Thames Water Rumbled, Caught Installing Remotely Controlled Smart Water Meters Using Cover Of Victorian Mains Replacement Programme In Preparation For Future Hike In Revenue Collection And Future Implementation Of Water Rationing – UK News!

Under Cover Motivations

Today I received a call from a friend who told me that a relative of his had stumbled across a box for a water meter that was left behind by the contractors who are currently responsible for replacing all of the old water pipes in London. This operation to renew the water pipes in London goes by the name of the Victorian Mains Replacement programme. He then told me that he had opened up the water hatch outside of his house and surprising had found that a water meter had been installed without his consent or knowledge. We immediately agreed that this was underhanded skull duggery as the literature we had received through the post in relation to the Victorian Mains Replacement programme had not mentioned anything about water meters being installed outside of each property.

I then took a flathead screwdriver and decided to take a look under my water hatch and lo and behold, this sight was waiting to greet me:

Elster V200 Water Meter

Also while rummaging around in that hole I also found this label stuff down the side next to the water meter:

Thames Water “Notice Of Deception”

First and foremost, I am not stupid. I know what a meter is for standard, regardless of whether it is in connection to gas, electricity or indeed in this case water. A meter measures how much gas, electricity or water a household consumes. A reading is then taken, which is normally carried out every 3 months. From the reading that is given, a bill is then calculated as to how much you owe in payment for that prior 3 month usage. So, why have Thames water attempted to try and deceive customers into thinking that these new water meter installations are merely nothing more that wanting to know general information about water usage in a particular area? Under the question “Why Are You Installing Water Meters As Part The Work”? on their website, Thames water give the following answer:

“The meters will give us a much better idea of when and how often our customers use water, and will also show how much water is leaking from customers’ privately-owned pipework”.

This sorry and deceptive excuse of an explanation can be found under their frequently asked questions section about the project here:

The Real Motivation, Money, Power And Control

I wisely decided not to take Thames Water’s word for it, in relation to the meters not being related to revenue generation, and paid a visit to the site of the meter manufacturer called Elster(which is a JewISH company by the way)myself. It didn’t take me long to find and match the water meter model that had been installed outside my property which is a Elster V200:

However, when I read the product description and purpose, it was blatantly obvious that Thames Water had been lying about the real intentions behind installing these devices at peoples homes. See if you can see the immediate clash with the claims of Thames Water. The clue is in the very first sentence:

“V200 and V210 volumetric meters ARE DESIGNED TO MAXIMISE REVENUE COLLECTION. Both meters are available in a range of sizes covering a wide range of flow rates. The meters provide optimum accuracy and performance regardless of whether they are installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined pipelines. These volumetric meters are easily integrated into a REMOTE READING SYSTEM, by simply adding the relevant module.”

OK, let us start with the first sentence in that product description, “designed to maximise revenue collection”. Do you not see a contradiction with this notice below?

Also, notice in the last sentence we are told that the meter can be integrated into a “Remote Reading System”. This simply means that Thames Water no longer need to come to your home to read your meter, they can collect the current reading electronically, which they will start doing in the near future. What they are also not telling you about this new fangled water meter and it being controlled from a remote location is that it can also be used to SHUT OFF THE WATER SUPPLY TO YOUR HOME. But I hear you say, “they wouldn’t do that would they?” Think again Brits! Oh yes they would as this company called Elster is already using this kind of system in third world countries where by the locals much like your electricity keys and gas cards here, must “charge” their cards and insert them into the meter in order for water to be released and even then they are only permitted to use a measured amount(water rationing, sound familiar?), and guess who has taken over many of their water supplies, indeed Thames Water. Thames Water is an international company with its hands in many third world countries water supplies.  For more information on this lock down of water in third world countries and what is to come to the west, I suggest that people watch a documentary called Flow and another documentary called Blue Gold-World Water Wars.


In the near future if you fail to pay your water bill, the water supply to your home will simply be disconnected from a remote location. These meters were purposely installed so as to be able to cut off the water supply to individual properties. You see, this process would not have been possible with the old piping and the old system in place. The Victorian Mains Replacement project is ultimately a cover to install the instruments needed to completely control one of the essentials requirements of man on this planet, water and to have the capability of implementing water rationing.

The contractors on site who installed these meters and laid down the new piping were also deceived and lied to in relation to the true nature of the Victorian Mains Replacement project. No doubt those labels of propaganda were given out to the on site contractors to show to anybody who might become suspicious and start asking questions about the meters being installed, however regardless of what Thames Water states are the purposes for installation of these devices, the manufacturers have already let the cat out of the bag in relation to the real future use of these meters. Thames Water have gone about things in this fashion so as to not raise an alarm among the public. To be honest though, most of the public are already zombies and do not care about these things, nethertheless, it is my duty as a watchman on the tower to report this information and other things like this regardless of what the masses may think or may not do about it.

The Decontamination And Deprogramming Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Heavenly Father 

23 thoughts on “Thames Water Rumbled, Caught Installing Remotely Controlled Smart Water Meters Using Cover Of Victorian Mains Replacement Programme In Preparation For Future Hike In Revenue Collection And Future Implementation Of Water Rationing – UK News!

  1. Welcome to the grid life. One of the reasons home solar electric was not pushed here in the states was because they couldn’t put a meter on it. So then they decided to over size the solar arrays so that you could sell your extra sunshine back to the grid via a smart meter. Now they could charge for the flow in two directions. Wait till they put meters on your sewer lines also.


    • Funny you should talk about sewer charges as there was a part on that propaganda label which said “Do Not Serve Waste Notice”. I believe what you have said shall come to pass and they will start to charge folks for taking away waste water here aswell. Such is the nature of most of the people in the UK, they have been totally battered and broken emotionally, they no longer have any will to fight tyranny.

      Any form of energy that cannot be controlled will not be promoted by government nor see the light of day in the common household.


  2. Yet again you’ve proved the funny feeling I had about Thames ‘replacing old sewer pipes’.

    I kept telling people something was not right when they started digging up the roads everywhere, that they were up to something. They all laughed at me ‘you and your consipracies, stop being so paranoid’.

    Thanks for this Verbs, please don’t stop putting this information out.


    • The more I think about this Thames Water “project”, the more I see that this is blatantly linked to Agenda 21, which is all to do with supposedly “saving the earth” but is really all about population reduction under the title of “going green”.

      The water supply to your home will be stopped when you reach your “green” quotable allowance, whether it be for the day, the week or the month. This is what happens in third world countries, where locals have to store up buckets of water ready for use during frequent periods where their water supply is cut off, sometimes for days at a time. I’ve seen this live with my own eyes. This type of water rationing is coming here to the UK, to a city near you. Whole areas will not see water flows for possibly days at a time.

      What is worse is you will still end up paying more for less. If you believe that your water rates are high now, just wait until this new system is implemented. You would think that not having access to as much water as before would mean you will pay less right? Think again, not according to Thames Water’s plan. Pure and utter evil in its rawest form.


    • Yes, I saw Thames water putting out the propaganda and disinformation that we needed to conserve water as we are now short in supply.

      But yet this whole UK island is sitting on huge underwater aquifers, so yet again we have to ask the question, what is really going on here?


  3. Thank you for the alert because, I can confirm that the contractors are given a ‘pitch’. For over 3 weeks in Autumn the road outside my flat was churned up. Works would be carried out all weekends and twice all night causing an awful racket. On enquiry, discovered it was Thames Water laying new pipes. I asked them if they were installing a smart metre which they denied but there is an upright post by my wall. I was told it was a monitoring system for area leakages. I asked whether it was able to monitor individual households; they were not aware that it did. Now I know, sneaky snakes.

    Yes, the new fuel on which our electronic current-see is to be run is already a reality. I read that there are carbon trading corporates claiming healthy profits (it’s all profit) of around £1BN. Wherever the IMF meddles, massive displacement occurs and all support services are cut. We shall pay for their chem-trailed air, toxic water and poisoned food and pay dearly. Radical depopulation quotas require central (global) control to be enforced locally and this is where the smart metres are so smart.

    The JUJU Devil Tribe always cut off survival resources when attacking the enemy target (everyone else) and always ensure that supplies are lethally contaminated. I have read accounts of military prostituting POW’s for a glass of water! ‘they’re anyone’s for a glass of water’. Imagine the conditions …. we’re going back to the dark ages as step 1.

    No more the offering of a cuppa to neighbours or workmen: every unit of ‘precious gold’ counts in large amounts. Well, to hell with TW, I’ve seen accounts of rebellion in South America against this crime and the people were successful. The people in this country have ‘stars in their eyes’ and are virtually brain dead – well in my borough at any rate.


    • Yep, its all in preparation for the water rationing which is coming soon. They showed us this type of perpetual war conditioning was coming in films like Soylent Green, The Road and The Book Of Eli. Spread the word. I’ve seen this water rationing in third world countries first hand and it is not nice.

      The majority of the people in the UK are fast asleep and will walk into this new programming and not batter an eyelid. Only when their backs are against the wall, will they then take action but by then it will be too late.


      • I checked on the street furniture today and could not access to identify, as it is entirely encased in dark grey plastic with no visible entry points. It bears a plaque Thames Water and a telephone number. It is barely noticeable at around 4′ high.

        As for the dozy public, my upstairs neighbour has a water metre installed by request, despite my warning. People (even self confessed ‘aware’ ones, are too self interested to question the motives behind any ‘offers’ and are locked into hell of convenience. We are literally dying from convenience which is so convenient to the propagandists.

        I’ll attempt to speak with neighbours to get their ‘take’ as it’s something which concerns or should concern them equally.

        BTW, are you aware of the call to support Hollie Greig and her mother appearing at Royal Cts of Justice to prevent the SS from removing her from her mother? The meeting is at 10.00 outside the courts in the strand. for more information or via youtube under Robert Green’s presentations on the case.


      • You should be able to access it at the sides with a flathead screwdriver. There are gaps at the side which do not look like they can be accessed but they can. Pop up one side then the next and you’re in.

        Yes, I’ve been keeping my eye on this Hollie Grieg case and the constant persecution via arrests of Robert Green. Typical, remove her from her mother, put her in a snuff film and that is the “problem” taken care of. These satanic bums will pay for their skullduggery.


      • Thank you. You’ve got it just about right on the fate of Hollie – the reality is still hard to digest.


  4. Seriously, I don’t know how much research you’ve actually done into this topic, but everything thames water said in their statement with regards to leaks is correct. Ok yes it is unacceptable they installed the meter without your consent however, don’t you see every single positive that comes along with metering. London alone leaks 700,000 litres of water a day, if there’s a chance to discovering this and remedying the problem then obviously we should do that. Water rationing has been mentioned, this is a very SILLY thing to say (I won’t ruin this post with profanity) the concept of a Smart water Grid is how Britain and the rest of the world are going to cope in the future.

    Please stop being so paranoid and dramatic and do soe actual research regarding the condition of pipes in london and the aging infrastructure in the uk. The location of water in the uk and possible plans to transport water around the country. Finally look at how developing countries are coping, for example China and Korea have seen the innovativeness of a system like this, they are able to build entire cities from scratch and incorporate this intelligent design into their plans. Unfortunately in Britain we’ve fallen from the top of innovation and now are at the top of retrofitting…stop trying to be reactive and thinking you’re someone because you’re speaking up about this because in a few years you’ll read this again and realise what was wrong with me.


    • Are you British people so stupid and that gullible that you would buy into the tripe that Thames water has put out there without questioning any of it? How on earth do you know that London leaks 700000 litres of water a day? Are you at every single leak point in London measuring the volumes of leakage? No, you are just simply repeating their propaganda, taking it on faith that it is true. The fact that they are installing meters without our consent should have a normal person at least asking questions immediately, and the fact that they have placed stickers in the man hole covers that state the meters are NOT for revenue when the actual company that makes the meters states that the meters ARE for revenue should raise even more suspicion in the mind of a thinker. Of course, most of the British public do not think for themselves anymore, they just simply repeat what they have been told by “authority figures” and believe it to be true without question. There is a word for a person who behaves in this way, you call that type of person a “SUCKER”.

      Do not talk to me about smart water grids until you have been to third world countries where these smart water systems are in place. Smart water is just another term for water rationing and you better believe it. I have been to third world countries and witnessed first hand smart water systems in action, YOU DO NOT WANT WHAT THEY HAVE. This entire island is sitting upon millions upon millions upon millions of gallons of fresh water yet Thames water says that there is a shortage of fresh water and a smart water grid is the only way forward and you believe them? I should ask you the same question, what research have you actually done on this topic outside of repeating Thames water’s propaganda? Smart water grids mean eventually YOU GET LITTLE TO NO WATER PERIOD.

      I just cannot believe that in 2012 there are still people out there who are so easily mislead. How you can still stand there and give a company who has hiked up your water prices manifold a green pass is beyond me. The country is in a complete mess, government is clearly corrupt and out of control and you are still poodling along as if everything is fine. No problem, since the majority of you British people still wish to remain in denial even when the evidence is presented to you in black and white, anything and everything detrimental to you that comes down the pike, you deserve every bit of it.

      Not at all on the contrary, in a few years YOU will look back and remember this post and think to yourself “why was I such a sucker and why didn’t I listen” when you have no water to even brush your teeth with or when you are taking a shower with your body covered in soap suds and the water suddenly stops. You have absolutely no clue of what is coming to this country in terms of water restrictions, you better wise up and get yourself clued up quickly. You will be resorting to storing water in buckets when there is some available to use. Do not make the mistake(which you British folks tend to do alot) of looking at you current situation of water availability and thinking that it won’t be that much different in the future. If you believe that then I have a bridge to sell you.


  5. Thats right its a conspiracy…Not only thames Water but pretty much every water company in southern England are in on it. The figure of 700,000 litres doesn’t only come from Thames Water but the environment agency and Ofwat confirm, so yeh I guess you’re right the government are corrupt and lying to everyone.

    Smart grids may be in place in some countries however I don’t know if you completely understand the concept. A smart grid relies on diversity of sources of water, not just a grid that has been installed and meters fitted. The first steps in some countries are to set up a grid that can become ‘smart’ at a later date. The companies can follow the water and yes they ration it, this is because they are unable to get enough of the source. However, this system allows them to measure the flow of water in the system and from that they can predict the demand and build their system around places which need more water. In some third world countries, desalination and water treatment for grey water is a lot cheaper than trying to source freshwater from tiny stocks. As soon as these countries are able to add diversity of sources to the list and the water security is reached, that is a smart grid.


    • Of course it is a conspiracy, Thames water do not tell the public that they are installing meters outside their houses. I do believe that this qualifies under the definition of a conspiracy. They then place tags in the man holes that state that the meters installed(that they NEVER told me about) are not for revenue generation, yet when I visit the meter manufacturer’s website, they tell me that the meters are for “maximum revenue generation”. Somebody is lying here, the evidence obviously points to that. I had to remind you of the evidence again because for some reason you are refusing to call out the evidence as its stands and plainly. If I was hanging around outside of your home for no cause, you would immediately be suspicious of me, but Thames water install meters without the public knowledge and there is no suspicion in that?????

      You Brits are gluttons for punishment, the problem here is that the government has been caught lying so many times and exposed in scandal after scandal that you just take it as a given. There has never been a time when the UK government has told the truth on anything, even when it would benefit them to be upfront and honest. Weapons of mass destruction, Saddam can attack the UK and US within 45 minutes, or have you forgotten that BS that the UK government used to justify going into Iraq? Dr David Kelly comes forward and tells the truth about there being no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and then all of a sudden he ends up dead in a park. Does that sound like a conspiracy to you? Are you so blinded?

      It is Thames water who has distributed the propaganda figure of 700000 litres of water being lost to the environment agency and Ofwat. Like yourself, Ofwat and the evironment agency were not and are not at the supposed leak locations taking measurements and like yourself they have taken Thames water’s figure on FAITH. Thames water are the ones who are dealing with the water supply firsthand not Ofwat and the environment agency.

      The “concept” of a smart water grid means nothing when you have seen the results of smart water grid implementation with your own 2 eyes in other countries. Like I stated before, you cannot tell me anything about smart water systems until you have been to countries that have them in action and witnessed the horror firsthand for yourself. In the end you HOPE that a smart water grid is what it has been made out to be.

      There is no scarcity of fresh water, what you simply have is a small group of large international corporations who want complete control of the world’s resources, fresh water being a primary commodity and target. This is all being carried out in accordance with Agenda 21 and for your own sake, you better find out what Agenda 21 is all about if you don’t know about it already.

      You would be wise to watch what the government and big corporations are doing and draw your conclusions from their actions and not from their words, as you will be suckered all day everyday if you continue dancing to their tune.


      • As I said below, I am compiling research and precedents of smart water grid and smart grid systems (concerning electricity). I am curious where you got the result that smart water grid in other countries are complete trash. You are so sure that the grid system is nothing. Before you use those bold letter words, I (probably those readers here) want actual evidence.


      • There is no such thing as a “smart grid system” whether it involves water, gas or electricy. This is simpy about international companies who desire complete control and complete regulatory powers over the essentials used by the general public. This lines up completely with Agenda 21 and here is a comprehensive breakdown of that agenda in PDF format:

        Click to access The-Green-Agenda2.pdf

        Smart grids systems are just the front, there is a bigger agenda afoot here but beware when you begin to look deeper into this can, be prepared to swallow some hard truths. Smart grids have never been about conservation of any resource, from their very conception, they only feed that tripe to the public so they would ignorantly go along with it, not knowing that it is to their own detriment.


  6. I was passing by to look up some information about smart water grid, smart water meter and such.
    FYI, I am not in Britian.
    I am curious why you ended up with the conclusion that it is a main problem that the water company can cut off water when you can’t afford it. First, I don’t think that wouldn’t happen a lot, and even if so, I don’t see that is insane because people should all pay for their water usage. Also if the case you forgot to pay your bill, I think it must be easier with this remote measuring system in real time to get you water back as soon as possible. Second, what they do is to make people pay what they exactly ‘use’ online or automatically every month from your registered account. Third, remotely controlling system has its purpose to detect water leakage from old pipes –which accounts for 30-40% of the whole water resource. So it has more advantages than disadvantages. Thus I don’t understand why the problem is your conclusion here.

    Thanks for arousing this issue though, and I am looking forward to hear your answer.


    • The reason why I draw to the grim conclusions is from first hand research and experience. You have to go into a third world country and actually see these “smart grid” water systems or any so called smart grid system in place to see what is coming down the pike for the Brits over here.

      These new current instruments that are being installed are not to the benefit of anybody but the water companies. This business about them needing new fangled instruments to detect leaks is all old hat and pure propaganda put out in order to cover for the real reasons that these meters are being implemented.

      The remote control system is to cut off the water supply to individual households when required. Don’t believe their lies about detecting leaks. Thames water have already lied and stated that the smart meters are not for revenue collection when the company that makes the meters themselves has clearly stated the opposite. I have no reasons to trust Thames water but every reason not to trust them.

      You have to call out the evidence as it plainly stands. You cannot involve your emotions in drawing conclusions on this matter. Thames water’s reason for the use of these smart meters conflicts with the manufacturer’s claimed use and purpose. Thames water is not informing the general public about the installation of these meters. 2+2 equals 4 everytime.

      There is no room for “they wouldn’t do that”. Everything inconceivable that people believed wouldn’t come to pass has come or is at the least on its way simply because most people just want to play and be entertained. Nobody is stopping this system from being implimented, why wouldn’t it come to pass?


      • I didn’t ask you if you think the system is necessary, but I asked you why your conclusion is mainly about “they might cut off your water”. I understand it is easier to cut off, but it is not insane that you can’t use water when you don’t pay for the water.


      • We are not supposed to be paying for something that comes up free out of the ground. The whole notion of paying for water within itself is a form of insanity that people have taken on board as normal and as a given.

        Again, the same reason that I stated before is the same reason that I will repeat again, you have to check out the smart grid system in place in other countries first to know what is coming down the pike for your own country. If they are cutting off people’s water supplies in other countries, there is no reason why with the same system implemented in the west, that the same thing wouldn’t happen here.

        If you haven’t already, I recommend that you get a hold of the documentaries that I stated should be viewed in relation to this matter. People in the west seem to believe that they are immune or exempt from this kind of action taking place against them, they are soon to find out otherwise the hard way.


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