Appeal To The Israelites Youtube Video??? James David Manning Begins To Show His True Colours And Who He Really Works For!

The “Questionable” Reverend James David Manning!

No sooner has 2012 begun, I have received this youtube video from a friend in my email box. Take a look at this video posted by Atlah’s chief pastor, the Reverend James David Manning entitled “Appeal To The Israelites” and try your hardest not to smash up anything in the house:

The first thing I have to say is that I feel incredibly insulted by what this man has just said. Lets us break down some of the garbage that he presented as if it was mother’s milk handed straight down from heaven:

Emotional Conclusions?

First of all, to say that we have arrived at the conclusion that we are Hebrews/Israelites by bloodline based on our emotions which stems from our psychological trauma due to the effects of slavery is a dumb statement within itself. What this man is actually saying is that because of slavery, we are too dumb and stupid to conduct the proper research ourselves and process the information received in relation to this topic. I thought that I would just put it in plain English for you. You should be very upset at this. Is that right, are our minds so messed up that we cannot process this information? What he is also saying here indirectly is that we should allow the “professionals” to conduct the research and bring the(doctored…….oops,sorry) “correct” information to us. I don’t normally advocate slapping a pastor in his forehead for making such a stupid statement but for Reverend James Manning, I will make the exception.

The Usual Pattern


As usual, Pastor James Manning like all of these other sell out preachers uphold the people living in Israel today as the real Jews and do not even bother to conduct the basic research into who these people really are and where they ORIGINALLY came from. Then he had the cheek to infer that the JewISH people have to be the real Jews because of the blessings and success that they have obtained. Had Mr Manning however had done some more basic research, he would have found out that these JewISH people have gotten to the positions they are in today through fraud, murder, ruthlessness, manipulation aswell as using the blade and bullet to “eliminate their competition”, not through any legitimate “intelligent” paths. To put it simply, they have scammed and murdered their way to wealth and to the top. I can never understand these preachers, pastors, evangelists and so called christians who continually uphold these JewISH people as the descendants of the biblical Hebrews, when the JewISH people hate Christ with a passion and christians alike. Is it not the Tulmudic book of these same JewISH people that states Christ is currently in Hell boiling in human excrement? Of course, since we know that most of these churches are built and funded by JewISH financiers, we understand why alot of these pastors do what they do, even though it is not right and these pastors should be standing up for truth and not only looking to stuff their pockets with cash.

Is The So Called Negro From Ham?

Black Family

Ok, Manning old boy, since you say that we are unable to process this information, let us see what other people are stating about our origin and where we as so called Negroes come from. I have in my hand a copy of Zondervan’s Compact Bible Dictionary. Zondervan by the way is a JewISH company. Let us see what the Zondervan Bible Dictionary has to say about Ham(The father of the native Africans) and his descendants. Page 213 – The listing under Ham reads:

The youngest son of Noah born probably about 96 years before the Flood; and one of eight persons to live through the Flood. He became the progenitor of the dark races; NOT THE NEGROES, but the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and Canaanites

So, how is it that Zondervan acknowledges that we are NOT from the line of Ham but Pastor James David Manning cannot listen to his masters and logically reach the same conclusion? Just incase some folks missed it, I will reprint that short paragraph again for some refreshment:

The youngest son of Noah born probably about 96 years before the Flood; and one of eight persons to live through the Flood. He became the progenitor of the dark races; NOT THE NEGROES, but the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and Canaanites.

The Same Old Religion Card Played Yet Again

Yet again, it must be emphasised that being a Hebrew/Israelite is NOT A RELIGION, it is a bloodline, a family tree and a heritage. Why is it that Paul could mention the fact that he was an Israelite and people immediately would identify that as his nationality, yet in 2012 if I state that I am an Israelite/Hebrew, I automatically must belong to a religion/religious group of some sort. If I am claiming the same status as Paul as being from Israel, then if you are going to claim that I am from a religious group then please tell me what religious group Paul belonged to first?  The Most High did not refer to his people as Black, Negro, Hispanic, South American, Dominican etc, he always called his people the children of Israel, that is the children of Jacob. Jacob was a real man, Jacob was not a religion, Judah, who is also my forefather by blood was also a real man that lived, not a religion. How can people make such stupid statements? Also, this is not about trying to find a relief for our low performance as a people, we already know from the scriptures as to why we are on the bottom when it comes to the nations on this planet, we are simply out to establish who we really are and where we really came from.

The First Man

If we can acknowledge the bloodline of Christ from himself back to Adam, then already knowing that Christ is black, it stands to reason that Adam must have been the same colour also. This is of course unless you believe that this guy represents the image of Christ:

Cesare Borgia Aka The Modern Image Used To Depict Christ

For those of you who are not familiar with this man, his name is Cesare Borgia and he was an Italian who was born in the mid to late 1400s. He was the son of Alexander, the 6th pope of Rome. Yes, these pictures you see scattered around the world especially in the Roman Catholic churches are of Mr Borgia and not of Christ. It was this image that was taken to the new world and used to brainwash and enslave the natives of North and South America and to force the people to submit to the religion of Roman Catholicism which is really a ritualistic culture/religion that originates from Babylon. The bible clearly describes Christ has having skin that looked “burned” aswell as other Negro features which are described in Revelation 1:14-15. Look at that picture above, does this guy look like he has “burned” skin to you? At this point, the die hard christians like to say that the description in Revelation was Christ in his glorified form. So what, did his nationality changed because he now became glorified? If he was Turkish and came for the Turks, then you would still be able to see that he was Turkish, regardless of what body he had. The same goes for any other nationality. The features of his nationality did not change just because he had a glorified body. Afro hair and burned skin(black) points to a man who comes from my people, get over it. However, there is always a problem when it is pointed out that the description of Christ fits that of a black man.

As for this white man originating from a test tube, this is a red herring and is certainly not what I as a Israelite preach and I can show you where the white man originated from, from out of the scriptures:

What Saith The Most High Power AHAYAH Concerning Edom – The …

Evolved Into Christians?


Let me just set the record straight, I used the term christian to describe my faith back in the day with the information that I had at my disposal at that time. Now that new information has come to light and has been confirmed as being accurate, that I am a Hebrew by bloodline(not religion), I now describe myself according to the new findings. I am a Hebrew, Christ is a Hebrew, I follow Christ because he was the man sent by the Most High to redeem my people out of the curses and bondage they were locked in. The term Christian is a European term and was simply used to describe those who followed Christ. This does not detract however from the person’s nationality. This is the problem, the European man has deliberately used the term Christian on the real Hebrews to hide their true nationality. You can call yourself a Hamite Mr Manning, I will call myself a Hebrew.


Notice how he kept referring to black people as having the lowest Iqs and the lowest intelligence. Again, I am very insulted by this statement as it isn’t as clear cut and straight forward as he makes out. What he fails to address is the fact that these so called standards are according to the European man, who just by coincidence “sets the so called standards for intelligence. It is a win win situation for some people isn’t it? Quite frankly, he can speak for himself on this front, he most certainly is NOT speaking for me. This is not our system, all is not fair in this system when it comes to the so called Negro, how this dunderhead cannot comprehend the factors against us is beyond me. I suppose he is just one of these deluded Negroes who believes that racism no longer exists, that the European man is our best buddy and that everything is ok. WAKE UP MANNING!

Constant Comparison To The Nation Of Islam

You also noticed how he kept comparing the discovery of our true bloodline and heritage to the nation of Islam, however there is no comparison as Islam is a religion but being a Hebrew is a nationality. Pastor Manning obviously needs lessons in the difference between a nationality and a religion. The other reason why there is no comparison and it is not the same “fad” is because we are now living in very different times, with information available to us at the touch of a button, thus volumes of information can be accessed and chronicled within minutes as apposed to taking days and months swimming through tons of books at your local library. Another point to mention here is that Islam is not and never was the heritage of the so called Negro, it is the religion/heritage/culture of the ARABIAN MAN.

By the way, the main reason why Malcolm X was taken out is because he also began to discover that we were the actual Hebrews of the bible by bloodline. Of course the powers that be didn’t want this information coming out on masse at that particular time, so they “dealt” with Malcolm as how they know best, assassination. See, Manning only gave you half the story on Malcolm X, yes X realised that Islam was not of us but he also realised that we are the true Hebrews who Pastor Manning today is standing against. Typical pastors today giving you half truths and GMO facts.


A Closer More Accurate Description Of The Messiah!

This by far was one of the lowest comments he made in respect to his hollow rant, that it was blasphemous for us as the true Hebrews to even comprehend that Christ came out from us and our bloodline……………however, it is not a problem if Christ is coming out of the Jewish bloodline. What he is really saying here is that how could Christ come out of a people who are nothing on this planet, who are the lowest on the totem pole(as he put it), who cannot even build and organise for themselves etc? This is the same arrogant rant that stems from the rest of the “christian” sect and it is this same rant of arrogance that will get him and others thrown straight into hell according to Matthew 25:41-46. Dismissing Christ’s brethren is the last thing anybody should be doing if they value their soul.

The other issue here is where does it state in the bible that Christ would come out of a rich, prosperous nation? The scriptures simply tell us that he would come out of Israel through the tribe of Judah. There is no mention or link to Christ and the level of his nation’s wealth. Christ came for the poor Manning, he did not come for the wealthy and rich. Wasn’t this the same Christ who stated that “hardly a rich man shall enter into the kingdom of heaven”. He said this for good reason, he wasn’t a speculator.


The evidence is all around and to be found in every corner, it just depends on your attitude. If you are convinced that the JewISH people in Israel today are the real people then the evidence can be shown to you till the person showing you is blue in the face and the strongest evidence wouldn’t make the slightest dent in your mind. However, if you recognise the true world that we live in and also recognise that history has been altered and distorted, it no longer seems so outlandish to entertain the possibility that the children of Israel might in fact be of colour. Pastor Manning clearly has not conducted ANY thorough research on this matter and has simply rattled off empty statements of nonsense hoping that they by themselves will hold weight and stand.

Also notice how he was so fast to accuse us of stealing the heritage of another, yet he wouldn’t entertain the possibility that in fact the reverse has taken place and that it is our heritage that has been stolen from us by these Jewish impostors. This attitude just goes to show that the “Self Hatred Equals Wisdom” doctrine is alive and well among our people.


Pastor James Manning can quite frankly only be described as a fool for making such statements with absolutely nothing to back them whatsoever apart from his weight of being a fairly popular and well known pastor. Pastor Manning, the dunce of the year award goes out to you and here is your price:

We have books readily available at our disposal written by Jewish authors themselves who not only admit that they are NOT the real descendants of the biblical Hebrews, but also continue on to chronicle their real place of origin(which is not Israel). These JewISH people are simply laughing at Pastor Manning as we have heard before from prominent JewISH people who state that they cannot believe how gullible and stupid so called christians can be when it comes to them religiously upholding JewISH folks as the real people when they know themselves that they are not.

He talked about us as the Hebrews taking people(mainly our people) away from the throne of God. Noooooooooo, we are taking our people out of these institutional churches which teach nothing but lies, quarter truths and never enlighten our people to their true heritage and history. What Pastor Manning really means by this statement is that we are beginning to make him and others like him redundant and irrelevant in seeking the truth out of the scriptures aswell as wounding and placing a dent in his finances. We longer need these hypocritical money dripping pastors to break down the word of God for us, we have the Spirit of the Most High engaging us in that department now, with the new found knowledge that we are are the children of Israel, as it was supposed to be from the beginning.

He makes me laugh, he tried to conclude that we have reached the decision that we are Israel through the emotional trauma that we have suffered through slavery but yet didn’t we just witness this man trying to appeal to us using emotions and yet not bring any facts to the table? YOUR psychological state is clearly under question Manning, not ours.

Get ready for more attacks like this, we know that the film Asher is in the pipeline and I predict that more prominent pastors will step up to the plate for their Jewish masters and play the same pied piper as Pastor Manning has. Look out for the big name preachers to begin to step forward and put their 2p worth in to try and demonise us, mark my words.  You see, these big time preachers, pastors, evangelists and missionaries are extremely worried and scared as they can see their positions of “worth” dwindling away before their eyes. Remember also that a people in ignorance is their financial support. They have lived high on the hog for so long and are clearly not going to give up their lifestyles of high wealth and fortune without a fight, even if this means subscribing to lies and putting out disinformation. These kind of attacks will increase and are not only a primer to line people up to accept the information in the coming propaganda hit piece film Asher, but also for the future and beyond when the Elites begin to set their sites on who they have wanted to demonise and call out from the beginning, us. They have tried to ignore us but the “problem” hasn’t gone away. The next stage is demonization however the Most high has some surprises in store for them, their “wisdom” and folly shall return upon their own heads. We have watched how they work, manipulate, spin and demonise folks, now it is time for us to batten down the hatches and prepare for war with the knowledge that we have of their tactics and use it against them.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Ahayah Bless

28 thoughts on “Appeal To The Israelites Youtube Video??? James David Manning Begins To Show His True Colours And Who He Really Works For!

  1. I listened to Pastor James Manning, he made an emotional/psychological appeal, not based on scripture but in fact based on Hebrew Israelites who have a controversial outward display. No need to say he is wrong. Actually the sons of Japheth (today’s Jews) are acting out of their portion, mental acuity. But as spiritual leaders they stink. They have no interest in leading anyone to God. That spiritual portion was given to the true Jews (the Hebrews). We are cursed not because of Noah, but because our fore fathers disobeyed God after the law was given. It’s a different matter altogether. Then we suffer having had our minds wiped of our culture, heritage and history. Even in our miserable condition we are still the most religious people on the planet. We will worship some kind of God, even the Gods of others. That is part of our curses too. So now that we are waking by any means and displaying our discovery in both thoughtful and outlandish ways, we are nuts, mocking God and lying to Black people globally as if everything in the world of religion is peachy just as it is. Our waking is the hand of God and God never said we would conquer the planet but that He himself would restore our land and our function in the world as a nation of holy priest, doing the conquering for us. Pastor Manning is typical of C_anity, stirring emotions instead of offering knowledge, facts. He is saying don’t bring your bible to church and don’t read it, don’t be concern with the different views of history, don’t put the pieces together. Hamite, just a porkchop perhaps.


    • The scriptures clearly teach us that we the Hebrews would remain under captivity and the boot of our enemies until Christ returns, it is he that the Most High will use to set us free. All throughout the scriptures the Most High makes it known that removing the yoke of bondage given to us by our enemies and restoring us to our own land is his own personal mission.

      As usual Arnold you are spot on, in reference to what Pastor Manning was doing, attempting to appeal to our emotions but failing to bring any facts to the table, he is no different to the rest of these fat cat preachers who just stir up a frenzy in these churches to get people jumping out of their seats like mindless drones.

      You see, Manning and the rest of these preachers are worried, they are scared because they are slowly being made irrelevant, the Most High is moving these preachers out of the way and putting in place men like us who are bringing the full gospel to our people and the world, not a GMO gospel of quarter truth. They have to secure their positions at all “costs” and continue to prove their “professional” worth.

      This is why I have predicted that more prominent and big house hold name preachers will begin to launch similar attacks such as this one, on the orders of their sponsors and masters, the JewISH sect. Nethertheless, we shall be ready for them.

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  2. I have listened and believed according to the Christian way for 35 years. I have a semblance of salvation but was never set fully free. The questions that plagued me as a Black person were never addressed or answered. No preacher, not even the more enlightened ones, more articulate ones……it never came up in their minds that we had a solvable problem. I cried out to my father in my distress (finally), then the clues, the bits and pieces started appearing. The geological, the archaeological, the historical and the biblical. Of course you appear as a mad man with new evidence and when confirmed as facts you become radical because you got to tell others what you found. And of course they react to you because they are shocked by what you say. But, when they search and research to the extent it was revealed to you, they become as crazed as you. My hat is off to the Hebrew Israelites who have broken the public ice and are causing the water to boil. But when I saw brothers like Pastor Dowell, Brother Zadok and a few others living in the reality of these revelations, full of wisdom, intelligence, and sanity, I was soooooooo comforted. The strangest thing is that I am barely a bible reader like most Christians, let alone a researcher type person. I had been trained to accept what the scholars teach. I am no one special. When the unveiling started I even complained ‘why me?’ It is time for us to know. Pastor Manning has been passed over, put in the back, made the tail, still under the curse. The other Jesus didn’t save him either.


    • I feel your prior pain and I can definitely related to what you previously went through with the institutional church beast system in terms of questions not being addressed and answered. I too remember being fobbed off with half answers, sometimes no answers and being told that asking questions was the equivalent of doubting the Most High and his word. Pure mind games and trickery they worked on us and all we were doing was looking for answers to our questions.

      Remember what Christ said, “many are called but FEW are chosen”. Do not be surprised that most people will conclude that you are insane, after all, those JewISH people in Israel today have to be the real people right??? As I stated in my previous blog, individuals are becoming a rare breed thesedays.

      One reoccurring theme that keeps popping up its head that I am concerned with is the notion that somehow Christ has to come from a nation exhibiting wealth and prosperity. This is the common theme pushed by so called christians in an attempt to keep us down and continually exalt the JewISH impostors as the “chosen people”. Christ came for the LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL(Matt 15:24), he also stated that he came to “SAVE THAT WHICH WAS LOST”(Matt 18:11, Luke 19:10).

      “Pastor” Manning’s expiry, his best before date has arrived and he is having a hard time dealing with this fact. He and other prominent preachers are being placed back onto a dusty shelf to be archived as fat cat preachers who refused to teach their black congregations and others the truth about who they truly were according to bloodline and heritage. Our people have simply had enough, clocked on to the fact that the institutional church is a Trojan horse which holds no answers for them and embarked on their own mission to seek and search for the truth.

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      • I first heard of this great deception when I was 19 and must admit it scared me, but not for a second did I doubted it. I was awaken but not fully. I’m 32 now, FULLY AWAKE and ANGERD by the fact that some of these so called roll models in truth are the evil filled people who have been deceiving us. I admire those who risk there lives and freedom to speak the truth throughout these troubling times and will do my part in spreading this truth…


      • These so called pastors have had their day. The Most High has raised up his heritage, taught us through the Spirit what these pastors were supposed to teach us and put us out on these street corners to bring the true and real gospel , not the GMO mutant BS that we have been fed by these buzzards. It is not fit to be content with the crumbs that fall from the pastor’s table. Liberation begins!


  3. Shalawaam Brother verbs2012 ,havnt read this post yet but i’m the edomite guy from ‘What the most high saith concerning edom’ I received this clip in a e-mail from a friend early 2012 I wonder if your on a similar mailing list to me? Are you aware of the brethren at Gocc? “and now we got the israelites, they are the original jewsssss” 14.21 Cracks me up everytime! This guy is of the pastors the most high warns about through Jeremiah 23.1-2, Also Josephus War of the jews and Book of antiquities.During Roman onslaught many pastors sold out like the time of Maccabees to Selucid and idumeans. ‘Nothing new under the sun’ All Praise to the most high.


    • Ah yes, I remember you, one of the few Edomites who has humbled himself and will make it into the kingdom of the Most High. Greetings and blessings to you sir in the name of Ahayah Bahashem Yashayah. It very well may be that we are on a similar mailing list. Yes, I am very familiar with GOCC and their work, it was them that woke me up to who I was as a Hebrew.

      You are spot on when you refer to the Most High warning us about these sell out pastors in Jeremiah 23. Ezekiel 34:1-16 also gives the shepherds a stern warning of coming retribution. These pastors have had their day, they have lived high on the hog and they are are having a little difficulty accepting that the Most High is beginning to relegate them because they didn’t want to lead the flock but instead chose to rinse out the flock.

      Manning is just a straight dunce, there are no other words to describe the man. It makes me laugh how he was persuaded so easily to sell out his own people at the command of his JewISH masters who are only using him until his purpose has expired and who also see him as a piece of trash just as they see the rest of us.

      Ahayah Bless


  4. I am in Africa and i find your arguments quite revealing, what matters most is what we believe irregardless of what we are, Christ came to give us the truth and surely the truth will set us free.


    • I hear what you are saying but what we believe in does not change the fact that Christ came and died for his people first(the Hebrews – Matthew 15:24), that the salvation the gentiles are able to come into is of us(John 4:22), that the Most High loves us over all the other nations and regards them as nothing(Isaiah 60, 2 Esdras 6:56), that the so called Negro is the true Hebrew and that the JewISH people living in Israel today and blatant impostors and identity thieves(Rev 2:9/3:9). This is part of the truth and reality Christ stated would be revealed to us via the Spirit(John 16:13). We cannot modify the truth to suit ourselves, we must accept the truth as it is, if we are going to be honest with ourselves and each other.


  5. wow, i have been putting piece by piece to gether for awhile, i have wondered why these especially black preachers will not tell the truth, i simply can’t understand it. this is true, i don’t know who the people are in israel , but i do know the american blacks are indeed hebrew if their ancestors came over by slave ship, i found out the truth through college, when i took african american 1and 2,when you find out how bad it really was you start to ask your self, how in the world could this have happen to african americans.people really don’t know how bad slavery really was, until they go to school and learn from black scholars, it is unreal, so i knew there had to be a reason for slavery, that GOD would not just pick a certain group and just let this horrific thing happen to a whole nation of people, that’s when i started my research and i found truth! how happy i am to know who i really am, even though my ancestors were disobent, i will not be disobent to my lord, who sent his son to save us. i am a hebrew israelite, and there is no one that can tell me any different, because i have read the word of GOD, MY FATHER, I AM NOT ILLEGIMATE AFTER ALL,WE ARE THE HIDDEN ONES, THAT HAS BEEN AWAKEN TO THE TRUTH , WE ARE NOT BLACK, NEGRO, AFRICAN AMERICAN, WE ARE HEBREW THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYE. PRAISE HIM.


  6. just one more thing, please do the research, you will find so much truth, i always pray to God and i ask him to please allow hebrews all over the world to find out who they are, maybe if they knew who they were they would change, think more of themselves. please turn back to GOD, BECAUSE, if we donot as a people we will be doing the same as the ancestors, please pray for our people .remember what the word of God says if my people , who are called by my name will humble themselves , then he will hear from heaven and heal our land. i believe he is talking to the hebrews, he said who are called by name. i do believe that anyone who believes in JESUS and excepts him willbe saved. however, you will get irritated sometimes because of the haters, that are angry because we have found out the truth, most of them knew already, it was a big secret from us, by the way massa, is a hebrew word meaning burden. massa is what slaves called their you my brother and sisters in christ.


  7. sorry i misquote scripture if my people who are called by my name would humble themselves turn from their wicked ways, and i will hear from heaven and heal their land, let’s all turn from our wicked ways.eternity with the Lord, is going to be fantastic!


  8. Pastors make their money from their congregation and if they tell the truth, they may lose their congregation. Many believe that apostle Paul was a sell-out because he went to the Gentiles. He was instructed to do so. I must say, I’ve been trying to reach our people, the Israelite’s. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to reach the Israelite’s is through the Gentiles. Our people love the white man and are brainwashed. The Bible tells us to use the enemy as our footstool and really it isn’t in a negative way( Matthew 22:44). I don’t have an issue with the Gentile’s, especially when I’m helping a nation to see their err. As a matter of fact, some Gentiles are better to us than our own people. The truth be told, if you’re trying to reach the Israelite’s , try the Gentiles first! Shalom


    • It all depends on what the Most High leads you to do. We have to remember that the gospel is to the Jew first and then the Gentile(Romans 1:16). Also, you have to remember that it is not about numbers as the vast majority of our people are going to perish for trusting in and hanging on to this Babylon system, this has been prophesied in the scriptures. Many are called but FEW are chosen. The numbers racket is part of the institutional church doctrine which has been a false one from its very conception.

      I totally agree with you, our people have been brainwashed severely and they require some serious decontaminating but we have to remember that it is the Spirit that draws the person toward the Most High, not us. We needn’t burden ourselves with trying our hardest to convince people. All we need to do is sow the seeds and move on.



  9. Funny how all of your research missed 1800+ years of actual historians’ real ACTUAL facts. Jesus was a fictional character as was/is his megalomaniac, murderous, jealous, constantly angry “father” aka Jahovah (whi despite all of his wrath and jealousy, somehow never sinned, and impregnated his own FICTIONAL “virgin” mother BY HIMSELF. The spirit world is very real, and I am no “athiest”, I follow my deceased 23 million Aztec/Inca(Tasantinsuyu)/Mayan ancestors polytheism. Monotheism and the belief in a fictional “Messiah” is quite Eurocentric. Do some more research and write another lecture with the correct facts. TIAHUI


    • This has to be one of the most outdated, outlandish and foolish comments that has been posted on this site for a long time. I knew that you would make the common mistake of thinking that Roman Catholicism is christianity or has a link to the faith. Having been conquered by the Columbus and his Conquistador brethren, you would turn back to the same people who rifled and pillage your country into rubble and source information about the so called non existence of Christ from them, these same European fraudsters? Are you aware of how fast you are running backwards without looking behind you?

      This is utter nonsense, Roman Catholicism has nothing to do with christianity, it is an ancient Babylonian mystery religion feigning itself to be of christian origin. As for Christ not existing, this is absolutely impossible, as Christ came out of the tribe of Judah who are the so called Negroes on this planet today. So, if there was no Christ then there wouldn’t be any so called Negroes walking among you. You need to think about your statements before declaring them.

      The Most High God is the God of the Hebrews, the God of Israel. His concern is with his people only and unlike the Conquistadors who overran North America, Mexico, Central America, South America and West Africa, the Most High was not venturing for world domination, his concern was getting his people into ONE LOCATION, not conquering the entire planet, read the data correctly.

      This impregnation statement you have made is absolute nonsense, this simply show that you know nothing about the records of the Hebrews. What, the Most High who created heaven and earth and all the things therein cannot circumnavigate around the normal process of reproduction and cause a woman to become pregnant bar sexual intercourse? You stick to your ancestors and the limitations of man and I will stick with the God of the Hebrews with whom NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Utter folly, because certain actions are impossible with men, you would attempt to lump the Most High power of the Hebrews, the God of the universe within the same category????

      No tu sabe que hablar senor, mis factos no son sus factos, mi historia no es su historia, mis registros no son sus registros, mi poder en el cielo no es su poder. Recuerda, El Dios del Hebreos, recuerda.

      Furthermore, the original inhabitants of North America, Central and South America were of dark skin, not the skin tone of the so called indigenous people inhabiting those lands today who have come about through mixing with the so called European man. The Olmecs were straight Negroes, there isn’t anyone else on this planet with wide nostrils similar to those on the relics apart from the so called Negro, your ancestors were of Negroid descent, stop running away from your true heritage and accept it. You should learn to accept truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be to you.


      • I see you refuse to do any independent research on true facts. Africans had TRADE ROUTES between “Brazil” the Yucatan, and Africa. If you would do the research, you would know that. The Olmec heads were carved from basalt beds about 50 miles from where they were placed. “So called indigenous” is actually the most ignorant statement on this thread. You are brainwashed by your “Bible” and its propaganda promoters, past and present. You need to research facts, instead of letting a 1900 year-old lie keep your ignorant Afro-centrism keep your mouth running. The “Bible” is well known to have been taken from PRE-EXISTING cultures. By your logic, EVERYBODY from Adam and Eve (which is when snakes talked to naked women), was inbred up to Noah. After the fictional “great flood”, then everybody else since is inbred, but the problem, if you know even a little bit about genetics, inbred people who keep inbreeding, keep going down hill mentallly and physically. The descendants wouldn’t have been intellectually capable of creating empires or societies. You statement about the Olmecs shows straight “believe what they say” type-thinking. No critical thought. There WERE Black Africans in the Yucatan, but they weren’t Olmec. Study linguistic patterns. Study how the “Bering Strait” myth has been debunked. You are the one out of date, and Eurocentrically brainwashed into thinking that “God” spoke thru non-existant people and had them “write” thousands of pages which ALREADY existed elsewhere. You are waaaaay behind on any actual historical research. My friend went to “theology school” and learned the true history of that hateful book. And what is your confusion about Catholicism ? I made references to it, but I’m not, nor have ever been Catholic. And your ignorance is further exhibited by your little Spanish language nonsense. My language is Tawantinsuyu (Inca), Quechua, Mayan, Ojibwe (Chippewa), Cree, or Mescalero Apache. Not a “Romance” , Latin derived language. You obviously never clicked the Mexica-Movement link, or you would (maybe) have learned something. You are part of the 85% that Clarence X taught about. Deaf dumb and blind to the facts that the 10% are still controlling your mind and life. You would have been a good recruit for the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths if they had found you soon enough. How terribly sad, another ignorant, misinformed Black man who will remain that way forever. Tlazocamatli for displaying your iztaya and obvious cihuatlahueliloc and amilotetl. Lear something besides European languages. Learn what your tribe is, and learn your original language (which isn’t Hebrew), since the Hebrews only showed up in Palestine/Mesopotamia/The Levant about 6,000 years ago. They were late on the scene and had to create a religion. Look it up and quit spitting nonsense to the masses online who are just as clueless as you. Real eyes realize real lies, yet you probably will never experience reality or know how history works.


      • On the contrary, I have already conducted the appropriate research outside of the scriptures which has confirmed that the bible is indeed correct and accurate in what is contained therein. See, this is the problem with folks who believe that they are the authorities over somebody else’s history and records, they continually fumble walking in the dark. Remember, when you begin to hearken to fools, you become a fool yourself. The scriptures have nothing to do with you or your people, it is not your history book, it is the history book of a particular people. What, you believe that you are now the authority over my records just because they have been scribed into English and Spanish? Is this some kind of joke on your part sir? This is exactly what the so called European man does, appoints himself as master and holder of all knowledge and that everybody must go through him in order to find the “truth”. So much for your hatred of the so called European man.

        What kind of hypocrisy are you displaying sir? On the one hand you claim to be part of a movement that abhors the European man and all that he stands for yet on the other hand, you return to him and readily use his “researched” information to bolster you stance against the records and history of another people, my people. Whither goest thou O hypocrite? Make a decision and be true to yourself, if you truly hate the so called European man and all that he stands for then you should be distancing yourself from him and everything related to him including his so called “research”. Another obvious point that should be mentioned here is that the European man is a notorious liar and changer of records, histories and events, in fact he has even written in books on how the general public never receive the true history and how the true events of the past are stored in archives and only reserved for a few to see.

        Theology school = European indoctrination and misinformation, nuff said. You believe that you can decode a spiritual book through attending a school?????

        My records start from the beginning of time, you cannot get time before the beginning. What culture was there before the beginning of time? Again, the true Hebrews are the authority on the scriptures, not the so called Europeans or so called Mexicans. I have to keep repeating this, THESE RECORDS ARE NOT YOURS. Yet again, even more ignorance displayed by yourself in relation to my records. It is not only snakes that are described as serpents in the scriptures sir, read the data for yourself and cease from this foolishness of regurgitating European arguments of stupidity. As for your inbred argument, the Hebrews were only given the law of not interbreeding at the time of Moses as before that there were no DNA issues to deal with, thus no risk of developing children with lower Iqs and deformities. Yet again another error on your part, assuming the conditions that we have and experience today were the same as back then, utter folly sir, utter folly.

        Again, the original inhabitants of North Central and South America were dark skinned people. they looked nothing like the majority of lighter skinned people who inhabit those lands today, they looked very far from you and more closer to me. Your type came with the inter mixing with Europeans but I know that that this is a very hard concept for you to accept.

        Exactly my point, why are you making reference to Catholicism when dealing with the records of the Hebrews. The book is not of the Catholics, it is of the Hebrews, just because the Catholics have usurped and currently use my records for their own gain, it does not now make the records theirs nor is it any fault on the records themselves. Here is a demonstration of your fault made simple. It is like somebody stabbing you with a knife, dropping the knife beside you and running away. What do you do, you lie there with your wounds and blame the knife for the attack and not the person who committed the attack. The so called European man was responsible for the woes that came upon your people, not my records, think straight for once. What, would you arrest the knife, charge the knife with GBH, trial the knife in court and throw the knife into prison or would you do that to the person who used that knife? Can you not see your own thoughts of folly sir, can you not see your own backward thinking?

        I never stated that I was an expert in speaking and writing Spanish, everybody has a starting point when learning a language. What, did you come out of the womb with the complete Spanish vocabulary to hand. Spanish is the language of your captivity just as English is mine. How is it that you can research and discover the languages that your forefathers spoke and that is fine, but yet again, you want to attempt to inform me again on my origin. You do not know my origin, I know it, I am a Hebrew of the tribe of Judah and my forefathers spoke the Hebrew language. Even the indigenous natives of North America at one point spoke Hebrew, this is research that has been discovered by a so called JewISH person.

        Look, the records do not belong to you, you are not an authority over my records and quite frankly I have gone easy on you as I could easily make you look like a circus clown as down payment for the amount of nonsense that have dispersed here.


      • I have a huge book entitled “The Native Americans”. Buy it. Look at the noses. Or just Google images of Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotanka). My true heritage is on my 2 continents. Yours is on one big one. I have absolutely no “uncomfortable” anything about knowing that I don’t have any African DNA (see, I had it analyzed)(I have like 20 different ethnicities/nationalities/autosomes in me, but no African. My wife is Bajan/Malagasy (Madagascar) and Mexican (indigenous Comanche andothers), and 2 of my best friends are Black, so there is no need for your assumptions about my emotional state regarding my “heritage”. People don’t “evolve” into other “races”. If life came out of Africa, EVERYBODY ON EARTH WOULD STILL BE BLACK. I think you need to spend some time at Logic-Mart and put your lie books down. Better yet, burn them. Do some serious studying, because real science and actual physical evidence, linguistics and verified sources are no match for your 6 thousand old nonsense-thinking. Titoneneuhcahuizque. And I do as well. Have some replies in Yoruba or Zulu or Swahili, or something other than white lingo. You have made me laugh pretty hard with what you think was anything other than a half-ass attempt at a zinger or a burn. The truth is that YOUR people (Africans here) have been conquered. Conquered as far as no identity, no language, no knowledge of original culture, no knowledge of customs, society, traditions, rituals, etc. You are following exactly as the colonizers/slave merchants like. Perfectly assimilated into THEIR beliefs. I see Malcolm X shaking his head and wishing he could get you to get it. Tletl Chicahtoc MIGHT be aboe to reach you, if you bothered to be willing to learn. Have fun living life as a brick wall. I’m not going to try to bang my head against you. I see you’re stuck on stupid.


      • You don’t know exactly what DNA you have as the instruments you are using and your analysis is still based upon the European construct, remember, the same people that you “claim” to have a perpetual hatred against yet you conveniently return to use their “research” materials time and time again, remember them o hypocrite? It wasn’t your people who constructed the DNA analysis construct, this was forged out of the hands of European men.

        “If life came out of Africa, EVERYBODY ON EARTH WOULD STILL BE BLACK”

        You have no idea what you are talking about. This is the beauty of the so called Negro, we carry all of the genes within us to create any race on this planet, I have just shown you an example of our power to create as a people. This is real science you are observing here jack, I do not deal with fairy tales and conjecture.

        Yes, we have been conquered in terms of identity and language. However, this is slowly being restored and we are finding out who we are, NOT ACCORDING TO WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD BY YOUR EUROPEAN MENTORS. This business of us not having original customs is absolute rubbish, you know nothing because you know nothing of Africa because it is of no interest to you. I am far from following in the light of the slave masters and colonisers. Ok, so you can continue to lie to yourself and state that you hate Europeans and the like, however your actions are speaking in the totally opposite direction.

        The fact of the matter is that your people never went through 400 years plus of slavery. All that the so called Negro has been through and he is still here today to declare an account, your people would have never survived what we suffered at the hands of so called Europeans. Another fact of the matter is that we are the strongest and most resilient race on this planet and our history is a live testimony of that.

        Adios muchacho.


  10. I literally want to smack this guy’s head all the way to pluto, is he for real? he is one of the vagabonds the new testament speaks of.


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