The Underwear Conspiracy – Infection And Voluntary Sterilisation – Short Facts!

I have suspected this for a long time and it just goes to show how deep that we have been programmed and indoctrinated into wearing certain regalia without questioning whether the item is actually needed and certainly not investigating the real reasons why certain items of clothing are being pushed onto us by the corporate media via so called “experts”.

A Brief History

Basically before the 20th century, neither men or women wore underwear that came into contact with their genitalia.   All if any underwear was very loose fitting. Underwear in both men and women took on various forms but there was never any serious underwear close to genital usage until the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. A brief history of underwear usage can be seen here:

The Problem

In the case of men, the testicles hang outside of the body as they require a cooler temperature in order to operate efficiently. The testicles also have what is called a Cremasteric Muscle attached to them. When this muscle contracts, the testicles are automatically pulled up closer to the body. This can be in the case of cold temperatures for the testicles to gain more heat or even during a fight scenario or sexual intercourse where the testicles will be pulled up closer to the body for protection. The problem here is that underpants restrict the free movement of the testicles and generate unnecessary heat around them and even with boxer shorts, the heat problem is still not abated. The testicles require their own free reign in order to efficiently produce sperm, reproductive related hormones and regulate the temperature within them. Underpants and boxer shorts heavily restrict these processes. Taken to the extreme, this can lead to a reduction in sperm and reproductive hormone production(doesn’t this sound familiar?).

In the case of women, the vagina unlike the testicles is an open reproductive organ which in like manner requires cooler temperatures and also unrestricted fresh air in order to operate healthily. Some of you women who may be continually contracting infections down there(the most common being yeast infections) despite the fact that you keep your genitalia clean and wash your private area regularly, the underwear is most probably what is causing you to be continually infected. Obviously in relation to women, there are other factors that can lead to a vaginal infection, however I am dealing with infections taking place despite all the right protocols being put in place. This is very serious as if the infection spreads, it can cause serious damage to the rest of the female’s reproductive system and render a woman infertile(doesn’t this sound familiar again?)

The Aim

Bow And Arrow

I have looked into today’s form of underwear from a dozen different angles and I can find absolutely no benefits from wearing  modern underpants, boxer shorts and knickers, however the detrimental effects from wearing this modern day regalia can be numbered for days at a time. It is my personal opinion that the popularity of underwear has been pushed by the Elite controllers of this planet as a means to unsuspectingly destroy the fertility rate of both men and women. This obviously links back into the population reduction agenda where people are voluntarily taking actions to reduce their fertility rate without being informed of the full scope of the choices they are making including the consequences down the road.

Understand that I am not saying that we should all go and immediately burn and destroy all of our underwear, I have just brought forward some information that I believe ties in with the population reduction program that the elite have been rolling out on the public since at least the 1800s, however the scheme has really been accelerated and has picked up steam since the 1950s. It is up to the individual what they choose to do with this information however I think that it is only fair that you are informed of the real underlying reasons why certain trends have been pushed in your direction. We have to think, since when has any government or the corporate media promoted anything in our direction that has been of any benefit to us?

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Heavenly Father

10 thoughts on “The Underwear Conspiracy – Infection And Voluntary Sterilisation – Short Facts!

  1. My clothes are killing me slowly, I am caught between a tight collar and neck tie and underpants that strangle the next generation. It’s still about bondage. Hey Fubu, where’s the dashiki and pajamas sets I’ve been looking for over 30 years now. I’d like to hang tough and hang loose too. Clothes are a covering, but not a second skin.

    Think about the Greeks in their off-white togas vs the Ashanti and Ewes of similar time frame in their colorful Kente cloths. I laugh when I think about it. Also in paintings of early Europe, an awful lot of hoodies worn by peasants and serfs.


    • The so called clothing of “civilisation”, it has to be laughed at really. To think, the European man laughs at the attire worn by other nationalities of people but yet it is these same Europeans who are flooding by their droves into IVF and infertility clinics and they still cannot put 2+2 together.

      Now we are in the controlled era of the “tight fit” trousers and Hebrews alike are adjusting to the trend in order to appease the “man” and hope that this will be the key needed in order to be accepted by Europeans. To be honest Arnold, you raising the topic of clothes is another hot subject within itself, also full of conspiracy and darkness. The lies never seem to stop flowing, nethertheless, we thank the Most High for exposing them and bring us the truth to replace the lies and error.


  2. This resonates well with me. I once didn’t wear underwear for about 6 months and it was a welcomed break. Its good to listen to your body. A slight digression. Many Black women suffer from fibroids and are actually having hysterectomies to solve the problem when in fact fibroids are easily curable with the right diet/detox and herbal supplements as it’s the cause of toxic waste in the body. I read that there may be a link between Black hair products and fibroids in Black women – which would make sense. Damn they’ll get us by any means necessary.


    • This whole underwear business is just one big racket which serves two main purposes, making money off the public while at the same time sterilizing them. These satanic bums cannot sleep at night unless they have schemed up another wicked plot to execute on us, ready to be rolled out for the next day.

      You are spot on when it comes to the fibroid issue. So many ailments in the body can be cleared up within a short period of time simply by modifying the diet and introducing various herbs that are renowned cleansers of toxins from the system. Big pharma absolutely loves people in ignorance when it comes to health.


  3. Makes sense. Not to be graphic but I got a yeast infection when I bought a pair of boy cut panties some yrs back. Yeah I know- how foolish for a woman to buy boy cut panties. Thankfully I was able to use garlic to cure it instead of going to the “doctor” for their poison. Here in America we have commercial after commercial advertising birth control in which they make sure a Negro woman is either the “star” or at least featured. If that is not some demonology to poison/ destroy the womb of Negro women I don’t know what is. I know to many “women” quick to partake of the “birth control” so they can lay around with some thug and not get pregnant.However, in the long run I am sure birth control makes one sterile or causes birth defects.


    • Really and truly when you look back in history, it was the feminist and lesbian movement in the 60s that launched trousers/pants into the female arena. Before then women always wore skirts and dresses. Trousers/pants/jeans/underwear constrict the vagina and restrict fresh air flow to it. As as result the vagina gets hot from the constrictive clothing which creates an ideal environment for bacteria and fungus to breed in. I’m with you 100% on the natural remedies, they never used to call doctors “quacks” for nothing, plus the quacks receive a percentage of kick backs from peddling unnecessary drugs on patients.

      You have to laugh really but only briefly, Eugenics blatantly in your face. Yep, you hit the nail right on the head, birth control in the long term means sterility and possibly a child born with defections. Let’s not even get started on the damage that all this birth control is causing to the reproductive organs. I laughed hard when I read the part of your comment where you talked about women rushing for the birth control so that they can sleep with a thug and avoid getting pregnant, what you stated is so true and straight to the point.


  4. If your comfort food is candy or junk food this can be true.
    This helps focus your mental energy while at the same time relaxing the rest of your body.
    Individuals that are mostly suffering from Angular Stomatitis are the
    children, young people, and the aging population.


    • Yanni,

      Certainly I believe that there may be an issue if the boxers are not loose fitting. I simply don’t bother with underwear anymore, its all a scam, boxers and pants are unnecessary items of clothing as far as I am concerned, just another way for certain folks to make money.


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