Who Are These So Called Jew(ISH) People?? A Quick, Simple And Easy Breakdown!

So Called “Jews” or “Israelis”

You see them constantly on their travels , going from A to B always dressed in black and white, yet you will never see them in the public sector workforce. Who are these people who call themselves “Jews”, why do they always dress in black, where did they come from, are they the real descendants of the biblical Hebrews, who do they worship? So many questions to answer. As in the same case relating to the colour of Christ issue, I will dive into this topic with no hesitation, present you with the evidence for you to make up your own mind and finally obtain a true understanding on who these people who called themselves Jews really are. I will try not to drag out this blog and stick to the main points in brief as there is so much to choose from in terms of coverage.

A Brief History:

In the 7th century in the areas known today as Georgia, south eastern Russia and the Caucuses Mountains ruled a leader of a people, he was known as a Khagan/Kagan. His empire called Khazaria was under serious pressure. So called christian forces ruled the areas north of his kingdom and Muslim forces ruled the area south of his kingdom. Both sides were pressing hard on the Kagan to join and be allied with them however the Kagan had reservations about joining either side because he knew that whatever side he might affiliate himself to, his kingdom would now be under their power and jurisdiction. He however desired that his kingdom be a separate kingdom free from the dominance of the Christian and the Muslim rule. A day came where he invited a leader from each religion to come and debate each other in front of him on the tenants of their faiths. He listened to both sides, asked his questions and then let both leaders depart their ways. Shortly after this debate in a surprise turn of events the Kagan decided that he and his people would convert to Judaism. When asked why he had made this decision, his response was that he believed that Judaism held the core beliefs of both Christianity and Islam. His main reason for the conversion however was to maintain a sovereign kingdom free from outsider rule.

Time went on and it only took a few generation to pass for his people to forget that they had converted to Judaism. As time elapsed the people of the Khazarian empire actually began to believe that they now were the actual descendants of the biblical Hebrews and that they were God’s chosen people according to the scriptures. Even visitors from other nations would marvel at how zealous the people of Khazaria were in keeping the customs of the Jews and maintaining the practices even though they were not the real Hebrew nation. Let us take a look at the Khazaria Empire as it was in its time:

The Khazarian Empire

Around the 11th century the Khazaria Empire collapsed and disappeared into history, however its people had taken on a new form of control, dominance and manipulation. This involved entering into new countries, gradually taken over and controlling the economic structure of that nation, then destroying the economy of that country and pooling all of the wealth of the land into their hands(does this sound familiar at all, look at what is happening today), aswell as posing as the saviours who would “fix” the problem that they themselves had engineered. These Khazarian Jew(ISH) converts went from country to country performing these same crooked practices and as a result they were thrown out of country after country once the leaders of those countries clocked on to what was happening and who was responsible,  but not before the Khazars had robbed each particular country of a vast quantity of it’s wealth and left each country in economic turmoil.

They became masters at this practice of bankrupting country after country and consolidating the country’s wealth into their hands just the same as they became masters of being thrown out of many countries, this is how the Khazarian Jew(ISH) converts of a dispersed empire built up their wealth. They further increased their assets many fold with the Transatlantic Slave Trade, funding and owning 75% of the ships involved in the transportation of Negro slaves. Yes, these same people who call themselves Jews today were the main people behind the enslavement and the shipping of black men and black women across the Atlantic Ocean. Bank Of America, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Barclays Bank, HSBC and all of the major banks of the world which are all owned by Jew(ISH) people, all started as plantations or at least were founded on the  revenue generated from the slaveman’s free labour. Your central banks such as the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank Of England are in actual fact private corporations which have nothing to do with the country they reside in. These private corporations control and regulate the issuance of currency which should be in the hands of your government. Again, these private banks are all Jew(ISH) owned. These Jew(ISH) people have a private central bank in nearly every country of the world except in the Middle East where they are encountering a lot of resistance.

Today’s So Called Jew:

Today the so called Jew(ISH) man has his hands in every pie and controls the vast majority of large corporations and financial institutions on the planet, from Mc Donald’s to Burger king, Prudential to Countrywide, Goldman Sachs to Rockefeller and Rothschild Banks, Hollywood to Fox and most of the major television networks.

You must have noticed how I have been referring to this people as Jew(ISH). Even their own reference to themselves tell you that they are not the real Jews. Here is a quick breakdown. If something is blue(ISH), it means it is close to blue but not the actual colour, if something is redd(ISH) the same principle applies. The fix “ish” placed on the end of a word means that the origin of the subject being discussed is QUESTIONABLE. It is very fitting and accurate for themselves to designate the term Jew(ISH) as their description as their own history shows that they are not the original Jews nor bloodline descendants of the Jews/Hebrews that are mentioned in the bible but merely converts by religion. You cannot be a Jew by religion, you must and can only be a Jew by bloodline. If I as a black man decided to convert to Buddism, this doesn’t now make my nationality Indian or Chinese. The word Jew in the bible is used to describe a bloodline actual physical people contained within a particular heritage, not a mere religious practice.

Jew(ISH) People At Wailing Wall

The Wailing Wall

This is the Wailing Wall In Jerusalem where many of these Jew(ISH) converts go to pray daily but we must asked the question: If these people are originally from Europe, how were they able to obtain a whole country in the Middle East and claim it as their own?

In 1948 the UN or as it was known then as the League Of Nations together with the US and the United Kingdom governments already having been infiltrated by these people decided to award reparations the Jew(ISH) people in light of the suffering that they had gone through with the so called “Holocaust”(which is another blog in itself, I told you the volume of coverage was much when it comes to these people) and World War 2. The US at present I believe pays around 3 billion dollars in “foreign aid” to Israel today every year. The figure was 1.8 billion dollars but we have to take into account money that is being given to them off the books aswell. I am uncertain of the UK’s foreign aid figure but I know that the UK does supply a large amount of arms to Israel, including nuclear weapons.

As well as giving the Israeli people money, it was agreed upon that they should also be given a land in which to dwell. Brazil was one of the countries considered at the beginning stages but was later rejected. The UN together with the US and UK decided on the land of Israel which at this point had been occupied by the Palestinians(who are really Arabs) for thousands of years after the exile of the real Jews. The new occupants now moving into the land didn’t go down well with the Palestinians. What also was an insult is the fact that they were calling themselves Jews as if they had resided in that land before , after all the Palestinians knew who the real Jews were and certainly felt insulted by these impostors rolling into the land they were occupying and claiming it as their own.

A Palestinian Woman And Her Son.

Thus the war and conflict between the Arabs and the Israelis began and has not stopped ever since. The Israelis being funded by the west have always had the advantage in terms of money and weaponry and have been attempting and succeeding in many areas of Israel in ethnic cleansing which should really be termed race/nationality killing/race destruction/race murder. Be very careful with certain terms that are put out there by the think tanks and culture creators for you to pick up and use, many of them soften the seriousness of the actual actions that are being carried out and thus this leads to people becoming apathetic to people being murdered. This has already happened with the introduction of violent video games and even before that when the slasher films began to first hit the big screen and then onto the small screen.

Let us look at the national flag of Israel:

Flag Of Israel

Notice that within the symbol there are 6 small triangles. Notice also that a triangle has 3 sides and thus with this image of 1 triangle over lapping another we have 6 sides. Notice also that there are also 6 points on this symbol. 6 small triangles, 6 points and 6 sides. Are you beginning to understand what is in front of you yet? Yes, three 6’s hidden in plain view. Remember also that the inside angles of a triangle each are 60 degrees, again high lighting three 60 degree angles. Could this symbol represent the mark of the beast in the coming electronic only transfer buy and sell system which is soon to be brought forth on the entire planet? It is a very plausible and possible yes. Notice also that within this symbol is a pentagon. We all seem to know of a certain building in Washington DC with these same dimensions:

The Pentagon Building

Could there be a possible connection? Seeing as the US was involved in setting up the nation of Israel, there obviously has to be a connection. In this world nothing large happens by accident, anything on this scale was planned years in advance. There is also another problem with the Israeli National Flag symbol. It is also known as The Seal Of Solomon and was used by King Solomon in his magical rites and rituals when he began to deviate to the left hand side by influence of his many wives who were Gentiles(Non Israelites) and encouraged him to worship their idols, thus leading to him forsaking the God of his fore fathers, the God of the Hebrews. Here is a little note on this symbol and what it is used for in magic:


The question must now be asked, why would the Jew(ISH) people choose a sign for magic/witchcraft/wizardry to represent their country? Could it be that they actually practice magic and worship the Devil/Satan/Lucifer instead of the true and living God?

Jewish Flag Symbol and The Face Of A Devil/Demon

The Great Seal On The Dollar Bill

Notice the all seeing eye of Lucifer projected on the top of the pyramid. Please also take note of the letters circled at the points of the Hexagram. These letters when put together in the correct order spell MASON. Let us take a look at a grand masonic lodge in Denmark:

The Grand Lodge In Denmark

Notice the hexagram on the wall a way above the door which appears to have the sun behind it. You will also notice a set square and compass underneath the hexagram. I went into a brief and simple explanation of what this symbol means in my blog entitled Terms And Conditions, What They Really Mean – Part 2.

The word hexagram is self explanatory and simply comes from the word “Hex” which means to curse or put a spell on someone or something. Another word which is similar to this is the word “jinxed”. It would seem as though the Jew(ISH) people are attempting to put a spell on the whole world, though it doesn’t seem to be working with a large number of people who are waking up and have smelt the coffee. Remember what Christ himself said about these so called “Jews” to his own people:

Rev 2:9 –

I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty(but thou art rich)and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, AND ARE NOT, BUT ARE THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

Knowing what people worship in synagogues leaves us with a clear understanding of who Christ was referring to. As if that wasn’t enough, Christ went on to repeat the same words in Revelation 3:9 and even call out these people as liars for claiming to be part of Jewry. Let us have a look at it:

Rev 3:9

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but DO LIE: behold I will make them to come and worship before thy feet , and to know that I have loved thee.

In case it still isn’t clear to you yet, these people are who Christ was referring to as the synagogue of Satan:

The Synagogue Of Satan

Still need more confirmation, check out this quick 2 minute video clip:

Let us check out another 6 minute clip that digs a little deeper into these characters and their symbolism:

Now you understand why they always wear black clothing because black is synonymous with the dark side, in other words black clothing = black magic. These people have stolen a heritage from the true Jews that have been lost and scattered and they are pretending to be the real Hebrews staking claim to a land which has nothing to do with them and which they had never set foot in before 1948. This has been one of the biggest scams to rock the world in the 20th and 21st Centuries and sadly many christian scholars/preachers/pastors/theologians and historians have perpetuated the lie, even claiming that their move to the land of Israel has fulfilled biblical prophesy concerning the return of the children of Israel to their homeland, that is certain scriptures like Ezekiel 11, Ezekiel 34, Ezekiel 36 and many others.

Who is Yahwey/ YHWH/YHVH?:

According to the Strongs Concordance, Yahwey/YHWH is the Jew(ISH) national name for God. Notice that it states that it is the Jew(ISH) national name for God. The questions we now need to ask is did God himself tell his people what his name was and if so what is it. It just so happens that the Most High God had a conversation with Moses and this very topic was brought up to which the Most High made it clear what his name is. Let us look at Exodus 3:13-15 and see what name God handed down to Moses. Was it YHWH/Yahwey?

Exodus 3:13-15 reads:

13 ¶ And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathershath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them?
14 And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM:and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.
15 And God said moreover unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, The LORD God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath sent me unto you: this is my name for ever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.

Notice in the 13th verse that Moses asks the Most High for a NAME to give to the people he is about to deliver out of Egypt, Moses did not ask the Most High for a title, he asked for a NAME. The Most High then answered and gave him his name, I AM THAT I AM. I AM THAT I AM does not translate to Yahwey/YHWH,Jehovah, Ahayah, Eheyeh, Yahowah, Yahawashi or any other mutant derivative along these lines. The Most High then repeats his name in the latter part of the 14th verse saying, “I AM hath sent me unto you”, reconfirming the NAME Moses is to give to the children of Israel on arriving in Egypt.

Note in verse 15 where The Most High states that “this is my name FOR EVER, and this is my memorial unto all generations”. In simple terms the children of Israel were to call upon this name all the day of their lives for ever. Nothing was to change this until the Jew(ISH) people got hold of the records of the real Hebrews and all of a sudden declared that the name of God was sacred and could not be uttered. They then injected the name Yahwey/YHWH into the scriptures. The name Yahwey/YHWH does not even come from the scriptures but from a document called the Tetragrammaton which was an ancient mystic text concocted by a group of men called The Masoretes.

Let us go deeper into who this Yahwey/YHWH is. Here are the first part of a 15 part series which deals with the true name of the Most High and who YHWH/Yahwey really is. The rest can be found on youtube:

I hope this blog has cleared up many questions on who these Jew(ISH) people are and what they stand for. Let us close out by hearing it from the horse’s mouth(Rabbi Abe Finkelstein) about the God that the Jewish people worship. You can find the other parts on youtube:

Notice the rocking back and forth action of many of these people while praying. This is the same motion that is used by witches and black magicians to summon forth spirits. It is also the same motion that a person being possessed makes. You now have an idea of what kind of people these characters are and I’m sure from this point forward you will look upon them in a totally different light. There are many other areas in relation to these people that could be covered however I just wanted to bring out the basics and give people a quick and easy understanding about the Jew(ISH) people. I hope that this post has helped people understand who these people really are.

Recommended reading:

The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler

The  Jews Of Khazaria by Kevin Alan Brook

The Invention Of The Jewish People by Shlomo Sand

Chosen People From The Caucasus by Michael Anderson Bradley


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Blessings In The Most High Our Heavenly Father

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  5. Another Great blog my brother … One question though : If the US pays Israel 3 billion every year, why are they asking for money because the people in the country are hungry???


    • The only people who are hungry in that place are the Palestinians in a section called the Gaza Strip and Negroes scattered within the poor parts of the country. The Gaza Strip area is completely derelict and has been sectioned off by Israeli forces. Even though the land of Israel does not belong to these impostors and the Palestinians(Arabs) were in occupancy of the land first when we scattered from it in 70AD after the Roman invasion of Jerusalem, the JewISH imposters with the help of the US have decided to expand their ownership of the land and eradicate the Palestinians, first starting with this Gaza Strip region as a testbed.

      This constant requesting of money is more in relation to weapons as opposed to hungry people, the hungry people line is just used for cover as the people who are really hungry in Israel do not see any sort of aid from the government, only aid brought in from people outside reaches the poor(if they can catch a break from the Israeli soldiers). These JewISH people are the richest people on the planet, them hungry, what part? The claim for them is a joke, it would more be the case in reference to the Palestinians and the remnant Negroes in the poor areas who the Israelis treat like crap. Remember also Israel is completely surrounded by Muslim countries, they feel threatened and therefore wish to bolster their weaponry capabilities. The US is in actuation serving Israel to destroy its neighbours just so these Israelis can feel safe. Of course, when you take somebody else’s land, you need to take measures to ensure your security.


  6. WoW thanks man … I wish I. Had of done my research before I sent my money over there … The commercial just looked so sad smh


    • No worries mate, it is a standard protocol with most charities that the majority of money you send to them never reaches the supposed recipients. This is especially the case with large charities such as Oxfam and Red Cross, plus the majority of these so called “charities” are in actual fact illuminati fronts set up to syphon even more cash from the public under the guise of philanthropy(wanting to better people’s lives).

      If you want to help poor people, the best way to go about it is to personally get to know a person/family and sponsor that person/family yourself with no middleman involvement or you can send money to genuine small local charities who are actually on the ground in these regions and who are actually putting money into the poor communities.

      Now you know why Wyclef was demonised when he launched an appeal for funds to help the Haitians and the government countered his appeal by putting up the Red Cross as a “genuine” alternative. Wyclef’s charity was genuine and the US government couldn’t have money actually reaching the people. They want the Haitians in a poor state to justify their occupation of the land (for oil drilling purposes).


  7. “Jewish Flag Symbol and The Face Of A Devil/Demon” That symbol is located in St. Petersburg, Russia on a Government building, not a flag. not Israel.


    • The six pointed star is also located on the Israeli flag, are you honestly being serious here, are you for real? Let me refresh your memory:

      Israeli National Flag

      There is your JewISH Israeli National flag and there is the 6 pointed star in plain site. Now, I never stated that the devil face was on the Israeli flag, look at my description again, it reads: Jewish Flag Symbol AND The Face Of A Devil/Demon.


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      I did warn you that the tracts were deceptive. White folks can say that they are christians all that they want however national pride will always prevail in them and in the height of their zealousness they will uphold lies and feel no two ways about doing it. This is one of the main reasons why very, very, very, very few Edomites will make it into the Kingdom of the Most High, the majority of Edomites simply are not honest people. I have a close friend who took a trip to Egypt around 3-4 years back. He mentioned to the tour guide that there were people in the west who believed that the ancient Egyptians were white. The tour guide laugh in his face and effectively labelled those believers as idiots and fools. The European man will place himself within any part of history just to make himself seem as if he was a part of it.

      The 6 million Holocaust figure that the JewISH people have been touting since 1945 is also a load of old cobblers, the research that I have done on the JewISH Holocaust suggests that the actual figure of deaths only runs into the low hundred thousands and that the 6 million figure was simply made up out of thin air as the census figures of Jews residing in Germany during those periods of the so called massacre do not tally up with this 6 million figure invention. Christ didn’t call these JewISH guys liars and the synagogue of Satan for nothing(Revelation 2:9/3:9), he knew exactly what he was talking about and now so do we.



      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        Nah, different person. It just goes to show you the lies that Edom is willing to spread among those who live in the heart of his system. Outside however, the truth can be easily found.


  8. The six pointed star doesn’t represent the devil you moron. It the star of David. David who slew Goliath had this symbol on his shield. It represents protection and strength.
    Please do your research correctly before you put complete bullsh*t on the internet and convince gullible people of this.


    • Emily,

      Dunces such as yourself are very quick and efficient at placing their feet in the proverbial cow manure on the regular. Star of David, what scripture is that eh dunce? David went to war with Goliath having only a sling shot and 5 smooth stones in his possession.

      Go and read the account again before posting your nonsensical folly here. By the way, the battle between David and Goliath is found in 1 Samuel 17 in case you don’t know, dunce. Foolish woman, keep your mouth shut and learn something for once:

      Amos 5:25-26 reads:

      5:25 Have ye offered unto me sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel?

      5:26 But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, THE STAR OF YOUR GOD, WHICH YE MADE TO YOURSELVES.


      • Dang you shut that floozie down.

        Also, did you know that Khazar is another Variation of Caesar. Those Edomites in Israel today are Romans. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it’s leaders fled to the Caucasus mountains. After the Roman Empire’s rebirth as the holy Roman empire, The Khazarian Empire adopted our customs after our people fell and lost our identity as part of what would be a grand deception to subdue the world and destroy the children of Israel….


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