JewISH Propaganda Machine Begins The Assault – Slogans Floating!

Double Standards

This blog will be short and brief. I have noticed very recently, that as a result of the so called Negro waking up to his true identity, taking hold of and embracing his lost and forgotten heritage, that the Jewish propaganda machine has begun its assault on our people by throwing out the term “Black Supremacists” into the mainstream to describe the Hebrew movement. So, for finding out that we are actually the chosen people of the Most High, that we are in fact the descendants of the biblical Hebrews by bloodline and that the JewISH people living in Israel today are in fact Khazars from the Khazarian empire who converted to Judaism in the 8th century and have been pretending to be us ever since, we are supposed to be the ones in the wrong for exposing this information and are now labelled as “black supremacists” by the Jewish controlled media machine.

Note: Notice that I have always emphasised the words “bloodline”, “ancestry” and “family tree” when describing who we are as a people so as to get the point across that this is not just another fad like the Nation Of Islam, that these findings actually refer to the physical root of who we really are and where we really come from. I also do this because it seems that we still have some die hard idiot pastors of the institutional church who are extremely keen to keep their flocks in the dark about their true bloodline and heritage and continuously still refer to us as a cult. Since when is a physical bloodline and a family tree a cult? This is why the Most High is currently uprooting the institutional church, because these pastors who were set up by their JewISH masters so desperately want to keep hold of their financial foundation. Here is an example of the kind of lengths that some pastors will go to, to draw back their members after being exposed as frauds, corrupt and reprobate:

To be honest, what did we really expect from sore losers? Remember I mentioned before in my Asher film blog that they(the JewISH propaganda machine) would begin to demonise us in the mainstream as more of us would wake up to our true identity. This is just a glimse into the face of evil, where a group of people who run the media outlets of the  world would rile the public up against you, just because you have discovered information that this same group has deliberately hidden from you, utter evil and wickedness.

Yet, when we all believed that the JewISH people were the real Hebrews and knew no better, nobody came out and called them white supremacists, nobody denigrated them, in fact they have been treated as a sorry case every since they have been revolving their 6 million holocaust propaganda peddles. Yet, we suffered a loss of over 16 times that amount during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. What, do the JewISH people have a monopoly on holocausts, what, is no other nation permitted to chime in on its losses of life in history?

What Do We Do To Counter The Mud Slinging And Propaganda Assault?

This part is simple, we just continue moving forward Hebrews with the same 2 pronged assault that we have been using ever since we found out that we are the true Hebrews by blood:

1. Continue to pass this information on about who we actually are by bloodline to our brothers and sisters who are still ignorant to their true bloodline and heritage.

2. Keep exposing the true origin of these JewISH impostors and identity thieves.

Remember Hebrews, they are the ones in fear, so when you begin to see them turning up the heat on us, do not be discouraged or afraid, as this is their indirect way of showing us the stress and fear that we are causing them. Pray also that the Most High turns their propaganda and their media trickery on their own heads as a just and well deserved recompense. The Most High and Christ are with us to the end.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Mind And Thought)

Blessings From The Heavenly Father 

5 thoughts on “JewISH Propaganda Machine Begins The Assault – Slogans Floating!

  1. Shalom Family. The heathen HAS to know his time is about up…..and he probably laying some serious bricks too, bloodsucking vampires. Praise AHAYAH!! Good lookin’ out, verbs.


  2. Well say the folks in bible where black and not arab – ish or whatever . The Hebrews where just a small fraction of the overall population of … said era . What I’m saying is that just because your black that it wouldn’t automatically qualify you to be part of the biblical Hebrew tribe … would it ?
    And as far as calling ” jew supremacy ,” ” white supremacy ” I thank you should separate the two …


    • You are absolutely right, black people do not qualify as being the true Hebrews just because we are black, we qualify because of the suffering we have been through, which correlates exactly with the curses that the Most High declared that he would put upon his people because of their disobedience to him.

      We also qualify because of the description of the position he stated that his people would be in shortly before the return of Christ, the tail and not the head, in other words his people would be the lowest nation and the poorest on the planet. Which is the nation on this planet who is the lowest, the most down trodden and the poorest? It is not that difficult to conclude that black people aka the so called Negroes fit all of these designations to a T.

      As for white/JewISH supremacy, as far as I am concerned they are one and the same, as the JewISH people and non JewISH whites all originate from the same location, Europe. They may think that they are separate and different from non JewISH whites because they dress alternatively and hold to completely different customs, however in reality they both come from the same family tree and lineage as non JewISH whites.


  3. Love it!
    I’ve noticed something. They usually rabidly attack ANYONE who dares say anything (truth) against them, yet they leave the Hebrew Israelite camps (gocc, iuic,etc) ALONE… Very very telling. They just don’t want any attention drawn to the TRUTH… They are scared. I find it very very ironic. Can you imagine if say, the jdl were to renounce these camps, the amount of attention the truth would receive? Lol!


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