A Message To The JewISH Propaganda Machine!

Personal Thanks


I’d just like to thank the JewISH propaganda machine for the efforts it has put into hiding the truth on all fronts, which made the people look for the truth all the more harder. In relation to the true Jews now waking up in their thousands everyday, I bet you must feel gutted that despite your efforts and the ridiculously high levels of money that you’ve pumped into your propaganda machine and your think tanks to ensure that the so called Negro would never awaken to his true identity, these plans are crumbling fast. You have lied to us on everything, from who we really are in terms of identity to where you really came from.  Now that we have clocked on to the lies that we have received and the fact that it was and still is you distributing these lies and propaganda blocks of information, you could say that your hand has been caught in the proverbial cookie jar. The jig is truly up for you, we know who we are, we know who you REALLY ARE and no amount of spin, time wasting, propaganda, demonisation and lies is going to change this fact.

The Stages

Slave Ship Infographic

After your first port of call which was enslaving us in the 1500s to 1800s, you had to set in place a mechanism whereby black people would continue propagating the lies in ignorance perpetually. So you set up the institutional churches that we see today and instructed your cohorts and lackeys within them to teach a “new gospel”, one that would no longer reveal the identity of the real Hebrews but one where you would be continually elevated and praised as the “people”, regardless of what skull duggery you would execute on other nations. You have even set up some of your JewISH disinformation agents as “pastors” themselves and opened up churches proclaiming to bring people the gospel, but really you have simply been playing your part as a decoy and a deceptive distraction. On the other side you have “conveniently” supplied us with the entertainment arena to have us perform for and entertain ourselves with your Roman bread and circus circuits and you have appointed your JewISH disinformation agents over us in any and all areas, again to ensure that we perpetuate and pass on the ignorant behavior and stagnant mindset to the next generation. For the most part until recently, your plans had been working with much success. The so called Negro in majority still does not know he is the true Hebrew and the pastors set up in your institutional churches of reprobation have managed to embed a mutant GMO gospel into the minds of people that not only no longer focuses on the real Hebrews and also doesn’t even raise the question as to where these people are on the earth today but also claims that the Most High has gotten himself a new people and that Israel has been abandoned and forgotten.

When the true Hebrews began to first awaken to the fact that they were the real Jews going back into the 90s, there was no internet and therefore no means of getting the information across to a worldwide audience in a short amount of time. So, you simply ignored our claims of being the Hebrews and at this stage you could do this because the message had to be passed on via word of mouth which would have taken huges amounts of time to make a significant impact and even then more time to wade through tons of library books and literature to confirm the information.

However, now that the internet has arrived, the real Hebrews have become quite a throrn in your side as they are not only showing the world who we truly are but also informing them as to your TRUE ORIGINS and where your really came from. So you have decided to move onto stage 2, which is demonisation. You are very good at this stage as you run the majority of the mainstream media news feeds, the Hollywood propaganda machine aswell as your NGOs and international think tanks. However, I should warn you that this particular stage of your overall plan to eliminate us will not work either. None the less, you will carry it out anyway, ordering your slave pastors, bishops, reverends and your JewISH disinformation agents etc to come out and openly speak against our awakening. Coupled with this, you will attempt to label us as terrorists, a religious cult and a cancer on society. You will also release films out of the Hollywood circuit in relation to us and deliberately project us in a bad light to rile up the public against us. However, in doing this I assure you that the persecution that you will bring down on us will only serve to wake up even more of us at an even faster rate.

Didn’t you read in the scriptures about how the more the Egyptians persecuted our forfathers, the more the Hebrews multiplied and grew(Exodus 1:12)? Therefore your persecution on us will only serve to be a larger thorn in your backside. So, I simply ask you to keep doing what you know best and to keep on going.

The JewISH Noble Lie

To be honest, these JewISH people have lied to us and other people in general on so many fronts to the point where the reality you think that you are living in is so far from the real world that exists around the illusional bubble that they have created for the general public. Despite living amongst people who now resemble zombies and despite watching them just thoughtlessly adapting and adjusting to changes that are brought into society and given down to them from the controllers, I have always know that there must be more to life than just working, paying bills, being extorted out of even more money by government controlled agencies and fighting to survive. This is the limited perception of life that they want you to have and they further push you into this boxed perception by increasing your yoke of bondage aswell as getting you to fuss and fight over trivial tripe, having you believe that it is something important to be concerned about. When I just think about how many lies the human race has been exposed to which has been started by the JewISH propaganda machinery and the billions of lives that have destroyed by these people, I have to face the reality that even given a lifetime, we would not be able to uncover and decontaminate ourselves from the complete set of lies and propaganda blocks that we have been immersed in for most of our lives. However, all is not lost.

Decontamination Starts Now

The problem with most people today is that they are comfortable with the lies and in the contaminated state that they are in and desire to drag themselves even deeper into the mire of reprobation. Remember, you will not find salvation in contamination. By further giving yourself over to the lies and the propaganda machine of the elite, you are surely guaranteeing for yourself an end of destruction and complete misery. You see, when you know the truth, it forces you to make a decision as to what action you are now going to take in light of the information you have been given. Now you see the reason why most people who love being plugged into the matrix get upset and frequently turn on the messenger of truth when they are presented with reality and truth as opposed to the comfortable lies and illusions they are used to.

I have a responsibility to spread the nuggets and fragments of truth I have abroad to others. When I awoke to how this world really works, it was not the best experience of my life. To find out that you have been lied to for all of your life up to that point was not an easy pill to swallow however looking back, I was glad that somebody took the time out to pull me out of the matrix system seeing that there was a potential in me to not only smash the chains but to further continue the work and do the same for others. We must continue and keep breaking down the lies and smashing through the propaganda that is put out from any corner, not just the JewISH one. We as people in the know have to find other like minded fellows aswell as people who are asking questions and share what we know with them. In doing this however, we must be careful as there are many snares, traps and diversions placed in our path to take us away from spreading the truth. DO NOT FOLLOW PEOPLE INCLUDING MYSELF, BEHAVE AS AN INDIVIDUAL AND BE YOUR OWN LEADER. We as individuals are supposed to look at information presented, filter out the fragments of truth, gather them together and move on to the next spot. Think of this process like being the Littlest Hobo. You noticed that the dog would do what it had to do with each particular person and move on. That television program was a lesson to us all. Don’t get caught up with leaders, be that leader yourself and educate others to do the same. As for the JewISH propaganda machine, keep up the good work as you are making my job alot easier.

The Decontamination And Deprogramming Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Heavenly Father

6 thoughts on “A Message To The JewISH Propaganda Machine!

  1. I utterly hate what you are saying, damn truth, damn painful truth. I have been educating myself, it is a mental exercise. That is the greco-roman way, to imagine, think, seek an opinion or a teaching from an expert, reason by all means to validate the way and the contents of what I have been taught. When I see the word of Yah and dice it the way I’ve been taught, I am fine, confused but fine. From the Hebrew Israelite perspective I am a duped idiot. I go to the church meetings, in my heart I say, ‘God show me a sign your word is right, I’ll change’, reasoning with my brothers and sisters about what I’ve seen. Their resistance and defiance causes me to have reservations. It is so plain, we meet on Sundays and do not regard or keep the Sabbath. We tolerate the mixtures in Christianity instead of the exact laws, statues, and judgments of Yah. There is no mental reasoning that can defeat “Remember the Sabbath, keep it holy.” I don’t need a sign or to reason, I need to do something called ‘keep the Sabbath’. You can’t reason with others who are in the same confusion as you. They will make you comfortable with your confusion. Each one of us must see the truth and act accordingly. Faith is not in what everybody else sees if all they see is the lie. Abraham believed Yah, it was accounted to ‘him’ for righteousness. We pimp off of Abraham’s believing and his sperm count. We miss the part about believing Yah ourselves. Abraham did not believe ‘for us’, Yahushua(Jesus) did not fulfill the law and commandments ‘for us’. We still have our own living accordingly to do.

    Like you say @verbs2012, independent, self autonomy, research, and action. I believed Yah and acted according to his word. Allow me here to be a prophet to myself, to rewrite the script I live by. I see how painful it is to change. Thanks @verbs2012 for eye opening words.


    • Your thanks are much appreciated as always sir, I am here to serve and minister to people like yourself who are looking for real answers and truth. Lol, indeed, this truth can be a serious pain in the neck sometimes however let us not forget that the same truth also brings liberation. Remember, not everything that you were taught in the institutional church beast system was incorrect, they did teach you a “few” nuggets of truth in order to keep you coming back. The way to roll forward from now is to allow the Spirit in you to show you what is the rubbish from what is the truth.

      Remember, your walk with the Most High is an individual walk and revelations will come in time. To be honest, your institutional church meetings are at a clash with the newly revealed Hebrew teachings as the teaching format itself that the institutional church uses is a hindrance and a distraction, designed to keep you away from the path of real truth and knowledge especially in relation to who you really are by bloodline. Not only that but the information relayed out is based on the deliberately injected false understanding(set up by the JewISH people and propagated by these pastors) that you are a Gentile by blood when in actual fact you are a Hebrew by blood.

      The so called “standard of attaining” that is put out by the institutional church beast system is a false one to begin with. Do not sweat yourself too hard in the fact that the changes may not be happening as fluently and as quickly as you would have hoped, the Most High has a personal schedule in relation to yourself and yourself alone. Try also not sweat yourself over keeping certain days ie the Sabbath as that came under the Atonement/Sacrificial/Ordinance section of the law which Christ completely covered via his blood and his death on the cross:


      Our only concern now is keeping the moral side of the law, which is how we are supposed to interact, live in peace, longevity and harmony with our fellow man. Remember, all Christ requires of us is faith and belief, not the laws, statutes and commandments that he paid the price for on the cross.

      Your growth in faith will come from your own personal walk, personal testimony and personal experiences with the Most High himself. It doesn’t hurt to pray for your faith to be increased also. This is one thing that I despise about the institutional church, they expect you to grow in faith from hearing other people testimonies, whether it be people out of the bible or people in general. It doesn’t work like that. If my house has burned down and I have lost my children in the fire, telling me to look at Job’s situation is not going to help me a dime. A real personal touch from the Most High and some real personal support from the friends around me is going to go much further in helping me to recover and cope with the bitter experience. This is the problem, the institutional church has NO ANSWERS and like a typical mill, just simply throws out generic responses to folks who are genuinely in distress and need help:



      In YOUR OWN TIME WITHIN YOUR OWN PERSONAL SCHEDULE, you will receive the revelation that I have in relation to the institutional church being a complete fraud and the pastors, preachers, evangelists, reverends and missionaries within it being “FORGERS OF LIES AND PHYSICIANS OF NO VALUE”(Job 13:4).

      Hang in there sir, you are definitely on the right path in regards to educating yourself which is a sign within itself that you are beginning to realise that the church holds nothing for you. Another key here is to completely release your mind to the Spirit of the Most High and run in the knowledge of this truth without fear or hesitation, not being afraid to express yourself fully, think a thought through to its completion or to expose something plainly as it stands. Keep striving on, more pieces will begin to fit into place

      Ahayah Bless You Sir!


      • Excellent! It’s past time for a massive “reverse revival” — a calling out of gov’t sponsored religious programming centers (501c or churches) where people are routinely fooled-n-fleeced, programmed to support lifestyles of master deceivers and predatory pedodphiles. Time out for the hop in the Bentley, fire up the jet, sleep comfy in the mansion routine, after guilt-laden, prospertity gospels set to hypnotic beats — Sow a seed and reap a harvest mantra must be exposed. The clergy KNOWS this is nothing but a well scripted con game…

        I feel blessed to have had the scales removed from my eyes, and continue shedding layers from decades of religious programming…

        Be Well & Stay Vigilant


      • 501C3 churches, now that is another long subject of contention within itself. The jig is truly up for these JewISH characters, this movement cannot be stopped because the Most High has commenced it and HE WILL FINISH IT.


  2. I agree wit this 100%!!! I started to wake up at the start of 2010, but now I see the Most High had prepared for me to wake up back in 2007 when he began to break me down so i could wake up, and it was so hard and awful going thru it but i now see it was the best thing that ever happened to me!!! Your soooooo right everything is a lie, one big illusion I had no idea even existed man was i super lost!!! Once i started learning the truth AHAYAH i would say put me on a crash cross I was learning very fast It felt like a atomic bomb blast to know these people had deceived me so bad I vowed to learn the truth about everything and it lead to the snowball effect one thing after the other non-stop truth!!! This has been a roller coaster ride but if we ask him from are heart for the truth please believe you gona get it all the way!!! My life degenerated so bad i had no choice but to start asking questions & seeking him i literally had no options but I’m so blessed he even picked me to know it, the world is clearer and clearer everyday that passes i could go on for days but i would have to tell you via email its way too long for this! But i had to tell you how i found this site. I was watching this video about the fema camps an ex army personal interview and they said the us government had a plan to kill 21 million blacks here…i said WHAT!!! So i goggle it and your blog popped up first with the most recent date so i clicked and he iam but thanks bro for spreading this truth now I’m not alone in this its people like me because this truth is gona sperate alota folks real soon. AHAYAH bless always!!!


    • Welcome back to your lost heritage. Now to gain a greater understanding as to why not just the US governments but the governments of the world also have it in for us and are planning to wipe us out, read this blog:


      Yeah, I can trace back the beginning of my wake up road from 1999. The Most High is a smooth operator, he takes his time when bringing people to him and does it in such a manner that things which you thought you may have suffered for nothing, when you look back at them years later, you can see Ahayah’s plan in action.

      Glad to see that my blog came up on google, at least the information is getting out there. Keep digging in and searching for truth. Remember what Christ said, “He that shall endure until the end, the same shall be saved(Matthew 24:13)”.

      Ahayah Bless


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