A Word Of Warning – Short Reflections!

In light of the recent news that a film called Asher which has already been predicted to be a propaganda hit piece by myself aswell as many other Hebrews, is shortly going into production, I have started to see many Hebrews putting out video disclaimers about themselves not being affiliated to “those Hebrews who like to denigrate and cuss people out on the streets”.


Let me just set the record straight. Hollywood and the propaganda machine IS NOT coming after us because of a few militant Hebrews who cannot temper their speech when preaching in the presence of the general public. Hollywood and the propaganda machine is coming after us because WE ARE WAKING UP IN MASS NUMBERS LIKE NEVER BEFORE AND WE ARE ESPECIALLY MAKING AN HUGE IMPACT AND A SERIOUS DENT IN THE LIES THAT HAVE BEEN PROPAGATED IN RELATION TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE IN ISRAEL TODAY SUPPOSEDLY BEING THE TRUE DESCENDANTS OF THE HEBREWS.

You Hebrews putting out your disclaimer videos are simply wasting your time. What, do you think that the propaganda machine of Hollywood can be reasoned with? They want to and will lump US ALL in the same boat, guaranteed, both good and bad Hebrews regardless of who puts out what video disclaimer, why, because the core message that we all preach is the same, that the Negroes, Latinos and various native tribes from around different parts of the world are the true Hebrews and that the Jewish people in Israel today are simply impostors who have stolen our land, our heritage and our history. You also forget that Hollywood is owned by the JewISH sect who have been watching us closely especially as of the last 7-10 years, where our people have been waking up to their true identity in huge numbers like never before. Understand, to them(JewISH people) this was not supposed to happen. As far as they planned, we were supposed to remain in a perpetual sleep in relation to our true identity. Understand, that wicked people do not like being exposed and these JewISH people DO NOT appreciate you telling people the truth about who they really are and where they really come from.

To be honest, those who are putting out these videos should be marked and noted as this is kind of a tell tale sign of who will betray who down the road in favour of the Babylon system. Why use this up and coming propaganda hit piece film as an excuse to make your separation, why didn’t some of you make mention of militant Israelites and not cussing people out on the streets before? I personally know of a few groups that did before any mention of this film but not as many as are crawling out from under the woodwork now. Knuckle up Hebrews and stop trying to provide yourselves with escape routes down the road.

The JewISH Predicament

You see, for the longest while these JewISH people have been very successful at keeping us divided using the old “divide and conquer” technique. However, us now waking up to who we really are has presented them with a very serious problem. Before, we would look at our brothers and sisters and say “ok, well I’m doing my thing over here and you are doing your thing over there” and that was that. Not so anymore, why, because now through research and investigations, we have now established a common ground, we realise that we are TRULY blood and we recognise not only the fact that we have been played but also who has been playing us, which is truly the worst part for them.

For all the money that they have spent trying to keep us asleep and playing like perpetual children, the jig is truly up and their plans have failed. They truly believed that they could override the scriptures with their techniques of propaganda, manipulation and spin manufactured by their think tanks and NGOs. They truly believed with all their hearts that they could circumnavigate around the Most High and his Spirit and they truly believed that the Most High had forgotten about his people and they were content to mock us, make merchandise of us and kill us via Eugenics and “ethnic cleansing” continually until the end of time.

Understand Their End Goal And Understand It Well

Let us not be deluded of the end goal of these JewISH Elites, they want us all dead and they are going to use propaganda to rile up the public against us. Understand, the end goal is violence against us the Hebrews using the general public as the cannon fodder to carry it out. This will not be like the 1960s in the States where it was majority white folks hunting down and lynching blacks or in the 1970s to late 80s where over here in the UK it was the same via the British National Party and the National Front. This will be a situation like no other, where EVERY NATION around you will put their differences aside and join together to come and begin trying to exterminate us. Turkish, Pakistani, Indian, Arabian, Albanian, Romanian, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, British, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Somalian, Bulgarian, Russian……….you are beginning to get the picture, not just one people but ALL peoples.

They will chase us down the streets with knives, guns, baseball bats, machetes and any other weapons they can get their hands on. They will show us absolutely no mercy or compassion whatsoever and they will kill our people in pleasure and cold blood. They will break into our houses, rob them and burn them down to the ground. They will bugger and murder our children and rape our women before killing them aswell. They will torture, bugger and kill our men for sport and entertainment. There will be no salvage or refuge nation to run to except your own and even then, we know that there will be traitors among our own people who will turn us over to the wolves in a minute for a morsel of bread or a temporary dainty treat. They will hunt us down in groups for food as there will be little to none available. They will shoot your mother and father in the back of the head before your very eyes and laugh in your face when you begin to remorse and cry over their murder. They will use some of our women for regular sexual relief and some will use our men for the same pleasures. Some will use our children to fulfil their sexual desires. They will use us to entertain themselves in arenas and stadiums aswell as underground rings and derelict buildings. Police will arrest us for every and any reasons and just for being black and no longer for actually committing an actual crime, as we could be potential “terrorists” who “might”  have a “thought” in the future that is against government. They will drag us before counsels and their court systems, speak evil against us and feel no way to fabricate evidence in order to put us in jail or  to execute us. Those of you who believe that “they wouldn’t do that”, you better wake up and get to know your enemy. Stop foolishly judging others based upon your own morality standard. These people you are dealing with have absolutely no morals whatsoever, this is why they have become so cold and ruthless.

The Flip Side

Understand this also, that as a sentient, sovereign man/woman placed on this planet by the Most High, you have every single right to defend yourself at any time when faced with the threat of death. Do not be mesmerised and enchanted by the pious propaganda put out by the so called christians and other belief systems alike and do not be brainwashed by the government propaganda machine that makes you feel guilty for defending yourself at any level. I have been thinking about this scenario deeply to its very end and I have realised that I may one day be placed in a position where I may have to take the lives of people who come against me to protect myself and my family. This is an inevitable fact, there is no escaping from it and it is down to each individual to make the call when forced into that situation. We as Hebrews better knuckle up and at least realise the full horror that is going to be unleashed against us as a people. The general public is going to be used to wage a physical war against us, worldwide.

The Most High

However, I believe that it is when we are at this point that the Most High will step in and perform miracles as he did for our people when they were cornered by the Egyptians at the Red Sea crossing. This is certainly the message we are given in Revelation 12:13-17, where the Most High brings his people into a place of sanctuary for a period during this turmoil and despite the wiles of the Devil against us, the Most High turns his war against us back on his own head. Understand that most of our people are already zombies, gonners, the walking living dead. They will not survive what is coming down the pike because they will not understand the times that they will be living in. It is up to us to communicate with our brothers and sister in this knowledge, who know what is going on and to continue to pass this information on to people who are open to hear it, the good ground for the seed. Do not waste your time with scoffers and know it alls, their actions their arrogance and their pride will seal their fate. The Most High Father WILL protect them that are his in these times of adversity, do not be afraid. They will indeed start this physical war but the Most High Heavenly Father will finish it for us!

The Decontamination And Deprogramming Agenda Continues 

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Heavenly Father

10 thoughts on “A Word Of Warning – Short Reflections!

  1. Is it not the case that those who are born-again will be seperated from these events, i.e the rapture or are you saying that this will happen before the rapture?


    • There is no such thing as a rapture in the scriptures. What we read about is the devil unleashing his fury on the Israelites in the last days(referred to as Jacob’s trouble in Jeremiah 30:7, also read Revelation 12) and the Most High helping us through these tribulation times. The rapture was a false doctrine brought in by the JewISH overlords who injected it into the institutional church doctrine thus taking the focus away from the Hebrews and making it now about anybody in Christ. This is the same case with the gospel, they present a condensed, short cut, GMO gospel to people which again takes away the focus from the Hebrews and now makes everybody else the focus and thus the chosen people of the Most High are automatically relegated by default.

      Remember, the scriptures do say that there are many of us who will be killed for the word of the Most High. Also remember that Christ stated that we would be “hated of all nations for his name sake”(Matt 24:9). He was talking about his nation of people(the Hebrews) being hated by all the other nations and guess what, the so called Negro is hated by every other nation on this planet. The rapture doctrine was also brought in to cause the followers of Christ to put down their guard in preparation for slaughter so that even at the possible point of being killed, the individual would still believe in the possibility of a rapture taking place. A neat way to kill millions of people who believe that they are going to be transported away when the excrement hits the fan.

      The institutional church teachings are of no value since we know that the JewISH people set up these churches the so called Negro attends. I no longer pay these preachers any mind. Some of them may be genuine in their doctrine and approach but it is all the same doctrine which is a distraction from who the real Hebrews are. Remember, the bible is the history book of the Israelites, it is not everybody’s book as it is now being presented in these institutional churches. Yes, the gentiles can come and partake in the salvation that the Most High has provided through his son, but they must always remember that “salvation is of the Jews”(John 4:22), they must acknowledge out of what people salvation has come to them from.

      So no, the rapture doctrine is a fairy tale doctrine. Yes, we do read in the scriptures about the Most High causing the earth to help us in the troubles to come but we will not be transported out of here. I believed the rapture doctrine until I discovered that I was a Hebrew. Then I clearly saw that the rapture doctrine no longer made sense in light of this information.


    • I do not think that such extreme measures are required sir though I do understand where you are coming from in terms of the misery that the JewISH sect have brought upon the whole world. Their judgement, a full cup of recompense and wrath is soon to befall them that they will drink it down undiluted and by force. The Most High will deal with them and he will use the REAL Jews aka the so called Negroes to deal with their case.


      • Yes, I know I get carried away at times. But every time I think of all the suffering Satan’s children have caused and are causing, I cannot restrain myself!
        I truly believe the one who exterminates these vermin is doing God’s work, be it Messiah or lowly human being!
        Dan Gilfry, Swedish Liberation Party
        “For a Jew-free Sweden!”


      • You are exactly correct in your description of these creatures because the scriptures even refer to them as the Synagogue of Satan. They will be dealt with, coming very soon to a city near you, stay tuned.


  2. This is a great article. Thank you.
    I find it a bit overly dramatic which may push people away. But the message needs to be preached far and wide. Israel as a Nation (not just Judah Benjamin and Levi) need to come together and get ready. Yes, Judah is the point I te spear and te tribe they hate the most. Satan chose his people, EDOM, and he’s on track to destroy the earth via big oil and big industry consumerism etc. he has his plans to ‘depopulate’ the earth. But even this Georgia guide stones BS is a charade and a misdirection, created to deceive.
    The truth is he wants to destroy gods creation and gods people. An he will stop at nothing.
    Now, as far as laws and commandments, could you email me?
    Thank tou


      • You honestly think I want to go? my parents are forcing me to go….. they don’t know what I know not yet and knowing my mother she’s not gonna swallow this very easily stubborn as a snapping turtle she is.. I will try to keep a strong spirit


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