Institutional Church Rhetoric!

With the real church having been relegated to the sidelines and the replicant beast institutional church having taken the front stage pretending to be the genuine article, it has managed to introduced certain phrases and slogans which have been spread abroad and are known by its members all too well. People today simply adjust to their surroundings and to new changes via the process called osmosis and do not ask questions or stop to think about what it is that they are adapting or adjusting into. This is very dangerous and is simply part of “dog training” the public to just simply obey authority, to not to ask questions or to stop and think about what they are being presented with. Let’s look at some of the terms, phrase and slogans that this replicant institutional church beast has gotten people to parrot that even I was using when I was beholden to that beast institution. I will only choose a few as the list is endless.

Praise God: Ok, but which god? The bible states that there are many gods(Psalms 96:4-5). Wouldn’t it be a good idea to identify the name of the God whom you wish to give praise to first? I also used this phrase in ignorance not really knowing what I was doing or thinking it through first.  Just walk around your church congregation and you will hear people using this phrase more often than they eat food. This is just a typical example of how people just copy what they hear without reasoning the process/action through first. This phrase also seems to be a favourite for demonstrating some sort of “holiness” or “spiritual pomp”. The Most High God does not respect any persons period and certainly does not look upon any person differently for using so called “spiritual” phrases. So, the people who use this phrase thinking that they are getting closer to the Most High or scoring brownie points with him are simply wasting their time. As for the people who do not use this phrase, do not feel a way or unspiritual because you do not act in the same fashion as the rest of the Polly Parrots.

Amen: This phrase always seems to go hand in glove with the previous, as if constantly stating “Amen, Amen” as a reponse to something is establishing some sort of spiritual high ground. Again, people just copy what they hear without stopping to examine what it is that is being offered to them for themselves to take on board. I personally do not use the word Amen after a prayer anymore as it is too close to Amen Ra which was I believe was a temple in Egypt dedicated to the Egyptian gods or the full name of Ra the Egyptian sun god . Many people have actually placed the theory forward that this is where that phrase originally came from. It would make sense as remember that Lucifer stated that he would be like the Most High ie be worshipped. Let us not think for a second that he wouldn’t flood the world with names and phrases that would automatically bring glory to himself. Remember, the Most High laid down some penalties in Revelation 22 for people who would add or take away from his word. Why else would he do that unless he foreknew that man would actually interfere with the scriptures?

Get Into The Word/In The Word: This is absolute nonsense coming from the institutional beast church system as you do not learn anything of value to begin with. What exactly are you in? Are you in the word being directed by the Holy Spirit himself according to John 16:13 or are you reading the word and drawing your conclusions based on the interpretations you were fore given by your pastor/preacher/theologian/minister/historian? Remember what John said in 1 John 2:27, that the anointing within you(the Spirit) would teach you and that you would not need any man to teach you. The other problem here is that to really “get into the word” you would/should have broken down the nations within the scriptures and shown who is who in today’s world. For some reason the institutional replicant church beast system seems to be very relutant to do this, I wonder why? The other point here is what about the other books that have been left out of the present compilation of the bible, which are mentioned in the bible. Aren’t these books part of the “word” also? The Apocrypha is part of the word of  the Most High, however your institutional church will tell you not to read it as it isn’t part of canon. Really? Who decided that it wasn’t part of canon and why can I not just read the books contained within it for myself and make up my own mind?

Don’t Get Involved In Politics/The Politics: This slogan has to be one of the most stupid and dangerous phrases that has ever been floated among the institutional church congregations. It is because true Christians were standing up and fighting darkness head on in politics before, which was able to and has held off the full flood of evil and wickedness in this world until now. If this phrase is being used in your church, it has been infiltrated and thus forward will take you in the direction of the world and not after Christ. It was good true christians in times past who would stand up and expose politician A for his adulterous relationship and politician B for his under the table cash deals. Politicians at one point used to fear the pastor and his congregation. They knew that they had to be spotless otherwise exposure of their dirty closet was a certainty. Nowadays with the “don’t get involved in politics” line, many christians have used this as an excuse not to stand up against anything, yet they will winge and complain at the worsening state of affairs in the world but at the same time believe that “other people” are dealing with the problems for them, how convenient is that? Many christians have simply turned into lazy slobs who are simply waiting for Christ to return and believe that they do not have a duty to stand against the evil themselves. This is some of what people now have to contend with now that the “church” has sat down and rolled over to evil and corruption using the “don’t get involved in politics” line as their justification:,2933,543203,00.html

As you can see, these are just a few examples of where “not getting involved in the politics” is not fixing the problems in the world, in fact they are only getting worse. It is funny though because we are told in Ephesians 5:11 to reprove evil. This means to expose evil and to stand against it for those lazy so called “christians” who cannot be bothered to get out a dictionary. In reality many christians want a simple ride into heaven on a golden chariot with harps playing in the background, people singing and the angel Michael standing there ready to greet them at the heavenly gates with a smile. Well, get over it because it isn’t going to happen. Remember Christ told us that we would suffer persecution in the world but that we are to be of good cheer because he overcame the world. We were not to get involved in politics to vote for this person or that person because we are fully aware that the system is corrupt to the core, we were meant to get involved to expose the skull duggery, evil and underhandedness and to stand against it by defending and putting forward what is right. Another thing is I am still waiting for the scripture that supports this cowardly stance……..and don’t even bother giving me Colossians 2:8 as it does not say there that were are not to stand against all evil. Remember that Christ referred to us as the children of light. Darkness flees in the presence of light, so what on earth is going on in today’s world where the darkness is enveloping the light?

The Word Of God Says/The Word/Bible Says: At the time where a desperate person needs some sound advise, the institutional church member will always rattle off the same general blanket statement, “well, the bible says”. 1 Peter 3:15 tells us that we as christians are to be ready with answers at all times, ready to provide them to who may need them, not to palm people off with blanket statements of no value. I can recall the many times in the past that I have required real answers to genuine problems and was met with this bland statement. You will also notice that most members of the institutional church system will use this slogan at some stage. Further more, when I then told the person that the answers that have just been given to me did not really help out my situation,  I was told that I was “losing faith” and that I needed to re-examine my relationship with God. Of course they would never consider the possibility that their response was a pile of excrement. I was already aware of what the bible says because I was reading it.  These slogans front somehow as having some sort of holy value and majesty but in reality they are simply trash not even worth toilet paper.

God Has A Plan For Your Life: I do not really argue or disagree with this statement as there is some truth to it, at least to those who are called according to the Most High, but yet again we must ask ourselves, which god? Satan is a god in this world too and he also has a plan for your life, to cut it short as soon as possible, especially if he knows that the Most High will use you at a later stage in your life. The institutional church has used this slogan as a serious crutch to reel in the numbers so that it can continue to financially support its structure. Most people are simply not interested in the things of the Most High any longer and this has been in part due to the false promises that the institutional church beast has dangled in order to attract in the people, rather like the carrot for the donkey. In reality when it comes to the institutional church, the plan their “god” has for your life is to financially support the beast replicant system for the rest of your days and be continually sucked into returning every Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday by cliff hanger sermons which proport much knowledge and depth but in reality are cons and conjecture designed to deceive you further and keep you locked in as if you are helpless without them.

Sow A Seed/Give To Receive: This saying almost always relates to you giving cash into the institutional beast replicant church coffers and seeing nothing in return. You are told that in order for you to see a return/blessing in your life, that you must support the institutional beast financially. Many of us who have come out of the institutional beast or at least see it for what it is now, fell for this jargon. Along with this slogan comes stupid thinking as you begin to see every financial return you receive as a blessing from the Most High and not from a logical perspective. Yes, the Most High can bless you financially but you also have to remember that the Most High can also give you the knowledge to break financial chains which would also release more of your money into your hands. Do not always believe that extra finances will come from the outside to you, sometimes the blessing can come in the form of freeing up cash that you already had locked down to something else. Also notice that the “sow a seed” philosophy always seems to travel in one direction. Why don’t these mega churches sow a seed in my direction? I wouldn’t complain and I certainly could do with the extra cash. That shows you that the whole philosophy is bogus, do not fall for it. In reality the pastor should see no money whatsoever, if he/she is in need then the congregation should supply the pastor/preacher with what he/she needs and nothing more. If you decide to overfeed these slugs in the pulpit, they will require more and more and thus will manufacture more lies and reasons as to why you should hand over more of you money to them. Let us take a look at the top 3 of these overfed sluggards:

Creflo Dollar - Which Really Stands For "Create A Flow Of Dollars"

You couldn’t make up this guy’s name which by the way stands for “create a flow of dollars”. He threw it in your face and most people have not clocked on yet. I have seen clips of this guy on youtube encouraging his congregation to endlessly give more and more and more and more. Lets take a look at this guy’s house:

Dollar Mansion

And let us not forget Mr Dollar’s private jet:

Dollar Private Jet

While you get poorer, this man rakes in the cash. Why is he not sowing seeds back into his congregation? This is one example of what can and will happen when the so called leader is overfed. If you are sending money to this fraud stop now, save your money and put it to better use. If this so called “sow a seed” philosophy were true you should be at least on a parr with this man’s living standard or even higher. The fact that you are not shows that the “sow a seed” philosophy is simply a money making racket to funnel money in one direction……..and it isn’t yours.

T.D Jakes

This is T D Jakes or as many rightfully refer to him as TD Snakes. Another overfed slug of the pulpit who by the way has a serious question mark hanging over his sexuality even though he in the “open” stands against gay rights. So was this guy and we all are familiar with the latest story on him:

"Bishop" Eddie Long

To call this man a bishop has to be some kind of joke when you read the requirements of a true bishop in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. The same goes for TD Snakes……sorry Jakes.

Joel Osteen

Firstly I wouldn’t even refer to this man as a pastor as all I have heard him do is simply talk philosophy and not on the scriptures. Secondly, his second name is very interesting, it sounds very Jewish to me. Steen is not very far from Stein and we know already that the Zionists confess that they do alter and change their names many a time in order to hide themselves. Anyway, he is another one who lives in a big plush house while many of his congregation live on or below the poverty line. Another overfed slug living the life of luxury.

There is also the likes of Benny Hinn, Morris Cerello, Joyce Meyer, Mike Murdock, Paula White, Paul Crouch, Kenneth Copland(who by the way is a freemason, do your research), Rod Parsley and many, many, many others, the list could go on for days.

Its A Miracle: Is it really a miracle or is that a conclusion based on the conditioning process that you have been put through and the way you have been taught to look at things by the institutional church beast system? The fact of the matter is most things that occur in your life are due to circumstances that were set up by yourself  beforehand whether knowingly or unknowingly. Don’t get me wrong, the Most High can and does work miracles all the time but the mentality has been trained into us to render everything down to a devine act, often overlooking the blatant evidence that suggests otherwise.

This brings me to another quick point/issue. If the Holy Spirit is supposed to be working through people individually, why do the majority of churches operate in the same manner, even the churches that claim to be different or claim to bringing a so called “alternative” form of teaching. A quick look at the standard format would be something similar to this:

3-5 fast paced songs.

2-4 slow songs.


Money Collection.

Sermon(1 or 2 scriptures followed by what seems to be philosophical teachings.

Altar Call(With Song)

Short speech by pastor

Final Song


I guarantee you that you will find the same or a similar format no matter which congregation you attend. This should show you that this is not of the Most High and that something is seriously wrong. Is this the way the Most High works, with you repeating the same actions every Sunday Wednesday and Saturday? I do not think so and if you have been lead to believe that the Most High only moves within a certain format, think again. Let me just touch on the sermon quickly. The sermon is usually a batch of information after the scriptures are given that claims some worth and value, whereas the fact is the information is worthless and just another chain link that is added to your ankle to keep you in the same place and stagnant. Let us just be honest, when you examine what has been presented, did you really learn anything of substance?

What about the fact that when the service is finished, the congregation will begin to parrot what they have just heard in the sermon almost immediately to other fellow members as if it is the latest powerful word handed down straight from the Most High when in reality it was probably downloaded off the internet where many so called “sermons” are available to any pastors who want and need them. Talk about Predictive Programming and Pavlovian Dog Training. The fact of the matter is that this institutional church system that many believe has been made especially for them was conceived before you and I were born and was engineered and designed as a mechanism of control. The institutional church has been in full control of the masses for at least the last 300-500 years. All of the churches you see today are merely branches of their mother, the Roman Catholic Church REGARDLESS OF WHICH DINOMINATION YOU CLAIM YOU ARE A PART OF. It has had many leaders who have entered in and pretended to be different from the mother but they have never made any significant changes and upon investigation of their lives, the real truth becomes clear. For example, many people praise Martin Luther as some kind of reformer especially in light of the declaration he nailed to door of a catholic church, however very few of his supporters know that Mr Luther was a Freemason. Infiltrators like him were merely sent in to keep the people in line and direct them toward the “new order”. Charles Spurgeon was another plant put in place to keep the sheeple in line regardless of how “radical” he preached.

So the question is how did these recent pastors rise to the level that they are at today? If you believe that they started from the grass roots and that it was the people that put them there then I have a bridge to sell you in Boston. People are always niave into thinking that the leaders of certain groups and organisations are chosen by themselves. This is in the same fashion that people believe that they vote in presidents and prime ministers whereas in reality they are chosen and bred from birth to take the position that is already set for them by very rich elite white men in suits and ties. So who could have been responsible for all these recent pastors and preachers, well at least for the initial sponsorship and media coverage?:

David Rockefeller

You should already know who this man is. For those who don’t, this is David Rockefeller who’s wealth runs into the trillions and who is also part of the big banking cartels, you know the ones that have smashed the economy of your country to pieces. Some of you may be thinking, “what has a banker got to do with the institutional church?”  In 1937 this man or at least members of his family established the organisation called the World Counsel Of Churches. The surface mission was to bring people together, however the real under the table reason was to compremise the bring all dinominations under one roof, his organisation’s  roof. From there he could exercise control over the doctrine each dinomination put out and thus would canker the true gospel and eradicate doctrines that he thought were too hardcore and “radical”. The is also much fine print to becoming a member of this organisation, including loss of rights in some areas including the right to determine what you talk about to your congregation. The World Counsel Of Churches is nothing but an organisation under Satan’s control and if your church is a member of it, my advice to you is get out as soon as possible.


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