2012 London Olympics – Possible Future Attacks? You Decide!

Just thought that I would post a couple of videos that point to some very strong and credible evidence that the 2012 Olympic games due to be held in London next year will be the target of a government founded and sponsored terror attack. As far as I am concerned, the pieces paint a very clear picture which is indisputable and that simply cannot be rubbished away. As I have commented on one of the videos, the nay says can burn in their blindness and unbelief as our time is running short and I have no more time to fight with and convince “the dead” of the fact that their lives are in danger:

And check out the London 2012 Olympic mascots and tell me if you see anything familiar:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues!

Stay Individual!

Blessings In Our Heavenly Father

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