The Animal Fat/Cholesterol/Saturated Fat Conspiracy – Short Facts!

For 1000s of years man has survived on a diet of mostly animals, vegetables and fruits and hasn’t had a pinch of the problems that the modern man of today suffers from in terms of health. Man until recently had lived on a high fat/saturated fat, high protein diet, the fats and the proteins coming from the meats and fish he ate and the the fibre and sugars coming from the fruits and vegetables he chose to consume and guess what, he had no health issues to be concerned about. So what has changed?

Around the 1980s growing up in the UK I remember a campaign that began to pick up steam in which it was deemed that animal fats and saturated fats were bad for a person’s health and that there was evidence that a high fat diet lead to heart disease and heart attacks. I remember when my mother used to make chips for me, out would come a large block of lard, a portion would be cut off and placed into the frying pot, melted and next in went the cut potatoes. However, over the late 80s to early 90s my mother began to replace the lard with vegetable oil, not my mother only but most people began also to follow in these same foot steps. All of a sudden vegetable oils were popping up all over supermarkets and animal fats such as lard and beef dripping began to dissappear from off the shelves.

At the same time I also began to notice that people were beginning to gain pot bellies more than usual and put on alot of excess weight. The high fat diet man used to have was being replaced by a diet low in fats and high in carbohydrates and processed sugars. A typical breakfast of scambled eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread and fried tomatoes cooked in animal fats and full fat milk was being replaced by high processed cereal grains and skimmed milk. What on earth is going on? Could this be a reason why so many people are putting on weight? Allow me to give you a short breakdown of the conspiracy(yep, you guessed it again) surrounding this topic.

There was NEVER EVER ANYTHING WRONG WITH ANIMAL FATS. I will repeat that sentence again so that it can sink in well, there was NEVER EVER ANYTHING WRONG WITH ANIMAL FATS. Yes, you have just read correctly and THERE STILL IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ANIMAL FATS, EVEN TODAY. We have been lied to. As you have probably gathered from following these short conspiracy blogs that I have been posting, the motive behind a conspiracy always leads back to the main culprit and usual suspect……………………………………….MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what is the deal with vegetable oil and how does the body deal with it? Quite frankly, vegetable oil is poisonous and toxic to the body. You see, your body was able to recognise and deal with the animal fats coming into your system as the molecule structure of animal fats is a naturally occurring block which the body can deal with easily, plus there has been no artificial refinement processes involved to bring you this type of fat molecule. Thus rather than storing much of this type of fat, MOST OF IT WOULD BE USED AND BURNED OFF AS ENERGY.

With vegetable oils, the process to extract the oil out of the vegetable is a highly artificial process which results in a molecule that the body cannot recognise, thus the system does not know how to deal with this artificial fat molecule so it stores it as fat. Now some people have an efficient bodily system where fat is burned off quickly, so as this unknown fat molecule comes in, it is quickly dispached again to be used as energy. However with others, the process of dispatching the fat to be burned is slower than the fat coming in at whatever speed, and thus this type of person begins to put on weight. If you squeeze a corn cob or put it in a blender, you will not get oil from it. This goes for every other type of plant oil on the market except for olive oil and coconut oil. These are really the only 2 safe plant oils to use if you are going to use any plant oils at all.

Extracting oil from coconuts and olives is a simple operation and does not involve a complicated extraction process and because of this, the fat molecule can be recognised by the body and dealt with efficiently. These are really the best oils that people should use, unfiltered, cold pressed olive oil for cold dishes and dressings because this type of oil does not have a high smoking point and breaks down easily under heat, thus it is no good for cooking. However coconut oil has a high smoking point and is ideal for cooking and roasting with. Make sure you use raw non GMO, cold pressed coconut oil, there are alot of hydrogenated coconut oils on the market which should be avoided at all costs. Hydrogenated simply means that the product has been pre heated to an extremely high temperature and thus the producted has been DEnatured, is no good to the body, in fact it has now become poisonous and toxic. Next time you are at the supermarket, check the ingredients on a random number of items and you will see that alot of the products contain hydrogenated vegetable oil ie trans fats which are bad for the body.

Many companies are now advertising that they do not use hydrogenated oils in their products to try and make themselves look like a “healthier option” in the eye of the consumer, however they are still using oils that have been derived from a high complex extraction process, oils that the body doesn’t recognise and thus cannot deal with and oils which are highly toxic and poisonous. “Made With Sunflower Oil” is one of the most common slogans I am seeing on alot of products displayed on the supermarket shelves. I can think of one particular company that makes crisps that I believe is currently running with the above slogan at the present, but then when you know about the oil that they are using to make the product, the above claim means nothing.

It also turns out that a low cholesterol diet is linked with infertility, so any couples out there who are struggling to have children, if you are on a low fat diet, this is not helping your situation. Hmmm, low cholesterol, infertility, doesn’t that fit in nicely to the elite’s population reduction program? I wonder if this is a coincidence?????? I’ll leave it to you all to make up your own minds. By the way, there is no link between high cholesterol and heart disease, however there are links with the propaganda of high cholesterol and heart disease and companies selling you “low cholesterol” products. Remember, its always about the money.

Isn’t that funny, everytime we are told that something is bad for our health, there always just happen to be companies “waiting in the wings” with a so called “healthier alternative”. When animal fats were demonised and sent down to the bottomless pit during the 80s and 90s, there just happened to be the vegetable oil companies lined up with their non animal fat oils which they claimed were “healthy”. Then there was the demonisation of butter and yet again there were companies waiting in the wings with their alternatives of magarine and sunflower oil spreads. By the way magarine is 1 micro away from plastic. I also remember eggs getting a thorough grilling in the media and people being told to cut down on them and to not eat them raw. This was coupled with the salmonella scare which to be honest looking back I believe was more based in fear than in actual reality. Now that the mainspin media is harping on about lowering your cholesterol and low and behold the same phenomena, a bunch of companies just happen to waiting with their low cholesterol products ready to “help us lower our cholesterol and get healthy”.

How long are we going to be suckered in time after time by these tricks, scams and cons that are used on us again and again and again? Isn’t it time that we all started reasoning for ourselves and putting 2 and 2 together without any assistance?

As for me, I’m going back to using coconut oil, butter and beef dripping for cooking, frying and roasting food. Your body needs fat, your brain needs fat, children especially need all the natural fats that they can get to make sure that their brains develops properly, FAT IS BRAIN FOOD. It is not suprising then that the governments of the world have waged wars against your brainfood. Why do we even still listen to what they say when we know they cannot be trusted?

I think that the most surprising and revealing aspect of this short investigation was the link between a low fat diet and infertility, it was when this nugget of truth was revealed, that is when all the pieces began to fall into place symmetrically. Men, your reproductive system needs fat and if it doesn’t get plenty of it, you will be firing blanks. The same applies to you also women, your reproductive system also requires plenty of natural fats. Quite frankly put, if you engage in a low fat diet, you are in actual fact STERILISING YOURSELF and thus reducing your ability to have children . Remember, the technique for dealing with government propaganda and recommendations is simple, DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO DO.

Notice that any foods that contains fat or protein have been attacked to the hilt at some point in recent times by our “caring” governments: eggs, milk, butter, lard, chicken, nuts, red meat, fish and many others. Protein is mainly for strength, building and repairing muscle tissue and fat is for energy, a healthy reproductive system, a healthy heart, a good and healthy cardiovascular system and other important functions including BRAIN FOOD. Hmmmm, so take away the energy and the strength from any man or woman and they become easy picking for certain evil individuals. I’ll leave it down to you to do the math.

By the way on the margarine front, one of my close friends conducted an experiment where he placed a small portion of margarine and a small portion of butter in his garden to see what would happen. Before the end of the day, the butter was covered in all kinds of creatures and creepy crawlies but do you think that any of these garden creatures touched the margarine……………………………………………………………..NO! Now isn’t that telling us something? So you have to ask yourself the question, what the heck is margarine really?????????

For more information on this issue I encourage folks to watch a great documentary called FatHead which goes into more depth. I just wanted to give folks here a basic understanding as to what the real deal is in relation to animal fats and cholesterol. Here is a link to the DVD on Amazon:

And here is a youtube link to a trailer on the documentary:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Most High Our Heavenly Father

17 thoughts on “The Animal Fat/Cholesterol/Saturated Fat Conspiracy – Short Facts!

  1. Very interesting. Well no more oil for me. By the way, is crisco lard ok to use? Any lard good for cooking?


    • Lard is also excellent for cooking, just make sure that the lard does not contain additives, is from naturally(preferably organically) raised stock and it is unbleached. Crisco I believe is not lard, it is a “vegetable” product, therefore it contains trans fats which are deadly to your health. Funny you should mention this as I conducted a google search on Crisco and found this very interesting article:

      Since Crisco is from an illuminati/freemasonry company called Proctor And Gamble, I would stay away from the product all together. I used to drink Lucozade until I found out that it was made by the big pharma company GlaxcoSmithKline, the same bunch who tried to peddle dodgy contaminated swine flu vaccines to the public, not that any vaccine is good to begin with anyway. If you can source lard from a farmer’s market or source some organic unbleached lard, that would be the best way to go. We simply have to reverse the clock.

      When I used to use vegetable oil, I used to get spots appear immediately after eating the food that I’d just cooked in it, this was my body going into war mode to get that vegetable oil out of my system. I have absolutely no problems with beef dripping, coconut oil, olive oil and lard.


    • I totally agree with everything you have stated sir, I just want to give people a basic foundation from which they can launch off and conduct their own research hence the title “short facts”. I’ve check through the links that you have posted and it comes as no surprise to me whatsoever. We have been lied to on so many levels. Much appreciated for the extra information.


  2. Since I don’t know where to send my comments to you, I’ll just take a chance and leave it here. I don’t know if you are aware of just how important this site has become to me and I’m sure there are many others who feel the same. I’ve noticed you haven’t posted for awhile and even though you may be going through some things, I don’t know, but I pray for you and your loved ones.
    I just want you to know that your posts are missed. God has blessed you with a voice to pass on very important messages and knowledge to others. I know you are in the UK and God has blessed little old me in the USA; The state of Louisiana, in fact, to be touched by your posts.
    I’m not crazy, but I love and live by truth. And God is that and more, which makes me welcome your posts or lessons, as I call them.—Thank you for your time, knowledge and patience.—————–Ms. Mizani.


    • No worries. Yes, I did have a few issues come up but new posts are on the way. Once again, thank you for your support and prayers and hold tight, Verbs is back in action.

      Ahayah Bless You


  3. Well, this is a sure way to heart problems. Simply is complete and utter non sense. I am 100% vegan, live off 25 grams of plant protein per day and will go to the olympic trials for swimming one day. Now your telling me there is nothing wrong with animal fat? This is the cause of obesity, its not just processed food. Ever heard of dietary cholesterol? It will kill your heart. Also from eating all this animal protein, you are putting your body in an acidic state, and draining calcium from your bones. Look at the real science instead of these delusions inside your head. There is also a lining on the inside of your arteries that keeps plaque from forming, when you are eating high fat and high protein animal products, it slowly destroys this lining, but there have been experiments where after the subjects were on a plant based diet, their lining healed and they were in much better cardiovascular health. Eating meat will do nothing good in the long run for you. It is just a high calorie food that the brain tries to get more and more of similar to processed food.


    • Yes sir, you continue with that “vegan” diet of yours in conjuction with your swimming trials and one day your brain will shut down permanently. It is called a stroke sir, have you ever heard of a stroke before sir? Firstly, it should be pointed out and made clear to you that the link between animal fats, dangerous levels of cholesterol and heart disease HAS NEVER BEEN PROVEN ON THE SCIENTIFIC LEVEL. You believe that this link has been proven only because of the constantly repeated propaganda put out there by the mainstream media. There is no scientific link between cholesterol and heart disease, to put it in basic English, the animal fat equals heart disease propaganda is all bollocks, and you have fallen for it hook, line and sinker._

      Your brain is made of cholesterol and so are your cells, ie they need cholesterol to function at optimum levels. You start to starve yourself of cholesterol and you are asking for trouble and an early grave. So no, it is you who needs to get with the modern up to date “science” and not parrot off what has been told to you by others, believing it to be true without conducting any form of independent research yourself. This to me qualifies as delusional sir, repeating utter rubbish without questioning it or conducting your own research on the matter. The whole reason why people are suffering more from heart attacks and strokes today is because of this low fat = healthier living rubbish PR that has been spewed forth by certain fellows who make a living off this and other scientific errors.

      Heart attacks and strokes were unheard of until people began to drop the animal fat in place of the alternative crud that has been put out there and peddled as “healthy”. This is the real science, the real facts and the real history mac, not the rubbish you are spouting. That lining inside your arteries you talked about is destroyed by CARBOHYDRATES bub, not by animal fats, think again. I will not disagree with you, a plant based diet has its benefits but it is not a long term solution, it should be done only for the short term. COQ 10 only exists in meat, plus quite a few other essential nutrients that the body needs. Plant based diets are dangerous in the long term and I will not be recommending them as an alternative lifetime solution.

      Also, you talk about calcium drainage is utter nonsense, if you want to drain calcium from your body then you continue on your high sugar, high carb vegan diet(because that is what vegan diets normally consist of). You also need to conduct some reasonably basic research on cholesterol away from the commercial sources as you seem to have little or no idea of the importance of cholesterol in the diet and the dangers that begin to come into play if you start to cut cholesterol out.


      • You are seriously delusional and also like to draw conclusions based on your own ignorance. If an elephant was standing a foot in front of you, you would probably deny it was there. Go ahead though, eat all the chicken wings, steaks and cheese you want. Really, go ahead


      • If you are going to come here and present me with some counter facts then well, however if you are just going to roll into an emotional rant then kindly keep it moving please.

        Yes, I will continue to consume organic chickens, organic steaks, organic cheeses, organic coconut oil etc, I will continue to use my own reasoning and thinking faculties, I will continue to expose the lies that we have been told however, I will not continue to allow myself to be brainwashed by a media who have proven that they are untrustworthy time and time again and I most certainly will not be their parrot piece, repeating and uphold their lies and propaganda.

        Since you feel comfortable adhering to the lies and propaganda pushed forward by the mainstream media, then so be it for yourself, however do not expect me to follow your footsteps in your blind path of folly and stupidity.


    • It is indeed time to decontaminate ourselves from the lies that we have been fed and start to ask real questions.


  4. I watched fat head the other night. A couple minutes into the film I thought, oh this guy works for the fast food companies. But I gave it a chance, as biased as I was, by the end of the film I was in complete astonishment. If what this movie was saying was true, then I had been lied to my whole life. Literally fed shit by the corn oil industries. After the film I went out and bought a big slab of bacon. Replaced my “healthy bread,” at breakfast with 2 pieces of bacon. Honestly since I have been eating more animal fat i am feeling more alert. Fat head opened the door to me. Yes the truth does hurt and even after becoming aware to this it’s hard not to buy into the low fat scam, but its all about baby steps. First step is no more margarine, low fat microwave dinners or zero fat creamers.


    • Yeah, we have all been suckered in by this low fat nonsense. I was a vegetarian before I watched Fathead and the same thing that happened to Naughton happened to me aswell, I put on a pile of weight because of the carbs. I broke my vegetarian regime with a fat juicy organic steak and I haven’t look back ever since.

      I now only use coconut oil for cooking and have been practicing this habit for a while now, apart from olive oil which I only use in cold dishes(because it denatures quickly under heat, coconut oil doesn’t), the rest of these so called “oils” can get the middle finger. As a back up I also have beef dripping/tallow in case I run out of coconut oil.

      It is not so bad to route around the law fat products here in the UK, even in a standard supermarket however I found it difficult to locate any full fat products in the majority of supermarkets when I went to visit my friend in the States. In the end we had to go to specific organic stores in order to obtain full fat products. We have looked up some farmers markets in his area aswell as a necessary back up.

      Glad to see that you have run into the truth on this issue sir. Indeed, fat is literally brain food and a lack of high fat in the diet leads to memory loss, sluggishness, heart attacks, strokes, infertility, the list goes on and on. So governments(whether in the US or the UK), I will continue to consume full fat products and foods high in protein contrary to your advice to do the opposite, advice which isn’t even worth the toilet paper it is written on.


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