The Vaccination Conspiracy – Lies, Sorcery And Witchcraft – Short Facts!

Our parents were told that they were a necessary requirement to protect us from dangerous diseases and that not getting us “vaccinated” would leave us at risk from diseases such as Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Small Pox, Chicken Pox, Swine Flu, Common Flu, Bird Flu etc. However, what is the truth behind vaccines and are they really necessary?

The theory behind a vaccination is that it is supposed to trigger your immune system into developing antibodies against the disease that has just been injected into your body and thus theoretically you should now be protected from that disease for life, however as you will see, this so called “theory” remains just that, a theory.

First and foremost aswell as the so called “dead disease” contained in the vaccine, let us look at some of the other typical ingredients that go into that vaccination shot. A typical vaccine will contain the following ingredients:

aluminum hydroxide 
aluminum phosphate
ammonium sulfate
amphotericin B
animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, 
dog kidney, monkey kidney, 
chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
calf (bovine) serum
fetal bovine serum
human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
hydrolized gelatin 
monosodium glutamate (MSG)
neomycin sulfate
phenol red indicator
phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
potassium diphosphate
potassium monophosphate
polymyxin B
polysorbate 20
polysorbate 80
porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
residual MRC5 proteins
thimerosal (mercury)

Let us just take a look at a few things on the list, though all are extremely questionable. PIG BLOOD, HORSE BLOOD, RABBIT BRAIN???? The claim here is that injecting these things into your children is part of science. Is this science? What reason would pig blood and horse blood be doing mixed in human blood? Shouldn’t pig blood be inside a pig and horse blood inside a horse? Shouldn’t rabbit brain be inside the skull of a rabbit? What possible benefit could injecting pig blood, horse blood and rabbit brain into you and your children’s bloodstream have??? I await answers on this question. I seem to remember when I was young watching witches and wizards in cartoons who would combine more or less the same ingredients and more into a cauldron to be later used as a potion to ALTER THE PERSON THE POTION WAS TO BE USED ON. Food for thought.

Let us look at a few other so called “ingredients” on the list. DOG KIDNEY, MONKEY KIDNEY, CHICKEN EMBRYO????? Is this science??? Again, even if the theory behind vaccines is true, why are the above animal parts being included? Why doesn’t the vaccine just contain the disease which you are to be protected against only? I will put the question out there again, what possible benefit could a person have injecting themselves and their children with the  body parts of animals? CHICKEN EGG?? If I remember correctly, mankind is supposed to EAT chicken eggs, not inject them into his bloodstream. Are you beginning to get the picture, are you beginning to see this so called science for what it really is yet, hmm?

There is more, FORMALDEHYDE??? In case people do not know, formaldehyde is used on a dead person’s body in the mortuary, to make the body look more life like as if the person is asleep for open coffin funerals. When you are looking at a dead man, woman or child in that coffin, it is the formaldehyde at work which is why the body looks like it still has life and colour and does not look pale, patchy and lifeless. Wait a minute, you are ALIVE, so why are you injecting you and your loved ones with a chemical specified for the DEAD?

PHENOXYETHANOL= ANTIFREEZE????? Excuse me for being so bold but doesn’t antifreeze belong inside  a car? Anybody who cannot at least see by now that this is utter BS and has nothing to do with science needs a good slap upside the head. The message should be ringing loud and clear in a person’s ears by now that this has absolutely nothing to do with science and so called “protection from diseases” but is in actual fact a modern day form of sorcery and witchcraft given the title of so called “science” to pass it off as a viable practise to execute on mankind, mainly children I might add. Yes, we and our children are being used as experimental guinea pigs and through deception we have consented to this diabolical practice. By the way, the list of ingredients is not unique to me, that list and more can be readily found on the internet by simply typing into a search engine “vaccine ingredients”.

MERCURY??? The second most toxic substance on this planet finds its way into vaccinations. You know if I didn’t know any better I would say that with all these ingredients that somebody is trying desperately to kill me and my loved ones, just a simple observation.

I could have come at this topic from a thousand different angles however I thought that I would mainly focus on the ingredients that are put into vaccines to stimulate people into thinking about what they are really doing when they subject themselves and their children to these potions and broths. And have you ever wondered what these so called “scientists”(who are really just your modern day wizards, warlocks and witches) use to fuse these wonderful ingredients together instead of a cauldron? It isn’t too hard to guess when you think modern:

Yes, you guessed correctly, a food blender. This is the modern day cauldron used in “science” labs today. How else would they be able to liquify the animal body parts to be ready for ampules? I suppose that you were expecting something more technical and high spec. It is amazing what you can get people to imagine just by keeping silent on certain subjects and topics. Yes, the monkey kidney, dog kidney, rabbit brain, horse blood, pig blood, chicken embryo, chicken egg, aborted babies and the rest of the above ingredients all go into a blender in a high security lab  and the end result is injected into you and your children. Do you still think that the vaccine agenda is part of science and is for you and your children’s “protection”?

As usual Verbs must inject the scriptures in here as this kind of thing has happened before and more fool the people who do not believe in the bible and its appendage books, as the majority of what is happening in the world today was predicted by Christ himself or at least happened before in history. In the book of Jasher(yes, one of the books that the “church” told us to stay away from) we see this same kind of experimentation of mixing different kinds of life together occurring just before the world-wide flood in the days of Noah. Jasher 4:18 reads:

4:18 And their judges and rulers went to the daughters of men and took their wives by force from their husbands according to their choice, and the sons of men in those days took from the cattle of the earth, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, AND TAUGHT THE MIXTURE OF ANIMALS OF ONE SPECIES WITH THE OTHER, in order therewith to provoke the Lord; and God saw the whole earth and it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted its ways upon earth, all men and all animals.

As Solomon stated, there is nothing new under the sun.  Remember what Christ stated in Matthew 24:37 which reads:

24:37 But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Did you get that? The time of the coming of Christ(which is now) will be a replica as in the times when Noah was alive before the flood. Therefore in order to understand what is happening today and why, a person must read about what was happening in the days of Noah before the flood and thus must go into the books of Jasher and Enoch for a more complete understanding. I recommend that folks download and read these books, they can be readily found in PDF format for free via a simple search under their titles, adding pdf to the title.

Yet again, the vaccination agenda is just another in the long line of money-making scams played out by corporations(big pharma) on an unsuspecting public. No, you and your children DO NOT REQUIRE these “potions” for protection against certain so called “diseases”. What the vaccine manufacturers and the hospitals fail to tell you is that the diseases they claim that their vaccines will protect you from were already on the decline when vaccines were introduced into the mainstream. A typical chart will show the sharp decline in diseases in relation to better hygiene and sanitation methods. This pattern continued until vaccines were introduced as a mainstream component from around the 1950s, then the same chart will show a sharp rise in the very diseases which were on the decline, why? It is simple, the vaccines contained the very disease that they were supposed to protect people from so with the vaccination programme going mainstream, so did the diseases once again increase. Yes, they had us inject ourselves and our children with the very diseases that were already on the decline due to better hygiene and sanitation AND NOT DUE TO VACCINATIONS. Quite a neat trick, yes? Yes, we were and many people still are being suckered by this vaccine scam today.

Now you can put 2+2 together and figure out why so many children have cancer thesedays when once upon a time it was a very rare thing for children to have cancer. If you injected the above ingredients into yourself, do you think that such a concoction might cause some kind of ailment in your body, hmm? Now you can figure out why children have so many complications and ailments, Asthma and Eczema being the most common today. Now you can put 2+2 together and figure out why so many children have Autism. Now you can figure out why so many children were getting Whooping Cough and why so many babies were randomly dying of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome/Cot Death……………… the vaccines. The long and short of it is if your child does not receive vaccines, you not only do not have to worry about small pox, measles, rubella etc but you can also guarantee that your child will not suffer from asthma, eczema or die from whooping Cough or Cot Death. We cannot remain suckers all of our lives, let us begin to put the pieces together that our governments do not want us to.


In the UK around 2003-2004 the number of children coming down with Autism after being given the MMR vaccine began to shed some light on the real cause of this condition. Seeing that people were beginning to put 2+2 together, the UK government wasted no time in motoring up the spin machine into full swing and directing the focus of the debate on vaccines by injecting false solutions into the mix. Seeing that fewer children had come down with Autism when they had been given the 3 single vaccinations for Measles, Mumps and Rubella, big pharma(mainly GlaxoSmithKline – JewISH) lobbied the UK government to nudge the general public into debating the false options between the single vaccines vs the combined vaccine rather than questioning the whole vaccine program period which is what many were beginning to do. Remember this psychopath:

This is Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the UK before Gordon Brown. This man is not only a psychopath but a perpetual and compulsive liar(hence his 2nd name bar one letter). You see, even I was suckered into this false debate of single vs combined vaccines ,not really thinking it through that either way the vaccine manufacturers still win. Big pharma did not want the general public to begin to turn their attentions to a 3rd option which had been Xd out of the debate deliberately, NO VACCINES PERIOD!

Here is this psychopath with his wife and family:

During this time just to make the false debate look more creditable, Tony Blair made the statement that his youngest son seen here in the middle of the picture above had received the MMR combined vaccine. Anyone who believed this, I have some beach front property to sell you in the Caribbean. How do we know when politicians are lying? When their lips begin to move. This man’s youngest son HAS NOT received ANY vaccines yet alone an MMR injection. In fact, not one of his children has even seen a needle come near to their skin. Remember, when government tells you something, you always know the opposite to be the truth. It is funny how the government will promote something it knows to be dangerous to us, but its members will not partake in the same risks and dangers that it expects us to suffer.


Yes, believe it or not, you can exclude your child from receiving these broth experimental potions except in the states of Mississippi and California. Here is a 2015 link on the current state of vaccines and the right not to vaccinate:

By the way, many schools and clinics in the US are playing dumb and acting as if these exemption forms do not exist, so if you ask for one for your child and receive a response that is not desirable, go online and search for waiver forms by state. There is NO LAW that states that your child must be vaccinated, NONE(the states of California and Mississippi are the exceptions to the rule).

In the UK I believe that a simple Note of Exemption is sufficient as here again there is no law that states that vaccinations are mandatory. Do not believe the lies and the false statistics that will be brought to you to discourage you from not vaccinating yourself or your children, it is all lies and falsehood. You should know your governments better by now.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Most High Our Heavenly Father

12 thoughts on “The Vaccination Conspiracy – Lies, Sorcery And Witchcraft – Short Facts!

  1. Well i already knew about the vaccine killer. And i haven’t even taken my kids back to the doctor to finish their routine vaccines. not even my newborn 4 months old baby.

    My trust is not in men, but in Ahayah in the name of Yashaya


    • Best thing you can do for yourself and your children, stay away from this poisonous altering potions they call vaccines. The vaccine programmes for babies now is much worse than it was when I was born, back in my day the amount of vaccines was only about 5, now they are blasting children with 4 times that amount before they even reach 2 years of age. As you stated, our trust must be placed in Ahayah and Yashayah, not in criminal man made governments who have proven themselves untrustworthy time and time again.


  2. Once again Verb you have touched on a topic I have been studying. I have had my child taken of the doctors register for not getting him vaccinated. When I told them I will not be bullied or blackmailed they re-registered him. As I have moved I am in the middle of comtemplating registering at a new GP but the first thing they wanted was a record of my childrens immunisation record. I wonder why? Not that he has had to ever go to the doctor. However when I was less informed and had my daughter immunised once, she gets sick much more than my un vaccinated child. There is so much more I could say but we who are informed know. I have witnessed the affects of these vaccines with other children too, even autism. You are telling the absolute truth. Thank you once again!!!

    May our Father bless you in The name of His Son


    • The vaccine programme is simply a large Eugenics racket and most doctors actually receive “kickbacks and financial rewards” from the vaccine companies for every person that is vaccinated, hence the pressure and the bullying they try to put your way. Big pharma operates this “reward” scheme with doctors and practitioners aswell, encouraging them to push their potions onto people, regardless of whether the drug is relevant to them or not.

      Once upon a time doctors were called “Quacks” and for very good reasons too. Now, because of the mainspin media, the caution that people once had in dealing with doctors has now changed to total trust and submission without question, a very dangerous position to be in. You have every good reason to be cautious, those are your instinct working, the instincts that this western society has attempted so desperately to get you to ignore.

      Ahayah bless you!


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  4. Interesting reading, i would like to see some proof of these ingredients you claim are in the imunisation medicines.
    I would also love to inform you that misquoting the bible and/or making new books up carry a severe penalty in the next life. Fearmongering and endangering child is also unacceptable.
    You need to do some real work.



      I could continue on and on supplying you with links but it is not my job to spoonfeed you with the information. You have a brain and two hands, you could have quite easily searched for and discovered the proof for yourself without my assistance.

      The term “immunise” is simply a joke when it comes down to vaccinations. The whole process of injecting foreign particles directly into the bloodstream is far from a natural process of exposure to diseases, bacteria, germs and viruses.

      No problem, perhaps you care to show me where I have misquoted the scriptures. Also I was wondering where it states in the bible that you should inject yourself and your children with foreign ingredients? Perhaps you can show me that chapter or verse aswell please?

      Can you also please show me where I have “made up new books” please? I would like to see where my actions fit your accusation.

      On the contrary, you need to conduct some serious and proper research into vaccines, their real effectiveness and the real reason as to why they have be given to the general public. Mainstream media mantras will not suffice here nor will your emotional ramblings carry you very far against this blatant conspiracy that is live and at play in front of our eyes.


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  6. I remember back when I was in either first or second form, the principle tried to suspend anyone who didn’t get a vaccine of course I never got one however when I was in primary school I got 2


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