UK MP Diane Abbott Apologises Over Tweet – Why? It’s All True What She Stated – A Different Angle!

Diane Abbott

Its seems that UK MP Diane Abbot is in the middle of a “media” frenzy, and that is all it is, the media blowing hot air trying to stoke up some flames over a simple comment that was made, that we as black people have the right to make by the way, seeing as we have bore witness to this very technique used against us by the same European man.

This was the tweet that Diane Abbot posted on Wednesday night that the media has decided to sound the alarm over:

White people love playing ‘divide & rule’ We should not play their game”

I believe that she made this comment on twitter while having a discussion with Bim Adewunmi who I believe is a freelance journalist, in relation to the Stephen Lawrence court trial. I believe that these messages were not sent via a direct private route, so therefore were available for all the public to see. From what I understand, the word spread around about this “message” and she was later told to apologise by the Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Verbs’s Unrestrained/Muzzle Free View

Unlike Abbott, Verbs 2012 does not have to answer to swindling two faced MPs and he is not under the authority of Ed Miliband, so I will call it out as it is. First and foremost, why is the mainstream media jumping on this issue so hard? I personally get very suspicious when the mainstream media runs with a story at top notch acceleration, it normally means that they are trying to distract us from something else, that if we knew was going on , we wouldn’t be very happy people and may kick up a storm. The mainstream media are masters at feeding you with meaningless data. Everyday, the mainstream media bombards you with stories upon stories, most of which have no relevance to or any impact on your life. Around 95% of the stories you read in the mainstream media are just meaningless data. They do this to keep your mind occupied so that you cannot stop, think and process through the changes that are taking place around you, changes for the worst by the way. Do not get anything twisted, the mainstream media is not there to “keep you in the know” and “keep you informed” on the latest breaking news, no, they are simply in position to keep you in the dark as to what is really going on in the world, what events should really be paid mind to and what is genuinely relevant to you as an individual. Therefore, do not be surprised if this so called “storm” has simply been a distraction for some underhand manoeuvre the government has pulled off not wanting the general public to know about, after all the mainstream media is an essential arm of government.

Why The Panic?

You  have to understand what is really going on here, people no longer believe the mainstream media anymore, they have lost a huge amount of credibility, and for good cause. If you are going to continually lie to the public and feed them utter nonsense under the guise of mother’s milk, eventually you will be found out and thus thereafter rejected as a reliable source for information. The mainstream media has been caught lying to us over and over again, and most of us continued to return to them because there were no other alternative sources, UNTIL NOW! Understand that the mainstream media is being made redundant and irrelevant by the rise of the alternative media, who for the majority part will bring you news that is relevant to your life and will present you with the truth and not attempt to spin it or lie. So when you come across so called “storms” such as this in the mainstream press, this is simply their way of trying desperately to keep themselves relevant to the general public and trying to regain your confidence. Take that thought one step further and remember what I stated before about the mainstream media being an essential arm of government and guess what, now it becomes clear who is really trying to distract you and keep you in the dark. 2+2 always = 4.

A Different Approach, Why?

You see, I had to get the above paragraphs out first, to show you what was really going on here with this “hot” story fresh off the presses. These kind of “stories” are used as a manipulation technique all the time by the mainstream media, to keep you coming back to them and to give you the false illusion that somehow they have changed and have turned over a new leaf. Don’t believe the hype about their renewed reliability for a second, they have always been and will always be liars, full stop. Do yourself a favour and stop relying on them as the source for your news and information, conduct your own investigations and research, that way you can be sure that the information has been tried, tested and verified.

Now Let’s Play Their Game

Time To Play

NOW, I am going to do second what the mainstream media wanted me to do first, that is comment on Abbott’s tweet. The opposite action is what most people probably did first and I almost fell into the same rut, however when I slowed my roll, it began to make sense as to what was really going on here. Never run at their speed, if they are cheerleading something then you know that they are trying to run a number on your mind, always take your time and think things through at YOUR OWN PACE, not matter how long it takes and by doing this, non linear perspectives begin to appear that were not apparent before because of the smoke and mirrors they deployed on you. Remember, they are only trying to keep you coming back to them, they have an agenda to fulfil for the government, they have never been and will never be your friends.

What Abbott said was true and we as black people have seen this divide and conquer technique used on us first hand in slavery, light skinned against dark skinned, black male against black female. The white aristocracy are still using this technique of divide and conquer even up to today, all you need do is look within your own society and you can see this strategy hard at play, Pakistanis vs Blacks, Blacks vs White, White vs Pakistani, husband vs wife, man vs woman etc. The list continues on and on, I could branch out and give a million other examples where this technique is being used on people. The main issue here for me clearly is that the white man has not changed one bit since the days of colonialism, he is still trying to dominate the entire planet and he is still going into lands that do not belong to him and stealing the resources of other nations, killing whosoever gets in his way in the process and not feeling any remorse or compassion for the victims regardless of who they are, men, women, children and babies. So, no the comment was NOT racist, it is simply a true statement made from live observations of European people on the whole. There, Verbs said it and what?????

A Side Note To Diane Abbott

You are still a politician and therefore you are still a bloodsucker and a swindler Abbott. Do not think for a second that we do not know about the “special” food cards you politicians receive, where you get access to the real organic food that is grown underground and not the stuff that is exposed to the chemtrail weathering. You run nothing, we know that you are in that position purely for show and nothing else. You “may” have become a politician for justice and equality at the beginning, however since you have now discovered and have been aware of how government really works for the longest while, and that you can achieve nothing bar robbing the general public, your sole motivation and purpose now is to cash in and enjoy the perks of being an MP.

You are no longer dealing with a majority ignorant public who are not aware of the mechanisms of parliament, we now know what really goes on and we are fully aware of the part you are playing in the bigger scheme of things. So, save your speeches and your pleas, you indeed have deliberately chosen to detach yourself from the public, especially your own people for a morsel of bread and the temporary dainty treats that have been dangled in front of your eyes by the European aristocracy. Eat, drink and be merry for as long as you can Abbott, as when they decide that they have had enough of you, then you will really learn about destitution.

Their Game Here

It is no coincidence that on the coat tails of the Stephen Lawrence murder court trial which showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the European man’s justice system in the UK is an absolute shame and an embarrassment, that the white man would run with this story in order to “get one back” on the black man. These are the pathetic attempts that the so called white man will go to, to mask his shame/defeat rather than throwing his hands up and admitting when he is in the wrong. This is the way the so called white man works and as long as he is in charge of the justice system here in the UK and has some sort of dominion over the world, there can never be any true justice meeted out anywhere on this planet as this man revels in corruption and underhanded skull duggery for a living.

The Decontamination And Deprogramming Agenda Continues

Stay Individual 

Blessings In The Heavenly Father

21 thoughts on “UK MP Diane Abbott Apologises Over Tweet – Why? It’s All True What She Stated – A Different Angle!

  1. Technically Black people cannot be Racist. Black people as a collective do not have the power or resources to exploit or marginalize another race/culture of people. I think the whole Diane Abbott ‘who-ha’ is the UK digressing from the underlying shame of the Lawrences’ finally getting justice after 18 years for the murder of their son in this so-called
    democratic country. Imagine what they have gone through in those 18 yrs but yet Diane’s comments causes a media and social frenzy in a matter of hours.


    • I have to concur with your view of this situation aswell as it is not in the nature of the European man to throw his hands up and openly admit when he is wrong, so in comes this story so that he can “get one back” on us. Pathetic and a load of nonsense. A ridiculous attempt to cover up his blatant slackness, injustice and undemocratic practices. This country is truly a sham, I am very surprised that this piece of crud called the UK is still standing. I have amended my post and included this insight and angle in it aswell.


  2. Blacks in the UK got voices, LOL, who knew? Normally you all have to be so talented, so radical or so outrageous or criminal to even be noticed. A 40 character tweet that was heard around the world. Coming from a black person entrenched in the media neuralization network. They reacted like the first time they heard their own recorded voice, ‘we don’t sound like that?’ Yeah, you do! Dang baby, you is supposed to know this but not say this in ear shot. You betta learn some slang as a second language and talk behind the veil, as it were.

    It’s out now, blacks in UK did not escape the racial abuse and subjection endured by blacks in America and elsewhere. Should we throw a black tea party (pekoe cut)? Will there be talks between our activist and yours (Jesse needs work)? Yeah they are having a frenzy, but what are we going to do about it? Do we have an open channel? Damn, we don’t talk to African brothers either. Send me another tweet, oh. I forgot, we don’t venture across the water, bad experience and all.


    • The UK is another planet, you have to live among the white people here to understand their deceptive practices and underhanded ways. Unlike the States where white people for the most part just tell it like it is, white people over here more time resort to making subtle, under the carpet indirect racist jibes at blacks, well at least it was happening that way for the most part until this incident occurred and went viral(courtesy of the same mainstream media):

      To be honest, this is how white people in the UK have felt about us from the beginning of our re-establishment here(those who know the true history will understand what was just said). The UK is simply an overcrowded venue and the white people here have allowed the government to bring in foreign nationals from every corner of the globe in mass numbers and have sat back and done nothing about it. Yet, like misguided idiots, they feel power in themselves when they confront the effects of the problem and not the problem itself.

      The mainstream media in combination with the government are deliberately stoking up racial tensions here, and as per the NWO agenda, it is time for this stage of the chaos to be kicked off. Leaving the UK is an option I am very much considering as I know the fall out here will be absolutely terrible from the race riots that will take place here in combination with the food and water riots, especially in London.


      • And they got the nerve to complain about Israelite bros in the street jabbin them with Bible truth. Perhaps it takes that to get through to them. Forget about the showcased intelligent few, average folk are whacked. Over here racism is institutionalized so they don’t have to be outspoken. If you go to school and to church and watch TV, you get neuralized err naturalized. Self autonomy minus ego aggrandizement, our collective is valuable to us, is a mighty power. If the source is Greco-Roman, the course is Greco-Roman and the end is Greco-Roman. a compliance hell for the rest of us. We need to appear neuralized but carry on with our Father’s bizness. Stop supporting and endorsing their collective to the death, embrace our own collective. Present our bodies a living sacrifice, to be weapons of righteousness. The B book is the survival manual, field book and guideline, the Spirit is the energy (grace) to live accordingly. Religion is drugs, same result. Coming out of her to follow the Messiah is the hardest part, I am struggling too.

        Think about this, we are not the only ones that’s been lied to. They believe their own lies are true. They will kill you to defend what they believe, even the lies. One day they will say to us ‘our fathers have taught us lies!’


  3. @Arnold L Johnston. If the Blacks in the West i.e. US, UK & Europe were to unite as our counterparts have, that would be a force to be reckoned with and a beautiful thing indeed! It’s no coincidence that there is no unity amongst us. A lot of African Americans are not even aware Black folk are in the UK! I blame the media of course! An American guy once told me that the US operate the UK telecommunication systems and vice versa – how true that is? I don’t know! If you don’t mind me saying Verbs, but this blog would be a brilliant platform to have open ‘cross Atlantic’ talks. I’ve attended a lot of Black Activist talks etc in the UK but find that they just like to beat drums and wearing loin cloths and carrying spears is just not cutting it for me unless there is some action. Adding to that there are a few who are doing some fantastic work. @ Verbs. I can’t even hate on this woman as she’s showing us what she really is about whilst the rest (if you notice) stand around in awe when I’m sure some of them probably agree. These are the times I wish someone like yourself or even myself would be there just to counteract her outbursts (in a respectable manner of course) because her comments are ignorant and she just needs to be educated. The whole world seems to be in turmoil – where would you head to out of interest?


    • Cross Atlantic talks would be a great idea. How do you recommend it be carried out?

      You will find that you will make much more ground as an individual than in a group. The first problem with a group is you have to give up your individuality and go with the group mind set and if you disagree with certain things you have only 2 options, get with the “group” program or get stuffed and go somewhere else. Don’t expect any big moves to come out of these groups, it is scattered individuals who are going to make the real changes.

      The other issue with groups is more than likely they have been infiltrated and some if not most are now probably being run and lead by intelligence agencies. This is the beauty of working together but doing individual things towards the same cause separately, infiltration is near impossible and even if it does occur, because everybody is carrying out something different, the mission still continues regardless of who gets removed. It is much wiser and easier for you to pick something that you are good at, that can work towards whatever cause you are moving towards and work on that by yourself.

      The white woman at the end who started blasting her, I got the impression that she was wasn’t actually in disagreement with this woman, it seemed more like she was uncomfortable with the fact that the other lady was expressing her opinion in public. I would have shut her down by telling her that the Polish who she gunned off are still the same blood as her regardless. Alot of these Polish I think are English people until they open their mouths.

      Maybe South America, buy some land over there and get my own space. My home country is Nigeria but the country is too volatile now. Central America has some good places like Costa Rica and Panama. Its just about going over there to check it out first. I can clearly see that there is no future here, I’d just rather jump ship while I have the chance instead of being caught up in the chaos soon coming to a broken Britain.


  4. Well I agree totally with what you say about remaining an individual as oppose to being a part of a group. That would probably be the best foundation to start a platform of communication….with individuals. The law of attraction will eventually turn the individuals into a collective of individuals. I think maybe to start encouraging readers to refer your blog as a platform for Cross Atlantic communications to other like-minded individuals (and so on and so forth). It might also be good to have some type of ‘open’ discussions, where people may put forward a topic of their interest to discuss or maybe they can write their own article and post it on your blog…,or something? Live webinars? It seems you already have a mixture of UK and US readers….all the technology is there I suppose it would depend on how you would want to administer it?
    When you talk about the chaos soon coming to Britain…do you have any idea when this is going to happen? What is your reasoning behind this? I guess I tend to throw myself back into the matrix when scary stuff like this comes up – I think its because I’ve always felt something big was going to happen but couldn’t articulate the feeling…hmmm.


    • I’ll sort something out in the near future in reference to your suggestion. Every little bit helps in spreading this information out there.

      In relation to the coming chaos to the UK, firstly the Ministry Of Defence Document that was released in 2007 talked about 30 years of continual riots in this country. Here is the pdf:

      Click to access strat_trends_23jan07.pdf

      The riots that occurred here were all orchestrated and were a taster of things to come. Also take a look at this blog I posted if you haven’t seen it already:

      Also, we have been shown what the future will be like in the UK through films like V For Vendetta and especially the film Children of Men. If you haven’t seen these films I highly recommend that you watch them to get an idea of what it will be like living here. There are other films you can watch that will give you an idea of what it will be like to live in a city period like Equilibrium, Aeon Flux, THX 1138, Logans Run, Blade Runner, Total Recall and The Running Man to just name a few. These NWO elites are showing you through fiction what kind of society they are bringing in, in fact by showing you beforehand, they are programming you to accept it when you experience it in reality. This programming method is called predictive programming.

      Check out Alan Watt at He goes into the history of how this world domination agenda started and the mp3 on his site are for free download, there are 1000s of them. Check out this show where he went into the unrest that is to come to the west and how the west is being broken down:

      [audio src="" /]



    white folk are not evil racists. we were lowly tribesman worshipping the sun naked untill middle eastern religions converted us. YOU NEVER HEAR OF EUROPE UNTILL IT WAS CONVERTED TO CHRISTIANITY, A MIDDLE EASTERN RELIGION, BECAUSE UNTILL THEN WE WERE PRIMITIVE TRIBESMAN. white people do not rule the world or even europe or america, dont want to. its “jews” “zionists” whatever you want to call them, they have ruled europe THROUGH CHRISTIANITY, TRADE, AND MONEY before white man contacted blacks. so when the so called black men first met us, we were already hypnotized by some other culture and it was made to appear that their ways have been ours forever.WHAT YOU THINK OF AS WHITE ISNT. they robbed us of our culture and rule our lands to this very day. THEY ARE PURPOSELY MAKING IT SEEM WHITE EUROPEANS HATE BLACK AFRICANS AND WANT TO CONQUER THE WORLD. WHEN YOU SAY WHITE SUPREMECIST POWER STRUCTURE AND ALL THAT, REMEMBER, ITS NOT REALLY EUROPEANS, ITS THE MIDDLE EASTERNERS WHO ARE ALSO FAIR SKINNED! THEY RULE US white folk! and. they thought of and funded the slave trade. its the old divide and conquor. it makes me upset that black people think they know white people and that we are evil, so then they hate us. its not us. its all a trick. we are nothing but tribesman. if christianity and civilization had not come to europe from the middle east, we would still be living like african tribesman. that is who we are. WHITE CHRISTIANITY IS A MYTH, WE ARE PAGANS, ITS MIDDLE EASTERN PEOPLE WHO APPEAR WHITE AND THIER ORGANIZED RELIGION FUCKING US AAAAALLLLL!. THAT IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT TO THINK OF AS WHITE, BUT THATS NOT US. THERE IS NO UNJUST WHITE (NORDIC)POWER STRUCTURE, ITS ARYAN(IRAN AND IRAQ LITERALY TRANSLATE TO ARYAN) ABRAHAMIC(JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY) POWER. MIDDLE EASTERN PEOPLE LOOK JUST LIKE US THATS WHY YOU BELIEVE ITS US. YOU KNOW NOTHING OF WHITE EUROPEANS AND OUR WAYS AND BELEIFS, AS MANY OF OUR OWN PEOPLE DO NOT, BECAUSE FOR A THOUSAND YEARS WE HAVE BEEN RULED BY AN ABRAHAMIC RELIGION THAT HAS DESTROYED OUR ANCIENT WAYS. all your rants about so called white man this and white power structure keeping us down that is midguided. purposely. I KNOW THERE IS A CONSPIRACY AGAINST YOU, BUT ITS NOT EUROPEANS, WE ARE BEING FUCKED TOO. ITS A COMMON FACT THAT CHRISTIANITY COMES FROM JUDAISM, AND THAT JEWS HAVE RULED EUROPE THROUGH CHRISTIANITY FOR A VERY VERY LONG, what you call white men, white domination all that, is an illustion. thats the whole point, they dont want to be revealed, they infiltrated us and so you now beleive its europeans when we are really nothing. WHY WOULD A NORDIC HAVE HIS HOLY LAND IN JERUSALEM? BECAUSE ITS NOT, ITS A FARCE. our holy land is an old forrest. EUROPEANS ARE NATURE WORSHIPPERS WHO JUST WANT TO LIVE IN PEACE WITH THE LAND. ORGANIZED RELIGION IS THE ENEMY. IF we ALL GO BACK TO REALIZING THE EARTH IS WHAT IS HOLY AND DESERVES OUR WORSHIP WE CAN JUST LIVE HAPPY.i need to talk on the phone to you i have a lot to say and i want to hear more from you as well and we could share more info faster.


    • @Pre Christian Europe

      On the contrary, white people on the whole have always been and will always be racist. I suggest you read the book Iceman Inheritance, Prehistoric Sources of Western Man’s Racism, Sexism and Aggression by Michael Bradley. Michael Bradley by the way is a white man who has decided to be honest and call out the history of your people as it is and not in a slanted fashion like the white mainstream media frequently does.

      What you say is true about the JewISH people ruling the world, but these JewISH people are still of European stock and descent, so they are still your brethren and related to you by blood. These JewISH people are not originally from the Middle East, they come from European countries such as Russia, Germany, Poland etc.

      On the contrary, it is YOU and YOUR PEOPLE who have been overtaking lands that do not belong to you. Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and soon Syria and Iran. Your people were mountain dwellers but now you have decided to take over the entire planet and place every single man, woman and child under a scientific system of complete slavery and servitude to the state.

      Me calling out what the white man has and is still doing to the black man is not divide and conquer. I live in the UK, have lived here all of my life and have observed the behaviour of white people towards blacks my entire life. It is time to quit the sugar coating. Maybe you are not racist and do not hate black people but the majority of your brethren do, and you would be wise to remove the blinkers and not be fooled into thinking that all of your brothers and sisters are like you in their attitudes towards black people.

      Again, your mistake is that you believe that the JewISH people are Middle Eastern in origin when they originally come from Europe. I suggest you read the book called The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler who goes into the history of your brethren and their true origins. You see, I live in a country which is full of white people and I see daily the treatment that they bestow upon blacks, so you cannot stand there and tell me that what I am talking about is simply a rant, no this is a recording of a life long observation.

      The only reason why the common European man is now being shafted is because the ultra rich European Elite believe that you may have mixed your blood with the so called Negro but let us look at the facts, we black people have been complaining to you whites about this system from the beginning of its conception and as long as you were prospering from it, you were not interested in the slightest of our concerns and complaints. Only now that this system is beginning to turn on you and shaft you instead of blessing you, now all of a sudden WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER AND WE ARE ALL BEING SHAFTED. See how the worm turns O European? That is a clear example of the “roll with the moment” nature of the so called White man.

      When I see all these big world meetings, G20, Biderberg, G8, Rio Earth Summit, CFR meetings, Houses of parliament, house of lords, congress etc, I do not see black people there, I see Europeans, whites making the decisions on how the entire world is to live. You have to acknowledge that it is your people behind this, you cannot run and dodge accountability forever. This is another common trait among the European man, he simply continues to duck and weave from the accountability of his world crimes.

      If the Most High God were to give you a tour and show you personally the crimes of your people and the effects on the world, you wouldn’t even get through 1/10 of the sights before you would be on your knees begging and pleading for the Most High to bestow mercy upon you and your people. The crimes of your people are too many, without number and the consequences are with such weight and burden that the Most High will NOT be showing the European man any mercy in his day of judgement. Your people are hell bent on destroying this planet and are currently performing a mighty fine job of reaching that destination.


      • Sir, you’re so true in your last paragraph ; the Most High is spiritually tormenting some of us with some glimpses like that. yes the only place is to bow down and kiss the feet of the Chosen people as prescribed in the Scriptures. a whiteboi


      • True, but not before the correct time. Don’t be persuaded to carry out certain acts by vain puffed up Hebrew brothers who are simply looking for recognition, attention and a following. Yes, you will bow at the feet of the real Hebrews in time, but this will only be when Christ commands, not anybody else.



    YES! we were lied to so long ago, our forefathers taught us wrong because they did not know the truth! but its not “our own lies”, its non europeans who are the same complexion as us, so you think its us. we are all being fucked by the same secretive assholes and pitted against each other. we are not your enemy, its made to appear that way. we dont even rule our own land, europe, zion banksters and secret societys do. so how can we be trying to rule the world? its people who changed us to being like them, so when they fuck people over we are the scapegoats! its brilliant on their part. these guys arent dumb. we dont hate non white non europeans, and you should not hate us. this whole modern world is a fucked up misguided illusion. IN ISRAEL, 2012, THEY HAVE RACIST APARTHEID LAWS FOR EVERYTHING! SEGREGATED SCHOOLS FOR BLACKS, NO INTER RELIGION MARRIAGES, AND THEY STOLE THAT LAND FROM PALESTINE!!!! THEY CLAIM PALESTINIANS DONT EVEN EXIST! THEY SLAUGHTER THEM. I CANT SAY THIS LOUD ENOUGH, WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD IS WHITE CHRISTIAN SUPREMISM IS REALLY ARYAN JUDAISM. WE ALL NEED TO GET TOGETHER AND SHARE INFO AND TALK, DO DEEP CRITICAL THINKING AND SO ON . WE CAN BEAT THIS EVIL AND ALL LIVE IN PEACE, BUT IT WONT BE EASY AND BLOOD WILL BE SPILLED.WHAT I KNOW IS THAT ALL WE WHITES CARE ABOUT IS FOOD, WATER, SHELTER, SECURITY, AND HAPPINESS(like any other people), AND THAT THATS HOW IT WAS UNTILL CHRISTIANITY WAS FORCED UPON us. ORGANIZED RELIGIONS AND MASSIVE EMPIRES ARE THE ENEMY. AND WHITE PEOPLE DIDNT HAVE ANY OF THAT SHIT UNTILL ABRAHAMIC INFLUENCES CONQUERED US SOMEHOW.


  7. AND IF YOU DONT BELEIVE ME ABOUT HOW THE WHITE EUROPEAN HAS BEEN FUCKED AND CONQUERED, DOES NOT RULE THE WORLD, IS NOT SOME WICKED EVIL SO CALLED RACE, YOU NEED TO DO MORE RESEARCH. BUT WITHOUTH A “WHITEY TRYIN TO KEEP ME DOWN” ATTITUDE. THATS BEEN PUT THERE TO KEEP YOU FROM SEEING THINGS FROM OUR SIDE. AND I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR MORE ON YOUR SIDE. europe has been invaded by many many non europeans, white slaves taken by force, and our lands settled. just because it happened a longer time ago and records are not as good, does not mean its any less important or wrong. and look at WW1 and 2….. it was banker organized white on white civil war FOR MORE MONEY AND THE POWER IT BRINGS IN THIS MODERN WORLD. who where and are the bankers??? jews or zionists. you know how many white people DIED? civillian and warrior alike? not captured, but obliterated. the two wars combined, around 100 MILLION! in 30 years! we did not want to kill each other, WE WERE LIED TO, TO BE MADE TO KILL OURSELVES. THATS GENOCIDE. THE FUCKEN DEFINITON! YOUR PEOPLE HAVE NOT HAD IT THAT BAD. AND BY THE END OF THIS CENTURY, WE WILL BE ALMOST EXTINCT! thats our plight. our struggle. you have no clue about us because you dont care. you beleive the lies so you dont care.


    • Again, I will call out my observations without sugar coating and without prejudice. How can you even stand and compare a measly 30 years of oppression to our 400 years plus at your hands? Do you think in 400 years that our figures of death would exceed your claimed 100 million(if its true, we know how the so called European man has a habitual habit of altering and painting history in HIS own image and to HIS own favour). By the way, the killing of blacks at the hands of whites hasn’t stopped, today it is just done under more sophisticated terms like vaccinations, resisting arrest, abortion clinics, spreading democracy, Africom, Kony 2012 etc. We as black people can say that the so called white man is keeping the so called black man down because this is what we observe with our own eyes and experience everyday.

      The problem with you Europeans is that you cannot leave other people alone in peace, you always feel the need to interfere in the lives of others because of the insecurities and fear you have of being overrun by other nations because of your small numbers. A microcosm example of this is in the workplace. I have witnessed first hand a group of black people talking among themselves and a white person will come over and deliberately interrupt the conversation and ask what is going on as if the group of blacks were up to something suspicious. This is a very common occurrence, I witness this happening all the time. I have seen how your brethren react when they walk into a room full of black people, I have heard the comments they make. They are comments based upon insecurity and fear. So no, you do not want to live in peace with others as local examples of your behaviour prove that this is not true.


  8. Sir,

    Hebrews calling for this gesture of humility – kneeling, bowing down and kissing their shoes as it said in the Scriptures “the dust of your feet” – can be presuming they are among the Elect within the One Third of Chosen Hebrews. So i guess it’s the reason Sir is not endorsing the practice ?
    However it must be said it is very impressive on both sides : edomites spiritually tormented are more attentive to the message ; and several Hebrews told me it played a part in their fortitude in the faith because it was showing the prophecies becoming true. Nobody in the USA or London or Paris could have imagined seeing things like this in the 1950’s for ex. a french edomite servant2be


    • In order for us to receive a clear and accurate understanding on this issue, let us look at the situation with Cornelius and how Peter dealt with the scenario when Cornelius fell down at his feet. Acts 10:24-26 reads:

      10:24 And the morrow after they entered into Caesarea. And cornelius waited for them, and had called together his kinsmen and near friends.

      10:25 And as Peter was coming in, Cornelius met him, and fell down at his feet and worshipped him.

      10:26 BUT PETER TOOK HIM UP saying STAND UP; I myself also am a man.

      Nobody should be asking you to kneel before them, the only ones we are to kneel before are Christ and our heavenly Father. As I stated before, there will be a time for this type of praise and honour however Christ will ordain the hour for this and not others. It seems that some Hebrews brothers just cannot wait and bide their time and are looking for premature praise and glory.

      Notice when Peter took up Cornelius he stated “I myself am also a man”. In other words men should not be bowing down to other men, men should only be bowing the knee to the Most High and Christ.

      The plan of the European elite was that we were never supposed to discover that we are in fact the real Hebrews by blood, however the elite as arrogant and high minded as they are did not count on or factor in the Holy Spirit who has no problems circumnavigating around their worldly obstacles and obstructions. They definitely are being tormented and are in fear right now because they know that once the Most High awakens our power, the whole earth will rumble and shake and we will be wrecking shop on this planet. To be honest, them throwing more oppression onto the Hebrews is very very dangerous for themselves but they only see things from a fleshly narrow perspective. Look at how the Most High brought my forefathers up out of the land of Egypt? By the end of that episode Pharoah sure knew the score and who was boss. These European elites are no different, they will have to learn the hard way aswell.

      Ahayah Bless

      Liked by 1 person

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