Trigger Point – Understanding Your REAL True Super Powers As A Hebrew In Christ!


A couple of blogs ago I talked about how all the nations on this planet would systematically turn on us(the so called Negroes aka the true Hebrews by blood)as per Revelation chapter 12 and Jeremiah 30:7. However, what event/events will trigger this mass Hebrew hunt and why? I feel that I have an idea as to what is going to take place and I would like to share this idea with you so that you can get a rough idea of the circumstances that will come to pass to bring about this hunting down of the Hebrews.

Powers To Come

The more I look into this subject of the powers that Christ has given us(most of which currently lay dormant ready to be fully unleashed at the appropriate time), the more it has been revealed to me that these super elites and the banker aristocracy are more afraid of us than we are of them. However, they being masters of illusion do not directly show us their fears via emotion, rather they seem to show us their torment and fears through increased bondage and servitude on the general public. In other words, things are becoming worse because they are growing more afraid.

First and foremost, for you Hebrews who do not believe in Christ and accept him for who he truly is, you will receive nothing in terms of power and right of judgement. Christ stated that without him we could do NOTHING(John 15:5). Christ also stated that he is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE and that there is NO WAY TO THE FATHER BUT BY HIM(John 14:6). So, you Hebrews who believe that you can call on the Father without going through Christ have intentionally deluded yourself and this bubble of illusion will quickly burst when you are caught up a dodgy creek without a paddle.

This message also goes out to the majority of you Hebrews who keep returning to the old covenant as your security and comfort rather than choosing to exercise the faith and belief that the new covenant Christ established with his death requires. You can keep as many Sabbaths, holy days and feast days as you want, just do not believe that you are attaining to anymore righteousness than a Gentile who has come into this truth and who is actually exercising the faith and belief requirements.

Galations 2:16 reads:

2:16 Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.

Start exercising some true faith and stop running back to the old covenant as your comfort Israel. There is no longer any power in the old covenant, why are you still there?

Fire Talk


Now, let us look at some of the real PHYSICAL powers that we will be exhibiting in the future so that you can get an understanding as to why it has been a top priority to keep the so called Negro asleep, indoctrinated and programmed with nonsense. Malachi 4:3 reads:

4:3 And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ASHES under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.

Now for people to turn to ashes under your feet, you must be literally be on fire or at least be giving off some incredible heat. To put this in perspective, folks get BURNT with a gas fire, so imagine the temperature that you will be emitting in order to turn a person to ashes instantly. Joel 2:2-6 also gives us a similar description about the army of the Most High(you) literally being on fire. Joel 2:2-6 reads:

2:2 A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many generations.

2:3 A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them.

2:4 The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses; and as horsemen, so shall they run.

2:5 Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap, like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array.

2:6 Before their face the people shall be much pained: all faces shall gather blackness.

Note verse 3 which talks about fire completely surrounding this army on all sides and that in front of them is lush green pastures whereas behind them is ashes and desolation. This is literal FIRE THAT IS COMING FROM YOU, I hope you understand this. Also, note verse 6 where it states that people shall be in pain before you and that their faces shall gather blackness. Gathering blackness means that the faces of the wicked will be burnt from the fire YOU will be emitting. Here is an idea of what colour a face will look like after you come into contact with it. This picture is minus the disfigurement:

Deuteronomy 4:24 and Hebrews 12:29 describes the Most High as a “consuming fire”, so it is only fitting and right that his people would be of the same calibre and exhibit similar traits. Let us briefly look at what you will be doing to the landscape and surrounding environment: Isaiah 41:15-16 reads:

41:15 Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff.

41:16 Thou shalt fan them, and the wind shall carry them away, and the whirlwind shall scatter them: and thou shalt rejoice in the LORD, and shalt glory in the Holy One of Israel.

Beating down REAL physical mountains and hills into nothing but dust and fanning them away to be carried off by the wind? Are you beginning to understand what kind of power lies within you Israel? Are you actually comprehending what kind of power this is? Think of the tallest mountain ranges in the world and then think about you pounding them down to powder. Smashing a mountain to bits? Here is a picture of Mount Everest that I prepared for you earlier:

Are you beginning to understand why the European political elite has pumped millions of pounds/dollars into making sure that you remain asleep or distracted with bread and circus entertainment? You know, if I didn’t know any better, according to the scriptures we are beginning to sound like super heroes here.

Now, tie this in with what was mentioned before about the times that the nations will all turn against us, let us look at Micah 4:11-13 which reads:

4:11 Now also many nations are gathered against thee, that say, Let her be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion.

4:12 But they know not the thoughts of the LORD, neither understand they his counsel: for he shall gather them as the sheaves into the floor.

4:13 Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion: for I will make thine horn iron, and I will make thy hoofs brass: and thou shalt beat in pieces many people: and I will consecrate their gain unto the LORD, and their substance unto the Lord of the whole earth.

We shall “beat in pieces many people”. So these other nations who will turn against us and think that they will get away with it do not know the thoughts of the Most High in verse 12 and we will beat them in pieces according to verse 13. So much for their planning and skull duggery. They should actually read these verses before embarking on their attempt for a genocidal mission. Let us look at more judgement that we will execute. Micah 5:7-9 reads:

5:7 And the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many people as a dew from the LORD, as the showers upon the grass, that tarrieth not for man, nor waiteth for the sons of men.

5:8 And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep: who, if he go through, both treadeth down, and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.

5:9 Thine hand shall be lifted up upon thine adversaries, and all thine enemies shall be cut off.

These verses are self explanatory, all who come against us will be completely broken down and destroyed. However, what will cause this uprising of the nations against Israel, what will be the trigger point? This we will look at now.

Power Extreme

We’ve looked at some of the physical powers we will be receiving upon the return of Christ but will we have to wait till then to be able to experience our power in Christ? Not at all. When we accepted Christ, we received a package. Many of items within this package are intended for immediate use whereas others will be activated at a later time very soon. Remember what Christ stated shortly before his death. John 14:12 reads:

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater [works] than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

So, the works that Christ done are supposed to be continued by his servants ie us, this is as plain as day. So what works exactly did Christ do? Obviously there are so many miracles that Christ performed in so many places so I will just list one or two scriptures in relation to the actions, though I am fully aware of the other miracles that he performed listed in the other places in the bible. He walked on water(Matt 14:25-31), he healed the sick(Mark 2:3-12 – Luke 8:43-44), he opened the eyes of the blind(John 9:1-7), he cast out devils from people(Mark 1:23-26  – Matt 17::15-18), he used teleportation(John 20:26 – Luke 24:36-37), he used phasing(John 8:59 – Luke 4:29-30), he raised people from the dead(John 11:43-44), he levitated(Acts 1:9-10).

I have heard some Hebrews say that the greater works were in reference to us waking up to who we are and informing others of the same. This is the typical flesh mentality and thinking of some of our people, next thing they will be trying to use scientific explanations to justify Christ’s miracles. Christ was doing more than just waking up his people, I have listed above some of the other things Christ was doing that some of you faithless Hebrews like to miss out and over look on purpose. Paul was spot on when he talked about you Hebrews who loved returning back to the old covenant, as it being your stumbling block(Romans 9:30-33).

So, ALL THE THINGS that Christ performed, we the Hebrews are supposed to continue with and at the appointed time, the Most High will unlock the rest of the package within us and we will be executing this greater works.

Fear And Calamity


It is at this point when we begin to perform these “greater works” that I believe will commence the beginning of Jacob’s trouble and cause all the nations of the earth to turn against us and try to wipe us out. Why do I say this? I say this because at the moment the other nations on this planet are mocking us, ridiculing and making merchandise off us, there is no fear of us in their eyes, therefore for them all to turn against us with one consent, I believe that something has to have changed to make them uneasy with us which is where I believe the greater works come in. Think about it, firstly if it was white people who were performing these miracles in majority then nobody would have a problem with that but you Negroes, performing miracles in the name of Christ, understand that the other nations already had an uneasyness about you that they cannot quite put their finger on, then to see you perform miracles such as walking on water or healing the sick would immediately place a deeper fear into their hearts. That fear would be amplified by the fact that they would see clearly that we would now have the power to “deal” with them and as far as they would be concerned, after all the crap that they have put us through including slavery, we would logically want some revenge and want to dish out some recompense(which we will get through Christ anyway). It is at this point that I believe that they will all join together and conspire to kill us all, all so called Negroes at this point will become targets regardless of your religious beliefs and so our persecution will begin.

Mountain Movers And Shakers

Let us look at something else Christ stated that we could do with just a little amount of faith. Matthew 17:20 reads:

17:20   And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and NOTHING shall be impossible unto you. 

Do you understand what you are reading here, this isn’t the X Men with Jean Grey who can use her telekinesis to move objects a short distance, this is you a Hebrew merely instructing a mountain by voice command to move from one place to the other and it obeying you instantly. This type of power is way beyond the X Men, mutants and super heroes. Christ repeats this same principle in Matthew 21:21 and Mark 11:23. The fact that he has repeated it in Matthew twice alone must mean that he is not joking about us being able to do this. He then reinforces this power by stating in Luke 1:37 that with the Most High NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE and furthers this in Matthew 21:22 by stating that all you ask for in belief, you will receive. We are not a people to be laughed at and mocked with this kind of power under our belts and our enemies will soon see our true potential, at which they will tremble in fear.

The Institutional Church

This is one of the very reasons why the institutional church was set up by the JewISH sect. They knew that if we were able to connect back to the Most High, that “things” would start to happen and that the scales would no longer be to their favour. So, the institutional churches along side the catholic church and the other denominations were set up and put in place by JewISH financiers with the sole purpose of having the so called Negro travel around in circles in relation to his faith, identity and to always be uncertain about undertaking new steps, treading on new ground and stepping out in true faith. I liken these churches, their brainwashing and control to a game of simon says: Simon says run over here, Simon says run over there, Simon says hide here, Simon says hide there, Simon says do this, Simon says don’t do that, Simon says watch out for the devil, Simon says the devil can do this and do that(yet they always  fail to show you what potential damage you can inflict on the devil through Christ). Basically, they always have you in fear and afraid to tred new ground without their so called “guidance” and “expertise”. Even then, they will only have you venture into new turf that they have “approved” of first(which is normally more desolation and wilderness).

Why didn’t these jokers teach you about this powerful potential that is about to be activated and unleashed within you very very soon? Food for thought. It all about the money and control, it has always been about money and control and will always be about money and control. The institutional church is a complete flop and the Most High is relegating these fraudulent pastors who didn’t want to teach the truth to the substitute benches and raising up his people instead to hit these street corners and preach the true gospel that was supposed to be preached, which Christ referenced before the end would come.

JewISH Controlled Media Lulls The Negro Back To Sleep

The business of entertainment has also been another avenue which the JewISH sect have used to their advantage to keep the so called Negro distracted and focused on trivial things of the flesh. Music, basketball, football, soccer, X Factor, American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, Eastenders, Corrie, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, CSI, Hiphop Diaries, The Bill etc, just to name some of the crud of distraction that has been placed on the small screen to block and prevent you Negroes from connecting to the Most High, gaining real power and wrecking shop on this planet. For the most part, most of you buy into these distractions and cannot recognise that they are weapons that have been initiated against you to prevent your activation. If only you knew and could see how desperate the JewISH sect is to keep you in a perpetual sleep, you would understand the bigger picture much more clearly and realise that this entire world clampdown is in preparation for us.

Super Powers Not Welcome Here, Especially If You Are Black

John Stewart - Green Latern

It’s funny how when you watch films involving super heroes and mutants, for the most part the general public is receptive and welcoming to these characters, however when YOU are activated do not think for a second that the general public will welcome you with open arms and give you a hug. Remember Negro, you are already hated by all of the other nations around you, seeing YOU with power handed down from on high will simply make these nations hate you even more. The only place where you will find that your powers will be appreciated and accepted will be among the poor and the sick. We have even been shown that this will accurately indeed be the case via X-Men Evolution, the particular episode named Cruise Control. I encourage you to watch that episode and see how the “mutants” are treated among the poorer people of a Caribbean island in comparison to the westerners on the cruise ship. Look at Christ and how the poor rallied around him yet the rich so called “men of knowledge” rejected his works, even though eventually they were forced acknowledge that his works were real, many and a serious threat to their foothold on the people. John 11:47-48 reads:

11:47 Then gathered the chief priests and the Pharisees a council, and said, What do we? FOR THIS MAN DOETH MANY MIRACLES.

11:48 IF WE LET HIM THUS ALONE, ALL MEN WILL BELIEVE ON HIM: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation.

I am informing you of all this now so that when it comes to pass, you will remember that you were told these things. There is also another issue here. Remember Christ talked about moving the mountain with speech. There is absolutely no way that you will be able to move a mountain with your voice and escape the attention of every military division on the planet.

Understand that when this unlocking of power “kicks” off, every intelligence agency, military division and army on the planet will come after you. CIA, MI5, MI6, MOSSAD, KGB, Marine Core, Navy, Army, the National Guard, Homeland Security, Interpol and any other military division that you can think of will be on your case, capturing and eradicating EVERY SINGLE  NEGRO will now take top priority within these military groups. This will also be a very large part of Jacob’s Trouble. Well, all I can say to the military, the army, the navy and the rest of the intelligence services is all the best trying to fight power from heaven with your earthly weapons, I hope that you have or are preparing insurance for the afterlife. I know that most of you will still try it anyway and you will be destroyed for your calamity, that is your business not mine. If you wish to give your life up for an evil system then that is entirely your choice. Are you so deluded that you believe that you can take on the Power of Heaven and his army with guns, tanks, bombs, HAARP etc?????

You see Hebrews, through films and television programmes, they have not only been conditioning the public to be afraid of super natural powers but they have actually shown you what it will be like to live among a public who will hate  you. The X Men cartoon series and the X Men movies are the most prolific examples that come to mind. Lets also take a look at some of the programmes and films that have been used to condition the public in preparation for YOUR full activation and “coming out”:

In relation to the above spiderman poster, please read Joel 2:7-9. Hidden in plain view, enough said on that one.

Remember earlier when the scriptures were brought out about us having the ability to turn the mountains into dust(Isaiah 41:15-16)? Doesn’t this description fit the characteristics of the Hulk’s strength?

I’m sure you get the point, I could continue on for days showing you posters to different films and television programmes that have been used to condition the public to beware of you when you activate. I didn’t even get into the amount of vampire, wizard, sorcerer, witch movies and programmes that have been released in large stacks recently. The whole idea is to spook the public so that they will turn on you from the very start, not that the public hasn’t been against us from the beginning, however your activation will amplify their hostility towards you.

They have us pegged Israel and they know that our time is coming very very soon. Now you understand what Christ was talking about when he stated that we would be hated of all nations for his name’s sake(Matthew 24:9). When people see you healing the sick, casting out devils, walking on water and making the blind to see, who are these actions going to remind them of……….Christ. By who’s authority and in who’s name will you be performing these “greater works” …………Christ. Do you now understand Matthew 24:9 more clearly?

To prove that the miracles we will perform will be the trigger point for the ultimate hatred of the nations, Christ stated the same thing about being hated by all men to his disciples when he gave them power over unclean spirits and the power to heal all manner of sickness and diseases shortly before he sent them out to our people the first time while he still walked the earth in Matthew 10:22. I encourage you all to read the whole chapter and recognise the similarities to what is to come.

Angry People

If you think that you are hated enough now, just wait until you are performing actual miracles in the name of Christ. You haven’t seen anything yet in terms of true hatred. You will also be conveniently blamed for every calamity on the planet, from a person tripping over their own shoe laces to car crashes and natural disasters, this is how brainwashed, indoctrinated, programmed and zombified the general public will be, they will be used as a tool by the elite against you. This really shouldn’t surprise you as you currently live in a world where most people refuse to take responsibility for their own actions anyway. “Its these Niggers and their new found “powers” that are causing all the problems in the world”. You will witness and hear sayings like this come from people, I guarantee it. I also suspect that the governments of the world will attempt to force every single Negro to be registered and logged into some sort of new world order data base. Sounds very similar to the Mutant Registration Act that is passed in the X Men films and cartoon series. You see, predictive programming at work, they are showing you what is actually to come through fiction, yet at the same time this fiction is based upon fact.

I can see no other reason other than us performing miracle works in like manner as Christ did as to why all these nations would turn against us. If anybody has some other ideas on this sudden turn and worldwide hatred for us then I am all ears.

It should be noted that you may have to deal with flash mobs and an angry public in a forceful manner if backed into a corner and you will definitely have to deal with the military and the armies that will come against you as they WILL be coming to take your life. Use you powers wisely and in accordance to the works the Most High will commission you to carry out. However, do not be afraid to take out a threat. Do not believe or buy into the European notion that evil must be allowed to continue and co-exist with good, this philosophy is one of the reasons why this world is in such the mess that it is, nobody wants to deal with wickedness anymore and stop it dead in its tracks. I encourage you all to read about the prophet Elijah and the moment he had to call down fire from heaven and chargrill some disrespectful soldiers all because of the King Ahaziah(2 Kings 1:1-15). Do not be afraid to do the same. Such will be your power Hebrew, that you will know when people will be sent after you or when you are being set up for a trap.

It should also be noted that the devil will try to raise up his own set of chimera super heroes, experiments made up in the laboratory, out of the cornflakes packet types to counter attack you, so do not be surprised if you come across some strange looking creatures during your commission who will try to fight and hinder you from continuing with your work. Satan is a very sore loser and he will not go down without some sort of offensive attack. Remember, the devil revels in man’s suffering. You healing people is definitely not his cup of tea.

I have brought you this information because I have seen a large amount of these films and programs in relation to super heroes and mutants and I can see where they are all leading to. I believe that the Most High has pressed me to talk about this particular subject so that when these events occur and people really turn against us, our people won’t be in the dark as to what is really going on. I also strongly suspect that these greater works is the reason that beheading is introduced in the last days according to Revelation 20:4. Could it be possible that all other attempts to kill us would have failed miserably? This is something additional to think over. Christ is not going to let this evil system run over his people that are his, he will unlock our full potential as and when necessary, coming soon to a city or town near you. Remember, Christ stated that “the gates of hell shall not prevail against his church” – Matthew 16:18, not the institutional piece of crud that has masqueraded itself, pretending to be the real church, but the genuine true church that Christ has established.

I also believe that the Most High has pressed me to bring you this information so that when you receive power, you will not be in complete shock as this blog has at least given you prior knowledge of what is to come to you. This unlocking of power is what the teachings of the institutional church aims to obstruct. They teach you to call upon the name of Christ but they do not reinforce the fact that the power that you are calling upon is REAL and will manifest itself within each individual at an appointed time. The problem with these churches is they are not training you in preparation to receive this REAL power. Moving mountains with words, walking on water, flying and sending devils out of people back down to Hell will obviously be a serious transition from your current lifestyle, which is all the more reason why your mind needs to be prepared for this changeover, I believe that this blog is serving as part of that preparation process. The fact is most of us are not ready to receive these powers yet, as if Christ gave them to us now, most of us would go into cardiac arrest, complete shock or shut ourselves up at home for 3 years thinking that we were possessed by an evil spirit. However, slowly the Most High is breaking the indoctrination in relation to this disinformation that has deliberately be injected into us by the institutional church. All praises as always go to Ahayah for his mercy on us.

Also with regards to the military, remember who you are dealing with. As far as they are concerned, they should be the ultimate power on the planet and they aren’t about to allow some Negroes with “special abilities” to roam the earth healing the sick, helping the poor and standing against their evil tyranny. Remember the actions of the elite, they have used the military to go in, plunder and destroy whole countries, how dare you now venture into these same lands and begin to aid these poor and sick people, you are now a terrorist in their eyes and you must be stopped by all and any means necessary, as poor and broken countries are a cash cow for these bankers. They will come against us with every weapon conceivable and try to take us out, however as fast as they will fire that laser gun is as fast as they will be char grilled to ashes and taken away by the wind.

Big Pharma And Big Business Put Out Of Business

What, did you just think that this would remain on the level of individuals and military groups coming after you? Have you forgotten that when you start to heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind, manifest new arms, legs and limbs on people who have been dismembered and cure people of various ailments, that you will be taking away money from big pharma and other big conglomerates who make a living off the sick and the disabled? What, do you think that you can roll into third world countries where big pharma has a stern grip on the poor and the sick via its potions, heal those people and that you won’t be noticed?  Do you realise the amount of toes that you are going to be treading on simply via you acts of kindness on the poor and on the sick? Is Matthew 24:9 beginning to make even more sense to you now, “hated of ALL for my name’s sake”?

Let us just deal with one part of the body and follow through on the consequences of your future actions. We’ll take the eyes as an example. People either wear glasses, contact lenses or in the case of extremely poor sight, they will use a guide dog and a sight rod to move around from place to place. You the super Hebrew comes along and begins not only to cause the blind to see but also people who had not so clear vision to now have 20/20 eye sight. What happens next? The guide dog and sight rod have to go back to the organisation they came from and the contact lenses and glasses either go in the bin or back to where they were purchased from for a refund if they are still under a guarantee. These companies are starting to lose money and your miracles are the cause of this. You can pretty much guess what will happen next, they will lobby and appeal government to deal with the “Hebrew  menace” as you are taking money out of their hands. This same process of thought can be followed through with any ailment, disease, sickness or handicap of the body. “Hated of ALL nations for my name’s sake”, is Matthew 24:9 beginning to make even more sense and sink in now?

“These niggers are putting us out of business, we are taking huge losses daily, they are a serious menace and a threat, they must be stopped now”. You will hear this and other sentences like this come from their own mouths and when it comes to past, you will remember this blog and that you were already forewarned. Remember the woman that was healed from the blood issue that she suffered from for 12 years(Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34, Luke 8:43-48)? When you read her account, you see how she had been from doctor to doctor and had made herself broke in order to try to clear up this issue within her. Can you now imagine how ticked off these doctors and physicians must have been to find out that this woman would no longer be bringing them money just because she was healed simply by touching a certain bloke’s clothing? Now you can understand that it wasn’t just the scribes and the pharisees who had a problem with Christ, with his acts of kindness and mercy, he was also interfering with the lively hood, the employment and the financial income of wicked men.

Government And The Mainstream Media = Terrorism And Coverage

The government and the mainstream media work hand in glove and they will attempt to spin your good works, miracles and acts of kindness and make it seem as if you are using your powers for evil and that you are a great threat to “normal people”(sounds familiar doesn’t it – X Men). They will have a field day putting you out in the public eye under a continuously bad light  Remember, EVERYTHING that goes wrong on this planet from this moment onwards, YOU WILL BE BLAMED FOR IT HEBREWS. The governments of your respective countries will even resort to the old tricks of their own sponsored terrorism, by for example bombing a school or a nursery and showing the images of dead children and the crying and grieving parents to pull at the heart strings of the zombie public, to capitalise and amplify their fear and hatred of you. You will be completely demonised in the mainstream press as revolutionaries, anti government, outlaws, vigilantes, terrorists, murderers, criminals, mutants and freaks of nature and any other slogan that they can think of to throw at you. Remember, any government feels threatened when something with greater power moves along side it. I have forewarned you of all these things so that when it comes to pass, you will remember this blog and what was said. If you do not understand Matthew 24:9 now, you definitely will understand it to its full extent when these things occur.

Even where you may have to use your powers to take out some of the goons and jackboot thugs that the governments of the world will send after you, they will twist that to their advantage and claim that you killed innocent men. Expect these kind of low down dirty underhanded tricks and more to be pulled out of the hat to rile up an ignorant public against you. You have seen how the mainstream media twists and bends the truth, expect this kind of action 10 fold when you activate.

I also believe that the mainstream media will try to write off the people claiming miracles done to them as looney, mad and not sound in the mind, after all in this system the poor already do not have any standing or creditability. They may also try to explain away your works by trying to use a scientific angle. They will definitely claim that many of the people that you will heal were never sick to begin with. However, despite all the twisting and turning they shall try to execute, the truth will get out via word of mouth and their attempts to dampen down the works of the Most High will only serve to glorify him even more.


The super rich elite have known about this awakening since records began and they have attempted so desperately to put hindrances and blocks in place to prevent this unlocking of power from ever taking place. Part of the institutional church agenda from the start was to make a mockery of miracles and genuine healing in order to turn people away from the real power that they really have in Christ. The institutional church also has cleverly rendered all kinds of super natural power under the titles of witchcraft, sorcery, voodoo and magic, thus causing christians to rule out and turn away from any form of super natural intervention. You watch and see with your own eyes, even so called christians will call you out as witches, sorcerers, wizards, warlocks, voodoo practitioners and all sort of other designations for healing the sick, and to think that these will be the same people who will confess the “power” of Christ out of the other side of their mouths. What they really mean is that your healing abilities and miracle workings have not been approved via their pastors and their institutional church vetting system.

People who confess to be christians will turn on you and hunt you down, do not be surprised when this happens, they simply didn’t understand the scriptures and what the word “power” means from the beginning. Remember when Christ performed his works, where did they say he was getting his power from? Matthew 12:24 reads:

12:24 But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by BEELZEBUB the prince of the devils.

Christ also warned us that by what names they called him, they would refer to us in the same manner also. Matthew 10:25 reads:

10:25 It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house BEELZEBUB, how much more shall they call them of his household?

So, do not be surprised when your powers begin to manifest and people who you thought where of Christ start calling you every name under the sun from devil possessed to freak to mutant to sorcerer, to warlock to witch. You will see it and hear it with your own ears and when it comes to past, remember that our Messiah warned us of these things beforehand.

Because of this unlocking of power, every Negro on the planet will be declared a national security threat by all governments. Governments worldwide will send in “special teams” to hunt down and kill our people and most of our people will suffer and die at the hands of the military, police and right wing organisations because they have married themselves to this system and religions which have no power. The saddest part of this all is that your own blood will turn against you and will turn on each other, Christ talked about this huge turncoat trend that would take place in Matthew 24:10 and Mark 13:12.

This may all sound very fantastic to read but when Christ states that you Hebrews in him will continue on with his works and do greater, he means and understands what he is saying. This is not a joke, this is not fiction. You Hebrews who are walking in the faith of Christ, you are shortly to undergo a serious transformation, one that will blow your mind and change your life forever and this blog is to prepare you for that change that is literally around the corner. Remember, this process begins with the mind being unlocked first and it is your mind that the super elite have tried to contaminate and place blocks on.

My Declaration To The Elite And Their Evil

I will carry out my commission according to the instructions of my Heavenly Father, the Power of the Hebrews, the Power of my forefathers Abraham, Issac and Jacob, in the name of my saviour, lord, master and friend Christ. Do not stand in my way as I carry out these works. All and any of those who choose to disregard this declaration and still choose to come against me know this, that I will not hesitate to smoke you, literally. I will hunt you down and uncover every rock, cave and mountain that you are hiding in and under and I shall destroy you and your cohorts with the power vested in me from the Most High. I will take the ultra organic food from your storehouses, I will take the non GMO seeds that you have stored in various locations around the planet and I will give both the food and the seeds to the poor for them to eat and to plant. What, should you eat good and my people eat the dregs? I will remove the very food from your mouths and will burn it with fire in your own sight. I will bring my people clean fresh water and will pollute your water sources. I will strike fear and terror into you as you have done so in like manner to the poor and the weak of this planet, you shall not be able to evade me. I will tread down your armies and will smash down your ivory towers and your fortresses into dust and fine powder, you will have no places to run to or to hide in. The very mention of my name shall bring fear, trembling and terror to your hearts and an uneasy silence to many. I will ensure that you will drink down your recompense and judgement in full and undiluted at the highest strength. I will become a menace unto all that perform evil on this planet. I will heal the sick, restore limbs, arms and other parts of the body to those people whom you have dismembered through your bloody acts of war. I will reconstruct the faces and the bodies of the disfigured back to normal and I will normalize their DNA structure which you have altered through your biological and chemical weapons. I will bring peace and justice to the poor and the weak of this world. I will accordingly and appropriately “redistribute” your wealth into the hands of the poor and the needy. I will scorch the atmosphere with fire and cleanse the skies of your ariel pollutants and contaminants. I will destroy your lab created monsters, sentinels and terminators. It has been noted that have coined the term “Black Ops”. You are shortly to understand by force what the real meaning of black operations stands for. As you have robbed, so shall ye be robbed, as you have killed, so shall ye be killed, as you have damaged and destroyed, so shall ye suffer damage and destruction at my hands, in the name of the Father(soon to be revealed) and his right hand power Christ(whose name is also soon to be revealed). I will ensure that you will suffer a continual wrath at my hands. When all these things come to pass, remember that you were foretold of these events. I am putting you global elites on notice, prepare yourselves for war. So be it!

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual 

Blessings In The Heavenly Father

82 thoughts on “Trigger Point – Understanding Your REAL True Super Powers As A Hebrew In Christ!

  1. Wow!! This is some good information!!! Now i understand these verses, and I understand the X-men cartoons now. It makes sense. But my question is,when am i going to use these great gifts from the Most High? What am i supposed to say to “activated” on a person? Let’s say now today, I want to heal someone’s diabetes.. am i supposed to hold the person, put my hand on them.. but say what? Could we use these great powers now? I see now that words that comes out my mouth along with great faith are powerful indeed. Now it makes sense that we will be hated even more, my own people will turn on me… so sad for them.


    • You will be “fully activated” according to the time that the Most High wants you to carry out his works. Each individual has a different timetable and schedule and individuals in Christ will be activated at different time periods. Indeed, the gifts are great but the institutional church does not want folks to receive these gifts because that would then break their control over the people, the people would realise that they have been lied to and they would leave the church.

      Faith is like a muscle which regrettably most of us haven’t really exercised well because of the disinformation teachings that have come out of the institutional church corner, we have been so conditioned to believe that all super natural powers are evil, magic and of the devil that the Most High has to first decontaminate our minds from these beliefs. This blog is part of that mind decontamination process. Could you use the powers now? Some actually are doing works like this now so the activation and awakening has already begun, our time of full activation is coming very, very, very soon, hence the reason I feel that the Most High has pressed me to compile this blog now, you will not have wait much longer.

      With the power that will be unlocked in you through Christ, you won’t even need to be in the person’s presence to heal them. Remember what Christ stated, we would do the works he done and GREATER. Also remember Christ stated that with the Most High, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Therefore, you can choose how you want to heal them, via touch, via voice, it will be up to you. This is why I am no longer afraid of the super elite and their nwo system, I am going to strike terror and fear into them as they have done so to the poor of this planet. They will tremble in fear and hide in their underground bases and in the mountains and caves when they hear of my coming.

      As for what to say to heal somebody, you can say what you want. This is the power that you will have, all words that will proceed from your mouth will be with power and great authority.


  2. Excellent article !! Hancock and the book of eli the main films that come to my mind …
    Oh u can’t forget about the nukes and huge decreases of people because of the fall out either ..I would have loved to heard u touch on that n this article .. The powers and activation from the Most High would most likely be the only reason we could survive something like that


    • Ah ha, another angle that I never thought of and some other film posters that I will include into this blog. Your extra input is very much appreciated, thank you. This is why individuality is so very important and precious. Indeed you are exactly correct, with these idiots releasing their nuclear arsenals, we are going to literally need super powers from on high to survive the radiation fallout. Could this also be at this point were Mark 16:18 comes into play, the section that deals with us being able to drink any deadly substance and remaining unaffected? More food for thought.

      The Most High is going to activate us to be able to survive and carry out work in a world that will be completely fragged and an inhospitable place to live in but not everywhere will be destroyed, I believe that the Most High will provide his people with sanctuary areas around the globe as per Revelation 12:6. There will be certain spots across the planet that will remain intact.

      I personally cannot wait and I have already made my request to the Most High to go after these satanic bums and terrorize them like in the same manner that they had us in terror all of our lives.

      Ahayah Bless


  3. Oh, wow! Just last night I viewed a Youtube video of Fritz Springmeier talking with Alex Jones, and Jones asked him why the Illuminati/world elite hate black Africans and African Americans so much. Springmeier avoided the question for a bit, but when he did answer, it was some lame reason like the elites think that blacks are subhuman, blah, blah, blah. That’s what they want us to believe, but from reading your blog over the past month, I realized that the elite’s hatred of us is spiritual. They hate everybody, but they have reserved a special place of hatred in their hearts towards the black peoples of the world because they know that many of us are the true Hebrews. We are of Jacob, and they are of Esau. “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated” (Rom. 9:13). They are trying to wipe out the Most High’s chosen people because they know what we will become once we embrace our true heritage, identity, and the powers that lie within. This post confirmed what I’m beginning to feel in my heart.


    • Mother spirit, good to have you on board. See, this is the problem with the European man, even though he can be in the truth, he still has that prejudice in his heart against the so called Negro, I see this time and time again, white people coming out and telling the truth but only venturing a quarter or half of the way. The elite have the real records and the real history books, they know exactly who we are, where we originally come from and they have stretched to great lengths to ensure that we would never find out the information that they have been hiding from us.

      The prevention of us connecting to the Most High and obtain real physical powers was their goal from the beginning in order to keep the scales tipped in their favour, so they raised up men like Benny Hinn plus other clowns and tricksters to make an open mockery on stage and the small screen in relation to the miracles of Christ, thus placing an acceptance block in the mind of the individual and ultimately turning them away from the real power of the Most High.

      Just look at the amount of clowns on cable television who stand in front of their audiences and pretend that they are slaying people in the Holy Spirit. Benny Hinn is the most prolific example that comes to mind, with the clown swinging his jacket at people shouting “fire” under that hypnotic trance music that always plays in the background when he is “in full swing”.

      Holy water, emergency prayer kits, holy oil, miracle handkerchiefs, miracle stones and rocks etc, aswell as being blatant scams and frauds, these gimmicks have also served to wear down a believer’s belief in real power, bit by bit. Look at average institutional church members, has it worked, sure has.

      The denying of real power begins in the mind. Talk to you average believer and they will clearly show you that they do not believe that they are going to receive REAL power from on high. Then, when shown the scriptures that prove them wrong, they move to reason that those scriptures have been spoken in a figurative or and allegorical sense. The seed of doubt among believers is so rampant and it is this seed that has stalled the Most High in manifesting his great power through us.

      Well, it is time to break this cycle of doubt. I have put this information out there to stir up hope and to inform folks that the Most High has not forgotten us and that we will indeed receive real physical power from heaven, Christ stated we would continue on with his works, I believe him.

      We are the Hebrews, we have discovered our lost heritage and very soon the Most High will be endowing us with great power and there is nothing that these elite bankers can do about it. How now elite cow?!


  4. Thank you Verb for reminding us of our power in The Son and the Father not forgetting the angels who are with us constantly!
    May Our Father bless you and keep you safe!
    p.s ive emailed you but not sure if they are being blocked, your prayers have truely helped!!!


    • Hey sis, it has been a while. No, I have not received any recent emails from you, I suspect some sort of interception and skull duggery there. I will send you a test email anyway. Folks need to be recharged and reminded of the real power of Christ that has deliberately been made a mockery of by the institutional church and its “miracle” and “healing” shinanigans. Your blessing are much appreciated as always. You keep safe and blessed also. Speak to you soon.

      Ahayah Bless you


  5. hi all! O.K. so my awakening happened solo for me and im a bit nervous, relieved, confused, and still young in the newness of this eye opener. I grew up in a black baptist home and the older I got the more I started to enjoy going to church and hearing The Word of God. once college came I had a few groups that were bible believing and God preaching but we all came from different backgrounds so i had become introduced to the apostolic practice of speaking in tongues and the “gifts” of the spirit. But the message wasn’t so much about salvation anymore than it was about prosperity and getting bills paid and enough money to do what you want but you got to “plant a seed” for it to happen. I brought these people to my house and we prayed for my mom because she’s been ill for most of my college life(im 31 now so over 10 years she’s been ill) so anyway she’s still sick and I thought maybe it was MY faith or maybe it was HER’S but either way she’s still sick. so after college I try to find me a better place to worship because i had a few different thoughts of who God was/Is and I wasn’t feeling others view of Him. I moved to Arizona and people got mad at me because they said “God didn’t call me to Arizona” but I told them that I hadn’t been called to many a place that i went. In Arizona i found a chuch that was out of someone’s home and I liked the feeling there, he was a teacher/preacher of the word and I loved that. so I joined and shortly after they tried to get me to marry their daughter and I wasn’t interested because she wasn’t my type. After that they grew tired of my stagnation in the word; they thought I should be doing more with my “gifts” and couldn’t understand when i told them that i suffered from poor self esteem and confidence from my childhood upbringing and that I didn’t really know what “gifts” i had and they kind of wrote me off. the pastor was still cool but the rest were kind of like “yawn” plus i was so motivated to find a wife and i think they tried to use that to marry me with their daughter. So, i end up getting a job which made me work on weekends and that stopped me from going to church and I did that for a year and a half and i thought that I was getting weak because i hadn’t been to worship service or prayer meetings or anything so i was feeling bad that i hadn’t been able to go to church because of work. Then I slowly started looking into the Sabbath because it peaked my interest and then from there it went on to anything and everything that could show me information about the truth about the church and about black people. it went into domino effect, i sought out more that told me more and before i knew it I had stumbled upon info saying that black people were the real hebrew isrealites. I gotta tell ya, it’s a lonely walk when you learn alone. i am glad that sites and blogs like this exist but i’m still having hard times coming to terms with everything. YHWH is God and Yaheshua is Jesus. i don’t know any hebrew and ive seen all sorts of sites trying to debunk the theory of black hebrew isrealites. the ones that i’ve found on youtube are all divided with how they feel about the whole ordeal. some say we have to keep to the old covenant and others(like you) say that we are free from the law. None of my friends believe me because they have been programmed to believe that white “jews” are the only Jews and black people don’t really have the right to claim they are Hebrew all of a sudden(again not my feelings but my friends) so now i don’t know what to do other than keep learning and reading. Also, the powers that you speak of, I have to admit, I would love to have that ability awakened in me but I feel silly and goofy when I think about me having the abilities like you describe. I feel as though it’s childish to think that we’ll have such capabilities and I know that is my self esteem talking because i want to believe and a small part of me does believe that YHWH will activate us but it’s such a stretch for me to fully hold onto that belief. You are the first person to ever talk bout such powers existing especially when it comes to hewbrews and blacks(one in the same) Sorry for such a long intro but i had to give you my backstory so that you’d know who I am and why I am writing you. I am excited and thrilled to be apart of this whole experience of being awakened because i truly sense that that is what it is but I just don’t have anyone to discuss this with. Anyway, thanks for your input. Your brother in the struggle, J.R. Green


    • First foremost, welcome back to your lost heritage. I also was brought up in the church though I never lasted long in it as it was simply a place full of restrictive rules and regulations. As I have clearly learnt now, a man’s/woman’s walk with the Most High is an INDIVIDUAL walk and the so called “church” is really a Trojan horse with no real answers and real solutions to real problems. I wouldn’t worry at all about your current state as the Most High will mould you into a bold and confident man as he did myself. Just as you would take something that is old and implement a plan to restore it, so the Most High is right now working his restoration plan on you. He takes his time with his work, there is no rush so try not to feel as if there is an urgency, all will fall into its place in time, just continue to walk in faith. I know exactly where you are coming from because I was where you are at one stage. You do not stay in that place forever, you WILL move on and progress from that level, so do not panic and think that no progression is being achieved, that is the old institutional church mentality that the Most High will purge out of you.

      Contrary to what the institutional church teaches, sickness more time can be the result of a lack of knowledge. I go into this in part in my HIV conspiracy and Cancer conspiracy posts. I am sorry to hear about your mother, if you don’t mind me asking, what illness has she been suffering from(you can email me at if you do not want to disclose her illness publicly)? I may be able to give you some help and some solutions.

      Contrary to what you might believe, the Most High prefers you OUT of the church system as he can deal with you individually without the distractions and interruptions of the typical church setting. The church is actually a hindrance to your walk with the Most High. I have also written 2 posts on the institutional church called Institutional Church Rhetoric, parts 1 and 2. I’m sure you will relate to alot of what is said in them:

      Your foundation always must be the word of the Most High regardless of what you hear from other people including myself. Anything that tallies with the word you keep, and anything that does not match up with the word then you throw away. For example, the bible clearly shows us that we are now under a new covenant based upon faith and belief that Christ forged with his blood and death, therefore anything that teaches the opposite must be thrown out. You already know this from your time in the church. Ask the Spirit in prayer to guide you into all truth as Christ promised he would(John 16:13). Here is a plain understanding of what is required of us as Hebrews in Christ now:

      In regards to the super powers, this was one of the goals of television evangelists, pastors, preachers and bishops, to make an open mockery of the miracles of Christ in order to slowly erode the faith of folks in relation to receiving real power from heaven. This is a psychological warfare tactic. Then, they have also mocked super natural powers through cartoons and other types of programming, making it seem childish or making it seem that all super natural power comes from the devil and is wicked. The Most High doesn’t deal with magic, HE IS POWER. So, don’t worry sir, your powers are coming, just take your time and enjoy a nice easy and light individual walk with the Most High. The Most High wants you to stretch out and believe in the powers that he is about to give you, this is what exercising faith is all about, it is a start.

      You are not alone sir, the Most High is there with you. Sooner or later with the mess that this movement is in, in terms of what to do and what not to do, you are going to realise that it is better for you to do your own research and walk as an individual, rather than joining yourself to any group, as groups can be and have been infiltrated by the intelligence services. This is why you are seeing so many wacky and confusing doctrines currently coming out of the Hebrew camp, from the one extreme right unto the other.

      On the wife issue, that not going to be easy as most women of the west are now married to the state, the state has become their new husband whom they believe and put their trust in. Nethertheless, keep that search going, there are still some good women out there, regrettably you will have to weed through the dregs and the reprobates first.

      I am here to serve you sir, feel free to discuss with me any of your concerns or any questions that you may have. I know what it is like to not be able to have a place to turn to where you can ask questions and get straight answers without fear of being mocked, ridiculed or being told that you have no faith and that you should just trust in the Most High, I have also been there.

      Ahayah Bless You


  6. o.k. the funny thing is the more i read your blog the more i think about what i wrote above this comment. You answered my questions and concerns without even me asking them to you directly. especially about YHWH being the name of The Most High I Am. It seems as though soon as i learn one thing, I come across something else that completely turns it around. I get lost and confused because I want to be confident in my prayers but know that I have had everything that I believed in changed right before my eyes and no “man” has told me this directly. I have found answers via websites and blogs and videos and I have only but one friend to know what i am going through with being awakened. I don’t even know what to do and where I am going with this. I feel a myriad of emotions and thoughts but of all these feelings, I have never felt so far away from My Father than i do right now. I can’t even explain it. i see things that i haven’t seen before, i know things that i know i don’t know of my own wisdom and because of my low self esteem(i used to laugh at that and say i should have God esteem because i am wretched by nature) anyway i even thought that my low self esteem has allowed me to be humble in thought and viewing things in this world and that makes me feel honored to know that My Heavenly Father is waking me up now but now I am feeling lost somewhat. I don’t know, i know i sound contradictory and all over the place. Nevertheless, good job on your blog sir, i am glad that The Most High brought me here. Peace unto you and yours. J.R.


    • What is currently happening to you at the moment is that the Most High is smashing down all the constructs, smashing up the chains, hindrances and gutting you out, expelling all the excess baggage, false doctrines and teachings that you have picked up over the years. The state of confusion will only be a momentary one. Yes, there will be a lot of debris and dust during this period but the Most High is doing a work and once all the dust has settled, you will come through a new creature in the making. The important thing is to simply have faith and allow him to do his work. Of course you are going to feel lost as you are now learning that nearly everything that you have been taught is a lie, the main portion being in relation to who you really are by bloodline.

      Again, do not be agitated by your current state as it will not be permanent and you will move forward. In fact, now that you are away from the institutional church setting, you will move forward at a lightening pace. The Father is near you at all times even in your current state. Remember what I stated before, stick to what is in the scriptures and immediately dismiss what isn’t.

      You need to stop thinking about formatting your prayers in a certain fashion, prayer can be talking to the Most High thinking out loud, prayer can be thinking in silence, there is no format to what prayer is, this is something that the Most High will show you in due time. The institutional church has done you much damage and has contaminated you with a huge amount of nonsense, this is what the Most High needs to get rid of and begin the moulding process.

      I just wanted to touch on a few other things you mentioned before, you talked about there being many websites trying to debunk the FACT(not theory)that we are the true Hebrews. This is simply for the most part the JewISH propaganda machine going into full swing to hide the fact that the so called Jewish people are not the real Hebrews. Remember, these gentiles have known that there is something about you to fear, however most have been unable to put their finger on what it is that they are to fear about you……..but they are soon going to find out first hand why they should fear the Hebrews. The other issue here is that the gentiles don’t want to be relegated to the back of the line, they believe that it is all about them now, “how dare you a lowly Negro try and stake claim to the same bloodline as Christ”, that is their mentality.

      Finally, you go by what the bible says, this is exactly what I do. If there are Israelite groups out there teaching that we must go back to the old covenant, then you go to the bible and see what it says about that, but seeing as you have been brought up in the church, in your spirit you know that Christ and his new covenant is now the way, this is what the scriptures say.

      I am always here to answer questions on anything you are not sure of.

      Ahayah bless


  7. This reviewer’s son gave the undersigned a copy of this book about 15 years ago for which the undersigned is grateful. Samual Sandmel’s book titled THE HEBREW SCRIPTURES is an excellent comprehensive precise of the Old Testament/TANAK. The book is divided by the Pre-Exilic and Post Exilic Prophets, The Torah or Pentateuch, and Deuteronomic Histories. Sandmel showed careful attention to detail and had an excellent bibliography and indices at the end of the book. Serious scholars and readers of the Bible (Jewish and Christian) can learn so much from this book.The beginning sections of the book dealt with the “haziness” of the actual sources and meanings of the Hebrew Scriptures. Sandmel stated that some clarity can be gleaned upon careful study and refusal to understand these difficulties can lead from haziness to blindness. Readers should know that the Hebrew Scriptures were originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic and were much more allegorical than some moderns may think. Even Ancient historical Jewish scholars such as Philo (c 20 BC-C 40 AD) stated very clearly that the Hebrew Scriptures were allegorical which some of the early Church Fathers also stated. Sandmel makes a compelling case that, in spite of what the Book of Joshua states, the Hebrew language may have been borrowed from the Cananites. Sandmel informed the reader that much of the Hebrew Scriptures were set to music and chanted when read.Many of the Pre-Exilic Prophets connected G-d to the land of Palestine or Israel. This is reflected in much of the Prophetic literature which was both hopeful and sadly pessimistic. These men dealt with the difficult issue of G-d’s providence vs. free will which was a problem the Prophets and later theologians never resolved. As Sandmel and other biblical scholars have stated, the Book of Isaiah may have had two or three authors. Isaiah: 1-39 is very pessimistic while the remaining 27 chapters are more optimistic. The Book of Micah is very gloomy and forbodding with reminders of right living (Do Justly, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly with G-d-Micah 6:6-8).The same tension was mentioned in Sandmel’s treatment of the Book of Nahum whom Sandmel thought was one of the Hebrew writers who helped make the Hebrew religion’s transition from Hebrew Monotheism to Judaism. Sandmel remarked that Nahum mourned the status of Israel while developing some concept of a Messiah. Such a transition is also reflected in Jeremiah who argued that G-d could be worshipped in Babylon as well as in Israel. As Sandmel noted, this is in contradiction with the 137th. Psalm which is a Psalm of lamentation and unadulterated hatred. Some biblical historians argue that the 137th. Psalm was directed at a group of people called the Edomites rather than the Babylonians. The two peoples may have been historically related.Such latitude is furthered mentioned in the Book of Isaiah who wrote about worship of Jews with Gentiles in Babylon. Isaiah and Jeremiah may have produced what some biblical scholars call Religious Imperialism. This means that G-d was not confined to the land of Israel but was G-d of all men/women and lands. Sandmel briefly dealt with Christian and Jewish interpretations of the Prophets including Isaiah. Some people read the Prophets as almost fortune tellers when they were social critics and reminders of what men should be rather than what they are. They also predicted social and political disasters if they adhered to power and greed which can be destructive forces.Sandmel’s study of Exilic and Post Exilic biblical literature is interesting. He also showed some of the historical errors of the writers of the Book of Danial who credit Cyrus the Great(600-501 BC) with events which historians associate with Darius I (550-486 BC). Sandmel’s interpretation of the Book of Esther was interesting. The Book of Esther does not containG-d’s name. Some religious men have critisized the Book of Esther for bloody revenge. Yet, the Rabbis established the celebration of Purim as a joyous event including drinking, costumes, fun. etc. As Sandmel noted, the Rabbis may have included such a festive celebration to avoid making Judaism as a too austere religion.Other minor books of the Hebrew Bible include Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. Proverbs is a collection of comment dealing with prudence and caution. As Sandmel noted the Book of Ecclesiastes is a grim reminder that men and women get old, decrepit, and die. The message in Ecclesiastes is that men and women should not revel in their youth too much because age can undermine thoughtless youthful enthusiasm. Some of men’s youthful enthusiasms and “falling in love” can be described in the Book of Song of Songs.Sandmel introduced the reader to the Torah or Pentateuch in the latter sections of the book when most biblical histories usually introduce the reader to these books earlier in the text. Sandmel clearly proved that the Torah or First Five Books of the Bible had different sources which are often called E, J, P, and D. Not all biblical readers agree with this view, but this reviewer does in part. This is a matter of honest debate. Some of Sandmel’s comments dealt with priestly purity especially in the Book of Leviticus. The Book of Deuteronomy established the concept that the Torah was for all Hebrews and not just specialists or elite classes.Some of the concluding chapters of the book examined the Books of Samuel, Books of Kings, etc. The original authors of these books noted that good and honest kings lived but a short time. Yet, evil monarchs lived much longer, and the message that old age and survival are not due to inherent goodness. As was suggested, those who live longest often suffer the most.Sandmel’s sections on Book of Psalms was thoughtful. He described the Psalms as poetry of lamentation, praise, and thanksgiving. Other bibilical scholars describe the Psalms as One Mood Pslams, Dynamic Psalms, Messianic Psalms, and Hymnic Psalms. Sandmel and others confidently state that the Psalms have several sources.Samuel Sandmel’s book THE HEBREW SCRIPTURES is honest and informative for both Christians and Jews. His work was carefully organized and well written. As the undersigned stated above, the book has good indices and an excellent bibiliography. Readers should note that this book is comprehensive but well worth the time to read and carefully study.James E. EgolfDecember 13, 2009


    • This is always the problem when certain people(mainly people of European descent) decide to write about something which has nothing to do with their history, they get it wrong, time and time again. Sandmel sounds JewISH to me and since we know that the JewISH people in Israel today are not the descendants of the biblical Hebrews, Sandmel has no authority to expound on anything contain within my records. If you want the correct view on my records and how they should be read, then you need to come to me or request guidance from the real Hebrews, not these fake identity thieves pretending to be us.


  8. I want to ask you Verbs and anyone else who may know, what about Jacob’s trouble? are we the hebrew isrealites to go through that? I keep thinking about a possible race war with all this racial tension building up and people don’t want to talk about it but i have some white friends and i know they are out in the desert out here, shooting away and getting their “aim” on. I think about t.v. shows that come on that seem to now more than ever be geared towards things like guns (top shot, son’s of guns) and you might not of heard of these things because you don’t watch t.v. and I understand that but I am just wondering, with all these powers that are to come, which I am thankful unto Christ that they are being bestowed upon us, are we to endure more, if not worse, torture and danger that once fell upon our forefathers? I know that plenty of white people would love to just kill us for no reason. I was called a suspicious shady black person just for walking into a grocery store late at night. I know that white people still have a brooding hatred for blacks and latinos that they don’t speak of all the time but they are getting more and more confident now and acting out and act like they are just waiting for it to pop off so they can start busting their guns right for us.

    what are you thoughts. oh and i hope all is well, been a minute since i’ve talked to ya last, hope The Most High living is blessing you abundantly.

    Your brother in the struggle,

    J.R. Green


    • Hey brother Green, good to hear from you, it has been a while indeed, hope you have been keeping well. Jacob’s trouble is simply put the other nations joining together to attempt to exterminate the so called Negro and the other native tribes of Israel. We will go through it but not in the way that some might think.

      Regrettably, most of our people will be killed because they trust in this Babylon system and will call upon it to protect and nurture them in times of trouble. We who have chosen to reject this wicked system and join ourselves to the Most High, recognising better things to come will be preserved through the trouble though we will suffer persecution at the hands of these other nations and even from some of our own brethren.

      The race riots are definitely coming and this is another reason why most of our people will be killed, most black people believe that somehow they have now been accepted by the so called European man and they will be begging the so called white man for mercy thinking he will appease them when he launches his attacks on us, mercy which he doesn’t have a grain of in his blood, especially when it comes to dealing with black folks.

      Ezekiel 35:5 clearly shows us that the hatred that Edom has for Israel is “perpetual”, in other words FOREVER. This is one of the reasons why Edom will be totally destroyed. Edom is the only nation in the scriptures that will be shown absolutely NO mercy from the Most High. With the track record of the so called European man speaking for itself, this judgement from the Most High on Edom is fully understandable.

      To be honest, I believe that we will be busy carrying out our commissions but we will witness calamity and death around us especially in relation to our people. This world will certainly not be a pretty place to be in during Jacob’s trouble.

      The Most High will bestow us with power to enable us to protect ourselves during this period. It is something that would not go amiss in our prayers once in a while aswell. I have requested to help out the poor and to slay these elites who have brought so much misery to this planet. I believe 100% that this request will be granted to me as this is part of the will of Ahayah, to help the poor and the needy, to bring righteousness to the earth and to stamp out evil doers and their works of iniquity. The so called church doesn’t talk about this at all.

      These elites will know my name and the names of other Hebrews and the mere mention of us will bring terror to their hearts, the same terror that they have forced upon others.

      Luke 12:35-51 is good reading in line with this topic. I always wondered what Christ was talking about when he stated that he wanted to see his servants “working” when he comes, regardless of the hour or day.



      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        The rapture quite frankly put is a load of old cobblers that has been pieced together by the institutional church beast infrastructure as a deceptive mechanism in order to have Hebrews and Gentiles in Christ believe that they will not have to deal with and face off against the pinnacle of evil, hence this is one of the main reasons why the so called “church” is a monument of failure today, because those who call themselves christians believe that all of the hard work has already been done and that at this point in time all they are required to do is wait to be translated to heaven. This couldn’t be further from the truth and I am going to show you this via some pivotal scriptures, mostly quotes from Christ himself.

        Let us first turn to John 17:15 which reads:


        This request was part of the prayer Christ submitted to the Most High surrounded by his disciples shortly before he was crucified. Christ prayed to the Most High that we as Hebrews and Gentiles should be kept from the evil in the world, not taken out of the world. Many folks would state that this prayer was directed towards his disciples alone, however when we scroll down to verse 20, that scripture reads:

        17:20 Neither pray I for these alone, BUT FOR THEM ALSO WHICH SHALL BELIEVE ON ME THROUGH THEIR WORD

        The next verse to turn to is Matthew 24:13 which reads:

        24:13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

        To endure means to work through a hard trial or to suffer through hard times. If the rapture doctrine were truth and we were to be removed from the world then there would be no requirement for endurance, after all what does one need to endure against in heaven?

        We now turn to Mark 10:29-30 which reads:

        10:29 And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that have left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s

        10:30 But he shall receive 100 fold NOW IN THIS TIME, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, WITH PERSECUTIONS; and in the world to come eternal life.

        Also, we cannot forget what Paul told us in 2 Timothy 3:12 which reads:

        3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus SHALL SUFFER PERSECUTION

        However, what further words did Christ declare? John 16:33 reads

        16:33 These things have I spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. IN THE WORLD YE SHALL HAVE TRIBULATION: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

        Acts 14:22 reads:

        14:22 Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that WE MUST THROUGH MUCH TRIBULATION ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

        So, the bottom line is that we will go through the tribulation however Christ has prayed that we are kept from the evil of this tribulation. Quite frankly I would rather be kicking some butt, healing the sick, feeding the poor and carrying out other miraculous constructive activities on earth with supernatural power from the Most High during these times, than be lounging elsewhere in comfort. I would have been waiting along time to make some serious moves against this system and I absolutely will not pass up any opportunity to destroy it.

        Most High Bless


    • I agree. I walked into Dunhams yesterday to buy an assault rifle. I am a petite short woman who served my country and as a civilian worked for the government for years. I am a single parent of 2 and they refused me. However; the arabs and whites were buying multiple guns and I was the only one turned away.


  9. Brother. Wow. Ok. I have been reading your blog and for the past two days ruminated on what to write you. The Most High has put truth in my heart so that even when I run the risk of going astray, I find something that puts me back on the narrow and RIGHT path. Today, that is your blog.
    First and foremost, I want to say, “Thank you”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing, the Truth you are bringing and the Light you expose in the darkness of this world. goes…

    The AshkeNAZI are an utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt people.Though they claim the mantle of JewISHness when it suits them (like their whining of anti-Semitism when people speak out against them) they are European.

    After much sin and falling away, I was lead to the Truth several years ago. I engaged in witchcraft and became so proficient at it, that it scared me. Divination was my specialty. One day I woke up and I knew that the reason that these powers were being given to me was that Satan was throwing enticements at me to get me to come to the other side. It was like an epiphany. So I groped about in the dark a bit more and I don’t remember how, but I stumbled across the Israelite camps. Though I was raised Baptist, I always thought that the Jews were those Khazars. Until I started to do my homework. I found that they were imposter. Those who dwelt in the tents of Shem but were NOT Shem. My eyes were opened. Underneath all this were my dreams. I thought them bizarre but so real. Dreams that had a distinct feel and quality about them that was different from my run of the mill dreams. In these dreams I was on the run with a group of people. I don’t remember specifics, but I know that they were not Europeans. People of Color, I suppose you would call them. Anyways, my rag tag group were running away from “something”. Something profoundly evil. We are hiding and searching for scraps of food. We pass camps where zombie like people are on conveyor belts and being ground up like meat. Not fighting. Not struggling. Just there. Empty. Unaware. Vacant. They were mostly “white” people. Within this dream, I was caught by “aliens”. I knew they were not aliens, as most people thought, but demons. They are the “greys”. Spoken of in the book of Revelation. Those that are demonic spirits that look like frogs. (Google “frogs”, “aliens” and “Revelation” and then click under images if you have not already.) These being are after us and while foraging for food, we are found. All of a sudden I am leaping. I’m talking about CRAZY leaps. Like leaping miles in one bound and landing gently though the force never decelerated. I am able to burst boulders in my way easily. These dark entities are dong their damndest (in the truest sense of the word) to catch me, but I leap/fly away. Even when touching down in the midst of them.

    There is so much more, but I do not want to ramble.

    I almost fell away recently (within the last two years) because of “brothers” I saw on Youtube speaking HORRIBLE things about the women of Israel. I won’t name names, but I’m sure you know who these brothers are. When I challenged them through Youtube comments, a video was made “exposing” me. They had nothing but somewhat suggestive photos of me wearing a couple of short skirts from a Myspace page that I never tried to hide. However, it was enough to turn me off. I decided to not follow any “camps” and walk with YHWH by myself. I recently came downstairs one day and found my mom watching the same video series I had found. She looked at me with such earnest eyes and said, “I always knew I was a Jew.” I wanted to cry. A number of my family member have been waking up and I feel profound thanks. We are truly blessed because so many will turn on one another and many families will not be intact. My family is nowhere to be found in my dreams, but my heart is settled because I know that they are in the Truth so no matter what happens to them, they will be saved.

    I just wanted to say, just like they are inundating us with movies/shows/books ect about superheros, they are also indoctrinating us with their “alien agenda”. This is part of the Strong Delusion that will come upon the people of the Earth. I believe this will happen BEFORE we get our powers, which is why the Bible says that even the elect COULD be fooled if not for their faith. And our faith will be rewarded. The alien agenda and the triggering of our “junk DNA” will go hand in hand.

    I dream of becoming a warrior. Of slaying evil and doing good works and helping those who are downtrodden. I used to think it was because I was an idealistic dreamer. Now I know for sure why my heart is so. You have no idea what this post has done for my spirit. May the Most High bless you thoroughly and I hope to meet you in New Jerusalem.

    I often hear Black people say, “Why do they hate us so much?? What have we EVER done to them?!”. I always tell them that they do not hate you for the reasons that you think. We are hated because our destiny is so great. It is that “thing” about us that they cannot put their finger on. They are of their father, the Devil. Their actions and works reveal and uplift his spirit. And I cannot wait to crush them. Europeans will be so eager to “get” us that they will destroy the Earth and all of its inhabitants and THEMSELVES if need be. YHWH MUST come back if ANY flesh is to be saved. Their DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bunkers) will not save them. Though they will wish for the mountains to fall on them. Their ELF,HAARP, Project Bluebeam, RFID chips and ect. will not help them. They honestly think that through science THEY will be the ones to claim such a great inheritance. After all their evil works. This is the mark of the collection psychotic and sociopathic nature of these people. They will not prevail. And I will live to see it. I know this. The same recurring dream over and over and over and over again.
    Joel 2:28

    People will be so happen once we are where we need to be. It will be the start of a TRUE Golde Era. Revelation 21:4.

    I’m sorry if this letter was scattered. My thoughts are racing and I feel an awareness and sense of urgency. May The Most High Keep you safe.

    Oh, and I am a 32 year old female. I have no children and don’t plan on having children because of what I know is coming up.Matthew 24:19


    I’ve been watching the news and they are starting to incite the race war. It’s been a long time coming and woe unto those who trust in the system and go into the Fema camps for “safety”.


    • Hey Darqbeauty, welcome aboard. I’m glad that you have found this blog and it is putting you back on track again. Your thanks are much appreciated, I have simply decided to talk on truth, on what the Most High guides me to talk on regardless of the flack or backlash I may receive.

      Your testimony is a very powerful one in that it shows that regardless of how deep towards the darkside somebody goes, they can always be brought back by the power of the Most High. From one end of the spectrum right to the other, Ahayah is good.

      This is quite a fitting moment as it seems that your dreams have been further confirmed by my post and my post has been further confirmed by the dreams that you are having. Funny you should talk about the zombie public being grounded up, they show that type of thing happening in the film Soylent Green. Also, they have military robots in which the literal fuel for the machine is human bodies:

      The abilities you talked about in terms of making huge leaps for miles at a time aswell as your ability to smash rocks with ease, sounds exactly like the Hulk. They know we are coming, that character was imaged after our people. You see, these other nations have no idea of the can the Most High is going to open up on them. He is allowing them to build up their judgement so that when he opens the gate of wrath and lets us loose, they will know exactly why they are being judged. These other nations have absolutely no excuses for the way that they have treated us. This is a main reason why they have been so desperate to side track us into their false religions in order to keep us deactivated.

      I know exactly what brothers you are talking about in reference to degrading Hebrew sisters, those brothers are simply old covenant flesh walkers who are more interested in making a reputation for themselves instead of bringing our people to the truth, in time they will be dealt with in the same manner as those that they themselves have condemned, pay no mind to those fools. Professing themselves to be wise yet their actions are such of reprehensible folly to the core.

      You are indeed right to walk as an individual, your walk with the Most High is an individual walk, it is nobody else’s business but yours and his. He will fully guide you and bring you into all truth as per John 16:13. As per 1 John 2:27, the Spirit within you will teach you, you do not need men to teach you. We are not on our own in this scheme of things even though the so called European man would very much like us to think the opposite. One of the main messages that he wants us to suck in is the repeated mantra of no hope. Yes, there is no hope for folks who do not believe in the Most High Power of the Hebrews, outside of him there is no hope.

      I’m glad to hear that some of your family members are waking up, this is absolutely great news, this now means we have more people to wreck shop on the planet, not that we will need huge numbers to deal with the evil scum which reside on planet earth. Remember what Christ stated, many are called, FEW are chosen, so I believe that the Most High will make a point of having a small number of people completely wrecking shop and tearing down the final parts of this Babylon system. Look, now they have the Avengers film just released. I enjoy watching these super hero flicks as it simply shows me what I have to look forward to. I’m looking forward to smashing up some DUMBS and watching the elite defecate themselves in fear. I cannot believe that the church is talking about being raptured, I don’t won’t a rapture, I want to stay here and kick some butt. Let the “aliens”, the sentinels, the lab created chimera beasts and the giants come, we will be ready for them with heavenly fire.

      In the same manner that the Pharoah was raised up to be shown that there was a much higher power in existence than him, in like manner is Edom being raised up and allowed some what to execute skull duggery on this planet. They tried so hard to derail us, taking advantage of us and teaching us our records from a religious perspective, imagine that, turning a nation’s history and records into a religion. This is what the Most High was waiting for, before these nations feared us but now they are becoming rash, arrogant and brazen towards us which is so the wrong thing to do, especially towards a Hebrew in Christ. He wants them to get to a position where they forget who we are and what potential power we have. In a manner of speaking, he wants them to put their foot in it.

      On the contrary, there are no restrictions on this blog site, feel free to express your thoughts and dreams here if you wish to do so, in fact I am very interested to hear what other dreams you have been having in relation to our powers, our awakening and the future.

      They can keep their fema camps, I do not need re-educating. Even if they were to get me into one of those “holding centers”, through the power of the Most High, they cannot hold me there, I would decide when it was time for me to leave and I would kick a few butts on the way out aswell. You stay strong and continue to pursue the truth.



      • Brother before I came into the truth I has an odd dream. Me and about 15 others were trapped within a home. I found a way to get out and the others noticed and they followed me out. I started running. Some one or some people that were adversaries were trying to find me. The ones who escaped behind me were also running a little ways behind me. I made it to a train station. I looked behind me and saw no one. I dont know if anyone made it. Now that Ive come into the truth it feels like I made it out safely. But now Im confused with the different doctrines that has been teached since I came into the truth a few months ago as it relates to Babylon and getting out. So Im not sure if Im suppose to stay in teh country and wait to be delivered or what. But I do not I made it out just in time. What are you thoughts. The email I used is not exactly my email. I do not want any traces back to me. But I have emailed you earlier today. If you could let me know you responded to this post via that email I sent you with questions I would be grateful. Or you could even use my facebook name which is below pursuit soverign. Thanks brother…..Do I get out of the country or will I be okay if I stay since we will have superpowers? Is the entire America going to be destroyed with us in it? How about the believers in truth that cannot leave. I have met many like that; ie brothers who owe child support and cant passports.


      • If you can leave Babylon then by all means leave, not out of fear or because of some nutty Hebrew brothers telling you to, but out of making simple preparations for the future for you and your family. You make your own decision about what you want to do, at the end of the day it is your life. You do what is best for you and the Most High will still be with you. I have seen your email and will reply back to you shortly with a detailed response.

        We the Hebrews are a very dangerous people to the global elite and we underestimate how dangerous we are to them, this is one of the reason why they have been attempting to alter our dna structure with WIFI, X rays and other electromagnetic waves, chemicals in foods and blocking out the sun as just a few examples, they believe that destruction of our DNA structure will severe the link we have to the Most High. They fail to understand that this is more than just DNA, what they destroy the Most High can rebuild again and that there is also a spiritual aspect to out link with the Most High, this link cannot be infiltrated.

        One of the things to stop doing is listening to these Hebrew groups and just starting listening to the Most High alone. This is very hard for people to do as we have been used to listening to and following individuals all of our lives. I stopped watching their videos a long time ago, your walk with the Most High is an INDIVIDUAL WALK, it has nothing to do with anybody else. Trust in the Most High to guide you and he will guide you faithfully.

        Remember that the scriptures tell us that the Most High will personally gather us from the 4 CORNERS OF THE EARTH(I can supply you with so many scriptures which show this), THERE WILL BE REFUGE AREAS ALL OVER THE WORLD, INCLUDING IN AMERICA. Also as I stated before during the times of great disaster we will be busy performing miracles, bring people food, moving people from location to location all in the super power of the Most High through Christ. You won’t have to worry about leaving any place, you will be able to exit and enter any place you choose just by thought alone(no passports required, no security checkpoints, no TSA, no Homeland Security, no army, marine or navy resistance, no restrictions whatsoever). As I stated before, we are a very dangerous people and the global elite and their cohorts have tried everything in their power to derail us from finding out that we are the Hebrews. This is the beginning of the end for them.



      • I’m awake but my friends and family are not. They are Christians and believe in Christ The Messiah, but they do not know that we are the Jews. Does that mean they aren’t saved or chosen?


      • Courtney,

        The main issue is that they believe in Christ, this is where I first started. I myself also rejected the information that we are the true Jews at first, it is down for individuals to work these things out by themselves if they want to. The main issue here is that you now know who you are. Don’t worry about other so much as you cannot save others, at this moment focus more on yourself.


    • You people are funny. The Jews in Isreal ARE the real Jews. Black people are of african descent. You speak heresies and should be ashamed of yourself. You must have very low self esteem.
      If I was from African descent I would, I suppose, try to be anything besides that to feel good about myself. Considering there is nothing about Africa to be proud of. To be sold by your own people to be slaves is not something to be proud of. And the Aids epidemic, poverty, goofy tribal voodoo stuff, murder and the rest. And you think you are the true Jews!!! Get over yourself and quickly!
      Get yourself right with God and quit trying to be something you’re not.


      • This is typically a display of the common so called “christian” ignorance at its height. Israel IS a part of Africa according to old and ancient maps. Only a fool would assume that the boundaries and border lines around Israel today have been the same throughout history.

        You so called christians are a real pain in the backside, you claim to stand for truth and justice yet you will continually uphold in blind ignorance the JewISH people in the land of Israel today as the real people without even conducting some basic background research and checks into the history of these JewISH people and where they originally came from.

        I feel very proud about my Hebrew heritage, there is nothing to be ashamed of in relation to Africa. Africa was a continent thriving with life and riches till the so called European man set foot on our shores. All the so called white man knows is destruction. Afghanistan and Iraq were also lands that were prospering under their own steam until the so called white man decided to go to war with these countries based upon convenient lies and propaganda. I am still waiting to witness these so called “weapons of mass destruction” that we were told about.

        The so called European man enters into countries that do not belong to him, destroys them and then turns around and says “look at the state that this country is in”, the cheek of it. It is no wonder the Most High is going to utterly destroy the so called white man for the relentless evil that he has wrought on this planet.

        This business about our people selling ourselves shows how little you know about the different varieties of dark skinned people within Africa. The so called Negro is not a native African by bloodline according to today’s boundaries, even Zondervan Compact Bible Dictionary(which by the way is written by Europeans) informs you of this fact.

        What, don’t you so called christians ever read? Of course not, you automatically put down your thinking and reasoning faculties, following and listening to everything pastors tell you even if they are a bunch of nit wits themselves. No, the so called Negro was sold to the Europeans by the native original inhabitants of the mainland Africa and the Arabs. We(so called Negroes) ran into mainland Africa in 70AD to escape the sacking of Jerusalem by the Romans. Those clowns called the Israelis have only been in the land since 1948 when they at the same time formed the state of Israel. My mother is older than their mockery of a state.

        Do you understand nothing at all? Even their description shows you that they are not the real Jews. Let me make it simple for you:

        ReddISH – Sort of like, similar to red but NOT THE ORIGINAL COLOUR.
        BluISH – Sort of like, similar to blue but NOT THE ORIGINAL COLOUR.
        JewISH – Same principle applies bootlicker.

        They also called themselves Israelis, Israeli meaning being born of the STATE ISRAEL, NOT THE LAND ISRAEL NOR IN RELATION TO BEING DESCENDANTS OF THE BIBLICAL HEBREWS. They do not call themselves Hebrews or Israelites, isn’t this suspicious to you, couldn’t it be more obvious to you, can you still not put the pieces together and figure out the racket? Is it still too hard for you to use your own brain to think this one through on your own, do you still need to lean on the pastor perpetually?

        It is funny how you have mentioned just a few of the many problems plaguing Africa at the moment, problems I might add that were all started by the white man’s hands. So called white people and other nations around the world have some equally wacky practices that they take part in, strange and reprobate behavior is not exclusive to people living in Africa. Let us take a look at the so called European man briefly and put his actions under the microscope:

        Who caused the Gulf Of Mexico oil spill…….Europeans.

        Who has killed over 2 million Iraqis in a war which is based upon lies and propaganda………..Europeans.

        Who is plundering certain countries like Sierra Leone and Bolivia of their gold, silver, platinum and diamond resources………..Europeans again.

        Who is attempting to push GMO frankenstein foods into the mainstream for the normal public to consume, even though detailed studies show that regular consumption of GMO foods leads to infertility, organ failure as well as a compendium of other bodily problems………Europeans.

        Who has brought the teachings of gay sex, oral sex, anal sex, group sex, fisting and beastiality to the classrooms of 5 year olds and is currently pushing for group masturbation in these same classrooms………Europeans.

        Who is currently pushing to ease the laws on pedophila, slickly renaming it “inter generational sex”………..Europeans.

        Who is the nation that is spraying the skies with Aluminium oxide and Barium from the jet exhausts of passenger planes, chemicals which are highly carcinogenic to humans……..Europeans.

        Which nation was the one that made up the whole global warming/climate change scam as another avenue to tax more money out of the people………..Europeans.

        Who is the nation that brought certain animals to the brink of extinction, the same animals that they are now “attempting” to save………….Europeans.

        Who is the nation that indeed has killed off many species that once roamed this planet like the Tazmanian Devil and the Dodo Bird…….Europeans.

        Who is the nation that runs the IMF and World Bank to which many countries owe money to and haven’t even began to tackle the actual loan itself because they are still paying off the interest…….Europeans.

        Who is the nation that invaded Zimbabwe in the first place and installed a system that has brought about the plight that the country is in today……..Europeans.

        Who is the nation bringing in the drugs and the guns onto the streets of any country…….Europeans.

        Who is the nation that has carried out the worst plundering, rape, robbery, pillaging and murder of any other nation in the history of the world………Europeans.

        Who is the nation that sells Mcdonalds french fries which are actually made from plastic, which is why they won’t go bad no matter how long you store them in a jar……..Europeans(try it for yourself as an experiment).

        Who is the nation that pasteurises milk, knowing that raw milk has a far superior nutritional value and that the good bacteria in raw milk automatically keep the bad in check, but yet has lied to the public and told them that boiling milk is necessary in “killing germs” thus rendering what was once a wholesome all round nutritional liquid into sludge which is now toxic to the body……Europeans.

        Who is the nation that makes shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, deodorant, washing up liquids, lotions, creams, soaps etc out of the WASTE BY PRODUCT of oil refinement………Europeans.

        Who is the nation that has set up China as the world’s manufacturer and as a result is erasing employment from its own shores……..Europeans.

        Who is the nation that infected 400 so called Negroes with Syphilis between 1932 and 1972 but yet told them that they were receiving “free health care”…….Europeans.

        Who is the nation that gave black people in Africa HIV in the form of a small pox vaccine via the World Health Organisation in the 1970s….Europeans.

        Who is the nation that brought diseased blankets to Native American people when they conquered the New World………Europeans.

        Who is the nation buggering children under the guise of of a “church” system……..Europeans.

        Who at present is running the largest wars on this planet, all of them instigated through lies and propaganda……..Europeans.

        Which nation has plundered the whole world into a deep economic crisis……..Europeans.

        What nation funded Pol Pot who killed over a third of his population in the name of “Communism”………..Europeans.

        What nation funded Hitler and allowed him to carry out his crimes in the name of “Socialism”……………Europeans.

        What Nation funded Stalin who killed over 60 million of his own people in the name of “Communism”……..Europeans.

        What nation funded the Bolshevik revolution and ushered in the tyrant and killer known as Lenin……….Europeans.

        What nation funded Mal, the Communist leader of China who also wiped out 80 million of his own people in the name of “Communism”………Europeans.

        What nation is the creator of Communism and Socialism…….Europeans.

        What nation is the creator of Eugenics and population control……………Europeans.

        What nation drafted up and funded China’s one child policy and is currently drafting up similar legislation for western countries…………Europeans.

        What nation goes into disaster stricken countries and instead of bringing them help and aid, gives them contraceptives, birth control pills, condoms and sets up and funds abortion clinics in the name of “family planning” which is really Eugenics……..Europeans.

        What nation goes into third countries, buys up land by the 1000s of acres, takes charge of the water systems of that land and then charges the locals a fortune to access their own water which comes out of the ground for free…….Europeans.

        What nation is current bombing Pakistanis, Iraqis and Afghans with spy drones that are operated remotely from America by people as young as 18 years of age, using X box Controllers……….Europeans.

        What nation puts fluoride in toothpaste and the drinking water supply of its people aswell as others, a known waste by product of the production of aluminium known to cause bone cancer, brain cancer and interfere with other intricate systems of the body…………….Europeans.

        What nation takes over a country and then tries its best to eradicate all evidence of the previous occupiers of that land…………Europeans.

        Who are the most dirtiest people on the planet and attempt to pass on their lack of hygiene to others, whether it be from chewing gum instead of brushing your teeth to using wipes instead of taking a bath or shower………………Europeans.

        Who is the nation that during the Trans Atlantic slave Trade sliced open the stomachs of pregnant slave women in Jamaica and let the unborn children fall to the floor where they were then eaten by dogs………….Europeans.

        Who is the nation that literally tore apart by hand native Indian children when they conquered the Americas and fed the remains to their dogs and pigs…………..Europeans.

        Who is the nation that enslaved the so called Negro for 400 years and still will not let him get up on his feet even today……………..Europeans.

        Who is the nation that crammed the so called Negro into ships so tightly packed , that the slaves on board had to eat, sleep, urinate and defecate in the same spot, which they were often in for months at a time………………Europeans. By the way, often times after the cross Atlantic trip, the ships would smell so bad that the ship owners would often abandon them and build new vessels.

        Who is the nation that bombed and burned down a ring of successful black businesses in 1921, in the area of Tulsa that was named “The Black Wall Street”, housing somewhat 36 plus successful black owned businesses because of a jealous and insecure complex…….Europeans.

        Who is the nation attacking the very fabric of society, the family structure by encouraging homosexuality and homosexuals and lesbian couples to adopt children…….Europeans.

        Who is the nation that lied to me and told me that Saddam Hussain had weapons of mass destruction and could launch an attack on the UK and US within 45 minutes………….Europeans.

        Who is the nation that reported to me that 4 suicide bombers had detonated bombs on 3 tube trains and a bus on the 7th July 2005 but then later reported quietly that 3 out of the 4 “suicide bombers” had been shot by police marksmen in Canary Wharf…………….Europeans. Which one is it? Did this guys blow themselves up or were they shot by police?

        Which nation told me that a Brazilian man was shot because he was a suspected terrorist wearing a puffed jacket who jumped the ticket barriers at Stockwell tube station running from police because his visa had expired, yet the true account later revealed that this gentleman was shot at point blank range, was wearing a denim jacket, did not jump over any barrier and calmly picked up a Metro newspaper before his travels………….Europeans. By the way, his visa was in date.

        Who is the nation that founded a death concentration camp on a stretch of land called Shark Island for the sole purpose of the extermination of certain African tribes within that local area between 1904 and 1907, in which 3000 people were exterminated………………Europeans.

        Who is the nation that currently takes your baby’s blood at birth and puts it into a DNA database aswell as sending samples to a biological weapons lab so biological weapons can be made that can be used on individuals of certain nationalities/races, and has been doing this for at least the last 40 years…………….Europeans.

        Who is the nation that is mentioned in Psalms 83 as the first in line that has conspired the destruction of the so called Negro……………….The European.

        Who is the nation that funded the feminist movement which was never meant to be about the “liberation of women” but was in actual fact a cunning strategy to get the woman into the work place so that she could be taxed, separate the woman from her children so that the state could take over and indoctrinate them, divide up the family and bring the woman from under the protective wing of the man……………………Europeans.

        So, before you even attempt to put the so called Negro down and exalt the so called European man(whatever nation you come from),namely that JewISH sect whom Christ rightly called out as the Synagogue Of Satan and liars for calling themselves Jews when they are not(Rev 2:9, 3:9 – do you even read the same bible you claim to uphold?), take a good hard look at that list above and digest it at its full strength before bringing a railing accusation against so called black people……….and I have plenty more where that came from bub.

        All I will say to you is this, you better make sure 100% that we so called Negroes are not the real Jews as you better remember hard what Christ stated about the fate of them who diss and mal treat his brethren in the last days(Matthew 25:41-46 – read it and read it well bootlicker).


      • You’re not patronizing in the least. Some of these movies, cartoons, shows and songs are predictive programming. Can you give me a brief synopsis of what that issue was about…because these fools are sneaky! They KNOW some of us are going to start awaking soon. Much respect, brother. Shalom. Oh and by the way, love the screen name! lol


  10. it’s posts like these that lets me know that people are waking up and it’s not by a popular fad that’s going around. I’ve got friends who don’t want to know this or who wont acknowledge this and i think in all honesty it’s because they are afraid, afraid to deal with the reality and the truth of TRUTH. I do praise Ahayah in the name of Yashayah for your blog Verbs; you are helping many people see receive information and understanding and it is through the Most High that you are able to do this as well as we are able to wake up and see this. i do pray that more and more wake up and come into this knowledge, it’s such an awesome delight. As far as the sister right above me, (comment wise) I feel you completely when you say you aren’t going to have kids. All I can say is that a huge part of me wants to have a family if Ahayah willing but a part of me doesn’t want to bring children into this world knowing full well what’s coming and knowing that it’s harder to find someone who is on this level that can operate with you and not against you for fear of “protecting her babies” at least from my view point that is. I feel as though maybe being a husband and parent are some things that i am not going to be able to experience but that’s fine as long as I get to be in the Kingdom of the Most High and with my brothers and sisters.

    I’m glad to be a Hebrew. Everything that i’m learning is so awesome and dope it’s almost unbelievable but so glad it is TRUTH.


    • Its all good sir, remember, I am here to serve you and others like Darqbeauty who are looking for the truth and seeking real answers to their questions. I like yourself was sick and tired of being fobbed off by the institutional church when raising certain questions, so I fully understand the plight of the many victims of the church who have lost all hope(hmmmm, “lost hope”, now who’s agenda is that again?????).

      As long as there is breath in me, I will continue to bring the truth and smash down the lies of the Devil and his Babylon system. On the children issue, I do indeed want children of my own, I will simply play it out as the Most High has designated it to be played out in my walk. Who knows, if I have children in the future, they could be wrecking even more shop than me from an even younger age,lol.

      Ahayah Bless


  11. So badly would I love to have a husband and children. I would love to have twin girls! However, so firm is my belief that I will not be having children. I will be grateful when the time comes and I am able to move about and help those in need unfettered and unable to be manipulated because of my offspring. I need to invest in firearms as do all Hebrews. I do not have the covering of a man, however, I have the covering of Christ. He has lead me to become wise and crafty in my research. Ultimately, my fate is not in my own hands. For all the preparation we do, we are still subject to the winds of movement by the Spirit. I know I will meet those I need to meet. Just to see the words, the comments, the testimony of you all gives me a renewed strength and vigor. May the Most High bless you and keep you in our time of trouble.


  12. Will it just be Blacks who get this power or will it be the other tribes as well? I don’t know what to believe about the Mexicans, Native Americans, ect. beingpart of Israel since they didn’t come over in slave ships. But I am praying on revelation concerning that. I am just curious about who the powers will be allotted to since Blacks are on the lowest of the totem pole everywhere on the Earth. Others may experience discrimination but not on the global scale that we do. This is a great article by the way, Brother. Keep up the hard work.
    ~A Sister In Christ


    • Remember what Christ stated, that “the first shall be last and the last shall be first”. When we look back it was always the tribe of Judah who would lead into the battle, so the other tribes will also receive power from on high but we the so called Negroes will lead the charge when the Most High opens up his can of wrath on this planet.

      You have to remember that the ships is not the only curse mentioned in Deuteronomy 28, different curses affected different tribes of Israel. So the Native Americans, Native Mexicans and the natives of South America, although the ship curse doesn’t fit them, some of the other curses mentioned before that do.

      Obviously I am referring to the original natives and not the Europeans who settled over in those lands. Yes you are correct, even amongst the other tribes in comparison, we are still the lowest and the worst treated people in the world by far, even by members from other tribes. The way our people are still treated in South American is off the scale.
      They did enslave the wrong people and they are about to find out that 2+2 really equals 4. A recompense is soon due and the European powers WILL drink down their judgement at full strength.
      Much appreciated for the compliment, I will continue to wack out the truth for as long as I’m still breathing.


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  14. hey just read this blog and it is amazing i too have had dreams of having super powers and i actually have them i have heard the most high speak to me and tell me things about so call Negros being the chosen people one dream in particular that remember was a long time ago me and a friend like trashed a underground CIA facility using superpowers and chased after the people who were apart of it and the weird thing about this dream is i had it happen twice in a row and he dreamed the same dream too. I had been told by Jesus himself in a dream that i was a prophet with the spirit like Elijah the prophet, there has been times when demons would attack me at night but i have become strong and confident in The Most High power so demons dont scare me like they used to. but i have been seeing visions since i was a little child especially about having superpowers and the physical super powers you talk about match my experience i can change weather patterns just by lifting my hands and thinking about the weather effects i want although im nothing like storm in the xmen movies lol yet


    • You and your friend trashed an underground CIA facility????? THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOME Justin, I mean I know that it was a dream however I would go further and say that there is a very, very strong possibility that this reoccurring dream is actually a vision, a vision of something to come that will manifest itself into your life very soon.

      You see, the church doesn’t want to talk about this side of being in Christ nor does it want to converse about Christ the slayer. Yes, we will be slaying wicked people for the evil that they have unleashed on this planet aswell as destroying their underground bases and any other facilities that they have used to push forward their evil agenda. There simply will be no place for evil doers to hide or run to.

      The institutional church is a hindrance mechanism that has been set up and put in place to prevent this super power awakening process from taking place. The Most High is preparing a people to wreck shop on this planet, Jew and Gentile. Yes, this world has not treated the so called Negroes as it ought to and yes, we are the true Hebrews of the scriptures. I am so happy to hear that Christ has been giving you visions and that this blog has brought you confirmation that what you have been witnessing in these visions is true.

      When the Most High has unleashed you at your full potential, changing weather patterns will be a small fry run in the park compared to the rest of the great miracles you will be performing in the name of Christ. Remember what Christ stated, that nothing shall be impossible for you to do and that with the Most High, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Now when Christ says all things are possible through the Most High, he really means it, all things are possible through the Most High.

      The only way that this system can be taken down is by physical force, it is going to take war, destruction and bloodshed to eradicate this evil Babylon system from off the planet. This is something that the patriot movement should note and note well, there isn’t going to be any retribution through petitions or marches, there is NO PEACEFUL SOLUTION to this problem, psychopaths cannot be talked to and be reasoned with, the Hebrews and the remnant of the Gentiles called by the Most High will bring physical retribution and a strong recompense to this planet through mass slaughter of wicked men, we will cleanse the earth of the evil and wickedness that has taken root, and to be honest I cannot wait and I look very much forward to smashing some heads.

      My people have suffered continually at the hands of these other nations, it is time for them to sample a taste of what they have given to us, a full strength and undiluted recompense and judgement that they will not be able to shake off nor escape from.


  15. Last night, I had a dream that me and a group of people(I guess they were my new family) we woke up in Israel. It was the end of the world and we were scared we were going to be slaughtered so we were running and hiding out and the next thing I know we black out and wake up in Israel. I was sooo glad, I shouted halleluyah soo many times and I was fainting in my dreams shouting soo much. I couldn’t believe it, we had made it and there was so much room for us. I guess we also got gifts cause I was strong, strong enough to bend a car just by pushing against it. I don’t know if that means anything but I just enjoyed the dream so much that i didn’t even want to wake up today and I wanted to share that. I’m glad to have read others posts and I wonder what it all means but I love The Most High so maybe we’ll see what the future holds.

    your brother in the struggle,



    • We will indeed make it brother, the road is not going to be an easy one but none the less we will see and inhabit the land of our forefathers very soon.

      The Most High will make mighty our hands and we will be a unstoppable force. Bending cars will be among the least of our abilities. We will move mountains and shake this earth to its core and foundation. The promises of the Most High are sound, true, they will come to pass and nothing shall stop them, NOTHING!


      • Brother, I think “someone” infected your site. I stopped by to read a comment (since I subscribe, I get notifications) and I keep getting the same message about Malwear. Maybe it is my computer, but I wanted to give you a heads up, just in case.

        Your sister in The Truth ~ Kelli ~



      • Thanks for the heads up sister. Since the site is still hosted by WordPress, it is very unlikely that my page has been infected, WordPress has some of the best out there to keep infections, malwear and viruses at bay.

        With that out of the way I have seen what you are talking about for myself and I do know that the powers that be have been deliberately placing false messages about possible infections, viruses, malwear and possible information theft in front of sites that they deem as “a thorn in the side” of their evil. They have been doing this for a while now. This is a simple tactic of deceit to turn people away in mass from information and truth that could possibly change their life for the better forever. Most people upon seeing that message will choose not to enter the page. This is the one of a long line of tactics the illuminati employ before cutting off your site completely.

        There are a few legitimate sites that I myself have gone to visit and I have been met with a grey screen telling me that this site contains “materials” that could “possibly infect my computer” or “steal information”. From there I am given the opportunity to continue to the site or cancel the visit and go elsewhere. This is a classic NWO tactic, they do not play fair at all and they will stop at nothing to keep people in the dark, especially in relation to the evil they are executing worldwide. This red screen presentation is new and designed to generate immediate fear and thus afterward a retreat.

        Obviously Verbs is doing something right here to get under their skin, I will continue to stand for what is right, educate my people as to their true heritage, history and bloodline and relentlessly press forward bring all kinds of truth to the table.

        It is also extremely suspect that this seems to be the only blog post on my page that has this message flag up(so far). Doesn’t this then add credence to the fact that these things we will carry out are true? Obviously, somebody does not want people to know about THIS SIDE of being a Hebrew in Christ, the very side that is the real threat to this European establishment and their Babylon system of evil. They do not enjoy the fact that I can break things down in a clear and concise manner that people can understand and they certainly do not enjoy the fact that I am unlocking minds in preparation to receive REAL POWER FROM HEAVEN.

        Most High Bless


  16. This post must contain some MASSIVE TRUTHS if they are resorting to their lowly little underhanded tactics. Predestined LOSERS! So ordained by The Most High!


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  19. All Praises to the Most High Ahaya! Fantastic Blog and post. i was kinda on to the same ting with the superheroes thing but not quite there, this has absolutely nailed it! How do I get in contact with you?


  20. Awesome blog im thankful for the information i found on here. Ive ben panicing thinking I was going to go to hell for never knowing all the laws and commandments and women arent supposed to wear pants. I have a question about this blog… do you think these powers will come in the soon to be race war, war world III? The reason why they have set up concetration camps all around the world?


    • Q,

      Not at all, alot of Hebrews have been in the same boat of confusion with regards to understanding which part of the law has been replaced. You also have to remember that those who have brought you to the truth about who you are may not necessarily have your best interests at heart, in fact many of these Hebrew brothers deliberately teach error in order to draw a crowd to make themselves feel needed by bringing about confusion in a purposeful manner. At the end of the day we are no longer under our own power anymore.

      Remember the occurrences that took place when Peter and Paul were placed in prison, for Peter he was freed by an angel, the chains fell from off his hands automatically, the door to the prison opened by itself and he simply rolled out to Mary’s house, greeted them there and informed them as to what had happened. They obviously were in shock but were none the less happy at him being free(Acts 12:6-19).

      With Paul’s situation there was an earthquake, all of the prison doors were opened and again all of the chains of the prisoners fell from off them(Acts 16:25-40). What is the point here? The point is that no physical confinements and restraints will be able to hold us once we are activated. This is one of the reasons why the IRS has recently been harassing christian groups and wanting to know about the contents of their prayers. Why would the IRS want to know what people are praying about?

      Unlike the folks that they can persuade not to believe in the bible, the elite believe in the scriptures and are deliberately attempting to put mechanisms in place trying to prevent the greater works from taking place. I strongly believe that as fast as they will be placing true Hebrews in Christ in these concentration camps, we will be vanishing out of them at the same rate unaccounted for. I also believe that it is for this reason why the scriptures tell us that beheading will be brought back in as the main form of punishment and execution as this will be the only way to war against the Hebrews and their supernatural works, and even then not all will suffer at the hands of this fate.

      The activation process is already beginning to take place but on a small scale.I believe that the supernatural powers from on high will manifest themselves in mass when the world is in total chaos ie no electricity, war in the streets, everything is shut down, there is a serious lack of food and water etc. These times are indeed going to be heavy times but at the same time with the supernatural power of the Most High through Christ at your command, the times will be exciting ones aswell.

      Most High Bless


  21. Shalom brother. My name is Sheba (or Sam) and I’m 15. I have found your site EXTRAORDINARY and reading this made me (literally) screech in joy (mother thinks I’m crazy haha). I have a SUPER obsession with superheros. I love Superman, Batman, Spiderman, XMen, Catwoman, Thor, etc., so you can imagine my heart seizing reaction to this post.

    Anyways, I know you wrote this years ago, but there has been a question running through my mind. I accept my role as the weaker vessel between man and woman, and I know my future husband will have authority over me, and I gladly accept it with a smile. No arguing, no “independant feminist” attitude, no ratchetness XD.
    Does this particularly mean that I will not inherit these WICKED powers? Usually, men are the ones who are out saving the day while women (are suppose to be *smh*) abiding to the house and her children. So does that cancel me out of moving mountains, kicking laboratory-monster butt, and flying high as sky scrapers? Will Yeshua give women Hebrews these Super-Hebrew powers? I REALLY hope so.

    I’m HUGE on conspiracy, and with all the mess the Elite jerks are creating, I will in no way be surprised if Jacobs Trouble happens in my early 20’s or 30’s (quite young) and I welcome it to come at me, so I can kick some monster butt, while also healing the sick, feeding the poor and raising dead people all over the world. Can I do that, as a woman in faith?


    • BethxShebaxmeep,

      On the contrary, all Hebrew women who believe in the Most High through Christ and the new covenant WILL also receive these supernatural powers, after all what will you do if you have children in the future and you need to protect them from laboratory monsters and mutant beasts or you need to protect other people around you from strange creatures not of these world? The supernatural powers handed down from the Most High are not only limited to Hebrew men.

      Remember, it is your faith in the Most High through Christ that will allow you to perform these great works regardless of your particular position at the time. It is very pleasing and exciting to hear a young lady such as yourself coming into this truth at such a young age, 15 that is incredible.

      Jacob’s trouble is soon upon us however there is no need for us to worry, we will be tearing things up and ripping things down big time. These elites had better have some good hiding places, as far as I am concerned I will hunt them down under every nook and cranny and destroy them relentlessly. None of them will escape from my clutches.

      Trust me, feeding the poor, raising the dead, healing the sick and destroying evil beasts WILL BE PART OF YOUR CURRICULUM. This are just some of the things you have to look forward to. Prepare thyself.

      Most High Bless


      • Brother Verbs,

        Thank you very much for this insight. I was afraid that I would not partake in super powers because I was a female, but it does make sense that I’ll have to protect my children from revolting illuminati lab creatures. I also believe huge cities like New York City, Las Vegas, Las Angeles, Hollywood, etc, will be rich and the residence will be living lavish, while the rest of us are in famine in run-down cities. Every day will be an extremely dark and nightly day due to sun fearing HAARP. That’s okay though, that gives me plenty of opportunity to multiply non GMO foods like Yeshua did, and give it to the poor, while flying over building of New York and drowning/setting fire to the wicked cities. How DARE they eat like pigs while the poor (both Hebrews and Edomites) are suffering! No, I won’t tolerate it. Movies on destroyed cities and capitalism (Hunger Games, Wall-e, WWZ) Literally tells us our EXTREMELY near future (and I’m excited for it, so take that Elites.) I will also be extremely heartbroken to witness the people that I’ve failed to save.

        I also noticed you talked about moving mountains and being on fire. This will spook the heep out of the Elites, as they won’t be able to scurry into their hundreds of bunkers. I hope one day I start to receive visions and foreshadows (maybe I’ll become a prophetess.)

        Stuff like Miley Cyrus, the newest video teens, and who Kim Kardashian is dating do not interest me, and believe me when I tell you my fellow black “sisters” from school give me so much crap for it (rolling eyes, calling me “white”) *sigh* They believe I should listen to rap or I’m not black enough, HA! If only they knew the true meaning of “black enough.” I pray that their eyes are open soon, for I am not mad at them. I just believe they are ignorant of who they really are. I also pray they read your blogs on ratchet black women XD. I agreed 100% on those let me tell you.

        I will also be starting a blog soon covering us Hebrews, illuminati, reptilians, conspiracy, etc. Maybe my schoolmates will find out about it and find it interesting, as if they couldn’t use their time for better purposes than fighting and gossiping -.- I remember you talking about school being a prison in one of your blogs, and I couldn’t agree more. People turn their noses up at me for my agreement with dropping out of the lying evolution-sex-system. My children will not partake in it.

        I will definitely keep in touch with you, wise brother. Much respect for this, really. I am BIG on conspiracy and Bless you for bringing those important subjects brother. Please do what you do. (My apologies for rambling.)



      • BethxShebaxMeep,

        All ramblings are welcome here, there is no limit nor censorship on this blog site, besides your speech is coherent and has a relevant direction. As I stated before, these rich elites will be living in abundance, however, they will also be living in fear of my our names as we could appear at anytime before them and take what is required for the poor and the needy, no weapon that they possess will be able to obstruct us from doing the Most High’s work(Isaiah 54:17). All their efforts to interfere with our appointed missions and assignments will totally be in vain.

        Remember, we are the light of the world(Matthew 5:14), not only our actions and words will provide light to those in need in the dark days ahead but also our bodies will literally provide light also. One of the fun parts of all these things to come will be just suddenly appearing in a rich man’s house and saying to him, “I’ll just be taking a few provisions from this house that I will be distributing to some poor folks that you decided to made destitute because of your greed and selfishness”. If he or she knows what is good for them, they will allow me to take what I require and let be on my way, lol. Of course the underground bunker groups will try and put up a resistance but to no avail, they will be dealt with harshly and swiftly.

        I have to laugh at Hollywood with their constant barrage of “end of the world, doom and gloom flicks”, they all have one thing in common, they exclude the Most High and Christ as if these two mighty players will not be playing an active part in countering the destruction that these elites have planned for everybody else. They are in for a very rude awakening indeed. They truly believe that the Most High has either forgotten about the earth or he and his Son have gone to sleep, foolish souls, they will soon learn a hard lesson otherwise.

        Not everybody can be saved, remember many are called yet few are chosen(Matthew 22:14). It will be disheartening to see folks perish, seeing people pass away before you is not a pleasing sight to anybody yet at the same time we must remember that they are the ones who have made the decision towards destruction and death, all we can do is plant the seed and move on to other ground as we were instructed to do.

        Trust me, the vision are already here, however not on a mass scale as of yet. You will begin to receive visions soon enough. Yes, the distractions towards the youth are many and constant, this is why I am so surprised that at 15 years old you have come into this knowledge already and embraced it with open arms. When I was 15 years of age(1991) the internet hadn’t been given to the public yet, folks had to go to libraries and wade through books upon books in order to attain their knowledge. Today, information is at the click of a mouse.

        Cyrus, Kardashian, Kesha, Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Kanye West, Love and Hiphop, Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Basketball Wives, American Idol, Big Brother, Bring It, BET, MTV and the rest of the junk that the mainstream media puts out there for the youth to eat up are to serve as mere distractions in order to prevent you from discovering important information such as this. I stopped listening to Hiphop in 2005 when I found out what the real deal was with these artists and their sworn oaths to serve Satan and in turn destroy the people around them listening to their crap. There is no empowerment with any of the above, they are deliberately put out there to disempower folks especially the Hebrews as the elite do not want you to know that you have great power within you that is REAL through the Most High and Christ.

        The problem with the majority of black people today including most of the youth is that they believe that being non intelligent, subscribing to stupidity, ignorance and foolishness is somehow a cool, hip and trendy way of life. Most black people in 2014 shun education, they believe that being educated, speaking well and coherently and wanting to do something constructive and positive with your life is being “white”. I have written about this destructive, reprobate, out of control mentality amongst out people in previous posts. Its funny how “blackness” nowadays is always attached to things that are destructive, non productive, stupid, foolish and ignorant. This is how far our people have fallen and most of them cannot even see the cancerous ditch of destruction that they have thrown themselves into.

        You are extremely blessed in that you have received this information at a very young age and you understand that these things to come through Christ are much greater than the temporary vain trinkets and dainty poisonous treats that are scattered before your feet by the Devil in order to attempt to get you hooked into the clutches of Babylon. It is a shame about where your friends are at in terms of their current mentality, however maybe in time they will receive this information as you have.

        I encourage you to start writing about the knowledge that you have gathered and pass on the information to others. You continue to do what the Most High leads you to do and go where he leads you to go.

        Most High Bless

        Verbs – A Super Hebrew also


      • I also forgot to mention that most of the lavish living club-dwelling pigs will probably all be Edomites, as our people are too busy running from the King Alfred Plan, and there will probably be poor Edomites as well. Although Edomites have treated our people like absolutely nothing, it is my will to protect, comfort, feed the poor Edomites. I will not turn a blind eye on my brothers, as he has done to me. Even if he hates me, I’ll kill him with kindness. As for the rich Edomites (and the Hebrews who somehow escaped persecution) in NYC and Hollywood having fun, I’ll crush them and use their blood as nail polish (I kid not.) I hope I can travel to other countries. I would love to go to Jamaica and save my dad from death. I love him although he wasn’t a father.

        Okay, I think I’m done now XD. Shalom.


  22. ok here it is again. I had to search until I found this post again, For most of my life growing up in the church, I was always led to believe that miracles were a thing of the past, atleast those that Christ and the other apostles did, and most of the pastors would allegorize miracles away into everyday life situations like “a new car, a new house, financial prosperity and so on…… any outward manifestation of supernatural abilities whenever I would ask, they would always explain it away saying “that’s the power of Satan, or that’s of the devil”… Although reading this does feel a bit surreal, but then again when Christ and his apostles performed miracles the religious nay-sayers always said “they were operating under the power of the devil”


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      Allow me to refute and deconstruct this nonsense, this is the typical breakdown given by yellow belly, chicken necked, slack jawed so called ” christians” who believe the bible in some part and conveniently reject other parts of “difficulty”. Now, remember what I stated before about the institutional church beast infrastructure’s stance on explaining away supernatural activities via allegories. Indeed you have witnessed this behaviour first hand and testified to this yourself.

      Firstly, I had to laugh out loud at the part where they attempted to use the consensus of scholarship as the justification to accept their allegorical explanation. Christ made a very interesting statement about who important information is being revealed to. Matthew 11:25 reads:

      11:25 At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, BECAUSE THOU HAST HID THESE THINGS FROM THE WISE AND PRUDENT AND HAST REVEALED THEM UNTO BABES.

      Right there the scholars, the professors, the historians, the theologians and any other established so called ” authorities” are immediately flushed down the toilet and rendered moot.

      Also note how they deceptively jumped into scriptures that had nothing to do with the greater works themselves to attempt to justify and bolster their position. They couldn’t stick to the scriptures concerning the greater works alone because they would have had little to no ammunition to play with.

      Let us examine John 14:12 for ourselves(without the help of scholars, professors, pastors, theologians and historians) and obtain the clear and obvious breakdown of that verse. John 14:12 reads as follows:

      14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, THE WORKS THAT I DO SHALL HE DO ALSO; AND GREATER WORKS THAN THESE SHALL HE DO, because I go unto my Father.

      First and foremost the works that the disciples of Christ were witnessing were actual, real miracles, supernatural acts that were beyond the realm of the natural world.

      Secondly, unlike what this piece of crud link attempts to say about believers in Christ working as a collective being the “greater work”, Christ himself specifically refers to the actions of 1 man/woman who believes in him. This scripture is not dealing with a collective though it is understood that there are many folks who believe in Christ, yet he saw it fit to use the example of 1 believer to clearly illustrate his point so that no mistakes or dodgy interpretations would be stumbled upon. These clowns simply cannot read.

      You have to remember that the institutional church beast infrastructure is all about control, they do not want their members believing in actual supernatural works to come as that would then render the church’s power over its flock null and void. These monuments of failure called churches were set up by the same JewISH sect who enslaved and sold our forefathers.

      They know that a time of great supernatural power and working is soon upon us, workings which are undoubtedly to destabilise their economic and financial stronghold and slave grip on the planet, so they have attempted to water down and allegorise any mention of coming supernatural works in the scriptures in order to destroy a person’s faith, thus rendering them of little to no use. Big time heavy duty tricksters and deceivers these JewISH folks are indeed.

      Blessings In The Most High


  23. hey Verbs2013 i once had a dream, it felt so real. I woke up in an underground facility and i was in metal bondage, i broke out like it was paper mache. I ran threw the hallways like lightning, then some security guards came out of nowhere like 8 of them. i took 4 of them out using my martial arts, then i said stop and they just flew away from me, like i was using the force. And thats when i woke up, I dont know what it meant t could be nothing but the most high might be telling me something. I regularly have dreams like this.


    • Aramis,

      Those things that you have been experiencing in your dreams will soon be manifested in reality. This is part of the power that the Most High has promised for those that trust in Him through his son Christ.

      Despite how this world portrays the Most High and especially Christ, they will soon find out that the Most High is not playing, he hasn’t abandoned this planet, he has been watching every event that has taken place here.

      Christ was deadly serious when he stated that we could move mountains solely through speaking to them. I feel sorry for those who have rendered Christ to be nothing more than a fairy tail, things are soon to come upon this planet(some of which are already taking place) that logic will not be able to explain nor defend.

      I encourage you not to be deterred by non believing scoffers as you will have the last laugh when they attempt to explain the unexplainable through “logic” when it comes knocking on their door.


  24. I have to be honest with you this post is a real bombshell because after following the teachings of the GOCC and IUIC camps for a few months this whole article seems so unreal because all they tell you is “Keep the laws and commandment” “Keep the laws and commandments and stay put” and on top of that their doctrines seem so off base with the scriptures so often I feel like a chicken with with my head chopped off. None of them ever teach about living in simple faith, and no relationship with the most high. Just keep the laws is their mantra. And i thought the institutional church was oppressive and draining, they are even worse especially with how aggressive they are with pushing the old testament laws.

    Of course the GOCC did do a segment on the powers and skills that our forefathers possessed like Judah’s strength, Benjamin’s speed, Reuben’s and Issachar’s uncanny ability to discern the times and signs etc but they hardly ever teach about Christ saying greater works than what he did we would continue. It almost always just boils down to it being, us waking up and returning to the laws of old and that’s just about it.

    Anyways now that I am finished rambling on with the story. Are you familiar with Tim Kring’s Heroes? Which used to show on NBC? I think I mentioned it in another post but that is another example of powerful predictive programming at work.I for one would relish the chance to be exhibiting those abilities on a greater level. You know come to think of it, I have always dreamed of being a superhero but in the end I used to write it off as just a juvenile fantasy that would never happen. The idea of it kinda scares me, having all that power mostly in part to the programming I received in the church. The pastors always liked to talk about “The Power of God” and the miracles of the Exodus and Chtist and the disciples but whenever the question of physical modern day manifestations of those miracles, they always cast it off by saying stuff like “Oh that’s of the devil” or “That’s not to be taken literally” but now I feel a sense of relief knowing how wrong they are. Ok rambling over….


    • Yanni,

      After much thought and consideration I am slowly beginning to conclude that the vast majority of these Hebrew groups are simply another branch of the institutional church albeit with a different flavour. Out of the frying pan of the institutional church beast and into the fire of Hebrew elders who teach a similar regimented program regrettably go many of our people.

      Yep, the are extremely aggressive when it comes down to their teachings on keeping the old covenant and the laws thereof. I do not and have not followed any of these groups for a very long time now, the Most High brought me into the knowledge of who I was by briefly exposing me to these groups and as quickly he removed me away from them so that I could begin to teach correctly what your walk in Christ as a Hebrew ought to be like.

      Like the institutional church these Hebrew groups do not want you experiencing new things with the Most High as an individual as this would immediately render them of no value in the same manner as the church beast pastors, therefore they have to teach in such a manner as to leave you vulnerable and in a state of confusion to where you will continually believe that they only hold the answers.

      This is exactly the same nonsense that institutional church beast pastors engage in, “you need me to make it into the kingdom, you need me in order to remain right with the Most High, you need me to show you the right path” etc. I believe that I am one of the few Hebrews out there that teaches individuality with the Most High and walking in Christ though the new covenant(faith and belief). I have a close friend who teaches the same but we both are a rare breed.

      This is exactly the problem, most believers in Christ whether Hebrew or Gentile are simply not ready for greater works and miracles, yes, they will conclude miracles that come from the power of the Most High as devilish and the works of Satan. The institutional church has deliberately placed it in the minds of their followers that miracles and greater works were only for the past and are not to be taken in a literal sense for the modern day, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      I too was quite afraid when the Most High revealed the truth to me about this issue, however as I stand today I cannot wait to possess these powers from on high, wrongs must be righted, justice must be served, resources must be equally distributed towards the poor and those who practicing evil works must be eradicated. Roll on the greater works and miracles as far as I am concerned.

      These institutional church pastors have a lot to answer for, they have kept people in a position to where they can easily be merchandised, the Most High has seen their wicked works and they will indeed drink down the appropriate judgement and recompense fitting.


      • on the topic of individuality, the IUIC camp’s leader Elder Nathanyel says that if you are not apart of an Israelite congregation (particularly his) or you choose to operate individually then you are a wicked spirit. In addition Elder Rawchaa always resorts to the “Christ established a church” as a means to say you should not operate on your own. I agree Christ did establish a church and church in Greek is Ecclesia and it simply means gathering. And Christ did also say that WHEREVER TWO OR THREE ARE GATHERED IN HIS NAME, THERE HE IS IN THE MIDST ALSO (Matthew 18:20)…. so it doesn’t have to be a whole multitude in a particular place and whenever the scriptures spoke of a gathering, it usually took place either in each other’s homes and the primary focus was basically comforting each other, sharing their life experiences and encouraging those who were struggling in their faith and of course teaching those who were new to the faith. I know that a lot of church pastors and Israelite Elders like to abuse Matthew 18:20 in order to guilt trip people into coming to church every Sunday or going into the congregation every Saturday. And like to use the scriptures that deal with Elders, Deacons and Shepherds in order to Lord over their congregations, but then Matthew 23:11 says “The greatest amoung you shall be your servant” which is in direct contrast to how a lot of Israelite Elders and church pastors operate. On top of that the book of acts says twice that the most high dwelleth not in Manmade temples (Acts 7:48-51, 17:23-26) that is mostly for those church pastors who like to rattle on and on about the House of God and God’s sanctuary, always using Psalm 122 but yet whenever you try to teach them about who we are according to the scriptures, that we’re Hebrew Israelites, especially when it comes to debunking a lot of the pagan holidays that they claim are in honour of Christ, here’s the kicker, they turn around and say “I’m a gentile and I only deal with the New Testament” but every Sunday morning they be singing Psalm 61 in church… I’ve had that experience with my father, I tried telling him to read Deuteronomy 28 that reveals who the real Hebrews are and Exodus 20, that was his response, but he can quote the book of psalms chapter 1, 23, 61, 100 and the 10 commandments on command but they ONLY deal with the New Testament? And that’s not the worst of it, when I try to teach them that Christmas is Pagan, by showing them Jeremiah 7:18 and chapter 10, they run back to their knee jerk response “I ONLY DEAL WITH THE NEW TESTAMENT”

        I admit it was a little foolish of me to try and teach my parents especially when my English teacher in primary school taught me a proverb “Never try to teach your grandmother how to suck eggs” which means never try to teach older people anything because they think they know everything… I now understand why the common man on the street no longer take Christians seriously….. Another thing, I remember a friend of mine who recently came out of the institutional church confided to me that some years ago, his pastor did a rather electrifying sermon, though how he described it, it was more of an emotional tirade, like he was cussing out the congregation. The sermon was about Worthless sacrifices and he went into the old testament and started pointing out scriptures where our forefathers had stopped offering, the best of their animals for sacrifices and started offering diseased and injured animals instead. The whole sermon was because of some infighting within the congregation because some members were at each other’s throats and membership was down significantly because of the tense atmosphere and then he had some longwinded altar call with the music and everything and after a dramatic prayer session he said something about “We are now entering a new era with God and I hope this message was life changing” my friend told me it left a bitter taste in his mouth. Although he couldn’t see it back then he now tells me he believes the pastor was upset because the collection and tithes money wasn’t flowing like before.

        Oh wow there I go again rambling lol


      • Yanni,

        Of course, in “their eyes” anybody operating outside of their plantation is operating under an evil spirit because you have not submitted yourself to them to be merchandisable material, in other words they have no control nor power over you and they cannot make money off you by keeping you in ignorance.

        Also this position of needing to work in a group that these Hebrew so called “elders” teach clashes with Mark 9:38-40. Remember that guy in the bible who was also casting out devils and working miracles but doing it by himself, the disciples wanted him to join them(gotta work in the group), he refused to join them and thus they reprimanded him, remember that guy?

        How did Christ respond to the situation? Christ defended that same INDIVIDUAL in what he was doing, Christ blatantly told his disciples NOT to stop him from doing his work because he was for their cause.

        Also let us not forget Phillip who was called BY HIMSELF to go and expound the scriptures to the Ethiopian eunuch(Acts 8:26-39).

        It is not a sin to work as an individual, it is a transgression however to those who wish to use you. Again, you always must triple and quadruple check what these guys tell you because 9 times out of 10 they are rattling off complete and utter rubbish.

        The difference between the gatherings that took place in Acts vs the gatherings of today is that firstly the gatherings in Acts were significantly smaller, everybody knew one another therefore there was an intimate connection with the people, the gatherings were occasional, when folks would gather together it was simply to discuss what the Most High was doing in their INDIVIDUAL LIVES aswell as to meet the needs of those in the community lacking the basic essentials. There were no buck dancing, soft shoeing, minstrel show theatrics involved. They all got on with their own lives, the gatherings were a small part of their lives, not the main main focus. Compare this with the gatherings of today, I rest my case.

        The two or three gathering in his name that Christ mentioned is not a compulsory prerequisite in order to be used by the Most High, if it was then Christ would not have supported the man who his disciples tried to condemn, nor would Phillip have been ordered by the Spirit to meet the eunuch alone.

        I have a strong feeling that some of these elders have been reading my works or at least some of my posts have been brought to them. Obviously the teachings here clash with their group think doctrine. They won’t come an debate me either. I have not set foot in an institutional monument of failure in 20 years, the only time that I have gone into a church recently was for a funeral.

        I do not really need to expound much on certain issues because you are already seeing the flaws in large portions of their doctrine for yourself. Never forget 1 John 2:27 where we are clearly told that the anointing within us(the Spirit) is such that no man is required to teach us. Remember also John 16:13 where yet again we are informed that the Spirit would bring us into all truth, not men but the Spirit.

        Most elders are stuck in their ways, I tried to inform my mother about her true heritage, however she simply brushed it off a crazy talk.

        Yes, when times are hard those pastors will turn up the heat on the congregation and attempt to guilt their parishioners into giving up more money. You must always look at the institutional church as a business, never be duped into viewing this monolif as anything else.

        This is one of the main reasons why the Most High is going to reduce these churches down to ashes and rubble, it has become solely about money and the leadership thereof are no longer concerned about the needs of the people. The same goes for these Hebrew group gatherings, they will also suffer the same fate.


  25. I am so grateful to the Most High for leading me to this blog. My soul sings because of it. I have always believed that I could raise the dead. That by my hands the sick would be healed. That I have the power to cast out demons. I also always was looked at as if I have two heads when ever I made these claims in the christian church. I was told that I may have prophetic gifts but wouldn’t listen when ever said this is what the Most High has shown me in a dream. It still amazes me that how my spirit was so troubled with the way things were going. How they wouldn’t speak out on wrong but accept it as right. My soul has been grieved.

    Thankfully I have been freed from the bondage of the ( I like how you put it) institutionalized church. I am also thankful for your faithfulness in Christ to share the great news.


    • Faithwalk,

      The institutional church beast infrastructure does not want believers to truly access those real powers, therefore they teach folks that miracles were only for the times of the disciples and Christ and they also keep their parishioners bottlenecked performing the same ritualistic nonsense each service knowing full well that this is a direct hindrance to seeing real movements in one’s life aswell as witnessing and carrying out the great works that Christ talked about.

      The church beast infrastructure is all about control and manipulation, the hate the individual, the free thinker, the people who has retained the ability to think and to reason for themselves. The churches of today are simply well kept monuments of failure and decadence which serve absolutely no purpose. Glad to see that you have been set free from the church beast.


      • Verbs I have to talk about three dreams(in order)
        #1. I was walking from a court room and the city around me was getting hit by asteroids. There was a feast happening in the middle of it my freinds and family were there and I felt happy and nothing was hurting anyone at the feast.
        #2. I was flthrough the skies with lightning bolt coming out of my hands. I was getting shot by heavy artillary but felt nothing.
        #3(this one was a doosey) there were these reptilian demons and frog demons.
        Revelation 16:13King James Version (KJV)
        13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

        This is exactly what I saw and they were destroying the city with shockwaves coming from their mouths. the I and some friend flew over to them and completely destroyed them. I had some kind of green energy around me and I was faster than light, I was also fearless and thoughtless in my actions.
        I don’t know what is happening and I’m kind of intrigued. why are these dreams so vivid.


      • Aramis,

        This is exactly why the institutional church beast infrastructure was set up, it was designed to interfere with and obstruct the visions and dreams process that would take place in the last days. It was also designed to interfere with and obstruct the miracles process that would also take place during this time. This is what it is all about right here, let us draw some other scriptures out that confirm your experiences. Joel 2:28 reads:

        2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, YOUR YOUNG MEN SHALL SEE VISIONS:

        These dreams are a clear manifestation as to what you and your friends will be doing in the last days, you all will have the ability to do anything without limitations or restrictions. Remember what Christ stated in Matthew 17:20 which reads:

        17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

        This is why in your dreams you stated that you were doing things thoughtlessly, with speed greater than light and with efficiency, in essence you were still thinking about what you were doing when you destroyed those creatures, however your thought process was so fast and efficient, it was as if you weren’t thinking at all.

        What is to come for those that wait upon the Most High is far beyond comprehension and is by far many times of a higher value that what the Devil is offering people today through this cruddy world system. What you have been shown is a point in time very soon where this power will manifest itself in you, to where this world system will not be able to hold you nor obstruct you from performing the will of the Most High.

        This is a very exciting time, trigger point is coming soon and nothing can stop it though the church beast system and the world system have tried their best to prevent this moment from taking place. I especially like the fact that the military couldn’t inflict any injuries upon you. When trigger point manifests itself in you, you will be a man of your own rules. This system wants war, they are going to get a war of epic proportions the likes of which they have never seen before, nor will they ever see again.

        This is the reason why the so called “rapture” is not a requirement, if you are going to receive supernatural power to stay off evil then why would a person in their right mind even want to be removed from all of the fun taking place down here? The rapture as far as I am concerned false doctrine, yes there will be folks who will be transported from place to place on earth, however nobody is getting beamed out of here. Remember what Christ stated in John 17:15 which reads:

        17:15 I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.

        The was the prayer out of the mouth of Christ, that we should be protected from the evil, NOT that we should be removed from the earth. The long and short of these dreams you had is that they are giving you an glimpse into the future and what part your role in it will be. These types of dreams are starting to occur more frequently, this is a sign that the time to “kick butt” will soon be upon us, prepare yourself.


  26. Thanks for the reply and I hope i’m not being bothersome but there are still some things that I really don’t understand. Do you know what the feast could be about where me, my family and friends are having a good time while the city is being destroyed.And it’s odd right in the next two dreams i’m fighting in the same city. I think these dreams are a chronological acourance. And why was there a green energy around me when I was fighting the creatures, could that be the MOST HIGH SPIRIT protecting me. Also if you could, please explain the whole light speed thing. I mean theoreticaly theres nothing faster than light(nothing of this world) and how could I think and fight while going that fast. I know the MOST HIGH can do anything but how could he give me that kind of power, i’m just human. And when me and my friends were fighting the creatures we destroyed them allmost instantly with our bare hands.
    ps. just a side note we(me and my freinds in the dream) were just wearing our regular clothes, are we supposed to get our heavenly garements when the beasts and dragon are destroyed.


    • Aramis,

      There is no bother here at all sir, this is one of the primary reasons why I set up this site, because I knew from my own experiences that people would be looking for answers that the institutional church couldn’t and wouldn’t answer.

      In this instance however you are going to have to seek your answers from the Most High directly pertaining to the SPECIFIC details of your dreams and what they mean ie the significance of the city, the feast, the green energy etc because only the Most High holds the answers to all of these specifics details. Touching briefly on the green energy that surrounded you in the dream, I’d like to think that this energy and its colour is a smack in the face towards the global elites who have been using the agenda of “greening” to enslave the planet, lol.

      Now I can deal with the speed of light issue as this is a general subject. The speed of thought is much faster than the speed of light. If you had the ability to think of a place and translate to that place(this ability is soon coming), you would arrive much faster than light would. The sun is a perfect example, light takes 8-9 minutes to reach earth from the sun yet if you were positioned at the sun and you decided to translate yourself to earth, you would reach here in the blink of an eye.

      Another issue here to consider is the fact that the speed of light is not a constant, light can be slowed down and accelerated. Don’t take my word for it, search engine “light slowed down” or “light speeded up” for more information as quite a few scientists have conducted both experiments with light.

      Remember that nothing is impossible with the Most High, Christ had a human body whilst on planet earth and he had the power of the Most High flowing through him, look at the miracles that he carried out. Remember Elijah and Elisha and the works that they executed? You body being human is not a limitation in the eyes of the Most High, remember that Christ told us only to believe, therefore the rest must already be covered.

      I believe that we will receive our heavenly garments at the point where we receive our immortal bodies which will be when Christ returns and we meet him in the air(what Paul talked about in 1 Corinthians 15:35-54, also see 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17). Thinking about those in Christ who will pass away before Christ’s return, it is possible that they will receive some sort of garment in heaven itself before they return to earth, however this is merely a guess. I am so not worried about economic collapses with what the Most High has in store for us.

      In relation to kicking butt, I wouldn’t mind changing my normal clothes to some sort of super hero suit that will strike fear in the hearts of these wicked scoundrels everytime they would see me. Again, this is something that can be achieved through the process of thought alone.


      • I think the feast is the feast of the lamb.

        Revelation 19:6-9King James Version (KJV)
        6 And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.
        7 Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.
        8 And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.
        9 And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.

        Maybe the glowing is a reference to the seraphim(fiery ones)

        Isaiah 6:1-3King James Version (KJV)
        6 In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.
        2 Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly.
        3 And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.

        I also think we will be taught ( or at least have the knowledge implanted in us, mind and body) hand-to-hand combat.

        Psalm 144:1King James Version (KJV)
        144 Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

        Now, I know taekwondo but in my dream I and my friends(who also train in combative arts) completely destroyed those beasts with our bare hands, it was something the I have NEVER seen before.

        Could this be the strength of Jacob when he wrestled the angel of the MOST HIGH.

        Genesis 32:22-32King James Version (KJV)

        22 And he rose up that night, and took his two wives, and his two womenservants, and his eleven sons, and passed over the ford Jabbok.
        23 And he took them, and sent them over the brook, and sent over that he had.
        24 And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.
        25 And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him.
        26 And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.
        27 And he said unto him, What is thy name? And he said, Jacob.
        28 And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.
        29 And Jacob asked him, and said, Tell me, I pray thee, thy name. And he said, Wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name? And he blessed him there.
        30 And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.
        31 And as he passed over Penuel the sun rose upon him, and he halted upon his thigh.
        32 Therefore the children of Israel eat not of the sinew which shrank, which is upon the hollow of the thigh, unto this day: because he touched the hollow of Jacob’s thigh in the sinew that shrank.

        Sorry if this post is really long. I’m doing a lot of research and this looks like the only place I can really have a discussion about it.


      • Aramis,

        This is one of the main reasons why I am not interested in what the world has to offer, with the goodies Christ and the Most High have coming to those that trust in him both before and after the return of the Messiah, these earthly temporary treats resemble somebody’s leftover scraps as far as I am concerned. If the world were improving then I could understand why people would want to subscribe to this worldly system and what it has to offer them, however the world is rapidly trundling downhill.

        What is the point of being able to sell out to and indulge in the luxuries that the world has to offer while at the same time everything around you is crumbling and going to pot? The more you see things falling apart in the world is the closer trigger point approaches. As I mentioned before, how you wish to deal with the monsters and beasts is entirely in your hands. Hand to hand combat, karate, kung fu, taekwondo, wing chun, by fire, by thought, whatever your flavour is at the time you will be able to execute those actions.

        You have to continually remember that the power you wield will be limited only by yourself as Christ already has stated that nothing will be impossible for you to do if you simply believe on him. This is why the institutional church beast infrastructure was set up, to prevent such monumental events from taking place. The modern day institutional church is where Satan’s seat is, those who truly believe in Christ(remember many pay lip service only) are the biggest threat to his “kingdom”, therefore it is those people who must be subdued first and foremost, hence what you see in the world today and especially in the west, where most believers have already been locked into a position of ineffectiveness.

        Most believers today do not believe in miracles, they do not believe that they will be able to perform the same works as Christ and more(even though he said they would) because the church beast system has taught them that these things are figurative and were only for the people of those times. Utter rubbish, the times of great exploits as talked about in Daniel are coming again. Since Satan is attempting to enslave the whole world through magic which is laughingly labelled as “technology” in order not alarm or scare folks, it is only right that the Most High would also reveal his true powers through his people.


  27. Oh man verbs, the MOST HIGH is defiantly telling me something.
    I actually had a dream that I was in the clouds and angels were changing my body. I don’t know if should tell you this or if the MOST HIGH wants me to keep this secret. (then again many people in the BIBLE told everyone what the MOST HIGH had revealed to them) I was a soul in the shape of a body, first the organs started to form, then muscles, last the skin. And my body was BEAUTIFUL, there was no fat all muscle, every cell in my body was without blemish. I felt Immortal. I was then bathed in the waters of life and my body started to glow and static electricity and fire started to shoot from my body like I was being purified and supercharged. It felt so real and I felt god was with me. I was also given white eagle wings.

    Isaiah 40:31King James Version (KJV)

    31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

    I think something is truly coming.


  28. Now that’s what Im talking about Judah!. Im out here on the Seattle side of things getting an earful from the other side. Being from Houston I don’t bar haters ( on any level), which ironically sets a great environment for discerning and qualifying the spirit. It takes some getting used to but once fear is conquered its open season on the orcs.
    Austin rung my bell though, I wasn’t always a dreaded Daywalker… After surviving the Eyes of Tx i intensified my focus and embarked. I am known by the locals as the one who rebukes. Im a bit of a fool but am Champion obf the Love Matrix.
    Peace King,
    And remember the proverb:
    ” The wicked flee when no one pursueth, but the righteous are as bold as a Lion”
    Landis son of Lawrence


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