How to Deal With The Police!

It seems that the police in the United Kingdom have nothing better to do than to arrest innocent people for the most trivial of matters, sometimes for nothing at all. I should have posted this set of videos a long while ago as I see with the ever increasing police state here, that now you can practically be arrested for everything and anything. Understand that the good bobby on the beat you knew back in the day has long gone and has been replaced by a jack boot goon thug who cannot wait to crack heads and assert his/her so called “authority” over you. Speaking about the police in the UK, for the most part they have forgotten that they are supposed to serve the people. Now they have taken it upon themselves to use the public as not only a revenue generating source, but also as guinea pigs to test out their new weaponry. The same obviously is occurring in the States however these videos will be based on UK law and rights and what to do if you are ever involved in a situation with these jack booted thugs:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues!

Stay Individual!

Blessings From Our Heavenly Father

One thought on “How to Deal With The Police!

  1. Very good information… And tips to use here in the US. Especially when dumb marshall law comes around… Very good.


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