Censored For 2 Hours, A Mistake Or A Warning?

Earlier on today I logged into my wordpress account and was told that my account had been suspended due to a violation of their terms of service. I contacted the support team and was told that their “system” had made a mistake and had shutdown my account by accident. This is not the first time that a machine has played judge, jury and executioner in my life. Not long ago this year I attempted to transfer some money abroad and as a result my card was blocked on at least 2 occasions. I contacted the customer service team and each time I was told that their system had “flagged up an unusual transaction”. Beware, we are moving into an age where machines with no emotions or empathy will make the final yea or nea in regards to every area of our lives. As usual there are always those who are quite willing to serve an evil system and who have no conscience when it comes down to oppressing their fellow man/woman. Take this creature for example:

This is Cass Sunstein. He is the current regulatory advisor for the Obama administration. He has stated that he wants to shut down bloggers and demonize true lovers of freedom by sending in trolls who would front to be patriots and freedom lovers but at the same time would post within blogs things that would draw attention from the “officials and authorities”, leading to unwarranted attention, set ups and even arrests. If you have a blog that is exposing the corruption of this world and that talks about the real issues in society, then this man is after you. He has even stated that it should be listed as a conspiracy theory that sunlight is good for your health. Here are a few articles on this devil spawn:




Make no mistake, this man is a complete monster. By the way note the monsters 2nd name, Sunstein. Stein is a Jew(ISH) name. The pattern is beginning to look familiar again. There is also another devil who has been recently been sworn into the Supreme Court “Justice” who is also after your freedoms, take a look at this trogladyte:

This woman’s name is Elena Kagan(Kagan, also a Jew(ISH) name). Do not let her cheesy smile fool you. The woman is quite frankly a troll in human clothing. She has actually talked about banning books. Yes you have heard me correctly and if you do not believe me, just google her name and “banning books”. Her are a few articles on this monster who has now been sworn into the highest court of the US:



Keep an eye on these two as they are destined to reek destruction in the US which will then be felt around the entire planet. As for us bloggers, we need to use the internet to its maximum while we still have it as time is getting short. Was the temporary shutdown of my blog a genuine mistake or a warning? In this world I believe that mistakes do not happen, so I will swing with the latter evrytime.

6 thoughts on “Censored For 2 Hours, A Mistake Or A Warning?

  1. Seems like there was a mega malfunction with everything today because Twitter was dropping everyone’s following to 0 for no reason. Something’s mos def up on the net!


    • Something fishy is going on. Might be a test in preparation for that convenient ¨cyber attack¨that both the US and UK governments say is coming to justify their further control over the web.


  2. “Beware, we are moving into an age where machines with no emotions or empathy will make the final yea or nea in regards to every area of our lives.”

    Just like in the movie “iRobot”. The machines were supposedly invented to help mankind, until the main computer (think her name was Vicki) saw that humans need protection from themselves and the Earth needed protection from the humans, at that point, the robots decided it would be best to control the humans. I think thats already happening. Ofcourse, we dont have robots walking around telling us what to do at the moment, but we depend on machines maybe more than we should. The fact that we depend on them so much already shows some type of control over us. Hope i made sense 🙂


    • Funny you should mention that as I just finish watching THX 1138 which paints that exact scenario, where machines dictate to you all your life from cradle to grave. Its time to get back to the land and minimise the use of these machines. To be honest, the machines could be used to better mankind’s position in this world, but we know that a certain few elite want the technology to only better themselves and to use other machines to enslave everybody else, and yes you will get(excuse my language)tossers and low life trash who will have no problems at all operating these machines and perpetuating the enslavement of their fellow man.


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