very doubtful if it affected your parents or theirs.

    Meanwhile, millions of whites lost real close family and almost their own lives via the ethnic cleansing programmes of the Nazi-Jews. I lots grand and great grandparents plus extended family directly.

    I had thought that by 2012 the obvious bluff and nonsense of these bloody books would be consigned to the age of ignorance where they belong. But we appear to be getting dumber and dumber that some cannot see beyond the colour of their own or another’s skin.

    Carry on bel-LIE-ving that you’re ‘special’ all you want but quit race hate mongering and learn your historical facts. Read the books


    • My forefathers wrote the bible, chronicling their lives and times just like any other nation would employ scribes to record and make note of important events in the nation’s history. The curses written of in the scriptures line up with our history as a people, even showing that we(the so called Negro) would be taken into slavery via maritime transportation.

      “I’ve not bothered to research beyond my own interests”? Obviously you have “bothered” to look at the other topics that I have posted about in my blog. On the contrary, the so called white man DIDN’T tell me that my people are the Hebrews, in fact he has gone out of his way to HIDE this information from my people. What, am I now a racist for deciding to investigate what he has been hiding from me and for broadcasting the results?????

      “Gallons of human blood”. Let me make something simple for you to understand. If you were shot in the chest by somebody who then dropped the gun beside you and ran away, would you lay there and start cursing the gun telling it how it shouldn’t have put itself into the person’s hands and that it was its fault? No. When somebody murders another person, we do not arrest the weapon, trial the weapon in court and send the weapon to prison, it is normally the PERSON who uses the weapon that has to face the consequences of his/her actions, so your attempted cascading of the bible is simply immature, childish, utterly ridiculous with absolutely no logic behind it whatsoever. I need proceed no further with this argument.

      I will continue to educate my brothers and sisters in the knowledge that the so called white man has hidden from us in relation to our past and our bloodline, there is no crime in seeking out information that has in reality been hidden, but claimed to be “lost” or “destroyed”. Our Hebrew heritage is an important part of our past, present and future. Again, our history is separate from yours, if you have a problem with the so called Negro being of the Most High’s heritage, then he is open to discuss with you your contentions and concerns.

      You want to talk about the mugging and raping of your women(I now assume that you are of European descent) but you wish not to talk about the perpetual wars your people have created in various parts of the world based on lies and propaganda, about your troops currently, right now raping men, women and children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and every other place US and European troops have set foot in, with pleasure.

      As the Native Indians said to the Europeans when they began to pillage their lands, “you speak with a fork tongue”. So, do not be surprised if black people are extremely cautious of any help coming from white people, we have a history of accepting help from the so called European man, only to find out later that we were actually being shafted. Your people and the distribution of small pox vaccinations laced with HIV through Africa in the 1970s via the World Health Organisation is a classic example of your “help”. Let us also not forget Shark Island and the Tuskeegee “experiments”.

      I do not relish in the loss of any life regardless of what nationality or race is involved. All the more reason why I need to educate my people, so that we can stop these scum once and for all, but of course you just like your European brothers and sisters have a serious problem with power in the hands of black people. Anyone else can be the chosen people………..except the so called Negro.

      Again, the bible is NOT a European book, it has nothing to do with your people so I do not expect you to understand it or believe in it. This is the typical arrogance of the so called European man, where revelling in his delusions of grandeur, he believes that he knows more about another nation’s history and records than the nation concerned. How can you of European descent tell me a Hebrew about about my records? How can you determine the validity of the scriptures which have no connection to your people whatsoever? That is like me as a Hebrew trying to educate the Japanese on their history and claiming that certain parts of their records are “not relevant”. Ridiculous Daft Aida, absolutely ridiculous.

      Like you stated before, this is about bloodline and heritage. I will not put down my heritage, teaching and uplifting my people just because you feel uncomfortable. We are supposed to accept ALL truth, even the truths that make us feel “uncomfortable”. It seems you are practising the very same strategy that you accused me of employing, holding a willingly ignorant position on topics that are of no interest to you. You would do well to observe and note your own actions aswell.

      You would also do well to keep an open mind to the “possibility” that there may indeed be other sides to this equation that you may not be aware of.


      • Hang on a minute here, I did not volunteer to be your ‘whipping boy’ for the psychopathic elites in Europe. So back off. But I do not understand how those who claim to have insight, knowledge and wisdom can’t simply follow the obvious necessities of ‘first doing no harm’ and treating everyone with the respect you deserve. It doesn’t take a religion to just simply apply that essential principle.

        The problem lies in exactly what I started with; this notion of false supriority, that somehow, one geographical mass of peoples are ‘superior’ to another. With everyone playing that game there should be no cause for discontentment. I don’t play that way. I tell the whole story, not the one where we’re supposed to believe that blacks lack intellectual capacity but the one where they have sold out to the very system they claim to abhor. Likewise, I am asking you to stop blaming ‘whites’ for the historical trading of blacks by blacks to asians and muslims and blacks trading blacks to merchant Jew-Ish traders and consider the common ground that was shared in slavery, then no less than now. Incidentally.


      • I understand that but just as you are willing to call out my people for their local crimes against your women, so I also have the right to bring the crimes of your people to the forefront, however I have chosen to highlight the crimes your brethren have executed against humanity on the worldwide level as these are having a far greater impact on the stability of the planet as apposed to some local muggings.

        I agree with those principles in relation to interacting with others, those are in the bible and our forefathers were taught these principles NOT out of religion, but as a way of life. The bible is a history book and a book of a way of life for the Hebrews, not a religious book like your brethren have propagandised it to be. Its just a pity that your people on the whole do not practice these same principles in relation to interacting with my people, they seem more comfortable and eager in disrespecting and racially insulting my people.

        Again, you keep talking about superior races, all I have ever stated here is that we are the chosen people of the God of the Hebrews. He calls himself the God of Israel/the Hebrews because we are his people, this was his doing, not ours. Again, I seem to be witnessing the same pattern emerging of “anyone can be the Most High’s people, all except for you Negroes”.

        I agree that many of my people have sold themselves into this system and as a result they will be judged for doing so as the Most High is set to destroy this system completely and use his people to do it. I am disgusted with what I see daily of how most of my people, just like the rest of the brainwashed masses have joined themselves to a system that has not even been built to include them. They will have an rude awakening when the excrement hits the fan and it will be nobody’s fault but their own. They just like the brainwashed of your people cannot be helped, a sad reality however it is a true one.

        The only reason I am focusing on the European side of things here is because I am in conversation with yourself, a European. I am fully aware about the enslaving of blacks by the Arabs(who are still doing it by the way), they were the first to institutionalise slavery under Islam and their leader Mohammed. I have cascaded Arabians in like manner in relation to slavery and the manner in which they treat black people even today.

        However, you cannot escape as a white person for your part in our bloody history, you must be held accountable like every other nation, you do not hold exempt status from scrutiny, examination and conclusion of the behaviour of your forefathers. And this is the problem I find with your brethren on the whole, they are always trying to duck, dive and weave out of having their feet held to the fire and being held accountable for their actions against others.

        You as white people will stop catching heat from blacks and every other nation on this planet when your people as a whole begin to right the wrongs that you have committed against each particular nation and their respective countries, however especially in relation to my people, you today are still taking a rusty machete and chopping at an already infested wound. Your people just seem to be agitating the nations of the world even more, this is a clear observation.

        I encourage you to watch your people and see how they continually agitate us. You are not the problem, it is your brainwashed brethren that are the issue here.


      • You are making the fatal error of confusing the psycopathic pyrate invaders with the indigenous peoples and thereby your ignorance of history, geopolitics, psychopolitics and anything off the radar of fanatical christian ideologies give you by the enemy!! Your enemy as much as mine and all considered ‘Gentile’.

        But know this as fact: Those occupying territories within the body of nations are international globalists, nomadic pyrates of no fixed abode. Like Satan in your bible, they ‘wander here and there over the surface of the Earth’. They are not nor have they ever considered themselves ‘of’ any peoples of any colour, race or location. They have taken between 3-6,000 to perfect the ‘education’ of their slaves (i.e. everyone else) through the most powerful medium known to man: religion.

        The slaves think that the books are written by god.The books were written and selected by those with the ultimate arrogance to think that they ARE either God’s as in chosen people and/or that they are GODS themselves as Jesus stated. But they wrote the books and can play it any way they choose. Steeped in masonic/kabbalistic and astrological terminology and references, the collection of ‘Sun Books’ aka Holy Bibles can be understood on 3 levels, as with their masonic/satanic orders of 3 degrees: for those in the know, the wise serpents, it is a chronology of their military conquest of ‘Gentile’ nations through seduction, subtefuge and sabotage as in the case of the fall of the Egyptian Dynasties. All the while, this ‘god’ is telling his people, of the serpent seed, to raid, rape, smash and destroy even babes of his paranoid emnity. It is the chronological bloodline of demonic psychopathic breeding and invasion of ‘Gentile’ land, commerce, prosperity. Direct from the Babylon Talmud is the OT.

        The NT is an appeal to the slaves, the Gentiles, to follow in the ways of Jesus. I’ve not witnessed them being able to cut the mustard on the basics myself, but never mind. The slaves are good slaves and love their bible. They love it so much, they have to go worship on their knees to a human in a frock paying homage to the torture and murder of a man supposed to represent the goodness of and in man. Hung on a pagan Maltese Cross. No wonder Constantine followed the ‘vision’ of ‘In This Sign, Conquer’ ! They love their servitude to Satan so very much that they pay to support his ministers in their exploitation of innocents with notions of cannabalism as they receive the ‘holy communion’ or marriage with the demon.

        They love their slavery so much, that they will remain on their knees waiting for ‘the return of’ Lucifer to ‘save them’. For this is what is being said in these holy of holy pagan sun books. They will passively watch the pedophillic bestial circus of death wipe the whole of humanity out rather than muster the courage of responsibility.

        And that’s where the roots of this wholly contrived special status victimhood adopted by ‘special needs groups’ created by the enemy for the benefit of the enemy by further divide and rule; yet all call themselves ‘Christians’ (or whatever) yet they are divided with the blacks against whites, men against women.

        The power brokers operate as parasites within the host nations: Vatican City is a seperate city with it’s own bank, laws, secret intelligence and army. Same as it’s ‘daughter’ City of London and Crown Estates – the golden square mile, as is the grandaughter, Washington DC. They are telling you/us that they are distinct from the nation and its peoples, so why can’t YOU get that?

        Actions of these degenerates whether they be called Amin, Mugabe, Mandella, Cameron or Obama are not anything remotely to do with the people they suck off. They keep telling us this clearly, so why can’t you get that? They invade and destroy from the inside and you people who vote are under the illusion of the candidate’s promises never proven to be fulfilled. People vote these despots in! People get what they deserve and I haven’t seen anyone criticise Obama for not taking a stand on the black carnage in Libya by Jew-Ishtar psycho rebels. Did you question this?

        The degenerates or Jew-Ishtar throwbacks, are arch psycopaths and anyone with an understanding of psychopathy knows that these disabled robots have no allegience to anything beyond self gratification. No race, no colour but the religion of ‘do as thou wilt’.

        Any wonder why ‘Ministers’ of ‘the Lord’ aren’t enlightening their flocks as to the truth! Never have.

        Keep them on their knees, shivering in fear, hoarding food and water and waiting … to be slaughtered. Paradoxically, tell them that at the last minute, if their faith is sufficiant, they will be ‘rescued’ by some figure in the clouds descending with his army of demons. Just like the new age fuzzy heads are waiting for the space craft to life them up, up and away with the faieries.

        Worse, incite them to hate their poor, equally disempowered but good natured white neighbour (who is most likely Chistian as well as most white countries were Christian up until the Jew-ish-driven wars to implant atheism) and given them a FALSE target for their frustrations!

        Arch Mason, Albert Pike and his fellow caballists stated that the third world war would be fashioned as a conflict between the Muslims and Christians; hence the Jew-Ish attack on 9/11 and later on 7/7/7 blamed on Islamic ‘fun-da-mental-ists’. All nations invaded were Muslim, free from IMF/World Bank Rothschild Usury: the cause of all our debts, deaths and woes. Hence the Edict of Expulsion still effective in UK circa 1290 noteable for it’s lack of application since Cromwell’s coupe and rapine of all ‘colonies’ – particularly Ireland as the model of suppression, paraded as ‘religious’ strife.

        Just prior to Cromwell, the Elizabethan Court was steeped in The Rosy Cross black arts with Magi such as John Dee and his disciples
        who formed the first waves of British colonial invasions of territories already made pliant by earlier Jesuit torturers. This was the start of the official story on slavery and the colonisation of the free world AND as part of this, a new religion based on The King James Bible. People still ‘swear by’ this book which tells them not to swear oaths. Particularly not to a King like James!!! See Vlad the Impaler (Prince Charles’ relative of whom he said ‘inspires’ him) for a worse example of sodomy, pedestry, bestiality and downright debauchery. A typical psychopath, James insisted in devising and executing the torture and murder of many young white women. As a sado sexual anal worshipiing deviant, he hated women. As does the god of the OT/Babylonian Talmud. The King James Bible! With the bad psychotropic hallucinatory waffle at the back named ‘Revelations’!!!

        This book or collection of essays on the NT sandwiched between a Babylonian chronology of a given birth line and the wars it caused in service to its god.

        Nothing has changed as both the white and black ‘middle’ classes are about to find out now that they’ve served their traitorous purposes. The world will once more be thrown back into a permanent Dark Age in the history of mankind although ‘end of the world’ scenarios are periodically rolled out for a really huge killing.

        That’s the reality and has been from the start of their ‘story’ of infiltration with the purposes of destruction in defiance of the true ‘god’ which is self evident to all not blinded by the good book.

        There always comes a fork in the road. All disinformation has a firm basis in fact or truth and then starts to lead the mind away into another constructed dead end of division, confusion and reliance on the source of disinformation. Anything that unclear and confusing is due to deception.

        For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, we ask of ourselves who does this serve? Billions of religious worshippers maintaining the status quo on behalf of those preaching the lies of the scribes and pharisees. Keep your heads down. Stay on your knees. Pray and give us money. Pray and give us your children. Pray, and give us your dead. The preachers duly deliver.

        The answer is all too clear.


      • Make note that when you called out some of my people for mugging your women, that I didn’t begin to subsection and to subdivide these culprits into a different column and separate myself from them, branding them of no connection to me. I took responsibility(something that you are trying your hardest to dodge and duck out from) and accountability. Yes, some of my Hebrew brethren are up to no good. However, when it comes down to you and the elite who are of the same blood as you, you want to somehow severe the link between youself and them as if they are a different race altogether. The elite are WHITE PEOPLE, YOUR PEOPLE, you are not going to escape that fact so stop trying to make division between you and them. They may be psychopathic in nature and own more money than you but they are still WHITE PEOPLE, YOUR BRETHREN.

        You talked about “christian ideologies” but I haven’t mentioned christianity at all in my replies to you yet. I am a Hebrew, a Hebrew is a nationality/bloodline/heritage, it is not a religion. It is your European people that began to call us by the terms Black, Negro and by the countries of our forefather’s settlement. Before your people invented the terms by which we are commonly called today, we were referred to as HEBREWS!

        Those globalists you refer to are WHITE, stop trying to circumnavigate around the obvious. Where they have been to in the world and what knowledge they have picked up along the way in order to enslave the masses is neither here nor there when it boils down to identifying the nationality of these people, they are WHITE PEOPLE and you cannot get around that. The sooner you accept this instead of going into an unnecessary damage control mode is the sooner you can move forward.

        Just to cream off the cake, this is the exact same arrogance that I referred to in the post, where white people believe that it is all about them and nobody else. YOU, a European are STILL trying to tell a Middle Eastern man about his own records and his history. What, you think just because the scriptures have been translated into English that you are now a master of knowledge in relation to the heritage and the customs of my people? This is one of the main problems with you Europeans, you believe that you are masters in all knowledge and information and that all should have to go through you in order to receive the “correct” information and data. Pleeeease! I really had to laugh and chuckle when I was reading your analysis of the scriptures aka the historical records of the Hebrews. If I begin to start pulling out random scriptures, put them to you and ask you for the masonic/kabbalistic meanings, you would start stuttering, so do not come to me with that second hand junk passed down to you from YOUR people who are the same experts in propaganda and spin. The bible is not your book, it never was your book to begin with, you do not understand it, do yourself a favour and put it down.

        You referred to the Roman Catholic church and the worshippers under them. Again, it was your foolish European brothers that have taken the records of my people and forged a religion out of them in order to control the masses. The Roman Catholic church is a EUROPEAN ESTABLISHMENT, so you have shot yourself in the foot, this religion that they have forged has nothing to do with black people in terms of origin, yet again, YOUR PEOPLE ARE TO BLAME FOR THIS RELIGIOUS MESS.

        This Ancient Babylonian mystery religion that your people, yes white people have brought forward from Babylon and given the name of Roman Catholicism has absolutely nothing to do with my heritage. Even Christ warned about false prophets parading in sheep’s clothing. Ah, but is is not convenient at the moment for you to admit that the Roman Catholic church has nothing to do with the scriptures because then your point would be immediately deflated. Everything they do in the Roman Catholic church, I can show you in the bible where it condemns their actions, especially in relation to graven images and the worshipping of them.

        Well, again, this is a European establishment that is bumming little boys and girls behind closed doors, these are your people doing this, not mine.

        You continually keep going on about this special status position, again the bible is NOT YOUR BOOK, the God of the Hebrews is exactly that, the God of the Hebrews. He did not say he is the God of the Caucasians, your people do not have any spiritual foundation, your people simply believe in yourselves. No problem, these are your philosophies and ways but do not make it out that just because I am living under your system, that I have to follow suit and do as you do. Not at all. Remember, we have separate histories, totally different backgrounds, so I will walk according to my historical background, not yours.

        Power Brokers = Europeans, Vatican City = European established and operated, City of London = European established and operated, Washington DC = European established and operated, Crown Estates = European established and operated. YOUR PEOPLE and their dirty work. So, yes I do understand exactly who is running the show here. Just because these guys think that they are above everybody else have decided to eliminate the common man, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is people of European descent, white people who are running this show.

        Obama is a puppet, Mandella is a puppet, Mugabe is also a puppet as so is Cameron, but for who????? The European establishment. Who do think who is telling Mugabe to sell chucks of Kenyan land off to the Chinese? Who raised up China to be the super state that it is today? Europeans! No, I didn’t need to question why Obama was not vocal over the killings of blacks in Libya, as I know that Obama is simply a puppet and is focusing on and doing what he is told to do. If he steps out of line, he will get what happened to Kennedy.

        You talked about the so called preachers, pastors, evangelists and ministers but who set up these false churches and false leaders to begin with?????????????? Europeans of course. Everything just keeps coming back to your brethren again and again. You want to talk about crazy doctrines being preached in the churches but yet again it was WHITE PEOPLE who established and distributed wacky and off key doctrines into the churches to begin with as it was white people who founded the churches.

        You’ve got it wrong, real wrong. Does a criminal in court turn round to the judge while the crimes and the charges against him are being read out and say “you are only doing this because you hate me”? Obviously not, the charges are in relation to his crimes and reading out the crimes is just giving the jury an idea of what the criminal acts the suspect has committed. So, me calling out the crimes of your people is not hate or discriminatory. Your people have placed this world in a seriously perilous position, so there is no hate involved for telling the truth about how we got here and exactly who is responsible.

        Funny you should mention Albert Pike as he made a very interesting statement about making sure that the Negro did not find out who he really was. I wonder what he meant by that??? And as for your King James homosexual rant, I have book in my possession that was written by a gentleman who went out of his way to ask to folks who had written books that accused King James of being a homosexual to point him towards the evidence for these claims. They couldn’t, all they could do was pass him onto somebody else who would behave in like manner. These kind of empty statements are just confirming to me even more that you have no idea of what you are talking about. King James the homosexual, who had 8-9 children??????? Would have shot himself in the foot don’t you think, authorising the translation of a book that condemns homosexuality. By the way, King James was a Negro and was the one of the last black people to sit on a throne in Europe, this is why people hate on King James so hard and why Guy Fawkes tried to blow him up, a little information your brothers neglected to tell you.

        I’m just going to ignore your opinion of the new testament, as I stated before, you are a person from Europe trying to understand a book from the Middle East that has nothing to do with your people, culture or heritage. It is even so more ridiculous that you are still trying to explain to me the origins and the validity of my history.

        You Europeans never cease to amaze me with your outlandish actions, you just believe that you are the be all and end all of everything because you are the nation currently in power. Everybody must walk according to the same dark road your people venture along and most of all, anything relating to an outside force, a supernatural entity must be ruled out. What difference is there between you and the elites? The same empty philosophies get pushed by rich European elites and by the common European man either way.


      • As the Native Indians said to the Europeans when they began to pillage their lands, “you speak with a fork tongue”. So, do not be surprised if black people are extremely cautious of any help coming from white people, we have a history of accepting help from the so called European man, only to find out later that we were actually being shafted. Your people and the distribution of small pox vaccinations laced with HIV through Africa in the 1970s via the World Health Organisation is a classic example of your “help”. Let us also not forget Shark Island and the Tuskeegee “experiments”.

        so much for We Are The World, and We Are The Children


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        The truth is that most white folks are only now talking about unity and saving the planet today because they are now being affected in an adverse manner by the changes happening around them. We blacks have been complaining about their system of injustice and failure for the longest while, when everything was gravy for them all we got was “shut up coon, stop complaining wog and go back into the corner that you crawled out from nigger”.

        This is now their time and their recompense. The Most High has already stated that they will drink it without escape.

        Most High Bless


  5. I don’t believe you’re actually defending the Kings James Bible! It is the royal duty of the monarch to produce heirs and whether they were his or not is another matter. You know so little about the mating habits of the royal bloodlines? READ the copyright. Who owns it? Right! Now, why do you think that the owners, the ‘royal’ owners of the copyright of The King James’ Version of The Bible which would be of any use at all to any but themselves? One of the most widely circulated books of all time, KJV was the sanitised replacement to the widely popular peoples bible, the Geneva Bible. All of these were confiscated and surrendered on pain of death if discovered. These prosaic texts written by Sir Frances Bacon’s team of scribes, were clumsily sandwiched between the Judaic Talmudic OT and the Rosicruician psychotropically induced hallucinations depicting horrifying symbolic imagery, like a ‘bad trip’ Revelation.

    Whilst penning these new-english or Middle English texts, Bacon was residing within the quarters where hundreds of chained and caged innocents of all ages and stages were held awaiting deportation to Virginia, Barbados and later, Jamaica. These were the first traded human cargo for the building of the new world.

    You’ll find that these bloodlines were and until recent scientific developments, still are, born with extremely high rates of imbecility, deformity and insanity. A disproportionate number die young for various reasons. So James the Beast may have had 8 or 9 offspring by with and by whom and how many survived or were fit, I do not know.

    I do know of the documented case of one James homosexual lovers, he was known to have a penchance for young men and enjoyed rolling in the blood of his dying hunt trophies. You seem to know very little of the history and habits of this lot. Prince Philip, for example is a proud Nazi at least and his founded charity, WWF owns huge swathes of land worldwide for the specific programming by militia of assassins. When we sometimes hear of ‘poachers’ being shot, we’re talking human hunting games or murder of people wandering onto land. and surely, please you’ve heard of at least, the sodomite rituals on 3 year old boys? We have never in a million years contrived such perversity. Last time it surfaced was with the invasion of the Celtic Druids who still make up the elite cabal.

    The KJV not only deprived the people of their Geneva Bible but was edited and without the explanatory notes provided. Instead, the Bibles were distributed one per church with no direct access to the people; their only access to the ‘word of god’ or King James as ‘god’s’ earthly servant in the Right To Rule, was to attend church and bible studies so that they could be taught how to interpret what they could not directly access. The KJV was composed in such a way as to bring a new universal language, a common language to these isles and this was done through the ‘shakespearian’ method and model.

    It is true about the torture of women as ‘witches’ and perfectly in line with historic and current ‘noble’ traditions. Prince Charles forebear was Vlad the Impaler and David Cameron’s was Ewen Cameron, Jew-Ish Nazi psyco-sexual torturer and programmer extraordinaire.

    We do not live this way, we are not from this stock and that is not denial that is fact. Go read what they say to confirm this fact and stop wasting your time supporting and arguing the case for this dirty deviant disgusting tribe and their pornographic books. How dare you accuse us of being related to them or benefitting from their vampyrism on our very souls! You’re doing their work for them moderately well. With that I’ll waste no more of my time or wisdom. King James Bible, indeed!


    • I’m not going to waste anymore of my time in relation to you trying to inform me in relation to the validity of my records. White people, stubborn and prideful until the very end. Rather than just admit that you know little to nothing about these Middle Eastern records, you and your people have in their eagerness to be masters of all knowledge and information still make vain attempts to make sense of a spiritual book using your fleshly wisdom. This is typical white behaviour, rather than just admit defeat, you still roll on wrong and strong to the end. Your people believe that they are authoritative on every aspect of life, your people believe that they know everything.

      For your information, the King James bible is the only bible that is NOT copyrighted, the copyright that you see in King James bibles are in relation to the additional footnotes added by each of the respective publishers.

      Every sentence you utter just shows how little you know about the Hebrews their culture and the origins of their records. You just do not know the bible and since Europeans are notoriously known for creating lies, propaganda and spin, how can you expect me to take you for your word? Is there a nation on this planet that you haven’t lied about and demonised just to get into their country and syphon off the resources of those lands?

      The fact of the matter is that you need to swallow your pride and admit that this system that is taking this planet to Hell is being directed by WHITE PEOPLE, regardless of what mental faculties they may or may not have and you cannot escape this fact. You need to take responsibility and acknowledge that these are YOUR PEOPLE who are destroying this planet. The Queen = White, Prince Charles = White, Rockerfeller = White, Rothschild = White, Bill Gates = White, Henry Kissenger = White, I could continue on for days but I won’t to spare you further embarrassment. I do not look upon these people and see that they are Black, Indian, Chinese, Japanese or Arab, I see White people in control.


      • And as a woman, I know the heart of man. I tell you this much, you love your slavery. You grovel to your masters because your ego, the great ‘i am’ reward you at the pittance you set your self worth.

        Black people were never ‘liberated’ from enslavement by ‘whites’ despite appearances and you still haven’t gotton over that one. Black people were ‘legitimised’ and ‘assimillated’ like their white slaves were just prior to this, as tax paying units of production; thereby paying for their own servitude. Thus, slaves both white and black were made ‘equal’ in the eye/I of the State.

        King James’ version of the bible was of enormous influence in guiding the herd to accept their servitude passively, patiently as ‘gods’/King James’ will as an example of how the ‘Divine Right To Rule’ which they bestowed upon themselves (no less the floundering Fathers) gave them god-like powers over the masses. And that’s all YOU are and WE are; equal slaves under the rule of tyranny.

        But we’re NOT equal, are we? Because I want you to be free as much as I want freedom for anyone not psychopathic or criminally insane. For anyone adhering fully to the simplicity of the ‘love they neighbour’ and ‘do unto others’ and ‘first, do no harm’. No matter what form they inhabit. Period. There are simple laws to ensure protection from, and retribution for harm intended and harm actualised.

        We’re not equal because I accept the obvioius differences as so minor as to be negligible. True love is inclusive. Doesn’t Jesus teach this? Those ‘he’ criticised, were those you worship! And didn’t he say to take the beam out of your eye before attempting to remove the splinter from your brother’s? And didn’t he deride those with their nice shiny surfaces concealing putrid contents?

        Man Kind will never be free as long as they refuse to ‘know’ themselves, to look within and stop following rabid wolves like stupid suicidal sheep.


  6. You see this is what happens with special ‘needs’ groups; they swallow any old history given to them, long as it shows them as the good guys, the victims and the bad guys are white. Now where do you think all the information that we get ‘taught’ comes from? Homosexuals have produced their own bible version now too. Jesus was homosexual, you know. And Black, yes. And a feminist, of course. Why he’s anything you want him to be, sugar! Just you don’t fret and run along now, remembering to beat up on those nasty white heterosexual men, y’know, the ones you can actually reach. The ones living next door to you. The ones not protected by your ‘special needs laws’ on account of you being so vulnerable, bless you. And if the men are too tough, hell, go for the women, the young girls, that’ll teach them a lesson.

    KIng James was a negro, huh? Well, let me ask you sunshine, how are your stocks of Xanax going? I’m sorry to out you as an idiot but I’m afraid you’ve done it yourself.

    All I was saying in the first place was that if you’re going to talk about The Raw Cold Hard Facts when it comes to holly wood programming, ritual and slaves, these lowlevel high powered bloodlines do it to their own first, the ritual, the programming. Then like Diana Spencer (jewess) or Amy Winehouse they’re snuffed. Both heavily abused, programmed, medicated to perform a function and as MJ said ‘it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white’ and he was right. Your’e either born in to this club or you’re not mate. And you should know that. Or you can’t purport to present Facts about anything. BTW, I got kicked out of high school for writing in my RE book a poem of mine entitled ‘Jesus was a black man’. Well, one of the reasons, anyhow.

    To cut to the cold hard raw facts of this dialogue. My opening comment was a suggestion which was just common sense. You cannot fight an enemy with one hand tied behind your back, or one eye ‘blinded’ colour – blinded in your case, literally.

    In order to address and expose and tackle the root cause of the effects you are reporting, white slaves have to be included. It was ridiculous to make the claim, it was false and not factual to make the claim that white slave’s suffering and abuse counts for nothing compared to the black slave’s. Even racist blacks can see that this is not the case. What applies to the blacks applies to the whites. White expose’s of this circus naturally include all within that arena. That’s what objective reporting is supposed to do.

    You, on the other hand, have exposed yourself and I only hope black people wake up to the way they’re being played.


  7. In answer to your question as to why the elites commissioned, hold copy rights to and distribute The KJV is that it works! You think, don’t you, that they wouldn’t possibly benefit from condemnation of homosexuals if they are homosexuals, benefit from the condemnation of hellfire for eternity for being everything that is said to be an abomination?

    Listen to yourself defending them in cognitive dissonence, the desired effect. Because to recognise that the authors of these crafted works, wrote the whole thing to keep you enslaved and worshipping your own extinction, would be too much Raw Cold Hard Fact to face as the entire edifice of your ‘faith’ vanishes in the mists of illusion is always was.

    Waking up is hard to do. The bible is a plan, a marketing plan, a sales pitch, the greates story sold on earth. We’re past the final chapter, time to grow up.


    • You know what the real problem here is? It is because you have simply been shown that you are NOT going to be the heroes who save this earth from total destruction. Sorry, whites coming to the rescue, the great white hope only occurs in Hollywood films and television programmes, not in the real world. In the real world all I see is psychopathic Europeans going about on a rampage to destroy everything in their path and their common brethren sit about and do nothing but rather want to tell me about my history, my records and how both are fictional.

      If there is anything that black people have learned from living among their white brethren, it is that information that comes out of your camp must be checked over and verified 5, 6, 7, 8 times before it should be accepted as genuine. Even in cases where it would profit your people to tell the truth, they still lie and lie again. And what puts the icing on the cake is that they feel no way doing it. “Well, you gotta do what you gotta do, in it” is what I hear the so called white man speak when he is up to his acts of skull duggery.

      After all this, you are still trying to discredit history logs that have nothing to do with your people. Ok, since you claim to be such and expert on the records of the Hebrews, please give me the correct interpretation whether masonic or kabbalistic on the following 2 random verses. Jeremiah 17:4 reads:

      17:4 And thou, even thyself, shalt discontinue from thine heritage that I gave thee; and I will cause thee to serve thine enemies in the land which thou knowest not: for ye have kindled a fire in mine anger, which shall burn for ever.

      Jeremiah 14:2 reads:

      14:2 Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up.

      I await your interpretations professor!


      • The great I AM is demonology, pure and simple. Little wonder the KJV defense and the skewed focus on ‘history’ the ‘meaning’ of the book of the beast and chosen subject matter.

        Let’s say it slowly, one last time. I don’t give a flying fritatta about colour and anyone with brain engaged laughs at how stupid that is. No-one is going to ‘save the world’ mate with ppl like you waiting for godo, praying for destruction by the great white hope!

        Not our bag, we know the world will go on long after humanity has been sluished down the cosmic drain as a brilliant idea, tons of potential but couldn’t cut the mustard. Didn’t have it in them.

        By the likes of you, billions of them. Congratulations; you and your enormous Great YOU ARE egotistically channelled delusions.

        Why didn’t you just come right out and disclose this allegience on your blog from the start? It’s out now for others to make their own minds up, if they can still find and identify them.


  8. what i am noticing here, as Verbs has also stated, is that people are now saying, “why are YOU people trying to rise up and claim that YOUR way is the true way and right way?” and some things I’ve noticed that seem to escape others mindset is 1. if you aren’t of this nationality or faith or background then why are you so concern with what is being taught? 2. If you are so eager to teach or correct someone who is informing a people about their information and or heritage; then why go about it in such a “superior” way? If you feel as though it’s your duty to enlighten the people and correct their erroneous paths, then how can you not see that Verbs is doing the exact same thing? I am not trying to argue and I am not trying to team up on you. However, what you may not understand is that just as I have found this blog, I believe that i was The Most High Creator of this world that brought me to it. I had been, as I still am searching for information and the simple fact that I stepped away from “church” and stepped into fellowship, stepped into kinship, stepped into heritage, i came across this knowledge and it fits and feels more accurate than anything else has in a long time. I have always questions why do white people STILL hate negroes today the same as how whites wonder how can negroes behave a certain way to this day. I have felt the harshness of hatred simply because I didn’t have the look and I always wondered why the history books have black history beginning with slavery as if there was nothing else before that; as though we were born to be slaves. I have wondered why white and black counsel alike have tried to attribute us to the African heritage and culture and it worked for awhile but it didn’t stick. It didn’t stick because we aren’t african, nor are we african americans; we are negroes, black people, but not of the dark(er) race. If you have problems with that, then why can’t you see that no matter what you think at this time, the truth is black people have a history of horrid treatment and any behavior that is displayed at present date does have to do with the lack of healing, lack of apologies lack of retribution lack of compassion toward us as a people and as people. I’m not going to argue if whites were slaves because i’m not white and i’m not going to say that i could care less about white people and culture cause that’s not true however, i will say that my people are the only people in this country(i’m american) who don’t have a culture of their own so much as they have had to create a new one…i mean they had one but it was indeed stripped of them so now this new one which is a melting pot culture because we add to it as we go and people want to brand it black culture or hip hop culture or jazz culture but it’s all our culture because our truth was replaced with lies. You may want me to have all these historical proofs as if I need to show you what you already know. Again, i’m not trying to argue with you but I do agree with and appreciate Verbs as to what he is doing and trust me, i’m not looking for no man made religion or man made folklore to save me. I believe in something greater than myself and that is the Great I AM and that is my right to do so. You disagree? Then do so, but please do so quietly and without cause for discourse and dissension because there are quite a few who think like me that look like you and quite a many that think like you and look like me. We don’t need a divide in our own study and revelation of truth and awakening. I pray you be blessed with empathy and sympathy in these trying times in the name of Yahshaya the Truth. Bless you brother Daft.



    • OK JR. I wish we could unite in understanding. It’s … I find it tragic, a failure on both our parts. The Great I AM is not that which my soul is a part of in love of ‘the one and all’. Bless you back JR but I’m a woman.


      • And after all that, you still didn’t even answer the questions in relation to the scriptures I gave you, but still as I stated before you continue to roll on wrong and strong, defiant even though you have been weighed in the balances and found wanting.

        This is exactly proving what I stated before, that if I asked you for the masonic/kabbalistic meanings of some random verses, that you would stutter and avoid the question.

        You see, it is time to put Professor Aida to the test and see what you really know seeing as I according to you am mistaken about my heritage and my history. I allowed you to express the information you had received about our records accordingly, but now it seems that we are finding out that the great Professor Aida is in need of help and a little educating of her own.

        OK, so you couldn’t answer the question relating to the random verses I gave you, maybe the question was a bit too hard for you. No problem, we’ll try another question based on some of your previous statements.

        Despite me informing you that the bible is a history book of a people ie the Hebrews, you seem to be content to remain with the notion that it is a book of religion. Logically, you should be able to name the religion of some of the people contained within the book. I am going to give you 3 random people from the bible and please tell me what their religion was:

        1. Isaiah

        2. Moses

        3. Paul

        I await your answers again Professor Aida and I suggest that you start coming up with some sort of response as this is all being logged for people to see and you are beginning to confirm my statement from the start, that you know nothing about the records of the Hebrews.


  9. Lecturer Aida

    Had you gone to the ‘about’ section of my blog, you would have clearly read up on exactly what my blog site is all about. I state in that section that I will mostly be dealing with topics relating to my people but that all aspects of truth will be covered, hence why I have various other topics posted on this site ranging from HIV/AIDS to raw milk. So I did declare what my motives were from the start, you just didn’t bother to read that section. I do not only deal with topics relating to my people but I mostly deal with topics relating to my people.

    What difference is there between the elite and yourself? You both promote the same philosophies of no hope, destruction and perpetual death. Your nature is exactly the same as theirs, you are determined to make everybody else follow this European mindset of “living for the moment”, vanity and self. According to yourself, other cultures, histories and heritages must be put down and replaced by the “superior” European ways of thought, expression and life. You are exactly the same as your psychopathic brethren except they have a bigger bank account than you.


  10. I confess that I certainly did not read your responses line by line or even the specific texts you quoted. It is not evasion but boredom. And if I may venture to be so bold, your greatness, you in turn have failed to see the simplicity of the position, or the wisdom in the quotes I have provided.


    • I understand exactly what you have stated to me, I have just taken the next logical step and asked you to breakdown the masonic/kabbalistic meanings of some random verses in the bible…….which you have failed to achieve thus far.

      I also understand what you have stated in relation to the bible being a book of religion and again I have taken the next logical step and asked you for the religion of a few random characters contained within the book……..you have failed yet again in answering this question also.

      I am beginning to see a pattern forming here and it is not looking terribly great on your part. You now have a further opportunity to redeem yourself and address the questions I raised since you say that you missed them before. I again await your responses professor Aida.


  11. Come now. Are you, by exposing the meaning behind what poses as ‘fame and fortune’ guilty of therefore, of promoting the nihilism of ‘no hope, destruction and perpetual death’? My position is that if we do not see through all our illusions, we cannot help but continue blindly down well set primrose paths to the ultimate end that they have written of tirelessly. The baggage of programming is blinding people from seeing the destination writ large, everywhere you look once your eyes are opened. That is our only collective and individual hope. That others have the courage and humility to face the fact that they have, like everyone else, been ‘had’.

    Then and only then, can we engage in a fruitfuil dialogue about the solutions. Without all these destructive false divisions ending in perpetual war. I do not ‘preach’ a message of doom. That is what the new agers parrot to anything ‘negative’. The ‘I AM’ movement is entirely New Age.

    If you genuinely want to provide a true picture to what you call ‘your’ people, then it is essential that their depictions of enslavement and the perpetrators of that enslavement are presented within the broader and obvious context of white, indian, latino – all races and colours under the same yoke welded by the same sick designers and their sychopantic operators.

    That was my point. Raw milk and the AIDS issues are very important for so many reasons. But, if, like me, you like to do one subject thoroughly before introducing others, You can’t examine the black square on the board without the white and there are an equal number of pawns and kings on each side.


    • You are attempting to distract me with your truffle shuffling antics and it is not working. Am I to assume that you do not know the answers to my questions then?


      • That avatar I specifically choice as a reminder of the power that the Hebrews are about to receive from heaven, powers YOU do not want us to have.


  12. I have not failed at all and have not come to you here to be tested on my kaballistic knowledge in relation to that book of inafamy. You would most probably be far better versed than I; it is not a subject that I warm to and never did. The trouble I find in investigating things deeply, is one of ‘contamination’ and a feeling about this art and craft, of revulsion. I’m therefore quite happy to observe what those from within have presented.

    Another difficulty I have is one of boredom, as mentioned. You see, I spent 17 years being indoctrinated into the texts on the ‘goy’ level and a further self imposed theological study of various sects and religions. Having revisited and ‘lived’ the KJV around 6 years ago, I have thoroughly exhausted that line of enquiry for myself and am fully satisfied with certain conclusions. So, you see, I have not failed in any way way but have been diligent in my quest for truth, which is, after all, impartial.


    • Nobody here is testing you, you were simply asked questions in relation to a few statements you made and you have been unable to answer on any grounds yet alone solid ones. My point is proven, though we could go one more round and make it three down on your part.


  13. I was far more interested in the New Testament, frankly. The OT was totally irrellevant to me; I cottoned on pretty quick that this bloodthirsty and hateful ‘god’ had cursed women, men and animals so he was no friend of mine.

    That was aged 7, the age of reason. I was more interested in Jesus. Now, he was not a Christian, was he? No. At 13 I had concluded that this religion was the cause of anger and hatred men towards women, men towards animals, unaware of their nature.

    By 17 when I was finally free of the miserable creed, I had concluded that The OT and the scribes and pharisees, the Judas’ and cowardly diciples, the Romans and the people themselves, crucified him. The reason they did so was the same reason that ‘the serpent’ was able to deceive by stroking the ego’s and curiosities for the unknown in Adam and Eve. With Eve, the sexually complaint replacement wife, she would easily have fallen for flattery about her physical beauty and for Adam, he’d have taken this ‘I AM GOD’ business and run with it. He demanded compliance from his god-created equal, not co-operation! They produced Set and no surprise there, as also this Kane/Kahn/Caine/Cane the murderer allowed freedom by this god; he got away with the first murder. Then the crazy repetitive dialogue between Abraham and this god about murdering and stealing land from people not of this god. The rest is history.

    Moses could have been a Ram worshipping pagan on mescalin for all I care. He murdered his people for worshipping the ‘old’ idol representing the passing age of Taurus. The new idol was The Ram; the Age of Aries. Appropriately, Moses opened that Age by ingesting mushrooms (as in ‘morning dew’ from heaven’) and smashing the first written ‘god-given’ laws before slaughtering his people who he abandoned to amuse themselves. Absolutely bonkers behaviour. Psychopathically psychotic. He was of course, a Jew-Ishtar disciple of magick.

    Now, as for Paul, he was another Jew-Ishtar prosecutor given to hunting down those associated with the teachings of Jesus but he ‘saw the light’ and was blinded by it. To the extent that he then switched his posture to that of capitalising on preaching a version, an interpretation of the teachings, and thereby attaining power and promotion. Wolf in sheep’s clothing, with a staff and crook to hook those shoals as yet not caught in the fishermen’s net.

    More recently, my eyes were opened to the existance and content of The Babylonian Talmud, The Torah, The Noahide Laws. I already knew the basics of media manipulation through perceptual management and technology from my career in media and subsequent reading of ‘Four Arguments For The Elimination of Televison’. My areas of experience and knowledge cover medical research and testing on animals and humans, the history of vivisection, Big Pharma (vaccines were first introduced by those wizards of the poison pen, the Jesuits) and many other areas but all are connected and inter-related but particularly on mind control and all aspects of this subject.

    Hence my reasoning that talking about an issue such as Holly Wood corruption and mind control of virtual puppets (who are obviously controlled by ‘those calling themselves Jews but are not Jews’) the Asiatics, to be fair to ‘your’ people, do you not have an obligation to provide the ‘backdrop’ as it were, the environment in which these ‘brothers and sisters’ have to co-exist with white, indian and every nation slaves just as hopelessly trapped as themselves?

    Otherwise, you see, the danger is that at some point at some time in the future or even those young ones reading your blog now, when people may find this information, they will be convinced that it was only Black skinned people being exploited by ‘European’ or White skinned people. All white skinned people. Now, that would a ‘sin of ommission’ wouldn’t you say?

    And if the white skinned people were slaughtered by the black skinned people because these Jew-Ish Cabbalists programmed them to carry out that agenda, then it would be very convenient that the only records anyone could find of the ‘white race’ showed them to deserve extinction.

    If you were able to understand that Black people have been led by the nose to replicate, duplicate and act as a shield of protection and hit squad by those very same pleading SuperVictim status (read When Victims Rule), they’d understand the strategy, the process, the pattern. They’d be equipped to detect the same patterns repeating over and over throughout history, throughout what passes these days for a news story, or ‘the truth’.

    Well, for the record, if I were to outline all that I know I’d be circulating a book. This is YOUR parade and it’s getting tiresome.


    • The more you talk, the more it becomes apparent that your knowledge on the records of the Hebrews is little to none. Firstly it should be mentioned that there is no such description as JewISH in our records. The word ‘Jew’ is used to describe those of my people who were from the tribe of Judah. Tribe equals bloodline and heritage, not a religion I’m afraid.

      You talked about the Most High being bloodthirsty and hating men, women and animals. Please give me some scriptures to quantify this statement.

      Paul, the same guy whom you stated preached a new version of the gospel to gain promotion(from where?), made a very profound statement about your forefathers the Romans as he saw the same arrogant prideful behaviour displayed in them as your people carry themselves today. He stated: Professing themselves to be wise, they became FOOLS.

      This is exactly why you Europeans need to put down your pride and ask about things that you have no knowledge on as this is exactly what happens when you try to go it alone and puff out your chest as some sort of learned professor, you get it terribly wrong. Like I stated before, the Hebrew scriptures that you know of as the bible did not originate with you European people, they are NOT your records, you need to put them down.

      A noble and valiant attempt to quantify these European ramblings about the bible being from the Talmud and having links to masonry and the Kabbalah. This counter intelligence is admirable at best but predictable all the same.

      The main thing that should be pointed out and noted here is that your hatred of the bible is based on somebody else’s reasons for despising the scriptures and not your own as I have heard these same arguments used against the bible by others. Orwellian group think at its prime torque. I have yet to see somebody come out and give their own personal reasons as to why they despise the bible, they always hide behind the common arguments and mantra being circulated by the same manipulative European mainstream media. Have you lost the ability to think and reason for yourself eh Aida?


    • My people need to know who their enemy is regardless of who gets slapped with the label. Remember it was “common” white folks who were linching and killing my people in the streets of America and it was “common” white folks who were beating up my people in the streets of London aswell as putting excrement through their letterboxes along side the usual offensive by-words that your people like to address the Hebrews by.

      Had your people repented for all those crimes committed against us then we would have been at ease and a little more relaxed with you. However, your people still continue to agitate and spew racist jibes at the so called Negro. The number one enemy of the so called Negro has always been and will always be the Caucasian race.

      Your entire stance of pride, denial and arrogance even in the face of being proven wrong plus the track record of your people throughout their history is the reason why the Most High is going to have to judge your brethren and judge them hard he will. You will have the judgement cup passed to you and you will drink down your recompense in totality at full strength. In fact, it has already commenced.


  14. @verb2012, Great and very very informative read…..may the Most High (AHAYAH), continue to bless you in waking up our people!


    • Thank you for your kind words, I will continue to fight on this front and wake up my people regardless of who may be disgruntled by these actions.



  15. have you now, read other people saying similar things? I’ve read thousands of people’s books saying everything you can imagine. These are my own conclusions, taking everything into account that I have proven to myself to be true. As far as I or any one else knows. I don’t ‘hate’ the bible, I know the bible and understand that which I was seeking to know of it and where it came from and to who and what it refers. Asiatics are not Europeans. The Elites on top of the heap today bear no more geographical allegience to Europe than the African and Asian Elites do to the landmass and people they deplete of resources from within. They are a motley crew of inbred, inter-racial psychopaths. That’s the one thing. I have no interest anymore of who or what or where the Hebrews were or will become. I’m simply not interested when we are in a war and I can see the enemy very clearly, their weapons, their positions, tactics, strategy and the people being slaughtered are looking everywhere but in the right direction. They’re too busy slaughtering eachother according to plan. You got this much time?

    Then you’ve not been looking or hearing. I gave you my personal reasons for knowing this book is a fraud. My knowledge is limited, just like everyone else’s to the language I’ve been taught, the only one available to me. However, I have relatives who speak 7 languages. One being Hebrew so it’s not a genetic limitation, but a cultural one. You in your almighty arrogance, presume to dismiss someone who has not just ‘read’ about different races, religions, historical accounts and the works of those claiming to rule, their histories, specialities, connections; but lived through experience to evaluate first hand the essence of that perspective. It’s manifestation and results. On the manifestation and results, there’s nothing to say that isn’t obvious, or soon shall be.

    Oh my, and was it not the ‘slave’ black man who, on promise of freedom, joined the nothern (london backed) confederacy troops in lynching, raping, looting and burning through the southern states? Remember that Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln – all were slave traders themselves making mighty profits from the white and black trades. Not just negroes in the North, but those in the South, no matter what their position were either forced into an uncertain ‘freedom’ by those who had agreed to revolt in aid of the Northern ‘whites’ ahem.

    The roots of black and white emnity were sown with the plantations crops as token blacks were given authority over white slaves in return for loyality to the masser boss man. They, in elevated slavery and duplicity, got notions that they were ‘superior’ to the white slave man and woman. They could vent their rage in ‘revenge’ on their ‘white’ masters and of course, to cover the greater outrage of having been traded like meat (at high rates) by their very own Tribal Chiefs. Ain’t that a fact, jack?

    By the time of the civil war, the pretext for winning the ‘hearts and minds’ for the British arm of the Empire, the Northern Confederacy’s invasion and capture of Southern wealth, was that of ‘black slavery’ in the South. No mention of it in the North. Wilberforce used the ‘abolition of slavery’ banner zealously to gain support and funding. Meanwhile the children and poor of England and Ireland were slaving in disgusting mills and mines and the homes of the rich, being horribly abused. Slavery was not the issue. The uniting of the states under one fiscal, judiciary and religious mantle of Federal State was, even though it was against the original declaration for state by state autonomy. So it was that the negroes in the Southern States were induced to join in the carnage and sheer butchery of white slaves together with their masters. There are as many accounts from black people on the treatment of white slaves as there are accounts of the horrible humiliation of black slaves at the hands of white overseers and masters. You gave me an example of one of your hero’s. A mentally retarded killer of innocent white slaves as ‘guilty by association’ on account of the colour of their skin.

    There are accounts from the scant records still remaining of those who did escape and how they fared. Most became pyrates. Many were foiled, found and killed. There were so many ‘favoured’ black slaves who betrayed those collaborating blacks and whites. None more so than the blacks working within the Virginian plantations. Virginia was the first post kidnapped Irish and English slaves were first shipped, decades before any importations of blacks on any comparable scale. If you read those books I recommended, you’d understand. The authors did not write from a biased point of view and had a very hard job tracking down records still in the public domain from that era.

    The hatred of whites and blacks were sealed during the horrors perpetuated on the poor, newly ‘freed’ or still enslaved white men women and children. The betrayal would never be allowed to heal. For later, when whites once again, white mine and construction labourers revolted against the slavedriving cruetly of the Robber Barons, like the Gates, Rockeferfellas, Peabody’s etc etc, they were white fighting for everyone’s rights for a decent wage, rest, food, shelter. So many shot and burned, starved to death. Later when once more, common interests saw blacks and whites unite against their ever common oppressors, the marxist lot come a preaching their doctrine and the organised, controlled Trade Labour Unions were born. We’ve covered KKK an it’s juju eugenicist racial hygiene agenda; those darn hebrews again.

    Truly educated people do not limit themselves to the one side of the story. Because there isn’t one. There are many facets, all happening at once. It takes the trained eye to connect one event to another and it is these questing, investigative, impartial works which provide a balanced view from which to take the enquiry forward. Whatever the querent’s quest is. But, it’s like talking to a madman, who can only see in black and white.


  16. You have admitted that long before any white or asiatics (they are swarthy but interbred with ‘shining ones’) traded in black meat, the tribal chiefs were selling surplus slaves off to Arabs, Turks, anyone really with the readies. OK. Good. Didn’t matter if they were black or white. Agreed. Proven.

    You have also acknowledged and must by reason admit, that those ‘seafaring merchants’ the Phoenicians and Venetians, those Drakes, Bacons, Cortez’, Columbus’ and all the rest were from the Vatican spawned controlled opposition of the Elizabethan, Rosicrusion Court full of sorcery, kabbalism and Sir John Dee. In the same era Ignatius Layola, a very sick and twisted Portuguese Jew ignited the flame of the burning cross of christ, the society of jesus, the Jesuits.

    They, merrily hacked natives limbs off, set dogs on them and ‘for the love of Jesus Christ, their saviour’, roasted them hanging in rows over fires for entertainment. Ditto Cortez, Columbus, Marco Pollo, none of them of the people, from the people or in any stretch, for the people. Any people but their own den of thieves and socerers.

    You know they knew all the tribal customs, taboos, ancestral and spiritual traditons from centuries of anthropological studies, experiments and observations. It was easy to craft and superimpose through mind control camps and cults, a new way of life. What we are seeing in the works that you and others are producing, are a mix of houdoo, santieri, druidism (holly wood) and talmudic satanic casting.

    They think they can play us any way they want because they can feed us our instinctual understanding of nature beyond and behind, beneath and above what is being superficially presented. They feedback a distorted ensemble which turns nightmares into reality.

    Back to who gave who a kicking on your level of black and white in the boxing ring.

    As mentioned, the black on white betrayal and cruelty within the slave colonies has been all but made invisible. We were never told any of this business about white slavery. Or anything else of importance to our survival, history or identity. Most mixed race children were as much the result of black on white impregnation by force as was the other way around. Stats hold today that the least attractive female to the white male is a negro woman. But the most attractive man to a white woman is a black man! White men like Oriental women, Black men like Asiatic women. And this silly survey didn’t say who liked white women (probably Asiatic men) or Black women (probably Oriental men) just to even things up.

    We have been socially programmed to integrate but integration was enforced. Not voluntary on either side. People rub along brilliantly together as long as they have a choice and respect eachother’s choice in preferring their own kind close to home and that goes for everyone, everywhere. Except the psychopathic predators.

    When you claim that ordinary white people were beating up blacks on the streets of London. Think again. There was never, ever any immigration mentioned to the public as the Windrush deposited the first of what would become a mounting invasion of not formerly enslaved whites but black mixed race Jamaicans. Mixed with Irish blood. Prior to this, there had been blacks in London and elswhere but these were ‘pets’ of the wealthy and very educated and pampered they were, too. In the dockyards of Liverpool, were given accounts from blacks about the Irish were treated with both pity and contempt by all and treated with the utmost barbarity. Blacks both pitied and as is typical of those elevated from that positon, contemptous of the poor whites. Same as today. The presumptions of the working working class up through the ranks of the middle classes, will support any moves to punish the ‘idleness and irresponsibility’ of the poorest among them or another ‘race’. Now, as with then, people were flooded with all nations, languages and cultures with whom they had no preparation for or experience with.

    The bombed out London, still on rations, still suffering shell shock from years of near starvation and misery because of the Jews in power and their war to secure a home for the jews in Palestine, not as was formerly discussed, South Africa.

    Into this environment of restless dissatisfaction, loss of life, history, homes and hope in the rubble of the landscape, with people just getting back to regular work and finding their feet but fighting for all that was promised to those who died, (and 20 years earlier in round one) in come the WindRush hopefuls. A low key affair, announced via BBC on arrival. Poor things. Not much to make any fuss about …just a small number. Even if it was not legitimate, officially.

    Then the shipments increased and before too long, the signs in ‘rooms to let’ added ‘blacks’ to the NO Irish, no dogs preceding it.

    The trouble was that they felt they were being invaded; which is understandable, given they had fought and lost many lives to prevent an invasion. The human emotional make up is designed to register strongly with the primary cause of all that fear and horror; they had been traumatised and programmed daily for years about the horrors of an invasion (by Hitler or anyone!). Scarcely rationed enough to survive throughout WW1 and now 6 years of WW11 within such a short period, they knew that everything was scarce, jobs, money, food, shelter. They were sick and tired and fighting the bstds who caused all the misery. Demanding change, healthcare, housing, support. They’d fought and died for it, and now they would have it!

    From the start, from merchants, traders, ship builders, owners, fleet managers, plantation owners and traders right down to the profitable slave ‘n rum trading in whites and blacks, were the Talmudic Ashkenazi Jews. And here they were again, on the streets of London’s East End, the most impoverished region of the Capital, arming aiding and inciting the immigrant blacks to join them in fighting the fascists.

    After incidents beyond the usual skirmishes, involving rape, gunfire and fatalities of whites from blacks n jews, whites retaliated and it all blew up. Yet, for the most part, given the common ancestors of the Jamaicans and the English and Irish slaves, people got along well enough over time. They always do. Unless and until, that little serpent whispers in their ears …….. making them ignore the fact that life was better in many ways (except the weather, food, atomosphere, expense) and frankly, from the 50’s to now, the middle class blacks have done very well for themselves. Many having bought property and set up businesses back home, employing their own servants.

    Now, what did that serpent whisper … did he say, ‘hey dude, you’re onto a good thing here, but those wrongs you suffer, everyone suffers. so why not fight to put those wrongs right alongside everyone else in the same boat’. No. ‘hey bro’, you know you don’t wanna be workin for no white man benefit. Hell no. They owe you, man! They owe your people, your ROOTS. Fight for your rights, the black man’s rights. The right to learn your history, out of Africa.’

    Haile Sallasi, Marcus Garvey (both talked a lot of sense but does a Leopard (Etheopian change it’s spots)? MLK,Malcolm X,Steve Beko all raised to deliver a particular message at a specific time and that was to emphasise the WHITE in slavery. To the exlusion of all other forms of slavery. To mask those who have white skin but belong to no nation. To mask the original slavers and traders of blacks; their own kind. To mask the secondary slavers and traders of blacks; the Arabs, the Egyptians, The Spanish,The Greeks, The Romans, The British, The Americans and now? Still slaves to the seeds of Caine. MKL, Malcolm X and all black/mixed race blacks have been educated and run by the Asiatic jewish mafia.

    Roots. Opens with a big fat lie. And that lie is and was that white merchants, upon disembarking on the shores of the Barbados or Jamaican Islands went on a human blood sport spree to round up terrified feeling natives! hahahah nice one Alex. Haily, rock around that clock!

    No. They would send out posse’s from plantations to hunt runaways down, sure they would. In fact, it was a black plantation owner in Barbados that really screwed the deal for black slaves. Fact seemingly stranger than Haily’s fiction. But it’s true and I can’t remember his name from the book .. but one of his black slaves kept running away and in the end found refuge with a white plantation owner who beleived the slave’s account that his master’s predecessor had promised that he would be a free man after a certain period of time. Everyone was promised that except the kidnapped ones or prisoners. Few ever got it, being worked, beaten and starved to death before their time was up. And when it was up, being set back by made up extensions for punishment for some misdemeanour or other. Women would not leave their children when their time was up and any children the women had were the property of the master.

    Anyhow, this white plantation owner defended and protected the man under threats both legal and otherwise. He stood his ground. From memory, the upshot was a change in the ‘rules’ for black slaves so that they would never earn their freedom. Sadly, the corrupt majority council ruled in favour of a proposal to return the man to his former owner to die in misery. Things like that, just have to make you think.

    There was a Govenor, one good Govenor and a couple of plantation owners who really did their best to improve conditions of slaves everywhere and treated their own as well as they could. But they were ousted. Over-ruled. Ridiculed. Amid a bunch of ne’r do well, buccaneer deviants and drunkards. Just as happy fornicating with a horse, fish or baby human. And nothing has changed.

    I mean, just by having a black skin, does not make you a saint. Just because blacks were victims of first and foremost, their own rulering elite’s betrayal of tribes they considered beneath them, does not mean that they as victims, are not prone to lie, murder and rape just like every other type, caste and colour under certain circumstances. Those circumstances are usually caused by psychopaths within every race and these always end up on top, ’cause there’s nothing in their way except human intelligence and vigilance. That’s how the ‘first victims or arch victims’ the jews, cannot do wrong yet have done everything imaginable facet of wrong throughout thier unwelcome history. It’s rubbish. Blacks exploited blacks and boy, do they still! I’ve never seen anything quite like it up close and personal. Never.

    So the blacks are the new jews, the secondary ‘victims’ who, despite all the horror caused through the jewish false teachings of their comparatively brief official slavery on white man’s land! So Blacks ‘invaded’ England amid an uprepared still shell shocked people recovering from the threat of foreign invasion (broadcast constantly, daily for years) and start running around with jewish thugs and getting out of order with prostitution, pimping, hooch houses, smoking joints, loud music and violence.

    Still workin for da man. Police crime stats show that black on white homicide, rape, assault is 80% higher than white overall. And the lowest stats for white on black crime is that of rape. White men do not rape black women. Black men, pimp white, black or anything that can earn them easy money.

    If I were to take on the level you do and someone came across my journals down the line, they could read a partial truth and without other information on this era, would conclude that this was an accurate account.

    The British people were told over and over that immigration was good for Britian, good for jobs, good for the economy. They were never consulted on the need to fill jobs from abroad, the excuse given later, and were struggling to work themselves. Up until the late forties in London, there were still street urchins. Barefoot, unkempt hungry children of no fixed abode. People were still on those war rations until 1953/4.

    What did the black man bring to the British people?
    *Gun and Knife Crime
    *Street Gangs
    *No Go Zones
    *Police Enforcement
    *Loss of free speach
    *Loss of equal rights
    *Loss of employment
    *Fried chicken takeaways
    *Pimps ‘n ho’s
    *Nasty bitchy violent ugly women

    But that would not be telling the whole truth. Telling the whole truth would have to include the causes of why and how these events took place and what and who was engineering them. Telling the whole truth would be very much focussing on what the hell is up with the white people for just letting this all happen? I know the answers to that as well.

    In truth, it wasn’t black people who gave us Reggae or anything else. It was Motown, Island and the usual crew behind the labels and A&R teams. Marley hated his white father’s blood but it made him very talented, as were many, ‘stars’ then and now of ‘white’ blood mix and who populates the sewers of Holly Wood and the musak biz? Jews.

    Blacks did not give us the fascist civil rights we are now subjected to; they were just the willing, easily maleable vehicles to drive through Jewish policies, regulations and laws. So Blacks didn’t give us anything, they just served da boss.

    Telling the truth would have to tell the tale from the black perspective and how the manipulation was so successful.

    They had thousands of years experience, they are perfect masters at manipulation. We’re born, injected with toxins, stamped with a debt to be repaid to The State on reaching the age of 18 or 21. We are their property from the time our birth is recorded on the certificate. That’s our bond.

    We know the flooding of America’s inner city black areas of crack cocaine by the jewish mafia just like heroin and hooch before it with the birth of Harlem; exactly the same mob running the same negro programme. At the same time as blacks were getting introduced to CIA heroin, middle class and WASPs were getting LSD; as blacks were getting crack, WASPs and whites were getting MDMA. Different trips altogether. And we know about the deliberate sabotage of any community initiative that was proving from grass roots up to be successful. No they built more prisons, more hospitals, more laws, more crime. When they want ‘peace’ they flood the market with drugs, the gangs cool down and relax. When they want war, they reduce supply, raise the stakes and watch the action. Much as I understand those who take from others through desparation, I do not lose sight of the terrible damage and injustice done with deliberate gratuitous violence; particularly on young women.

    Acid in the face, stamping on the face, stabbing. For helping someone out at personal expense and keeping to my word under impossible circumstances, the family nearly had me skinned. I watched with fascination the blacks who sided with the family abuse of my friend (who was speechless and defenceless, elderly) and myself, and those who were not racially or colour prejudiced. They just saw what was happening over time and they said and did the right thing when they could.

    After that, I finally got it. Just because I wasn’t that way and never had been, I stupidly assumed that blacks that I supported were not that way either. They are now colour prejudiced in a way I have never ever seen or heard whites. The Blacks get given fat grants to set up black only housing projects. They scam the tenants, the public. Out of millions. I’ve seen inside the amount of inter familial blackmail that goes on and passes for family life! It’s sick. Black women hate white women because white women ‘steal their men’. I wish they wouldn’t. I wish they’d stay well clear of any kind of sexual involvement, the rumours aren’t true, not if you want a lover as opposed to a performer. A conversation as opposed to a dialogue in monotone. Black women are very possessive, trophy hunters. They scrap like cats at the drop of a hat, as soon as there’s a pair of trousers in sight. It’s so damn cheap and nasty. You’ve noticed it too. I’ve seen black women do things in broad daylight in front of children that was normal but totally crude similated sex. In a street party. I’ve seen a woman of age, gyrate like a cat in heat in front of a man I was with ….. letting him know her intentions. I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

    We’re different, for sure. We’ve been culturally programmed in a different way with a different story. Whites know your story of black slavery. The Jews have told them it over and over. They did this with the specific intention of demoralising whites by giving them the false impression that whites in Britain and America were responsible for slavery. There was no other slavery mentioned; all slavery was specifically Black slavery. We didn’t get told about the deportations of whites at all. We all want and need the same things. We have far more in common than we’ll ever realise until we’re piled up next to eachother in a mass grave.

    You really ought to look up to see the masters pulling the strings. I tell you, whites have no need of this falsly imposed ‘guilt’ for black slavery. But you’ll go for your handouts and who will get them, eh? What happened to the grants set aside for the poor Jamaican farmers? The money allocation will come from the public (children) from the evil regulations in place by the jews and reassigned to their pet projects; those with the big stinking brown noses and other parts.

    You think you gonna get yours? And for What? My great grandparents and grandparents were killed. Am I demanding reparation for the return of my fathers plundered estates? ‘Course not. He didn’t know who stole the goods, he was a child.

    And we know why. At the same time that crack was hitting the states, the UK drugs division of The Met, decided in their wisdom, to import Yardies to deal with the Jamaican gangs getting out of hand. So we got crack too and skunk. Good move. You know the story.

    I see them, bloated and distorted, medicated out of their box. I hear them, mouthing off loud, bolshy, stroppy, ill-mannered, brash, fascile, in all that bling and those shoes and nails and uggggg! I see them, the way they look at women, speak to elders. Talkin a kind of chimpspeak of ughs. Dem rappin on ’bout the babylon business whilsts grovelling at it’s feet! Happy to be security guards, rioters, change agents, neighbourhood champions, x factor contestants, and dj’s and rap ‘artists’.

    Blacks have ‘special status’ in this equal world of diversity which require special groups and special education. Like SLAM and other segregational, cultural indoctrinations. They learn all about Black History, just like you did. On how the whites blah blah blah Racist, colour prejudiced bigots, brimming with unfounded or grounded indignation and false pride, happy to do the white man women or child down. Happy to greedily lap up handouts due to their ‘victimhood’. Who do you think pays for ‘reparations’? Those who are stinking rich on the proceeds of intergenerational slave trading worldwide? Get a grip. That’s not the way things work around here.

    Y’know what’s interesting is

    Having known many and helped some of ‘your people’ much to my personal expense, there are some mellow fellows and beautiful ladies but for the most part, it was a bit of a nightmare I could have well done without, thanks.

    I have been violently mugged twice; once by a black man on crack, another by two black girls looking to ‘hit’; each time, they didn’t ask or demand anything (i’d have given them the money, so what) they took my bag by force and the personal treasures they trashed for no reason and laughed as they assaulted me, kind of summed up the mentality. The senseless mess of small private community business and homes, left by blacks on the riots. Oh boy, but that was nothing to the neighbours. 10 frickin years. Thefts, assaults gangstalking rumour mongering malicious nasty gossip. No big deal, just whitey. Getting to know life under mental health psycopaths under the equality disability and diversity acts.

    The loss of sleep, earnings, weight, property and time…… never to be repaid or replaced ….witnessing the damage to others and the collusion of these idiots in administrative posiitons of power applying the rules and ignoring the crimes – even colluding in them.

    But you know what I still don’t walk down the street and think anything of being happy to talk with black neighbours or help black strangers just like I would anyone else. I don’t understand how I can do that after all. But that’s my true nature. Tell me, if all that had been done to you by whites, how would YOU deal with that? I can imagine. Look at you now, full of venom when no one has done anything to you to justify this. The only way you and your kind can justify being obnoxious and racist is if you cling desperately to the illusions whispered in your ear by the sssserpent.

    I’m not here to make your limited perspective blog more interesting. Go get your own education and stop licking the arse of the goats of mendes.

    Amen-Ra to U


  17. You win. Hands down. Racist Bigot and Quisling. New Age barbarian posing as the great black hope. I lost time and the battle. But in time, I win the war because, don’t you know, the pen is mightier than the sword. The proof of it’s power is in the conditon of your mind to be inacapable of thought beyond a certain narrow and given construct. What did KJV ever do for you and ‘your people’? Blinded you to the meaning behind the warnings given and the examples shown. Just like billions of young people lap up those Eye-Dolls not seeing what is in front of them because they have been taught to believe it’s something else.

    So, as I depart Wonderland to unsubscribe to this strange and claustrophobic diversion I wish you all that you deserve.


    • I think we should call it a day here as it is clear to see that you have lost this debate miserably. I would hope that in the future, rather than jumping head first into a topic in which you possess little to no knowledge of, instead you would simply humble yourself and admit that you are not well versed on that particular subject.

      What you have ended up doing here is over loading the post with so many different topics to purposely distract people from the fact that you have no idea of what you are talking about in relation to the records of the Hebrews and to hide the embarrassment of your defeat.

      I speak English, I do not speak Hebrew, that is what the KJV bible has done for me, enabled me to understand the records of my forefathers in the language that I speak. Again, your people DIDN’T TELL BLACK PEOPLE THAT THEY WERE REALLY THE TRUE HEBREWS, we found that information out via our own means of research. This is information that was purposely hidden from us by your people, so this wasn’t “any old history” that we have accepted, this is hidden history that we have had to dig deep to find.

      Again, I will say that it is and has always been the typical mentality of the European man to erase all hope and faith from the mind of the so called Negro and it indeed worked for a while. The bottom line here is that white people are afraid of black people being given power hence why you immediately launched a campaign at maximum rpms and fought tooth and nail to attempt to discredit the records of the Hebrews. It didn’t work.

      Yes, these Negroes your people have denigrated, ridiculed, racially insulted and mocked for the longest while are about to rumble this planet with real power from Heaven, you cannot stop it and you will see it with your own eyes. There is a reason why you and your people have been weary of the so called Negro and you are shortly to find our why. You are correct in your statement about spreading the education net but I ask why is it that we Hebrews cannot embrace this part of our history? If this is part of our history, why should this information be excluded but all other information be acceptable?

      The way you and your brethren have purposely gone out of your way to discredit this information about the so called Negro being the true Hebrew makes me all the more suspicious and adds even more credence to the fact that this information is true. This is how you Europeans work in terms of propaganda and demonisation, if you go out of your way to slate particulars then it normally stands that what you are trying to discredit is actually the truth.

      I have lived among white people for my entire life, I know how your people work, I know the tricks and schemes that your people employ regularly. I am not a racist for calling out the behaviour of your people just in like manner I never accused you of racism for calling out some of my people as muggers. You have made an observation in relation to my people and I have made observations in relation to your people.

      Well Lecturer Aida, it was good and profitable to dialogue with you and I’m sure that we have both learned and can take away some new knowledge from this sharpening of swords, however I have the right to uplift my people with this newly discovered information that has been hidden from us, just as you have the right to uplift your own people with hidden history relating to your brethren.


  18. Reveal the whole truth and not that given you by those JewIsh that you claim to expose as ‘white’. They are Asiastic. Ask them. Koestler. You’ve been led by the nose. And can claim what you are programmed to believe by your benefactors, but don’t you dare call white skinned people JewIsh or they, white.

    Yeah, great exchange. My Tesla (without whom none of this would be possible, or necessary) to your murdering imbeciles held up as heroes. Typical. You use this false ‘most high’ this and that to justify your own petit ego. You use the bible as a weapon to incite rivers of white, innocent blood. That’s what your demonic god wants, and you are posessed.

    I could tell you exactly what’s going down, for I have studied and observed. Frankly with your ilk on the loose, the planet won’t be worth living on anyway.

    KIng James was a Negro – the last Negro to rule in Europe? How’s about Henry V11, then or even Queen Victoria! Fat lot of good they did and nothing to be proud of unless you worship that great JUJU bird in the sky. Twit.


    • All you are doing now is simply ranting on an emotional and incoherent level aswell as resorting to adhominem attacks and childish name calling. Just as there are 12 tribes of Israel, there are many lineages to the Caucasian nation also. You are still trying to save face by again attempting to inject new topics into the conversation aswell as making outlandish provoking remarks but I can clearly see the technique you are trying to employ here, it isn’t working! You lost, not because of a lack of intelligence, but because you tried to converse on a subject that you clearly do not understand anything about and thought that you could freestyle through it without being probed or questioned on the information that you were bringing forward.


  19. We didn’t lie to anyone about anything; having been taught the same version of black history that most schoolchildren used to get. We don’t care if you are black hebrews or not, we don’t care if those claiming to be white hebrews are hebrews or not. They wrote the books and suppressed those not in line. All I can see from you is spitting venom on the one hand you claim to be god’s chosen people and on the other all you want to do is Ham up your false victim status by murdering everything white in sight.

    You are a very dangerous fun-da-mental-ist wannabe Pharisee. May ye reap plentiful amounts of what ye sow. And so be it. Amen-Ra

    We’d like to see genital mutilation on children fully criminalised actually and those perpetrators imprisoned.


    • @Verbs…brother you are blessed beyond measure and it shows. This discussion that you had with daft needed to happen for if nothing else than to keep hope alive in Ahayah for those who are just coming into the knowledge and are still weary of what they are learning and accepting as truth. Everything that she came with was met with calm responses and truth behind it. There were times when I thought “wow she is really going all out to try and bring this down” and every response from you was better and better and all praise and glory go to Ahayah the Most High. When I saw the “amen-ra” part of her dialogue I knew right then who and what you were dealing with. This was needed and I am glad she volunteered her services to show what kind of disinformation and levels people will try to go to to try and tear down someone and something that they don’t understand. She’s a woman so she’s bringing up emotions about women and their treatment at one point and that is manipulation that she’s dealing with whether she knows it or not. She has helped blacks and got a bad result so there’s that experience that’s come into play. She claimed boredom of your points but rambled on about things that had nothing to do with the original topic at hand…talk about boring. I tried to bring my 2cents to the table and she gave me a humanitarian response but the reality is that until there’s any empathy then how can she relate? I’m no woman but I try to see some things they have to deal with but I can’t go on a rant about how women need to stop complaining about this and that if I don’t have any history of being treated like a woman. @Daft, again I say this, if you see something wrong with what we are learning; what difference does it make to you if you have no part of what we are talking about? You as a woman have things set up for you now in place of the way things were for your ancestors and women that came before you. Your image is considered the most beautiful in the world and who can compete with it when its been rammed down the masses throats involuntarily? You have women shelters and women support groups and a plethera of other organizations available to you and do you fight against it? Do you feel as though it should be more women of color no matter the race that should be promoted as beautiful and not just white women? See I can’t take up arms against women if I haven’t shared any of the disenfranchised experiences they they’ve gone through. Women who claim to love God but are also “independent” and believe that no man should have rule over them have their own issues to work out and though I disagree with the whole “independent” movement; who am I to go to a womens group and start telling them how wrong they are? You aren’t black but you are a woman. You also have to be able to see the truth behind the curtain…can white women give up their status and come down with the common folk until all women are considered beautiful equally? Black women act like this and that but guess what; you don’t know their childhood struggle that formulates them into he women they are today. They don’t have many reps telling them their beautiful and if you go there by saying the whole concept of beauty is man made then I won’t argue with you but what man are we talking about? White man. I said before that there was never any apologies and true responsibilities for what happened to blacks all over the world not just in the usa or the uk. The problem now is just as verbs said; the womb is already infected so it has to be destroyed and we won’t be able to do it by our own power or will but by Ahayah’s and if you think that’s rubbish then only time will tell. How do you explain the many people who have found this blog and wasn’t brainwashed into finding it? Even you found this blog; do you think that was just happen-stance? You did not give yourself life nor can you give yourself death the true death that is neither can you give yourself breath so to think that its all coincidence is to deny The Most High and give credit to yourself. I’m saying that so you will know that all of this was supposed to happen. You were to know about this so that there can be no excuse. Perhaps you will see down the road that there in fact is a God and He is the one true living God and is The Most High. I pray you are given that opportunity and that revelation is accepted by you. I will not take any offence if you reply angrily or with a haughty response for I am not meaning to attack you if it appears that way. I’m simply stating that you are attempting to bring down something that you didn’t put up and you seem upset by it but from what I’ve read in your many responses to verbs; you’re more emotionally upset with your own experiences than with anything we are trying to accomplish here which is simply learning who we truly are and learning how to deal with those who still hate us even the ones who aren’t mugging you and pimping you and hating your gender, yes those who are like verbs and myself and my friends who are normal hard working law abiding non trouble making drug taking black folk, we are STILL hated by whites and not by every white person but for those who do hate us, they at this point don’t have a real legit reason to. I may have gotten off topic; my bad. @verbs, I know that as long as The Most High gives breath to you, you will continue to expose evil under every rock. I am glad for this. Keep doing His work brother, we are all thankful unto Ahayah for the information given and received. Your brother in the struggle….J.R.


      • The amount of my people who have had the little faith they did have smashed by these Europeans armed with their lies and propaganda is off the scale. It is time to uplift my people. Why is it that other nations can uplift their people but when we attempt to do it, we are labelled as racists or black supremacists?

        My people need to know that the bible is their record of history, that the European man has simply attempted to forge a religion out of those records to control the masses and has made a complete mess of the process at the same time.

        As I stated before J.R, because they are now in power, they believe it is all about themselves and nobody else and we are somehow obligated to conform to their ways and their philosophies of life, even though we have separate histories and backgrounds. They can never respect your heritage/culture, they always feel the need the bring it down and certainly feel the need to squash any hope that we as Hebrews will not be in this bottom barrel state for ever, in other words we must be content at the bottom of society’s barrel according to their reprobate way of thinking.

        All I have done is simply observe their ways while separating myself from their mentality and thought processing format and called out what I have seen. Of course for this I am now a racist, I am not allowed to declare the behaviours of the European man but he is allowed to denigrate me continually and call me a mugger and a thief and I must accept this without recourse. Where is the balance in this set of scales?

        David in Psalms 83 called Edom out as the number one enemy of the Hebrews and today in 2012 nothing has changed. They dodge accountability and responsibility for their crimes and actions like the rabbit running from the talons of the eagle.

        This was the main purpose of this dialogue, to show my people the lies that the European man has waiting in the wings ready to use in purposely hacking at their faith, to show that THERE IS HOPE and to show that NO, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO THINK AS THE EUROPEAN MAN THINKS JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE UNDER HIS SYSTEM.

        I simply pray to the Most High that many have been touched and had their faith strengthened by this conversation. The works have only just started, the best is yet to come.



  20. BRAVO!! @J.R. & @VERBS I loved the response’s from you guys they we’re consise, proper, intelligent and all truth. I really can’t believe she went on that long and write those lengthy paragraph’s that basically irrelevant to the subject at hand. But the truth is we all our waking up like J.R. stated he felt he was lead to this blog and my search for the truth which the Most High represent’s the truth in himself and that is what lead me also. I only been awake for about 2 years now and only finding out about us being the Hebrew descendants about 6 months ago and the Name AHAYAH the beginning of this year. So he is working with me about all of this but before he brought me into the light of our heritage he had to take me back through history to learn and find the truth so I could understand what it really was and now its getting more clearer everyday the more I learn! Like you said EVERYBODY else/nations can stat who they are and history but when the so called black/negro man makes a claim it gets shot down in the middle of the street!! Even my own people will not believe me because they’ve been soooo brain/white washed also people try to tear me down so much over the name AHAYAH saying its yahuah and all kinda other mess! But i do have a few question’s for you???
    1.) What commandments is Yashaya refering to Revelation 14:12?? ( 10 comm. ?? )
    2.) Do we have to keep all the feasts & holy days?
    ( because I don’t really even know them )
    3.) And the New Covenant refer’s to the sabbath day a number of times,although I know keeping it can’t determine we’re saved but do we still honor that day of the Most High?? ( again please bear with me because I don’t know the scriptures that well )
    4.) And how should I go about getting baptized in the name of Yashaya in water??
    Correction is well appreciated if you may.
    Thank you AYAYAH


    • This is a common technique that the European man uses, to overwhelm the topic with stock piles of irrelevant new information in order to make himself look authoritative on the particular original topic being discussed. This way, the original topic is lost in rivers of totally new subjects and a person gets tricked into thinking that they have an obligation to respond to all the new topics raised. Not so.

      She referred to us “accepting any old history” yet this history wasn’t given to us by anybody, we found this out on our lonesomes through the power of the Most High. Funny you should talk about our people rejecting this message as I was in conversation with a brother at work a few days ago and I got the same denial response. I accepted a long time ago that most of our people are going to perish because they have accepted and joined themselves to this system, the European system is now their god.

      In answering your questions:

      1. Christ was referring to the commandments that he gave us under the new covenant, most of which were to believe and have faith in him. This scripture is also referring to any personal instructions you will receive from the Most High in relation to your individual walk and mission in the future. Remember, the moral commandments still stand as these are the commandments given down to men for their interaction with each other.

      2. No, as the feast days and holy days were part of the old covenant which we are no longer under. Allow me to show you in 2 manoeuvres that we are under a new covenant for your confirmation also. Remember, Ahayah informed the prophet Jeremiah that soon in the future he was going to introduce a new covenant for his people to follow which WOULD NOT BE LIKE THE OLD ONE. Jeremiah 31:31-32 reads:

      31:31 Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I WILL MAKE A NEW COVENANT WITH THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL, AND WITH THE HOUSE OF JUDAH:

      31:32 NOT ACCORDING TO THE COVENANT THAT I MADE WITH THEIR FATHERS in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the LORD:

      Now let us go to Hebrews 12:22-24 which reads:

      12:22 But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,

      12:23 To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,

      12:24 AND TO JESUS THE MEDIATOR OF THE NEW COVENANT, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things that that of Abel.

      The problem is that these Hebrew brothers instructing our people to continue to keep the feast days and the holy days are doing so under the false notion that we are still under the old covenant. Obviously from what we have read above, this is not the case.

      3. I don’t believe that the new covenant refers to the Sabbath unless it is using it as some kind of comparison between the old and the new covenants. Keeping the Sabbath is not part of the new covenant which makes sense as Christ never kept the Sabbath himself showing that he was introducing a new way of interacting with the Most High that his people should also follow. You can read through the gospels yourself and see the amount of times that the Scribes and Pharisees cascaded Christ for not keeping the Sabbath and he never stated that they were wrong in their conclusions either.

      4. Its up to you how you go about doing it with whatever water source is convenient to you. I had another brother who asked me what should he say when baptising people and I just told him to say the following: ” I baptise you in the name of Ahayah, Yashaya and the Ruach(Holy Spirit)”. Nothing complicated and of course this is just a basic guideline. If you were already baptised in the institutional church, you DO NOT have to go through baptism again, the Most High recognises that first baptism as it is the act that counts and not who baptised you.

      I hope these answers deal with your questions and are sufficient.

      Bless You


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  22. Greetings Verb, Great article once again!
    This system is certainly on it’s last legs, which I am so thankful to Our Father for. Since history has been recorded every so called great civilisation fell. This new revived Greco Roman Empire is being dismantled by Our Father as the past empires have been right in front of our eyes as prophecised. I look at the above dialogue with spiritual eyes. There is complete deflection going on. Denial is much more easier than acceptance of wrong doing. Pride is definatley at work here. But scripture has already told us there are a nation of people that are proud by nature and evil by nature. That does not mean the particular people cannot do good it just means they are inheritanlty evil. Just as we are created righteous but many of us do not practice righteousness but do practice evil. Our Father is visiting the earth he has told us every knee shall bow, even the prideful ones. People really have no idea what is coming even we that have an idea cannot really imagine the chaos that is coming here very soon. May Or Father keep yall safe
    Blessings and peace to you Verbs


    • Just as in the same manner as the Romans and the Greeks thought that their empires would continue on forever, we see the same behavioural traits among the European people of today. They honestly do believe that the Most High is going to allow them to continue defecating on other nations in order for them to gain more wealth for themselves perpetually.

      Again, we saw the same reoccurring theme appear as always, “anybody can be the chosen people except for you Negroes”. It is almost like an unwritten rule that we are the only people that cannot stake claim to being the Most High’s people. It is also as if nobody is allowed to investigate who the descendants of the biblical Hebrews are until the end of time, according to Europeans and their thinking.

      I’ve said it before and I will say it again, white people do not want us to be the chosen people of the Most High because if they investigate themselves and find out that we are, this now means that they are in very serious trouble. So, instead they peddle into full force denial as a counter measure to bring peace to their minds.

      Funny you should talk about the prideful being humbled by force. Firstly, Isaiah 13:1 reads:

      13:1 The burden of BABYLON, which Isaiah the son of Amoz did see.

      Then Isaiah 13:11 reads:

      13:11 And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will CAUSE THE ARROGANCY OF THE PROUD TO CEASE, AND WILL LAY LOW THE HAUGHTINESS OF THE TERRIBLE.

      The European days of rule on this planet are numbered.


  23. can i just let you know that the tape you were referring to is actually called “duct” tape, not duck tape.


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