For Those Negroes Who Still Don’t Get It – A Simple Breakdown!

For those Negroes who still do not get it, I will be breaking it down for you plain and simple. Despite what the European man has attempted to do with it, the bible is still your HISTORY BOOK whether you choose to accept this or not. The bible prophesied that our people would go into slavery again this time with ships, be sold to our enemies as slaves and that no man would redeem us out of our condition of slavery. This is all mentioned in Deuteronomy 28:68 which reads:

28:68 And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.

The children of Israel never went into the physical land Egypt again via the transportation of ships as slaves. In this passage, Egypt is referring to a condition of bondage/slavery as even the scriptures themselves referenced Egypt as “The House Of Bondage” many times throughout the scriptures. Here are just a few of them to ponder: Exodus 13:3, 14, 20:2, Deuteronomy 5:6, 6:12, 8:14, 13:5, 10, Joshua 24:17.

Ok, so we have the children of Israel going into slavery again with ships and sold to their enemies as slaves and no man buying them(which means to redeem them out of their condition of slavery). Doesn’t that sound like the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade to you, surely you have twigged by now that this scripture is talking about our people. Yes Negro, you are the true Hebrew, you are the seed of the children of Israel mentioned of in the bible.

Therefore, you can call yourself what you want from a liberterian to an activist and you can join whatever religion you want from Islam to Buddism to Jehovah Witness to Seventh Day Adventist, but the fact remains that you bloodline/ancestry/family tree/lineage is Hebrew. You cannot change that Hebrew blood that runs through your veins regardless of what you name yourself, and this is the reason why the European aristocracy is trying to kill you and I. It is deeper than just about being black, it is about being linked to Christ by blood, it is about being linked to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David etc, Hebrews who once reigned on this planet and wrecked shop. Now you understand why you are being oppressed, do you think that the European man doesn’t see the potential in you to wreck shop on this planet again?

Why Don’t/Didn’t I Know I Am A Hebrew?

As a result of our forefathers disobedience to the Most High, one of the punishments the Most High declared that we would suffer as a people would be a discontinuing from our heritage and serving our enemies as slaves in a land unfamiliar to us. Jeremiah 17:4 reads:

17:4 And thou, even thyself, SHALT DISCONTINUE FROM THINE HERITAGE that I gave thee; and I will cause thee to serve thine enemies in the land which thou knowest not: for ye have kindled a fire in mine anger, which shall burn for ever.

Had it not been for the intervention of Christ, we still would have been toast up to this day.

Is Being Hebrew A Religion?

It is not, it is your bloodline. You, your mother, your grandmother, your great grandmother etc, this is a bloodline/family tree. Your parents and your grandparents are not a religion, nor is being a Hebrew. Just as many of us refer to ourselves as Black, Latino, West Indian, Colombian, Brazilian etc, the Most High called us Hebrews. He never referred to us as “black” or any of these other modern day terms we call ourselves. These modern day names we use for ourselves today were given to us by the European powers. This was their part in not only aiding our “discontinuance from our heritage” but also making sure that we remained detatched and lost perpetually to who we really are by blood. The European powers have spent million upon millions of pounds/dollars to make sure that you never find out that you are the true Hebrews.

They Told Me I Was A Gentile, Why Didn’t The Church Tell Me That I Was A Hebrew?

Remember what I stated in the last paragraph about the European powers spending large amounts of money to keep you asleep to who you really are, the set up of churches of various denominations is one of the methods of executing this. You must understand how the modern day church works especially within the black community whether in the States or the UK. The churches deliberately preach cliff hanger sermons which not only keep you coming back, but also put you in a state of dependency, to where you begin to believe that you cannot live without the church and the information it gives out. They also give you tiny bits and bites of information to keep you hungry. Know this, you are just a number in the church and they need you to continue returning in darkness in order to continue fleecing you for your financies. It is all about money first. If they told you that you were a Hebrew, they know that the first thing you would do would be to up and leave them. Secondly, they do not want you calling upon the Most High of your fathers because he has a notorious history of RESPONDING to the cry of his people, often times with fury and wrath against the people who are oppressing us.

I Have Heard So Many Names For The God Of The Bible, Which Name Is Correct?

The response to this question is simple. Let us go to Exodus 3:13-14 and see the name the Most High instructed Moses to give to the children of Israel if they were to ask for His name. Exodus 3:13-14 reads:

3:13 And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, WHAT IS HIS NAME? what shall I say unto them?

3:14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

So, what is the name of the Most High in our original Hebrew language? We simply do not know. These JewISH cohorts have completely scrubbed the real name out of our records, it is a case where we are going to have to wait for the Most High to reveal his true name through devine revelation. Do not believe the names that you have been given by anybody, Jehovah, Ahayah, Yahweh, Yahawasha etc, they all have have origins in the Kabbalah and JewISH mysticism. I AM encompasses everything but the Most High gave his people a specific name to call upon which these JewISH fraudsters have done their best to conceal.

If We Blacks Are The Real Jews Then Who Are These Jewish People?

Put plainly, they are impostors WHO ARE LIVING IN YOUR LAND AND PRETENDING TO BE YOU! In the 8th Century those so called JewISH people you see today lived in Khazaria under the Khazarian Empire which lasted from the 7th-11th century. They CONVERTED to Judaism in the 8th Century purely as a political move to retain the sovereignty of their empire from the so called Christian sect to the north of them and the Islamic sect to the south of them. Their leader who was called a Khagan stated that he chose Judaism because he believed that it held to core beliefs of both Christianity and Islam. This was the cover story for the real reason for the mass conversion of his people which I mentioned first. In 1948, the UN, UK and US governments moved these JewISH impostors into your land from Germany, Russia, Poland and various other European countries where they have been living ever since. The reason why there is war constantly in that area is because those people calling themselves JewISH are not supposed to be in that country, it does not belong to them, this is what the conflict is all about. This is yet another strong reason why I do not use YHWH/Yahweh. Since these people are not the real Jews, how can they give us the true name of the God of the Jews? Even the way they refer to themselves gives us a clue that they are not the real Jews, they call themselves JewISH. If ish is at the end of a word, it always means that the thing being referenced to is QUESTIONABLE, like the genuine article but NOT THE ORIGINAL.

But We’re African Right, I Was Told We Come From Africa, Aren’t We African?

We have been “conveniently” told that we are African because if we knew that we were Hebrews then our true land would have to be returned to us. So the powers that be have kept the “Africa MotherLand” spin machine at maximum rpms. When the Romans sacked Jerusalem in 70AD, we ran into Africa to escape the persecution of a savage Roman Empire. In Africa it was easier for us to hide among the other dark nationalities of people, however we separated ourselves from them and kept to our own practices which made them envy us. Most of our people settled on the West Coast of the continent. So, Africa is a motherland literally in the fact that it nourished us for a period until we were taken by the Europeans across the waters to the West Indies, Brazil, Colombia, North America and Europe to work as slaves in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. By the way, it was the native Africans and the Arab peoples who aided the Europeans in catching and enslaving us.

Isn’t The Bible The White Man’s Book?

I have heard so many black people rattle off this slogan a million times and I can tell you for the majority part that most Negroes who use this slogan do not have a clue as to what they are saying. Oh Negro, still simple in thought, haven’t you understood yet that control doesn’t always equate to ownership and entitlement and in the case of the European man, have you not observed that this is nearly always the case? Haven’t you seen that most of what the European man controls, he doesn’t actually own nor does he hold an entitlement to? One of the largest and most obvious cases that springs to mind is the oil in the Middle East where currently the European man is running through country after country in the name of “liberating the people from oppressive regimes”, only to afterward bring into each country an unstable form of government and declare themselves “in charge” of the land resources. Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Paskistan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt etc have all been victims of the forced induced hand of the European man. You must understand the mind of the European man, he is a control freak and because of his technology, he feels that he is god and that he cannot be stopped by anyone, including Christ. He also has a greed that cannot be satisfied as we are told in the book of Obadiah.

So, do not be surprised Hebrew that the European man has gotten control of our records and has attempted to use them to justify his wickedness, after all, did we expect any other behaviour from him? Knowing who you are and that the coming promises are for you, it was inevitable that the European man in his spite would deliberately misinform the lost sheep as to who they really are and quote and twist the scriptures out of context in an attempt to justify his cruel behaviour, not only toward us, but to other nations aswell. I believe that the biggest example to us of the so called white man in control of something that doesn’t belong to him is our land Israel. Those people calling themselves JewISH in the land currently today are merely tenants who will shortly be evicted by Christ himself.

Who Is The White Man According To The Scriptures?

The white man according to the bible is Edom. Esau is the father of the so called white man. In order for you to get a deeper understanding of Esau/Edom, I have posted a link a to a previous blog that I drafted up in relation to the so called white man, who he really is and his future fate coupled with a link that deals with the so called JewISH people:

Ok, So We Now Know We Are Hebrews, Now What?

Walk according to the bible in faith. Remember, Christ came to redeem us from the curse of the law and was made a curse for us(Galations 3:13) and as a result has redeemed us back to the Father who gave us our heritage. Christ told us that his yoke was easy and his burden was light(Matthew 11:30). Our requirement now is to walk by faith according to the new covernant that Christ has forged through his death. Christ simply asks you to believe in him and live your life for him. This is something that the Holy Spirit instills in you to do automatically when you seek that desire. There are many groups out there who teach folks that we must return to the law, statutes and commandments of the old covernant. I do not and will not be teaching this as I can prove and have shown that these teachings are purely in error. Please see the link below:

Understand that the law comprises of two sections, the Moral side and the Sacrificial/Ordinance/Atonement side. The Moral side still stands as these laws are how we are to interact with mankind, preserve our lives aswell as live in peace and harmony on this earth. However, the Sacrificial/Ordinance/Atonement side contained the laws of how we were to conduct ourselves with the Most High. This side however was completed by the sacrifice Christ made via his life. In doing this, Christ has replaced this side with FAITH and BELIEF. This is the reason he could confidently say that his yoke was easy and his burden was light.

Remember, your walk with the Most High and Christ is YOUR WALK. How you walk with the Most High and how you both interact with each other is none of my business, nor anyone elses. You DO NOT have to confess any secrets or sins to any man. You confess your sins and secrets to the Most High alone. You and the Most High meet alone on his turf and allow HIM to mould you and shape you to his desire. It truely is a personal relationship between you and Ahayah, however the institutional church says this in one breath, but in the other they are quick to condemn and force you to mould yourself to their curriculum. The Most High wants you to remain an individual. As I stated before in a previous blog, if you feel that your individuality is being attacked by the church……………..leave, run and never look back. The walk with the Most High is an unpredictable one, you do not know where he will take you next which makes it sometimes seem daunting on the one hand but exciting on the other.

Well, this is just a basic breakdown of who you really are Negro, if you have anymore questions, feel free to post them and I will respond. Welcome back to your lost heritage!


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In Our Heavenly Father!

22 thoughts on “For Those Negroes Who Still Don’t Get It – A Simple Breakdown!

  1. Another great article Verbs, Thankyou! Alot of us are going through presecution especially our sons. If I could request a prayer from you to tow of these young men who have been snared and trapped by police I would greatly appreciate it. If you need their name and further details I can email to you or I will post my email on here. I do understand that we are going through this for a reason and their time is up soon, hence the heightened persecution. The power of prayer is our comfort through these testing times.
    Much blessings to you


      • Thankyou Verb! I will use an email which starts with freezer…@. Emailing you now..


      • Dear Mr Verbs,

        I am crap at using computers unless for secretarial purposes. I was therefore unsure where to put this.

        Have you seen how things are so blatantly anti-Christ and rapidly moving towards the mark of the Beast. Please check out today’s news 20/11/2015 in England:

        …………Pins ‘obsolete within five years’ – and pay with mobile or fingerprints instead

        By Kate Palmer | Telegraph – 18 hours ago

        Major banks argue that Pins are a flawed identification method.
        The Pin number will vanish within the next five years as banks replace the four-digit password with new technology that reads your fingerprints, vein pattern or voice, according to experts.

        Banks will nudge customers to use hi-tech readers or contactless payments in shops and ticket terminals instead of the typical “chip and Pin” by arguing it is safer and offering discounts for using the new technology.

        Major banks, including Halifax and Barclays, argue that Pins are a “flawed” security barrier that fail to protect against fraud.

        So-called “personal identification numbers” were invented in the 1960s with the introduction of cash machines and there are around 10,000 different variations but because it can be written down or guessed, criminals are able to exploit this weakness.

        Customers who write down their Pin, even in a disguised form, will be considered “negligent” under banking rules which means their bank does not have to return stolen money.

        More than 96pc of transactions are used via chipped credit or debit cards and prevent fraudsters from spending in shops using just a copycat card.

        But last year the British banking industry lost almost £480m in card fraud – more than any year in the past decade except for 2008.

        The Pin will be “dead” by 2020 as a result because customers will lose faith in its ability to protect their money, according to David Webber of Intelligent Environments, which provides mobile payments software to UK high street banks, including Lloyds Bank and Halifax.

        “Many customers fail to observe basic Pin security measures which demonstrates a dangerous ambivalence, putting them at risk,” he said.

        Pins are already redundant for “contactless” spending in shops and at self-service ticket machines. Contactless spending, done via Apple Pay or a card, has increased by 200pc since the limit was increased from £20 to £30 in October, helped by many banks offering cashback to encourage its use.

        Mr Webber said banks should begin to prepare to phase out Pins as a result. “They should ready to start replacing it with more progressive security methods.”

        For higher value transactions, banks are already acting to introduce increasingly hi-tech payment methods to make it “impossible” for fraudsters to impersonate a customer.

        Michael Mueller is “head of cash” at Barclays but is at the forefront of the bank’s vein-reading technology that is already being used by business customers.

        “A Pin is something that you know – but finger vein readers replace this with ‘who you are’ which we think is a lot more secure.”

        The bank said it is “seeing how it goes” with handful of business customers before rolling it out to consumers. “It’s a significant part of our strategy and I can safely say it’ll be in years rather than decades,” said Mr Mueller.

        But he argued Pins won’t “disappear anytime soon” because customers are too used to the four-digit passwords when they use cashpoints and for higher-value transactions in shops.

        “In the long run biometric security will play a much bigger role and is advancing very fast. It will be phased in incrementally in the coming years,” he said.

        But rival banking giant Lloyds Banking Group warned that some of the new technology is less secure than other forms. It is now trialling a wristband that reads a customer’s heartbeat, identifying a person by their unique bodily circulation.

        “A heartbeat pattern is the most secure form of identification than fingerprint or iris scanning, because it cannot be replicated fraudulently,” said Marc Lien, a director of digital development at Halifax, part of Lloyds Banking Group.

        Lloyds is now investing £1bn in its technology and says it has 80 experiments that are going on. “We test our gadgets on customers to find out if it works and how they react to it,” Mr Lien said. “At the moment we’re trialling technology that scans your eyes, along with looking into the use of fingerprints by the likes of Apple, and using systems that identify you by how you type on a keyboard.”

        Hope you are well in the meantime.

        Blessings bruv.


    • it says no one wants you. NO ONE will BUY YOU and youre proud lol
      so maybe permanently negroes will never get it
      which is why daily negroes write to other negroes online saying “you still don’t get it”
      language is new for you guys
      and English will never be it


      • Learn,

        If this was an attempt at a reprimand you failed horribly. If you are going to critique then you should at least learn to articulate yourself properly first. Failing to make yourself clear you would dare to rail an accusation against others for “not using the English language correctly”?????


  2. i see that you said the name “YHWH” is not the true name for god because it is a jewISH name….. so is the name ‘Yeshuwa” the correct name for “Jesus Christ”


    • The correct name for Christ in the old school ancient Hebrew is Yashayah, Yas/Ysa meaning Saviour and Hayah coming from the name of the Most High Power of the Hebrews which is AHAYAH. So with Yashayah, you have a combination which means “God Will Save” or “God Is Saviour”, which is exactly what the Most High is declaring and bringing forth through his son, Christ.

      Yeshuwa comes from the JewISH yiddish language which is really a combination of German and a form of neo mutant Hebrew. This is why the Most High declared in Zephaniah 3:9 that he would turn to the people a “pure language” after the world is judged. This yiddish nonsense has brought in a world of confusion to the table as to the Most High’s true name and the correct ways to pronounce other names. We have to stop looking in the direction of these fake JewISH impostors for answers and conduct our own research with the Most High’s personal guidance.


  3. @vebs2011, This beyond great, I just love everything you said, point blank period……brother keep spreading the truth, all praise to ahayah!


  4. Much appreciated for the comment, I will indeed continue to spread the truth for as long as there is breath in me. Ahayah bless you.


    • I have a question about the section on the true name of our father. You wrote, “Do not believe the names that you have been given by anybody, Jehovah, Ahayah, Yahweh, Yahawasha etc, they all have have origins in the Kabbalah and JewISH mysticism.” I have learned about the rest being false titles, but I though ‘Ahayah’ was the correct Hebrew translation of ‘I am’. Is it the true name or not?


      • Shayn,

        From the research that I have conducted, the name AHAYAH is still linked to the JewISH sect and the Kabbalah. Many Hebrew brothers have jumped on AHAYAH and upheld this particular name as “the one”. My personal stance on the matter is to wait for a personal revelation from the Most High himself as to what his name is as we are currently dealing with information which for the majority part has been heavily contaminated and spoiled.

        Most High Bless


  5. Shalom Brother, I just learned of your website through a dear Sister of mine, and I’m loving it. I even posted one of your articles she sent me to my website, along with a link back to your site. Thank You. Shalom


  6. Verbs2013,

    I really like your blog and enjoy reading your posts. I did have a question regarding this particular post. You say that those who are slave descendants are the true Hebrews, but where does that leave people who have one Hebrew parent? How about offspring that do not look at all like a Hebrew? Are they still of the chosen people? I ask because my brothers and I have a non-black mother (Chinese American). I for the most part pass as black, but my younger brother who is mentally disabled, never passes as such. Even though we have the same parents, does this mean that he is not considered a Hebrew in the Creator’s eyes?

    Thank you for writing this blog.


    • Kowoba,

      I’m not really too sure about how the Most High views persons of mixed heritage with regards to their exact classification. I would assume that he would draw the same conclusions as us down here on earth because we read in the scriptures about various folks being described as having a dual heritage(I believe Timothy in the new testament was half Hebrew and half Greek if I remember correctly).

      However though, what we do know for certain is that all who accept the Most High through Christ can and will gain access to the kingdom, Hebrew, Gentile or a mixture of both. Much appreciated for the thanks and the support.

      Most High Bless


  7. WOW!!!!!! The knowledge and wisdom I just gained is blowing my mind!!!! GOD HAS LITERALLY ANSWERED MY PRAYERS!!! This is confirmation that God is real. Now I can continue on my spiritual journey with a open heart and mind. No more feelings of guilt, shame, resentment, confusion, and etc. For years I have allowed myself to be trampled within religious bondage. I feel like Im free. The Holy Spirit within me was so stirred up with JOY. I want to sincerely THANK YOU for answering and responding to the call God has on your life. Whatever approach you took writing this blog; I felt the energy; not just a bunch of words thrown out there to sound sophisticated and intelligient. Your words were so sincere, well thought out, easy to comprehend, enlighting, informing, passionately moving. WHEN A INDIVIDUAL REALLY KNOW WHO THEY ARE, THEY BEGIN TO STRUT CONFIDENTLY. My head is held high;Im motivated to dig deeper in my studies; I have an overwhelming feeling of JOY. This blog has left a major imprint on my spiritual walk. I pray that God continues to give you the insight, wisdom, knowledge, will, motivation, resources, and anything else needed for your ministry to continue to grow and prosper. I pray that everything you put out is returned to you 100 fold. May God continue to bless and keep you.



    • Ketha Ashley,

      Much appreciated for your kind words, recently this blog has taken a different route where I have been focusing more on dysfunctional black women, black men and black society, however mainly dealing with the women seeing as they are raising the majority of black children by themselves. The Most High is pushing me in strange directions, I see the needs that are not being met and so from that I understand why he has guided me in these particular directions.

      Obviously some folks have not been pleased with some of the directions the Most High has pushed me in, nethertheless logic, reason and common sense must always prevail over emotions. Once again much appreciated for your kind words, I’m glad that you have taken away something of value from reading my blog.


  8. You black Hebrews are so ignorant and gullible! You went on and on in another article about the Apocrypha and how it told your whole history. Now you say at the beginning of this article:

    “The children of Israel never went into the physical land Egypt again via the transportation of ships as slaves.”

    Have you never read 3 Maccbees 4? By the way Schedia is in Egypt. You might also consider what happened after the seige of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

    “Those captives who were not sold there were brought to the market place in Azza [Gaza] which, because of the great multitudes of slaves who were sold there, was called Hadrian’s market place. And those who were still not sold there were herded into ships and were taken to Egypt. Many died in transit, whether by starvation or by shipwreck, while many also were killed by cruel masters.”

    Source: Munter, Primordia Eccl. Africanae, pp. 85f.,113.

    So that is TWO occasions when Jews went in ships as slaves to Egypt.


    • Lesley Ash,

      Firstly, with the knowledge I had at that time I wrote this article 6 years ago and don’t visit it very often. Secondly, I didn’t know that a 3rd Maccabees existed as it ISN’T part of the standard Apocrypha. Thirdly, as you can see I haven’t dealt with Hebrew issues in a long while, thus I would’t be up to scratch on the latest discoveries and information. Surely you can use your eyes and see this from the change in direction of the blog.


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