Lynx Openly And Brasenly Mocking The Records Of The Hebrews!

It seems that Faberge, the company who makes the Lynx range of deoderants cannot help but poke and make fun of the biblical record of the Hebrews. Remember when they started off this open mockery of biblical history with their advert in which the slogan was “Even Angels Will Fall”, which shows women as angels coming down to earth and smashing their halos on the ground as an open disregard to their “former estate/home, heaven”. Of course we know that this is blatantly in reference to when the fallen angels came down to earth and had sexual relations with women, producing the monstrosities called the Nephilum who were giant halfbreeds that lived during Noah’s time(The book of Enoch, The Book Of Jasher and Genesis Chapter 6 cover these events). The problem is that the average Joe doesn’t know the history behind what he/she is seeing and what it all means and so in turn when he/she is presented with the fallen angel account as per the scriptures, he/she will simply mock what they are being told, likening it to fiction because of the predictive programming they have been downloaded with in the form of an advertisement. The flip side to this also is that people are being programmed to accept foreign entities and that there is nothing wrong with having sexual relations with strange flesh. Here is the “Even Angels Will Fall” Lynx commercial for anybody who hasn’t seen it:

Now, not content with mocking a particular time on earth that was not to be laughed at, Faberge has launched their second attack at the scriptures, and this time the victim is Noah himself and the flood account. However this time, the slogan is “Get It On For The End Of The World”. In other words, as the world is going downhill, we are just supposed to let loose and have fun, fun, fun. This foolishness brings to mind the words which Christ spoke to his disciples when he was telling them what events would be taking place shortly before his return. Matthew 24:37-39 reads:

24:37 But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

24:38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were EATING and DRINKING, MARRYING and giving in MARRIAGE, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,

24:39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Notice in verse 38 where Christ mentions how even in Noah’s day, the people were carrying on with business as usual right up until the point of destruction, then in verse 39 he say that the same scenario will occur during the time proceeding his coming. Look around the world and what do we see, people enjoying themselves to their heart’s content despite the fact that the world is on the brink of WW3 and the economies in nearly all the countries on earth are shot.

Lets get something straight, Noah building an arch was not a joke, those same people who didn’t heed to his warning of a coming flood, died a horrible death. Noah’s ark did not have a gym in it. Is this what the makers of this Lynx deoderant commercial are trying to achieve, a mass sacrifice of people having fun right up until the moment of destruction and judgement? This advert certainly looks like a predictive programming operation to me. Take a look at the advert for yourself:

You will notice also that this brand of their Lynx deoderant is called 2012. Does this company know something we don’t? According to the Mayan calender, the end of 2012 is supposed to be the end of the world as we know it, not the end of the physical earth but the end of tranquility and peace and the beginning of mass destruction and permanent war on the entire planet. Folks would be well advised from here on out to STUDY television programmes and commercials that are shown to you, they say alot, especially to people who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

What most people do not realise is they are being openly lead to their destruction. It was Christianity(the basis form of it) that brought stability, a moral compass and harmony to a society regardless of your belief system, even if you are an athiest. However, now that most folks have decided to can the morals, now the full can of evil and wickedness will be unleashed on this planet. This goes out to the mockers and the people who have gone out of their way to tear down christian values and corrupt the fabric of society, remember, when that cup of evil is opened to its fullest and when the cup of judgement is passed around to you, to drink thereof for your part of the destruction occurring in the world, do not bother saying at that point that “It Is Not Fair” or “We Can Change”. You had your chance, now knuckle up and drink your recompense.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Most High

10 thoughts on “Lynx Openly And Brasenly Mocking The Records Of The Hebrews!

    • Thanks, I just try to keep it simple and real, giving people the basic foundation they need to conduct their own research.


  1. LYNX = Unilever ( UNILEVER is the (Lever Brothers) – The Lever brothers = William Lever who was responsible for the need for Palm Oil which was the result of 10,000,000 MILLION deaths in the Congo. William Lever = FREEMASONRY = Demonic influence. UNILEVER is one of the by products of the Illuminati circle being used to bring in this one world government. So these commercials are a JOKE on the true Seed Of Yacob. We need to wake up.


    • I’ll just add to that, that the Lever brothers = JewISH. JewISH, Kabala, Tetragrammaton, Sorcery and Magic. The products that come out from Unilever are literally sorcery and magic. Whether it be deoderants or washing powders, Unilever is definitely trying to spellbind people to walk into this NWO with little to no resistance via their “potions” that people use everyday.


  2. Great post. This was my first time seeing these videos and I have to say both equally disturbed me. Even though I study, read and pray, I still can’t get over just how bold, blatant and “In your face” this satanic agenda has become in this day and time. Although it’s all happening and true to scripture, it doesn’t make this any less painful for me to watch, because I can see what they are doing on so many levels. There are already too many ppl still lost and are in grave danger.
    Television is the perfect tool to program the masses and make way for the NWO to interrupt, force and then settle into everyone’s life. I can only imagine how many children there are who have already formed opinions and thoughts based on what they’ve seen and heard on television, and yet aren’t able to receive the truth by their guardians, because they too have been brainwashed.
    Thanks for shedding light on this. As always I will pass this on to as many ppl as I can.


    • They aim this stuff specifically at the youth. I am currently in the process of schooling my god daughter little by little about things that she has taken to be normal that aren’t. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the Noah’s ark one, I thought “so one wasn’t enough for you then”. No worries, their judgement is soon coming, it is just the waiting for it that is the killer.


  3. well exposed post. blessing to you always i am aware of this evil how they control huminty from birth to the grave . lets uproot them spread the the awareness and disengage,be free fom evil inform everyone you can ,go mike adams. also max igan – crowe house regards susan


    • Indeed, natural news is a must have in the favourites. I have listened to Max Igan a few times on truth frequency radio, he also has some good information and brings alot of knowledge to the table.


      • I’ve begun to watch more TV per Neely Fullers advice. sound strange, no? Since turning on the tel-lie-vision and seeing the horde of vampires, werewolves and other filth out there, I’m convinced that Edom is after our souls.


      • Edom most certainly is after our lives and our souls and has been for a very long time. This is all part of the pledge that he swore to kill Jacob after the death of his father Issac. This pledge of death against us has not changed, it has never waivered and is still going strong through the Eugenics program that was actually established for the sole purpose of keeping the numbers of the so called Negro in check. Edom is the minority in this world and Edom feels threatened by everybody else around him, especially us because within us lies the power to destroy him(coming soon to a street near you) as per the words of the Most High himself(Ezekiel 25:13-14).

        To be honest, the only reason I may watch tv now and again is just to check up on what level of decadence the general public is being brought down to currently. Most of the public have bought into the filth and evil that they have been presented with, they somehow believe that if they merge themselves with the darkness that somehow things will get better and that they will reach a point of satisfaction within themselves. This is extremely far from the truth. Merging with the dark side only brings a person more misery, pain, suffering, loneliness, destruction and ultimately death as the final reward.


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