Happy New Year And Thank You!

To all the people that have commented, supported and are continuing to support Slaying Evil, I would just like to tell you how appreciative I am of all your support. Originally the suggestion to start a blog was not one I took to right away, however as things began to sink deeper into the mire, I felt that it was time and a necessity for me to come out and share the fragments of truth I had discovered, with people of a similar thought pattern to myself. It has been an interesting time for me, I knew that when I started this blog, the scoffers and high minded cohorts would crawl out from under the woodwork and attempt to derail the information presented aswell as people visiting the site, however I am surprised that for the most part, the comments I have received have been positive……….SO FAR,lol.

Now begins a new year and my pledge for this year is the same as it was when I first started this blog, to bring the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, to put down the evil deeds of men and to get you to exercise the ability to think and reason for yourself more. I am only human and as a result I can make mistakes, though all I ask from you in those situations is patience and correction in where I have derailed.

Remember, my aim is to give you a basic solid platform from which you can launch yourself off and conduct your own research which will automatically initiate the decontamination and deprogramming process in your life , however you MUST verify the information for yourself in order for it to be a true revelation unto YOU. As for me, Verbs 2012 refuses to bridle and muzzle his mouth any longer, the truth will be spoken. Happy 2012 and Ahayah bless you all.

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Programming Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In Our Heavenly Father

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year And Thank You!

  1. This is something i have been thing.. from Revelation in King James. We all know Lucifer is a liar and a good good deceiver.
    Now in Revelation 14:9-10
    “If any man worships the Beast and his image, and receive HIS mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink the wine of the The Most High”

    Now in the media everyone keeps saying the 666 is the chip, chip this and chip that. Ok, but why would Lucifer put out there what exactly he is going to give for you to worship? He’s a deceiver, right? He loves to fool people.

    Now this came up in my mind.. I believe people are already worshiping this “beast and his image” unknowingly though.Like money, cars, clothes, shoes, computers, gadgets,crosses on necks and as earrings, statues, idolatry items, just everyday life things. But as time gets closer Lucifer is going to take these things away and people are going to be like no no no, i need it. So they will continue to worship these “images and the beast”.. for a price. But the ones who chose not to deal with it, will also pay that price. and it will also be where now people will now “knowingly” worship the Beast and His Image.

    Because Lucifer is not going to tell you his plans right there.
    These thoughts came in my mind.. We have to think whatever is out there.. to remember well why would Lucifer tell us? Look into the hidden part.

    I hope it makes sense.


    • I hear what you are saying and you are not wrong in what you are stating to a degree, however we have to remember that we are dealing with a public who are becoming dumber and dumber each day. I walk among these people everyday and all I see is zombies, the living dead, empty shells walking the streets. Also remember that is was Christ who brought this revelation to John. The devil works in increments or what is called the totalitarian tiptoe.

      An example of a catch 22 is a car. In the UK you have to register your car with the government otherwise you cannot drive it on the roads, but the catch is by registering your vehicle with them, you have now transferred the ownership of the car from yourself to the government but they do not tell you that this is what registration means and does.

      In is in this same fashion that the devil will bring about a catch 22 scenario where people will buy into this mark without questioning what it is really all about. They are also hoping with all the chemicals in the food, the chemtrailing and the chemicals in the drinking water that people’s brains will be so mushed down and in a vegetable like state that they will be obedient and line up for the mark without resistance.

      He also counts on people not having a long memory and placing all the pieces together as to how we would arrive at the point of the chip and at what place it started. In terms of the worshipping items, the masses will be given the bare minimum to live on, cars will be removed from public use(Agenda 21), everything will be done via computer and you will be cut off from using your computer to obtain your “essentials” for a period, if you upset the state.

      Ultimately, the chip will be the way of identifying who is down with the devil’s system as opposed to who isn’t plus it is all about monitoring you constantly and a chip system is the only way it can be done. We also have to remember that it is the youth who the devil is after as they can be more easily brainwashed into accepting his chip system.

      To be honest there are so many facets to this but your hypothesis on the worship of material possessions will play some sort of part in this scenario. You are correct also in stating that the worship of materials is a primer and stepping stone to worshipping the beast, his image and receiving the chip. However, rest assured that you will witness these zombies you walk among with your own very eyes take the chip and worship the beast and his actual image, believe me.


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