The Raw Milk Conspiracy – Short Facts!

I have been drinking raw milk now for a good number of years. This transition has been one part of many changes that I have made in my life in regards to “waking up” and finding out how the world really works. One thing is for certain, the governments of the world do not have the best interests of their people at heart, so when a government declares something, we know already from their track records of being perpetual liars that the opposite of what they are saying is true.

Raw milk vs its pasteurised cousin. Is the pasteurisation of milk really necessary and what is the truth behind this process? Well I can say off the bat that my forefathers were not pasteurising milk, they would milk the cow or goat and consume the milk straight away without subjecting the milk to any heating process to “kill germs and bacteria”. This is the common line put out there by governments as to why they must pasteurise our milk. Now, allow me to show you the real reasons why they do not want you drinking unpasteurised milk.

First and fore most what is pasteurisation? Pasteurization is a process of heating a food, usually liquid, to a specific temperature for a definite length of time, and then cooling it immediately. This is done by the governments around the world, they claim to keep us safe from “dangerous pathogens and bacteria” that maybe present in the milk.

Firstly, this pasteurisation business is all about money, you cannot make a greedy buck if your milk is going off after 2-4 days on the shelves or in the refrigerators. Secondly and I believe the main reason behind this process is to make sure that you do not receive the vitamins, minerals and proteins present in the milk in their naturally raw and unadulterated form before the milk is heated. Put plainly pasteurised milk becomes toxic sludge which is detrimental to the body, it is a dead liquid of no value. As soon as the milk is heated, the proteins, enzymes, vitamins and minerals all become denatured which means that you body can no longer utilise the contents of the milk. Also the fat molecules in the milk because of this process become lodged in the arteries and can lead to clogging of the arteries and later on down the road a heart attack.  Again, a weak population is an easy to control population. The claim of dangerous bacteria in the milk is a bare faced lie as the good bacteria keep the harmful bacteria in check to where their numbers never expand and grow to a dangerous level.

Also pasteurised milk tastes absolutely foul. For those of you who drink milk or at least use it, I challenge you to obtain some raw milk and compare it with the pasteurised counter part. You will be amazed at how much of a fuller flavour raw milk has over its toxic sludge cousin. Also people who are lactose intolerant do not have the same problems consuming raw milk and especially do not have allergic reactions when they drink raw goat milk(which is my favourite).

There has been a rise within the last 5-10 years of farmers markets who cater to people who prefer to consume milk that has not been fragged and tampered with. There are also certain milk corporations like Unigate and Dairy Crest here in the UK who are under pressure as people are quickly clocking on to the unhealthy pasteurisation scam and switching over to raw organic dairy. That is why these corporations have been using celebrities and “stars”  in ads to try and draw in new people to replace the ones heading over to the organic raw milk arena. Take a look at some of their propaganda pieces:

The problem here is that these corporations putting out these advertisments will not tell you about the hormone injections that they slam their cows with everyday to keep them producing. They also won’t tell you that these hormones leak into the milk you will later on drink and is it any wonder why many people are lactose intolerant? They also will not tell you that raw milk is a far superior liquid in terms of taste, texture and nutritional content and will not place you on the list for a possible heart attack later on in life.

If you can, do yourself a favour and go raw. You can search the net for and find 1000s of farmers markets near to you and also producers of raw milk who will deliver to your doorstep. I know in the US certain states prohibit the sale of raw milk however, there is always more than one way to skin a cat. It is a fact that you will receive more benefits from drinking your own urine which actually contains some nutrition than guzzling down a dead toxic sludge of a liquid that is called pasteurised milk which contains none at all.

I believe the main issue for most people will be getting past the pre programming of lies and indoctrination that has been put in place by governments that milk that is raw/unpasteurised is dirty, full of harmful bacteria and is not safe to drink. However, we must always remember that we are dealing with perpetual liars, whatever any government tells us to believe as the truth, the opposite is always correct. Even when telling the truth would benefit a government, they always still choose the path of distributing porkies.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Most High Our Heavenly Father

33 thoughts on “The Raw Milk Conspiracy – Short Facts!

  1. how does raw milk affect lactose intolerant people? i’m “lactose intolerant” just wondering on the effects of faw milk… =^)


    • You are intolerant to the dead denatured lactose that is a result of the pasteurisation process. Your body doesn’t know what to do with dead lactose and so it goes into intolerance mode. Denatured lactose due to heat is not natural or normal. With raw milk the lactose remains in its natural unadulterated form which the body recognises and can breakdown and use with no problems.

      To be honest, the best milk for us as men and women to consume is raw goats milk as it is easier to absorb the nutrients contain therein because of the smaller fat molecules than raw cows milk, though raw cows milk is still a good milk for consumption. If you drink raw goats milk you will not suffer from the lactose intolerance problem. Also, another alternative milk to use is raw buffalo milk which is also a great tasting and nutritious whole liquid.


  2. Mr.Verbs, I don’t drink milk at all,because I found a article online that was saying that milk is full of hormones,snot,bacteria, and pesticides from what ever the animals are eating, and when you drink the milk it rots in your body causing you to become very sick, causing fibroids in women’s breast,and in their uterus where they bleed all of the time, and it’s very hard for them to become pregnant, they also say that soy milk is all bad for you if your a woman trying to become pregnant because soy is bad for women, especially for those women who have fibroids of the uterus, me myself I drink almond milk in the california area, I drink it because it has vitamins and minerals in it, but I take a multi-vitamin with it everyday, I am curious to how I could try raw milk and what is the effect it has on a woman with fibroids, I am asking because I am a woman and I was diagnosed with fibroids, I am eating right, and taking better care of myself, but I would like to know your opinion on the drinking of almond, and rice milks.


    • Rice milks and almond milks are also good alternatives however with all almonds entering the US being “pasteurised” by your government since last year September, the value of the milk is not what it used to be. That food safety, S510 I believe it was will make sure nothing gets to your table in its natural, raw , unadulterated state. Also this Codex Alimentarius is going to set the banning of herbal supplements worldwide. I believe this kicks off from April. Yes, our governments want us dead….literally. Now they are implementing a fast programme to depopulate the planet.

      On the hormones, mucus, bacteria, pesticides and the degeneration of the body with regards to milk, you are correct if you go for commercial pasteurised supermarket milk that is gotten from cows that are not raised on organic feeds, that are injected regularly with bovine growth hormones and that are fed on GMO grains. You need organic non pasteurised milk. I’m not surprised that the article you read didn’t inform you that milk obtained from organically raised livestock doesn’t suffer from the above problems as they do not want you to get the full nutrients of raw organic milk. I had regular stomach cramps when I would drink pasteurised milk, I have had absolutely no problems with raw organic cows and goats milk.

      You are spot on with the soy, as the majority of soy now being produced is GMO. Your multi vitamin needs to be a raw, food based multi vitamin. Most of the multi vitamins on the market today are produced by a few companies from which the majority of the vitamin companies buy their stocks from and package them under different labels whether Source Naturals, Solgar, Now Foods or Jarrow’s Formulas. The majority of the vitamins that are on the market today are sad to say nothing but junk of no nutritional value. Garden Of Life and Shacklee are 2 of only a few companies who actually produce food based live raw vitamins, not this dead crap that has flooded the markets. I believe that Garden Of Life vitamins are the easier to get hold of, you can pick them up from which is actually based in your area.

      On the subject of your Fibroids, you may want to look at other outside factors if you haven’t already like fluoride toothpaste, commercial shampoos, conditioners, commercial soaps, deodorants, washing up liquids, detergents etc. These and many more outside influences can lead to abnormal growths and cancer. It would be advisable to switched to safe, healthy alternatives if you haven’t done so already. The first to go would be fluoride toothpaste, if you are using this stuff stop immediately and switch to a safer alternative. Iherb has plenty of fluoride free toothpastes.

      Also, see if you can get you hand on some organic apricot kernels which contain Vitamin B17, a tumour and cancer killer. I believe the actual vitamin is banned in the US, though you can get injections for it down in Mexico. It is also banned here in the UK and why am I not surprised? All part of the population reduction programme, to see people get sick and die off. Also you may want to look at Colonic Hydrotherapy if you haven’t considered or gone through the procedure already as your colon may be clogged with excessive waste matter which could be giving off toxins and thus causing abnormal growths in your body. You would be surprised at the amount of garbage that lingers in your intestines, sometimes for years especially red meat.

      Check out this link for finding raw organic milk in the California area:


      • here’s a suggestion for them killers: if they want us dead so bad, why don’t they just kill themselves and their friends? that way they won’t have to see our faces that they hate so much.


  3. Thank you, Mr.Verbs, for all of the information that you have provided for me, I never really thought about the shampoos, and soaps, and toothpastes, that could be helping to make me ill with these fibroids in my uterus all of this time I thought it was just the foods and milk I was consuming, I am going to start checking on everything that you said, so that I can stop going to the doctors who seem not to know how I got these fibroids and how to cure me of them, and stop with these ridiculous doctors bills,I am so happy that I found your website.


    • As I have stated before, we are under attack from all different angles, even angles we would never think of. These satanic bums just sit down in smokey rooms and hour after hour and devise of ways to harm us. Glad you could pass through, as usual all the praise and glory goes to Ahayah, the Most High power. Just happy to share with you the fragments of truth I have discovered so far.


  4. Well done, as usual! Very informative piece. I drink organic coconut and almond milks. They are a delicious alternative to “regular” milk. Shalom.


  5. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for that truly informative article! Unfortunately, on one of my biology questions that ask: “Why does raw milk need to be heated first?” I answered: “To denature proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes while producing fat.” I got that wrong and pointed your article out to my teacher. Now everybody is raging and calling her a liar.
    Brilliant article, truly. Thanks again!


    • First and foremost I must say to you absolutely well done and excellent work for standing up, being an individual and not giving the teacher the so called “official, politically correct” answers. This response has really put a smile on my face, I almost burst out laughing in the public library when I read it, I had to contain myself. Some teachers will just teach the government propaganda and lies because it pays them to do so, others have no idea that they are actually teaching incorrect information.

      These so called “teachers” need to be called out and shown that they do not always have the correct information, they also need to be ready to accept this fact and be open to alternative explanations, facts and information. They also need to be prepared to TEACH THE TRUTH if they are shown that what they are teaching is wrong.

      This pasteurisation scam is one of the biggest rackets going, as usual it is always money that is the main motivator for this diabolical practice. The truth is coming out, the lies are being burnt up in the light of the truth. Keep spreading the word, always educate yourself outside of what you are taught in the class as you have done here, if you have to give the “textbook” answers then do so but DON’T swallow the lies, always recognise the answers they” want for what they are, BS.

      By the way, this pasteurisation process isn’t just with milk, it is done to all fruit juices and other liquids we consume aswell as food. Its all about buying raw, organic, untreated, unadulterated milk and telling these big milky corporations that they can stick their toxic pasteurised sludge where the sun doesn’t shine, we are no longer ignorant to their toxic scam. Once again, excellent work, especially with the teacher now being exposed as a liar, lol.


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  7. I never liked milk. My mom is always complaining about me ‘needing’ strong bones. My bones are just fine!


    • You can get calcium from other sources such as spinach. Another important factor for healthy and strong bones that many people overlook is sunlight and vitamin D production.


    • Its all good, the truth has to come out now. I despise the way that governments are sticking their noses in peoples businesses, especially when it comes to food choices.


  8. what do you think about opinion that stated if milk just for baby, adult must obtain the nutrient from “real” food coz animal will stop drinking milk when they’re already bag…
    a lot of health articles that cross each other ex. about vegetarian and meat eater, maybe it’s better if i just don’t care a lot about this articles…


    • We have to stop listening to the so called “experts” and “professors” claiming to be the all knowing professionals, who keep trying to tell us what is good for us and what we should avoid, and start making decisions for ourselves. Raw organic milk is a whole food packed full of nutrients. There is always a benefit to drinking milk whatever age you are and besides, we are not animals, we are mankind. If there was no food available to you, you could quite happily survive on milk with no problems whatsoever. Milk is real food, do not let these so called “experts” and “articles” tell you otherwise.

      On the subject of eating meat, man has been eating meat for 1000’s of years and has had no problems in regards to health until very recently when agriculture came into play and man started injecting livestock with growth hormones and antibiotics. In fact, pre agricultural man who ate 5-10 times more meat than we do today was taller, more robust and a much stronger specimen. Again, the key here is the type of meat you are eating. If it is from organic, grass raised cattle then you will have no problems however the problems start arising from meat that comes from cattle that has been raised on GMO feeds, injected with growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics. Man has been built to eat both meat and vegetables.

      THIS IS YOUR LIFE, DO NOT let other people dictate to you how you should be living it and what you should or should not be doing within it. Forget the articles, if you want to eat meat and drink milk then do so, just choose your meat and milk carefully. Avoid processed meats as much as possible and stick to whole meats and whole foods in general.


  9. You sound like a retard saying the same thing over and over again in your article. I raised cattle. Never once did we give GMO to our cattle. Don’t get me wrong. Raw milk is fantastic. Pasturization is good in several ways. It does kill bacteria and pathogens. Nowadays you don’t have to heat it up to pasturize it. They use Ultra violet to pasturize.


  10. My mother drinks mike like no bodys business and I can guarantee at least 4 – 5 pints per day = she has always done this and tbh she doesnt eat well and she is fine… she is nearly 70 and is not il and still works part time – I read this and wonder if this is propoganda – you are caught on two sides of the fence = they say its good but really it is bad – they say it is bad but it is realy good – can you see my point that it would totally discredit the statement of ‘it is going to kill you’ – it all gets a bit tedious – conspiracy theories are getting a bit too much


    • Well, I am glad to hear that your mother is in reasonable health however, this deducts nothing from the fact that pasteurized milk is not only abnormal but is also dangerous. Your mother obviously isn’t completely in good health because if she was then she would be eating regular meals. So your aim to discredit the post as a conspiracy theory has fallen flat on its face and has also at least added some credence to the fact that this degenerate pasteurized milk that your mother is drinking daily may be a factor as to why she is not eating regular meals. In case you do not realise, not eating regularly is not normal.


  11. So it’s 2014 now, and all herbal supplements haven’t been pulled off the shelves. Oh, I bet they are now “fake” herbal supplements, right? Yeah okay. As much as the milk thing makes sense, that doesn’t mean you should grab on to everything else you hear. Our government is untrustworthy, yes, but do you HAVE ANY PROOF that EVERYTHING they tell us is a lie? No, I bet you don’t. Conspiracy theorists are all the same. Let me guess, you thought Nibiru was going to destroy us at the end of 2012, huh?


    • Jed, Come on Jed, are you for real??? You should know that a plan of incrementalism is the best way to move against things that benefit the general public. I have yet to see a government suddenly move upon a particular thing and ban it in one movement. So in answering your question, yes the vitamins are disappearing off the shelves but at a slow, incremental rate so that most people will not notice it until it is too late. Of course there are many fake supplements on the market today. Most Vitamin E supplements are made from Tocopherol which is synthetic and the majority of Vitamin C on the market today is made from Ascorbic Acid which is actually not Vitamin C but yet is GMO based. Come on Jed, you are making this too easy for me. Since you are openly acknowledging that the government cannot be trusted, the very process of this indicates that proof obviously must have been brought to the table to show that no governments can be trusted under any circumstances. Remember George W Bush/Tony Blair and the WMDs in Iraq hoax? What about the 7/7 bombings in London, the four men that were accused of blowing up the 3 trains and the bus did not come into London on the 0740hrs train that we were told they travelled on as it had been cancelled and the next train was running late meaning that they couldn’t have been in place on time to set the bombs of when they did. I could go on and on with legitimate proof. If you are looking for the mainstream media to bring you this information then you are going to be waiting for a very long time, the mainstream media is there to keep you in a comatose state, they are not there to keep you abreast and informed about what is really going on in the world. “Our government is untrustworthy”, you should have stopped right there Jed. The evidence is all around you for government conspiracies and coverups. Stop looking for somebody else to bring you the information, get up off your backside and do your own research for a change?


      • Have you done any research into why we pasteurise milk? Can you think of any way raw milk can be commercially produced?. We all don’t own cows. Don’t you think it’s time to stand up for yourself without blaming our governments.


      • Rob,

        Indeed I have, the whole pasteurisation process was never meant to be used for milk in the first place. In the UK you can buy raw milk directly from the farmer or at a farmer’s market.

        The blame must always be placed at the feet of those who are responsible, in this case as with many other cases it is governments who are at fault. Indeed, I am standing up for myself, I haven’t drunk pasteurised milk in years, all I drink now is raw goats, raw buffalo and raw cows milk and I am supporting local farmers instead of mega supermarket chains.


  12. I too just like you drink raw milk. I go to my farmer early every morning to get my milk for the day before the cream has a chance to settle to the top, which I might add once settled he sells commercially at a higher dollar value than milk. But I do understand why we pasteurise milk being due to a a lowest common denominator not conspiring. Not everyone can get what we can get and I don’t know if you get it as quickly from the cow as I do and I see it as wrong that we throw it in people’s faces as a conspiracy as you are doing. In Australia two young children have died recently consuming a product marketed as bath milk stating on the label that it is not fit for human consumption.
    Time is the issue with raw milk as it is only viable for 2 days without pasteurisation not whacky conspiracy theories. Again I ask do you see a viable way the masses can get the benefits of raw milk as we do ? If not your argue is lame and all about you and your ego


    • Rob,

      I have shown you in the video links above that the pasteurisation process was never meant to be for milk, therefore at the least it seems odd that governments would still continue with this procedure. Seems like a conspiracy to me

      I am very hard pressed to believe that raw milk causes deaths, let us face the facts, governments do not tell the truth even when it would be beneficial for them to do so, they continuously lie and fudge information, the problem is that some people do not want to accept that they are carrying these things out to a greater degree than what they have already accepted in their individual minds.

      I hear it all of the time, “nah, they wouldn’t do that” or “if the government was doing x, y and z then the media would tell us about it”. These are two of the most ignorant statements any person can make, especially when you know history and you see the same history repeating itself.

      In answering your question, consumers are simply going to have to talk with their pockets, the more people that walk away from the commercially produced crud, the more pressure commercial dairies will face. They will eventually be forced to conform to consumer trends.

      Commercial dairies have a stake in selling cruddy pasteurised milk, it is typically them that fudge the figures and make up outlandish stories in relation to deaths from consuming raw milk, well why wouldn’t they seeing as their “business” is under threat from people increasingly turning towards raw, natural, high quality milk?

      In a way raw milk is already becoming commercially available, there are so many farmers markets in the UK now throughout the week and on weekends over the country. People shouldn’t be relying on supermarkets anyway, it is these same supermarkets that have been selling us rubbish for the longest amount of time and have brought down the quality of food.


      • Did you just insult your intelligence by quoting YouTube. I did look at some of your other conspiracy blogs as well and it seems that your bigotry precedes you. I would suggest you stop spreading yourself so thin. I wonder what your next gripe will be. But this is your blog I suppose and will await your last word on the matter.
        I hope you find happiness somewhere in the future and find the middle way.
        God bless


      • Rob,

        Is this really the level of intelligence that you are putting on display? Rendering information as untrue automatically because it has been presented in a video on YouTube. Where do you think the guy in the video got his information from? I simply provided you with information from a quick source, however YouTube is obviously not the only source for this information.

        You are exactly the type of character that I previously talked about, somebody who only wishes to believe that things are as bad as they área un their own imagination only. Calling me a bigot still has not disproven the information presented.

        Again, all of the information presented in this blog is not hidden, anybody can find out the same things that I did if they would simply move past their comfort zone and world paradigm.


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