Lets Just Set The Record Straight – The Most High HAS NOT FORGOTTEN HIS PEOPLE!

Today I was listening to a so called “christian radio” station and I heard the preacher talking about Revelation 12 and the woman described in that chapter who is clearly a reference to the nation of Israel. Now, I don’t normally listen to christian radio especially now that I know my true heritage as a Hebrew. That type of preaching now seems redundant to me as you are only given minutely small nuggets of information that hold very little if any worth, and I mean very small nuggets.

To be honest, the so called “church” is a huge flop. You go into a building, sing a collection of songs, drop some money in the bucket and pass it on, listen to a pastor/preacher proclaim 2 or 3 scriptures and then take you on some long distractional rabbit trail as if it is related to the scriptures he/she mentioned. Nothing new is learned. The sad truth of today is in order to receive real nourishment, truth and good spiritual food, you must leave the church and walk by yourself or at least find people who are like minded to walk together with. I can testify to this personally. Out of all the churches that I have visited, not one of them told me that I was the seed of the biblical Hebrews and that the promises pertaining to Israel were for me and my people, I found that out myself through guidance from the Spirit of truth, not in a church building listening to rhetorically dead words.

You see, alot of these pastors out there know who you really are but they need to feed you with the impression that they hold all the answers and without them you are lost and destitute. They have to keep you coming back(love of money, root of all evil). It is almost like a cliff hanger on a television program and you have to wait till next week for the conclusion. Only with the church, there is no conclusion. Each week is a cliff hanger with no end. All of these so called “sermons of value” that are supposed to provide you with another piece of the puzzle to finding out who you are in Christ are nothing but a shell game, this is why most people keep returning to church every Sunday or Wednesday to pick up the next “valuable” piece of information to add to the pieces that they have already which are so few and small.

Well, the jig is up, this whole “find out who you are in Christ” line is a rhetorical straight jacket. I know who I am, I am a Hebrew, whom the Most High send his son to die for. The spell is broken and has been broken for a while now. Anyway, back to this pastor on the radio. He went on to say that the old covenant was with Israel and that the new covenant IS WITH THE CHURCH. He then went on to describe the woman giving birth(Revelation 12)as the church suffering tribulation. This is the problem when the gospel is put into the hands of the gentiles who are supposed to be taught by us the Hebrews, not the reverse.

Has the Most High forgotten his people? I am just going to list a few chapters which will simply explain themselves and you tell me afterward if the Most High has forgotten us or the covenant that he made with our fore fathers. Read these at your own leisure:

Isaiah 14, 60, 61, 62

Jeremiah 30, 31, 32

Ezekiel 11, 34, 36, 37

Hosea 2

Joel, 2, 3

Amos 9

Micah 4, 5

Zechariah 8, 9, 12, 13, 14

Romans 9, 11

These are just the books and chapters that I am familiar with off head. I’m sure that there are many more. This teaching seems to be common among many churches, that God has cast away his people and gotten himself a new people to deal with. Is this the case? Has the Most High forgotten us Israel? Paul dealt with the Gentiles in his time who held the same high minded attitude as many of the churches today in Romans 11, that because Israel has been scattered throughout the four corners of the earth, the “church” is now the new chosen people and The Most High has abandoned his people which he knew before. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the Most High has made a new covenant with another people, this is not in the scriptures.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Most High Our Heavenly Father

16 thoughts on “Lets Just Set The Record Straight – The Most High HAS NOT FORGOTTEN HIS PEOPLE!

  1. Verbs, I’ve been going through a slight crisis in faith. I’ve been questioning Christianity as a whole and exploring Judiasm (Monotheism). This is just a recent occurance (so I haven’t done much research, but I already feel overwhelmed). In the Old Testament, God clearly states that He is the one true God & that we should place no other gods before Him. So my question to you is, where does Christ fit into this equation? Where in the Old Testament does it talk about Christ coming? S/N: I’m not trying to bate or question your belief as I’ve held the same most of my life. I’ve just been doing some research in the beginnings of Christianity and some of the pagan beliefs & rituals that were added to Christianity. My ultimate goal is a closer walk with my God, and I don’t want to sin against him. Please help me as you’ve enlightened me thus far.


    • Glad to see that you are asking questions as there is nothing wrong with doing that. Christianity that is according to the bible has no problems. What has happened in recent times though is the “institutional church” has erected a duplicate version of a beast that looks like Christianity until you begin to examine it up close and pick it apart. This is where the issue has been for most true christians who just want to serve the Most High to the best of their ability, the “replicated Christianoid beast” that the institutional church has set up is full of misteachings, deception, unnecessary rules and regulations and other factors that are simply there to control you and make feel helpless without their assistance and so called “guidance”.

      I know this from my own personal experiences, at times I felt as if the walk with the Most High was an impossible task to complete, however remember what Christ stated about his yoke being “light”. It is the commercial church system that piles on the burdens and the labours and makes your walk with the Most High seem like a chore sometimes.

      In answering your question about there being only one God, we have to remember that the word God is just a title. For this answer I will sometimes replace the word God with the word “power”. Also you have to remember that the Power is plural, not singular. Lets look at Genesis 1:26 which reads:

      26. And God said, Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

      Notice that is says let “US” make man in “our” image, meaning that there is more that one person that makes up the ONE power. In the next verse you see that it says that he created man in HIS own image. Now the scripture is identifying a single member out of the power as creating man. We know from reading Colossians 1 and John 1 that this power is Christ himself. There are numerous things one that are made up of many. 1 car has many parts, 1 horse has 4 legs, 1 tree has many branches, 1 human being has trillions of cells, 1 mouth has 32 teeth, 1 hand has 5 members, yet they are all part of the “ONE” subject. The list can go on and on for examples. Ahayah(the Father), Yashayah(Christ) and the Spirit are 3 members of 1 group called the Godhead so worshipping any one of these members means you are only giving glory to this 1 group/power( 1 John 5:7 – Make sure you are reading out of an old KJV as most of the newer versions have removed this verse sighting false information as to why they haven’t included it ). Worshipping Allah or Buddah for example now means that you have given glory to a god/power outside of the Godhead, this is now putting other gods before the Most High. The “ONE” is a compound collective, not a singularity unless the individual within that collective is specified.

      Where is Christ talked about in the old testament in regards to his coming to earth? To be honest there are so many scriptures, some are direct, some indirect, but I will take you through a few.

      Genesis 3:15 talks about the “seed of the woman” bruising the head of the serpent. Notice there is no mention of the seed of the man in combination. This is the first prophesy about Christ coming and destroying the works of the Devil through his sacrifice.

      Genesis 49:10 talks about the sceptre not departing from Judah until “Shiloh” come. Another reference to Christ as he came out of the tribe of Judah(Heb 7:14).

      Deuteronomy 18: 15, 18-19 talks about the Most High stating that he would raise up a prophet from among the children of Israel like Moses. Remember Moses delivered our fore fathers out of Egypt. Christ died for our sins and will come back and deliver us from our present bondage, like for like.

      Read also the following:

      Psalms 2:6-9.
      Psalms 22:1(Remember what Christ said on the cross).
      Psalms 22:16-18.
      Psalms 39:9(Remember Christ kept silent when he was accused, he did not defend himself when going to the cross).
      I’m sure that I have missed some out in Psalms as there are many others but let us now go to some more elsewhere.

      Isaiah 7:14.
      Isaiah 9:6-7.
      Isaiah 11:1-12.
      Isaiah 32:1.
      Isaiah 40:3-5(Remember what John the Baptist said in Matthew 3:3).
      Isaiah 42:1-4.
      Isaiah 49:6-7.
      Isaiah 52:13-15.
      Isaiah 53(Concerning Christ’s life and death before the time).
      Isaiah 59:16-20.
      Isaiah 61:1-3(Remember what Christ read in the temple in Luke 3:18-19).
      Isaiah 63:1-6(Dealing with Christ’s second coming and the slaughter that will take place).
      Isaiah 65:9
      Ezekiel 21:26-27
      Ezekiel 34(especially verses 22-24)
      Ezekiel 37:24-25
      Micah 5:2-4
      Zechariah 3:8
      Zechariah 6:12-13
      Zechariah 12, 13 and 14
      Malachi 3:1-3

      I’m sure that lot will keep you busy for a while. See this is the problem with the church today, its just a load of singing and dancing but no nutritional spiritually dense food is given out. They just have you going around in circles. Remember, christianity when followed according to the bible isn’t the problem, the replica “church” set up that is called “christianity” is the stumbling block to true spiritual growth.

      Christianity according to the bible started in Antioch(Acts 11:26). This was the first place that the name Christian came up. It simply meant that you were a follower of Christ. Of course later on down the line people like Constantine began to fuse “his version of christianity” with pagan beliefs. Remember that Constantine and rulers like Nero put true christians to death who would not submit to their doctrine of lies and falsehood. We also have to remember that the gospel was given to the Hebrews first to preach to the Gentile. You see the mess that we are in today, the gospel is backwards and most of the Gentiles preaching the gospel do not have a clue as to what they are supposed to teach, so it is time for people like myself to step up as the teaching in error has gone too far.

      In regards to paganism, it is to be expected as I am in Europe among Gentiles so they will celebrate pagan holidays and think that it is part of the christian faith. I believe that you are in America so you will see the same thing. If only these people would read the scriptures, especially our people and see how many times we were told “not to learn the ways of the heathen”. For example in Jeremiah 10:1-5 we are told not to look to the stars(horoscope/astrology) for guidance and not to celebrate Christmas as it has nothing to do with Christ but has everything to do with the birthday of Nimrod when you search the history. Remember Nimrod in Genesis 11 who tried to build the tower of Babel? Christmas, Easter, Fathers Day, Mother’s Day(which is really the celebration of mother earth, Gaia worship), birthdays, Valentine’s day(which is really the celebration of Eros, the homosexual god and sexual orgies) are all pagan. I stopped celebrating all of them when I discovered that their origins were pagan and had no link to the christian faith. Remember, most people just blindly follow others and just believe what they have been taught without doing the research to confirm whether the information is accurate or false. Do not expect the crowd to all of a sudden turn around and get it right. It is down to you to guide yourself using the Spirit, no one else is going to do that for you, you must act as an individual.

      In closing, do not think that you will not make mistakes in your walk or fall down, you will, so if you are trying not to, stop trying not to as it will not work. You also must totally smash to pieces everything that you have learnt from the institutional church, clear you mind of all their conditioning, let go of the pillars and the constructs that they have conditioned into you, place full faith in the Most High to guide you and walk. This is a process that takes time, even I myself am still removing incorrect teachings from my mind fed to me by the “church”. Now that you know your true identity and heritage, you can start from there and begin to read the bible through the eyes of a Hebrew, not a Gentile as you were probably taught you were by the church. The bible is a Hebrew book, not a gentile book.

      Also, you do not need to go into Judaism as that is just a bastard mirror religion of our heritage. How can you learn something from the people who are not even really the true Jews? Picking up a Hebrew bible is cool but learning the tenants of their religion will profit you nothing. I hope this has answered your questions. Of course if you have more, fire away and I will be glad to answer them or at least point you in the right direction. The best advice I can give is do not be afraid to walk away from the teaching of the church in order to start a fresh. Remember, salvation is in Christ, not in the church building or in the pastor. Letting go of the institutional church system will actually strengthen you in the long run plus your level of knowledge, wisdom and understanding will far suppass that of your church going fellows. The Most High really means it when he says he will guide you and be with you forever however in order to really experience his support, you must first let go of the church crutches.


  2. I’ve been in church all of my life, and I definitely agree with most of what you’ve said. I’ve been feeling for a while the ‘fellowship’ of the church has turned into more of a diplomatic chess game. There is always something going on behind the scenes, and I’m running out of arguments as to why the mega churches are so vast and the pastors so rich. I have grown tired of the backstabbing, lying, cheating, vengeance, and everything else that shouldn’t be happening a place that should be giving honor to God.

    The times I do go to church, i try my hardest to get there just after the announcements. That way I don’t have to talk to anyone and just hear the WORD.


    • See the problem for you is, now that you know who you truly are and your heritage has been returned to you, you will find it even harder to stomach that format of preaching and that congregational system set up. Remember what Job said to his friends in Job 13:4 which reads:

      But ye are all forgers of lies, ye are all physicians of no value.

      I now know who I am, their shell game does not interest me anymore. As I stated before, the spell is broken. Alot of people have felt in their hearts that something was wrong with the church but have been afraid to voice their opinions in fear of being outcasted as a some kind of heretic(who cares when most of the accusers are blinded themselves), being the gossip of the month and/or not knowing where to go to gather true information. All the backstabbing, lying, cheating and vengeance that you mentioned is NOT NORMAL. I was actually told that it was when I was going to church. Also the pastor is supposed to be the shepherd who feeds the sheep, but as we read in Ezekiel 34, the shepherds are using the sheep for their own gain and feeding them the crumbs that fall from his/her table.

      To be honest, as you conduct your own research into your rediscovered heritage, you will begin to see how little value the sermons being preached are worth. I was in church from 92-94. I then went back into the world for 10 years and returned to the Most High in 2005. He has kept me out of churches and over time I can see why. The level of wisdom, knowledge and understanding he has given me is off the scale and it keeps increasing exponentially. Ask and ye shall receive is an understatement. Now I am passing all of this information on as my people need to know the truth about who they really are and where they really came from. If the churches will not do it, I will step up to the plate gladly.


  3. Verbs, thank you SO MUCH! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart! You have taught me so much in less than the few minutes it took me to read your answer, than I have learned in most of the years I spent in church. Wow! You are “the truth”! I will most likely be asking some more questions as I read through what you’ve given me so far. And feel free to contact me anytime if you come up with something else. Thank you, thank you & thank you some more!


    • This is exactly what I said to you before, you will gain more knowledge in a 6 month period conducting your own research than sitting in a church building every Sunday and Wednesday for 15 years. Remember also that according to Romans 8:28 “all things WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD…….”. This means the bad things that occur in your life and the pitfalls that you will come across in your walk with the Most high may not seem beneficial at first, but they will all work together for good in the end. A quick example of this is a cake or biscuits. The individual ingredients in these two foods taste lousy by themselves but when you place them all together, they make foods that taste great. Remember Christ is the truth, I am only bringing you the fragments that I have discovered so far. No doubt in time you will be bringing me stuff that I don’t know about, lol. Believe it, it will happen.


  4. Beautiful! I have been in the “Truth” since February 2010, and I am still in awe of how blind I once was! The Most High is slowly, but surely waking true Israel out of our slumber. To this, I say, HalleluYah!


    • It is very uplifting to see my people awaken. I also was once blind to my true heritage and even verbally fought against my friend who was trying to show me the light and who I really was. The Institutional Replicant Church Beast has done a serious number on us. It is time to take back what is ours, smash down everything that we have learned from that system and walk with the Most High a new. There is much more to walking with the Most High than we have been shown by the institutional church beast. The only limit is how far YOU want to go with him. I know I want to go all the way and experience some real POWER! Stay strong Alecia, not long to go now.

      The Most High Bless You


  5. Thanks for posting this info. It’s great the Most High is waking up his people. Ive been trying to share this with fellow Israel in uk but not many care or beleive. But many will not make it in the new kingdom.
    Peace n love Israel!


    • Thank you for the love, it is always much appreciated. Yes indeed, most of our people here in the UK are fast asleep mainly because the government here has given them a mortgage, a car, a house and a supermarket down the street and because of these things they believe that “everything is ok”. They have accepted the dainty treats of a deceitful government, not realising that the goodies are laced with poison that takes effect slowly. They have relegated themselves to indulging in the nonsense and rubbish of this land while forsaking their royal heritage which is priceless. Give them Eastenders, Corrie, Holly Oaks, X Factor, American Idol, Desperate Slappers…..sorry “Housewives” and a Tesco down the road and our people are content.

      Our fore parents just 2 or 3 generations ago came over to the UK and were weary and wise to the people over here, knowing what they had done to our fore fathers and knowing their nature. However the powers here knew that they could work on and indoctrinate the children who in turn would perpetuate the cycle of brainwashing and thus our defences would be lowered. Has it worked? Like a charm. Hold tight there Ms Benjamite, our people here are waking up but the brainwashing and indoctrination here is more sophisticated so the wake up rate is very slow but you are right, most of our people will not make it. A sad thing but it was prophesied that this would occur before we were born. Stay strong, much love.

      The Most High Bless You



  6. I love your website and your teachings. As far back as I can remember, as young as 6 (i went to christian schools) I remember questioning Christian practices. I wondered why everyone seemed to be in a trance and always had the same responses. I wondered why when I had legitimate questions about something in the bible, I could not get a single answer. I wondered why everyone was stop defensive when a question was asked…i wondered about the do or die attitude and honestly, why did the Lord seem so mean.
    The most high gave me the spirit of discernment at a young age but unfortunately I had no true guidance until recently. Now I see that everything I was taught, or rather forcibly brainwashed, was a lie. When I told”christians”that I no longer practiced mainstream christianity, instead of kind words I was met with an “if I had a boulder I would drop it on you” attitude.
    Your blog is truely helping me. But I still wonder if the bible had been tampered with…especially the kjv.


    • The KJV is still the best version you can get your hands on. The main thing that the Jewish Synogogue of Satan have done with it is to remove the name of the Most High and replace it with either LORD or Jehovah and claim that his name is YHWH or Yahweh or Jehovah. We have to remember that Yahweh is Jew(ish) national name for God(their god), not the actually name for the Most High of the Hebrews.

      We also have to remember that like Christ stated in John 7:16: “My doctine is not mine, but his that sent me”. I’m just breaking down and teaching correctly what people before have refused to go into or deliberately taught in error to keep people blinded and under control. Don’t even bother with the other bible versions out there, they are pieces of crud and have been deliberately produced to be that way to move people towards Ecumenicalism and the joining together of all religions under one roof. You should youtube or googlevideo a lady called Gail Riplinger who presents a 2 hour documentary called New Age Bible Versions, it is well worth the watch.

      I know how you feel as I had my fair share of the institutional replicant church beast system myself. The truth is, in order to get real truth, you must leave the so called church. Glad the teachings are helping you, I will continue to bring true knowledge and real answers.

      Most High Bless


  7. I am absolutely sick and tired of church right now honestly it’s become, actually it feels like, no it actually is a CHORE NOW… I could actually breathe a sigh of relief right now….

    I’m gonna go on a limb here and quote beyonce and shakira

    “We’ll never know, why are are we the ones who suffer, we have to let go, cause they will be the ones who cry”


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