Lady Gaga’s Latest Attempt At Debasing Man Further Into The Reprobation Gutter-Perfumes That Smell Of SEMEN And BLOOD!

Remember when Lady Gaga appeared on stage wearing a dress made out of real meat:

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress….Literally!

Well, it seems that this wasn’t a far enough envelope to push for this reprobate and as we should have figured out in true fashion, she(maybe a he/she)would be back with more deviltry up her sleeve attempting to debase man further into the gutters of reprobation. Well, it seems as if she has done it again. Lady Gaga has decided to go into the realm of fragrances. Well, what is wrong with that I hear you say? Well, nothing is wrong with churning out some perfumes……..until you state that you want your fragrances to smell of SEMEN and BLOOD. Yes, you have just read that piece of information correctly, semen and blood.

I overheard a conversation in my local barbers shop about the Grammys and Lady Gaga’s performance was brought up, as usual in typical fashion she is always doing something symbolic, pledging and reconfirming her allegiance to the dark one Satan. Then a young  gentleman in the shop rattle off how she wants to produce fragrances that smell of semen and blood. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it, “no, this cannot be true”. With my phone to hand I quickly googled “Lady Gaga Semen Blood”. To say that I wasn’t short of articles was an under statement. Hundreds upon hundreds of articles on this topic.

This woman is very very, very dangerous as she is the main character being used to push the decadence, debasement envelope to the young within the music industry further than anyone else. The other point here is that she hasn’t even reached the bottom yet. She will be back soon with something more foul than this. Can it get any lower, watch and see. Lady Gaga is blatantly being used to dethrone man from his throne as the highest being on this planet to that of something lower and more base than an animal and millions upon millions of young people are looking up to her(maybe a him, maybe both) and mimicking her footsteps.

If you have children, I encourage you to keep them away from this witch’s music or at least educate them on how dark Lady Gaga really is. Here are just a few links to the many articles I found on this sick project she has decided to embark on:

Lady Gaga

Doesn’t this woman, man, woman man know that blood and semen exposed are a biohazard? What about diseases contained within the “specimens” that she wishes to use for her perfume….and they will be using live samples to get that “aroma” as close as possible, you better believe it. Maybe this is the whole plan, just another population control agenda to infect masses of people via something that seems harmless on the surface, not that blood and semen are harmless when not contained within their appropriate environments. Well, expect more deviltry from her in the near future. We can only guess what debasing, below the barrel deviltry she will come out with next time.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Most High Our Heavenly Father


7 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s Latest Attempt At Debasing Man Further Into The Reprobation Gutter-Perfumes That Smell Of SEMEN And BLOOD!

  1. When i heard a few of her earlier songs, i noticed she was different. Now, she is being just plain weird. Anyone who buys and wears her semen&blood perfume is obviously a brainless idiot. I mean like..really? Semen & blood? Who really wants to smell like that? She is taking the whole “in different/weird” thing to far and its getting old.


    • They always seem to bring out a new artist with the “soft, draw you in, dainty treat” music at first and then the songs tend to get more base and gutter like as their career moves on. It almost seems as if once they have you hooked, they feel that they can throw anything in your direction and you will accept whatever is presented to you freely with no questions. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera started off rather mellow(even though the tunes still had a hidden message, it was subtle), now Britney is talking about F-U-C-K Me and Christina is slacker than slack. All part of the agenda though to debase man to an animal like status.


  2. **Sighhh**
    It’s just plain out annoying at this point because there are SO many children and mindless adults that follow these celebrities and preach their satanism from the mountain tops. It’s sickening. It’s sad that you even have to write a post to inform folks of something so blatantly sinister and evil in nature. I’m still glad that you did though 🙂
    I’m just so tired of all of this bullshit. They are relentless, but thankfully so am I.


    • I am hearing you K, loud and clear. This is a long haul battle we are in. It is sad that most people mindlessly follow these so called “celebrities” and do not question their actions, however they will jump on you and turn nasty if you point something amiss out about their precious gods. We can see that this is blatantly sick however people will buy the perfume because it is Lady Gaga’s. People delude themselves into thinking that they can be closer to their “stars” by buying their stuff, listening to their music, checking up on their tweets, visiting their facebook pages etc. It’s these same stars who will be brought to the forefront to encourage the masses to get micro chipped when that time arises, guaranteed.


  3. Your article is a breath of fresh air. Glad to know there are Godly people out there who are just plain fed up with the media garbage. As for lady gaga and most other top 40, it’s not only gross but bat – sheet boring.


    • Gaga is simply a useful idiot who has no problem peddling her soul over to the forces of darkness for a few shekels of silver. Indeed the media rubbish is way beyond a joke now, it has been that way for a very long time.


  4. I didn’t want to believe it at first when she sported that meat dress, I always wanted to believe the fabric was dyed to look like meat.. such a shame cause she’s such a great singer…. I must admit, I’m really behind on the times since I don’t follow these singers to a T


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