7 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Promotes Brain Eating Vaccines!

  1. Could you please post a few links that you usually get interesting topics? (Books as well) I always enjoy your point of views on The Dirt… Thanx in advance!


  2. Bill Gates’ father was te president of Planned Parenthood so I could totaly see him playing a in the death of millions of people.


    • Bill Gates is truly a piece of trash, him and his Eugenics family. People like his kind are on serious power trips and are very dangerous to mankind. Yep, I remember hearing how his father headed up that Eugenics organisation.


  3. I have read a few of your articles and when you’re speaking about religion or the bible, you name a few books of the bible ive never heard of and they arent in my bible..and i use the king james version. Was just wondering, why they arent in my bible?


    • The JewISH powers through the Roman Catholic church took them out because firstly they didn’t want you waking up to your true heritage. Secondly these books give detailed an expansion of many parts of the bible that would give you a fuller understanding. By removing these books or demonising them, the institutional church can control their flocks and make the church members feel that they would be lost if they ventured out on their own and done their own research outside of what they were being told.

      Thirdly, there is much prophesy to be held in these other books. For example, The Book Of Enoch expands on Genesis 6 where the angels came down to earth and had sexual relations with humans. It also talks much about what will happen in the future just like the bible. The same is the case with the Apocrypha. There is too much fire in these other books, they were always compendiums of the bible but we have been lied to and lead to believe that they are of no value. However, read them and you will see a whole different story.


  4. Vaccines are part of a big money making scheme for a lot of pharmaceutical organizations. A lot of modern day doctors are what the bible calls physicians of no value, and many of them are even witches, and a lot of the vaccines they inject people with are infact demons that cause a lot of the so called psychological issues that a lot of our children battle with everyday, like Autism, ADHD etc, and then they prescribe these drugs which contain even more demons, like Risperdal for example. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen the commercials for it but it causes gynecomastia in males, and there are various lawfirms that are offering to help affected families get big compensations, which I believe are just another part of their pyramid schemes to gain more wealth. Also you cannot have children at home or else you can get arrested and have your children taken away from you.


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