Institutional Church Rhetoric – Part 2!

Let us continue with some of the common rhetoric found in today’s institutional church beast system which proports to be the true church, where as in actually fact the real church is that small voice in the wilderness doing what it was comissioned to do, teach all nations and preach the gospel(the true gospel that is and not the current rubbish that has been circulated and that has infected every nook and cranny it has come into contact with).

Are You Saved/You Need To Be Saved/Get Saved: The scriptures actually state that you must be born again in order to see the kingdom of the Most High(which will be the next world authority under Christ by the way). This came from the mouth of Christ himself in John 3:3. In terms of the true gospel, the people whom Christ came and died for(The Hebrews/Israelites) have not been saved yet. This was what was spoken of by Zacharias in Luke 1:68-79 in particular verse 71 which has not happened yet. We are still scattered in the 4 corners of the globe and we are still serving our enemies in hard bondage. The earth was made for us(Israel) to enjoy, not for others to plunder and pillage. Contrary to what you may have believed before, working a 9-5, paying bills, paying for food which grows out of the ground for free and paying for water which can be dug down and tapped from underground for free is not normal. However, through propaganda and predictive programming, most people have come to accept all these restrictions on ther lives as normal……..and on top of this they still believe that they are free men and women. Understand that we are hated no matter where we venture, you can see it in its rawest form when you actually begin to look at the bible from the Hebrew perspective. Our fore fathers were told by the Most High that they would be scattered among their enemies, not their friends. Do not look upon these other nations and think that they are your friends because they are showing you some sort of deceptive kindness, this will all soon change, it is referred to in the scriptures as “Jacob’s Trouble” in Jeremiah 30:7. The other nations fully know who you are Black man, Black woman, Latin man, Latin woman, especially you black men as you are the next leaders of the next coming kingdom. This is why the main emphasis has been on destroying the black male by softening and feminising him by raising him in a single parent home, usually by the mother and misdirecting his potential into nonsense by making the system work against him. Has it worked? Look around and observe young black men on the streets today. So no, I am not SAVED YET, that part of my salvation is yet to come when Christ physically returns to this earth in power to deliver his people. I would say “get it right” but the institutional church beast was set up to get it wrong from the beginning, so they could lead you down the wrong path with ease.

Trust In God/Give It To God: In reality very few people from the institutional congregational system actually trust in the Most High. Most actually trust in the rules, regulations, constructs, pillars and instructions that they are given from the first moment they enter the institutional church beast system. They will simply build upon this foundation with extra information that is passed down to them by the pastor/preacher/evangelist and assume that the Holy Spirit is working along side the information giver. If you do not think so I will give you a simple example. When a scriptures is quoted to you, the interpretation of that particular scripture you draw on will be from earlier teachings you were given by your “leader”, not directly from the Most High himself. It is your image and view of your leader that leads you to assume that the information has come directly from the Most High to him, and thereafter to you. Most institutional church members also trust that in keeping the rules and regulations that they are given, they can enter the Kingdom of God……….however there is a problem here. Through Christ, the kingdom is obtained by faith, but how can the people telling us this on the one hand then shovel out to us rules and regulations that we supposedly “must keep otherwise we will end up in hell”? It seems to me that most people will end up in hell for not fully trusting in the Most High and clinging to man made rules and regulations which is an action of works and not faith which is not what the Most High is seeking from us. However, this doesn’t just apply to those in the institutional beast system, it can also apply to those who have left the system but still hold to many of the pillars and teachings given to them by the system. In reality, if you really want to fully trust in the Most High you must smash down everything that the institutional church replicant beast system has taught you or freefall, letting go of all the constructs, pillars, instructions, rules and regulations that you have been given and walk and talk with the Most High on an individual level. One of the many problems with the institutional church today is that it is rather like joining the military, your individual nature is stripped from you and you are forced to become one with the group, thinking the same, dressing the same, saying the same things, having the same thoughts, carrying out the same actions etc. The Most High does not want robots and automatons, he made you the way you are so that later on he could raise you up using your individual talents and gifts to their full potential for his glory. However, with the institutional church making its members do the same things and turning them into collectivists, the Most High is hindered and restricted to using certain people within that restrictive framework they have been conditioned into. If you are in a church and you see everybody acting, dressing, talking, moving and behaving in the same manner, LEAVE! The Most High made you an INDIVIDUAL, no one has the right to take your individuality or what makes you you away from you and if they are trying to, you are being set up for something evil down the line.

It is no wonder that the institutional replicant beast church has so many problems, because it is not the real church so it can offer no real solutions to its members. However, so as not to be rumbled and exposed by this fact, the institutional church churns out the rhetoric that proports to hold the key to solutions. The fact is this rhetoric is a farce, there is no “one solution fits all” here, we are all individuals. What may work for one person most likely will not work for another. It is down to the individual to converse with the Most High himself/herself ALONE as to allow the Most High to personally tailor a solution for that individual person. Now you understand why so many people in the institutional replicant beast system are caught up in all kinds of “sin”(as the institutional replicant church likes to commonly call it), the people are not getting the real help they need because the institutional church is not real to begin with. Christ promised that he would not leave us nor forsake us and I find that this is the main obstacle for the majority of people. They will not let go of the constructs that they hold to because they simply do not believe that the Most High will actually guide them, protect them and show them the way. They also believe that the Devil will come along and ravage them up. No, the pain you receive is from letting go of certain paradigms and constructs which you believed to be as truth, but are in actual fact lies and misdirection. The transition from the fake walk the institutional church promotes as your so called ” journey” with the Most High to the real actual walk can be a rough one, some things will be hard to let go off but the reward will be worth it in the end.

What Church Do You Go To: It can never seem possible for the institutional church goer to comprehend that a person can walk with the Most High God without attending some sort of congregational setting. A conversation with the institutional church member is usually so predictable, you know exactly what questions they want to get to and the situation will usually go like this:

Institutional Church Member: Hey, how is it going?

Me: It has been going well, I have just been working hard and surviving .

Institutional Church Member: So how is work going?

Me: Work has been going very well, how are things going with you?

Institutional Church Member: Things are going good, you know, praise God, just been in the word, amen!

And then the institutional church member will normally launch the first missile to pathe the way for the target they wish to get to-

Institutional Church Member: So how is your spiritual life going?

Me: My spiritual life is absolutely fine, I thank the Most High for each new day of my life.

Institutional Church Member: Are you going to a church/what church are you going to?

Me: My actual preference is to walk with the Most High outside of the confinds of the congregational system.

As you know from there you will receive the usual lecture about how it is important to go to a church, how it is important to fellowship with other members and this will usually be followed by an invitation to their church sometimes accompanied with a flyer advertising either an up and coming event or a slogan that gives you the impression that their church is different than the rest and can give the answers that you have been looking for. The fact of the matter is the genuine churches are very few and far between. The rhetoric about going to a church and fellowshipping would be expedient if you were dealing with the true church. As I know you are merely promoting another branch of the institutional church beast system, only in a different building, I will pass thank you very much. Besides, I am still waiting for the scriptures that say that this is the way. Didn’t Christ say that he would be in the midst of 2 or 3 people gathered in his name? You see, once you actually start to think for yourself, the dog training you have received to just accept what is given to you becomes so clear and you can begin to see it for what it is, utter trash and nonsense.

You see, the institutional church has programmed its members to reset to default/safe position if they think that something might be a sin or they have a though which they have been conditioned to believe is wrong. It is in this way that the institutional church controls its members and prevents them from trying something new or breaking true spiritual ground with the Most High. One of the ways I have found to break this conditioning is to do exactly what you have been told not to do. Remember, you are not doing it to live by the flesh but your are doing it to break the conditioning that the institutional church has put over you. Any other solutions should be implemented in order to break the conditioning and smash the chains. The mechanism for determining what is wrong from right was already put in you by the Most High from when you were born, it is called conscience. The institutional church has simply come along and added countless unnecessary rules and regulations that serve only to burden your walk with the Most High and control you.

Another problem caused by the countless  unnecessary rules and regulations that are imposed on you by the institutional church beast system is one I call Expressive Minimalism/Expressive Caution. This is where you are excessively cautious with your words, you become afraid to express your true thoughts and ask the true questions that are close to your heart. What then occurs from this point onwards can go one of two ways. You either go back to default automaton mode, adjust to having your individuality stripped from you, accept anything and everything that you are taught and learn to live in an oppressive regime, daily deceiving yourself into thinking that everything is fine and this is the way that your life must be from this point forward or you begin to become bitter at the institutional church system because you view the Most High also as a heartless sentinel who does not understand your feelings and struggles and stands ready to strike you down at anytime. Reading the scriptures and praying become a chore and are carried out, out of fear and not love and ultimately you leave the congregation ticked off and swear never to return again. Surprisingly enough, the latter is an excellent position to be in, as having now thrown off the institutional church “yoke of bondage”, this nows gives the Most High room to make himself known to you on a personal and intimate level without the distractions and excess jargon to cut through. The institutional church calls this position “backsliding”, however I would rather refer to it as a fresh start and a new beginning. It certainly was a brand new start for me.

Those Books Are Not Part Of The Bible: The amount of times I have heard this statement parroted from institutional church members in regards to The Apocrypha, The Book Of Enoch, The Book Of Jubilees and The Book Of Jasher, not to mention others is unbelievable to say the least. It is guaranteed everytime that the majority of institutional church members who repeat this slogan have not even picked up the books to read them for themselves. Do you see how easy it is to control men and women in the church by limiting their thought process and restricting their research radar? Yet the very same pastors who tell you to not read the books have themselves read them 5 times over and will many times preach on certain accounts, that when you scroll through the standard 66 books, cannot be found. Where are they obtaining their information from? Yes, from the very same literature they told you to stay away from. This would be hypocritical except this is not about teaching you, it is all about controlling you and turning you into a group thinker, rather like the Borg in Star Trek, which being no surprise at all is part of the ongoing war by the governments of the world against individuality, individual rights and privacy.

Another mantra I have heard from institutional church members in relation to this topic is that these extra biblical books have historical value but do not hold any spiritual value. My simple response to that statement would be “Who Told You That” or “Who Said That” or “Where Did You Get That Information From”? I know the answer to that question and I am sure by now you do also so I will leave that one there. Again, do you see how easy it is to control people when you hold a prominent position, just by words alone?

Is it so hard for you to pick up the books, read them for yourself and make up your own mind? Must the pastor/leader constantly carry out your thinking and reasoning for you also? Are you going to begin to use your own mind and think and reason for yourself? What are you afraid of? Do you believe that your are going to suffer from a curse of irreversible permanent contamination if you should begin to read these books? I know personally that this was one of the impressions I received from institutional church leaders and members when I was in the beast system, that I would be corrupted for the rest of my life and swallowed up into a deep abyss from which I could never return if my eyes even cast themselves upon an Apocrypha, not to mention the others. I was told that it would be like tasting the forbidden fruit. Come on people, snap out of it, you are being controlled and valuable knowledge is being deceptively hidden from you. A word of advice, if your pastor advises you not to read any particular literature, FIND IT AND READ IT, especially when it comes to the books I have mentioned, which by the way are referenced to in the bible and the Apocrypha has always been part of the bible until “a few good men” decided that it should be removed because it “had no value of canon”. In reality, the spiritual, historical and prophesy values of these books were too hard hitting for folks who had it in mind to control their congregational members, so in the eyes of the control freaks, the books had to be demonised and banished from the mainstream regular read, and has it worked? Like a charm. Mention these books to a typical institutional church member and he/she will quickly reset to default position and run from you like you have the plague. What a mind job, however should we really be surprised? This is the regular brainwashing, programming and conditioning of the institutional church beast, executed on its members on a daily basis and they are always on the look out for new recruits, so beware.

If you Don’t Stop That You Will Go To Hell:  Really?? If there is one thing that ticks me off about the institutional church member better still the entire system, it is the judgemental attitude when it comes to folks who may be having difficulties in certain areas of their lives. It is only recently that I am beginning to realise the true grace of the Most High and rest in the fact that he isn’t ready to strike me down if I mess up……..and this is one of the hardest conditioning pillars to smash when you come out of the institutional church system, in fact it is a very hard one to break down. You see as I stated before, the institutional church is a fake set up masquerading as the genuine article so because the whole system is founded on lies and fraud to begin with, they have no solutions for you and certainly cannot condemn you for falling short on certain things. Again, the Most High has a tailor made solution to fit you and you alone. It is simply a question of not operating in the self condemnation mode when you fall short, this is not what the Most High God is all about, though this is what the institutional church beast is all about in order to keep you under control. A few people can fix certain areas through the institutional church, but that is if most of the components that the Most High would have used were already present in their “Generic Solution”. If you are struggling in certain areas of your life, meet the Most High on his turf and you two ALONE work it out. The Most High has already worked it out, however he wants you to walk with him and put down the distractions and the condemnation that comes with operating in the institutional beast system. Remember the scriptures say that the Most High is faithful to forgive us of ALL OUR SINS AND CLEANSE US FROM ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS! Just remember that before you go into self condemnation mode the next time you fall short. Don’t bother confessing your faults to institutional church members as this will just bring you grief, a load of lecturing and no real fix to any problems. Are you really surprised?

The other issue here is that the institutional church member will always feel the need to place his/her convictions on you. Listen, if the Most High has brought something to your conviction/attention, then to share it with others is one thing, but to push your convictions upon the next person as if what is relevant for you is relevant for them is overstepping the line. If this is the case, then keep your convictions to yourself institutional church member. Again, I cannot reinterate this point enough, we are all INDIVIDUALS and the Most High will work through us using OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL SKILLS, STRENGTHS, TALENTS AND GIFTS. We are all one in Christ but that is where the one stops. If you are approached and you hear the words “the Most High told me to tell you” or “you should do this/that”, you simply reply, “well, he hasn’t told me that yet but when he tells me that personally then I will act upon it, and only then”. Remember, the Most High made you different to everybody else, why would he now ask you to be the same as everybody else? If you are in a situation where you feel that your individuality is being taken away from you, run. The walk between an individual and the Most High is a delicate one, other people have no idea of the plan, the components or the timeline that the Most High is working in an individual, yet they feel the need to constantly push their feelings and convictions on other people. What normally ends up happening is if you take up one of their suggestions and it wasn’t part of the plan that the Most High had for you or it was but not at that time, it will simply be dropped down the road fairly quickly.

It is important that that we truly begin to actually trust in the Spirit and WAIT for the Spirit to instruct us, not some eager institutional church member trying to prove his worth and importance. If a suggestion gets put forward to you or if something is pressed upon you to do by someone else, if the Most High hasn’t told you about it, ignore it. If it is on the cards for a later time, then the Most High will make it know to you nearer the time. You will know when the Most High is pressing on you to do something, you will commence that task/mission and you will stick by it until told otherwise by him.

The Most High is a smooth operator and takes his time moulding you into his image. This is one of many reasons why he does not reside in the institutional church system, because the institutional church beast wants immediate and quick changes from the time that a new member steps into their arena. These changes are demanded of new members via the church beast rules and regulatory system and is not a natural process of transition. I said it before, I will say it again, because the institutional church is a trojan horse, in order to truly connect with the Most High, you must depart from that system and come out from under the institutional yoke of slavery and oppression.

This message is by no means a message of pressure, quite the opposite. Just because I have brought information to the forefront, it doesn’t demand any changes from you UNTIL THE MOST HIGH HIMSELF SPEAKS TO YOU ABOUT IT or YOU REACH THAT POINT OF CONVICTION IN YOUR OWN TIME WITH NO PRESSURE FROM OUTSIDERS. What I would say though is in this time of high deception, it is an important and wise time to begin to think about things that are placed in front of you, to think things through for yourself and not to take anything for face value.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Most High Our Heavenly Father

6 thoughts on “Institutional Church Rhetoric – Part 2!

  1. I enjoy following your blog. Please continue in your quest to get the Word out. May you be guided by the Almighty always!


  2. Hello , I just found your blogroll…its very good- i have reposted your article to my FB page with references of course-I hope thats ok…on the church rhetorics and its ‘rules’- maybe you should call it: ‘Rubics cube’ the box evryone left behind,,,!”
    I’m meeting tons of sheep on Facebook now who are leaving churchianity in droves… They are tired but are glad they are looking for some sincere folks to hang out with…We are all are tired of that plastic culture and the heartless/empty/polite/fellowship.. The Lord is gathering His sheep just as He promised in Ezekiel 34… Peace and Hope to u all,no matter what storms are coming, He goes before us! 🙂


    • Feel free to spread this information, gladly take any information from here and post it wherever you want. The so called “church” simply doesn’t hold the answers that people are seeking because it was set up to be a trojan horse from the beginning. I don’t know if I mentioned this in the blog but I liken attending the institutional church beast system to joining the military, there is no difference. Your individuality is stripped away from you, you are forced via pressure from other institutional church members to conform to a fake so called “holy mould” and you are taught to repeat chants and songs when the leader tells you. If these aren’t classic indoctrination techniques then I don’t know what are.

      Once more people realise that the “church” is a fake, the so called “church” will really take a pounding. I was a rebel when I was younger and looking back, it seem that the Most High had me rebelling in the right areas of my life. I only could do 2 years in the institutional church beast system and even then, the last year was made up of fragmented visits. The Most High Power AHAYAH is good. I am happy to see more and more of our people discovering their true heritage and breaking free from the heavy yoke of bondage that the institutional church has thrust upon them. Keep putting the word out.

      Ahayah Bless.


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