The Ultra Sound Conspiracy – Short Facts!

An Ultrasound Machine!

Ultrasound Picture!

You were told that this was the cutting edge of technology when it first arrived on the scene, that you could now see you baby in the womb. Parents couldn’t wait to get to the hospital to undergo the procedure and see their precious little one developing. Of course when rolling out this new piece of technology there were some issues that the manufacturers of these machines deliberately neglected to tell you.

They never told you that there is a link between ultrasound use and childhood cancer and it is not really surprising seeing how the machine uses high frequency waves to penetrate the womb. To be honest the clue that something is wrong with using this technology is the baby itself and its behaviour when the probe is run along the mother’s stomach rather like the canary in the coal mine. All of a sudden the baby starts to move and twitch frequently, why, because its brain and body is being literally cooked by the high frequency waves being emitted from this machine. Don’t you feel uncomfortable when excessive heat is brought near to you?

They also never told you that using this machine on an unborn baby increases its chances of developing autism. Of course the manufacturers of these machines and their PR departments aswell as many governmental organisations deny that there is any risk in using these ultrasound machines and that they are perfectly safe, the usual stock response from PR firms and government. Whenever a government declares that something is safe for us, we must immediately take that to mean the opposite. We have surely learnt by now that no governments can be trusted under any circumstances. The governments of the world tried to tell us that there was no link between childhood vaccines and Autism, yet now most have been forced to admit that there are links associated. Those that haven’t have simply been overshadowed by the evidence that has been brought to light through the alternative media.

These ultrasound machines are dangerous, they can actually begin to alter the structure of cells and DNA. Of course, this is the agenda yet again, to produce a brain damaged and weak population that poses no threat to the so called elitists. As I stated before, from the moment a child is conceived in the womb, he/she is under full warfare and constantly under attack in one form or another. Of course the machine is meant to give you cancer down the road aswell which slots in nicely with the elite’s population reduction agenda.

Ultrasounds are not needed, they were able to sell you on the idea of radiating your child through FEAR, that is how we are sold on a lot of things. They told you that your child should be ultrasounded to make sure everything is going well with his/her growth, not telling you that the ultrasound itself was the real threat to the healthy growth of the child. No doubt somebody milked in alot of money rolling out these machines into hospitals all over the world. The motives never change with corporations, it is always about the money, money, money and they do not care how it is gained, even if it means lives have to be lost.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Most High Our Heavenly Father

8 thoughts on “The Ultra Sound Conspiracy – Short Facts!

  1. Wow, i never, ever knew that. I wished i knew this way before ihad children, than i would have surprised births from day one. I now have 5 children. I can’t believe this. Now all this scanners now at the airport, i know they have radiation. so people are being exposed to those radiation now even more than ever. wow i what i say.


    • Yeap, the baby’s body and brain is being fried from outside of the womb when that sensor is scanned over the woman’s stomach but the procedure is presented as a harmless process to parents who have no idea of the danger that they are exposing their unborn to. The airport body scanners use more or less the same system and we know that they are dangerous and put off mountains of radiation. Just standing next to one of those machines day in and day out without wearing protective clothing is guaranteeing you cancer within a short period. Did I also mention that operating near these machines can give woman miscarriages? Happened to I believe 5 female airport workers at Heathrow Airport.


  2. I knew of this and when my doctor suggested a 3D Ultrasound to be done to my baby, I left his care and went with a Midwife and never looked back.


    • I’m glad to see others are clued up on this, I thought it was just me who knew about and could see this. They always use the fear factor to coax parents into submitting to nuking their unborn child, pure wickedness and most people are not clued up on the real deal with these ultrasounds and the effects they have on an unborn baby.


  3. You have made some really good points there. I checked
    on the internet to find out more about the issue and found most
    individuals will go along with your views on this
    web site.


    • We have simply been hoodwinked on this aswell as many, many other issues in life by the very structural entity we have placed our trust in to look out for us, the government. Its time for us to take control of our own lives now.


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