The Hayfever/Allergy Conspiracy – Real Solutions, No Big Phama Delusions – Short Facts!

Travelling the streets of London at this time of year reminds me that it is that time again, where people faces are puffed up, eyes are sore, noses are blocked and running and faces are buried in handkerchiefs/tissues. Yes, the hayfever/allergy season has started. As per usual most people are rushing to Big Pharma for their many and “wonderous” potions to help ease the harsh symptoms associated with hayfever and as per usual Big Pharma welcomes each and every customer with open arms and is happy to deal with their SYMPTOMS but will never give them the information and the solutions the people need to deal with the root CAUSE of the problem. Is this any surprise to us, isn’t this typical of the pharmaceutical industry? Of course, they make their money from you and I being sick, not when we are in good health.

So people who are already sick, it profits big pharma to give them potions that will keep them in that same state, never getting worse but at the same time never improving and getting better. Yes, the pharmaceutical industry makes its money by giving you the false impression that your condition can only be CONTROLLED and that it cannot be CURED. How many times have we heard that same phrase repeated time and time again, “THERE IS NO KNOWN CURE”?

Firstly it should be mentioned that this phrase that has been distributed mainly via the mainspin media is an outright lie, deliberately designed to give you a sense of no hope outside of mainstream research and information circles. There is a cure for every ailment and disease on this planet, its just that the pharmaceutical corporations would cease to make money if you all began to take control of your own health, so they deliberately suppress information for real cures and effective safe alternative treatments and constantly promote the false paradigm of “CONTROL” to keep you within their circles, ie in a perpetually sick state and never knowing that there are true answers and real solutions outside of the false paradigm of “no known cure”.

So, can hayfever and other allergies be cured, can they be eradicated for good……….YES. I am going to deal mainly with hayfever in this blog though the problem is linked to other allergies. So what is the problem, why do people suffer from hayfever and the associated symptoms? Here is the problem and the reason for your suffering:

Human Liver

Above is a picture of what a human liver looks like. Aswell as a host of other functions, the liver is responsible for cleaning the blood and filtering out dangerous chemicals and poisons from your body. As you know as with anything that has a filtration function, over time it loses it efficiency and either needs to be cleaned out itself or replaced. Over time the liver loses it efficiency at cleaning the blood aswell as filtering out poisons and other dangerous chemicals and as a result parasites, bacteria and harmful chemicals and poisons can build up in the liver. If not dealt with and cleaned out, this can lead to liver disfunction and in severe cases liver failure and the need for a liver transplant.

Because of the toxic environments that we live in and the many artificial chemicals added to our foods and water supply, our livers are congested, clogged and blocked with parasites, bacteria, poisons and chemicals and thus need periodical cleaning. So, a clean healthy liver would not see pollen as a problem, however with a liver that is congested, blocked and inefficient, it begins to see pollen that occurs naturally as an enemy and the liver instructs the body to switch into war mode, hence the watery eyes and the blocked and runny nose, the liver has set the body in motion to get rid of the constant flow of pollen coming in rather than see it as normal and turn a blind eye to it. The watery and puffed eyes aswell as the blocked and runny noses are indicators pointing to a problem in the body, in this case the liver.

It is rather like the oil light illuminating in your car is pointing to a shortage of oil in the engine or the wiper light coming on indicates that you are short on wiper fluid. You have to begin to take control of your own health. I have heard a saying that states “Nobody Knows Your Body Better Than Yourself”. This is so true, you are the one who has to live in your body for 70-80 years, shouldn’t you get to know how your body functions personally instead of trusting in slimy weasels who are only out to make money, who do not really care about your health and only offer you their “control potions” just to keep you coming back and thus make you a continual income for them?


So I here you saying, how can I clean out my liver, get rid of my hayfever and get my liver back to normal functioning again? There is a process whereby the liver can be cleaned out, it is called a Liver Flush or Liver Cleanse. To be honest a PARASITE CLEANSE should be performed before the liver cleanse, this will ensure the elimination of the parasites in the system and lead to better results. I will outline 2 ways to complete this program, the long more complete way for those who are not suffering badly and who want to generally clean out their liver and the short way for those who are desperate for immediate hayfever relief.


For the parasite cleanse, you will need to following herbs which can be picked up at any alternative health food store or at for folks in the UK and US, though more suited for people US based or also for folks in the UK and US, though more suited for folks based in the UK.

Black Walnut Hull Capsules

Cloves Capsules

Wormwood Capsules

Tumeric Capsules

Fennel Seed Capsules

Liver Detox Tincture

Kidney Detox Tincture

Lugols Iodine Solution


Take 6 Fennel Seed capsules and 6 Tumeric capsules for 10 days then cut back to 1 time per week. At the same time take 1 Black Walnut Hull Capsule, 3 Cloves capsules and 3 Wormwood Capsules for 3 days and then increase dose to 2 Black Walnut Hull Capsules, 7 Cloves Capsules and 7 Wormwood Capsules for 10 days until day 13 cutting back to 1 time per week thereafter. These should all be taken with a large glass of water in the morning first thing when you wake up, 1/2 hour before any breakfast. When I cut back to taking 1 set of capsules per week I was taking the Tumeric and Fennel Seed capsules every Thursday and the Black Walnut Hull, Cloves and Wormwood capsules every Sunday just to give you a basis idea of a schedule.

In other words for the first 3 days you are taking 19 capsules which increases to 28 capsules for 7 days and then decreases down to 16 capsules from day 10 and down to the same set taken every 7 days as given in the example schedule above. So 4 days Black Walnut Hull, Cloves and Wormwood then 3 days later Tumeric and Fennel, then 4 days and Black Walnut Hull, Cloves and Wormwood then 3 days later Tumeric and Fennel etc,etc.

All throughout this time you should be taking a good liver and kidney tincture in order to stimulate the liver and kidneys into cleansing mode. You also need to take 3 drops of Lugols Iodine solution after every meal all through out this time in a small amount of water to ensure no new pathogens and parasites are reintroduced into the body. The capsule taking needs to continue until you have completed 15 consecutive liver flushes(which I will get to in a moment) at 2-3 weeks intervals. 15 is a good amount to ensure that your liver is thoroughly cleansed. The 1st actual liver cleanse should take place around 2-3 weeks after the start of the parasite program.


Your liver cleanse will span over 2 days. You will need the following:

Olive Oil

Epsom Salts

Grapefruit Juice

DAY 1:

Absolutely eat nothing that contains any fat or oil. The liver uses bile to break down fats in the stomach so we want to make sure that the maximum amount is excreted when the time is right. I normally just eat fruit for the day(no bananas). What you choose to eat is up to you, just ensure that it does not contain fat or oil.

6pm: Take 2 teaspoons of Epsom salts stirred into a cup of water. No more eating after this.

8pm: Repeat the same as above.

10pm: Mix 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice with 1/4 cup of olive oil, stir well and drink down within 10 minutes.. Beware as this concoction tastes foul so you may need to hold your nose while you guzzle it down. Also to get the taste out of your mouth scoop out a teaspoon of honey and eat after finishing the the olive oil/grapefruit juice solution. Immediately after drinking the solution go and sit down in a reclined position for 25 minutes. This allows gravity to push down the bile and thus push out the parasites, bacteria, toxins and chemicals out of the liver into the stomach where it can then be processed for elimination. It is important that you do not move from this position for 25 minutes so if you have to go to the toilet, go before drinking down the solution. After 25 minutes, go to bed. Some may or may not be able to sleep, some people may feel sick all throughout the night, however this is normal as it is your body eliminating the rubbish from your system.

DAY 2:

8am: Take 2 teaspoons of Epsom salts mixed in a cup of water again.

10am: Repeat the same as above. Skip breakfast and just before lunch take the Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood and Cloves schedule of capsules just to clean out the system thoroughly. Just after the first lot of Epsom salts in the morning you should pass some olive/green look balls which look something like this:

You should hit the toilet between 5-7 times passing these green olive balls. These balls contain parasites and gunk that has been clogged up in your liver for months even years. Congratulations, you have completed your liver flush. Remember that at least 15 consecutive liver flushes should be done spreading them about 2-3 weeks apart. With some liver flushes you may not pass any of these parasites as the the flush could be dislodging hardened material ready for elimination the next time so do not be disappointed if you do not see any results immediately or at points during the entire programme.


For those who need desperate relief from hayfever, the short way is to simply take the parasite herbs, liver/kidney tinctures and Lugols Iodine solution for 3-4 days days and then perform the liver flush program. This will eliminate some parasites and hopefully bring you the relief that you need so that then you can then relax and go about the whole operation in order. You can read more about the liver cleanse programme here as well as other health programs:

There you have it, a real solution to the hayfever and allergy problem, a solution that big pharma does not want you to know about. They do not mind you however knowing about their “potions” that will only deal with your symptoms and keep you coming back each spring for more of their sorcery and magic. Now big pharma know that these real solutions have been spreading like wild fire, especially since the internet BECAME AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC(yes you read that part correctly- the internet had been in use by the military since the 1950s-1960s).

Do you think that big pharma would play it fair………Nooooooooooooooo. In the same way avoiding denatured pasteurised milk can save you from a heart attack, performing periodic parasite and liver cleanses can save you from liver cancer and a host of other ailments………….ooooops, did I just mention the word cancer? Of course the American Cancer Society(look at their name, they profit from you having cancer so it doesn’t take 2 guesses to figure out who has set them up or at least who is sponsoring them, B.. P….a)do not want you to take up your health into your own hands and prevent yourself from travelling down the cancer road, so they have produced this “wonderful” piece of disinformation to once again navigate you in the direction of big pharma or at the very least cause you to doubt your own ability to look after yourself and your own health. Take a look for yourself: 

The veil has been lifted, I am not deceived by the pharmaceutical industry’s lies and propaganda. I look after and look out for the health of myself and my family, big pharma isn’t wanted or welcome. By the way the word “sorcery” in the Greek is PHARMAkeia(Strongs Concordance Grk No. 5331). Nuff said.

Also it would be handy to purchase one of these:

The device above is called a zapper. It is basically a device that emits low electrical pulses at certain frequencies which kill germs, bacteria, pathogens, parasites and viruses on the spot. Yes, germs, bacteria, pathogens, parasites and viruses can be destroyed by exposing them to certain frequencies. This machine should also be used throughout the entire program to ensure more parasites are expelled during the liver cleanses. You can read more about this device and its use here:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Most High Our Heavenly Father


74 thoughts on “The Hayfever/Allergy Conspiracy – Real Solutions, No Big Phama Delusions – Short Facts!

  1. Wow, that is something else. I will def. go do this,after i get some money together of course to purchase all these herbs. And I am a firm believer in home made medicine. I never liked pharmacy/doctor prescribed drugs. All baloney, those things will never,ever cure anyone of their problems. It’s all temporary. In fact, they want you to come back for more. So yes, more easy money for them.

    everyone, 99.999% people on this earth loves money. breathes money. And will do anything to get it too. I hate this world.

    A few ears ago, i had this major, killing, pounding migraine that hurt so much, i thought i was going to die. I took migraine pills, but only temp. relief for like5 mins. I was crying, because i was in such pain, my brain/head was hurting me so much!!

    So here’s what i did. I took Braggs organic vinegar with the :mother” i in a cup of water in it. And i chugged down about 4-5 raw cloves of garlic.

    I did that, and afterwards, i started to sweat and sweat, i could not stop sweating, i was laing in the bed ofcourse. than some good time later, same night, the pain stopped. I was feeling a whole lot better. I cured myself! Is what i said. I was cured.

    So yes, i would trust earth products that Mighty Lord gave us than some dried up pills.

    I use unrefined shea butter for baby rash, also cod oil or fish oil instantly removes baby rash. It makes the baby bottom and private area smooth again. I learned this through research online, when my baby had it.

    A good place for home medicine is, and there was another very good one too. I will post here when i find the website.


    • That Braggs Organic Vinegar is the bomb……and it is raw, unrefined and unfiltered. Thanks for the link. Its all about going back to the earth for solutions and utilising the raw, unrefined products. Even the scriptures say in Psalms 104:14 that the Most High causes herbs to grow for the SERVICE of man. Its is all about doing it yourself, there is a solution out there for every bodily issue, we just have to educate ourselves as big pharma is certainly not going to.


  2. Sorry, but your liver cleanse / hayfever connection is a load of rubbish. Articles like this really affect your credibility. This kind of blows up your whole site for me.

    Hayfever is another term for seasonal allergies, typically caused by the bodies OVERACTIVE immune system. Usually through genetics, age, or possible environmental factors, our bodies sometimes treat harmless particles, such as plant spores, pollens, dust, mold and other particles small enough to penetrate our mucus membranes as poisons, or toxic when in fact they really aren’t. When this happens, the cells affected release a chemical called histamine. Histamine creates the symptoms of hayfever and does so on purpose as a defense mechanism designed to flush the particles out of the body. When this happens for an extended amount of time or complications arrive, we call this hayfever.

    Contrary to what you believe, there IS a cure for hayfever and allergies. It’s called “Allergy Shots” to most. You are tested by an allergist to determine which particles you are allergic to, and then are injected with a very small concentration of these particles (which doesn’t trigger a response). The concentrations are gradually increased in density until the body learns to accept the particle as a harmless substance rather than reject it and try to flush it.

    Your liver is the filter for your blood. It’s involved in almost everything we do, but the liver is also one of the most self-repairing organs in our body. In fact, many things damage the liver, such as medications, alcohol, even many herbal and holistic supplements have negative liver feedback. If you want to clean your liver, just don’t do anything at all. Stay away from toxins and heavy metals and it will clean itself. Ater all, that’s what it was designed to do…


    • It is typical for a person to pass through here and rattle off the standard slogans, phrases and answers handed down to them by the mainspin media. You can save that garbage for incineration. I listened to and believed that twoddle for 10 years, believing that the media were actually keeping me informed as to the real cause of my hayfever…………until I found out otherwise.

      There is no “sometimes our bodies”, making it out as if hayfever comes about randomly by happenstance. That is another lie put out there by the media working hand in glove with big pharma to keep you coming back in the same direction each summer, to the drug companies. You’re dealing with educated folk here who have walked both sides of the fence. The liver is moved out of balance due to the vast amount of chemicals we are exposed to, in our food, water, air etc, aswell as GM foods and VACCINATIONS.

      Hayfever has nothing to do with genetics or age, I know this first hand myself as I am no longer a sufferer and before 1996 it was the same case. In fact, the vaccines are the main cause for all these out of control auto immune responses in people and the increase in allergies. It is no coincidence that as the number of vaccines required for children has increased, the number of children and adults suffering from allergies, skin problems and other ailments has sky rocketed along side. The vaccines are the main cause of the liver being jacked up and not being able to distinguish plant pollen from real threats.

      I never once stated that there wasn’t a cure for hayfever, this whole post is about one of many cures for hayfever. The same pharma companies that are trying to kill us, we should now turn to for so called “Allergy Shots”…………I don’t think so, but if you trust them then go ahead and enjoy yourself.

      The worst mistake you made coming on here is making the claim that the liver cleanse is not connected with hayfever, not that you have tried the cleanse for yourself. You are dealing with someone who has tried this solution and it has worked. How can you come along and tell me that what I did was rubbish and that my whole site now needs to be questioned when I have experienced the cleanse and its positive results first hand. It is not only myself but others also who have benefited from this solution. Besides, this site is not for the many, it is for the few, if you can figure out what that means.

      This is typical of man, mostly the European man, to think that he knows the complete function of something. The information we know about the liver is the knowledge we have gathered SO FAR. There is no doubt much more we need to learn about it, I will be humble and accept that and not claim that I know the liver inside out.


      • The problem with your argument is that the way allergies work is scientific fact, which has been studied and observed in great detail over and over for years, not by “Big Pharma”, but by independent scientists, educational institutions, and non-profit medical research studies. THe way the liver works and what it does is also scientific fact, not “Big Pharma’s” secret cover-up. To say it’s all a big conspiracy and doing a liver cleanse solves it is plain ignorance. I don’t claim I know everything about the liver, but I do claim to know what allergies are and why humans have them. Heredity, gender, race, and age, with heredity being by far the most significant, all play a role. However, there have been recent increases in the incidence of allergic disorders that cannot be explained by genetic factors alone. Four major environmental candidates are alterations in exposure to infectious diseases during early childhood, environmental pollution, allergen levels, and dietary changes.

        Here are some questions for you to consider:

        1) New born babies have allergies. How is this possible with your theory? Their livers are new and clean.

        2) Why is it that the people with liver disease and with liver function and health at the lowest may not have allergies at all?

        Here is the ACTUAL reason why allergies exist: In the early stages of allergy, a type I hypersensitivity reaction against an allergen, encountered for the first time, causes a response in a type of immune cell called a TH2 lymphocyte, which belongs to a subset of T cells that produce a cytokine called interleukin-4 (IL-4). These TH2 cells interact with other lymphocytes called B cells, whose role is production of antibodies. Coupled with signals provided by IL-4, this interaction stimulates the B cell to begin production of a large amount of a particular type of antibody known as IgE. Secreted IgE circulates in the blood and binds to an IgE-specific receptor (a kind of Fc receptor called FcεRI) on the surface of other kinds of immune cells called mast cells and basophils, which are both involved in the acute inflammatory response. The IgE-coated cells, at this stage are sensitized to the allergen.

        If later exposure to the same allergen occurs, the allergen can bind to the IgE molecules held on the surface of the mast cells or basophils. Cross-linking of the IgE and Fc receptors occurs when more than one IgE-receptor complex interacts with the same allergenic molecule, and activates the sensitized cell. Activated mast cells and basophils undergo a process called degranulation, during which they release histamine and other inflammatory chemical mediators (cytokines, interleukins, leukotrienes, and prostaglandins) from their granules into the surrounding tissue causing several systemic effects, such as vasodilation, mucous secretion, nerve stimulation and smooth muscle contraction. This results in rhinorrhea, itchiness, dyspnea, and anaphylaxis. Depending on the individual, allergen, and mode of introduction, the symptoms can be system-wide (classical anaphylaxis), or localized to particular body systems; asthma is localized to the respiratory system and eczema is localized to the dermis.


        You can see this response in REALITY yourself by visiting an Allergist (who spent gobs of money, work and time to become one for a reason, not because it’s a big conspiracy liver problem). They will prick you with about 100 needles which carry particulate matter of different types of foods, plants, and animal dander. Depending on which pricks swell up or itch, shows which things that your body responds to in a hyper-inflammatory mattery. Allergy shot treatment is the closest thing to a ‘cure’ for allergic symptoms. Anything else, including anti-histamines (which we know DO WORK) just relieves symptoms temporarily.


      • No, you have it wrong and so do the independent scientists that you place so much of your faith in. The conspiracy just doesn’t cease to exist because you choose not to believe in it. The race, gender, age, heredity argument is a convincing one for somebody who is ignorant to the true facts and experience. What can you tell me that can change the reality of what I have experienced? Am I now supposed to dismiss what I have experienced in reality because the mainstream so called “scientific facts” say something different? I suffered with hayfever for 10 years, I executed a liver and parasite cleanse and now I am free of the allergy. I need no more proof than this. You cannot undermine experience in this.

        New born babies only develop allergies as soon as they start to receive vaccinations. I have yet to see or hear about a child that comes out of the womb with allergies, no, its those vaccines you so trust in that spark off auto immune responses in babies and children which lead to various allergies.

        We are not dealing with may or may not factors, we are dealing with positives here. The vaccinations are definitely a contributing factor, in fact I would say the main cause of allergies today. Both Asthma and Eczema are linked to vaccinations aswell as the chemicals that are being sprayed on us from planes and military jets in the skies. It is no coincidence that allergies have increased with the increase in the “required” amount of vaccines and the chemtrails being sprayed on the public regularly since 1998, and if you do not believe that we are being sprayed with chemicals, google and youtube “chemtrails”.

        You need to look beyond what you choose to believe in. There is a bigger picture to this whole allergy business. You are talking to somebody who once upon a time believed as you did, parroted the mainstream answers and trusted that so called scientists were hot on the case trying to find out the real answers to these problems. However, my liver, kidney and parasite cleanse has shown me something much different. Either these so called scientists are genuinely ignorant of the real truth or they are lying and deliberately keeping people in the dark, preventing them from finding real solutions.

        Again, I deal with the cause of the problem and not the effects. I don’t trust or take any shots from big pharma. I was concerned with the cause of my hayfever and not the results of it. Deal with the cause and the effects are non existent. A liver and kidneys clogged with parasites was the cause of my hayfever, the liver, kidney and parasite cleanses were executed and the hayfever disappeared.


      • You know, I think what this boils down to is a parasite cleanse, not a liver cleanse. Parasites cause many of the same symptoms of allergies. They cause chronic cold-like symptoms, sinus symptoms, even chronic fatigue. I believe it’s possible that you cured yourself of the parasites and stopped receiving symptoms from them, but It is not possible to “cure your allergies” using this method. I am very into holistic medicine myself, and hate “Big Pharma” but I also hate the spread of disinformation. All you should ask yourself is, “Is my information accurate?” Giving people with legitimate allergies information in which they believe will cure their allergies is wrong. It wastes their time having to drink and repeat this stuff. Black Walnut, Wormood, and clove are all effective at removing parasites from the INTESTINES. They do work, but are also very powerful and should not be taking lightly. They can cause extreme gastrointestinal issues with some people.


      • Lets not dance about the bush here, I was suffering from HAYFEVER before my cleanses and now I do not have it. To be honest, unless you have actually taken the route of a parasite, liver and kidney cleanse, it will be very difficult for you to see them as a solution for hayfever, if you suffer from allergies, you have to experience it for yourself.

        How can you hate big pharma but yet you promote their “allergen shots” as a solution to the very allergies that they have caused? If you despise big pharma then go all the way, there are other solutions outside of their potions, all it takes is a little more research.

        This information is very accurate. How can you be allergic to things which occur naturally in life? The answer is normally you aren’t, something in your environment has been added to cause you to become allergic to that thing, something artificial. This is where the vaccines and chemtrails come in.

        You say it is a waste of time for people to carry out these procedures but let the people judge for themselves and make up their own minds. I have put out true and genuine information based upon my own experience and research, I was a sufferer and now I am cured. To be honest it is my experience that those who do not want certain solutions brought to the light for the general public are normally those who are benefiting from their suffering.


      • Would you please explain how the pollen particles get into the blood strem being as they are inhaled and stick to the mucus formed in the nasal passages?


      • Not all pollen particles are of the same size, so ultimately the smaller particles will not be caught by the mucus in the nose and will pass through into the bloodstream.


      • But you still havent really explained HOW the pollen has got into the blood stream because by your theory, they would have to diffuse through the cell walls into the blood stream which cont happen because they are way to big.


      • Body lotions can seep into your bloodstream through your skin. I told you already, not all pollen particles are the same size. Also you assume incorrectly that the pollen has to get into the bloodstream for an allergic reaction to be triggered. Simply coming into contact with your outer perimeter defences(eyes, nose, skin, mouth etc) is enough to trigger a reaction. This is the way the body is designed, you have an outer defence system that kicks into play when it believes it is under attack.


      • You’ve just contradicted your argument by saying the pollen doesn’t have to get into the bloodstream for a reaction to take place and you’ve agreed with us that it’s an outer reaction in defines against the particles ‘attacking’ the body. Also, body lotions cannot get into the blood stream through the skin. They can get between the cells of the skin by they can’t permeate into the blood stream through the blood vessels.


      • But I never mentioned anything about pollen coming into contact with the bloodstream to begin with, you brought that topic up, so no I have not contradicted anything, you have decided to make a leap of faith and think that you have caught me out on something that I have said. All you asked me initially is how pollen gets into the bloodstream, I gave you an answer. You still were not satisfied so then I expounded on my answer and now you are trying to say that I have contradicted myself. I think what we need to establish is YOUR position on the topic first so that I do not answer you with built in assumptions.

        And as for your statement about body lotions not being able to seep through into the bloodstream through the skin, keep dreaming. Get some Lugols Iodine, place a few drops on your skin and check the same spot a few hours later. How can a substance get in-between the cells of the skin when there are no gaps between the cells of the skin? You think you can come up in here with nonsense and it won’t be checked in its place? Come with some real science before bringing void contentions in-house.


    • I completely agree with you. Hayfever is an ‘over reaction’ of the nasal passages to the pollen particles entering and treating them as some kind of attack.

      I had never heard of these ‘Allergy Shots’ before. Do you know where you can get them/ how to get them, because i have been suffering for years now and im really quite fed up with it and its beginning to have a detremental effect on what i plan to do with my life in the future?


      • To be honest, until they were mentioned here I had no idea about allergy shots. A quick search on google should pull up something however I personally do not advocate any kind of medication from big pharma as they in my view are the ones causing these allergies and reactions to begin with. If you do go for the shots then it should only be a measure to relief the suffering temporarily, your best solution here really is a liver and kidney cleanse.


  3. Oh and by the way, if you want to speed up the cleansing of your liver, and help shield it from damage, the only herb known to be affective for this is Milk Thistle. Look it up. Also, very high doses of Vitamin C have been shown in recent experiments to actually have the ability to decrease fatty deposits in the liver.

    To prevent Hayfever, try taking Tumeric, Nettle, Eyebright, Chinese Skullcap, Goldenseal, Yarrow, and Feverfew. All these herbs balance your inflammatory response and mucus membrane functions.


    • Yes, I know about milk thistle but it isn’t the only herb known to benefit the liver. Aren’t you forgetting Licorice, Dandelion, Marshmallow and Nettle(like you mentioned), also not forgetting Reishi Mushroom? It is not about dealing with the inflammatory response and balancing it out, it is about dealing with the CAUSE for the inflammatory response. I do not deal with solutions for the effects, I equip people so that they can deal with the root CAUSE of the effects, this is how it is supposed to be done.


  4. @verbs2011
    i agree with you 100 procent. i sufer myself hayfever last 5 years, and my daugther also, my son less but it is because we stoped with vactinations 2 years ago. So my daughter had like 5 vacination more than my son. I saw the difference after she become 3 years old. She had so many vactinations, plus bad food they sell us wit so many E101, 102…. and color dyes.. and chamtrails. So i then ofcourse we have allregies and cancers more and more. People used to live longer like over 100 , they had only 2-3 vacctionations in life and no hayfever , astma, cancer…
    I will definitly try your cure, it makes a lot sence to me. Liver ( like in Chinese medicine very important for everything). I tried accupuncture and it is a little bit better but still not good. First year I didnt know what i have. When i found out the doctor (allergy specialist) gave me only cortisone based tablets, nose spray, eye drops, and astma spray. Next year was even more, a got astma after two weeks. My eyes, my nose, my lungs, everything. I went to the docor and he gave me cortisone shot without telling me what it is. So next year i knew i have to to something to find cure, but not to go to doktor. Because they are to stupid to see that ther medicine id good for nothing.
    Then i looked on the interner long time and found a chinese formula Yu Ping Feng San. I bought it and start to drink it. It worked but only with amount 20 tablets per day. Next year my daughter got hayfever so I went like 20 time to her docotor, and he always have me some expensive cortisone based tablets. So I was against that and i tried with Chinese formula (Yu Ping Feng). It works but not so good. Same as with me, I have to take everyday, nad if I just forget in the morning …bad. So this makes us mad, and it is boring!!!
    So Im going to try this definitly. Thank you soooo muchhh. I really belive this is the real cures.
    just tell me one more thing, can I start with my daughter this treatment or not? She is 7 now.
    Very healthy, normal height and weight. She drink no tablets. Only has some food allergies. Like apple and nuts.
    All the best and hope you answer my question.


    • You can start your daughter on this treatment immediately, though the olive oil grapefruit juice mixture for the liver cleanse may make her feel a little sick, this is normal and temporary. Then again, she could undergo the treatment feeling no sickness in the stomach at all. You should also look at giving your daughter Chlorella and Spirulina powders to remove the heavy metals and other toxins from her body that have been put there by the vaccinations. It is those metals in her body which are also contributing to her food allergies. You can put these powders in a smoothie, milkshake or fruit juice.


  5. How do you put up with the hecklers? Great job on this. I can’t wait to try. As for your comments back and forth, I love that you’ve held strong for what you believe in… Truth!


    • Before I started this blog, I reasoned with myself that I couldn’t please everybody and that I wasn’t going to try and please everybody. I also set out to tell the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it was and to deal with ANY topics in ANY direction. I knew that people who wouldn’t agree with me would crop up, but I have no time and patience for those people who claim that what I am stating is wrong but show no proof to substantiate their argument.

      People are entitled to disagree with what I say but more and more I am finding people simply decide to disagree from an emotional standpoint and not a factual, proof based one. Azurus stated that the liver cleanse was a load of rubbish yet hadn’t even tried it to give me an opinion from his/her own experience, but he/she was able to quote what the so called “experts” have said. I’m done with so called “experts”, I am my own expert now, I have to live in this body for 75 years plus so I personally will get to know my own body, how it works and how to fix problems in it. I was a sucker once, never again.


  6. @Verbs2011

    Luv the way you hold your ground against the agent provocateurs. They sit in a room and actually get paid to spread disinformation on the web.
    Once you get into spreading or reading about the truth, you will get a feel for when someone is telling it, there is just so much more logic and power in it.

    Stay the course man, you will be rewarded by him who created you!


    • To actually hear about people who enjoy and make it their job to deceive others and keep folks in the dark is one thing but to see these satanic bums in action is a wonder to behold. Their time is soon coming, they will get their recompense very soon. Thanks for the props, the encouragement is definitely needed when dealing with these bums.


  7. Thanks for your work.
    I have heard of Hulda Clark before and also of her book.
    Is it possible to do the parasite and liver cleanse while breastfeeding? I am concerned that any toxins could get into the breast milk and therefore be transmitted to my child. Is that possible at all?
    Another question, do you know more about teeth and enamel erosion? I have been searching on this for the last 6 months and it looks like ones you have lost part of your enamel it won’t ever grow back at all. I still can’t give up hope though.
    Many Thank.


    • To be honest, the majority of the toxins in the body will be expelled externally so I do not think that you would have a problem with breastfeeding your child at the same time. Also, the herbs that you would be taking in conjunction with the cleanses would actually be beneficial to the baby. I have looked over some of my herbs in relation to these cleanses and I haven’t seen any labelling in relation to caution while breastfeeding so you are good to go.

      In relation to teeth and enamel erosion, the first thing you need to do if you haven’t done so already is stop using fluoride toothpaste IMMEDIATELY. Fluoride is a complete destroyer of teeth. Fluoride is a waste by product of aluminium production which is highly toxic to the body. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that fluoride is beneficial for our teeth, it is all a lie. This is the problem with this world, they know nothing yet confess to know everything. Your body can do anything if it is given the right tools to do so and that includes regeneration of tooth enamel. If you are not doing so already, find and use toothpastes that DO NOT contain fluoride. Alternatively, you can use a combination of peppermint and spearmint oils to brush with. The notion that you must brush your teeth with toothpaste has been programmed into us by the mainstream media. I sometimes just use peppermint oil for brushing. You can also make up your own mouth wash with water and salt which is an excellent cleanser for the mouth and teeth.

      Combining the parasite and liver cleanses together with some new oral hygiene practices should have you seeing some decent results within a short time. If you drink tap water, it will be a good idea to get a strong filter if you haven’t already as some countries place fluoride aswell as other toxic nonsense in the water supply. Sunlight exposure is also critically important, you would be surprised how a much a bit of sunlight can work wonders for the body and start to initiate repairs where nothing else worked before.


  8. What would be useful if others with allergies who had tried this posted their results. As for ridding the body of parasites, current thinking is that those populations with parasites have a lesser incidence of allergies/asthma. Trials are actually veing carried out where people are being infected with hookworm! Of course there are levels of parasites that become detrimental to health so the trials are trying to see if the hypothesis is accurate & what are the safe levels of infestation.

    I would try the above cleanse if there were more than one person advocating the benefits, so anyone else out there who it has worked for should post


    • This is the difference between the individual who can think for his/her self and the followers who just do what everyone else is doing or wait for the crowd to respond before undertaking action. Why do you have to wait for other people to post their results before you try the cleanse? Are you not an individual? Why can’t you be the one to undertake the cleanse and post your results? You Brits are so sceptical of anything that comes out of the alternative information camp but you will wholeheartedly trust and run to the mainstream media who have been caught lying to you over and over again and I might add, are still doing it.

      Isn’t it time to break this cycle of looking to others for approval and acceptance first before taking action yourself?


  9. The time has come for us to change our ignorant ways. I will be short the only way to really move forward and getting your body to repair itself is to change to a vegan diet (pref. raw vegan). There is no other way. Meat is the main cause of many of our problems including Liver problems. Once the body and its organs starts to take care of itself you will be amazed how little time you spend “feeling sick” . Once you feel better start doing some physical exercise (Yoga) yeah yoga and voila the miracle is complete. How good is that and how ezy no potions no nothing just yourself and your body HA


    • There is some truth to what you are saying however man has been eating meat for 1000s of years and we never suffered with the problems that we have today, in the past. The problems with mankind’s health began to manifest with the beginning of agriculture. Meat eating man pre agriculture was the healthiest on the planet.

      However, meat that comes from animals who are factory raised on GM feeds and constantly injected with steroids is a huge threat to the health of man and will cause liver problems aswell as other ailments. There are no problems with meat that comes from organic/bio dynamic pasture raised animals. I believed at one time that a vegan/raw food diet was the answer until I watched the documentary called FatHead. A raw food/vegan diet is only beneficial for the short term. The body’s first choice for burning energy is fat and most fats occur in animal products.

      The problem with vegan/raw food diets is that most of the energy you consume is in the form of refined carbohydrates(bar vegetables) which is really sugar which in turn keeps the blood sugar in the body raised. Obviously high blood sugar is not a healthy condition to have. I was a vegetarian for around 6 years before returning to eating mostly organic meat in July this year and I personally found that during my vegetarian days, I lost strength, I put on weight and my health in general deteriorated.


  10. Hi Verbs2012,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, Any relieves for the hayfever allergy?? I need to find a way to relieve mine. Anything will help. Thanks.
    Keep up the good work


    • From the research that I have come across very recently, it would seem that wheat is the number one culprit responsible for most of the allergies that people are suffering with today. The reason is because the wheat that is grown today is very different(a mutant variety) than the wheat that was consumed 50-60 years ago. My suggestion to you is to cut out the wheat in your diet first and opt for a high protein, high natural fat, low carbohydrate diet instead. Lack of natural fat in the diet can also lead to allergies in folks.

      I recommend also that if you haven’t already, watch a documentary called “FatHead” which is available on Netflix, which will clue you right in on how the government advice on diets and what food to eat is really killing us, not helping us and also leading to us contracting ailments that we never suffered from before.

      I also recommend that you pick up a book called Wheatbelly written by William Davis which goes into the changes that have been made to the wheat and how the wheat being peddled today to people is really not fit for human consumption. Cut the wheat out first and then you can follow through with the liver and parasite cleanses that I have laid out.


  11. Hi,
    I’m 14, and i took a paracetamol this morning because my wisdom tooth is coming through and it was hurting like mad .. I also took my usual hayfever/allergy tablet, which doesn’t have paracetamol in it because i checked. Also, i only took a half dose (one tablet) of the paracetamol because im quite small.
    Since then, ive been feeling really drowsy and ill, so tired i can bearly keep my eyes open. I was tired before but this is BAD, seriously. As far as i can remember the paracetamol wasn’t drowsy, and i know the allergy tablet wasn’t.
    I was wondering if this is normal, or if ive done something wrong? Also, is there anything i can do to help my problem? Bear in mind, im in school and don’ have access to anything special ..


    • You have to watch out for these pharmaceutical drugs as they often claim to do things or claim not to contain certain ingredients which are often not true. I’ve pulled up some articles for you from in relation to wisdom teeth. If you are thinking about going in for surgery in relation to wisdom teeth, from what these articles are showing, I would think twice or you may end losing more than your wisdom tooth:

      I hope you find these articles useful, there certainly is alot of information in them on wisdom teeth and the last link I believe gives some remedies for gum pain. On a personal note, when I switched to a high natural fat, high protein, low carbohydrate diet, my wisdom tooth problems disappeared. I have had no problems with them in plenty of years.

      On the hayfever front, you need to jack in the wheat and wheat products for a start as the wheat that is being peddled out to the public today is not the same as the wheat that our forefathers were consuming 50-60 years ago. I am pretty sure, in fact I am very certain that it is the wheat that is causing your hayfever allergy. The wheat today is a mutant variety that the human body doesn’t recognise and cannot deal with, so the body just goes into an emergency war mode trying to eliminate this mutant wheat out of the body whenever you eat bread, pasta or any other wheat derivative(especially cereals).

      You can also check out that natural news website and type in Hayfever remedies in the search box section and pick up some addition remedies on top of the ones that I have already listed in this blog.


  12. I know this sort of stuff works as it worked on me
    I went on a full sugar, no wheat, no diary for 10 days..Hayfever almost gone, backache to actually smell things I had forgotten had a smell
    great debate on hayfever..fabulous site..keep up the great work

    average joe (London)


    • Thank you for the kind words AJ, they are much appreciated. The wheat that is grown today and used to make so many foods is simply bird food, it is not supposed to be consumed by humans because of the incredible genetic engineering that has gone into producing this type of mutant wheat. This is not the same type of wheat that people were consuming 50-100 years ago, in fact extremely far from it.

      I too have completely gotten rid of my hayfever since I have jacked in the wheat and the sugar. I still do dairy but I go with raw, organic dairy and I don’t have the problems I used to have when I was on the conventional dairy products. A little information and a lifestyle change is all it takes to totally turn around your health for the better.


  13. I’m extremely pleased to discover this site. I want to to thank you for ones time due to this wonderful read!! I definitely really liked every little bit of it and i also have you book-marked to check out new information in your blog.


    • Welcome aboard and I’m glad that you found the information useful. Its about time somebody spoke up on this issue and Verbs is the one to do it.


  14. Hi, I was just wondering baout the parasite cleanse, the expelled green nodules? I used BWH for 2 wks, then clove, then grapefruit seed extract as I was recommended. I didnt have anything like this happen, so does that mean it didnt work? I’d like to have a go at a zapper, keep meaning to get the components to make one. Also have been meaning to use psillium husk to clear after the parasite cleanse. Also used grapefruit seed extract & some oxygen liquid after everything.

    Be great to hear your thoughts, thanks


    • Thank you for your post. Sometimes nothing seems to happening because the first flush or two have served the purpose of loosen up the grit within the liver. You need to conduct around 15 flushes about 3 weeks apart for each one and then once or twice a year thereafter for maintenance. My first liver flush didn’t really produce any results, it was not until my second and third flush did I begin to expel the green stones. A zapper is highly recommended and comes in great use.


  15. Hi thanks for your reply, I’m going to get back on it! I do feel much better I have to say.

    I also wanted to uphold what you said above to someone regarding transdermal. My initial thought it we now have many transdermal products, magnesium commonly. Tights that have vitamins you can absorb via your skin. My main thought is, I’ve looked at lot at nano particles and both in nature as well as they stuff we can now produce. I’ve read research data from the 40’s about the dangers to human health of manmade nano particiculates.So of course we had to get the idea of them from somewhere at that would be nature. I completely uphold what you’ve said about smaller particulates being able to enter the body via the skin. However with my reading, its the ones we make that pollute our atmosphere I really worry over.

    There’s just so much scientific and medical dataa to confirm if people want to research further.


    • I frankly do not trust anything that is heavily promoted in the mainstream mdeia as this has always served as a sign for me that something is wrong with it, and more over these deduction are correct. You are right, manmade nano particles are very dangerous. It seems that science will not be satisfied until every person on this planet has perished .

      By the way, I am doing another liver flush shortly, I still have about 4-5 left to reach the 15 mark but you are right, you do feel healthier on the whole.


  16. Hey, i like your thoughts about allergies. I have lyme and i know everything about it. I also know its easy to treat allergies with NMT. This technique provides instant relief to allergies because you tell your body that it doesn’t have to react to the unharmful substance. But you don’t cure the source and the source is the liver and testines, The allergies will go away once your liver can process everything correctly. You can treat it with the NMT but the allergy may come back in the future because your liver still is clogged. Thats why the allergies will come back if you dont do anything about it. With NMT u can cure any allergy. My kinesiologist tested i can do a liver flish next month. So i hope i will pass stones. Also a good thing to look at are the detox footpads and bentonite clay. My body removes toxins with these. Detox footbaths didnt draw toxins through my feet they had to be processed by liver so they dont work with the skin. The detox foot pads do remove toxins through the skin. It is strange i know but my body told with the muscle tests it removed toxins through the skin from the blood stream and lymphatic system. Also the bentonite clay removed toxins. I think this is a good solution to use between the flushes so you prevent the liver from getting full with toxins again. So you reach the your cleaned liver faster, Hope this helps.


    • I concur with all that you have said here. Might be worth booting out the wheat and wheat products aswell. Today’s wheat is a gmo strand, not the stuff that our forefathers were eating even going back 40 years ago. Wheat and wheat products are the number one cause of allegies among folks today aswell as vaccines. Water fasting is another sure way to cleanse the body of toxins, I believe that this is the most effective method in clearing out toxins and allowing the body to heal.


      • Thank you for your reply. Yes weat is a big allergy trigger. I eat Spelt wheat now. This is healthy for the body and good substitute for wheat. For me water fasting is not an option. I need to put on weight so liver flushes are better for me. Also i don’t know if you can clean the liver while water fasting because the stones need to be diluted in order to pass. The water fast will clean toxins from blood and other places but the most important organ that should be cleansed is the liver. You will notice the best results when your liver works better. When you do a water fast your liver will work better because it doesn’t have to work as much. But the stored toxins inside the liver that decrease it’s work capacity need to be released in order to improve liver function. Also trapped emotions can decrease liver function and other organ functions.


      • Danny

        Spelt is a good sub for wheat. I personally do not touch any grains but that is my personal choice and I have reaped good results from abstaining from all grains period.

        A liver cleanse is best done after a water fast is finished, the water fast is the ultimate fast for allowing the body to heal and cleaning the organs out.

        The liver is so underated when it comes to its importance in bodily functions. Emotional disorder and stress can definitely take their toll on the efficiency of the liver’s working.


  17. Wow. Ever since i had children (6 & 1) i have turned my back on drs, pharmacies and so forth. Both my children have severe food allergies hayfever skin problems. Of course everyone kept telling me it was hereditary. With my second child i noticed it started exactky one week after his first immunisations. And noticed with both kids they worsened after every immunisation. My you gest will not be getting the rest of his so called “compulsory shots”. Long story short, i suffered hayfever my whole life, my partner ha only started to get it in the last 5 years, we are a otherwise healthy athletic active family with no serious or any health known health problems. Each year we get worse and worse to the point of debilitating and we cannot go to work. I have slowly been changing our lifestyle all around. My children have been earing natural foods, but am still so angry that we are misled and i pit my children theough hell with allergies as babies, all because of imminisations. Oh i might add that as a child in a family of 5 kids i was the only child NOT immunised and all my siblings were – i was the healthiest of all – they all had major asthma eczema hearing health breathing problems. What are the odds? Anyhow thanks for this post i will try this when spring comes.
    Thanks for taking the time to research and share.


    • Marsha

      The vaccines are the first open ports for the allergies, the vaccines are the very mechanism that kick the allergies off, the whole vaccine science is quackery at is highest and is nothing short of a fraud to make big pharma more and more money by having you return to them for drugs that “control the symptoms” but deliberately fail to deal with the cause. In other words they want you continually sick. The stories are always the same, child is fine before the vaccines then becomes a complete mess and constantly sick after the first shot. The wheat simply continues the legacy and worsens the allergies aswell as all processed foods.

      The key to subsiding the ill effects is stick to whole foods, eliminate processed foods, get rid of wheat completely out of the diet using alternatives such as spelt and get out in the sunlight minus sunblock as you need the vitamin D and sunblock prevents the body from processing the chemical that is formed on the skin when exposed to direct sunlight. Sunblock is another scam but that is another story for another post.

      If you children drink milk then they will be better of drinking raw organic milk, better still raw organic goat milk is the best for adults and children to consume. Unpasteurised milk has been given a very hard time by the big dairy boys because they do not want to lose money and be put out of business so they have lied big time on a healthy, nutritious liquid that is packed full of goodness as apposed to its pasteurised cousin.

      As you have already stated, the key here is sticking to natural whole foods.


  18. Just re-read my post. Forgive my horrible typos and post in general. I am typing fast and furiously from an iphone.


  19. Azurus, I don’t no where your from are what you do for a living, but I do think that you are not aware of the way your hearth is beating or should beat anyway. Azurus you are a great example of a failing strength.
    Verbs2011, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    It is truly just like you say ” it is only for the few ” and not for the majority of the people in the world. I am not a zombie anymore.

    Your Bible quote; Psalms 104:14 that the Most High causes herbs to grow for the SERVICE of man.
    Nice, but i am already past that. I am sick and done with this world and the elite in co-op with their god.

    This is where I am; Ezechiël 38:18-23 “‘And it must occur in that day, in the day when Gog comes in upon the soil of Israel,’ is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah, ‘that my rage will come up into my nose.+ 19 And in my ardor,+ in the fire of my fury, I shall have to speak.+ Surely in that day a great quaking will occur in the soil* of Israel.+ 20 And because of me the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and the wild beasts of the field and all the creeping things that are creeping on the ground and all mankind* that are upon the surface of the ground will be bound to shiver,+ and the mountains will actually be thrown down+ and the steep ways will have to fall, and to the earth even every wall will fall.’

    21 “‘And I will call forth against him throughout all my mountainous region a sword,’ is the utterance of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah.+ ‘Against his own brother the sword of each one will come to be.+ 22 And I will bring myself into judgment+ with him, with pestilence+ and with blood;+ and a flooding downpour and hailstones,+ fire+ and sulphur I shall rain down upon him and upon his bands and upon the many peoples that will be with him.+ 23 And I shall certainly magnify myself and sanctify myself+ and make myself known before the eyes of many nations; and they will have to know that I am Jehovah.’

    I am happy that my wife, kids and will see this happen within 20 years.
    I am 30. This is my knowledge to everyone who follows their heart and has a strong steady mind. Feel free to do your own research.


  20. Hey There,

    I have a question concerning colon cleansing. I read and heard that if you want to start liver cleansing you should (by any means) start with colon cleansing (to prevent intoxication from the leftovers before and after…or something like that) before the liver cleansing. and when you finish you should also perform a colon cleansing afterwards. does this sound to you as logic or not?

    I am planning to start your treatment on myself and I’ve made a structural planning-calender to keep an eye on the process.
    If you are interested I can send you the file (it’s on excel)

    Hope you can answer! Greetings from the Netherlands!


    • Jacks,

      Thanks for passing through. To be honest, the colon cleanse is best done after the liver cleanse however there is no harm in performing a colon cleanse before and after, it is entirely your choice.

      You’ll feel a lot better for going through the cleanses and at least you no longer will be at the hands of big pharma. Its time to take your own health into your own hands.




      • Thanks for answer! thank you for your time!

        It’s just that there is(was) this guy named Andrea Moritz who talks a lot about liver cleansing and he urges (seriously urges!) everybody to start and finish with colon cleansing when doing a liver cleansing? By even saying that you shouldn’t do a liver cleansing without a colon cleansing…?

        What’s your point of view?

        Second… maybe the wrong person to ask but can you do a colon cleansing yourself? or do you have to go through a complicated process of machines and visites? I have read that you could do it home by yourself. but just to ease my mind I thought I’de ask you. I mean we are talking about my body.. mistakes could end up badly…

        Do you have any information about this?


      • Jacks,

        There is no fixed way to do this. How and what you want to do is entirely up to you. I have done plenty of liver cleanses without any colon cleanses either side. A lot of the time you come across these wannabe so called “experts” who simply are trying to make a name for themselves, so they variate the programme and apply their stamp to it. You do what is suited to you as an individual. No 2 bodies are the same.

        There are different types of colon cleanses. You can go through the colonic hydrotherapy process which involves visiting a clinic. You can perform an enema which is a process that you can carry out in your own home. Obviously the above two processes involve water being directly injected into the rectum. You can also go for a supplement program which is taken orally. This process takes longer, anywhere from 7 days to a month depending on whether you fast or do the program while still eating food. I used a supplement called Colonix years back, I’m not sure if it is still on the market but the last couple of colon cleanse packages that I have done I have purchased from a company called Blessed Herbs, you can search engine them. They have a US site and a UK based sight aswell.




  21. Pharma companies are the Devil and just want you to spend your money on a load of shit that won’t work. Here’s another load of shit to spend your money on that won’t work. GOOD ONE.


    • Dear verbs,
      Before I start asking more questions, I really appreciate the time you take for answering my questions and the time and effort you have taken to keep people informed. thank you very much!

      Back to the questions:
      I have a question concerning the PARASITE and LIVER CLEANSE.

      How long do you perform the parasite cleanse? Is it for the duration of 15 liver cleanses? which in this case is, if we take an interval of 3 weeks, 15x 3weeks= 45 weeks
      which is almost 1 year long (11,25 months)

      so in this period of 1 year, the first 13 days are the days in which you take a lot of capsules:
      the first 3 days: 19 capsules
      the 4th day until the 10th day(included): 28 capsules
      11th day until the 13th day (included): 16 capsules

      and then there is an interval of 3 days, so on
      day 17 you take:
      1x fennel seeds capsule + 1x tumeric capsule
      and then two day interval, so on
      day 20 you take:
      1 Black Walnut Hull Capsule, 1 Cloves Capsule and 1 Wormwood Capsule
      and then 1 day interval (day 21)
      and then you start your liver cleanse which is day 22 and 23

      on day 24 it’s already time for:
      1x fennel seeds capsule + 1x tumeric capsule

      …etc etc etc

      So you keep the planning for the parasite cleanse.

      Is this correct?
      Next question,
      we’re talking here about 19 to 28 capsules a day.
      let’s take the first day as an example:

      6 Fennel Seed capsules and
      6 Tumeric capsules
      1 Black Walnut Hull Capsule,
      3 Cloves capsules
      3 Wormwood Capsules

      Do I take this all at the same time? I mean how did you do this? devide them through the day?
      And how about side effects? none?
      (I mean we’re talking about 19 tablets a day??)
      Furthermore, you say that you have to do the liver cleanse 15 times with an interval of 2-3 weeks. Could it be more specific?
      So 2 weeks or 3 weeks? (in my planning I chose 3 weeks)
      And then there is the the lugol lodine solution.
      For how long do I take this (every day after every meal??).
      and by a meal we understand: breakfeast, lunch, diner…etc?
      If I read it wright you will be doing this for almost a year long (so 15 liver cleanses??)

      Hope you can give me a more elaborate description about this process.

      THANK YOU!!!


      • Jacks,

        You’re welcome, anything to help. The parasite cleanse should be done 2-3 weeks prior to the first actual liver cleanse itself to maximize the effectiveness. For 14-21 days what you would for is take 7 cloves, 7, wormwood and 3 walnut hull for one day then the next day would be 6 fennel and 6 tumeric. Then return to the first for the 3rd day, the 2nd for the 4th day, basically back and forth until the 14/21 days are finished. Then you can perform the liver cleanse itself.

        No, the cloves, wormwood and walnut hull capsules are taken on one day altogether and the next day is the fennel and the tumeric altogether, in other words 7+7+1/3 whichever you want on one day and 6+6 on the next, then back again to 7+7+1/3 the next and so on and so on.

        You basically perform a liver cleanse and then the next one you would do again would be in 2-3 weeks time depending on your own personal choice. You follow this pattern until you complete 15 cleanses. You can also take some of the above capsules for 1 day only once the liver cleanse has been completed.

        The iodine is to be taken in conjunction with the parasite cleanse, so every meal you have for the 2-3 weeks leading up to the cleanse, place a few iodine drops in water and drink down with your meals. I use iodine occasionally just to keep my levels up but you don’t have to take it for a year. Hope this has made this a bit easier to understand, this is the way I did it. Still unclear on anything let me know.



      • Also, once the the first liver cleanse is completed, you do not have to go through the parasite cleanse 2-3weeks before every time you want to carry out the next liver cleanse.


  22. Before starting this smoothie recipe, remove
    pits from enough cherries to provide one cup of fruit.
    Combine ingredients in blender and blend until frothy and smooth.
    Smoothies are made of fresh fruit and veggies which are full of diverse
    vitamin and minerals.


  23. Thank you for this information. I always knew there was more to this then the eye could see. Here’s is something interesting. My allergies get triggered year round just by my own hair poking into my nose or my kids’ when they come too close to my face. How can that be explained? So when people say your allergies are triggered by pollen only is a false statement. I believe that our body is overwhelmed by all the chemicals we inhale, eat or inject into our bodies. I hope that I am capable of doing this treatment on myself and I’m wondering if I can do the same for my children?


    • RAK,

      The liver is the key to dealing with the issue of allergies, clean up the liver and all of the allergies will simply disappear overnight. This cleanse may be difficult for children depending on their ages as they may feel quite sick during and after drinking down the olive oil/grapefruit juice mixture. Vitamin D is also a factor here which has been overlooked. High intensity sunlight(really hot country type sunlight – southern hemisphere sunlight) can also clear up allergies. Many allergies come about because of a lack of exposure to high intensity sunlight for adequate periods.


  24. That verbs does have a solid scientific point, though he is still misleading on the solution. The liver and digestive system work together closely. My guess is you healed’ leaky gut’, strengthened your stomach, which i believe to be the real cause of allergies. As that verb person pointed out allergens (whatever they may be pollen dust mites) get through the stomach lining, which causes the body to go into an immune response ‘hey your not supposed to be here!’ deal. My guess is your liver and gallbladder stimulation/cleanse cause extra bile mucus to heal your gut. It complicated, but i my self, have tried a leaky gut heal -slippery elm L glutamine marshmallow root sea bucthorn bone broths etc and cured my hay fever!!!! – without vaccines!


  25. I love the information that you’ve given and I have also been wondering for quite some time why natural plants and their constituents would affect us since we come from the same nature. My hayfever competely disappaeared when i temporarily moved to Kenya (2013-2015) but now that I am back in the UK, these symptoms have started reappearing and have cause me to question heavily the use of medicine, especially given that I did not need it when I was back home.

    I have a question however, would this same flush/cleanse work with Eczema as my bf has it and has not found medicine that works for him? And are there plant form alternatives to the capsules you’ve recommended?


    • Emee,

      Eczema is normally rooted in the vaccinations a person receives in their childhood. The liver cleanse should indeed help. You may also want to look into Ozone therapy. Can you clarify what you mean by plant form alternatives/capsules?


  26. Thanks for all this useful info. I got rid of parasites taking diatomaceous earth with water for a period of time before. Would this be sufficient? Also now where we are in hayfever season what’s best helping me is bee pollen and lugols (for hashimotos). I looked up bee pollen and it actually boosts the liver function so it would make sense. Just trying to find something easier for a 5 year old to take rather than all those herbs and liver detoxes that would be too much and not even possible to administer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anna,

      Whatever you find works for you then simply continue with that protocol. As you can see, there is more than one way to tackle the situation at hand. Bee pollen is very good, in fact I’ll I’ll to buy more because I’ve run out. You also if you haven’t already should look at testing yourself for heavy metals and thereafter implementing a heavy metal detox program, that is the next step for me now.


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