UK Black Women – I’m Calling You Out For Your Wild Antics And Foolish Behaviour!

The Departure 

In the 1960s many revolutions began to take place predominantly in western society. The chief of these was the sexual revolution. A branch of this revolution was the Women’s Liberation Movement which was founded and sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. This movement originally was a movement of and for European women. The “claim” was that the man was oppressing the woman in the home and that women needed to liberate themselves from the clutches of their male “slave masters”. In the 1970s-80s however, you black women of the UK decided that you were going to join your female European sisters in the conquest for so called “liberation”. So you began to depart on your journey leaving your black brothers holding the bag, destitute and solo. Since then, it has gone from The Spice Girls and their “girl power” propaganda to Destiny’s Child and their “independent woman” mantra that alot of you UK black women swear by to TLC and the “No Scrubs” movement and not to mention the Destiny’s Child “Get On The Bus” short era. However, over time a plethora of you have clocked on to the fact that the promises of the road trip of independence were laced with lies, that the grass was not greener on the other side of the fence and that your little trip of independence has actually left you worse off than when you started. The height of your flight of fancy was between 1999-2005.

So Called “Girl Power”


Pay My Bills Then Independent Woman Crew Destiny’s Child!

(Now recently I have just heard another anthem from the scarlet witch known as Beyonce talking about girls running the world. Girls running what? Has this woman forgotten that she is being managed by men? Girls running the world, since when? But again, it doesn’t matter to some of you black women who will simply attach this anthem to the long line of others that you have been parroting while your lives have been going nowhere fast. You women should actually look at the lyrics that you’re repeating one day and acknowledge the garbage that you can be manipulated to sing).


The Return –

So, many of you have acknowledged that the “independent woman, I can do it all by myself, I don’t need a man, let me chase this career and money instead etc” movement has been a complete lie, a scam and a waste of time. However, after all of this, many of you black women still cannot be honest and admit that you seriously messed up and that you were taken for a ride. Yes, rather than returning, being honest and repenting with a sincere heart for your wrong doings and asking for our forgiveness, many of your are attempting to return but with the same arrogant spirit you had when you left. Not only that but many of you are trying to return with an unrepentant heart, a wrong and strong attitude and you act as if we black men should somehow be grateful for your return, welcome you back with open arms and not hold you accountable for your abandonment and treachery.

A Common Encounter

I also notice that many of you are attempting to “seduce” your way back into our good books by wearing outlandish skimpy clothing and whoring yourselves out in an attempt to soothe the wounds of your skull duggery via sex.

Sex The Ultimate Weapon

Those of you who have returned may have noticed that some changes have taken place:

1. Black men have simply moved on and not bothered to wait for you as it was uncertain as to when you were going to return, if at all you were going to return.

2. Black men have realised that they have other options and that they no longer have to participate in the stupid games and the folly many of you black women juggle.

3. Black men are now more than ever dating women from other nationalities and finding the love and respect that they were looking for from their own camp, but yet only found disrespect and hatred.

4. Black men have finally realised that they do not have to tolerate the high maintenance, attitude, hatred, bitterness and grief many of you black women bring to the table.

The Flip Side Parallel –

There is also another side to this story. While we had many black women walking this false road of independence, we also had a number of black women who decided that at the same time, that it would be fun and exciting to date thugs/on road bredders. Yes, many of you UK black women believed that the bum on the corner who was either selling drugs, getting into fights, licking shots(literally) or all 3, would be your ideal match and that somehow this type of relationship would be sustainable for the long term. So you drop you knickers readily for the thugged out wannabe gangster lads and gave the “talk to the hand” sign aswell as disrespect to the decent good men who were educated and preferred to avoid the long arm of the law and instead focus on laying the foundation for their future. The thug/on road brother abused you in all ways, disrespected you, got some of you pregnant, yet you still returned to the dung hill time and time again as you seemed to love the danger and excitement of a fast lane relationship. I do not have a problem with that, that was your choice.

The Failed Mission

However, years down the road, now that many of you have realised the error of your ways, you are now attempting to step to the same good men whom you disrespected and wouldn’t give the time of day to, back in the day. This quite frankly is an insult and these same “goody two shoes” men whom you dissed in times past have the right to respectfully decline your offers. The reality of the truth is many of you who now have children and are just looking for a man to support you and your offspring and a father figure/male role model, and do not think for a second that many of us black men cannot see that this is your objective from the off. Do not become bitter and ignorant if and when you are rejected because of all the excess baggage you now have, remember, this is your baggage not mine, I am under no obligation to take up your burden.

Single Black Mother!

The Problem –

The problem is that many of you UK black women have never stepped up and taken responsibility for YOUR actions as a whole/collective. Everytime your feet have been held to the flames of accountability, you have always given the same return answer, “but you men”. But you men what? When you decided to all put weaves in your head top, that was YOUR DOING, that had nothing to do with us black men, that was your insecurity complex that had been goaded by the European man to make you believe that the European look was the better image and that your own hair was no good as it was.

The Model Set For Black Women Today!

The Weave

The Blonde Weave

You were suckered in by this propaganda, do not blame us for this. Be honest with yourselves for a change. The same charge goes for the stick on nails, the shaved heads, the fake eyelashes, the funky colours in your hair, the tattoos, the breast and buttock implants and the many random piercings you black women seem to be running to in your droves.

Typical Tattoo

Tongue Piercing!

Remember, your European cousins have been doing this sort of thing for the longest while and once upon a time you shunned all of the above. So what changed? You want to be accepted so badly by the European man, that is what has changed. Because he has given you an illusion of power and acceptance, you feel as if this is your home ticket to run the mile and bend over backwards for him in exchange for his temporary dainty treats which are laced with poison. That is entirely your decision but just remember, when the proverbial hits the fan, the brothers who warned you may not be around to save you, nuff said.

Illusion Of Power

The Current Situation –

So the current situation is this, we have women returning from the “road of independence” and we have women returning from the fast lane, date a thug/road brother path, and I must say that you black women in the UK are not pleased that we black men didn’t wait for you to return. However, before you thrown your toys out of the pram, let me ask you a question. Were we obligated to wait for you, and if so why? However, this hasn’t stopped you black women. Still rolling along wrong and strong, many of you decided that you were going to “teach us black men a lesson” for not waiting. So in your first declaration of revenge, many of you decided to cross over the fence and date your European cousins and men of other nationalities in an attempt to spite your fellow black brother, however you quickly saw that this was not working as many of us had been doing this anyway for a while during your “mission away”. It also didn’t help your cause that men on the whole from other nationalities just saw and still see you black women as sex tools and nothing more. As fast as you were dating men from other nationalities was as fast as they were kicking you to the curb once they had gotten their “piece of the action”.

Interracial Couple

Your next port of call was to run to the European mainstream media and complain that there were no good men around, however this stunt hasn’t really produced the desired effect for you either. Anything will do for you accept the obvious remedy of a sincere apology to us. Now Iphones and blackberrys have become your best friends all of a sudden. You black women in the UK make me laugh, it is like you have turned into bitter children playing with your toys. Your blackberry and your Iphones are so important, they especially come in handy when you see a brother getting on the train or bus and you embark on your mission for the rest of the journey not to look in his direction. Like clockwork and predictability that blackberry/iphone comes out of the bag or pocket, the ear phones go in and you begin to behave like a 5 years old who has just been handed a Nintendo DS.

A Black Woman’s Best Friend – The Iphone!

Lets Not Forget The Blackberry – Most Black Women Go Into A Coma Without One Of These!

The Solution –

Only when you black women are ready to be honest and admit your mistakes and wrong doings can we come together and begin to repair the breach between us. However for the moment it seems that you are more content to play with your electronic gadgets. When you are ready to stand in resposibility for YOUR ACTIONS AND YOUR WRONG DOINGS, then we can begin to move forward. When you are ready to stop playing your hard to get antics aswell as the rest of the foolish games you play, then we can make a new. When you are ready to put down the stang attitudes, the gold digging, the material evaluation, social and financial status politics, then we can walk together in unity. You have alot to answer for black women of the United Kingdom. Sadly, I believe that most of you will never come clean, be honest and turn over a new leaf, you will simply roll wrong and strong into your graves. Pride comes before destruction, remember that.

I as a black man have taken responsibility for my actions and have cut off those negative influences and sterotypes that affect black men. I have repented for my past mistakes and not mine only, but also for my fellow brothers and my forefathers before me as this cycle of negativity must be broken and somebody has to take responsibility. I have not blamed you women for the mistakes us men have made, I have acknowledged that we have messed up and in our areas of error, we as men have to change. As far as I am concerned with my bloodline, the foolishness and the silly antics that are associated with the so called Negro male stop with me. My future children will have nothing to do with my mistakes of the past.

Stop giving your men the cold shoulder, stop behaving arrogantly, start being warming and more welcoming to your men, stop taking liberties out of your men, stop taking your men for granted, start treating your men with respect instead of always trying to challenge them like you are involved in some sort of competition or running your mouth and trying to square up to your men and you wonder why some men will hand you down a whooping. Can you put down that iphone or blackberry for 5 minutes? Can you listen for once instead of motor mouthing off as per usual? Stop and deal with this subconscience hatred you have for your fellow brothers. You women with children, stop treating your sons with contempt because of that idiot of a baby father and teaching your daughters to hate men because of YOUR PAST ISSUES FROM YOUR IGNORANT CHOICES. Talking about how you are independent women, yet many of you are claiming benefits from the government and even living up in government properties. Others of you talk about independence but yet you will quickly run to the European man and his system without hesitation when you are in trouble and destitute. Where is the so called independence huh? Arrogant hypocrites, you are simply independent from your black men, not from men in total. By the way, that money you hold in your purse that you believe is giving you your independence is MAN MADE. So is that government that some of you are sponging off. Did you forget that the house or flat you live in was built by men, hmm? What about the very infrastructure that you live in, have you forgotten? Do you want me to continue? I’ll stop there for the sake of further embarrassment upon you.

However, as many of you who are trying to make some sort of wobbly, indirect return, there are those of you who hold so much pride that you have decided long ago to stick to your “independent” chosen path, even though you have seen that it has profited you little to nothing. But it doesn’t just stop there, not only do you carry a permanent chip on your shoulder but you also try and feed your poison to the women who have returned and even attempt your voodoo enchantments on women who have never left the fold and who are in successful relationships, some even married. As far as I am concerned, good riddens to you as you are a cancer to the rest of your kind. Remember, you made the wrong choices when you were young, you cannot blame anybody else but yourself but it is always easier for you to blame men isn’t it? You decided to remain in that unfruitful relationship, you decided to take the abuse your man was giving you, you decided to get pregnant by a pratt for a father, you were the one who decided that you wanted to have fun and “whore” yourself out. These are YOUR MISTAKES of the past, they do not belong to anybody else but yourself and if you cannot knuckle up and face this then to be honest, you are simply showing not only your fellow sisters around you but your brothers also that you have no character and nobody should really give you the time of day. Talking about “I’m an Independent Woman” as if it is something to be proud of, you should hold you head in shame when you make that sort of declaration. However, the perception managers can even make cow’s dung seem trendy over time with the right manipulation techniques and propaganda. A few catchy songs about “independence” and you were suckered in like a goat. Doesn’t take much to tickle your emotions, does it eh black woman? You also willingly contaminate yourself on a daily basis watching rubbish on television, especially soaps and dramas which promote men hating, adultery, harlotry, lesbianism, homosexuality, jealousy, envy, lust, greed, pride, bitterness etc, and you wonder why you act the way you do, why your mind is in such a messed up state and why your life is at such a stand still. Your new husband black women has become the state. Then some of you take it to the next level and play into this so called celebrity status because you watch your favourite stars on the box, copy them, and now for some reason you believe that you are like them and they are your friends. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, YOU DON’T KNOW THEM, THEY DO NOT KNOW YOU, WAKE UP!

I am actually surprised at how you black women on the whole have become cowards who are stunned and stumped into silence when presented with the very thing that you are after. When black men were chasing you down, participating in your games and waiting on you hand and foot, you played like the regal arrogant wretch and stuck your noses up to us in a typical show of pride and pomp. However, now that you have seen that a new breed of black man is arising who no longer tolerates your nonsense, you are in seriously desperate times. You have now lost the ability to approach men and talk to men because you have been so used to men approaching you.  You don’t even have to courage to ask a man for his phone number and you have no clue as to how to start a conversation with the same black men who chased you down the streets and broke their necks just to even share a short conversation with you. Oh, how the mighty black woman has fallen, fallen, fallen.

As for you black women who realised that you have been tricked by the European propaganda and have returned to your men with a sincere repentant heart, I take my hat off to you 1000 fold. You are all more precious than fine gold. This is much harder to do and it takes alot more courage to fess up to and admit your mistakes than continuing on the independent road of destruction. My message to you is this, as much as you have decided to decontaminate yourself from the lies and filth of the western culture and ideologies, find other sisters who share the similar desire to be set free and pull them out of the mire also. You women are the key to reversing this situation on your side. In doing this understand though that most of your fellow sisters are contaminated and actually enjoy the contamination of a western society and culture, so do not expect to convert your sisters in droves and do not cast your pearls before swine either. Ask the Most High for discernment in finding those like minded sisters aswell as the wisdom to recognise and walk away from the dead.

The sad factor here is that there is only one condition under which black people as a whole will come together……..PERSECUTION. You deluded black women who believe that somehow by magic you have been accepted by the European man and his system, you will come running back in high numbers when times really begin to get rough. The same also goes for you black men who are so desperate to be accepted by the white man and”fit in” to his fake reality, you too will also hop and skip back when times get tough. Remember where you heard it first.

UK black women, do not read this message wrongly, l love you to bits but I hate what you have become and I hope and pray that there are at least some of you out there who can begin to put down the reprobate foolishness, the dumb acts of harlotry, the wrong and strong attitudes and the arrogant personas so that we both can come to the table of reconciliation.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Most High

22 thoughts on “UK Black Women – I’m Calling You Out For Your Wild Antics And Foolish Behaviour!

  1. Greetings Verbs,

    I know i cannot speak for the black women in the UK, but this problem is big here in America. It’s a real big problem that really saddens me.

    I am fortunate to be around young black adults and have felt it in my heart to explain to them who they really are. for some reason I have it in my mind that If they knew who they are then their true great identity would spark racial pride and more unity. They need to be told and shown exactly who is the enemy. And I do that every chance I get. Not to make waves, but to clear the cluttered minds filled with lies and place truths there instead. I care about the future and I don’t want to see one more black person hating themselves or others like them.

    I do realize that there aren’t many who were raised like me. My family made it their business to expose the truth and since then I have always held my head up high. I learned to love my ppl, and was given more than enough reasons to do so. I have not ever wanted or desired anything other than a God fearing black husband to head my home and that’s how it’s been and will stay.

    I guess what I’m saying is I know how special we are. Yes, both black man and woman are truly special. Just take a look at our history and anyone can see just how much and many efforts, by any means necessary, the others have tried relentlessly to separate us and destroy our families. That within itself should speak volumes. Especially when this is still relevant today. But the real question is…WHY? When someone investigates this question, then loving your ppl isn’t as hard as ppl make it out to be. And on that note, I would like to encourage black men and women to wake up and realize who’s instigating these problems. Bottom line…We’re only hurting ourselves and helping those dirty ppl with their sick agendas.


    • I pretty much figured that this would be a common problem with black women within the western hemisphere and you have just confirmed my thoughts. It really is a sad state of affairs. I remember recently writing on a blog that the so called Negro has gotten too comfortable in the enemy’s house, and this is just one clear example of our people walking towards death and destruction while being oblivious to the dangers that lie ahead.

      As I later added to my blog, persecution is going to be the only cleanser for our people, to snap them out of their trance like state and bring us together as a collective. Persecution has worked before in doing this and even though the journey will be a rough one, this is needed as most of our people believe that they are in their rest. This is not the rest the Most High intended for the Hebrews, in fact far from it.


  2. Verbs I could not have said it better myslef and to the Sister who replied I applauad you for still loving a stiff necked people. I live in Uk and I have tried to reach out to some of my so called independent friends to no avail. If only they knew what was coming I do wonder would they change their tune get rid of their cats who they seem to love more than their own people and humble under a righteous man? If my eyes can be opened I’m sure others can be. Our Father has his chosen so I guess it’s up to us who are awake to try and reach out to the lost sheep whilst working out our own salvation.
    May our Father and His Son Bless you all


    • Hey Sis, its been a long while, hope you are doing well. Yep, we have a serious problem here in the UK with both our brothers and sisters. Most seem to be stuck in a deep trance of fantasy and are quite content to continue playing with themselves and their gadgets till the cows come home. I faced the horrible conclusion a long time ago that most of our people over here are going to perish horribly, however as you stated, there are others of our people out there who are looking for truth and who are willing for their eyes to be opened. They are the ones we are to look for. Ahayah Bless you.


  3. This article is so powerful and well iterated my brother..I soaked it all in being a young brother in america that sees the product of the poison fed to our people for so long every time I step out. But it’s especially evident in our females and their unapproachable attitudes. I recall being around girls I had an attraction to in the past only to become jaded by the most standoffish – irritated vibes you could imagine.. Sure enough, they are content to stare into their cell phones and chew gum at this point.

    But the main thing that led me to leave feed back on this post is the point you made about Our Hebrew brothers and sisters uniting due to persecution…I strongly agree with your statement, and a review of not so distant history easily proves this to be fact, which is why I beleive that at least one of the white power structures “ace in the holes” , so to speak, is and will be to keep us divided and give us an over all illusion of equality in this nation so that we wont know who our enemy really is.

    From blood to crip , to democrate and republican, to class warfare, light skinned againt dark skinned, red against blue…You name it. Thats how they got us to hate and kill each other in the first place.. To divide us.. I echo your statement …As bad as it may sound,a return to strong persecution is the ONLY thing that will wake our lost brothers and sisters up..but seeing how some of them act thses days I sometimes find myself doubting that even that would work.
    Mz. Mazani , I find your comments touchin as well.. My the Most High be with you all.. bless


    • Thankyou for the kind words bro. Yep, we have the same problems with the majority of the Hebrew sisters over here as the sisters in the States, arrogance and a self centered attitude. First and foremost the majority of them do not know that they are Hebrews and then to top off the problem, they are trying so desperately to amalgamate with the European man and his system.

      Yes, only persecution will bring us together but only a minority of us. Most of our people are too far gone and contaminated, however it is up to us to bring those who are seeking truth and the light out from the fire. As you know, this message is for the few, not for the many. I do have some hope though, the message is getting out there and more and more of our people are rediscovering their lost heritage and who they really are at an ever increasing rate and hence why Edom is quickening the pace with his plans for world dominance.


      • Well there is Divine Retribution taking place as we speak, our Hebrew Family in Nigeria are in Danger… America is going in for the Ultimate Bloodbath and I know they didn’t put it on CNN…


      • Nigeria is a very volatile country to be in at the moment. As for the other side of the pond, America must initiate this war with Iran in order for itself to be destroyed. Our people are in serious trouble, the scriptures talked about this time in Jeremiah 30:7 which reads:

        30:7 Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it:it is even THE TIME OF JACOB’S TROUBLE, but HE SHALL BE SAVED OUT OF IT.

        30:8-11 are very comforting verses for the Hebrews which read:

        30:8 For it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD of hosts, that I WILL BREAK HIS YOKE FROM OFF THY NECK(The yoke of the European man that we have been carrying since slavery), and will burst thy bonds, and strangers SHALL NO MORE SERVE THEMSELVES OF HIM:

        30:9 But they shall serve the LORD their God, and David their king, whom I will raise up unto them(Christ/Yashayah).

        30:10 Therefore fear thou not, O my servant Jacob, saith the LORD; neither be dismayed O Israel:for,lo, I WILL SAVE THEE FROM AFAR, AND THY SEED FROM THE LAND OF THEIR CAPTIVITY; and Jacob shall RETURN, and shall be in REST, and be QUIET, and none shall make him afraid.

        30:11 For I AM WITH THEE, saith the LORD, TO SAVE THEE:though I make a full end of all nations whither I have scattered thee, yet will I not make a full end of thee: but I will correct thee in measure, and will not leave thee altogether unpunished.

        It is time to batten down the hatches as things are going to get pretty rough from here on out but the Most High is with us and he will help us through these rough times.


      • I think your article is very interesting and although most women might find it offensive, I commend you for telling it as it is. Unfortunately, for myself and a small group of women whom I have gravitated to over the years, we must have been caught in the cross-fire of both the sexes. Some of us, now in our early 30’s, not married and no kids are still waiting for that Mr. Right Black Man. We know that there is now a huge disconnection between the sexes but we would like to believe (and hope) we do not fall under this category of Black woman (as we are aware of these characters!). We are not perfect and probably did fall into some of the stereo typical behavior you describe and got sucked into the “Independent Woman” era BUT always still wanted that Mr. Right Black Man. Maybe in hindsight not really knowing what the characteristics of Mr. Right Black man actually was. During the 90’s, African-American music was rampant and maybe some women were waiting for that man that was described by the likes of Jodeci, H-Town or Jagged Edge to come and whisk us off our feet and meet them at the alter when we really should have been paying more attention to what was happening on home turf. And when realizing that the leather clad Man with delicious Black skin was not coming to rescue us, we wake up from our day dream and all war has broken loose! Now, some women I know have given up and are looking at other races, some are still hanging on in there, albeit that it ‘seems’ we are left with the undesirables (Black men with no ambition, drive, spiritual connection etc). What do Good UK Black Women do? We do not want to turn into angry “black women” because I believe a lack of love, affection and sex can do that to you!…..?????


      • The sad thing is that I have written this blog from watching some of the people I used to hang around with, over a period of time. The problem here also is that the black male has also been destroyed and emasculated beyond recognition. Most black men you will run into today are a bunch of chicken neck, effeminate pratts who have been taught by the media that this is the way to act and to be in order to “get the girl”. There are still some good black men out there but the problem is that they are being swamped out at an increasingly rapid rate by the dreggs and the scum.

        To be honest, the future is not looking good for our people in this country. Do not be afraid into looking outside of your own camp at your second, third, fourth options etc. Such is the severe damage and the gulf among our men and women, that there may not be another choice and looking into other nationalities may now have to be brought forward as an option and seriously considered. The problem is this western culture, which contaminates most people it comes into contact with. My first choice as always is black women, however as with the black men, decent black women are becoming a rare breed because of the contaminated women.

        It may be a case where you may have to go international, with the possibility of moving to a different location. I mean, the way the UK is at the moment with people losing their jobs left, right and center coupled with there being few decent men and women left of our people, that is a very plausible option. I dated a woman from the Dominican Republic for 2 years and it was great. I would travel out there every 2 to 3 months and we would speak regularly on the phone and via email. I had to call it off though because things came up here whereby I couldn’t go back there for a very long time. We are still friends though, she is like an extension of my family. The whole world is your oyster, not just where you live.

        I have a friend in the States who is currently dating a woman from Colombia who he is looking to marry soon and she is looking at the option of moving to where he is. Me and him have had very long discussions of how western women on the whole in general have been heavily contaminated and destroyed by the western culture. However, the women in third world countries for the most part still desire the core basics that women in the west used to strive for, love, marriage and a family.

        You are right, a lack of love, sex and affection is not good thing in the slightest and can bring out the ugly side in both black women and black men. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box on this issue, nobody can blame you for bringing in other options that you may have held in the back for use as emergency measures only. Such is the position that you have now been placed in. The other issue for black women is the time factor which is all the more reason why thinking outside of the box and bringing in other options may be a better choice to begin to look at seriously.

        I say this because we can already foresee where this is going and that more and more of our men and women will happily contaminate and destroy themselves for this system, therefore it is better to make plans now in preparation for the inevitable down the road.


  4. You are right, looking outside the box is something that has been discussed in depth with my group of female friends. I did date a guy from the States once, but I believe long distance relationships only work in the short-term and with a long-term plan i.e. eventually moving to your partner’s country. Trying to find someone who is on a similar (at least) mental plane as you is somewhat challenging. Wow – is this what it has come to?! I have had a lot of advancements from white men (in particular) but having a dual-heritage child is not what I really want as it is more of a responsibility in regards to educating them about both their parentage etc. Black men might find it easier to find women from other nationalities or countries but its different for Black women. Who for us can fill the shoes of a real Black Patriarch? I guess he’s not coming and its time to move on.

    On a more positive note I find your blogs very informative so keep up the good work! It’s appreciated.


    • Indeed, the long term measure is to relocate under a long distance relationship. Tell me about it, I fully understand your pain in trying to connect mentally with someone of the the same calibre. It is not impossible to find that person, however it is the task of swimming through the dreggs and the contaminated reprobates first that will take the most energy out of you and leave you disheartened. To be honest, I am so ashamed at what the black man in the UK has turned into. It just makes me sick everytime I think about it and look at my brothers in the streets. I wish I could bestow better words of encouragement on this situation, however the truth must be told prior to comforting words.

      That man for you is out there somewhere, I wouldn’t completely write off the situation but being honest, this is the classic “trying to find the needle in the haystack” scenario and as time goes on, more and more men become contaminated and conform to the nonsense of this western culture and thus the search becomes even harder.

      To be honest, I want to have my nubian queen also, however evaluating the condition of most black women in the UK today, I have had to seriously review my options and bring forward and dust off some emergency options in the archive section. Remember, you can still have what you want, you just may have to work it from a different angle.

      You are definitely right when you say that the situation is alot easier for black men to find a woman of a different heritage than it is for black women to cross the fence. It is made a little easier for black women if the woman doesn’t already have any children. So, I wouldn’t say conclusively that your chocolate brother will not come, but we have to face the facts of what has become of our people.

      My second choice is Latina and mixed heritage joint. However, there are Negroes in Latin America so I may look into that option first if I am forced to play my emergency deck.


    • Thanks for the compliment. I just thought that it was about time for me to come out and share what fragments of truth and knowledge I had gathered so far, with other like minded people.


    • This is a joke. First of all if you continue to listen to men who exploit women for sex worldwide then you will certainly be misled once again. Just stop having sex with strangers and ask God who has no partners to give you a husband who is fit for you. Nonsense that so called Black men can marry outside their race but “Black” women lack the self esteem to do so. It is actually very easy to find a great patriarch if one is chaste.


  5. The music of which you speak of (Who run the world- Girls) was written to invoke a demonic spirit over women. It is with those demonic spirits a woman becomes a man slayer.

    The Bible constantly reminds men to avoid whorish women but that seems to be the type of women most prevalent and celebrated (Beyonce, Rihanna etc) and that is the kind of woman listening to today’s modern music has produced.

    I think of the women who are in the neighborhood I grew up in. What was once a nice neighborhood until the government closed the housing projects and allowed people to take their government vouchers else where (i.e. regular neighborhoods) Any who back on subject. The women are for lack of a better word- trashy. They have multiple kids by multiple no good men. They refuse to get education, work or do anything productive. One day they are shaving all their hair off (destroying their crown and glory) then the next they are sporting a cheap weave ( foreign attachments). I think that this behavior speaks of their double minded ways. I however have to endure dirty looks from these women because I cannot/do not choose their path. Personally I’d rather die. Any Black woman (US, UK etc) needs to take to heart Provers 31. These women’s illegitimate children are minors yet they already curse them when a virtuous woman’s children rise up and call her blessed. These women chose thugs which they mistook for men to father their children and sadly the children have to suffer. The children are growing up impoverished and do not even bear their father’s last name. Yet these woman walk the street ( not ride but walk- because despite the fact they are strippers or are claiming they got some baller locked with their good Pu$$y- they are dead broke) singing Beyonce’s anthem of how Girls run the world and claiming they are independent. Really- if that is independent I will remain codependent all of my natural life.

    Men lay with these women and then they are out because they are “nothing but hoes” not realizing that they now have the spirit of the harlot on them. That allows the Ahab spirit (weakness/ emasculated) and the Jezebel spirit to reign upon them. So while this men may “hit it and quit it” they now have a demonic spirit that will grip them. That spirit is transferred to other women they sleep with and those women transfer the spirit on. Soon our families are destroyed and children grow up thinking it is the norm to have a baby daddy or baby mama.

    As far as finding a good man or woman we people must remember in the same way God brought together man and woman in the beginning, He continues to still do that. Marriage is not a cure for loneliness but how Yhvh God intended to show the relationship we are to have with Him. Marriage was created by God and unless you allow Him to orchestrate this union in your life you cannot have true unity and peace.

    To my sister’s who have made the choice to have children outside of marriage let me point out a few things to you. For one it is NEVER to late to change. You need to change to please God not for self or a man. I have a excellent friend who had her first child out of marriage. She turned her life over to the Lord and now has a wonderful husband, they are financially stable with a beautiful home, and a child of their own. He adores her first child. They are so in love after years of marriage. I believe God blessed her because she sincerely changed. As long as a woman plays the harlot she is choosing to be out of God’s will. Refer to the biblical story of Gomer. She was a harlot whom the prophet Hosea married at God’s command. This story illustrates how God loves us while we are sinners and how far he’d go to save us. Despite her whoring ways the man of God stuck to God’s command and loved her. She finally changed and submitted to her husband. No matter how far down the road you are God loves you and can bring you back. You must come to God repentant and there are countless blessing in store. Anyway check out Romans 10:9-10 and 1st Corinthians 13. While you’re at it read more of God’s word aka the Bible (please avoid the NIV version). Christ’s love and mine.

    P.S. Stay away from the music of harlot’s- you can’t just listen to the beat. The spirit permeates your mind and soul.


    • I agree with what you have stated in relation to the devilish spirits attached to music and their influence on people. After all, Satan was once a music leader in heaven and it makes perfect sense that he would use this tool to corrupt and destroy man where once he used his talents to glorify the Most High.

      We also have to remember that in pointing out the errors of our sisters, that we do not become high minded and arrogant to the point where all we do is lay out their errors but offer back no real solutions in return. You have to realise that with some of these women, this trend of destruction has been past down from generation to generation. For some women, this is all they know. However, I would agree with you that they do have a mind and can at least think and thus have the capacity to at least question the trends that are being presented to them.

      Before we take our sisters to Proverbs 31, we must first take them to Deuteronomy 28:15-68, showing them the curses that our people suffered as a result of disobedience to the Most High’s commandments. By relating these curses to our people, they can now begin to make sense and put the pieces together as to why black people are suffering the worst in the earth. Then we can restore to them their true heritage and history and show them that they are the true Hebrews(not Gentiles) according to the bible and that our time at the bottom is soon coming to an end. The beginning of reversing this trend is showing our sisters that they come from royal Hebrew stock and they were once a regal people of law.

      I agree that it is time for black women to start holding themselves accountable for their actions. This nonsense has gone on for long enough, though I know that it will be individual black women scattered here and there in small numbers who will repent from this life of destruction. In fact, many of our sister are realising that they have been lead up the garden path and taken for a ride. Hope lies in them, not the ride or die unrepentant ignorant women who love their path of destruction and are quite happy to perish for it.

      You are right, the Most High does continue to bring good men and women together, however it is still up to the individual to get up and start searching, it isn’t going to happen with the person sitting on their backside. Remember Proverbs 18:22 which reads:

      18:22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

      In order to find you have to be looking and in order to be looking you must be active. When I was in the grip of the institutional church beast system, I was told that God would just magically bring my woman to me. Obviously, this turn out to be a load of crap and nonsense as I am still single today. The institutional church beast plays a good part in pretending to hold all of the answers, but really it is just a Trojan horse, an empty vessel.

      One thing that you have to realise is that the world’s idea of what marriage is, is very different to what the scriptures constitute is a marriage. Walking down an isle in a fancy dress and a suit and saying “I Do” is NOT marriage according to the scriptures. As a result of this misconception, the term “sex before marriage” or “sex outside of marriage” as been misused rampantly by the church to keep folks in a state of fear and panic and make them think that them having sex with their loved one is a sin if they have not gone through “the world’s procedure and understanding of marriage” beforehand. I have dealt with this topic under what the scriptures say physical fornication really is and not what the pastors say:

      If I have a girlfriend and choose to sleep with her, I am still within the scriptural boundaries of what constitutes as a marriage. The sexual union is the marriage, not the ceremony. In times past the wedding always proceeded the marriage that had already taken place through consummation. This is how the bible lays it out, the world however has it backwards deliberately so that it can make money from it. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to prove me wrong.

      I agree generally that our people need to return to the Most High with a repentant heart as he is the God that brought our blood forefathers out of Egypt. However, the common institutional church beast rhetoric and mantras are not going to cut it. Using examples of other people who went through similar experiences in the scriptures is not going to cut it. Saying that God loves us and can bring us back from destruction, which is true, is not going to cut it either. A person’s walk with the Most High is an individual walk and we must be careful that we do not try to take on the job of the Holy Spirit and apply a force induced conviction process on people. Our job as servants is to plant the seeds and move on to new ground, the Most High does the rest.

      Our job is to show our people who they really are by blood according to the scriptures and then restore to them their true history and heritage. The bible is the records of our people, it is not a book of religion nor was it supposed to be taught that way. We must first show our people their history within the book and show them why we are in this bottom of the barrel state. Then we have to show our people that the JewISH people who live in Israel today are not the blood descendants of the biblical Hebrews and that the Hebrews were never of European descent, they were and have always been of Negroid descent.

      By starting off with these things, our people can now begin to look on the bible as their own and not from an outsider’s perspective. We must start bringing real solutions to the table, not just fancy mantras and mountain piles of scriptures with no understanding. People want real answers and real solutions, I know this first hand as this is what I sought after in the institutional church beast system and didn’t find any.


  6. I agree sexual union makes a marriage. However, to have sex with a woman and dismiss her because you are sick of her is not of God. When he created man and his wife, He gave man one wife. When a man chose to have sex it was for a life partnership. He went to the woman’s father (or male that was in control of the family) and took her into his tent to consummate the marriage. Divorce (sexing and dumping a woman) isn’t of God. God hates divorce and makes it clear you are not to take a wife and dismiss her. All this hopping from bed to bed isn’t of God and as long as it doesn’t conflict with God’s law we are to obey the laws of the land so I support legal marriage. God never wanted mankind to have government but since man insisted on a king we are now stuck with the beast called government. Besides if a person chooses not to have sex they avoid unplanned pregnancy and STD’s. All we do in our lives should glorify God.

    As far as understanding scripture one merely must open up the book. I have never been led astray by reading the word of God but rather by merely listing to another person try and tell me what scripture says. Even If I break scripture down it is ultimately the Holy Spirit who will lead the person into knowledge of what I am trying to say.

    As far as challenging anyone I don’t waste my time anymore with foolishness. I follow the great commission in which we are to fish for mens souls and lead them to Christ- not war against our brothers. Why fight a person when you are playing for the same team? I have long broken from the traditional church as I feel it is clearly a beast against Yhvh God. If you tell Biblical truth in a traditional church you are generally ostracized. Evil loves to mask itself behind a noble face. The “church” is good at doing this.

    Peace and Blessings!


    • In your first paragraph, I agree with everything that you have stated except the endorsement of legal marriage. The marriage licence issued by governments and local authorities is a very dangerous document and by obtaining one, you have now automatically replaced the Most High as the head of your marriage instead with the government. There are other equally hazardous stipulations that a marriage licence encroaches on your life, for example, now if the government does not like the way that you are raising your children(if you have any), they can come in at any time and take them away from you. That is one of the terms and conditions of a government/local authority issued marriage licence, your children are no longer your own, but to be honest, the transfer of child ownership from parent to state occurs at the point of registration and the birth certificate(which is another long story within itself).

      As for your second paragraph, I agree with you 100% and can pretty much say the same thing, that listening to so called men who have been placed in very influential positions of power and who purport to “know the word” is pretty much where I derailed when I was in the church. Looking back, I can confidentially say that the sermons and so called “words of wisdom” that are preached by the majority of pastors are worth nothing more that use for the toilet. We are absolutely supposed to allow the Spirit to give us the understanding of the scriptures, Christ even confirmed that “the Spirit would bring us into all truth” and John further confirmed this by stating that the anointing within us would teach us and that no man was needed.

      Your walk with the Most High is your individual walk, however the walk is not supposed to be a comfortable one and challenges will arise, this is how we grow in the Most High. I wasn’t challenging you out of some kind of competition if you didn’t believe me, it would just have simply been a concrete confirmation for yourself that the sexual union is the marriage, not the ceremony and that the world has reversed this order simply for filthy lucre’s sake.

      Lastly YHVH is not the name of the God of the Hebrews, the God that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses served and the God who sent his son Christ to earth to redeem his people. Where did you get YHVH from? These guys gave you YHVH as the name of the God:

      Since we know from their history that they are not the descendants of the biblical Hebrews, that they converted to Judaism on mass in the 8th century, that they used to live in the Caucasus Mountain region of Europe, the fact that they are pretending to be the real Jews and the fact that Christ called out these same people as the Synagogue of Satan in Rev 2:9 and 3:9, how could these folks give us the name of the Most High from the scriptures and a history that has nothing to do with them whatsoever? Answer, they cannot. The Most High gave Moses his name in Exodus 3:14 to give to the children of Israel and furthermore he stipulated this would be his name forever in Exodus 3:15. I AM THAT I AM does not translate into YHVH, YAHWEY, YEHOVAH, YEHAWA or any other derivative of that nature in the ancient Hebrew, I AM THAT I AM translates to AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH in the paleo Hebrew or AHAYAH/AHYAH meaning I AM for short. When you do your research, you will quickly discover that YHVH is a name that is interchangeable with Baal which is also interchangeable with Metatron.

      Not surprisingly as YHVH is the “JEWISH” national name for God, however since they do not know the God of the Hebrews, which “god” are they referring to? Do some research, you will be quite surprised. Remember, there is no such term as “Jewish” in the scriptures. Also, I encourage you to youtube “Conspiracy 101 The Aryan And The Rabbi”(I believe that there are 5-6 parts) and the rabbi will tell you blatantly which “god” these JewISH people really serve.

      It is always a blessing to dialogue with you and others who have seen the light on the institutional church beast system and who have truly been set free by following the Most High for themselves individually as the walk with him is supposed to be. Feel free and welcome to pass through here anytime as it is good to hear what fragments of truth different people have discovered.

      Ahayah Bless


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